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jackpot is at $458 million. you can purchase tickets until 7:45 p.m tonight. today at nine the oakland a's will tell you about the latest plan of finding a new home. and julie goldman stops by the set as she returns to the bay area for the first time in five years. this is the final tuesday of the month of march as we look out. very beautiful today. a very busy tuesday morning.
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let's start with mark zuckerberg right off the top. we have not confirmed this but according to a report by cnn, he has agreed to testify before the united states congress. if this is true, are you surprised? >> not really. i think he will have to. this kind of blew up quickly and he will have to talk to congress. >> i yes -- yes i think he needs to get out in front of congress . it took facebook a little while to respond. >> yes some people were critical of how long it took him to speak. >> transparency is one of my latest favorite words.>> let's
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move on. >> police say a high school shooter in maryland died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, this happened in maryland and this after a report when the police officer might have shot him. they say the shooter had a prior relationship with one of the victims and that relationship had recently ended. and a man is under arrest this morning after a chase from the bay bridge to pleasant hill. there they go at high speeds. chp said it was around 1 am when a work van came barreling through a construction zone nearly hitting workers. them hand -- the man behind the wheel went east along i-80 and 580, the chase came to an end when the driver turned onto a
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dead-end street in pleasant hill. officers pulled him out of the car. new information about another chase this morning in concord. on ramps were shut down after this police chase and a crash. concord police had received a call about a potential crime in comfort -- in progress at 3:30 a.m. the car was on the on ramp when the car flipped over. that driver is been taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. there is a colorful barrier designed to counter a protest plan. this is a in rancho romero at the elementary school. let's check in to see what's going on. >> reporter: school start time has been pushed back to 10:30
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a.m because of the planned ticket by a church group and counter demonstration that happen. now the demonstration is over. let's show you the video from earlier in french of rancho romero elementary. more than 100 people were gathered. their goal was to create a colorful barrier around the school to counter the picketers from a baptist church, the west borough group is based out of kansas and known for anti-lgbtq signs. they've been here before. when they announced they were coming to rancho elementary, people about the community learned about it and they wanted to have a counter demonstration. some of the members of the group saying in demonstration
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when those west borough picketers left the school. >> there is no anger or hate back. none of that aggressiveness. it is a celebratory and joyful loving group of people here. >> that was the organizer of the rainbow umbrella counter event this morning. why did westborough come to the school? it appears it may have something to do with this sign that they had earlier this year. they had it on campus and it talked about gender fluidity and some parents objected to it. that may have brought social media attention around the
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country. again the event is over. school will be in session but start time has been pushed back to 10:30 a.m instead of normal start time of 8:30 a.m. this is so parents and students could avoid this picket and counter demonstration. this is a very small road as well to and from the school so they wanted to avoid traffic issues. parents did not want their children to see this either. but it was very peaceful. no problems. the picketers just left a short time ago. we are about to talk to the oakland a's president to talk about the effort of the ace to stay in oakland. they would like to enter into an exclusive agreement to buy the coliseum complex.
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other options include a terminal site on the waterfront. that remains under consideration. another site is on the far back burner because of opposition from a community college district that owns that land.>> dave, welcome back. >> thank you for having me. >> kela stauffer. >> we think it is important to control our destiny in oakland and have our own home to finance a ballpark. we want to get into an exclusive negotiating agreement with the city and the county to make sure we can work collectively together to find a solution. >> show us how far above the debt you could go which is 135.
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>> we have a vision and we want to work with the city and county and community to make sure this project is successful. when the raiders had a deal from the city the land was offered as free. we are making a very compelling offer here. >> the land as been appraised and it's not cheap, from what i read, $150 million. >> that's right. we want to own our own home and make sure we are here for the next 15 years. spec many leaders are bringing up bart and public transportation, access to the freeway.>> great. transit at the coliseum. people have been coming there for over 50 years. >> how do you feel about that site?>> we are looking to keep our options over -- open.
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we want to have multiple options in oakland to build a privately financial stadium. >> we need a good rivalry.>> you said you have a vision. if you get the okay to purchase the coliseum site what is your vision? >> the ballpark has to have a sense of place around it with housing, bars, restaurants. public spaces for people to gather the entire year. >> that's the benefit and i do see a lot of bull clubs doing this around the country and that is the benefit of having your own land. >> exactly. we did it with the soccer stadium in san jose.
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it's very important to see the vision and develop the land around it. >> if this goes through and your offer is accepted, do you privately financed the ballpark or reach out to the city? >> we are looking at only privately financing it. that way we have control.>> do you really think that the bay area can support two major- league baseball teams robustly? full nights at both at&t and that your stadium? >> i think they can. this is a huge community. i don't think that is an issue at all. what we've seen over the year are so many new baseball fans being generated because of those rivalries.
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i think a new stadium is a key gateway to bring in new fans, especially for younger fans. we put in the treehouse so they can gather at that location for example.>> the organization said you are looking to sign players long-term, more than two or three years, and to do that you have to have a ballpark. so the quicker you get the ballpark, the quicker you can sign these long-term deals, right? >> by the end of this year we need an economic deal with the city or county or whoever it is so we can make the 2023 opening . we want to stay on that track so we can have these young players as our nucleus for a successful team for many years. we will be signing those
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players long before 2023.>> for the people that live in east oakland around the coliseum, what about their concerns? >> we will have a robust community plan wherever we build including affordable housing. we work with different locations to make that happen. we want to work with those groups to do everything we can to have success. >> we are packing up and taking the road on the show thursday . it will be a beautiful day on thursday for opening day at the coliseum. >> weight i think we have a forecast you should mention, sunny and look at that perfect. perfect thursday, 70 degrees for opening day.
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it's already 60 in fairfield, 56 in brentwood. lots of sunshine. warmer weather taking us all the way into thursday and friday. and joy it. -- we want you to enjoy it. coming up next, more bad news for facebook. we will be right back after this break. the state of california files a lawsuit against the trump administration. more on that coming up after the break. ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto
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grief counselors will be on hand after a 16-year-old junior, jeremiah joyner, passed away. he went home feeling sick and fell asleep. he never woke up. cause of death is not been determined. he played on the football team. the jv coach said his bravery and courage will be what he remembers the most of jeremiah. facebook continues to face backlash including calls for government investigation both here and the u.s. and other countries. let's go to london for more.>> reporter: facebook in hot water with regulators and its own users following the disclosure that data from 50 million people made it into the hands
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of a political consulting group linked to the trump campaign. cambridge analytica also accused of violating campaign laws in several countries. a whistleblower says the firm business model is modern day colonialism. >> they undermine big institution and countries that are struggling to develop an institution. there's a lot of grief. i find this problematic. >> reporter: now facebook and more legal trouble back home. that they are eight target of a consumer lawsuit in cook county, illinois. >> we want to know how many facebook users in illinois had their facebook information exposed because of this breach. >> reporter: on capitol hill there are growing calls for mark zuckerberg to testify before congress.
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they plan to hold a hearing and some say they will discuss new regulations on social media to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> as a social media search engine, they've not been transparent and how they protect privacy. >> reporter: british lawmakers are also calling for zucker maker to appear before british parliament but that's unlikely to happen. minutes ago, cnn has said that coo mike zuckerberg will testify. the california he attorney general will file a lawsuit that will appear on a consensus form. the question is about citizenship on census.
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the state attorney general says the question is illegal and will discourage immigrants from responding. he says this will bring a less accurate count. >> we've asked if this question bit -- should be on the 2020 consensus. >> see the results. >> we will take your responses through the day and share more of them with you at 9:30 a.m. cynthia nixon held her
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first news conference in announcing she's running for governor. she criticized governor cuomo and his handling of the state. she also spoke about budget priorities. >> joe biden one said don't tell me about your values, show me your budget and i'll show you your values. it is time for a change. >> if elected cynthia nixon would be the first female governor of new york. coming up, he led operations to some of the most dangerous places for the military.
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a read -- we spoke to a
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retired marine corps man that conducted hundreds of missions from 2006-2007. the story of that mission and the marines he fought with is told in his book. thank you for joining us here major scott. >> thank you for having me. >> you talk about growing up in high school. you talk about the war movies. but in the end, you say it is about bringing those marines home alive.>> it is absolutely about the people. you can measure your success on the battle field from the number of bad guys you kale but
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for me the real metric of success was bringing home as many marines alive as possible. we did that through our training and because of the brotherhood and power of human connection that they shared through some of the worst conditions created by war. every time they performed the superhuman acts on the battlefield, i could not have been more proud of them each and every time. but that brotherhood that we experience in the marine corps goes over to the families that support us. our families are big part of everything we do. they continue to love us so much and care for us so much . it is a very real honor to share their stories along with the fighting, friction, and
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chaos. but also the people and the power of human connection. >> do you think those families are getting the support that they need back at home. >> i think they enjoy a great deal of support from the marine corps themselves. they also enjoy a bond with their marines. our goldstar families have suffered a great loss but they continue to love us. they've gained an additional 250 marines as well. >> can you explain that bond for us? >> they are absolutely our family. there's no other way to describe it. we are connected in everything we do. it's not only an important part that we as marines stay connected to our
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families, we understand the loss of those goldstar families. there's no way to replace that and it's important for them to understand that we still love them and we are still here for them. if they just pick up the phone, we can help in any way. but usually we are the ones picking up the phone. we call them on mother's day for example. >> this is something we continue to enjoy day in and day out. one of the stories in the book is about a marine that we lost to suicide. we talked about how hard it is to process that, i was just talking to his mom this week. that's one of the most remarkable things, all marines
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honor everyone. they don't discriminate. when you lose a kid you lose a kid. >> i want to ask you, major, these families trust you as a leader. you talk about a lot of loss. the loss of a 22-year-old that hit you very hard. explained that when you are a leader. >> you can train your men, marines, soldiers, as much as you think you can. we train for weeks and months on end. then to be thrust into the deadliest city on the planet at the time, and you lose a marine or soldier, there's no way to describe it. there's no training or class that can prepare you for that. there is no academic period of instruction in the school that
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teaches you how to write a letter to the mom or dad of a 22-year-old kid that just died under your command. but those stories are important because those are the stories that matter. this book is about the people and the emotion and the feelings. you can read about events and things in the newspaper but when you read this story you really understand that people like corporal libby and for his mom, it's important to tell their story. every time i tell a story and i get an endorsement from a goldstar family with them telling me i got it right, that makes me feel appreciative of being there voice.>> major scott huesing will be speaking
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thursday night at the marine memorial and san francisco. major scott huesing said the tickets are free . you can look for information on our website at . major scott huesing, thank you for your service and thank you for your time . >> thank you for allowing me to be on this morning to tell these military stories. it's a vital message. thank you san francisco. coming up, a shake shack customer demands to know who made his burger in a video that went viral. we are at the marine mammal center where there's a big surge. more on that coming up after the break.
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welcome back this morning. there is a controversy over citizenship that will appear on a 2020 census form. should citizenship status be a question on the 2020 census? these are some of the responses. let's take a look at twitter. >> nikki says know it will scare a lot of people into not completing the census.>> how about asking a little more politely? >> thank you for your responses. feel free to respond,.
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top stories we are following, texas and 17 other states are supporting the trump administration lawsuit against california sanctuary laws. they say california does not have the authority to pass laws that interfere with federal integration agents. they say the california laws could make it easier for immigrants who commit crimes to flee to other states. federal officials have said california sanctuary laws block them from removing illegal immigrants who are dangerous to the public. the louisiana attorney general this morning announced that no criminal charges will be filed against two white police officers in baton rouge for the shooting of alton sterling last july. this after
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the federal government ruled out criminal charges. alton sterling was shot and killed during a struggle outside of a convenience store where he was selling cds. two cell phone videos dominated social media about that shooting and triggered major protests. and in sacramento people will meet with city council after the controversial shooting death of stephan clark who was unarmed -- stephon clark who was unarmed. clark was shot at least 20 times by officers. the family is demanding federal and state investigations. he was holding a cell phone in his hands. >> i want justice for my baby.
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please give us justice. >> we are open to all discussions. and we want our community to know that we are committed to getting to the facts of this incident. >> the police body camera video of the shooting was released. about seven minutes after the gunfire those officers are told to mute their body cameras and the audio on those videos then go silent. there will be in other news conference this morning about this investigation. those are just some of your morning headlines. now let's go to the marine mammal center. >> they have a leave seals be campaign going on. let's send it out to marc for more. >> reporter: yes they have been very busy over the past month
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at the marine mammal center. they have rescued about 70 elephant seal pups already. very busy even at 8 am this morning. they could feed 1000 pounds of fish each and every day on a day like this. this to help the animals get healthy and to teach them how to eat on their own in the wild. we are here with the veterinarian, doctor harlow field. thank you for joining us today. >> my pleasure. thank you.>> we've seen a lot of young animals getting washed up on the beaches from these storms. we need to pick them up or they
9:37 am
would die. >> reporter: this is a leave seals be campaign. what should people do or not do if they see them? >> keep your distance. they are wild animals. if you see an animal in distress, please call us so we can come and check it out. 415-289-seal. very easy to remember. do not try to help the animal. it is important to leave these animals alone. if you think an animal needs any assistance be sure to call a professional. if they look completely fine it is wonderful to enjoy them from a distance,
9:38 am
at least 50 feet away or so. >> reporter: and you've had a surge of seals since march. will they be released back? >> yes we will release them back, some were malnourished and very thin. so we are feeding them because they are about two to three times underway. but by giving them a lot of fish , we can assist them. they get enough nutrition to be released back out to the wild. >> reporter: thank you very much.>> we have a majoring education programs for school groups.>> reporter: i did that as a kid in fourth grade. >> fantastic. >> reporter: thank you.
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superior work out here. back to you guys. a couple visiting from michigan had a rough welcome. >> one hour after landing at oakland international airport they went into a hamburger restaurant. they watched someone break into their car and steal a backpack.>> we just wanted to come out west. >> reporter: in bad times some couples lean on each other. these two are from michigan and they are supposed to be on the trip of a lifetime. but one hour after landing in oakland their rental car was broken into. their luggage was untouched but
9:40 am
a single backpack containing an engagement ring was gone. >> i looked out the window and saw them grab the backpack out of the busted window. he ran over to the next car and busted that window. i had my diamond engagement ring and there. >> i wanted to come here. >> this is a similar ring. she had no idea her boyfriend planned to propose. >> he purchased a 1.3 í ring. >> the couple says they travel frequently but they've never experienced something like this.>> private guards arrived.>> i don't think they care enough to make a big deal
9:41 am
out of it. >> i had a very bad feeling. >> reporter: the thief got into a silver sedan, possibly a nice and ultima. >> at least we are okay.>> a part of me says i want to fly back home but we have to enjoy it.>> reporter: oakland police say signs are posted. surveillance continues. the couple had no idea this was one of the hotspots for car break-ins in oakland. reports about oakland public libraries. now students for library improvements are stepping up.
9:42 am
students have been able to check out books for some time now. one third of campus libraries are now closing. the principal has now budgeted for a full-time library technician for next year. also the computer system has been fixed so students can now check out books. >> we have wiped down the room, disinfected some of the books. we still have more work to do.>> budget cuts have been blade as the reason behind these cuts at the libraries. community members say they are hopeful after seeing all of this hard work being done by
9:43 am
the students. coming up next, you can now dress like your real housewife of atlanta star that you like best. and julie goldman is back.
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our next guest, julie goldman, back in the bay area for the first time in five years.>> she's a comedian and actress.
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>> growing up in boston. >> yes. comedy my number one priority even as a little kid, obsessed with mel brooks.>> were you the class clown? >> i was like always the class questioner. >> when did you start doing stand up? >> when i was 15. i wasn't nervous until later. at the age of 15 i met a comedian and asked how he did it. he told me to come to the comedy club. they put me up.
9:47 am
and i doing it all through high school. as an adult i got into clubs and that's when i found how to be nervous.>> my daughter likes to tell her jokes. she needs to get her timing down.>> i don't think you can teach it. i think you can develop it because that is confidence, that's what you develop, confidence. you can see where people are laughing and that's how you figure out your timing. you have to listen and be in tune as well. at the end of the day, what i would say to anyone who wants to do standup is no matter what you do, just be confident.
9:48 am
you need to be secure and confident. >> i'm sure you've had some critics. >> of course. >> how do you hold onto your confidence when you are not getting any response? >> that is how you build confidence. we are looking for attention, comedians, but when you don't get that love, that is what teaches you for the next time. >> i like to get back on stage only if the show does well.>>
9:49 am
if you cannot laugh, that will kill you. it affects comedians and i think it affects audiences. >> some people are afraid to even say a joke now. >> we are in a very politically correct city. i think what happens is that when you embrace, it gets real tight and it turns into strangling, i think. there are growing pains with
9:50 am
every -- san francisco is the seat of the game movement and women movement. a lot of times it gets really tight because people are fighting sir -- fighting for so much. if you laugh at your self, and i mean go real deep, you will feel better and you won't be so sensitive about other people's tough. >> what your dream? are you living it right now?>> yes. i think the dream is to be rich. no really, i think for me as a comedian, i always have 1 million things going on so i
9:51 am
think the dream is can i support myself and pay my bills and still be creative? i don't want a boss. if the hustle includes stability, i would be okay with it. but it can get to a point where you are tired and scared. you know what i mean? >> yes.>> information for tickets for your shows are listed on our website at . julie goldman, congratulations again.>> thank you so much. i'm going to have a great time in the bay area. i can't wait.
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n:3:3:3 ♪ for the latest styles where you'll spend less. ♪ spring dress. ♪ ♪ you gotta go to ross. if you want to save big on dresses for every occasion, you gotta go to ross. the san jose sharks continue their win, 4-3 beating chicago after a shootout. they trailed late in the second period before going ahead in the 3rd period. after that the blackhawks tied it up . it went into overtime and eventually a shootout. right into the net. san jose have 18 games in a row
9:55 am
now, the longest winning -- the that makes eight games in a row that san jose has one, the longest winning streak for the league. the giants got on the board first last night at at&t park. buster posey scored. da's came back and tied it up with a homer from matt chatman. both teams score another run. into the 10th inning and the a's scored seven runs, winning the game 9-2. there is a new trophy for the interbay bridge games. the a's in the giants will play
9:56 am
three games here at at&t. real housewives of atlanta have you purchasing things off the show. in addition to dresses, jewelry, shoes, furniture, the stars are also offering new items they like. this money goes to be better foundation for women who want to enter the fashion industry. a young man was demanding to see the person who actually made his hamburger and it went viral. >> who made this burger? i know you hear me? >> nathan right there. >> nathan, you are killing it
9:57 am
man. >> that has been viewed more than 4 million times on twitter alone. nice to give a compliment.>> i had shake shack back in 2010. i thought it was pretty good. and now it's coming back.>> and thanks to marc for reporting from the marine mammal center today. it's a great place out there if you can go out. and happy birthday to buster posey.
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