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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  March 27, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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there was plenty of high emotion, as opponents of the sheriff shield program urged the board not to fund it for another year. one person who hoped to speak was picked up by deputies after protesters yelled at the sheriff's commander who spoke in favor of it. critics are blasting urban shield as a glorified gun show and macho law-enforcement exercise that exercises militarization and friends the public. especially communities of color. >> i'm sure there is a place somewhere in the world, for sheriff ahern and urban shield. but, that place is not an alameda county. >> and if you think there is no relationship between urban shield kind of training, and what is happening to killing of young black people in this country, you are wrong! >> reporter: supporters say urban shield, hosted by the sheriff's office since 2007, consists of only -- not only
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s.w.a.t. team training but emergency response and disaster preparedness trainings. >> this requires a coordination of agencies. fire, rescue, healthcare workers, hospitals, neighborhood community presence as well as law enforcement. urban shield is an invaluable training event. >> reporter: sheriff's officials point to recent terror attacks as reasons to have the training which attracts agencies from across the country and world. >> the sheriff response and believes in urban shield. you don't have to look any further than what's going on in the country with domestic terrorism and schools and shootings. we want to be best prepared in incidents like that. >> reporter: so, urban shield is a go. it will be schedules all over the bay area, attracting agencies from across the u.s., the state, and a couple of locations from across the world. so at this point, the future of
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urban shield for 2019 may be in jeopardy. in oakland, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. the santa clara county sheriff's office says it mistakenly allowed federal immigration officers to enter the county jail and interview four inmates. the interviews took place march 7th and 8th. about the same time that i.c.e. interviewed inmates at the san francisco county jail, prompting an apology by the sheriff. none of the four inmates were detained by i.c.e. the staff mistakenly allowed i.c.e. agents into the jail, and, the jail has since strengthened clearance procedures. two more attempts by i.c.e. one week later and on monday were unsuccessful. should you be asked about your citizenship in the 2020 census, state lawmakers say no. paul chambers joins us now with why california is suing the
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trump administration. >> reporter: california secretary of state and attorney general feel undocumented people will be afraid to answer this question. it could affect federal funding coming into the state and reduce the number of lawmakers in congress. late last night, the state attorney general filed the lawsuit. with the 2020 census, the federal government will take an official count with people of the country, not just number of citizens. however, if the trump administration has its way, a question about a person's citizenship status could be asked for the first time in 70 years. >> given the way that this administration has attacked immigrants, you can understand why immigrant families would be afraid to fill out the census questionnaire. >> reporter: last year, the department of justice asked that that question be reinstated. that question is asked in almost every sentence -- census. the commerce department says that the question is necessary
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to provide complete and accurate census level blocked data. california leaders say asking the question won't help the state, but possibly hurt it. >> if california loses a state or two in congress, it literally diminishes our voice. >> if we lose a district, more than 700,000 people will be pushed into other districts. and therefore, their voice and vote will be diluted. >> reporter: the state could lose out on billions of dollars for federal funding, highways, mass transit and public schools. but, some question if information about a person's citizenship status could be used in other ways. >> the senses is a completely confidential process, where that information is not to be shared except for purposes outlined by law. >> reporter: this is not a done deal and congress needs to
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agree of the questions should be added. new york and other states prepared to plan california -- join california in the lawsuit against the trump administration over the question. a man is under arrest after highway patrol says he led officers on a wild high-speed chase from the bay bridge to pleasant hill in contra costa county. the chp says about 1:00 this morning, a work man came barreling through a construction zone on the bay bridge, nearly hitting workers and a chp patrol car. that's when the chase began. authorities say the man behind the wheel refused to pull over, prompting officers to chase him from interstate 80 to 580, to highway 24, and then onto northbound 680. the chase came to an end when the driver turned onto wendy drive, a dead-end street in pleasant hill. he has now been identified as edgardo chavez. he has been booked on census of dui, reckless evading of officers and driving on a suspended license. >> this gentleman entered one of our construction cone patterns on the san francisco bridge.
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traveling inside of the construction zone at approximately 65 miles per hour, when one of our officers who was assigned to the construction zone picked him up. >> he was tased while being arrested and was then taken to the hospital for evaluation. the state department of justice is joining the investigation into the police shooting of 22-year-old or in sacramento earlier this month. attorney general javier becerra says his office will provide independent oversight. sacramento police chief invited the state to investigate. clark was killed on march 18th in his grandmother's backyard by officers who say they thought he was pointing a gun. no weapon was found, only a cell phone. they are promising transparency in this investigation. tonight, sacramento city hall is packed with protesters. this is a live look where a forum is scheduled for this evening.
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we are told all 203 seats were taken a half hour before the meeting was set to begin. demonstrators are there to speak out on the death of stephon clark. the council meeting is expected to begin any minute. we are told that many people are wearing purple. the protesters are wearing shirts and buttons showing support for the clark family. stay with ktvu throughout the night for the latest on the developing story. today, louisiana's attorney general announced no criminal charges will be filed against two white police officers from baton rouge and the deadly shooting of a black man. this announcement comes 11 months after the justice department ruled out federal charges in the death of alton sterling. the 37-year-old was shot and killed in july 2016 during a struggle with baton rouge police officers outside of a convenience store where he was selling cds. today, the mayor of baton rouge announced an internal investigation. >> as mayor, it is my responsibility to ensure that our law enforcement officers follow established police procedure.
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that's where the baton rouge police department investigation will now begin and soon conclude with a swift and thorough investigation. >> officials say the review will determine if the officers violated any policies and procedures during the incident. coming up, a new federal investigation into a bay area crash involving a tesla. plus, new video taken seconds after the deadly crash. he went home from school last week complaining he did not feel well and died later that day. coming up tonight, an oakland school remembers a football player and his unexpected death. plus, apple is trying to catch up in the education department. details in the business world between two tech giants over the lucrative market. outside of our doors, a notable jump in the bay area when it comes to temperatures, and continuing to climb.
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we will show you what you can expect tomorrow and into the weekend coming up.
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there were new revelations today in the privacy scandal involving facebook and political data from, cambridge analytica. the company's cofounder says he believes the canadian company had access to data improperly obtained from 15 million facebook users. whistleblower christopher wiley told the committee and the british parliament he thinks the data was used by aggregate iq during his work on the pro brexit campaign in 2016. >> i think it will be fine had there not been cheating.
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>> reporter: cambridge analytica denies any wrongdoing. this comes after facebook faces more trouble at home, including a fraud lawsuit in illinois and investigation by the federal trade commission. ceo mark zuckerberg's report of the -- reportedly set to testify before congress in april. self driving company announced a deal with jaguar to buy electric vehicles. it will be added to waymos's chrysler pacifica minivans, for their planned driverless right hailing service. they are expected to be delivered to the company between 2020 and 2022. neither company disclosed how much waymo paid for the fleet of 20,000 jaguars. uber is stopping all self driving testing in california. the san francisco-based company sent a letter to the department of motor vehicles, notifying it
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that it will not renew its current permit to operate a vehicles in california. this follows the deadly crash in arizona last week involving a self driving uber car. >> autonomous vehicle experts across the country are hopeful to learn about some of the technical details of that crash, so they can help improve other systems out there. >> after the accident in arizona, uber said they halted testing in all four cities where it operates autonomous cars. those cities are tempe, arizona, pittsburgh, toronto, and san francisco. >> or just a around the bay area, 80 degrees for some, topping out about 80 for this hour. san francisco, 63, oakland, 66. everywhere, somewhere in between. isn't that a beautiful view? wall to wall sunshine this afternoon after a cool start. our temperature saw a pretty big rebound, warmer than yesterday by 5 to 10 degrees. and as we get into your bay area wednesday, a little bit warmer. thursday, still looks like we will be the warmest day.
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here's a look at the 24-hour temperature change. 11 degrees warmer right now than 24 hours ago. up by 11 degrees in santa rosa. so, since sunday, santa rosa is now 20 degrees warmer than where we landed sunday afternoon. here's a look at the winds. not as widespread or strong. fairfield reporting 14 miles per hour, oakland reporting 12, and nevada reporting 10 as well. if you're going out to cpas at at&t park, temperatures will cool off. sunset is right about 7:30 these days. we will have that west- northwest breeze about 10 to 15 miles per hour during the start of the game. and then continuing to come down as we get into the evening hours. also, warmer weather today, even warmer for tomorrow. temperatures will be in the 40s to start the day. still a cool start. but as we get into the afternoon, widespread 70s and a
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few low 80s beginning to pop up around the bay area as well. here's a look at temperatures for tomorrow morning. there will be a chill in the air, not quite as cold as tomorrow morning. each passing day, the overnight lows come up. we have 47 in hayward, 46 in redwood city, upper 40s and san francisco. into the extended forecast, temperatures will be nice as we get into your bay area weekend. i will show you that in just a second. let me show you what we can expect tomorrow afternoon. 74 in san rafael, 70 in san francisco. a lot of 70s in the east bay. upper 70s in concord. into the south bay for tomorrow, san jose checking in at 78 and 79 degrees for los gatos. mid-70s in santa cruz, a pretty beach day. here's a look at your extended forecast. temperatures continuing to climb into thursday. as we get into friday, coming down just some, but, dry and mild weather in the forecast for all of your festivities. back to you. we want to take you back to
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sacramento city hall, where demonstrators have interrupted a meeting tonight that was supposed to be for the community to speak out over the shooting death of stephon clark that happened earlier this month in his grandmother's backyard. police fired 20 shots, killing the young man. again, these are live pictures from sacramento. this was a city council meeting that got underway just a short time ago at 5:00 this evening. hundreds arrived early to secure a seat at the forum. the mayor, darrell steinberg, was speaking a short time ago. as you can see, protesters interrupted the council meeting getting underway in sacramento. let's listen in right now, and see what's going on. >> rent is too high. wait, wait. the poverty is uncontrollable.
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the christian center looks like a castle. but, look where it is in? sodom and gomorrah. trust me, i've got aaa, baby. hold on, hold on, sister. it's not about that. listen to me. >> so again, you're listening live, breaking news from sacramento. there was a city council meeting tonight to discuss the police killing of stephon clark. he was a burglary suspect. police were chasing him in the backyard of what turned out to be his grandmother's house. the police kept saying, show me your hands, show me your hands. police say he did not show them your hands and was coming toward them. they thought he was armed and shot and killed him. turns out, he was not carrying a gun. he was carrying a cell phone instead. there have been a lot of protests going on in sacramento since that killing of stephon clark.
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>> earlier in the afternoon, protesters were chanting and giving speeches in front of the sacramento county district attorney's office, demanding that the district attorney file murder charges against the officers who shot and killed clark, again, in his grandparents backyard. 20 shots were fired, killing clark. again, this was a community forum getting underway as part of a city council tonight in sacramento. it began at 5:00. as you can see, a lot of demonstrators there, voicing their frustration over what happened. >> we should also tell you that the california attorney general's office is joining the investigation into the shooting. the police chief in sacramento actually asked the attorney general's office to join in the investigation. i just want to read you his quote. he said, due to the nature of this investigation, the extremely high emotions, the anger and hurt in our city, i felt it was the best interest of our entire community, including members of the police department, to ask the attorney
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general to be an independent part of this investigation into what happened. again, live pictures of the meeting going on in sacramento. protesters have now gone inside. we listened to what this gentleman was saying just a little bit ago. we are going to keep an eye on this and go back if there are more developments. but again, live pictures from sacramento, of the protest over the police shooting of stephon clark. in other news, apple unveiled a new ipad targeting the educational community. ktvu's maureen naylor is in our studio with more on the business war between two billet -- silicon valley tech giants for a lucrative market. >> reporter: apple has a lot of catching up to do, because they have fallen behind google's chrome books in the education department. today, apple signaled it is trying to take him of that market back.
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when the new ipad was announced tuesday morning at a high school in chicago, ceo tim cook made clear apple was targeting schools. >> it's a breakthrough device and with all of its incredible apps puts amazing creative potential at the hands of every student. >> reporter: among the changes, the new ipad supports augmented reality along with apple pencil. something you buy separately that previously was limited to more expensive models. >> apple has tools and hardware. >> reporter: a silicon valley tech analyst attended the announcement and says the education market is important, because it can shape the future buyers. >> you want the next generation to be using and passionate about it. that's why it matters so much to the big companies. >> reporter: pedro ramos did -- in the 1990s. he says the cupertino based company in recent years has lost market share in education, because of the cost of ipads and difficulty to manage.
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>> chrome books came in at a much lower cost and offered solutions for the classrooms that we can continue on to. >> reporter: the ipad as it is now will be discounted for educators. apple is trying to up it with an incentive to offer 200 free gigabytes of storage for students and teachers. >> have they said how much this is going to cost? >> reporter: $299 for educators, $329 for the rest of the public. but, for school districts coming in, you still have to pay for the security, upkeep, and maintenance. there is a lot of additional costs that can come with it. >> all right, maureen naylor in san jose. thanks. coming up, bars cracking down on crimes. the new report that shows a surgeon arrests as the transit agency deals with several high-
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profile attacks on trains.
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the ntsb has officially entered the investigation into the fiery and deadly crash of a tesla last friday. ktvu's tom vacar has been looking into the crash, and the issue of overreliance on self driving to allergy. >> reporter: tesla sent a statement today that it has offered its full cooperation to the authorities at -- as it and they work to establish the facts of this incidence. one man was killed when his
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tesla model x slammed head-on into a dividing barrier, separating his hov lane from highway 85's flyover connector. within seconds of the crash, two other cars became involved in the accident. the ntsb's key investigation, was the self driving system active at the time of the crash? a uc berkeley engineer, an internationally recognized autonomous auto expert says, even with the latest in automatic breaking and lane keeping, these cars are not ready for prime time. >> that's one of the reasons why the level two automation systems are designed for continuous supervision by the driver. the driver is supposed to be paying attention all the time. >> reporter: he also says because he lives near the
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location of friday's accident, the particular structure of the road has problems that would be difficult for current levels of technology to handle. >> the 101 and 85 interchange is pretty difficult for a vision based system. because the lane markings are not distinct. that is an area where the pavement seems don't match up with the designated lanes. so, even drivers have to watch really carefully to understand where the travel lanes are. >> reporter: the ntsb is investigating why it took five hours to load the tesla wreckage onto a flatbed tow truck. this image obtained by ktvu exclusively shows accident scene seconds after the deadly crash. the fire came several minutes after the crash, as though she appeared to be failing one after the other. tesla engineers were summoned to investigate if it was safe for first responders to load the car with some of its powerful batteries exposed onto the truck. though the materials used in electric car batteries are flammable, they are far less flammable than gasoline. but, once damaged, can set off a chain reaction from one
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battery to another, creating a major fire. vince patel you is head of the battery lab at lawrence berkeley international. >> you got to wait until the entire package is settle down, and no more reactions are occurring. >> reporter: so, how long until autonomous cars will be available with batteries safer than the current ones? >> we are talking years. for more advanced capabilities, decades. >> reporter: lawrence berkeley lab is working on better materials that are far less flammable, with many models of those new batteries in testing already. tom vacar, ktvu. >> the announcement about the ntsb's role in the investigation sent tesla stockpiling 8% today. the falling stock came after one of the nation's leading hedge fund managers predicted that tesla could be bankrupt within four months. john thompson points out that ford made 6 million cars last year, with a $7.6 billion profit. but he said tesla made only 100,000 cars, and lost 2
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billion during that same time period. a young girl who is well known in the immigration reform movement is now a giant symbol of hope in downtown san jose. the face of 8-year-old sophie cruz is featured in a huge merle, at the san jose museum of art. sophie first made headlines in 2015 when she crossed a police barrier in washington, d.c., to ask pope francis to help immigrant children. afterward, the museum commission -- commissioned a muralist to create this mural. >> this collaboration came together, and we did a large- scale portrait of sophie holding a globe and a flower, symbols of togetherness, and welcome, and hope. >> sophie was born in los angeles to undocumented mexican immigrants. and she still worries that her parents could still one day be
5:29 pm
deported. coming up, a high school football player left school complaining that he did not feel well and died later that day. >> surprising and shocking. you do not expect someone to pass so soon. >> coming up next, an oakland school holds a memorial for a 16-year-old boy who died suddenly last week. and, new fallout from the sexual abuse conviction of a former doctor at michigan state university. today, we learned a dean of the university has himself been charged on several counts. ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto
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back now to breaking news in sacramento. the city council is meeting, giving people the opportunity to talk about the police killing of stephon clark. protesters then came in and took over the meeting. the city council adjourned and left. you can see, things have calmed down. protesters got up and said, we are better than this. to try to calm things down so everyone can be heard. we should also point out, that many people are wearing shirts that say, build black. this is a movement, not a moment. we believe that the city council members may be returning to council chambers shortly and resume their meeting. but, the word right now, and you can see here, is that things have calmed down dramatically from what it looks like a few minutes ago. >> the mayor added a moment of silence.
5:33 pm
i was going to add a little bit more about that, but we can go back to that picture, and let you know that the mayor held a moment of silence at the beginning which got underway at 5:00 tonight. hundreds showed up early to secure a seat at the forum. the city put up metal detectors and security checkpoints in the plaza outside of city hall, in addition to some big screens, video screens in the lobby, so that the overflow crowd could watch and see what's happening. obviously, a very tense meeting, but it looks like things have calmed down. we did see one person earlier who was escorted away. you can see the city council members and mayor at one point there, when they had left the building, but now they are back in the meeting is proceeding as planned. >> actually, let's listen to this for a couple of minutes.
5:34 pm
>> thank you. i'm going to allow the councilmember to pick up. [ applause ] now, for everyone who is here, we need to allow -- for a couple of minutes. and over the next few days, to make sure that everybody's voice is -- i want to hear from some members of the public. after we get started, i'm going to ask -- and turn out to make
5:35 pm
a brief presentation. >> this all comes after the police shooting death of 22- year-old war and his grandparents -- in his grandparents backyard on march 18th. police were called to reports of a burglary suspect. police say they thought he was holding a gun. it turns out the young man was not armed and was only holding a cell phone. we should also let you know that the state attorney general today announced that the department of justice will provide independent oversight of that shooting investigation, and his department will also review city police procedures. >> we are going to keep an eye on this and if there's anything that develops, we will bring it to you during the course of this newscast and ktvu at 6:00 coming up next. again, a live picture at this
5:36 pm
-- live pictures of the city council meeting where protesters are talking about their anger over the police shooting of stephon clark, the father of two young kids. students, teachers and coaches at a high school are trying to make sense of the death of the 16-year-old football player. the young man had gone home after complaints that he was not feeling well and later died. ktvu's rob roth went to the school and spoke with teachers and friends of jeremiah joyner. >> reporter: oakland tax, a high school in mourning. a memorial is growing in one classroom. a memorial for jeremiah joyner, a football player who died suddenly, unexpectedly, and someone x -- mysteriously last week. >> surprising and shocking. >> reporter: school officials say he went home from school last thursday, complaining he was not feeling well, and died sometime that same day. the school says it has not been given a cause of death but say other students are not in any health risk. the alameda county coroner is still investigating. >> he was an old soul.
5:37 pm
still really mature, but still a kid. definitely quiet. but, he had a lot of friends and was the kind of student who had no problem doing his own thing and being independent. >> reporter: his friends say the death is hitting him hard. >> he was always quiet but not shy. he had a confidence about him but would not speak until it is necessary. he was very smart, humble, and probably the smartest kid. >> reporter: school officials say he is medically cleared to play by his doctor. the players have signed a football for his family. >> he worked very hard. i wish more kids had his work ethic. >> a lot of people try to remember him for football. but i think it is honestly much bigger than that. you want to remember someone for their personality. and, when you actually get to know him, you can see he was a great person. >> reporter: academically, jeremiah was in the hall academy for students interested in pursuing a career in the medical field.
5:38 pm
>> i wear my hood because that is exactly what jeremiah would wear. >> reporter: the oakland tech football team plans to dedicate next season to jeremiah, and hopes to honor him during one of the home games. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. a san francisco man is charged with murder in a deadly stabbing of his girlfriend inside of a church on sunday. prosecutors say the 41-year-old from san francisco faces felony murder and other charges. he is now being held without bail. investigators say he stabbed his 37-year-old girlfriend at the chinese christian church on chester avenue in the ingleside heights neighborhood. her name has still not been released. the chronicle reports that the victim asked for a restraining order in december, a judge was set to hear the case tomorrow. the battle over california's voter backed effort to resume executions is heading to court.
5:39 pm
state officials and death penalty supporters will stand before a judge tomorrow, to seek an ending two orders that blocked executions since 2006. one of the four cases being heard is from marin county. a former nfl player is urging the judge to end unwanted delays regarding executions. a sacramento jury came back with a verdict of death for a man convicted of killing two law enforcement officers. the man was found guilty of going on a meth fueled shooting rampage in october 2014, that ended with the deaths of two sacramento area sheriff's deputies. another deputy and civilian were seriously wounded. cameras were allowed inside of the courtroom this afternoon, as you can see. and, luis bracamontes was smiling and laughing at the verdict was read. he is an undocumented immigrant and had been deported several times. an ohio fertility clinic released new details on what caused a storage tank's failure, destroying thousands of frozen eggs and embryos. the alarm system was turned off
5:40 pm
on the storage tank that had been malfunctioning for weeks. clinical officials say they don't know who shut off the alarm or why it happened, and the alarm should have alerted staff when the tank's temperature began to rise. as a result on march 4th, more than 4000 eggs and embryos were destroyed. coming up, the oakland a's are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year and have special things planned at the coliseum. up next, get a look at the new section in the old stadium that they are calling the treehouse. plus, take a look at this. it circled their fishing boat just like in the movie waymo a huge great white shark. we hear from the fishermen who had this close encounter.
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nachoed. golden fries dusted in mexican-spices with a side of warm nacho cheese sauce. new $1 nacho fries from taco bell. taste what's next in fries. sfx: bong opening day is two days away. the oakland a's open thursday against the los angeles angels of anaheim. first pitch is scheduled for just after 1:00 in the afternoon. it is a big year for the a's. this is our 15th anniversary in oakland and the team has plans to celebrate with fans. >> ktvu's joe fonzi walks us through what to expect at the coliseum. >> reporter: it's no secret, the a's would like to be playing somewhere besides the oakland coliseum soon. but a concrete location for a new ballpark has not yet been determined.
5:44 pm
in the meantime, the team's c.o.o. knows you have to continue doing something important. >> if we are going to continue to be successful in the new ballpark effort, we need to grow our fan base and better engage the community, and invite them out to enjoy the a's games. in order to do that, we've got to do it now. >> reporter: that means, they continue to dress up the old place. today, beyond the left field fence, the a's introduce what they are calling, the treehouse. some fans like to buy a program, sit in their seats and concentrate on baseball for nine innings. others might like to roam around, and do other things like play a little foosball, pool, maybe grab a drink and sit on a patio. the treehouse is made for them. >> we did a bunch of research leading up to this season. the younger demographic of the fans want a more flexible experience. they don't want to come and sit in a single seat for the entire game. this is our answer. they can come into the bar area, watch a few innings in here.
5:45 pm
they can go out to the patio, have a great view of the field and watch a few innings. they can go out to the seating adjacent from that and watch from there. it's a product that allows folks to move around and have different experiences within the park. >> reporter: the treehouse is not an exclusive area. all you need is your game ticket. the a's are offering special treehouse only packages for the entire month or season. the a's today also showed off hats, jerseys, and other items they will be giving away this year in their 50th anniversary season. the inside of the treehouse is finished. the rosters are set but there is one group of people who will be working hard until opening day. these guys. they are still putting the finishing touches on the outside of the treehouse. in oakland, joe fonzi, ktvu fox 2 news. just watching the video, it appears a scene from the movie "jaws." coming up next, we hear from the fishermen who watched this great white shark circle his boat several times.
5:46 pm
plus, calling all gamers. your health is needed to decide this year's class for the videogame hall of fame. outside of our doors, chances are you have noticed the warm up over the bay area, and continuing to climb as we get into your bay area wednesday. we will check in on the conditions and show you what to expect for the rest of the week, coming up.
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tonight, an unbelievable look at a close encounter with a great white shark and it was all caught on camera off the florida coast. >> we spoke to the fishermen about what happened. >> reporter: a great white shark, caught on camera, swimming right up to a volusia county man's boat. kyle morningstar says he and a man were fishing saturday afternoon, when he noticed a gray blob in the water. >> i yelled at my friend, come look at this. there is something big. i don't know what it is. as he got to the front of the boat, it got into plainview where we could see it. and, he started, oh, man, that's a great white! >> reporter: he says the shark started to circle the boat, giving them enough time to grab a phone and started recording. he thinks it was 12 to 15 feet long. >> it circled three times after that and was not bothered by us at all. it was pretty wild. kind of cool, calm, he checked us out.
5:50 pm
then as soon as he was there, he disappeared into the deep. >> reporter: the shark disappeared but video proof is going viral. pull of the video for people, and it's easy to see why. >> wow, that is giant. >> it's surreal. i can't believe that is here in our water. >> that is like "jaws" sized. >> again, that was danielle lama reporting. experts say spotting great white sharks of the central florida coast is becoming more common because the population has been growing in recent years. that shark was huge. can you imagine seeing that? >> no. they were like, it wasn't bothering us. but just looking at that video, it made me fear no arrests. -- it made me feel nervous. we've got beat for the coming our way. we were in the 60s this afternoon in and around pacifica.
5:51 pm
and you get inside the bay and temperatures were in the upper 60s and low 70s. that hugo inland into areas like santa rosa. 80 degrees this afternoon. 70s for the inner east bay and upper 70s to low 60s reported from san jose, down through morgan hill. we have a bit of an offshore flow, helping to drive temperatures up. santa rosa still holding onto that 80 degrees. low 70s in napa, 64 in san francisco. if you are thinking of heading out to see the giants and a's play at at&t park, it will be cool and breezy. low 70s in san jose. those temperatures came up again today, yesterday, we saw a notable jump from the day before. for today, 5, 10 degrees warmer than where we were yesterday, and by 8 degrees warmer in concord, and along the peninsula, send carlos reporting warmer right now. here is the view from storm tracker 2. we have a northeast flow again, and that helped to drive up temperatures over
5:52 pm
portions of the north bay. high pressure will remain in control of our weather pattern. you can see the high pressure off the pacific, keeping the storm track to the north as well. areas over oregon and washington seeing scattered showers activity, but for us in california, we remain high and dry as we get into the next few days, ending on a dry note. 49 degrees to start your day in san francisco as well as oakland. a bit of a cool start, but not as chilly as we might have been. temperatures are coming up now that the afternoon highs are coming in. we start off in san jose at 48 degrees. we could have a little bit of patchy fog, and that maybe about it. for tomorrow into the afternoon, upper 70s to low 80s from the north bay. 77 four novato. into the east bay, 77 in hayward, upper 70s elsewhere. upper 70s for the peninsula, areas like redwood city, and then into the south bay.
5:53 pm
78 expected for san jose. here is a look at the extended forecast. temperatures climbing into thursday. coming back down into the bay area weekend but nice and dry mild weather in store for your bay area weekend activities, if you are going to be out and about for easter, maybe doing some easter egg hunts, the weather will be great. >> it was beautiful today. was ended? more to come. the finalists for the videogame, hall of fame class of 2018 were announced today. it was unveiled at the museum in rochester, new york some of the home of the world videogame hall of fame. museum officials say thousands of nominations were submitted from more than 100 countries, a 27 two -- a 27 member committee will decide the winners from this year's inductees. this years finalist for the video hall of fame include pac- man, john madden football, and call of duty. they cross the border every day to go to work.
5:54 pm
coming up next, a look at the impact the trump administration has had on those jobs, businesses, and cities that rely on immigrants for labor. and, bart cracking down on crime. the new report that shows a surge in arrests as part deals with high-profile crimes on the trains. at&t has a network with thousands of best-in-class security experts. which means... more of the eye balls you want watching the network... & less of the ones you don't. more experts preventing security issues... & less security threats impacting our customers.
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russia is threatening to close u.s. embassies after the u.s. announced yesterday it is
5:57 pm
expelling dozens of diplomats. the trump administration joined a dozen european countries and canada by expelling 60 diplomats. this is in retaliation for a nerve agent attack on a former sty -- spy and his daughter in the uk, widely believed to be the work of russia. >> we will respond undoubtably because nobody wants to tolerate such boorish behavior and we will not either. >> russian government officials have taken to twitter to ask citizens which u.s. embassies a thing should be closed. president trump is trying to stop the flow of legal and illegal immigrant workers to the u.s. in order to protect american jobs. some business owners along the southern border are plotting the effort, while others say it hurts their bottom line. workers themselves say they've barely noticed a difference. here is more now from los angeles. >> reporter: president trump
5:58 pm
has been cracking down on both the legal and illegal immigration, as he said he would during the campaign. but, along the southern border, for most immigrant workers, the daily commute from mexico to california farms is the same as it was before trump became president. thousands of mexicans cross the border every day to pick lettuce, carrots, broccoli, and other vegetables that make california america's salad bowl. >> for us, there isn't really any noticeable change. we just come here to work. we don't get involved in politics. >> reporter: the majority of workers are holders of border crossing cards, which do not include work authorization, but many break the rules. and, the immigration crackdown has not had much of an impractical impact. order barriers extend the same 450 miles they did under president obama. and, border patrol staffing fell last year, and many local business owners now say they're waiting for the reality to match the rhetoric. >> there is a lot of things that contribute to the shrinking local domestic workforce.
5:59 pm
the biggest factor is that we have not had meaningful immigration reform. >> reporter: but, others say they need that labor to survive, and they are already seeing fewer workers now than in past years. forcing them to rely on short- term employees. >> the american public will end up paying more for food because we don't have the labor to harvest it. >> reporter: the recently passed spending bill allocates $1.6 million for the border wall. it's still not clear if there is a plan to make mexico pay for the rest. in los angeles, anita vogel, fox news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 starts right now. a census controversy. tonight, california is leading the fight against the trump administration over its reinstatement of a question about citizenship in the 2020 census. >> we are simply trying to convey a very simple message. we want everyone to count. >> that is california attorney general xavier becerra. he announced plans to sue the federal government over the added citizenship question.
6:00 pm
good evening. i'm julie haener.. >> and i'm frank somerville. they assume how many seats a state has an congress. we get more now from reporter, lauren blanchard, on capitol hill in washington, with details on what is at stake here. lauren? forced >> reporter: are you a u.s. citizen? that is the question the trump administration wants to add to the 2020 census. now california is suing, saying it would intimidate minorities. >> given the way that this administration has attacked immigrants, you could understand why immigrant families would be afraid to fill out the census questionnaire. >> reporter: the state of california is suing the federal government to block plans to ask respondents in the 2020 census if they are citizens. other states like new york and massachusetts say they hope to go to court as well.


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