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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  March 28, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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we're on 24th and illinois streets and police have just opened up the road. now, that corner, that is where it all happened where all five people were struck by a hit-and- run driver leaving one person dead and four others in the hospital. reporter: san francisco police confirmed they have arrested the driver. a source identified him as mark dennis of san francisco. we photographed him just after police stopped him. he could be facing homicide charges. it happened just before 10:30 this morning. paramedics raced to help five pedestrians on the ground at the corner of 24th and illinois streets. all were run down by a driver who then sped off. one of the victims later died from his injuries. a witness who did not want to appear on camera said just before the carnage, there was an altercation between the driver and the victim. >> i was watching a dispute between a guy in a van and five guys on the street started off very playful and the guy in the van was just crazy and took it
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to a different level. >> reporter: that man said the driver then got out of his van holding an axe. the men took the axe away and took off their belts and chased him back in the van. >> he got in the van and screaming a whole lot yelling at each other and the guy started to walk away and he flipped the van around and he drove it up on the sidewalk full pedal to the metal and drove over four of the five. >> reporter: police haven't yet confirmed that account. >> it's unknown what led up to this collision. that's still under investigation. >> reporter: police stopped cars matching the description of the vehicle then later identified this older model white gmc van with dents on the hood. >> this incident appears to be very isolated and specific at -- from the information that we have at this point. we do not believe that the general public is at risk. reporter: now, we have the conditions of the four people in the hospital. one is critical. two are in serious condition. and one is listed in fair
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condition. police are still trying to figure out what prompted this altercation. frank? >> rob roth in san francisco tonight, rob, thank you. three teens are still missing tonight after their family's car went over a cliff in northern california. that's what the mendocino county sheriff's just told us. they went over the cliff north of westport on monday. the bodies of the couple with three teenaged children were all found in the car. the highway patrol has been searching for three other children ages 12 to 16 who are still missing. but just in the past hour, the mendocino sheriff says investigators believe all 6 children were in the vehicle that went over that cliff likely killing them all. the family lived in washington state and was on a short road trip when the accident happened. now to berkeley, where
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someone made a disturbing discovery. police and the coroner's office say a fetus was found along the waterfront there. the discovery was made yesterday afternoon near tom bates sports complex on 80. our crime reporter henry lee live on the scene with the latest. reporter: julie, we're along the berkeley shoreline along near gilman street. this is where the fetus with its umbilical cord still attached washed ashore. now police are trying to find out how it ended up here and where the mother went. reporter: the tiny fetus was found by a passerby along the berkeley shoreline near the tom bates regional soccer field. berkeley police say the remains were of a well developed male fetus with its umbilical cord attached. it washed up onshore and was reported about 2:30 tuesday afternoon. >> i have seen police come by. >> reporter: james was on his break when he saw the emergency response in an area that's popular with hikers. >> they was flying by pretty fast. i knew something was wrong.
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there was a lot of police officers there. probably five cars and seven police officers investigating. >> reporter: police and the alameda county coroner are trying to identify the boy and his mother. authorities say the baby was born prematurely and that there were no immediate signs of trauma. but it showed signs of decomposition and had been in the water for some time. the circumstances of the birth and death aren't clear. but if this was a case of a mother abandoning her infant after birth, officials say there are alternatives under the state's safe surrender law. >> here at our hospital, actually in any hospital, also fire departments, parents can safely surrender a baby within 72 hours of birth. the law allows a parent or legal guardian to surrender a baby no questions asked. >> they took the responsibility of producing or making the child and then they don't want it, but don't discard it.
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that's very unhuman-like. >> reporter: now an autopsy was done today. no cause of death established yet. they have obtained a dna sample from the baby and will match it to his mother when she is found. live in berkeley, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. a lawsuit was announced today following a deadly police shooting in vallejo last month. the family of 32-year-old ronell foster today filed a complaint against the city of vallejo and the vallejo police department. the shooting happened february 13th. vallejo police say an officer tried to stop foster because they say he was riding his bicycle in an unsafe manner. they say foster ran away, police say foster and the officer then got into a violent struggle and the officer shot foster in self-defense. earlier today, civil rights attorney john burris disputed the claim that it was self- defense. he says foster was shot in the back and was unarmed. >> he was brutally gunned down! he was shot in the back of his
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head. he was shot three times in the back killing him on the scene. he was unarmed. there was no justification for that level of force. >> the lawsuit is seeking an undisclosed amount of monetary damages. the family also wants the officer's body cam video of the shooting to be released. a 54-year-old unlicensed driver is behind bars tonight facing charges of reckless endangerment after the car he was driving hit and injured four people at the oakland airport. it happened last night where passengers are dropped off at terminal one. rob malcolm reports from the airport. reporter: good evening, julie. i spoke with a security consultant from los angeles and he says these security volunteers at the oakland airport may have prevented serious injury why yesterday's accident but they may have also
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exposed deficiencies here at the airport. reporter: the activity is back to normal at oakland's international airport less than 24 hours after unlicensed driver juan pablo accidentally crashed his suv and injured four people. a security consultant said this could have been worse. >> all them are setback away from the curb about 6 feet so they have taken the time and money to protect the building but they have left all the people on the sidewalk near the curb sacrificed. >> reporter: the 54-year-old was booked on two felony counts of reckless driving causing injuries and one count of driving without a license. he mistook the gas for the break and the consultant says oakland missed the mark in
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airport design. >> oakland airport, um, i would say is pretty much a c or c- plus when it comes to the protection. there are large areas that are not well bollard-ed. they have benches that are problematic too far apart. cars can drive between and make a long run down the sidewalk. >> reporter: while it was an unfortunate incident, the alameda county sheriff's office made it clear that this was an accident. >> this was not an act of terrorism. we wanted to get that information out quick. that was a vehicle accident. >> reporter: but ryder, who consults for security, says this accident should be a wake- up call. >> far more people get killed by drunks and inexperienced drivers than by terrorists. >> reporter: so ryder says looking at the design here at oakland's airport, he said it would be about $100,000 fix to figures the bollards here and
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upgrade the facility. he said these right here are not crash tested. and they are old technology. rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. >> do we know how the four victims are doing? >> reporter: yeah. i talked with the sheriff's department today. they had minor injuries and are recovering. some of the people actually even refused medical treatment. so it is good news to hear that they are recovering and doing well. >> thank you. still to come, working on a stadium deal to stay in oakland. details about the possible exclusive negotiations between the city of oakland and the a's over two possible stadium locations. >> also ahead tonight, a new privacy tool setting from facebook following the data breach. >> and thieves target the boys & girls club in the east bay. what they got and how they even tried to come back for more.
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>> a big bounce in temperatures today, lots of 70s and a few 80s. lots of sunshine for your wednesday. another warm forecast for thursday. we'll have more on that coming up after the break. ♪
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new developments in the facebook data breach scandal. today facebook announced a revamped privacy tool setting. the announcement comes as three users filed a lawsuit today over that privacy issue. jonathan hunt has the latest. reporter: facebook still under fire following the disclosure that data from some 50 million users made it into the hands of cambridge
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analytica, a political consulting group linked to the trump campaign. facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg says he is going to testify before congress about the controversy and on wednesday, facebook rolled out a new system for users to control their privacy and security setings. >> they were told they had to have what's known as informed consent. they had to make it really obvious and they did not do that. >> reporter: the system will be introduced gradually over the coming weeks. it doesn't change facebook's privacy policy but it does allow people to change their settings from one place rather than 20 separate sections across the platform. it comes a day after a cambridge analytica whistle- blower accused facebook of developing the technology to listen to your conversations even when you're not using the app. >> they don't care whether or not what they do is legal as long as they get the job done. >> reporter: the company is now facing multiple lawsuits in state and federal courts over
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its data mining policy. and if they don't come up with a credible defense, the penalties could start adding up. >> it could run into billions of dollars if they lose. >> reporter: it's still not clear when zuckerberg will testify before congress, but the house energy and commerce committee says it plans to hold a hearing in the coming weeks. in los angeles, jonathan hunt, ktvu fox 2 news. three facebook messenger app users have sued facebook. they claim facebook violated their privacy by collecting logs of their phone calls and text messages. facebook announced it uploaded call and text logs from phones operating on google's android system in 2015. but the company says only users who gave appropriate permission were affected. the pastor of an east palo alto church hosted a special lunch for amazon employees
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today. he called it a welcome to the neighborhood barbecue held at his building on capitol avenue. it was to celebrate their move into east palo alto. amazon recently leased a large office complex in the city that's expected to provide 1300 jobs but he says amazon has an obligation to everyone who is living in east palo alto. >> they need to know that they are not just here just because the land was cheap and they feel it was just prime location to be part of silicon valley. coming into east palo alto, you're here to help us make this city what it should be. >> the pastor is urging amazon to help the many nonprofit organizations in east palo alto to show that the company is committed to improving the entire community. several members of a club took advantage of the beautiful spring day in the bay area. though hit the water for hours today taking in the sunshine and the warm weather as they enjoyed a fun day of skiing in
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southern san jose. club members say they are dedicated to promoting interest in water skiing in the greater santa clara county area. how fun does that look? >> that looks fun. mark, are you old enough to remember the, um, the first, um, what is it, in -- the -- what's the animal place in vallejo? marine world. >> of course. >> do you remember the original marine world in redwood city where they had the skiers? >> definitely. i remember making trips there. they had the water slides there, too, at one point. yeah. >> now it's all oracle but boy, today was just spectacular. >> i think we're all -- wish we could be on the water skis today. nice day to be outside. we had 70s and 80s and today in fact, i'm sure they water ski out there when it's cold and windy and today just perfect conditions with those soaring temperatures out there. so just a few high clouds a little bit of haze but that's about it for your wednesday afternoon. here's our live camera looking out towards -- not a live camera just yet but our satellite you high clouds approaching the pacific northwest. as we come in closer now,
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showing you a north wind setting up so winds around 10 to 15 miles an hour. 70s and 80s out there. here's our live camera looking out towards the golden gate bridge. there's that flag moving around a little bit. so a bit of a breeze out there but still very nice for your wednesday afternoon. checking out this, the overall weather headline, a significant bounce in the temperatures. remember last week we had the storm clouds and even some pretty cold readings in the 50s? today though and tomorrow 70s to the 80s. 70 to 84 degrees for your thursday afternoon. tomorrow temperatures starting in the 40s to right around 52 in san francisco. san jose 51. and here we go the forecast model showing you this. 40s and 50s and then into the afternoon hours, yellow contours, 70s to the lower 80s by about thursday 4:00. so this big area of high
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pressure is developing offshore here. this is the source of warming. upper-level winds rotating around this system. so this will continue to build in for thursday and friday. tomorrow probably the warmest day of the week. then just minor cooling by friday toward the weekend. in fact, if you are traveling this weekend or beginning friday, it looks quiet. not much dense fog just a few high clouds by saturday as this weather system moves in, sending temperatures down over the weekend by just a few degrees. it's not a sharp drop-off in the numbers. here's our forecast model. this is tomorrow afternoon. 4:00 for your thursday, then as we take this into your friday same deal. by saturday, though, just a few high clouds paying us a visit so maybe a mixture of sun and clouds by saturday afternoon but take a look at these forecast highs for tomorrow. lots of 70s out there and, in fact, we are adding more 80s to the maps as well for santa rosa, concord and antioch and brentwood. san jose 82. gilroy 84.
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half moon bay 70s. santa cruz 81. here's a look ahead to your five-day forecast. we'll shave off just a few degrees by friday. and then as we head toward the weekend just a few extra clouds by saturday and there's our easter bunny here by sunday. should be great for all the easter egg hunts. no rain clouds this year. and it looks like the quiet mild weather pattern will continue into next week. coming up, we'll let you know if we have any rain chances with the long-range forecast maps coming up. the california highway patrol is once again getting the word out that officers are on the lookout for carpool violators. chp san jose tweeted out this picture of a mannequin that they found on the passenger seat of a car during carpool enforcement on interstate 680 yesterday. the highway patrol wrote, hoping he is not expecting his passenger to pay half the ticket. coming up, thieves broke in
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and stole computers and other computer equipment. then they came back for more. how it may impact summer camp at the boys & girls club. >> details on where hewlett- packard may be located and it's not far away. >> california with a new "first dog." this is governor brown's furry new addition at 6:00.
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thieves steal thousands of computer equipment from the boys & girls club of contra costa county. a few days later thieves tried to get back in. leigh martinez told us what they got away with and whether the theft will affect summer programs there. reporter: last tuesday morning the club came to the neighboring boys & girls club of contra costa county to let the staff know a storage unit in the back was open. the unit wasn't left open but broken into. staff found a lock cut and several boxes missing. >> once we went through to see what was missing, it became, you know, evident that it was all of the computer equipment. it was clearly all the most expensive stuff. >> reporter: the thieves took off with 15 computers, monitors, keyboards and several boxes of program materials. so how tall was this? >> as high as it could go to the top. >> reporter: the staff called the contra costa county sheriff's office but had to fill out a report on line. administrators say they don't
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know the status of the investigation. the sheriff's office hasn't responded to our inquiries. >> what's interesting is normally the gate is locked at night so it's puzzling as to how and when they got in. >> reporter: wednesday morning, staff members say it appears someone again tried to get into the unit. and it's out of view of surveillance cameras. the organization has insurance but it's unclear if the missing equipment will pose a problem for el sobrante summer camps that start in june. >> it could potentially have impact on our programs, but i would like to say that it absolutely isn't because we can't let it. we have a responsibility here. we have a commitment to serve the kids. we are going to run a summer program. >> reporter: in el sobrante, leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. activists from "black lives matter" gathered again today in sacramento for a second day of protests. the group took to the streets of downtown sacramento. they are angry over the deadly police shooting of 22-year-old stephon clark. officers were chasing clark through backyards after getting
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reports of a burglary. officers then opened fire thinking clark was armed. it turned out he was holding a cell phone, not a firearm. a wake was held today for clark. his funeral will be tomorrow. al sharpton will deliver the eulogy. sacramento's police chief and mayor both met today to discuss the clark shooting. the meeting comes following an emotional city hall meeting last night that was interrupted by protestors. reporter mike luery talked with sacramento's mayor today about what happened last night and what needs to be done to move forwar. >> what happened last night can't happen again. reporter: mayor steinberg is talking about this. last night's city council meeting was interrupted when stephon clark's brother leaped up on the dais and confronted the mayor. >> i did not back off. i tried to talk to the young man. that was not possible. >> reporter: the city council called a recess and later when things calmed down, heard voices from the community. >> our community is in pain. and we need help!
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>> reporter: today the mayor says he feels some of that pain. >> while i didn't like what happened, it is my job and it's our job to bear some of the pain that stephon's brother and the community is feeling about the death of stephon clark. >> reporter: one man was arrested at city hall last night for assault on a police officer and public drunkenness. as the meeting was canceled for safety concerns. [ screaming ] >> reporter: protestors also moved to the golden 1 center where they prevented thousands of fans from entering the kings basketball game for the second time in a week. community leader darrell roberts says it's important for everyone to understand the pain the clark family is feeling now. >> yes, some of us will be inconvenienced. yes, some of us will miss out on games. some of us will, um -- but only
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one family lost a son. it's not a done deal yet. but there are new signs the oakland a's will stay in oakland. coming up next, details about two potential sites where a new ballpark could be built. >> also, a dream come true for some bay area teachers. from musical instruments to supplies, of the local cryptocurrency company that just fulfilled 35,000 wishes that teachers had to their classrooms. >> plus the president takes to twitter to announce he made another change in his cabinet. coming up, details about the latest shake-up.
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the a's have bargaining receipts to put a ballpark at the port of oakland howard terminal or the current 128- acre coliseum site. tom vacar has the latest on a deal that will erase the $135 million debt the city and county still owe. tom. reporter: the clock is ticking and except for some informalities and formalities as well as in the negotiations, the negotiations begin next month. reporter: the a's and the city of oakland rose the team flag over the roof of city all as the season opens along with the new chapter in the 50-year
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history of the as' tenure here. pending approval of the port of oakland and the city and county for the coliseum site, there will be exclusive negotiating rights granted to the a's for both sites. >> so that we double our chances to keep the a's rooted in oakland. >> with the set back in december, it's important to have options. we want a solution for oakland and the a's and this is a great step. >> reporter: the sticking point, price. when the raiders considered buying the land long ago, it was valued $150 million. today principals of a major real estate firm say as a truck logistics center alone to service the port it might be worth $180 million. for a mixed use combination of housing, retail, light industrial and other amenities, the price goes even higher. and the a's do want to put housing, retail, offices and other everyday uses on the property to make sure it pays
5:32 pm
for itself and enhances the community. >> before any transaction takes place, we're going to have to go back out and have that land reappraised. anything else would be a gift of public funds. >> reporter: so the as' initial offer of $135 million is at best only an opening bid. >> this is a 50 to 100-year decision. everything about the price, the terms, all the different aspects will be conducted in the negotiation. >> figure out what a fair value is for the a's and the taxpayers of oakland. >> reporter: now, the a's say they are earnest to have this deal wrapped up by the end of the year so the new ballpark will be open for business in the 2023 season. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> i know people have been waiting a long time for this. tom, is there any other source of money that could sweeten this deal? >> reporter: yeah, there is. it's an arbitration going on between the coliseum authority and, of course, the warriors who are departing.
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but they had some responsibility for some of the improvements made in the oracle arena and that's going into arbitration. should they be tagged for millions that will help this whole thing out. one thing that's really important, though, is that this is a very good model for the rest of the nation to show that private financing is available. there are things that people can do other than just say to the team, what is it we have to do to get here as pretty much las vegas did. >> tom vacar in oakland tonight. tom, thank you. tesla is defending itself following a deadly crash near mountain view last week. the accident happened on highway 101 near mountain view friday morning. the driver died at the hospital. in a blog post, tesla offered its condolences to the driver's family and friends. they said a missing highway safety barrier meant to keep cars from hitting the end of the concrete lane divider may be to blame for the severity of the crash. tesla doesn't know yet if the car was in autopilot mode. >> the ntsb in that 2016 crash
5:34 pm
in florida said that tesla held some of the blame for the crash because of the way the system was designed and the lack of some limitations that essentially that the human could still use it in places that maybe they shouldn't use it. >> tesla has also battled problems with manufacturing and production of its model 3 in recent months. shares in tesla fell nearly 8% today. president trump made another cabinet change today with an announcement on twitter. as expected veterans affairs secretary david shulkin is out. he left over controversy over travel expenses. the president will nominate highly respected white house doctor admiral ronnie jackson as the next secretary. dr. jackson served as the physician to president obama as well as president trump. a hearing is set to determine whether president trump will testify about a payment his lawyer made to adult film star stormy daniels. daniels' attorney is seeking a deposition from mr. trump and
5:35 pm
his lawyer, michael cohen. it's over the $130,000 payment made to daniels days before the 2016 presidential election to keep quiet about their alleged affair. daniels is suing to break that confidentiality agreement. >> will he get a federal judge to order the president to go to a deposition? i think he wants him for two hours? no. what the federal judge will do will say, let's see, your job is president. i think what we have to do is put aside our politics. i mean, because if you don't like trump, you say, well, get him in there. no. the next president you may like and then there will be precedents to say, well, it happened before. so no. i think it's not going to happen. >> a hearing is set in federal court in los angeles on april 30th. president trump thinks there's a good chance that north korea wants to move towards peace. the president took to twitter today saying he thinks kim jong- un will, quote, do what is right for his people and for
5:36 pm
humanity. but caroline shively says many analysts are skeptical that north korea will give up their nuclear program. reporter: this week, kim jong-un left his country for the first time since taking power in 2011 in a surprise trip to china. the administration say that's proof that the maximum pressure is working. this handshake made things complicated for president trump. some analysts say the surprise visit by kim jong-un to see chinese president xi jinping says kim is trying to gain leverage for negotiations with the u.s. >> this meeting is a means to demonstrate that relations with china despite all the past tensions are still not so bad and that china has his back. >> reporter: in a wednesday tweet, president trump said xi told him: >> we would like to see this. obviously is something of a
5:37 pm
global importance and we want to make sure that it's done as soon as we can but we also want to make sure it's done properly. >> reporter: while north korea hopes to have china in its corner, the u.s. will have south korea. the president said let's focus on our important security relationship. at the forefront of that security relationship with south korea, keeping the korean peninsula nuclear free. >> they want to blackmail and coerce the united states and our allies. >> reporter: the administration has set a goal of the trump-kim meeting before the end of may. there's no firm date but white house officials say they are cautiously optimistic it will happen. in washington, caroline shively, fox news. a florida couple has been charged with stealing items from the memorial outside marjory stoneman douglas high school. two people were caught loading up their cars sunday night with
5:38 pm
teddy bears, framed pictures, signed poster boards, even american flags. the memorial arose at the school after the mass shooting there last month that killed 17 students and educators and wounded 17 more. >> this is unbelievable that people would do such a heinous when this is a shrine and they would steal from it. >> o'neil told deputies me were going to make a memorial of their own at the high school. kennedy said he took down a banner because because he is pro gun. the suspects are being held on $1,000 bail each. today volunteers began dismantling that memorial. the items will be saved and stored at florida atlantic university. a san francisco-based company fulfilled teachers' requests for help. how part of the $29 million donation will be used here in the bay area.
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we're learning more tonight about the poisoning of an ex- russian spy and his daughter in bring tal last month. investigators now say that both of them came in contact with a nerve agent at their front
5:42 pm
door. they are both still in critical condition. family said today their chances of survival are not good. it is widely believed that russia was behind the attack. a texas medical center warns 10,000 past patients to get tested immediately because they may have been exposed to hepatitis or hiv. those who received care at coastal health and wellness are being told that poor sterilization methods may have exposed parishes to any number of diseases including hepatitis "b" and hepatitis "c." officials say the galveston county facility is cooperating but will still face consequences. >> the center was cited for 11 immediate threats to life violations all of which centered around the cleaning and sterilization of instruments used for surgery. >> the at risk period stretches back to march of 2015. the clinic stopped many procedures weeks ago but never
5:43 pm
said why. only recently they started alerting patients. a clinic spokesman said patient and employee health is of the utmost importance. the serial stowaway is due back in court in chicago tomorrow. marilyn hartman is facing hearings on trespass and bond violation. she has been held without bail since january. she was initially arrested after boarding a plane to london at o'hare without a ticket. she made it all the way to heathrow airport! she was then sent back to chicago and released on bail but just three days later she was arrested at o'hare again. hartman has a long history of trying as to sneak on planes at airports across the country including sfo and mineta international airport in san jose. netflix announced today the appointment of susan rice to its board of directors. she is a former u.s. national security adviser and ambassador to the united nations under the obama administration. she is also currently a visiting research fellow at american university and a
5:44 pm
senior fellow at harvard. the appointment makes rice netflix's 11th board member and the company's fourth female board member. still to come, it a dream come true for thousands of teachers. a local cryptocurrency company has just donated millions of dollars to fulfill every teacher's wish list. >> i don't understand how somebody could be so generous and take care of so many classrooms. i'm excited for the teachers in the country who get to do these wonderful things with their kids. >> in weather, lots of sunshine across the bay area and a big bounce in temperatures. in fact, one record to report. we'll talk about the record high and let you know if the warm weather pattern continues toward the weekend. >> and you can watch empire right here on ktvu at 8:00 tonight. it's followed by the season premiere of star at 9 p.m. and then join us for the 10:00 and 11:00 news right here on ktvu.
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oakland mayor libby schaaf joined other city and community leaders this afternoon for a groundbreaking ceremony for a new veterans home in oakland. the low-income housing development on martin luther king way will include more than 60 apartments for military veterans, half of the apartments set aside for military vets who are currently homeless. mayor schaaf used this afternoon's groundbreaking ceremony to make a direct appeal to the public. >> if you have an apartment that you want to make available
5:48 pm
to a veteran, we now have incentives, zero interest loans, vacancy insurance. we want to make it easy for you. >> mayor schaaf says this is all part of her commitment to help veterans who are homeless in oakland. a business from san francisco is hoping to give teachers across the country their, quote, best day ever. it looks like that's what they are doing. ripple is a cryptocurrency company and they just donated $29 million to pay for thousands of teachers' wish lists on the site ann rubin tells us schools like ravenswood middle school in east palo alto say that this gift is priceless. reporter: instruments are expensive. at ravenswood middle school there's never enough money to cover it all. >> music programs are expensive to fund. i can't stomach asking the district for everything that we need. but i still want a really good
5:49 pm
opportunity for my students. >> reporter: so music teacher sarah moulder uses donors where you make a request and donors can choose to pay for it. >> ripple has donated $29 million to to fund every, single classroom project. >> reporter: ripple a san francisco-based cryptocurrency company literally paid for every request on the site, 35,000 in all. among them, 3500 computers, 2800s packs of construction paper, 270 calculators and the list goes on. they say they wanted to thank teachers cross the nation for the hard work they do each day a. >> i do not believe there has ever been a day when this many classroom dreams came true. >> reporter: in the ravenswood district in east palo alto, nearly half the students are homeless. nearly all qualify for free or reduced price lunch. administrators say the impact of a gift like this is enormous. >> it's going to give us that equal feel to our students that
5:50 pm
many of our schools don't have. >> reporter: in this case, there's new uniforms on the way. students and teachers are grateful to ripple for helping them get the tools they need to make music. >> they cost a lot of money and the people they are donating are helping a lot. >> i have no words. i can't imagine $29 million, i can't fathom that amount of money. i don't understand how somebody can be so generous and take care of so many classrooms. i'm excited for all the teachers cross the country that get to do these wonderful things with their kids. >> the school district says there were always more needs to be met. in fact, they posted a new request on today. in east palo alto, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. >> that has to be the best story of the day. listening to that teacher say, i just couldn't believe that someone would be so generous. think about that. they have changed so many lives with those donations. >> teachers need all the help they can get and helping kids. let's check the forecast.
5:51 pm
it was beautiful. looks like a great stretch of weather for us heading into the easter weekend. >> nice forecast into the weekend. 70s and 80s in the area. one record to report, that was out towards sfo. 77 degrees break the old record setback on this day, 76 in 1986. so one record to report today here in the bay area. the stormy weather is out towards denver, toward colorado and portions of utah, as well. for us, though, as we take a closer look at the map here, the northerly winds setting up, and that's the warming wind so you probably noticed that change for today. let's check in on the numbers. still holding on to some 80s for concord and walnut creek.
5:52 pm
san francisco 72. santa rosa 78 degrees. so a very nice afternoon. our live camera toward the golden gate bridge looking toward the traffic, as well. so just a few high clouds paying us a visit but that's just about it. it's almost a pleasure to be outside today going for a walk with the comfortable readings. and this will be the main weather headline. temperatures a good 10 to 15 degrees above average. so tomorrow once again, 70s and 80s. starting out the day tomorrow morning, in the 40s and 50s. santa rosa 48. san jose 51. and antioch 52 degrees. so 40s and 50s to start out the day. we are showing yellows and oranges indicating 70s and 80s by tomorrow afternoon. for the a's home opener, the forecast looks just great. mostly sunny skies, temperatures by first pitch, approaching the mid-70s. so a great day at the ballpark for tomorrow. all because of this area of high pressure strengthening, and this is the source of the warmup and the dry weather pattern out there. so this is going to be in place
5:53 pm
for thursday and friday. and then by the weekend, we are tracking this disturbance moving in from the north and it won't bring us rainfall but just partly sunny skies on saturday and a little bit of a drop-off in the numbers as we head toward the weekend. clear skies through friday. maybe a few high clouds saturday shaping up to be a nice weekend out there just a little bit cooler. forecast highs for tomorrow, 70s and 80s out towards santa rosa, 83. antioch 82. and a stretch of 80s for san jose, morgan hill, gilroy, los gatos and santa cruz. it goes on and on with the warm weather pattern out there. here's a look ahead, your five- day forecast. we'll cool things off a little bit by saturday. we'll send in a few extra clouds. for the easter day, no problems. the rainy season isn't over yet. there's a chance a week from tomorrow we could be tracking some showers. it's still a ways out but it's
5:54 pm
nice have the dry weather showers. >> april showers bring may flowers. >> that's the plan. >> thank you. labrador retrievers are once again america's favorite dog. the american kennel club released its rankings today. german shepherd and golden retrievers came in second and third. labs have been at the top of the chart for longer than any other breed of dog. >> each one is very different. the labrador retriever which is 27 years and running for number one is highly adaptable, the ideal sport dog, good with families and a lot of families want breeds for them because of children and labs are great with kids. >> french bulldogs were fourth knocking the beagle out of the top five for the first time in 20 years. rounding out the top five, the bulldog. i'm partial to a mini weiner. >> i love the french bulldogs. they are so cute. coming up, the naacp joins california to sue the federal government.
5:55 pm
coming up, the growing lawsuit against the trump administration over a controversial census question. >> and in minutes, coming up new at 6:00, hewlett-packard moving its headquarters out of palo alto. details on the company's new location. >> and california has a new first dog. we'll introduce you to governor brown's furry new addition coming up at 6:00.
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5:57 pm
legal action against the tracks is ramping up following
5:58 pm
the announcement that citizenship status will be a question on the 2020 census. garrett tenney reports. >> reporter: an announcement that citizenship status will be a question on the 2020 census. the naacp is suing the feds joining some groups and the state of california all of white marlin open say the question is discriminatory and violates the constitutional mandate to count all the people in the country.>> we believe there are constitutional limits on how badly and how disproportionately badly the government can conduct the county. -- the count. >> reporter: the question has broad support among republican lawmakers who point out noncitizens shouldn't be determined in the count that determines the distribution of congressional seats. >> this isn't just about documented or undocumented, it's about status to be used for valid statistics that quite flood stagily democrats
5:59 pm
-- that quite frankly dakotas are going to want to have. >> reporter: it comes amid a broader crackdown on illegal immigration including targeting california for its sanctuary state policies. president trump's supports efforts in orange county, california, to post the release dates of undocumented criminals tweeting in part, all citizens have the right to be protected by federal law and strong borders. experts say there's not much the state can do to stop it. >> posting a sign of who is being released from jail is protected by the first amendment. and that cannot be interfered with by california law. >> reporter: on tuesday, orange county also voted to join the federal government in its lawsuit against california over the state's sanctuary policies. in washington, i'm garrett tenney, fox news. chaos on a san francisco street. tonight one person is dead, four more injured and a suspect is in custody after a hit-and- run that witnesses say started with a fight. >> it started off playful and
6:00 pm
the guy in the van was just crazy and took it to a different level. >> tonight, san francisco police are still looking for a motive. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the hit-and-run happened just before 10:30 this morning in the city's dogpatch neighborhood at the intersection of illinois and 24th streets. the driver was arrested a few miles away. we get live coverage now from ktvu's rob roth and rob, it all started when the driver got out of the van with an axe! >> reporter: well, that's right, julie. we're on 24th street and illinois. and right across the street, at that corner, that's exactly where all the problems happened. all five people were struck by a hit-and-run driver leaving one dead and four others in the hospital. san francisco police confirmed they have arrested the driver. a source identified him as mark dennis of san francisco. we photographed him just after police stopped him. he could be facing homicide charges. it happened just before 10:30 this morning.


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