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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  March 30, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> we will look at 90s if it gets hotter. >> i heard from people at the ball park they were a little toasty. >> at&t if you are in the lower bowl. >> yeah. >> it's hot sometimes in that kind of a pattern. >> that will be tuesday. >> that will be tuesday. >> yes. >> yesterday, though, if you are out -- it was warm yesterday. and it will be warm today but not as warm as yesterday. if you are suffering from allergies, pamela, again, those trees are way up there. oak, pine juniper and sycamore, very prestigeous law firm. grass is not doing much. weeds a little bit but it's the trees. 68 to 82 today. slightly cooler. a little bit of high cloud deck coming but formal -- normal temps 62 to 67. san jose from 82 to 80. concord i went with concord water treatment not by cana. 83 to -- by cana. 83 to -- buchanan.
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83 to 81. 86 in santa rosa we will go 80 today. 50s on the temps. 40s for some a few 40s in the mix. 40s to 50s giving way to 70s and 80s. there's a little puff east at hayward and north at oakland. but high pressure will still be there. but the higher clouds are inching in a little bit. that's going to take a few degrees off. so highs today will be 70s and 80s. high clouds, minor cooling today. but more so on the weekend as the fog comes back. 4:31 on a friday and probably a friday light we hope because of a couple factors. >> a couple factors might make it better today. >> yeah. good morning to you. we have traffic on the solano commute that we checked and it looks pretty good so far. vacaville, fairfield vallejo no issues driving on the freeway heading west. traffic looks pretty good as you drive through. it's looking pretty good all the way through down to the carquinez bridge. also, if you are driving on 80
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westbound, it looks good to the macarthur maze. 17 minute drive. today is good friday. the stock market is closed. and all the financial people will not be going to work and also spring break for some people and some of the kids are off. so, i think we will have a better than usual day on the roads. westbound traffic is light at the bay bridge. at 4:32, let's go back to the desk. >> all right. thank you, sal. we are learning more about a man who died at a crash wednesday at sonoma raceway. family of james kenneth rambo says he was passionate about drag racing. with the help of his son he built a 1976 ford pinto he was driving in when he crashed during the raceway's wednesday night drag event. rambo was going more than 100 miles per hour at the time of the crash. it appears he hit the brakes moments before hitting a wall. >> shortly after he crossed the finish line his car veered left and he hit the guardrail on the left hand side and died of his
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injuries shortly after. >> the wednesday night drag races have been held for 30 years there and attracts -- a track's spokeswoman says it was the first fatality. the event was created to discourage street racing. time is 4:33. next week, the man accused of driving a van into a group of people in san francisco on wednesday killing one of them is due in court. 33-year-old mark dennis is accused of causing that crash at 24th and illinois streets. we also know more about the victims. man who was killed was 43-year- old eliseo lopez. four others are in the hospital. one still listed as critical. another listed as serious. two more were discharged. a nearby business owner says a man ran into his shop after the crash asking for help. >> i looked across and saw 4 bodies on the floor. two were not moving. and one person was crawling slowly and it appears one
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person was huddled over someone asking him to hang on not to leave and not let go. >> another witness says the suspect got into an altercation with the 5 men and was holding an ax. he says the man then got into his white gmc and flipped it around and plowed it into the men who by then were on the sidewalk. mark deni was arrested short -- dennis was arrested shortly after. he faces 15 felony charges including murder. the police made an arrest in a sexual assault case from nearly five years ago. the victim a 64 -year-olds would was assaulted in her home in october of 2013. police say dna from the attacker's blood left at the scene matched a burglary suspect in washington state. detectives arrested 34-year-old alexander haines in the sit -- haynes in the city of university place. authorities say he will remain in jail until he can be extradited to california. time is 4:34. the department of education
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visited palo alto high school to check up on school leaders after a sexual assault scandal that was first exposed by 2 investigates. as ktvu tells us now, the school district has been under federal monitors for almost a year now. >> reporter: in a classroom at palo alto high school, two attorneys from the u.s. department of education office of civil rights met one-on-one with those who wanted to voice concerns on district's handling of sexual assaults and harassment claims. >> i think students should rereceive protection and benefits and services they are entitled to under the law and our school campuses need to keep the kids safe and free from discrimination. they are required to do that under the lawch it's not optional. >> reporter: kathy jordan is one of the parents upset over defish nsies in the reporting of sexual assaults. first pokesed in 2 investigates reports last may. since then, a shakeup with the former title 9 compliance officer out and no new
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superintendent chosen after maxmagee resigned. s the dis-- the district was under federal following. >> i am not confident and i he don't think anything will -- and i don't think anything will happen quickly. >> reporter: what do you want to see done. >> i would like to see the school serve the students a keep them safe. >> reporter: the new title 9 coordinator recently updated the board on efforts to comply with the law including a complaint process plans for training boot camp and administrator on special assignment to investigate complaints. she refused to speak with 2 investigates when we stopped by to ask about the initiatives and the office of civil rights visits. >> when i showed up there, i saw i was one among dozens. >> reporter: the attorney got to meet with one of the representatives. she is an education law expert. >> they have it all backwards. they are causing themselves liability by not taking the
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incident reports seriously. and they still have not changed. >> reporter: sin the beginning of the school year, more than 150 complaints have been logged. many of those are among high schools and elementary schools. eisenberg and other parents say it spoints to ions of a bigger -- points to to signs of a bigger pour systemic issue. >> there's a lack of transparency and the district is not releasing documents in compliance with the public record act. and so it's really hard to know what's going on when the district is not sharing information. >> reporter: we tried repeatedly to speak with the two representatives from the office of civil rights. we were told by the district that they were too busy and had too many meatings. meanwhile the district is searching for a new superintendent to lead the schools. in palo alto brooke jaros. >> april is national child abuse prevention month. and to help crackdown on child abuse, santa clara county announced a new toll free
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number to report suspected cases. that number is 833-scc for santa clara county, kids. kids. the number will reach the county's child abuse and neglect center on tuesday. the county will kick it wareness month -- kick off the awareness month with's moral -- memorial flag. proke willmation teak place at the board of supervisors' meeting the seam day. last night family and friends gathered to remember two young men who were shot and killed outside a san francisco pizza parlor ten years ago. jason delacruz and derrick butch were killed in march of 2008. they were out with friends when there was an altercation. someone pulled out a gun and started shooting. de la cruz's family says time is passing but they are holding out hope the person responsible will be arrested. >> we want justice for my
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brother. for me. you know and we hope that bringing us altogether and standing here tonight will bring justice for him and you know, something will happen. >> police arrested a 19-year- old man in the killing just days after the shooting but the charges were dropped after a key witness told authorities they arrested the wrong man. no other suspects have been identified. our time is 4:39. irs says hackers are stealing tax refunds and they are doing it in new ways. >> we are seeing tax professionals tax practitioners they are getting their data breach from the bad guys from the criminals. >> yikes. the hackers are using information stolen from tax prepareers to submit false tax returns. the irs says the hackers then use people's bank routing numbers for electronic deposits. >> we are seeing an erroneous refund showing up in the real
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bank account of the victim if you will and the criminal calling threatening arrest or and saying from the irs or criminal this that and other and we want refund back. >> the irs says many tax prepareers know about the hacking and are trying to find new ways to block it and stay ahead of it. this year the deadline to file taxes is april 17th. 4:40 is the time. new information about the family of 8 presumed dead after the van went off a cliff. friend and neighbors fill in some of the details about the troubles that may have had the two mothers on the run. >> good morning. traffic is moving along pretty well in san francisco along northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. >> take another look at those record setting temperatures from thursday. santa rosa 86. what? yes. san rafael 84. san jose 82 and san francisco at 81 warm degrees. ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto
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oh no, jake. seresto. 8-month... ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto wet bush well bush -- welcome back to mornings on 2. giants and a's won have thrilling one run victories. the a's are un-- a's were down when they make the comeback. davis gets a 3-run homer. and way to go chris. and then in the bottom of the 11th, shortstop came up and hit a walk off single. i will be quiet. >> and that's when you have -- >> that's a walk off single wins the game. game over. the two teams play again tonight at the coliseum. the game starts at 7:05.
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's. fans left excited about the victory. the -- the a's fans left excited about the victory. weather was perfect. it was the first day game home opener since 1994. with the new season, they unveiled the tree house a new viewing area that's above the left field bleachers. >> i have been coming to a's games all my life and this is beautiful. you know, the fans put this in here and it's here to stay. it's beautiful. >> the tree house is the new feature what to you -- do you think? >> it's awesome. >> the tree house was a hit and everybody loved it. total attendance was not as big as a's were hoping. there were about 28,000 people. a sellout is almost double that. well, joe's home run in the
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5th was was all the scoring the giants need in the 1-0 win over the dodgers that break kershaw's streak of 5 consecutive opening day wins. there it is. they got the win. giants and dodgers play again tonight in l.a. kevin durant's return to the warriors didn't last very long. he andremond green returned last night to take on the milwaukee bucks. game turned into the final seconds of the first half so when durant yelled at the ref about a missed call and he was ejected. durant told reporters afterwards he got fouled told the ref about it and got kicked out. durant had 10 points before being ediswreked as the bucks --ejected as the bucks beat the warriors the first time since john 2514 they lost three straight home games. it's 4:45. let's talk hockey. the sharks lost to the nashville predators. nhl's best team 5-3. it was
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tight there. sharks were able to matchpredators goals but nashville within the ahead for good in the third period. right now, it's 4:46. >> yes. >> we want to check in with sal for a look at traffic and yeah steve mentioned you had fun at the ball park and met viewers that looked very fun. >> me having fun? come on pam. >> at the ball park of all places. >> yeah. >> it was fun out there. and one of the things that we did -- we were watching is you know how the two events the warriors and a's game were going to go off and actually it went off pretty well. no major problems were reported. people got there and it was a good day. let's look at the commute on westbound 580. if you are driving from tracy to livermore, it's nice looking drive. and again, today, we are going to see a little lighter of a commute. it's good friday. stock market is closed and some financial people are not work and i happen to know of a lot of schools that are closed today already for spring break.
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so we are hopefully going to get a lighter commute. that is look at interstate 880 in front of the coliseum where traffic is moving along very well. at the bay bridge we are getting a little backup in the cash leans but it's nothing major. at 4:47. it was warm yesterday. you know, mike mibach said that one minute after 9 he said man it's warm out here. and it was very toasty, sal. no doubt about it. yesterday it was a record setting day. can we get a normal day for crying out loud. that would be 62 to 67. that's not happening. slightly cooler. some higher clouds but still well above average. but we peaked out yesterday no doubt about it. 86 in downtown santa rosa. that was a record. today 81. the city rocking it up to 81. that was a record today. 76 concord 83. today 81. and 82 in san jose. today only 80. so slightly cooler. 40s and 50s on your temps. i don't think they will change
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too much. but there are a couple that are a little cooler. look at higher elevations. in town los altos 48. in the los altos hills 62. hayward 56. union city 56. one observation san carlos 59. 55 redwood city. a little bit of a northwest san carlos. west at sfo, north at oakland airport, hayward terminal east so it's fight between the directions. eventually, it will be a westerly breeze starting to kick in. if not today, tomorrow. higher clouds are beginning to spill in. although that's really the only thing that's going to stop us from getting well above average temps again. 25 in truckee. 49 ukiah and 55 monterey. monterey yesterday seat record high. and you can see the high cloud cover streaming in. high pressure maxed itself out. minor cooling today but more so on the weaning as the system digs in. the end result is that will turn on the onshore breeze. fog will return. it will be cooler going into the weekend. but today, well above average.
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i mean, if it wasn't for yesterday i would say it's warm out there but it will be warm today. just not as warm as yesterday. temperatures pretty warm. morgan hill gilroy and farther south not as many high clouds. cooler weather will take us into the weekend and still looks like rain april 7th. >> okay. so that's next weekend. >> yeah. correct. >> all right thanks steve. >> welcome. speaking of the weekend and weather. it's going to be beautiful weekend. no shortage of things to do here in the bay area on this easter weekend and rosemary orozco has the run down. >> reporter: there are a lot of celebrations around the bay area in san francisco the spring exstraff gainsa. this -- extravaganza. it will feature carnival rides and games and live entertainment and food trucks and the highly anticipated annual rib cook off between city workers, including police and fire. or head to the 27th annual union street spring celebration and easter parade on sunday. the event is from 10 to 5. the
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parade starts at 2. are you ready for bring your own big wheel 2018? it's going on easter sunday at vermont street and 20th. and kids hour is from 3 to 4. adult kid from 4 to 6 and please register in advance. in san jose, head to the 2018 easter for san jose family olympics. music, food a baking competition and egg hunt and family games and other fun sports will fill the lake cunningham cypress a bah villion. in the north bay the easter beeny will hop into sausalito a parade begins at 10 a.m. followed by an egg hunt and live music. and in the east bay come to the 31st annual easter parade and spring festival in lake shore. that will be on saturday where you can meet the easter bunny and take part in egg and hat decorating and face painting at the lake shore baptist church. in concord, the spring brew festival returns to the plaza to celebrate the 9th year.
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on saturday, samples from over 60 breweries from the bay area and beyond. in sports giants are on the road, a's are home, warriors are away on saturday, back home on sunday. i am rosemary orozco and that's the weekend watch. we will take a break and be right back.
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we believe that you should always have room for the little things. and that your dream kitchen should work as hard as you do. ikea family members get 15% back when you spend $2000 or more at the ikea kitchen event. and financing is now available with the ikea projekt credit card. welcome back to mornings on 2 it's 4:53. if you drink coffee a judge in
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california ruled you need to be warned about the cancer risk of coffee. however, coffee industry is fighting back the ruling says -- they say the coffee from coffee roasters has not ruled that the process is not free from cancer. some of the coffee lovers we talked to say a label would not make a difference. >> don't if i it would deter me because i feel like there's so many things that have cancer warnings today and like it could be really insignificant. >> now the cancer causing chemical being debated is call acrylamide. the coffee industry says it's at harmless levels and naturally occurs in the cooking process to add flavor. almost half of the 90 defendants in the lawsuit have settled and agreed to post warnings, the national coffee association is considering more legal action. the ceo of the association says
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coffee has been shown over and over again to be a healthy beverage. this lawsuit is made a mockery of prop 65 and has confused consumers and does nothing to improve public health. facebook is about to get tough on the truth to curve hoax and false stories they have begun fact checking videos and photos. the effort began on wednesday in france with the assistance from the news organization afp and is expected to reach more countries and partners. the specific criteria facebook uses to evaluate the content has not been revealed nor how much a photo could be edited and doctored before it is ruled fake. time is 4:55. an abandoned chinese space station is due to fall towards earth in the next couple days. now it's expected to reenter the earth's atmosphere between today and sunday. the scientists say that 35 foot long space station will probably almost certainly burn
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up before it hits urgt. chinese scientists lost control of that space station back in september of 2016. time is 4:56. we have developing news coming in right now from the city of oakland a car going south on interstate 880 went off the freeway near 7th street and landed down on the railroad tracks below. look at the pictures. the police are looking for the two people who were in the car and apparently they left the scene. traffic on interstate 880 is not affected by this. the police are trying to remove that car from the train tracks. we will keep an eye on that and what's happening on off 880 in oakland. we are coming up on the 5:00 hour and people in richmond were startled by a noise coming from the chevron refinery and coming up, we have chevron's explanation of what happened. >> plus, the u.s. state department wants visa applicants to submit their social media information. ia information.
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if a good morning on this -- >> good morning on this friday. we have a nice looking commute on highway 24. and heading up to the tunnel. looks pretty good as you drive towards oakland. >> and we have a nice friday forecast. a little cooler, a smidge compared to yesterday when we had the record highs. santa rosa you were the winner at 86.
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good morning loud noises coming from the chevron refinery in richmond making nearby residents very nervous. we will tell you what happened out there. >> reporter: san francisco police release body cam footage of the deadly barbershop shooting. we have community reaction. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thanks for joining us on this friday morning. good friday. >> yeah. >> march 30th. a lot of people have the day off the catholic schools for sure are closed, the markets are closed. it could be a nice light commute. beautiful city of the picture a nice clear day. hopefully not as hot as yesterday. thanks for joining us. i am pam nook good morning. i am dave clark. let's talk about your fridayweather. steve paulson has the details. >> it will be warm but not as
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warm. a little heads up. there's a lot of landscapeers and contractors and people who work outside. don't be fooled. rain is on the way back maybe even around the 6th or 7th and parts of april out to about 15 days shows rain returning. not today but heading into april there's not going to be a continuous stretch of high pressure and warm temps like yesterday and today. slightly cooler. 68 to 82. normal highs this time of year is 62 to 68. and even though we are cooling down, we are way above average. santa rosa yesterday 86. 81 today. that's it. 81 san francisco. that was the record. concord 8 # and 81 san jose. more so heading into the weekend as the fog comes back. the fog, yes, the fog will be with us. 40s and 50s on your temp to the south. 40s and 50s as well. 46 gilroy. 52 santa cruz. a lot of mid-40s and upper 40s and santa clara 50s. saratoga and campbell pretty


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