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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  March 30, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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facebook we use criteria to evaluate content. we don't know how much a photo can be edited before it is rolled fake. -- ruled fake. today at 9 am we hear from bay area students about how violent threats to schools lee them to worried to go to class. we will take a look at mobile trivia. plus we will give you three different recipes for asparagus as we prepare your easter menu. welcome to the 9. it is a beautiful day. you see san francisco in the foreground. we are edging up on the end of march. material girl from madonna. i was reading an article on while -- why putting -- why
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parents want to go to target. we all kind of joke that target is our favorite place to be. they say target offers such where he and relief. you enjoy productive activities with something that is almost vacation like. you pick up five dollar air rings and accessories for the car. it is interesting. i know amazon, we have talked about how they are ramping up efforts to get more of your dollar. >> we want to see things and touch them. you can make impulse buys easier.>> tell me about it. >> i hope your friday is off to a great start. we will get to the weather with kids getting more. san francisco police have released body camera footage during a town hall meeting showing a deadly shootout of a barbershop back on march 21.
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back a 21-year-old man was killed and five others were hurt -- including a police officer. leigh martinez joins us live in the amazon neighborhood with more on my site emotional meeting. it was very emotional. several people accused the police of putting everyone's life at risk with the amount of force that they used in this particular case. even in the video, one man said that he had children in the building. body camera on a san francisco police officer captures the moment gunfire interrupts inside the barbershop. -- erupts inside the barbershop. that man goes down. police released the footage last night of the community meeting. four people were hurt in the crossfire. a teenage boy was shot in the foot. one of the barbers with by a bullet -- was struck by a bullet became emotional
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speaking. >> the minute that bullet hit me, it didn't matter. >> the original call was from the suspect parents who said he threatened them with a gun and try to protect -- try to break into their garage. they found him in the barbershop. 21-year-old jehad eid was found with a handgun. police officer say they shot at him first. it is unclear from the video if he fired first. the audio does not begin until after several shots are fired. dash cam audio shows pandemonium. eid was shot and died at the hospital. several family members were also at the meeting last night. half the family members feel that the police shooting was justifiable. the other have were still
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looking for answers. it was very emotional. at one point there were shouting and shoving and police had to take everyone outside. for the officers, the officers involved have not been named. thank you for that. a people processed in sacramento was not following the funeral of clark who was shot and killed last week by the sacramento police.>> people chanted outside the -- things wound down before sunset. emotions run high at the funeral. >> i am -- lower. letter. louder. >> reporter: his brother rushed the stage and threw himself on
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his brothers casket. >> we are going to do colleges and libraries for him. >> reporter: his shooting death by police with caught on body can. police believed he was carrying a gun. it turned out to be a cell phone. it caught national attention. al sharpton did the eulogy. >> we did not come for you uppity folks. we came for stephon. we came for the family. we came for this boy should be alive today. >> reporter: meantime, protesters with black lives matter continue to campout at the sacramento he -- sacramento county district attorney's office.
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they want criminal charges against the police officers. they are also calling for sweeping changes in police department across the country. in sacramento, fox news. matt barnes says he will be attending a rally tomorrow calling for police accountability in the stephon clark telling. he posted this on twitter. saturday at noon, let's try to make a difference. barnes attended parksville yesterday and has given financial support -- parks funeral yesterday -- clark's funeral yesterday and has given financial support to the family. >> i wanted to try to eliminate financial burden because they have already gone for enough. this is something i want to come and try to make a different.>> they play in sacramento tomorrow night. barnes says he hopes some of his teammates will join them.
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violence on's will campuses -- on school campuses are taking a toll on students. >> we talked to one local school district to see what is being done to help children. >> reporter: this video capture on instagram shows students running for their lives, tolls to evacuate after the school received a threatening call. it is a scare that keeps replaying in the minds of the students.>> it was fight or flight in that moment. i was asking should a hide, should i run off campus? i was just thinking like i should tell my parents that i love them.>> reporter: it turns out it was a robotic call. similar calls were made to campuses across the country. while it turns out to be a hoax, it didn't help. for the second time in a month, there is lingering fear especially after the shooting in parkland, florida. >> i never thought cupertino
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would be one of the schools you saw on the news. >> i am scared for life. this morning i woke up and thought, do i really want to go to school today?>> it is not only the students. it is the teachers. >> there is fear. i think there is a lot of frustration. the fact that we haven't been able to come to a better solution in the entire society. >> reporter: the school system says there is increased law enforcement on campus this week to provide comfort to students and staff. additional school counselors are also on hand. this girl just got accepted into her dream school. she is calling for changes, including background checks. >> if we have education in schools about not abusing drugs, we should probably have that same education.
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investigators are still searching for the cause of a deadly crash off of highway one. -- highway 1. and suv carrying a family of eight drove off a cliff. two women and some children are confirmed dead. the family's suv was found monday. there were no skid marks or signs that the driver hit the brakes. there is also no evidence that the crash was deliberate. >> before the crash, child protective services with investigating allegations of child abuse at the family home in washington state and wanting to question the parents. their neighbors called cps and told them one of the children started to speak over to ask for food. he said his family punished the children by not feeding them. they tried to visit the family,
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but no one answered the door.>> the next morning when he saw that the vehicle was gone, and then sunday morning, when it still wasn't there, we figured something -- >> they never go anywhere.>> back in 2011, sarah was sentenced to probation. she spanked her daughter hard enough to caused bruises. then the family moved to oregon. you see him here tearfully hugging a police officer at a protest in portland. he is among the children who are missing. the family moved to washington state last year. we have an update about last nights noises at chevron. we had a number of viewers calling to find out what was going on. the video sent to us last night, this was from a viewer. chevron says the loud noise was caused by a steam release. it was not a danger to the
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public. they tweeted, chevron understands the concern neighbors felt this evening due to a loud noise from the richmond refinery as a result of steam pressure release. we do apologize for how this may have impacted your evening. there is no need to shelter in place. coming up, a wedding proposal crasher. a moment that was interrupted by the father of the potential bride by last-minute advice. new requirement for these applications. how your social media history could now come into play.
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the weather has been often. steve paulson, yesterday at the a's game, probably at the time i was there, it was 72
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degrees at 9 am. >> that was about right. it was really warm. asked gasia .>> it was warm.>> now we focus on next tuesday. it will be cooler and dryer. today is a good day to wash your car. a lot of high clouds are coming in. look to the south. a lot of fog. it is rolling up the fog from l.a. temperatures will cool off today. still very warm. we are still looking at 80s. 76 for san francisco. the forecast -- the record is 83. mountain view is about 79.
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it is already 64. we are warming up quickly. unless these high clouds come in, and it looks like they will, we will be very close to the highs from yesterday. it is well above average. cooler weather will take us into the weekend. marches going out like a lamb. april 1, easter is okay. it will be cooler. tuesday is okay. >> one were fast -- weather forecaster said it is go do it we can. >> good man. he was always nice to me. the trump administration wants to ask all the the applicants to turn over five years of social media. all foreigners who apply for a visa would have to turnover twitter, instagram, previous email addresses, and international travel.
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this is as the president ramps up efforts for an extreme bedding -- vetting process. russia has expelled 60 american diplomats after the u.s. shutdown the conflict -- the russian consulate in seattle. >> russia response to the west. the foreign minister informed the u.s. ambassador that 60 american diplomats have until april. to leave the country. >> translator: these measures include the same number of diplomats. this is our decision to withdraw the licensed for the u.s. consulate in st. petersburg. >> reporter: this is in response to the u.s. expelling 60 question diplomats and closing the russian couple -- consulate in seattle. this was because of the poisoning of an ex-russian spy
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in the united kingdom.>> translator: russia was forced to make these actions in response to the infinitely actions made by washington. >> reporter: russian foreign ministry is often -- also asking britain to decrease the number of diplomats. russia says it will also respond to those countries. >> translator: russia remains open for developing good ties. we want these relationships.>> reporter: the sega promises the united states reserves the right to respond further sense -- since russia made the first move by poisoning a man and his daughter. today christians around the globe are observing good friday. that send them, jewish immunities will begin observing
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passover. one of the things i know about this whole thing is i give up diet coke during lunch. i did okay -- during lent. i did okay. but i want a diet coke right now. coming up in a moment, we look deeper at some apps that can help you win cash. we will explain where all that cash is coming from.
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and financing is now available with the ikea projekt credit card. a trend taking smart phones by storm has --, hq trivia has people looking at their phones. >> fox news correspondent lauren has more.
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a lot of people are going nuts over this.>> reporter: i know i certainly them. good morning. chances are you have seen, played, or heard of hq trivia. every day millions of people tune into the live game on their phone for a cash price. do you know how they are able to give away so much money? it has the potential to be one of the hottest places for advertisers today. it is a game changer for the mobile gaming world. hq trivia, launched in august 2017, routinely pulled in more than 1 million players each game. one of the man behind vine is behind it along with a team of 30 people.>> you don't need a team of 1000 people to make something that is truly disruptive and transforms it.>> reporter: with that many eyes focused on their own, the life trivial -- trivia model opens up a new revenue for
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advertisers. a concept the game recently began testing out, giving away nike shoes. in another game, $250,000 sponsored by the movie ready player one.>> if we could get millions of people to engage for 15 minutes, seven days a week, that is incredibly powerful. >> reporter: in less than a year, hq has had tremendous success with a cultlike following of their -- hq has the momentum to keep going. >> i don't see why we can't run for 30 years.>> reporter: there is already competition. they pride themselves on the ability to go live anywhere. the business and the trend are
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the same. >> it is not just trivia. it is the format of how it is consumed. this is one of the few models where advertisers can actually make the product better and attract people to the core brand.>> reporter: that means morning to the app creators an even bigger prizes to the players.>> some prizes are like seven months free in a hotel or a free plane ticket. that is what you are competing for in the brand is getting the acknowledgment.>> reporter: this is proven they can pull in viewers and keep the eyes locked on the screen.>> people are planning their days around now. >> reporter: just this week alone, hq has given away more than $350,000 in advertiser sponsored money. this week was the first week testing out sponsorship, meaning you can expect to see a lot more advertisers paying to get their products on your screen.
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>> i once had a girlfriend stop are conversation. -- stopped our conversation. the questions they start you out with our ridiculously easy. >> right. the questions are extremely easy at the beginning. it is after you get through about russian four where it really starts to get hard. myself, i have been playing for months. i cannot make it past question seven. that is even with my producer sitting there with me. it is very hard. that is why sometimes this money , sometimes there is only one winter. the money gets split up when there are four winners. it is a particularly hard game. if you make it through, you are looking at a big payout.>> and it is free, right? you just get on the app and go?>> yes. all you have to do is give them your number. if you guys are not playing, i have a code you can put on your
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phone. i get free lives if you sign up. >> you pay with your attention and eyeballs. >> we are reading for your, lauren. researchers say spending too much time on your electronic device can be a bad thing, especially for kids. dr. victoria dunkley says a child's nervous system can be overseen related by electronics. research shows this may cause behavior problems. the effects of too much screen time or sometime this diagnosed as behavior and mental health disorders. >> a lot of kids become very irritable and fearful, or sometimes kids have full-blown rages. other kids are anxious. a lot of kids will have trouble falling -- following directions. >> a 2010 study found to -- found that 18-year-old spend proximally seven hours using entertainment media every day.
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>> that is a day at the office. wedding proposals are supposed to be romantic and private. it would be a different case for one couple. allison said she started crying with her boyfriend by down on one knee. then she started laughing when she saw her dad on a nearby hill holding a sign that says say no. fortunately, in this case, that was just kidding. her father and has been to be are very close. the photo of dad holding the sign has gone viral. dads are particularly protective over there daughters. -- over there daughters. >> a louisiana couple decided to go wild and use an alligator at their gender reveal party. the soon to be grandma posted this picture. you see her son plays a watermelon into the alligators
9:27 am
now. when it sets its jaws shut, it revealed the blue inside for a baby boy. while this may seem like an unnecessary risk for a gender reveal, he is also known as mike the gator king. they are trained alligator handlers. i guess it is safer them. they say alligators are part of their family so it made sense for them to do the reveal this way.>> some people use golf balls. alligators? >> why don't you just tell people. >> why don't you just let it be a surprise? you can do it the old-fashioned way. someone said it is the only truly good surprise you will get in life. coming up at ktvu fox 2, we will talk about the san francisco brewing company. of next we will take you there and give you a look around the 12,000 square-foot project. and a result of a study that shows a large number of people are looking at devices
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groups are voicing concerns about publishing really states. activist say this will undermine the california statuary law.>> that is the contention they are making here at the -- the newly -- this thing to where laws -- the sanctuary laws -- the sheriff's office began the practice of posting all inmate really states on the department website. advocates say the sheriff office maybe try to exploit a loophole in california's
9:31 am
central where he loss and essentially -- sanctuary laws.. it prohibits agencies from sharing inmate really states with ice -- i.c.e. unless they already have a policy in place. the sheriff's office started publishing really states because it is public inspiration and can be helpful with inmates going back into society. this morning we did reach out to a spokesperson for the sheriff's office looking for some clarification on this new policy. i have yet to hear back from him. bill cosby is back in pennsylvania in there today for the final pretrial hearings. a video him arriving early this
9:32 am
morning. the jury selection begins in less than a week. his attorney wants to postpone, claiming the judge could be seen as bias. a reporter has the latest. >> reporter: bill cosby is that to's centrale again in just a few days. -- is set to stand trial again in just a few days. >> they have similar stories. >> reporter: is one of several differences in the courtroom that the attorney doesn't think bodes well. last trial, the judge only allowed one additional victim to corroborate the allegations. >> they can come in and tell her story, similar to the victim in question, saying listen, i was with this man. he used some form of a drug. whether it be quaaludes or something else. he had a consensual sex with me. the story is consistent. the jury pool excited and says
9:33 am
hey, they are saying it. it must be true.>> reporter: also new will because these defense team. it is out with the local attorney and in with high profile celebrity attorneys the defendant michael jackson in a child pulsation trail and one. -- child molestation trial and won. >> >> reporter: the trial was also happening during the me to movement. cosby's first celebrity to face trial in the times up here. if convicted, he would be the first to stand behind the judge. >> is he going to send him for that specific crime or send a message nationally? >> the times up movement will be part of the tribeca film
9:34 am
festival in new york. let's go to dave. here are some of the top stories. this morning a jury in orlando, florida returned a not guilty verdict in the trial of the widow of the nightclub shooter. noor salman was accused of helping her husband . prosecutors say salman knew about the plan but did nothing to stop him. others said she was a simple woman who was abused by her husband. salman was arrested in the bay area after she moved to her mother's home. next month, mandatory sexual harassment training begins for teachers and students in the union high school district. earlier this year, two teachers testified that they and other female teachers experienced
9:35 am
sexual harassment from teenage boys in the classrooms. the teachers said the school district did not take their complaints seriously. the new training will be mandatory for students and teachers at the five high schools in that school district. more than 120,000 tesla model s sedans are being voluntary -- voluntarily recalled. this recall only effects model s sedans made before april 26 in. owners can keep driving cars. they will notify owners when the repairs are available. those are just some of your morning headlines. day, we thank you for that. the man who died in a crash at sonoma raceway has now been identified as james rambo.>> the ford pinto he was driving
9:36 am
crest. >> reporter: driving was a passion of james rambo. >> this was a race prepared car. he was definitely a drag racer. this was not his first time out here. he has experience with dragracing. >> reporter: investigators say he was driving his ford pinto. just after 6 pm wednesday night when the accident happened, he was going more than 100 miles per hour. >> shortly after he passed the finish line, his car veered left and he hit the guardrail. he died of his injuries shortly after.>> reporter: investigators say he was the only driver on the track. this video is provided by sonoma driveway. the popular race has been going on for 30 years. this accident marks the first
9:37 am
on track death in the 30 years. a spokesperson says the create -- the event was created to discourage street racing. all drag racers us have a valid drivers license. the past -- the past several virus -- they must pass several requirements before being allowed on the track. >> they have to have all the equipment to make sure they are safe. >> reporter: they will continue to have their wednesday night events, but they will review their safety. a new survey is showing more people are saying the distracted driving is an issue. 88% of drivers say driving while talking or texting on cell phones is one of the biggest dangers on the road. nearly half of drivers reported talking on the phone while driving.
9:38 am
nearly 35% of men -- admit to texting or emailing behind the wheel. a san francisco company is coming to ghiradelli square. it is an on-site theory. we will have -- it will have a full-service restaurant. the facility will be in the west plaza. it is that to open in late april. >> i am going to investigate that. >> we had a lot of fun yesterday. you may have seen us at the a's opener. the a's were down 4-0 when they made a comeback. chris started with a three run homer. the game-winner came in the bottom of the 11th when shortstop marcus simeon had a walkoff single. that is all it took. >> [ applause ]
9:39 am
>> people were jacked about that. the weather was perfect. it was a teams first game opener since 1994. with the new season, the team opens their tree house. >> this is beautiful. the fans put this in here. it is here to stay. it is beautiful.>> the treehouse is a new feature. what you think? it is absolutely awesome. >> there is a lot of news. you can watch the game. the tennis was not as big as it seemed. the crowd was about 28,000. is only about half of what is needed as a sellout.
9:40 am
>> [ applause ] >> it is a fireball.>> they were -- it is a fair ball. >> it is only 1-0 win over -- it was very impressive. giants and dodgers will do it again tonight in l.a. don't forget we will be taking the show to at&t park on tuesday. the giants celebrate their home opener. first pitch is at 1:35. i will be out there for mike and gasia for all the pregame action. air new zealand is offering a new seat for parents to make your next long-distance flight more bearable. and we are giving you some ideas for your easter meal on
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sunday. at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. that anything that matches your taste can match your budget. that green living doesn't have to cost much green. we believe that you should always have room for the little things. and that your dream kitchen should work as hard as you do. ikea family members get 15% back when you spend $2000 or more at the ikea kitchen event. and financing is now available with the ikea projekt credit card.
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this weekend we will celebrate easter sunday. for me that means food. brunch, lunch, dinner. >> let's send it over to gasia who was with a chef.>> a vegetable i love. we are talking about spring asparagus. thanks for being here with us. >> thanks for having me back. >> you are talking about one of my favorites. as you work, i think you are brining up mushrooms. how do you pick? icy super skinny and big fat.
9:44 am
>> i tend to gravitate to medium-size. you can get delicious asparagus , but if you get the medium- size, you will generally get the ones that are tender but not woody. for some reason medium is just a good go to.>> the super skinny once, i overcooked those. >> some of times those of the toughest ones. >> it looks like you have artie trimmed these. where do you cut these off? >> you to judgment based on how it feels. sometimes they feel really hard. you want to get rid of those. these are medium. we have trimmed to these off. the trick is with asparagus, you want to put it in a big pot of salty boiling water. you set a timer for two minutes.
9:45 am
it always works out. i will show you a few dishes you can make with asparagus. i have this did. is really simple. it is mayonnaise, sour cream. top a nod. you can serve it with asparagus. the next dish i want to show you -- >> this is perfect. i like it a little on the firmer side. it preserves the texture. >> you want to find that perfect balance. the salt is critical to taking off the bitter edge. this is another dish you can do. i just took the asparagus we had already cooked two minutes just like i said. what is done cooking, you can throw it into a bowl of ice water. you can do this is a forced -- first course for brunch. >> was is butter or olive oil?>> olive oil.
9:46 am
no dairy in this dish. there is just a red wine and a great with some shallots. so beautiful parmesan. this could be a first course or a platter on a buffet. >> do you eat asparagus with your fingers or a knife and fork?>> this is knife and fork. but you should take a taste of the dip. then you can use your fingers.>> i'm only eating the best part, the head.>> this is a salad one inch pieces of asparagus. lemon juice, chopped dill. >> i thought this was --
9:47 am
>> lots of olive oil. and lots of salt-and-pepper. >> at home i do this with my hands. >> her hands all the most wonderful tool. every chef uses their hands.>> this is something you can make and hold in the fridge while you are at church. >> just toss it together right before you serve it. >> if we are talking real luxury, you have this to put on top. this is a little smoked salmon on the top. >> once again, this could be a first course or you could do it on a buffet. just simply pilot onto a platter. it is colorful and beautiful.>> it looks special. this is not just potatoes and broccoli. this is stuff people don't eat everyday.>> it is elegant. it is in season. end of february all the way up to june sometime. it just has the perfect
9:48 am
asparagus mail.>> i see it in the markets now. asparagus can be very affordable. the best tip for the sunday people who will be hosting big families that are not experts at entertaining. when you say to them?>> keep it simple. focus on quality. i would do what i call a posse pop up. -- bossi -- bossy papa. delegate things. if someone is not a good cook, ask them to bring mine.>> i like it. i know you are big on instagram. beautiful food pictures. if you want recipes, we have that to. we will pop that up on
9:49 am
i'm going to take all these asparagus and eat them for my lunch. we will be right back. >> dig in.
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9:51 am
we are following developing news out of san francisco very suspicious package in the area of 23rd is being investigated. the pom squad is on the scene -- the bomb squad is on the scene.
9:52 am
we have a crew on the way. we will have an update online and at noon. no legal problems for smith who failed to failed to appear at his arraignment. he was arrested earlier this month for an alleged domestic assault incident and was in re- arrested after he allegedly contacted the victim. he will have another court date next week. there is a $50,000 arrest warrant if he does not show up again. kevin returned from an injury. durrant yelled at the referee about a missed call. he was ejected. durrant later told reporters he was found. he told thorugh about it and got kicked out. i think he said it in a colorful way from what i am hearing. he got the boot. the bucs beat the warriors.
9:53 am
this is the first time since january 2014 that the warriors have lost three straight games at home. happening today, the late mayor will be honored at the salvation army center. the warriors and the summation army will dedicate a court at the community center. he met his wife they are back in 1980. he was a lifelong supporter of the salvation army. we have a chance to win tickets to head over heels. it is being performed at the theater on april 10. look on the facebook page for the link that says head over heels giveaway. you have to be at least 18 years old to enter. you are probably 18 years or older if you know who the go- go's are.
9:54 am
you can see all the official rules on >> if you drink -- if you drink coffee, a california judge has ruled you need to be warned about the cancer risk of copy. the coffee industry is fighting back. wednesday's ruling says coffee roasters have not proved that the threat is insignificant. the proposed ruling comes after a nonprofit sued under prop 65. the cancer-causing chemicals being debated is called acrylamide. it occurs in supposedly -- the coffee has been shown over and over again to be a healthy beverage. they made a mockery of prop 65 and consumed -- confused consumers. >> will this affect how much
9:55 am
coffee you drink?>> 82% of you say no. some people say so many things cause cancer these days. >> tony says no, i will stick to one cup a day until i have a comparable substitute.>> one viewer says no one will read it, just like cigarettes. i have a long string of no one will change it.>> i can do my job without it. >> isn't there a study every other week? coffee is good for your heart. copy is good for you.>> everything in moderation. air new zealand is offering something new for parents. they are extending a feature that allows parents to convert three economy seats into a bed. it was first made to let couples sleep comfortably.
9:56 am
now can allow kids to lie down flat while they are cruising. two small children can lie down side-by-side. >> do they think children will really lie down side-by-side? the creator of the new museum in l.a. want to show the depth behind selfies which some say are solo. the museum opens -- you can strike it risk -- was tonight. we have the tip million -- tip million -- 10th biggest lottery tonight.
9:57 am
we hope you are with us coming up on monday. i'm cited -- i am excited to talk about a researcher from berkeley. we are not talking about that and sugar that we know about. we are looking at the thing i've never considered. we will talk about that on monday. until then, have a great weekend. thanks for joining us. see you back at noon with more news of the day.
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>> live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show"! now, here's wendy! >> wendy: whoo! >> whoo whoo! whoo whoo! >> wendy: hi. you made it. thanks for watching. stay hello to my co-host, the studio audience. ok. let's get started. it's time for "hot topics."


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