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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  April 2, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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steve paulson is. he's in his office. >> i am right here. >> april rain is coming. it will be here on friday. you are okay through wednesday. temperatures will be on the mild side. somewhat muggy. mostly sunny to the south. partly cloudy to the north. we have four days to get the details. a lot of moisture streaming across the pacific. for april it is off the chart. by the time it arrives it could give us about three inches. it will be friday into saturday. there is cloud cover sneaking in. the patterns change. 40s and 50s. last week it was high-pressure. we have onshore breeze. 23 gus right now. the onshore breeze and fog is in place. 60s and 70s. a many summer pattern. it's 5:00 in the morning.
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sal castaneda tells us it's still quite. >> so far so good. with this week we may be getting a break from the regular traffic because there are a lot of spring breaks happen. let's go to the ultima pass. there is some stop and go traffic on 580. once you get to livermore it looks good driving to pleasanton and dublin and no prompts to castro valley. you can see traffic here is doing very well getting up to downtown oakland or heading to the oakland international airport exit. this morning there is more filling at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is backed up in some of those outside lanes. let's go back to the desk. right now in oakland something is happening. there's a large police presence near east 12th and international boulevard. >> the official word from and
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oakland police sergeant is they are searching for a burglary suspect. it looks like this is coming to an end it. there was a large police presence but we saw several police cars leave the scene. on 10th street we witnessed police make demands for a person to surrender before they release the k-9. officers entered the building. it's an auto repair shop on 10th street. they did come out without a suspect and the search resumed on the roof. between international boulevard and east 12th street we did see police on all of the corners of ninth, 10th, 11th streets. we are being told this is a search for burglary suspect and the burglary happened at one of the auto repair shops. we do not know the status of this investigation. we did see several officers come out that we did not see anyone being let out in
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handcuffs. we do not know if the scene is done yet. several patrol cars have left this area. >> thank you for that update. chp says and suv caring a family of 8 may have been intentionally driven 100 feet off the cliff on highway one. data recovered from the suv shows the van stopped then accelerated straight off the cliff. sarah and jennifer heart and three of the children were found dead. the bodies of the other three children have not been found. the chp says there were no break marks at the scene and the parents were the only ones wearing seatbelts. three days before that crash child protective services was investigating allegations of child abuse at the family's home in the state of washington.>> just observing the behaviors, i was concerned about their welfare.>> the
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families neighbors called cps after the children told them they were being starved and abused. cps try to visit the family at the home but no one answered the door. happening today this is the first day it is legal for driverless cars to be on california roads without someone sitting in the driver seat. you should not expect to see any out there today. there are 50 companies working on autonomous vehicles. any company that wants to operate cars without a backup driver needs to apply for a state permit. the dmv says no companies have applied yet. the dmv says there are strict requirements for the permits. they can be approved quickly if the company meets all the standards. later today the fourth snow survey of the season is scheduled at phillips station in the sierra nevada near tahoe. back in february the state water board received a dismal report on the snowpack saying 75 percent of the state had dry
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conditions. there have been several storms since then so officials are optimistic. you can see the live results on the facebook page of the department of water resources. watch out if you don't pay to write bart. a crackdown on fair invasions continues this week. three people were arrested on friday suspected of fare evasion at separate bart stations. and 18-year-old oakland woman was arrested. 31-year-old man was arrested at the powell street station in san francisco. it 27-year-old from san francisco was arrested at a bart station in berkeley. bart says it loses $25 million a year because of people who do not pay the fares work testing is underway through schools to see if there's lead in the drinking water. according to the school one of the drinking fountains was shut
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down due to contaminations. other schools in marin county have been tested but those schools are waiting for results. all private schools will also be tested. it is part of a state law that requires all campuses built before january 1, 2010 to be tested by july of next year. it is 5:06 am. if you drive across any of the three bridges that connect oakland in the city of alameda you may want to consider an alternate route for parts of today and tomorrow. the alameda county public works department is inspecting the food veil, park street and high street ridges. at least one leg will be closed in all three bridges between 10:00 this morning and 2 pm. the same thing will happen again tomorrow. starting at 9:00 tomorrow night, all lanes will be closed on the bridges. they are scheduled to reopen on wednesday morning. bart is holding and discussion on and earthquake retrofit project. floor official proposing not running trains through the tube between four clock -- 4:00 at
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5:00 in the morning. bart will provide buses to take people into the city. the work could start as soon as september the transit agency is to working at the details and the buses may not be put into effect until february. today's meeting is this morning in oakland. six people in san francisco are being held by the red cross after a fire started in the clothes drier. the fire started after 8:30 am yesterday morning. no one was hurt. firefighters were able to put out the fire quickly. for adults and two children had to find temporary housing because of the smoke damage. firefighters say the fire was accidental. jury selection and the retrial of bill cosby is expected to begin today. cosby is facing three felony counts of aggravated indecent assault for drugging and sexually assaulting a woman back in in 2004. experts are watching this to see how the me too movement affects picking a jury.
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some experts believe possible jury members could be more hostile towards cosby because of the nationwide movement. others say that me too movement could cause people to think men may be unfairly accused. cosby's first trial ended in a hung jury. what began as a walk in a san francisco park ended with a man hit by a falling tree branch. we will have an update on his condition when we come back here a space station, the whole thing fell to earth yesterday. we will tell you where it landed. so far so good on this commute on this monday after easter. you can see northbound 101 approaching the 80 split is looking good heading into downtown.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. happening today a san jose man is expected to come home after being held at an immigration detention center for six months. we spoke to his relatives yesterday and they say once he's back they will start fighting for other families that are facing off with immigration agents.>> on the holiest of days she tells me her family has been blessed with an easter miracle. >> easter miracle, i asked god for only thing i want for his
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birthday this year is for her daddy to be home. they got he will be home tomorrow. >> my dad says he misses my mom. >> format -- for six months she visited her husband for only a few times. the family struggled. >> i was left to be a single mom. i've had to stay strong for our daughters and for him. also for myself. >> october 11 he was dropping off his four-year-old daughter at daycare when he was detained by immigration. ice agents said he had been deported to mexico previously and had a dui conviction. the case garnered widespread attention and protest. after months of hearings fernando who is undocumented was able to prove he would be persecuted if he was sent back
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to mexico. a federal judge agreed and ordered his release. >> what i can say is fernando was lucky and had evidence of what had happened to him which many of our clients do not. evidence from the mexican government itself.>> fernando's release was part of a large effort. she will fight for other families who are not so lucky. she took aim at ice officials expect to meet it's mind blowing that someone works for ice could sleep at night. >> after spending six months speaking to their father behind a glass window his daughters are eager to hold him closely. >> i am overwhelmed with joy and excitement. i cannot wait to see what the future has for all of us. >> we will get a donkey when daddy comes home. that's one thing i'm excited about. >> fernando has a request of
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his own. >> first off is church. we want to thank god for this miracle. i think he also wants some tacos. >> with his release from custody there are strings attached. he is still not allowed to travel outside the continental united states which is fine for the family who came so close to losing their father and husband. time is 5:14 am. a hit and run driver killed a woman yesterday. police found her sunday morning at 6 am lying on highway 101. the two lanes were closed for about two hours during the investigation. it is still not clear why she was on the highway. if you have any information call the police. police are searching for the person who shot a man across from the oakland public library early sunday morning. the bay area news group reports two men were arguing when one shot the other. it happened across the street from the main oakland library near lake merritt on 14th
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street. the 26-year-old victim was reportedly shot more than once was able to get himself to the hospital. no word on his condition. police and crime stoppers of oakland are offering up to $5000 for information leading to the shooter's arrest. police in richmond arrested a man who is suspected of trying to shoot someone on saturday. he was arrested on south third street after 12:30 pm. a witness told police they saw a man loaded gun, point it at a neighbor and pull the trigger. the kind apparently jammed and did not fire. no one was hurt. police say they found a loaded gun in the man's pocket. his name and the charges against him have not yet been released. gun owners are rallying to defend the second amendment in minnesota. we will show you video from st. paul, minnesota where dozens of people gathered for a probe rally at the state's capital building. demonstrators said they feel like their gun rights are under
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attack and that elected officials are not doing enough to defend those rights.>> 10,000 kids under the age of 14 die in a bicycle. we have 4000 drownings in the united states every year. life is dangerous. we can't legislate perfection. >> the rally comes after people across the country have asked lawmakers to do more to pass stricter gun control laws. let's get you out the door. sal castaneda will take good care of you. >> so far everything is okay. we don't see a lot going on. that is good. so far we have some slow traffic here in there. will start off with the gilmore commute and show you northbound 101 looking good as you drive from gilroy and the surrounding area through morgan hill and into the main part of san jose. even though we've had a few fender benders here and that we haven't had much slow traffic. this is 280 through downtown. you can see northbound 288
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looking good up to highway 17. bay bridge backed up for about a five minute delay. the lights will go on soon. the backup is still about the same. as you look at the right hand side the flags are not moving. sometimes these flags are straight out one way or the other. this morning they are still. for that let's bring in meteorologist steve paulson . >> they are still there but the gusts is to about 30.>> it is different. >> yes sir. good observation. you have 28 at the bay bridge toll plaza. april rain not april showers is on the way. it's coming in on friday and saturday. we will have deep moisture scream across the pacific. there could be some 3 plus amounts. there's your system. it was super typhoon now it's
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heading across the hawaiian islands. looks like it will make a beeline towards us. we had into thursday and friday and where the sets up could meet a difference with heavy, light or moderate rain. this looks to be a northern and central california event. you are all right through wednesday and thursday. then it starts to move in on friday. there will be light rain but watch what happens friday night into saturday morning. almost 3 inches of rain for some. ukiah 3 1/3. monterey 3 1/4. this will be a warm system. snow will be up at 8000 feet. there are a few sips -- systems beyond that. april is looking active. today higher partly cloudy skies to the north. mostly sunny to the south. 40s and 50s on your temperatures. temperatures in the midshipman- south around morgan hill in the 40s. the santa cruz mountains is also pretty close.
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the winds are gusting up to 28 do west. the onshore breeze is in place. 48 in chi. the fog and low clouds will make for a cooler pattern. inland will still be around average. all eyes are on thursday, friday and saturday as this moisture begins to work its way towards us. 60s and 70s on the temps. temperature should be between 63 and 68. it's going to be a mild pattern through the rest of the week and i'll focusing on the rain for friday and saturday. >> your buddy once a note what that rain means for lake tahoe. >> it'll be up around 8000 feet. >> thank you. a chinese space station that's been orbiting earth out-of-control for two years finally fell to earth. it happened yesterday evening. it reentered earth around 515
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p.m. -- 5:15 pm. it burned up before it crashed. that space station was launched in 2011 but the chinese government says it stopped working in 2016. it was china's first space station they have launched. governor jerry brown wait in after president donald trump's slammed him for parting ex- convicts. what the government said using the presidents own words. voters in southern california will be heading to the polls. coming up we will tell you more about the oakland seats left vacant bite state assembly members accused of sexual misconduct.
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welcome to mornings on 2. we are closely watching wall street this morning. the market is reacting to china in retaliation. a reaction to president donald trump's tariffs on steel and aluminum. china's new tariffs on u.s. goods take effect today. the taxes include pork, nuts. so far there's no comment from president donald trump. there are concerns those tariffs could have a negative impact on farming here in the u.s. there could be another change in president donald trump's cabinet. there are reports the epa secretary could be out soon. he's already been criticized for spending $43,000 for secure phone booth in his office to
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conduct confidential calls. he spending thousands on travel expenses. now he's accused of paying $50 a night to rent a bedroom in the washington, dc home of a lobbyist. that is bringing up a lot of questions for democrats and republicans.>> the fact that it was going to energy company lobbyist, it looks very bad.>> the latest rumors follow president donald trump's former veterans affairs secretary saying he was fired. that's because he opposed having private-sector doctors and hospitals replace the va's medical system. when congress comes back to work this week the senate will begin confirmation hearings for president donald trump's nominees for new secretary of state of the va and that head of the cia. california governor jerry brown spoke out against president trump after he tweeted how the governor
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pardoned several ex-convicts. on friday governor brown pardoned 56 ex-convicts including five who were facing and deported. two of them were already in deportation proceedings. by forgiving their records the governor eliminated the grounds where they could be removed. that decision led to a tweet by president donald trump and said, pardoning aliens whose crimes include kidnapping, robbery, domestic assault and drug dealing, is that what california wants? governor brown responded by using some of the presidents own words about redemption. this month we celebrate those who have exited the prison system and successfully reentered society. it is 5:25 am. if you shop at saks fifth avenue or lord and taylor recently you may want to double check your bank account. hacker stole information from more than 5 million credit and debit cards used at those
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stores. they've posted records for more than 100,000 of those carts for sale on the dark web. the stores are offering free credit monitoring for any victims of this hacking. it is 5:26 am. motors in the la area had to the polls tomorrow for special elections. it's to fill three open state assembly seats. former assembly men both reside because of sexual misconduct accusations. also thomas resigned last year saying because of health reasons. they may be replaced by women. if any of the candidates when more than 50 percent of the vote they went out right. otherwise the top two finishers will advance to a runoff in june. firefighters in santa cruz carried out a cliff rescue yesterday afternoon. they got a call about an injured man lying on the rocks
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shortly before 4:00. emergency workers used ropes to get down to him. a helicopter was called in to get him safely off the rocks and he was airlifted to an ambulance that took him to the hospital. at this point we do not know an update about his condition or how he ended up on the rocks. making a trip across the golden gate bridge could be a problem for you this week. the reason you may want to leave your car at home. the president has been tweeting and talking a lot about immigr
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning. we're going life to washington, dc. pam, this is for you. >> thank you. >> there's can be the annual easter egg roll. all the people gathered out there on the lawn at the white house. the president is due to speak at it in two hours. a lot of people and many kids for the annual white house easter egg roll. it's about 41 degrees. you can see the clouds but they are doing it anyways and have some fun. >> it is a little chilly. >> welcome back. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. it is monday, april 2. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. it's not chilly here today but what about at the end of the week? >> it will not be chilly but
5:31 am
rainy. >> it is coming in from the pacific. washington, dc is south of the snow in new york city. they're getting april snow. we are quite today and wednesday but things will change by thursday. the amount of moisture is incredible to see for april. it would be good for any time of the year but for april it is impressive. looks like 1 to 3 inches. we will find to this as we get closer. a lot of cloud cover moving into the pacific northwest. some of that dipping into northern california. mostly sunny south and partly cloudy to the north. there's a good onshore breeze for some. the coast will not warm up to much. low 50s around the bay. 51 in oakland. at westwood it's gusting up to
5:32 am
23. a lot of cloud cover especially with the system in southern california. for us today morning clouds and partly sunny. picture at 67. it's thursday, friday and saturday will get rained on. 60 into your temperatures. sal castaneda tells us monday traffic is moderate. >> people are getting on the road. some people do have a week off and others don't. this is look at 80 westbound driving through solano county. it's a nice looking driver. it continues to be a good drive all the way to that bay bridge toll plaza. we have so traffic in vallejo approaching the bridge. it's taking 19 minutes to drive from the car teens bridge to the macarthur maze. at the bay bridge toll plaza it is backed up to the mains. this is a 15 to 20 minute delay. let's go back to the desk. command i was hit by a
5:33 am
falling tree branch is recovering this morning. >> the man called 911 at 3:00 p.m. yesterday after the branch fell on him near a hiking trail. he is expected to be okay. it scared many people visiting the park.>> it was freaky to think you could be walking and all of a sudden a tree hits you. >> it is pretty scary. it will be something i think about.>> the recreation has tried to move the trees in the past but 230 parks and 100,000 trees there is a lot of work to do. new video shows the sacramento county sheriff's car hit a woman who was protesting the shooting death of clark on saturday. some phone video shows a woman being hit in the deputy driving off. the woman was treated for minor injuries at the hospital and the statement said the crash happened at slow speeds and the
5:34 am
protesters were yelling while pounding and kicking the car. some witnesses are calling the crash a hit and run.>> to sheriff's showed up and arrived at the scene. they asked us to move out of the way. unfortunately one of the protesters did not get out of the way fast enough and was hit. the sheriff sped off.>> the chp is investigating the crash. the sacramento sheriff's department is conducting its own internal review. if you want to cross the golden gate bridge this week you may want to leave your car at home. no parking is allowed this week on the north and south ends of the golden gate bridge between 11 am until 5 pm because of spring break. you can still go to the welcome center at the south end of the bridge and the vista point over look at the north and using public transportation, bicycle,
5:35 am
a tour bus, corporate shuttle, taxi or right sharing services. if you do want to go to the golden gate bridge you can also park in the lots using we can boulevard and in the presidio. president donald trump continues to attack immigration and border security. he's fired off some tweets including this one at 4 am which reads, daca is that because the democrats did not care for act and now everyone wants to get onto the daca bandwagon. must build walk and secure our borders with proper border legislation. reporter doug luzader joins us with the latest on this debate that continues. >> reporter: good morning. it has been rapidfire from the president on immigration over the past 24 hours on twitter. he has brought a number of points about daca as well as the issue of immigrants working their way north through mexico.
5:36 am
present trump's motorcade reviving back at the white house with immigration on the presidents mind. >> mexico has to help us at the border. >> that was yesterday morning. the president heading into an easter service in florida. his comment is a part of attacks on immigration policy. he seemed to reference a buzz feed report that says more than 1000 immigrants from central america are part of a caravan headed to mexico to the u.s. border.>> they go right through mexico. it can't happen that way. >> still in limbo the fate of young illegal immigrants in the u.s. refer to as dreamers. the president lifted their legal protections but a court has put that on hold. in efforts to reach a permanent deal it's reached a standstill. many democrats placing the blame on the president. >> he never had a plan to fix daca and turned down several bipartisan deals. it was always a game and
5:37 am
trick.>> it seems unlikely congress will take this up anytime soon. they are on recess this week. it doesn't seem to have a willingness to strike a compromise on this. >> the president has imposed tariffs, china retaliates. does it look like we are on the verge of a trade war? >> it is a trade battle. the president has long believed we have a bad trade deal right now with countries like china. there's a question whether this will benefit u.s. consumers and manufacturers or perhaps backfire. >> doug luzader in washington. thank you. the so-called affluenza teenager is due to be released from jail today. he's been in jail for the last two years in texas for violating his probation when he fled to mexico with his mother. it has been five years since he
5:38 am
killed four people in a drunk driving crash. he was 16 at the time. he was sentenced to probation. his lawyer told the judge because of his wealthy upbringing he did not know right from wrong. student leaders from the florida high school where 17 people died on valentine's day are demanding an apology from ted nugent. he is a board member of the national rifle association and said the students are liars and mushy brained children who have no soul. he says the calls for gun control are on attack of good law abiding families of america. one of the survivors said the nra says guns are not the issue but bulling is. she went on to say he was acting like a bully to me and all of the students at douglas. the san francisco native who also happens to be loyola
5:39 am
chicago's biggest fan is taking a break. >> many people have been talking about it. now that they have ended their tournament run sister jean said she is done. she is a nun. she served as the assistant athletic director and the chaplain for loyola. over the weekend the mayor of san francisco declared saturday was sister jean the laura schmidt day. kudos to her. the warriors are raising thousands of dollars to help young people here in the bay area. the organizations that will benefit coming up. after the wildfires new construction is beginning in santa rosa's pot neighborhood. we will tell you about the utility company that says it's making part progress -- progress in the area. >> traffic is moving along pretty well on westbound 92 as you head to the high rise and
5:40 am
to the peninsula. we will have fog on the coast. it will be partly sunny inland. we will have rain this week.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. >> the lines were devastated by the wildfires last october. most of the underground equipment was destroyed by the blistering temperatures of the fire. they call this a huge milestone of progress for rebuilding coffee pot -- coffee park. the entrance to hood mountain regional park east of santa rosa is open again. several hiking trails are back
5:43 am
open. the sonoma county recreation area was damaged during the october wildfires. crew spent the last few months repairing trails and reinforcing some retaining walls. visitors will notice burn scars in the ongoing work. will 800 points by the warriors lead to $400,000 being donated to youth group. the hoops for kids program benefits underserved youth. each warriors three-pointer in the regular season generates $500. this year they are supporting a groups including the boys and girls club of oakland and san francisco, play works and champs in oakland. kevin durant was hot. he was the start last night the words beat the phoenix suns 117- 107. it was star wars themed night.
5:44 am
kevin durant almost had a triple with 29 points, 11 rebounds and 8 assists. the words are dealing with staff -- steph curry being out. the warriors guard patrick mccall has been released from the hospital after the fall to the floor during saturday's game in sacramento. it's something that rarely happens in baseball with the a's hosted the angels. otani shohei took the mound. is the first player to be in the starting lineup as a hitter on opening day then start a game as a picture a few days later. the two-way player was on point. unfortunately for the a's chapman drilled a three run homer in the second. he retired 14 of the 15
5:45 am
batters. the team host the texas rangers tonight. the giants continue to struggle on offense after losing to the doctors last night 9-0. giants pictures were on fire to start the season hosting back-to-back shutouts. not the case yesterday. the dodgers pounded the giants. the bullpen allowed six months including a full run eighth inning. the giants fall to 2-2 on the season. hopefully some home-field advantage will jumpstart the giants. the giants home opener is tomorrow at 135 against the seattle mariners. mike and saul will be out there. get out the orange and black>> you have to be the lucky charm for them tomorrow. >> they have to start hitting.
5:46 am
this is something giants fans are waiting to see. good morning. let's look at 580 westbound as you drive through the ultima pass. you can see traffic is moving along slowly. it is not a light week. a lot of people do have this week off for spring break. mostly schoolchildren and if you are not driving your child to school that may help us out. this is a 80. at the bay bridge we are filled in like a normal commute. it is not light. it is backed up. let's bring meteorologist steve paulson .>> april rain is on the way not today or tomorrow or wednesday but starts on thursday and more likely friday
5:47 am
into saturday. it could be moderate to heavy. the amount of moisture is impressive for april. let's look at the hawaiian islands. there's a lot of moisture streaming across them and that's the source of our moisture. you can see where's coming from. there's a typhoon across the pacific and takes the turn the hawaiian islands. it is heading in our direction. a lot of high clouds over the weekend but those have been doubt. there's another piece of energy from the north and that will give us partly cloudy skies and mostly cloudy to the north. the cloud cover will be on the move and taking aim at us. projections are the moisture will continue to work it's way in. it is a warm system. when it comes in from that direction it's holding a lot of moisture. when you get a few dynamics in the picture that would be late friday into saturday there are projections of impressive rain totals. here's friday morning.
5:48 am
not a big deal. friday night it starts. look what happened saturday. we may get up to three inches of rain. this will be a rain event not a snow event. the snow will be up at 8000 feet. some upper 40s for many. 55 in american canyon. the gust almost 30 at sfo. the onshore breeze is in place which means 50s and 60s by the coast. 60s and 70s inland. we will start to see the moisture getting closer on wednesday. we have rain moderate to heavy coming later this week. 67 on your temperatures. warmest temperature will be to the east and the south. through wednesday you are all right. on thursday it will cloud up. friday and saturday will get
5:49 am
worse. >> get ready for plan b.>> i would. >> thank you. director steven spielberg is back at the top of the box office.>> his new film ready player one debuted with $41 million. that makes it the biggest opening weekend for his movie in 10 years. ready player one fell is a journey of one man into a virtual world as he tries to take down the corrupt company in charge of the simulator. acrimony brought in $17 million during its first weekend. like panther continues its historic run at the box office with another $11 million in sales. it has been in the top three since the middle of february.
5:50 am
you know yesterday was april fools. >> i do. >> a lot of companies play their own april fools pranks. coming up the joke that tesla ceo plate on the companies investors.
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welcome back. it is 5:52 am. opposition is growing. people who live near permitted
5:53 am
cannabis farms worried about their safety according to the press democrat. neighbors sadie see more cars with people they don't know near their homes. there have been recent robberies on illegal pot farms. during two recent robberies one man was killed and another was injured. neighbors worry that criminals will accidentally target their homes when they are looking for marijuana. the neighbors want the county to require all marijuana cultivation's be done indoors. it -- the san francisco is dealing with a shortage of school crossing guards. many quit because of low pay and no benefits. that comes as administrators say they were dealing with a shortage of crossing guards. the san francisco municipal transportation agency is responsible for hiring crossing guards. the examiner says the agency is taking steps to fix the shortage. the bait area observed easter yesterday in many different ways. some by going to church and
5:54 am
others within easter egg hunt. -- with an easter egg hunt. this took place in san francisco. the 27th annual easter parade held on union street. it included a children's eggroll competition, easter egg hunt and and toss contest. there was an easter bonnet competition. >> the barbershop in san francisco celebrated a historic milestone on saturday. louie's barber shop has been operating for 85 years. during the celebration last night the barbershop was recognized by the city for being one of the oldest businesses in the area. >> it is great to be in the same spot running the same business. we've been here longer than many other places.>> the other businesses is the castro theater and close a variety.
5:55 am
this year easter fell on april fools' day. >> there were plenty of jokes over the week end. burger king released a video supposedly producing its new chocolate whopper with a chocolate cake bun and a raspberry syrup that was a prank. look at this. the american museum of natural history said they discovered the skull of a alien. tesla ceo posted his own prank. he tweeted a headline about tesla going bankrupt morning, despite intense efforts to raise money including a last ditch of easter eggs we are completely bankrupt. you can't believe it.
5:56 am
he said that the ceo was passed out. you can play where's waldo. if you play you can find waldo in different places around the world. the pizza chain little caesars says today is the day they will deliver on a promise to basketball fans. if the promotion tied to one of the biggest upsets in ncaa history. little caesars promised if a number 16 seed be a number one seed it would give away free combo lunches today. the university of maryland, baltimore county beat virginia making it the first number one -- number 16 seed to beat the number one seed in the entire history of the ncaa men's tournament. today is free pizza day. that's at little caesars. check the website and get the
5:57 am
rules and restrictions and get your pizza.>> coming up in our 6:00 our released from ice detention six months later, coming up what a san jose family plan to do after the reunited with their father. the latest on who police have been custody in the possible climb that the victim may be connected to.
5:58 am
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good morning. disturbing new details in a crash that killed several members of a family from washington state. what investigators found that has them thinking this may not have been an accident. mornings on 2 continues.>> this is ktvu mornings on 2. thank you for joining us on this monday morning april 2. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. the weather is interesting. meteorologist steve paulson is here. >> not too much today about by the end of the week it will be.
6:00 am
giants home opener tomorrow. it should be all right. there will be a westerly breeze. we saw that over the weekend and that will continue into tomorrow. if you are a yankees fan, their game has been canceled because of snow. the mets played this afternoon. the red sox are in miami. a lot of wind chills here. it's seven in fargo. if you have trouble -- travel plans it is cold. we have partly cloudy skies. more clouds to the north and fewer to the south. the rain forecast shows nothing until thursday. after that it starts to get a little rain but then a lot of rain friday into saturday. it looks like


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