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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  April 4, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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i could tell that is what it was. it went on. it was boom, boom, boom. >> san bruno is clearly shaken after the shooting at youtube's headquarters yesterday. we are still learning the latest about the shooter and her motives. the three people who were shot and wounded during yesterday's attack at youtube headquarters remain here at zuckerberg san francisco general hospital this morning, continuing to be treated.
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we will have the latest on their conditions coming up. a morning and thank you for joining us here on "mornings on 2". it is wednesday, april 4. i am pam cook. >> good morning. i am dave clark. let's talk about weather. steve paulson is here. today we start to get clouds but no rain yet. a little bit tomorrow and then friday and saturday could be big time rain. as we get closer to it we will deal with it. today it is just cloud cover. if you have interests outside or if that is where your job takes you, you will be fine. tomorrow will be a different story. there is a lot of moisture. climatological he this is off the scale for april. it will eventually give some deep rainfall totals by the time we get to saturday afternoon. there is plenty coming across and it is all still on track. 40s and 50s to start off as lows. these will probably be the lows because there is too much cloud cover. there is an initial break in the initial band. we have a lot of cloud cover continuing to move in through tomorrow.. we start with light rain's.
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60s and 70s are the temperatures. i enjoyed your live shots from your seats yesterday. >> thank you. i was there for most of the day. thank you for the great weather, steve. >> i do it for you, sal. >> thank you. let's look at the tracy,. we have some slowing developing on 205 and 580. we have a little bit of slowing as you drive into livermore. want to make it into livermore, it looks good for the drive to castro valley. traffic is over the dublin grade and he continues to look good on the 580. interstate 880. you can see traffic on this freeway is moving well and he continues to look good all the way to the bay bridge. we don't have a big crowd at
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the toll plaza get. some of the outside lanes are crowded, but that is about all. we have reports of a shooting at 901 cherry.>> we continue to following -- to follow the shooting in san bruno. a woman opened fire, wounding three people before shooting and killing herself. >> i heard it. it was right there. >> reporter: how many shots? >> like 10 times. >> reporter: rapidfire? >> yes. it did not stop. there was no mercy. >> the shooter has been identified as 39-year-old nasim aghdam from southern california. she had her own youtube channels and posted videos, but had recently complained that the family was trying to suppress her content. this morning the three people who were hit by gunfire at youtube headquarters in san bruno continue to recover at zuckerberg san francisco general hospital. alex savidge joins us from the hospital. they have all been able to communicate with their doctors about what happened.>> reporter:
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that's right. the three people wounded during yesterday's attack at youtube headquarters were all alert and all talking after arriving here at san francisco general hospital yesterday. doctors here are also saying they are aware of what happened to them. none of these victims were the intended targets we are told during yesterday's shooting. the most arab really injured person is a 36-year-old man, who at last check, was in critical condition. the other two people wounded during the shooting are 832- year-old woman who is said to be in serious condition, and a 27-year-old woman who at last check has been listed at fair condition. one of the managed to run to a fast food restaurant across the street from the headquarters where one man helped her until paramedics arrived.>> she was
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in the dining room and had a leg injury. i put a tourniquet on her to try to help her. the ambulance came and took her away and put a real tourniquet on her. >> reporter: there was a fourth person injured yesterday, but not by gunfire. he apparently hurt his anger -- ankle while running from the building trying to evacuate after the shooting. as for the three victims at zuckerberg san francisco general hospital, officials are not saying where they were hit or how seriously they were her. we have been waiting for an update on all three of the victims from doctors here. that is expected to come down at about 9 am. at 9 am san bruno police
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will hold a news conference with an update on the shooting. the shooting started a little before 1 pm yesterday afternoon, just as several employees were gathering for lunch in the courtyard at the company's headquarters on cherry avenue. two women in a manner being treated for gunshot wounds at san francisco general hospital. the man is in critical condition. another man twisted his ankle and all the chaos. earlier there were reports that the shooting might have stemmed from a romantic relationship, but now police say that nasim aghdam did not know any of the victims. it appeared she targeted youtube itself. it appears she was angry with the company based on videos she posted accusing youtube of shortchanging her on revenue from the website. the u2 complex is located just west of the san francisco airport near the freeway interchange connecting interstate 380 and 280. there is a look at the map. we are told some of the victims and others who witnessed this shooting ran across the street from the headquarters to a restaurant and the walmart e-
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commerce parking lot and to the carl's jr., where an employee helped to treat one of the victims. >> the shooting caused fear and a lot of confusion, not only at the u2 complex, but also in the neighborhood in san bruno. police say the shooting took place in the courtyard of the youtube headquarters. it is filled with tables and umbrellas where employees were eating lunch. that is where the police found the shooter dead after she shot herself. a handgun was nearby. people who live in the area say they heard the gunshots. >> i am having a real hard time. i want to be in tears. i am having a hard time. this is my home. i grew up here. this has never happened. >> many of the youtube employees were not able to get their cars out of the parking lot last night because the u2 complex is still a crime scene. the shooter, nasim aghdam, described herself as an artist,
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musician and comedian. family members say she was a vegan activist and animal lover. she posted this video on instagram five days ago. her videos on various social media platforms often feature colorful costumes and backdrops. in one video she accused youtube of restricting her web traffic. >> if you go and check my videos, i hardly get views. on my old videos i used to get many views. i stopped getting views. this is because i am being filtered. >> she says she complained to youtube's support claim and they told her workout videos contained inappropriate scenes and needed to be restricted from younger audiences.
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police in mountain view were in contact with nasim aghdam yesterday morning. they found her asleep in her car in a mountain view parking lot. the officers were looking for nasim aghdam after her father reported her missing on monday. police make contact with her after matching the car's license plate to the missing person report. once nasim aghdam confirmed her identity, law enforcement reached out to her family. her father told a bay area news group that he told officers nasim aghdam might go to youtube headquarters because she quote, hated the company. here is our question of the day. following the work place shooting at youtube, do you feel your workplace has enough security measures in the company in place, yes or no? you can vote at, and our facebook page. we are learning more information about a police shooting yesterday in petaluma at the vineyard apartments
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near lakeville highway. officials say they were called shortly before noon. when they arrived they encountered a suicidal man with a gun. officers say they were forced to open fire when the suspect pointed the gun at them. he was taken to the hospital. there is no word on his condition, but no police officers were injured. the storm that is headed to northern california later this week could be the first big test for the renovated oroville dam spillway. crews have been working on that spillway since it began to crumble and partially collapse in february last year. lake oroville is just 36 feet below capacity. state administrators warned the coming rain may force them to release water through the half- mile long concrete shoot. although the renovations won't be finished until later this year, administrators say they are confident the spillway will hold up. we are hearing from another relative of the youtube
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shooter. what her brother is now saying about her grudge against youtube. a new proposed state law aims to curb a deadly force used by law enforcement. why law enforcement say it could save the lives of police officers. right now we still have traffic that is waking up this morning on highway 4. we will tell you more about this, when we come back. chalmette we have temperatures on the coast, the bay and some inland all about the same. union city is 50 and san mateo's is 50 and sewer way.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". in addition to hearing from the shooter's father, we are hearing from her brother. he spoke to our sister station in san diego. he said the family was worried she might act on a great she had against youtube. the family alerted police in mountain view before the shooting. >> she had a problem with youtube. we called the cops again and told them there is a reason she went all the way from san diego to there. she might do something. i thought maybe she was going to start a fight or something.
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i did not know she had a gun. >> make sure you stay with us on "mornings on 2" for continuing coverage of the youtube headquarters shooting. we will have more information about the condition of the victims and updates on the investigation in san bruno. we will have updates for you on twitter, facebook and at state lawmakers are proposing a new bill that would impose additional rules on police use of deadly force. >> if it passes, it will change the rules for police officers on when they can use deadly force. the current law says police officers can use deadly force when they are facing a reasonable threat. the proposed law would set a higher standard.>> this basically says that legal force should only be used when it is absolutely necessary to prevent imminent danger to the officer or two a citizen that is there. if you are not in imminent
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danger, you should look at other things that could be used. >> the lawmakers who support the bill say they are taking the safety of police into consideration and say there is evidence officers are less likely to be killed or seriously hurt when agencies have tougher use of force policies. today the nation is remembering dr. martin luther king jr. this is the 50th anniversary of his assassination. >> reporter lauren green is in memphis, tennessee with more on dr. king's impact that continues 50 years after his death. >> reporter: we are at the national civil rights museum where they will be unveiling a new exhibit honoring the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. his life, what he stood for and ultimately his death. it was on the spot 50 years ago that he was assassinated.
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>> reporter: april 4, 1968 at 6:01 pm, 50 years ago today. shots were fired outside the lorraine motel in memphis, killing civil rights leader dr. martin luther king jr. >> the bullet knocked him out of his shoes. i ran up and there he was laying in his own blood. >> reporter: at the time of his death, king was in memphis to join striking sanitation workers to help them fight peacefully for better pay and improved working conditions. >> it makes me very sad because he came here to fight for the right for us. he lost his life. >> reporter: before his untimely death, he campaigned for blacks and the underprivileged. he achieved victories on voting rights and desegregation across the divide itself. >> he brought us a long way but
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they tried to push back. we have to resist the pushback again and keep going forward. >> reporter: the patriot of a civil rights movement made a lasting impact on our lives today. >> there was something so special about him. he made you feel so important. >> reporter: his fight for equality paved the way for groups like black lives matter. his teachings allow force -- for more progress to be made in the decades since his death. >> it feels like his message is still within our society. >> that was lauren green in memphis, tennessee. we will continue to show you some of the events and things marking 50 years since the assassination of dr. martin luther king jr. let's get you where you need to go. sal is watching our morning commute. >> we look okay. we have some more congestion starting to show up on the screens.
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i want to show you the gilroy,. we are watching it for you. i think a lot of people depend on this information. northbound 101 looks pretty good coming through the gilroy sipr commute into the main part of san jose. no major issues. i was listening to chp pullover a hit-and-run driver northbound 101 at holly street. what happened was, someone hit another car and took off. the chp happened to be nearby and they were busted. now there is a little police activity at northbound 101 and holly. this is northbound 280 getting near highway 217. that looks okay. at the bay bridge, it looks like the lights have gone on and traffic is backed up maybe a five minute delay before you make it onto the bridge. i see the flags are not moving right now, steve. that is correct. they will move in the next few days. we have a lot of cloud cover today. if your business is outside or you want to play golf, go for it. everything is fine today, just a lot of cloud cover. it does not kick in until early
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thursday evening but the amount of moisture coming, this is called the pineapple express or whatever you want, it is the remains of a typhoon coming from why. 40s and 50s for temperatures. these are probably the lowest we will see. gilroy is around 47. san jose state university, the weather department is 53. santa clara is 51. it will not be a big difference in the lowes this morning. there will be some breaks in the clouds. it will not be too bad. it will be light thursday
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afternoon and then it picks up friday morning. it really picks up friday afternoon into saturday morning. that is the main window. that is where the deepest moisture is expected to come in. this will be almost all rain for the sierra about the passes until probably saturday afternoon or sunday. a mix and clouds today, mostly cloudy, partly sunny. 60s and 70s for temperatures. tomorrow we cloud up and there will be light rain. there will be heavy rain and wind friday into saturday morning. president trump wants to send american troops to the mexican border. the plan he has for the border until the wall he wants is built. china has placed another round of tariffs on american goods. more than 100 u. s. products are affected. ♪
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". chalmette military investigators are searching for the cause of a marine helicopter crashed near el centro where the four crew members onboard are presumed to be dead. it happened near the mexican border in imperial county. the helicopter was based at miramar air station in san diego. the remains of -- the names of the crews and the hometowns are not being released until families are notified. the crash occurred during what was supposed to be a routine training mission. the super stallion is the biggest helicopter used by the u. s. military used ptuj -- used to transport troops and cargo. president trump tweeted
5:25 am
this. it reads in part, our border walls are very weak, while those of mexico and canada are very strong. congress must change these obama era and other laws now. we will be taking strong action today. that follows his announcement yesterday he wants to deploy the u. s. military to patrol the border with mexico. the president promises troops will stay there until what he calls his big, beautiful wall, is built. he says he is already talk to his defense secretary, james mattis, about this plane. -- this plan.>> will be -- we will be guarding the border with the military. we haven't done that before. >> when rick perry -- when rick perry was governor of texas, i think it was 2014, he deployed 1200 national guard to the border.
5:26 am
>> national security experts say president obama also called in the national guard to support law enforcement patrolling along the border. they say congress would have to give its approval to have the military take the lead role in border security. so far, congress has not shown any interest in giving that power to the president. china just announced new tariffs on more than 100 u. s. projects -- products and goods. the new tariffs are seen as direct retaliation to the white house listing 1300 imported goods from china that will soon be hit with tariffs. china will hit soybeans, planes, cars and whiskey with an extra 25% tariff valued at $50 billion a year. that matches the same amount the united states plans to tax chinese goods. the u. s. is planning to impose a 25% tariff on chinese electronic touchscreens, iron and steel plates, medical devices, aircraft parts and hundreds more of their products. the trump administration's announcement as part of the president's plan to provide some u. s. industries relief
5:27 am
and punish china. those tariffs will make chinese goods more expensive for consumers here. the tariffs are expected to begin after a public hearing in may. the chinese tariffs on american goods will take effect at the same time. searchers will go out again this morning looking for three missing children in mendocino county that are believed to be dead after their parents drove their car off a cliff. highway 24 is not looking bad on the way to the tunnel. there is a little congestion but it is a decent commute on the way to transcend. play "do it like this". [music plays] [dog barks] [concert roaring]
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it's just my eczema again,t. but it's fine. yeah, it's fine. you ok? eczema. it's fine.
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hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. eczema exposed. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more. welcome back to "mornings on 2". it is wednesday, april 4. i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook. we are going back to the shooting yesterday at youtube headquarters.
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shooter turned the gun on herself. the shooting started at lunch time at the youtube complex in san bruno. the three people who were shot and wounded are at san francisco general hospital now. one of them is in critical condition. the shooter has been identified as nasim aghdam of southern california. >> police have not publicly released a motive, but it appears she may have had a vendetta against you too.>> reporter: it is interesting this morning because we are hearing there may have not only been red flags but possibly a direct warning from the family of nasim aghdam. she is a 39-year-old animal activist who carried out the shootings. her father says she disappeared from their home in southern california sometime either over the weekend or perhaps early monday. he called the police on monday and expressed his concerns that he may be headed to youtube and was very angry at the company and might have a plan to do
5:32 am
harm. if that red flag was run up the pool, it was, but police did not do anything about it. >> the police chief of san bruno was speaking to you and other reporters. what was the latest information you got from him? >> reporter: it was interesting chatting with him. he said the police department hear in san bruno has no information and whichever police department the father of nasim aghdam spoke to, that information was not passed on to police here. she was not in his words, on their radar at all. i also asked him if she had any personal connections to anybody on the youtube cans this -- campus. >> i have been asked the question several times. we have heard that speculation. we have no suggestion she has any connection or relationship with any individual on the
5:33 am
premises at the time of the incident. that is not to say we may not run across that, but right now there is absolutely nothing that is substantiating that. >> reporter: that would seem to rule out the reporting yesterday. there were rumors around that this may have been the result of some sort of domestic dispute. the police chief is ruling that out completely. >> when you were saying they have no contact with other police, are you referring to the fact that she had been found in her car earlier yesterday morning by police? >> reporter: referring first
5:34 am
of all to the father of nasim aghdam reporting to police somewhere. we don't know which police department he reported this to. i would assume it is where the family lives. first of all, him reporting her missing and saying she seemed to have some vendetta against youtube . then you have the second incident where she was found asleep in her car at 2 am yesterday morning by mountain view police. they say they talked to her and did not appear to pose a threat to herself or anyone else, so she was allowed to go on her way. neither of those things, either the report of the missing person with a possible vendetta or the mountain view interaction with nasim aghdam appeared to have been reported to the san bruno police. there doesn't necessarily appear to be a big reason why, except at the father did tell a police department that this woman had a vendetta and maybe on her way to you too, you would have expected to have been passed on. the police chief said there is an investigation to find out
5:35 am
what they knew and when they knew it and if it should have been passed on to the police hear in san bruno so this whole traffic -- tragic incident could have been reported -- avoided. the three people who were shot yesterday at the youtube headquarters are being treated at zuckerberg san francisco general hospital. ktvu's alex savidge is at the hospital. >> reporter: authorities have been clear. they do not believe the three people wounded during yesterday's attack at youtube were specifically targeted. by the time all three those victims got here to zuckerberg san francisco general hospital yesterday, dr. say they were still alert and talking. all three of these people are well aware of what happened to them yesterday in san bruno. the most severely injured is a
5:36 am
36-year-old man listed still in critical condition at this time. the other two people wounded are women. 832-year-old woman is in serious condition and a 26-year- old condition is listed in fair condition. we were told by a witness that one of the women wounded in the shooting yesterday was hit in the leg and managed to run from the youtube headquarters complex to a nearby fast food restaurant, where she was helped by good samaritans. here at the hospital in san francisco, this er went into lockdown yesterday as doctors and nurses prepared for what they expected to be a mass casualty event. >> this is a terrible day in the united states where once again we have a multiple casualty situation. >> we have to deal with this all the time. we have to deal with this constantly.
5:37 am
>> reporter: there was also a fourth person injured yesterday during all of this, but not by gunfire. this man apparently hurt his ankle somehow, sprained it or broke it possibly while walk -- running from the building. as for those three gunshot victims, doctors are not saying how many times each of them were shot or where they were hit. none of the victims have had to undergo surgery as of yet. we are expecting to get an update on their conditions from officials here at zuckerberg san francisco general hospital a few hours from now around 9 am. >> make sure you stay right here with us on "mornings on 2" for continuing coverage on the youtube headquarters shooting. we will have live reports on the conditions of victims and the latest on the investigation in san bruno. we will have updates for you on twitter, facebook and at
5:38 am
before you head out the door, we want to hear from steve paulson. it will be cloudy but not chilly. >> these are tropical clouds coming in. >> i love that word. >> i wonder why. we still have our system on top to start tomorrow, not today. today will be a mix and clouds. it looks like right rain starts thursday in the moderate to heavy rain will take us friday night into saturday. i think by noon on saturday we should be done and then we have a break on sunday. this will be a moderate to heavy event. a lot of cloud cover will be streaming across today. it is coming from the tropics, so it will be mild to warm. there is no cold air with this. there is the moisture with it. 40s and 50s for your temperatures. 60s and 70s is what we end up with. windsor is 48, everyone is within a few degrees.
5:39 am
i would lean toward the heavier side than on the lighter side for rain. there will be heavy amount as we go into saturday night. it will taper off sunday. another system comes in on tuesday. we are not done after the weekend. there could be another one on thursday. those will not have anything close to what we see friday and saturday. a lot of clouds today, 60s and 70s are your temperatures. is there anything picking up out there, sal? >> we are seeing more slow traffic out there. we are seeing more slow traffic as you drive out toward the solano county commute. we will look at the commute in the bay area. i am looking for hot spots. the only thing i saw that stuck out at me is the tracy,. if you're driving to hercules, this, it looks okay. there have been no major issues. concord to walnut creek looks good. a little bit of slow traffic on highway 4 getting out of any
5:40 am
out this morning. it might surprise you. it is a little bit slower than it normally is driving out of any out and getting to bay point. this is 280 in san jose. traffic is moving well. the silicon valley commute is off to a nice start. at the bay bridge, we see traffic that is very slow. i see it looking like it is at a standstill. i am looking to see if there is anything that is blocking lanes. it looks a little slow at the toll plaza. i don't see anything obvious, but we will keep investigating for you. a search party in mendocino county will go out this morning to search for three missing children feared dead after the parents drove their car off a cliff. new surveillance video from a safeway store in fort bragg appears to show one of the mothers in a checkout line the day before the family's if you a -- suv drove off a cliff and
5:41 am
hit the rocks below. the couple, along with three of there's -- three of their adopted children went off the cliff. investigators believe the crash was intentional. three other children have not been found but are presumed to be dead. the chp and the mendocino county sheriff's department will be out there again this morning looking for them. last night one person was killed in two others hurt in a traffic crash. the chp says three cars were driving when they crashed and hit a parked car. this was about 6:40 pm. the police are still investigating the cause of the crash. the road was closed for several hours near the intersection with valleyview road. the two people hurt were taken to a hospital. they were treated for minor injuries. the chp has not released the names of anyone involved in the crash. there are competing gofundme pages involving the shooting of stephon clark in sacramento. coming up, the nurse who was
5:42 am
fired for making a controversial comment about the shooting is asking for help to pay for bills. the opposing views on that account that say she deserves to lose her job. the proposal to raise the fees to raise -- for national parks. why they decided it is not a good idea. details coming up. ealthy is a balancing act. that's why i love light & fit greek non-fat yogurt. each delicious cup contains 12 grams of protein and 80 calories. it's nutrition that fits my healthy life. light & fit. do what fits you.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". we have breaking news to tell you about. we are learning that facebook ceo mark zuckerberg will testify next week in congress. we are waiting for that date in one week on wednesday. that is when zuckerberg will testify before the energy and commerce committee regarding the company bi-up -- company's
5:45 am
controversy that they have been facing the past couple of weeks. the san francisco mayor's getting a firsthand look at the city's new central city subway tunnel project. he went on a walking tour of the project. it will give chinatown its first subway station in next -- and connects it to the network. the project is moving into its final phases.>> i have not come down here before to observe the subway project and get a tour of what is going on to see where we are in terms of the construction progress and to really talk to the employees doing the day-to-day work. it is incredible what is in front of us here. >> the central subway tunnel
5:46 am
project is scheduled to be complete in december 2019. that is when you're behind schedule. the trump administration is backing down from a plan to sharply increase the fees to get into popular national parks. the interior department wanted to almost triple the entrance fees to $70 per car of the nation's most popular parks, including yosemite and the grand canyon. it was immediately criticized by the public and by many lawmakers, who said the higher fees, keep a lot of americans from enjoying national parks. the fee hike was designed to raise $70 million per year to pay for part maintenance services. it was a tough home opener for the giants and their fans as the team lost to seattle yesterday afternoon.>> ♪
5:47 am
>> it was the first home game of the season and it started off with a bang for the mariners. seattle put up 4 runs in the 1st inning. the giants offense finally came to light for the first time this season, including the third home run of the year for joe panik. the giants could not compete -- complete the comeback. take a look added again and first pitch is 4:15 pm at at&t park. the oakland a's lost to the oakland rangers -- to the texas rangers. both teams sent out their number one pitchers. he gave up a big one last night. that is joey gallo hitting a homer and that there inning. he has allowed four homers in two starts this season. the a's bullpen looked pretty good. they did not allow any runs last night. the a's did not score after that there any. they took off their shirts right there. they play again tonight at the coliseum. there was a possible
5:48 am
playoff preview as a warriors beat oklahoma city thunder 111- 107. it was a battle of the all- stars last night. thunder star russell westbrook put up 40 points and 16 rebounds. the warriors leaned on kevin durrant and klay thompson. kd posted a double double with 34 points and 10 rebounds. clay added 20 points. the warriors have clinched the pacific division and locked in as the number two seed. sal is watching our commute. >> we look okay. we have a little bit of slow traffic, as is normally the case on 580 westbound, the tracy super commute. that is where we start with 580 traffic a little bit slow on the commute. we had some earlier problems
5:49 am
with a noninjury accident on 580 right at 205. you can tell traffic is a little bit slower before the crash, even though it has already made it to the shoulder. that is causing some delays. if you are driving to dublin, it looks okay driving to castro valley. you will see traffic on add heading south after 238. we are looking at interstate 880 in oakland. it looks all right. that is northbound 880 on the right driving up to downtown. the bay bridge looks a little better. it was temporarily jammed up at the toll plaza, but it is moving through. there is still about a 10 minute delay before you make it onto the span. if you have to travel, things will be much warmer. unless you are heading to the great lakes. it is 5 there. minneapolis is 9. omaha is 13
5:50 am
and broke a record of 18 set in 1899. that is cold. there is your wind chill. bismarck is negative for. bismarck, north dakota has yet to have a 60 degree temp. they don't think it will happen for another two weeks. green bay is 6. that is incredibly cold. that is locked in. here comes our system. it is very warm. ahead of that we are warm. thursday we might squeeze out a little bit of light rain. you need the dynamics, you need a jetstream to come in. that arrives on friday. not only the upper level jet stream but the lower-level jet stream about 5000 feet is key. you take this moisture which is climatological he through the roof and you cool and condense it. that is when you can get the
5:51 am
heavy rain. it is on its way, but not for another 48 hours. 40s and 50s for temperatures. east bay, everybody is really close in the upper 40s and low 50s. black hawk is in there. low 50s for martinez and el cerrito. the abundant moisture is coming in. you can call it the pineapple express, if you want. it will give us intense moisture by the time we get to friday afternoon into saturday morning. then we get a break saturday evening and into sunday. there are occasions where we have had a very good april. in 2010 that was the last one. 2006 is the one most people remember. 2003, 1983, 1970, 1967. i will call it almost a miracle march for snow this year. this will be a rain event. it will be a big time rain event in the mountains, which will maybe translate into some flooding issues. we will get to that in a
5:52 am
minute. the rainfall looks impressive. there could be isolated 6 to 7 inch amounts. i think it will be highest near the russian river. it will be above the passes. because of that there may be a couple, by saturday night or sunday, the snow will start to come down a bit. there is a flash flood watch out for the mountains due to the heavy rain on top of the snow. that is something to consider if you're going up there. for us today, partly to mostly cloudy. 60s and 70s with no rain today. we are very mild with a tropical air mass in place. light rain starts tomorrow. friday it starts to pick up and will continue to pick up. the wind will come in and it will take us into saturday morning. >> we have been warned.>> a significant amount of rain. tracking down people who should
5:53 am
not be in the carpool lane. up next, the new technology that law enforcement is using to catch those cheaters.
5:54 am
5:55 am
welcome back to "mornings on 2". a quarter of the vehicles in bay area carpool lane should not be there according to a new report. transportation agencies are
5:56 am
using the next level of technology to catch carpool cheaters. three companies will test camera enforcement systems. their exact locations will be a secret. the companies say they are 95% accurate. the cameras can brighten images. that includes infrared cameras that can actually look inside of the car and show the driver and all of the passengers.>> they can look to tinted windows. they can identify babies in a car seat. all of those kinds of things, all of those challenges that chp would ordinarily encounter. >> some of the drivers we talked to worried about invasion of privacy with the scammers. no fines or tickets will be issued as part of this camera testing period. that will change if the technology and the tests turn out to be reliable. san francisco international airport's terminal one has a new official name. it is now the harvey milk terminal. it is named after san
5:57 am
francisco's first openly gay politician. harvey milk was elected to the board of supervisors in 1977. he was assassinated, along with mayor george marce cone in 1978. he was known as a pioneer in the fight for gay rights, as well as a vocal supporter of migrant farmworkers, homeless youth and low income tenants. the san francisco police officers association announced it is endorsing former supervisor angela alioto for mayor. a news conference yesterday, the association president to quote, we believe she is the right candidate at the right time. she is the only mary oriole candidate that has come out in support of the police union's ballot measure that outlines guidelines for taser use by officers. 10 minutes ago we told you the breaking news about the upcoming appearance by mark zuckerberg of facebook on capitol hill. coming up, more details about his plans to testify that we now know will take place exactly one week from today. we are monitoring the investigation into yesterday's shooting at youtube headquarters. coming up, a new interview conducted just a short time ago
5:58 am
with the the san mateo county sheriff about the attack and the person responsible. play "do it like this".
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[music plays] [dog barks] [concert roaring] [music stops] dinner in 5. when everything's connected. it's simple. easy. awesome.
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investigators remain at youtube headquarters this morning, following the shooting that happened on this campus yesterday. what we know about the woman accused in the shooting and why investigators believe she may have targeted this company. it was 50 years ago today that dr. martin luther king jr. was assassinated in memphis, tennessee. coming up, we will be live in memphis as america reflects on the life and the legacy of dr. king. good morning and thank you for joining us. it is the middle of the week. it is wednesday, april 4. i am dave clark. >> good morning. i am pam cook. thank you for joining us on "mornings on 2". let's check in with steve paulson.


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