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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  April 6, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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morin and lake county. green as far as you can see. not only there but the santa cruz mountains, although this will be a little delayed tonight to tomorrow in the santa cruz mountains. this is all about the golden gate north, at least for the morning. now you will see the wind pick up around 5,000 feet. any way you look at it it will be a rainy pattern into saturday at noon. highs today in the 60s, very mild. 4:30. i hope it is quiet. >> steve, good morning to you. we will start with the solano county commute and look at i-80 so far. doesn't look too bad on 80 from vacaville, fairfield, vallejo and the crockerfield area. we have an accident westbound 80 to eastbound 780. so far it is not causing a big traffic jam but the accident is
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reported right there. i don't see any slow traffic. it is still early enough for you to avoid this. this just came in just now. there may be slow traffic coming your way. this is a look at 80 westbound through crocket. then a little further down from the carquinez bridge to the mac- maze. well, water out of buildings and low lying areas is the plan created by the public utilities commission last fall. it called for interlocking barrier, each filled with 50- gallons of water to weigh them down and keep them from moving. >> it is part of our rain-ready assess program, an innovative approach, a low-lying neighborhood prone to flooding during heavy rain. >> the flood barriers are along folsom street between 17 and
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shockwell streets. and in the north bay the storm could cause problems in the burn areas from the wildfires. the coffee park neighborhood here has construction crews trying to get as much work done before the rain starts. they were doing framing on the houses. they will probably be staying home today because of the storms but other crews plan to be working indoors. >> we are doing all the interior stuff when it is raining. so we work inside when it is not and outside when it is sunny all day. >> pg&e says its emergency operations center in the north bay will be open this weekend. the fire department says extra staff will be out during the peak of the storm. it is 4:32. a popular part of yosemite national park will be closed, at least for part of the weekend because of a flood threat. at 5:00 p.m. tonight the yosemite valley will be closed. it will only reopen when
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conditions are better. this effects campgrounds and visitor services on the valley floor. park rangers expect major rain and potential flooding. or parts of yosemite -- other parts of yosemite will stay open, but they could also close depending on how much rain they get. well, at san francisco's ocean beach, dump trucks and bulldozers were busy yesterday ahead of the storm. the puc is partnering with the national park service trying to fight coastal erosion. over time sand gets pushed to the north end of the beach leaving the south end susceptible to erosion. the crews plan to big up 50,000 cubic yards of sand and move it from one end of the beach to the other. for all the latest weather updates, don't forget to download the free ktvu weather app. you can track the latest storm conditions right on your mobile device. well, now back to developing news in fremont
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where a wanted suspect was shot and killed last night during a shootout with police. it happened just before 7:00 p.m. in front of the arco gas station on fremont boulevard and nicolete avenue. it started when undercover cops spotted the suspect in the passenger side of the car. they called officers to follow and pulled the car other. police say the driver stopped and complied but the suspect jumped out and ran toward the gas station and the police chased after him. investigators say the suspect and police fired shots at each other during the chase. the suspect was shot and killed. witnesses say more than a dozen shots were fired. >> when our first officer confronted him, at that time our officer put out over the radio a gun was pointed at him and then shots were fired. as the suspect continued running after that, went around the building where a second shooting incident took place and additional rounds
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were fired. >> now, no officers were hurt. police say a handgun was found near the suspect's body. the suspect had a felony warrant for illegal possession of a firearm and he also had a probation violation. his name has not yet been released. the alameda d.a.'s office is also investigating the shooting last night. ktvu's leigh bulluck will have -- lee martinez will have more on the story coming up in the next hour. more information on the youtube shooting in san bruno earlier this week. of the three people shot and wounded on tuesday, only one is still in the hospital and he is getting better. the 36-year-old man's condition was upgraded from serious to fair. he was taken to san francisco general hospital and listed in critical condition. we are also finding out more about the gun used in the shooting. we have more now from the san bruno police commander about what they had found out. >> reporter: san bruno police
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said thursday the youtube shooter, nasim najafi aghdam, opened fire with a smith & wesson 9-millimeter pistol. >> emptied the firearm and reloaded it with another magazine, continued firing and turned the pistol on herself. >> reporter: police say the handgun was a model se9de, shown here and purchased by a gun dealer in san diego in accordance with california law which limits magazines to ten rounds. >> immediately upon inspection at the scene it doesn't appear to be modified at all or non- compliant with california state law. >> reporter: police are still analyzing the weapon and the number of shots fired. three bullets were shot but
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only one killed a person. >> generally speaking an ar-15 or assault rifle is usually more damaging, has a longer range and more impactful than a side arm or pistol. >> reporter: police say much of the damage is based on an attacker's skill inflater with the firearm.-- skill and familiarity with the firearm. >> it could be the type of weapon, the ammo that is used, how close somebody is to the person -- >> reporter: high velocity rifle bullets typically cause more damage. and attorneys with the giffords law center to reduce violence say california strict gun laws may have been a factor in limiting the damage. >> bump stocks, large capacity magazines, all of those are illegal right now in california. >> reporter: the giffords law center attorney says california has a new gun violence restraining order available to law enforcement and family and
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household members. >> it allows them to file a petition with the court under oath for a court order that would temporarily suspend the person's access to firearms. the time is 4:38. later this morning there will be an active school shooter training program at the morin county's sheriff's office in san rafael. the public safety training institute organized the free training to prepare school administrators, principals and college administrators in the bay area for training of possible shootings on campus. a house fire injured two people late last night in san jose. look at these pictures. the fire started just before midnight at a home on maple leaf court east of highway 101. two people had minor injuries. one of the victims was taken to the hospital and six people were displaced. the cause of the fire is under investigation. it is 4:39.
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new this morning a san francisco watch retailer was found guilty of 7 counts of grand theft in connection with an internet fraud scheme. 48-year-old roger koi operated a company called the finest watches. he would sell expensive watches online and by phone. he would take the money by customers but never provide the watch. six different victims lost more than $161,000. police say the victims were from as far away asthma lay that -- as far away as malaysia, france and nigeria. a plan for a single bore tunnel has been approved to bring bart to downtown san jose. at first they wanted side by side tunnels but after getting input from engineers and city official, it was determined construction of a single bore
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will be a lots will disruptive to downtown business. april 26th will be the next approval meeting and after that engineering on the project can start. the time is 4:40. the search goes on for a man police all across the bay area are calling armed and dangerous. in our 5:00 hour, the threat by a man that stole several guns from a home in san jose. and former raiders linebacker alden smith arraigned in a san francisco courtroom, up next, what a judge ordered to monitor his movements and his use of alcohol. good morning. right now we have rain in case you are just joining us. that will make for a tougher drive on all the freeways in the bay area. our system has arrived, much talked about. it will be a big time event north. it may take a while to get to the south, but there will be really heavy rain, especially at the san francisco golden gate north.
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the sheriff's office says deputy patrick mooresmen was arrested wednesday afternoon and now free on $100,000 bail. officials learned mooresmen allegedly had consensual sex with two inmates at the west county detention facility in richmond. the officer is providing help to the women and moving ahead with plans to fire him. the santa clara county sheriff laurie smith is responding to allegations of sexual harassment that date back more than a quarter century. sergeant gary brady told the
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mercury news that back in 1992 laurie smith made sexual advances toward a man at a work conference and accused smith of sex discrimination by favoring women over men. smith told ktvu these claims are false. >> as a woman i am horribly offended that he would use that. again, this is a 30-year-old claim that was thoroughly investigated. there are no new claims. it was false then and false now. >> smith is running for her sixth term as sheriff. there is a field of five other candidates running for the office. since the mercury new's story came out one of her opponents called for sheriff smith to drop out of the race. it is a trend in the city of richmond that police officers are very proud of. over the past couple of years the department is working to reduce violent crime and it looks like the work is paying off. take a look at the graph from richmond police showing
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homicides since 1991. that year saw the highest number which was 62. the number spikes through the years, but so far for 2018 there are no reported homicides in richmond. the last one was almost five months ago. that is a span that city officials say hasn't happened in more than 40 years. >> in our recorded history there has not been a span this long of no homicide deaths in the city. >> when i first started, a lot of people didn't trust the police, in all honesty. honesty. >> the police chief is credited a change in policing and greater community involvement for the reduced number. events like the barber shop forum where citizens have a chance to have direct involvement with law enforcement and paul chambers is really active with that for ktvu. also patrol officers are spending more time out in the community, engaging residents and making connections. in our 9:00 hour we will talk
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live with richmond police chief brown for more about the changes his police department has made. the time is 4:46. a san francisco judge has now ordered former nfl player alden smith to wear an ankle monitor. all this stems from an incident back in march where smith faces charges of domestic violence, false imprisonment, vandalism and assault. smith was ordered to stay away from the victim in that case but accused of violating that restraining order more than a week after the first incident. because of that smith was arraigned yesterday. in addition to wearing the ankle monitor he will be required to wear a device that can detect alcohol through sweat. after that incident on march 3rd the oakland raiders released smith from their contract. the time is 4:46. the roads are wet this morning. rain is in the forecast and sal is right there to tell us what is happening out there. >> well, dave, we are checking into a couple of
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incidents here. i want to start with the commute on 580 westbound through the altamonte pass. you can see traffic is slow on 205 and 580, about typical. but there is not really a lot going on when it comes to crashes. now, we have had slow traffic, obviously, because of the weather. and that is going to be the case throughout the entire bay area as we have seen. we have traffic on interstate 880 that is moving well. you can clearly tell it has been raining all morning long. and at the bay bridge toll plaza there is already a little back up. we heard of an accident eastbound highway 4 at port chicago highway. that would be to the right of this. this is eastbound 4, just before port chicago highway. word of a truck that jackknifed in the wet weather and chp is on the way. as kevin moves the camera out there, i don't see anything but we will keep an eye on it for you. and kevin, i know you are
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listening, it would be closer to highway 680. it is hard to see because of the weather. according to chp it is out there somewhere. we will let -- we will try to look for it. again, be careful because of all the wet weather that things tend to happen just like this. cars and other vehicles spinning out. 4:48. let's bring steve in. let's get right to it. i upped the rainfall projetions in month run county north, mainly in the northern counties, north of the san francisco area. san francisco already had half an inch of rain. oakland 3, santa rosa to napa 4 to 8, a possibility of isolated 10-inch amounts. i saw an inch and a quarter in ox dental. this seems to be the focus but it is lighting up right now. t now.
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i would not be surprised if the flash flood watch becomes a warning and flood advisory for debris flow, mud slides, not only montecito county, morin, san mateo and sonoma that starts at 5:00 a.m. i am getting ahead of myself. starts at 5:00 a.m. and goes to 11:00 a.m. saturday. that is a long haul there. you can see how it lifted northward, a little
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deeingenning taking place -- deepening taking place there. then tonight and tomorrow it will drive southward. 50 on the temperatures. mild. santa rosa is 55, 56. sfo is 58. a southerly breeze is cranking up. the heaviest moisture is san francisco north, san mateo north. on its way for everybody. if you don't have the rain it might be very light. mid 60s, low 60s or upper 50s to the north. our system has arrived and it will be with us all the way through saturday, maybe 10:00 in the morning, noon, no change there, a weak system tuesday. >> all right. thank you. the time is 4:50. the usc fight star connor mcgregor turned himself into police after an attack on a bus. this is wild. look at this. up next, the charges he is facing now after several people are hurt. hola amigos.
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the cholula buttery jack has delicious cholula hot sauce, crispy jalapeños, and pepper jack cheese on a signature bun. you know what? this would be great on fries, too. what is wrong with you jack? oh my gosh. sorry. so sorry. the new cholula buttery jack. part of the buttery jack family. ai dios mio, jack! i'm. seriously. i said i was sorry. welcome back to mornings on 2. we have the weekend watch. >> the runners will get to take
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in the gorgeous views from the golden gate bridge. the new finish is at ghirardelli square and there will be a free party there. it lasts two days, yes, that is the rock-and-roll marathon. and the dog park in san francisco is considered one of the most dog-friendly parks in the city. the dog fest is free unless your pup is competing in the many contests including the best trick, best costumes and best park. you can register ahead of time online. and the solano county fairgrounds in vallejo has the lantern light festival. there are chinese lanterns, acrobats and obstacle courses. and the san jose convention center will have the costumes convention. and in the north bay you can help ongoing fire relief and
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recovery efforts by celebrating all things craft beer. the sonoma county fire relief beer event is being held at the sonoma county fairgrounds on saturday. and it is film festival season. the san francisco film festival is under way celebrating its 61st year. in sports, the as and sharks are away. the warriors are at home in saturday but will play in phoenix on sunday. >> claudine, thank you. the time is 4:55. the warriors lost last not 126- 106 to the pacers. their three game winning streak is over. the warriors never led by more than 5 points and the pacers ran the game in the second half. it was rough. it was the 22nd loss of the season for the warriors. well, ufc's connor
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mcgregor turned himself into police last night after attacking a bus at barclay center in new york city earlier in the day. here is a look at the video of the attack. he grabs a truck and slams it into a bus filled with fighters. this happened after a news conference. according to tmz, several people were hurt, including the fighter michael chasa who had to go to the hospital. ufc announced three fights scheduled for tomorrow have been scrapped because of what happened in this attack. it is still not clear exactly what provoked it, but on wednesday the ufc announced that mcgregor was being stripped of his lightweight title because of inactivity. he hasn't had a fight since november of 2016. mcgregor responded angrily on twitter. the time is 4:57. there are concerns about
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flooding this morning. in the north bay fire zones. in the next hour our ktvu christian kafton is out and about making his way to the area as firefighters and others prepare for heavy rain. and details on the deadly officer-involved shootings last night in fremont. what police are telling us about the man killed and why they were looking for him in the first place. e. it is raining out there. that means your commute is not going to be very good in many areas. right now it is light on the golden gate bridge. well, for some the rain is light, for others it is steady and picking up. there have been decent totals from sonoma county northward. we will see what is in store for the rest of the day and weekend.
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good morning. thank you for joining us, waking up on this friday morning, april 6th. i am pam cook. >> good to see you. >> you too. >> we have rain this morning and the roads are wet. steve paulson, it will be a busy week. >> yes. the rain has arrived. the system for some to the south america may be saying we are not getting much -- to the south, you may be saying we are not getting much rain,
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but eventually you will. i have seen 1.3 inches in occidental, and from morin county, napa county north, maybe 4 to 8 inches. there could be isolated areas of 10 inches with this system as the plume stalls out. it doesn't mean other areas aren't getting rain. san francisco is getting steady rain. south of that you may have to wait a while. flash flood watches are out for just about everybody and their brother and their sister, including morin, sonoma county, napa, lake county and sacramento, as well. it starts at 5:00 a.m. for sonoma county, the general area toward petaluma and morin county through saturday morning. some very heavy rain totals. big rain rates are coming in. san mateo and san francisco north have seen half an inch to three quarters. more than that to the north. now the heavy rain will be moving to montecito county and


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