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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  April 9, 2018 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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airstrikes overnight coming up. today is the deadline to dispose of leftover debris from the wildfires. we have details on the penalties property owners could face. good morning and welcome to "mornings on 2". thank you for waking up with us. a big story today and more reaction to reports of a chemical weapon attack in syria. there was an airstrike of the syrian airbase. the united states says they did not do it. president trump says the u. s. response in the chemical attack was a humanitarian disaster. we had the very latest from washington. >> reporter: still some mystery as to who carried out those airstrikes overnight. the u. s. says it was not the united states. russia and syria believe is real is to blame. whatever the story is, this may
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be the beginning. >> reporter: these images seem to have gotten the attention of the weekend. there has been another use of chemical weapons, with children among the victims. the president even called out russian president vladimir putin biting, tweeting, president putin, russia and iran are responsible for backing animal aside. the president's homeland security adviser says the administration is still working out a response. >> i would not take anything off the table. we are looking into the attack at this point.>> reporter: a last -- the last time this happened, the president launched a barrage of missiles in response. he is questioned the wisdom of an open ended commitment in troops in syria. >> if it becomes a tweet without meeting -- meaning,
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then he is hurt himself. if he does not follow through and live up to that we, he will look week. this is a defining moment, mr. president. you need to follow through with that tweet. >> the un security council has an emergency meeting today about the situation in syria. >> what kind of response to we expect from the white house? >> we don't know at this point. we are likely to hear something. we know what year ago that it involved a missile attack on syria. with the president go that far this time? we are waiting to say. let's head over to mr. "mornings on 2" 24 -- mr. steve paulson . >> it finally cleared up. we had a break. there is still some rain coming in in the extended outlook although nothing compared to
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what we had, but the pattern will be progressive. since we last met, i know 73% in santa rosa, 79% in oakland and san jose 62%. put that in your drought pipe and smoke it. we made up a lot of ground. all of these doom and gloom is in the beginning of march, wait until the end of april before things change. we start of sunny and then we have higher clouds coming in. there will be like rain tomorrow. today will be warm in advance of this. we will see upper 70s to low 80s. 40s and 50s under mostly clear skies right now. we have patchy fog on the coast. we have morning sun and afternoon clouds expected. 50s, 60s, 70s and low 80s. you remember those, sal. >> yes i do.
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>> they will be back for some today. good monday morning to you. let's look at 580 westbound as you drive through tracy and livermore. you can see traffic on the tracy super commute is off to a good start. we have congestion, although it is not stop and go. as you head out to pleasanton it looks good and onto the san mateo bridge, it has been looking very nice. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza where you see traffic is light getting over to san francisco.
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today is the deadline to have all of the debris from the north bay wildfires cleaned up in sonoma county. a property owners don't meet the deadline, they could face poland of clothes. in february, officials said the deadline for those who opted out of government-sponsored debris removal programs. it has now been six months since the north bay wildfires started. they brought to light flaws in the state emergency alert system. tomorrow a state senate committee will consider a bill to create a statewide emergency alert system. the legislation was introduced by three state senators. thousands of people in the path of the north bay fires never received any notifications or emergency alert. >> every person in the state of california, where they live here or vacationing here, whether it is a fire, flood or earthquake should have a notification system that can get them out of harms way in the event of a natural disaster. >> a report released in february says sonoma county's emergency alert plan coordination during the fires. the bill would set standards on what counties should do for an emergency alert system and would require annual training. hiker fell from a trail.
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the 21-year-old woman was hiking with a group of friends when she slipped yesterday afternoon. she was in a remote area and was not able to walk without help. a chp helicopter responded and brought her to safety. san francisco police will hold a news conference later this morning about arrests made in a suspect a burglary ring that reportedly targeted homes in san francisco in nearby cities. that is set for 9:30 am this morning. a good samaritan in oakland is being praised and called a hero for helping to stop a man who stabbed two passengers at the coliseum bart station on saturday. robert dolph was arrested for what police are calling an unprovoked attack . took to
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police are calling that good samaritan a hero. he got injured with cuts to his hand. police say it could have been a lot worse, had he not stepped in. the motive for the attack is not clear. cell phone video captured the arrest of 32-year-old robert dolph at the oakland coliseum bart station. robert dolph is facing attempted murder charges after police say he stepped two people several times in the head can just in what appears to be a random attack. >> it appears as though he was out of his mind. there doesn't appear to be any motive other than to do harm to these people. >> reporter: this is 911 dispatcher audio from the day. >> it looks like a four or five inch knife with a male stabbing another male.
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>> there is a lot of blood. >> reporter: police say it happened just before 3 pm saturday. robert dolph boarded the train at the civic center station and encountered the victims, siblings, described as a man in his 50s in a woman in her 60s. they noticed him piecing and shouting. >> they tried to get away from them as fast as they could. they walked downstairs and tried to get out. by that time, he was following them. >> reporter: robert dolph even blocked the gates. they left through a side gate by the agent's booth. he stabbed them with a large blade. a good samaritan grabbed a knife and tackle robert dolph until officers arrived. the donkey is a hero. he is very courageous. had he not intervened, the two victims quite possibly could have been killed. >> reporter: this video shows a second good samaritan helping to hold the suspect down as he was handcuffed pick up >> it is shocking and sad. we hope they will be okay.>> reporter: bart riders say they are thankful the suspect was caught. >> it seems like there are more random acts going on this time. >> we have to be aware of our surroundings. police are reviewing surveillance video of the attack. it happened right before warriors game pick that the victim the female is expected to be in fair condition, her brother in critical but stable condition. anyone with information is asked to call bart police. a man in california detained by ice -- i.c.e.
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on his way to work. what he is saying about his efforts to become a citizen. mark zuckerberg begins to prepare to testify before congress. we are off to a nice start here if you are driving around san francisco. it looks good approach in the 80 split. we have a nice start weatherwise. we have a lot of cloud cover lurking offshore. we will see what is in store for monday and the extended outlook coming up.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". reaction from both democrats and republicans in washington to the president's decision to send national guard troops to the mexican border. critics say this is not a long- term solution. >> you are not going to secure a border just by adding national guard troops. you have to go to the root cause of this. >> the president talks about building a wall that mexico was going to pay for, now he is putting troops at the border, a provocative move. it is not solving the problem. >> the trump administration wants to send as many 4000
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national guard troops . at least four republican governors have already responded and 500 troops are on the way from texas and arizona. new mexico in arkansas also agreed to send troops. there president, his national security advisor says this is what is needed to protect the border. >> i need to make a political point, but it is an operational need and an operational deficiency. >> california is the one border state that has not said if it will send troops. the trump administration still has not said how long the troops would be deployed or how much it would cost. >> reporter: dozens of protesters stood outside demanding the release of a man detained by immigration agents. >> reporter: protesters at the yuma county jail urging the release of a man taken into custody by immigration agents tuesday. >> he is the antithesis of a criminal. his a hard-working guy and doesn't look for handouts.>> reporter: he has employed him for landscaping work from time
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to time. he says the father of three was riding in a car to another job with another man who was the subject of an immigration warrant when he was swept up in the police action and detained. >> the application is in process. at the beginning, they told me it would be 13 years.>> reporter: 18 years he is still waiting to become a citizen. he did not have his paperwork on him when immigration agents arrested the other man he was with.>> he came out of there. >> reporter: his wife and daughter were on hand today to thank protesters for their work to get him released. meanwhile, demonstration organizers pastor had to help support the family and in anticipation of a bail hearing.
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sal is watching our commute this monday morning. happy monday. traffic is doing pretty well. i know traffic will probably get more crowded this week because a lot of spring breaks are over. kilroy to san jose, the gilroy super commute looks pretty good. we don't have anything major right now along this stretch getting up to morgan hill and into san jose. it looks like a pretty good commute. this is a live look at 280 in san jose. the weather is clear and the
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traffic is light. the same thing for the bay bridge. you can see traffic is moving along nicely through here getting into san francisco. we are under mostly clear skies with a little bit of patchy fog out there. it will be sunny in the warning and in the clouds will start to creep in later the afternoon -- in the afternoon. we will have light rain to the north. we are not done with this active pattern. we are not looking for torrential amounts again, we are just looking for some april showers. there are some that will plan our weather tuesday, wednesday and thursday. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. a little cool for some, but not for others. there are some signs of cool conditions beginning to move in. 40s for someone the coast into napa. look for high clouds to come in later today. we cloud up by tonight. we are mostly sunny and warm with the settling breeze. 60s and 70s to near 80 degrees. it will be a topsy-turvy week. sun and clouds, 80 degrees with light rain tuesday mainly north of the golden gate. we are in settled wednesday and thursday, clear friday, warm-up saturday and back to more clouds on sunday.
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it is a roller coaster here.>> there is not a lot to complain about. we are learning more about a disabled teenager in his parents who say the boy scouts messed up his dream of becoming an eagle scout.>> reporter: logan blythe of utah is once again on the path of becoming an eagle scout, should he choose to do so. >> they are doing well. it is bittersweet because logan was quite disappointed when this happened to him back in november. >> reporter: the 15-year-old with down syndrome earned 22 merit badges when the local boy scouts counsel told him that was enough to achieve scout status. the national limit -- advancement committee emailed his mother otherwise, saying the young man must do the
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requirements as written, including leadership responsibilities. >> he stopped going to meetings and is no longer willing to put on the uniform. >> reporter: the family sued for $1.00. the national commissioner for the boy scouts of america sat down with the family and their attorney to make sure the boy never lost any merit badges. >> the next step would be to evaluate what he had been doing and what he needed to do to get the eagle. >> we are inspired by logan and his family's commitment to scouting a we are so glad he will remain a part of our scouting community. it turns out, there is more paperwork needed to complete the eagle scout work process. >> we know they are working to improve those policies and procedures. i have nothing but positive things to say about that. >> reporter: the commissioner says this, like so many things in my, was a misunderstanding about communication, but they are working to fix whatever prompted the misunderstanding. after mr. last summer, bill cosby will head back to court to face charges of indecent assault. how long his new trial is
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expected to last and how is it expected to be different. we will hear more about the datasharing scandal that has rocked facebook. when you find out if you are one of the 87 million victims of the data breach. why did i want a crest 3d white smile?
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a disturbing discovery in sacramento county after human remains were found in a river. authorities are trying to determine if it is connected to the disappearance of a man they
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have been looking for.>> reporter: human remains were found inside a bag sunday morning. sacramento sheriff says a fisherman made the discovery. >> there was a fisherman at the scene who had pulled up a bag from the water. the contents of the bag or human remains. it is unknown at this time what sex the victim is, how old the victim is, and how long the victim has been in the water. >> reporter: this portion of the delta is role -- role, a web of waterways. >> the fisherman was certainly shocked, as well as others around the area. it is not something we come across very often down there. >> reporter: the drowning accident response team spent hours in the water, diving in search of any evidence to piece together who this person was and what happened to them.
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>> we have not tied this to any specific missing persons case yet or anything like that. this investigation is in its infancy. we are looking for any leads or anyone that may have information. john bolton starts his new job as the president's national security adviser today. he previously served as ambassador to the united nation. he plans to go to south america and host the prime minister of japan at mar-a-lago. his immediately -- immediate priorities include the president's scheduled sit down with kim jong un and managing the ongoing trade dispute with china. that meeting between president trump and the north korean leader is one step closer to actually happening.
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a trump administration official says kim jong un is willing to talk to president trump about its nuclear weapons program. it is the first direct confirmation from north korea that the leader is willing to meet with president trump. they have previously said it would not happen if north korea was not willing to talk about denuclearization. >> we are cautiously optimistic but we still like that things are moving in the right direction. >> we are doing a pretty good job with north korea right now. >> the trump administration has not so where and when the meeting will take place. you should check your facebook newsfeed today. 87 million users have been affected by the datasharing scandal. >> reporter: facebook users will soon find out if they were a victim of the datasharing scandal. starting today, facebook will notify the 87 million users worldwide who had their data shared with cambridge analytical . the social media site will post a message on all newsfeeds on how to protect their information. those who were part of the breach will get a more detailed message.
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facebook faces mounting criticism from both the public and politicians. >> it is a privacy issue and what i call the propaganda issue. they are too big for facebook to fix. >> reporter: cambridge analytical reportedly misused data from millions of profiles, the firm allegedly improperly accessed user's information to build profiles of voters that were later used to help elect president trump in 2016. facebook executives have been in damage control mode since the news broke. will the scandal reach the white house? >> we are waiting on congress. let's come -- let's wait to see what comes out of that. >> reporter: to demonstrate how wide the breach was, 87 million is the combined come population of new york, texas and california. president trump will have to answer -- mark zuckerberg will have to answer questions about
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that when he goes before congress. the san francisco sheriff once more body cameras for deputies we will tell you how much money she wants to make that happen. good morning. we are off to a nice start when it comes to the morning commute. so far, traffic on interstate 80 looks pretty good heading out to the maze. scalpel
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". it is monday, april night. let's go over to mr. steve paulson this morning. will it be a hot day? >> in the 80s for some and by wednesday we will be in the low
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60s and upper 50s. >> it is very confusing. >> today we warmed it up. temperatures look to be near 80 four some toward livermore, concord and even east san jose. santa rosa 68. yesterday it was nice, almost a fall like day. 61, 72 livermore from 67 to 80. don't get used to it. we are waiting on how are -- higher clouds to come in. we will have clouds in the afternoon. tomorrow it looks like it will be cloudy with some rain coming in. 40s in this range will continue for hunt to park. -- hunter park. we are warm with the south breeze, 60s, 70s to 80s for some. it is off to a nice start. if avoiding traffic is your
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priority today, westbound 80 between vacaville, fairfield and vallejo look pretty good. that have been no major issues. there been no travel issues crossing the carquinez bridge. it is only taking 19 minutes from carquinez bridge to the maccarthur maze. the travel toll plaza has a little bit of a crowd at the castro lanes already. police in pleasant hill are still searching for a suspect in the first homicide in that city since 2012. >> it happened saturday night at a home. police


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