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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  April 12, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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with a warning of its own. a warning tonight from russia to the trump administration that any attack on syria would be considered a war crime. >> the president is said to be consulting with allies and white house official tonight. earlier today in a tweet he tried to walk back a bit saying never said when an attack on syria would take place. could be soon or not soon at all. more on this now from washington. >> reporter: potential u.s. strikes on syria just got a lot more complicated. now chemical weapons inspectors are trying to get into syria this weekend and russian lawmakers warn they'd view a strike on syria as a war crime. >> we're looking very seriously and closely at the whole situation and we'll see what happens. >> reporter: president trump himself some wiggle room on how to respond to syria's chemical
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weapons attack that killed between 40 and 75 civilians last weekend. the defense secretary calling syria's actions out on capitol hill. >> we're trying to stop the murder of innocent people, but on a strategic level it's how do we keep it from escalating out of control. >> reporter: the uss donald cook is off the coast of syria with missiles on board. a year ago president trump launched dozens of missiles following another syrian chemical attack, but it didn't shop the syrian dictator from using chemical weapons more than 20 times since then. some arguing the president needs permission from congress for a bigger strike. >> anything beyond that he'll need new authorization for the use of military force. >> reporter: the u.s. is working with british and french
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fishes to coordinate -- officials to coordinate an international response. in washington, fox news. here at home, the organizer of a petition drive to split california into three states says they have gathered more than 600,000 signatures. that's more than enough to get it on the november ballot. it's backed by silicon valley billionaire tim draper. he says the signatures are ready to be delivered to state officials next week. >> a lot a lot of big -- we have a lot of big problems here in california, and with three states we'll be able to govern for the next millennial. it will be awesome. >> it proposes a southern state, a central state, and a northern state. the initiative is considered a long shot even if it makes the
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ballot. any split would still require a vote of congress. developing news out of oakland tonight where a person and hit and killed by a vehicle on interstate 580 about 10 minutes after 9:00. we saw a body on the ground at the side of the road near the first lane of traffic. it's not yet clear how the person ended up on the highway. right now only one lane of 580 is open in the westbound direction and drivers needless to be told, drivers being told to avoid the area. in alameda an attempted robbery is being investigated as a homicide after a 61-year- old woman died. she was attacked outside a restaurant on webster street. a camera captured a portion of the attack. >> reporter: look at this surveillance video from an incident alameda police are investigating which officers first thought it was an
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attempted robbery. >> the suspects try to take some property from our victims, um, and a struggle ensued at this point you're -- and a struggle ensued. >> reporter: police say it happened around 11:00 friday night. by the time officer arrived, the suspects were gone and the victims were later transported to an area hospital. >> the officer arrived and found two victims, a 28-year- old male and 61-year-old female suffering from head injuries. >> reporter: both victims were taken to an area hospital. 28-year-old was treated and released, however on tuesday the 61-year-old woman died in the hospital, and with her death the investigation switched from an attempted robbery to homicide. >> just a selfish and vicious act that had a tragic outcome,
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and we send our condolences and sympathies out to the victim's family. >> reporter: take a look again at the video. we're told the victim is 61- year-old cindy lee. we know this is also an open and active investigation, so police need your help if you know anything about the case, give them a call. 49ers star linebacker reuben foster appeared in court today after being charged with three felonies related to domestic violence. it happened when he allegedly dragged his girlfriend by the hair and punctured her girlfriend back in february. once she contacted authorities, police searched foster's home and found an assault weapon. >> in the grand scheme of things, a weapons charge is very serious but looking at it coupled with domestic violence, that increase it is severity of
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the position. >> the 49ers responded saying his position on the team is under quote great scrutiny. new tonight, a call for peace on the streets of richmond. in the last six days there have been three killings. >> reporter: the timing is remarkable. richmond had just noted a five month period with no homicide, a peaceful stretch it was proud of is now other. cynthia henderson lost her son when he shielded someone else from gun fire. >> i'm upset and angry. >> reporter: she says 29-year- old mark henderson had no interest in guns. he was a devoted father who men stored kids in self-defense. >> he told people all i want to do is do my fighting and raise my daughter. >> reporter: he died monday.
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thursday morning police were called to another neighborhood and another man shot multiple times, identified now as 35- year-old mark johnson jr. of richmond, investigators are looking at whether his killing follow aid dispute or -- followed a dispute or insult. >> and then it blows up. >> reporter: and this street is where the first homicide happened. the saturday, 20-year-old javani foster ambushed in his car. how or whether the killings are linked or have possible gang connections are part of investigation. >> we have to disrupt and intervene in that cycle of violence. >> reporter: community activists joined with driving relatives to decry the sudden
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surge. >> my heart is hurting. i'm sad. i have hope and i can still smile, but there's a pain in there. >> reporter: and that's the one constant no matter the year or numbers. friends and family are left behind. >> he was going to teach me to drive a car. >> we don't know. his plan is not our plan. >> reporter: alongside the up tick, police note citizen involvement is up. this class tonight at the department was full. all yearlong residence departments are learning about crime prevention and community policing. they hope over time that will keep the homicide numbers trending down. the there were 15 homicides in richmond all of last year. a vigil in fremont for a young man shot to death a week ago in a confrontation with
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police. family members held the vigil where the shooting happened. he was in his mother's car when he was pulled over by officer. officer were assigned to -- officers were assigned to find him after he had gotten into minor trouble, but family members say he was not the way he's been portrayed. >> he was very goofy, always joking, got along with everyone. easy for him to make friends. 120 pounds, just turned 18, just graduated high school. ol. >> the family disputes report that is the teen removed an ankle monitor. a revolver was discovered next to him and had been fired. witnesses told ktvu they saw him fire. new to new information in the search for missing family from southern california.
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the sheriff found personal belongings that confirm a car seen plunging into the eel river last friday belonged to the votipilli family. so far the bodies have not been found, but authorities say a search recovered various personal items identified by family members. and the sharks came away with the first playoff game with a 3-0 victory on the way to the stanley cup. the sharks game was in anaheim against the ducks, but they had an official watch party in san jose. fans were dressed in teal and even able to take pictures from the highly coveted stanley cup. a couple of former sharks also there. tom peterson and sean hammond. fans are hopeful it's their year. >> every year we hunger for the
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cup and hope to get the cup, it's just a hard fought battle. >> the sharks play in anaheim again on saturday, but return home on monday with a rally on santa clara street. calling for help with the uber app. the changes that the company is making to better safeguard riders. plus cars broken into, one even stolen. the surveillance video police want you to see tonight. and the weekend forecast coming up with some rain. i'll have all the details.
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a car burglary and auto theft caught on camera in belmont. you can see two men walking down the street early tuesday morning taking items from cars. multiple vehicles were broken into by the two suspects who also stole a silver bmw. the vehicle was later recovered. belmont police asking anyone with information to give them a call. the city of san francisco today rolled out a new initiative aimed at curving auto burglaries. >> city leaders are pointing to a decrease in auto burglaries as proof they're moving in the right direction. >> reporter: ask anyone and they have a story to tell. >> i've been hit, but a friend of mine this morning have called up and asked how is your day going, she said terrible, i was in the gym this morning and
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they broke my window. >> reporter: last year alone there were 31,000 car break ins report bid police. so far the number -- reported by police. so far this year the numbers are down by 17 percent, and they're launching a park smart campaign aimed at stopping burglaries before they start. >> prevention is the key. >> reporter: the new campaign is just part of a strategy laid out by city leaders today. >> you can see the fingerprints revealed. >> reporter: the department is training officer to lift prints off cars hoping to build cases against serial auto burglars. >> i'm also urging our criminal justice partners, our judicial branch, public defender and district attorney to work together on our proposal to have one judge specifically dedicated to auto break ins. >> reporter: while people in san francisco are fed up with
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burglaries, visitors to the city are often the targets. >> i have visitors here that want to see everything. >> reporter: visitors are told to watch out and not leave valuables in their vehicles. >> told my kids make sure the ipod and phone, bring it with you. >> reporter: they posted signs and will be rolling out more signs with the slogan in other cares. san francisco police chief bill scott responded today to the discrimination complaint against the department fired by a muslim officer. he say he's been the victim of racial discrimination. the chief says they've implemented a number of measures in the recent years to ensure members of public and officers are treated with
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respect and dignity. >> the investigation will run its course and we take it serious, but we're doing everything we can to be a great police department, and that includes addressing many of the issues at that we're talking about here. re. >> the officer claiming discrimination says that he fears for his safety. he filed the complaint last november and decided to come forward with his claims. uber will begin background checks on all u.s. drivers. now in the past the san francisco-based company only conducted background checks in jurisdictions where it was required. they're also adding a feature allowing riders to tap an emergency button in the app to be directly connected to
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dispatcher, and you will be able to designate people to monitor rides in real time. san francisco supervisors are preventing legislation to the land use committee to create regulation for ride shared electric scooters. riders use the app to rent the scooters and hundreds are on city streets. critics want to ensure they're not used on sidewalks or improperly parked. pedestrian advocacy organization walk san francisco is encouraging working together. and silicon valley rising protested today saying they're worried about the google development's impact. >> we want to make sure local workers have a first shot at jobs here, so people from our communities can actually have a shot at being a part of google
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and being a part of wealth and prosperity in silicon valley. >> the group's demands also include allowing workers to form a union and providing money for public transportation. a spoke person for google says they'll review the demands. cool and breezy tonight. it's going to get into the mid- 30s in the cool spots around the bay area tonight, and that's cold for this time of year. today's highs were pretty cool. upper 50s, low 60s. tomorrow a little warmer. that's friday. saturday looking great. mid-70s. but sunday kind of flips over, and late in the day sunday we have clouds and another system similar to what we saw the last couple of days. 42 in napa right now, 47 in fremont, 46 in livermore, so tomorrow is one of those
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mornings where you'll wake up, and you won't need the jacket all day, but the kids will want one on the way to school or work. clear skies, good air quality. beautiful day tomorrow. beautiful day saturday. most of sunday looking good. and then some rain. overnight lows, down into the mid-30s in some areas. there's tomorrow night t whole day. -- tomorrow night, the whole day. no clouds. saturday morning, saturday afternoon. so there's the whole day. and here comes the change on sunday. here's what we're concerned with. sunday morning good for 18 holes or baseball, whatever you have planned, but right late in the day, about 5:00 to 6:00 it drapes over us. not a big event, but it will chase you inside. it will be cloudy, and this
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ushers in a cool week ahead. showers sunday night into monday ushering in the next week being cool, but this weekend will be great. we'll find temperatures this weekend on saturday in the mid- 70s. cooler sunday with the clouds. >> looks outstanding saturday. next in sports, he's an nhl veteran but never played in a stanley cup playoff game before, and that makes what cane did tonight all the more special. we have game one against the anaheim ducks. but first a bus driver accused of taking a high school swim team on a drunken profanity laced drive through san francisco.
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all right, talking a little hockey playoff action, and the sharks dazzled tonight. >> the thing about it too, this wasn't a game where the puck took a nice bounce for them, they really out played the ducks in the get go. scoreless first period, and evadner kane, just a presence, certain toughness, making a big difference, and obviously his speed. he's been around since 2009, and this was his first ever playoff game, and man did he put on a show to begin with.
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second period, the speed and quickness evident. 1-0; and the confidence continues to grow, out on the road no less. out on the pond, six minutes later, the break, feeding kane, he scores the first two goal. 2-0 lead would be enough, but they continue on in the second period in the same manner. watch the puck take a bounce out deep. it's burns getting it and putting it at way from way out. 3-0 lead, and you can just see the frustration with the ducks and it just continues to grow on display right here. martin jones in the net unbotherred with 25 saves. -- unbotherred with 25 saves. meantime shut out for the sharks, shut out on the giants. their young pitching looking good, and just enough hitting to take care of the padres. always huge orange support in
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san diego for the giants, and they get it going in the first inning. hunter pence just not making solid contact at all, didn't need to here, broken bat single, and the giants have an early 3-0 lead. stratton allowed only one hit to the pitcher clayton richard, and noise defense behind him. brandon crawford covered a lot of ground on that nice catch, and the giants mean business offensively, and buster got himself a 10-game hit streak going and a two-run double there. stratton the winner, 7-0 the final. into and we do have time to check -- the final. and we do have time to check this out. the continuing story of the red hot angels and otani. he's hit three home runs
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already, and tonight his first major league triple and it comes with the bases loaded. he's hitting 346 and the angels are 11 and the 3. fan favorite already. all right, this might be the catch of the night. marcel ozuna in left field for the cardinals, but look at the replay, i think he also saved a life. nice play. got to be the play of the night in hockey here, phillip forsberg for the predators. look at it on replay, you'll appreciate it a little more. two goals for the predators for him tonight. >> look at that. wow. >> just sensational. they beat the avalanche in their opener to the tune of 5- 2. and the sharks, i mean starting out on the road you kind of flip flop the home ice advantage, so yeah. >> that's a good game today, and kane, yeah, he's just
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changed the whole die familiaric of the team. >> -- dynamic of the team. >> yeah, everyone figured they'd have major trouble with thornton out, but he's infused energy in the field. >> and otani, 346? >> you said the other night he was a big deal, and he proved it. >> good night everyone. >> good night.
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oh! not so bad. haley: better than it looks from the outside. oh, drop the cool-girl act. it's perfect! so, it turns out our house has mold -- which is not a reflection on this excellent homemaker. anyway, we have to vacate the house while it's being treated. i got us the last room at a hotel nearby. i was a little concerned about the five of us sharing a room, but for one night? i don't know. could be fun. [chuckles] [cello playing] - watch it! - look out! haley, i need the wi-fi corner. get down. ugh, i need instagram to know there's still beauty in the world! - [blender whirring] - luke, you'll set off the dogs! - [dogs barking] - ugh! look what i got from the vending machine in the lobby -- a charleston chew. remember these? can someone please tell the nigerian family - to shut their dogs up?! - check it out! according to this wrapper, we can win tickets to the 2005 all-star game! i think i'm most excited about the night. - it's gonna be like camping. - yeah. okay, does anybody else need to use the bathroom? - no. - mnh-mnh. great. oh, finally.


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