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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  April 16, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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in their second playoff game against the san antonio spurs. >> and if the president wants to launch missiles at syria again, he may need permission. >> we'll detail the latest move by congress that even involves members of the president's own party. the four on 2 starts now. residents in the east bay when they heard tapping when they woke up woke up to see this. hail on the ground and piling up on cars. the hailstorm was a twist in a recent weather pattern. welcome to the four on 2. >> the hail was sol intense at times many long-time residents say they have never seen anything quite like et before. >> rob ross is joining us live. >> reporter: andre, usually with hail it comes down and washes away. but take a look. there is still a lot of this
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frozen rain still on the ground and it definitely made its presence felt around here. it may have looked liked a new england snowfall, but that was the sound of an east bay hailstorm monday morning. >> this is kind of cool. [ laughter ] >> reporter: some weren't sure what it was at first. >> it was heavy on the roof. i thought something went wrong. >> reporter: unusually cold april turned rain drops into hailstones. it started getting heavy at 7:30 this morning and continued off and on for about two hours. people in alameda also felt it. there was even enough for a hail ball fight. and for at least one little a source of endless wonderful. >> enormous. right when they put term in my
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hand they melt into water. and tease ones stay into ice. >> reporter: but for some students at skyline high just getting to school was a challenge. the school is on a hill and with the hail on the roads, ac transit buss didn't have enough traction to make it. >> as we were going up the hill, my bus started to slip. so i pulled it over, locked the wheels like i was supposed to. gave the kids an option to stay on the bus or walk up the hill. >> it was terrible. you could barely come up here. it was stopped up the hill. i believe i was in the lift for about an hour. and coming up here there were buses that got stuck. there is no one getting in and no one getting out. >> reporter: there were a few car accidents and at one point oakland police asked people not to drive around here until the roads cleared up. andre and kristina. >> that is impressive pictures.
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rob rod, thank you -- rob roth, thank you so much. i'm surprised that hailstorm hasn't melted. >> it's a pretty exciting day. i'm surprised we haven't seen more pictures of rainbow. we need the sun and rain to get the rainbows and that is exactly what has been going on all day long. we had the hailstorm arrive early on this morning. that was quite a treat for many folks. we know this type of weather can be husband douse. the thunder and see the lightning always a good time to head indoors. we continue to see the scattered showers pull through the bay area. i've seen quite a bit of lightning starting to fire up over the sacramento valley, san joaquin valley. we have a little bit of rain falling over sonoma, santa rosa. hills burg. over toward napa and moderate rain falling. shifting to the east along highway 4 we have some along bay point and antioch.
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seaing a little -- seeing a little bit of light rain. it was not expected to die down until sunset or so. over the diablo range in mount hamilton. snow falling. all the way down to 3,000 feet. even a little lower this morning. that is also going on. morgan hill highway 101 between will there and gilroy you have wet weather there. be in the sierra it continues to come down. although it's taper off from earlier. there is still an advisory in place until 11:00 tonight. if you are going to see the a's play later today, it will be a cool one. 52-degrees. very breezy out there. we will remain with a slight chance at a few scattered showers. and then it will taper off as we get into the evening hours. as we get into 7:00 or so, notice not a lot going on. but with this type of pattern it's literally impossible to know where the pop up
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activities will occur. so we will leave in a very slight chance before we dry out and tomorrow morning we start out dry and tuesday will be a dry day. temperatures around the region it was a cool day all day. santa rosa 49 degrees. 56 in oakland. and in the south bay 52 san jose. when i come back i'll have a look at the temperatures tomorrow. and by wednesday another storm bringing us more rain. i'll have this coming up in a little bit. >> rosemary, thank you. the federal government says california national guard has turned down some of the fixes that u.s. officials are asking guard members to do. federal officials told reporters they wanted $237 guard members to serve in two areas of the state as part of the call from president trump for assistance. but they say the guard has indicated they will not be able to perform the proposed duties. governor brown promised 400 troops on the condition they will not be used for immigration enforcement. federal officials say the talks are on going. deputies have captured an armed burglary suspect after a long search this morning. it began just after midnight
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when deputies say a home on the rock curry was burglarized and a -- quarry was burglarized. at 11:00 this morning the sheriffs office reported that the suspect had been taken into custody and firearms were secured. san francisco police are searching for the person that drove a car into a house early this morning near san francisco's lake merced. >> reporter: it's a car crash early this morning and it's still here. it hopped overred the curb -- it hopped over the curb and went through the hedges, and crashed into the corner house. we are told the homeowner and her caregiver were okay. police are investigating this as a hit and run because they did find a female passenger inside but the driver fled the
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scene. at around 2:14 this morning, san francisco police say a car crashed into the corner house on 37th avenue. paramedics and police both responded. they found a female passenger in the vehicle that was transported to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. it's believed the driver fled the scene. the grandson of the homeowner says his grandson and care giver were asleep in the second floor. fortunately they are okay. >> they heard a loud noise and they weren't sure what it was. police came pretty quickly and rang the doorbell. they didn't do anything until the police arrived. >> reporter: there is significant damage to the house. fortunately the grandmother and care giver will not be displaced. they do have contractors out here this morning. we're told from the grandson that work has to be done on the merchandise of the house before this car can be removed. again san francisco police are investigating this as a hit and run. they have not found the driver yet. in san francisco leigh martinez
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ktvu fox 2 news. we're learning new details in the search for the family whose suv plunged into a rain swollen river. sheriffs deputies say they have found the vehicle and body of a man and girl inside. the sheriffs office says researchers located the car sunday and recovered the bodies. the office also said the body of an adult female on friday has been identified as 38-year- old. president trump traveled to florida where he has a week of meetings scheduled. >> reporter: on the way to florida, the white house press secretary admitted the president had watched bits and pieces of james comey's interview but the administration hopes to focus
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on other issues. starting a week in florida with an event to praise the gop's efforts on tax reform. >> everybody is going to benefit. >> reporter: president trump visiting the miami area. touting the recently passed $1.5 trillion tax cut package he signed into law. >> people are hiring and wages for the first time in 18 years are going up. >> reporter: the tax reform round table coming as the president further weighed in on james comey. using twitter to accuse the former fbi director of committing many crimes. along with his former deputy director andrew mccabe. the president's post referring to comey not filing charges against hillary clinton for using a personal e-mail server as secretary of state. months before the fbi concluded its investigation. in a round of interviews ahead of his memorial's release, comey is hitting back. doubling down on claims mr. trump is morally unfit to be president. >> most leaders, all leaders that i have known, has some
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sort of external frame work. they make the hardest decisions by touching religious tradition or philosophy or logic or history or tradition. i never saw any of that with donald trump. >> reporter: the white house saying the former fbi chief lacks credibility. >> i think comey is sort of this almost perfect character for this moment. he is not loved by any side of these passionate battles. and in some ways comey himself and the residence of this book capture that. >> reporter: over the next two days, the president will host japanese prime minister abe and his wife. they will explore ways to expand fair and reciprocal trade. bay area legend and gay rights icon harvey milk is being memorialized. >> and we're live at oracle wheres warriors are just
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starting to arrive for game two. after the break why steve kerr says this game will be a whole lot tougher to win than game one. (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
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play [music plays]his". [dog barks] [concert roaring]
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[music stops] dinner in 5. when everything's connected. it's simple. easy. awesome. (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) welcome back tonight it will be the golden state warriors verses the san antonio spurs in game two. >> it comes days after a strong performance by the warriors in game one against the spurs on saturday. >> ktvu jason appelbaum is joining us with how they plan to pull off a repeat tonight. >> reporter: we shall see how
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they pull it off. the warriors dancers are starting to to do their routine and rehearse a little bit. like you said in game one the warriors looked like an entirely different team than came into the playoffs with ten losses with 17 regular season games. everyone wondered could hate hit that switch when it count the? at least on saturday they sure did. it started with their defense holding the spurs to 40% shooting. mcghee was a big part of that. he had a couple blocks to start the offense. the warriors never trailed. kerr knows how to play the psychological mind game with his team. >> it's almost automatic. they are simmering. they are seething. we are feeling pretty good about ourselves. it's human nature. means we will play harder than we are. i already warned our guys about that. it's a process. you have to get better during the playoffs. you have to continue to improve. you have to be ready for
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everything coming your way. there will be all sorts of adjustments. biggest adjustment will be mentally and physically they are coming after us. >> reporter: and here's some potentially great news for warriors fans. no steph won't be back this week, but after being reevaluated on saturday and after seeing him running and doing lateral movement drills prior to game one, all signs point to a return to the court sooner rather than later. but more likely for round two. that is the story out here at oracle as we get ready for game two verses the spurs. i couldn't help but think about as i was walking into this building, i've been coming here and covering the warriors for 20 years, what a different vibe. even three hours before tip off. this is a winning culture the last five years. so different than in years past. we'll see if they can turn it on again in game two. tip off three hours and 15 minutes from now. >> jason, thanks.
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we are not forgetting about hockey fans. oh no. nhl playoff returns to san jose tonight as the sharks continue their post season run with game three. the sharks spent both games in anaheim and up two games to none in the best of seven series. we will be live in san jose when the pregame festivities kick off during the 5:00 hour. pioneer of a gay rights movement is being memorialized at san francisco international airport. terminal one has been renamed the harvey milk terminal. mayor mark made it official with a signing at city hall this morning. harvey was elected to the board of supervisors in 1977. he was shot to death in 1978 along with mayor george misconi. he was known as a supporter of migrant farm workers as well as gay rights. >> for anyone who is inflicted with hatred, who is disinfranchised and now we have the first really airport in the country in the world that
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actually honors an openingly lgbt person and we are going to make it the coolest and the gayest terminal it will be. >> they are working to develop art work to be placed in the terminal to recognize harvey milk and his achievements. the city of oakland lost an emergency line to report potholes, graffiti and illegal dumping. >> and there it is. to show how the service works choir libby schaaf used her phone to dial 311 to report dumped mattresses. there is also an e-mail option. you can also download an app. >> if you love using apps, please come download our cool new oak 311 app.
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this allows you to easily report your problems. it even geolocates the actual place where you are making the report from. so you don't have to figure out the street address or that pothole that you drive over every morning. the app will do it for you. >> there you go. finally an app for that. for urgent issues, you are asked to call 311 instead of sending an e-mail or using the app. tax day is tomorrow. if you left it to the last second we will sit down with financial expert on tips on getting it done and smart ways to use your return.
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deadline date to file your taxes is tomorrow. usually the deadline is april 15th but that fell on a sunday this year. and normally the tax deadline would be pushed to the next date. all of that means you have two extra days to do your taxes. due tomorrow. tuesday april 17th and people are still going to be scrambling. for more we are joined by morgan stanley financial advisor. thank you so much for joining us today. let's start with this. does the new gop tax laws effect anything that is happening this year? >> to the at all. expect in your immediate paycheck for the current year 2018. so whatever you will get in terms of a tax refund will be as a result of 2017 prior to
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the tax changes that is been made. >> i know a lot of people have been asking about that. you say invest in a mutual fund like a roth ira. why is that important at this time? >> here's what is going to happen. eight out of ten american taxpayers are going to get a tax refund 30 days from the date that they file. and it will be a check on average a little less than $3,000. so when it comes to your house, you didn't win the lottery, it's not a bonus, it's a check. and it's really your money. you gave to the government early, they paid you no interest on it, and all of a sudden you have it in the mail. so what are you going to do with it? you are going to invest in a mutual fund or spend it on your needs or wants? we want to two to vegas but we need to put new tires on our car. >> that is really what it comes down to here. >> exactly. so investing would be a good use of those funds. only one out of three people that are getting ready for
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retirement center enough much for retirement. >> that is a very important distinction when you get much older. you get that large check and you really got to pay down those credit cards. a lot of people don't do it but it will help you out in the long run as well. >> our friends at the federal government are raising the short-term rates all the time. they just raised it last month. they have a couple more raises coming up. as soon as they raise the interest rates, it hits the short term rates which are the credit cards. people are paying anywhere from 16-20% on credit card debt. and we simply don't want you to do that. if you get that nice little check. >> you can wipe it out now. >> absolutely. >> all right. make a mortgage payment you said as one of the good ways. >> put money away for savings. if you have children and helping them save for college, you can pay now or pay later. it's better to have money put away now instead of occurring debt. >> also invest in furthering your career by taking a continuing education course.
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>> absolutely. our whole environment now has become very technical. you have to -- you need adult learning after college. you need to take technical classes. that will help you make more money. so that is a good investment. >> it is a good investment. >> and make an extra payment on your college loan. a lot of us settle with this debt, the student loans we've had for so many years but you can make a dent by using this money to put toward that. >> do it now or do it later. just like your house payment. if you can make an extra payment in there, it will help you down the road. when that payment stops and you want to retire, you try to eliminate debt. >> also increase that contribution to 401k. >> you cannot put enough tax deferred money. if you happen to have a 401k plan, you want to max it out. you get the time value of money doubling over a period of time. earlier you can do it, the less you have to put away. the older you are, you have to put more money away. >> so with all of that said,
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this is all great advice, if you really want to go to vegas, what would you do when you get that money? you set a sliver aside. how do you fit that in? >> when you get that check in the mail, i want you to take it and put it under your mattress for two days. let it sit there. and you think about what is the most important thing to you. think about your needs. if you have taken care of your needs, let's go to vegas. >> that is a great advice. let it simmer for a little bit before you figure out. by the way, the irs processes 79 million total refunds averaging $2900. thank you so much for giving us insight into what we do. >> we are looking forward to that check. >> we are still looking forward to it. thank you so much. a group of protesters gathered in front of a philadelphia starbucks for a second day after the controversial arrest of two african american men there last
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week. about two dozen people spoke and sang. they are calling for the firing of the manager that called police when he saw two black men sitting in the shop and didn't order anything. the video shows officers leading the two men away in handcuffs. they were held for eight hours before being released without any charges. the two men said they were there waiting for a real estate developer to join them for a business meeting. the ceo of starbucks says the arrests were rep hencable and apologized. he is setting up a meeting with the two men later this week. >> a massive outpouring of support for an ailing former first lady. a look at how people are praising barbara bush. >> the trump administration is signaling its repaired to remain military involved in syria. i'm jennifer griffin at the pentagon. i have the details coming up. you could save energy
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by living off the grid. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. with energy upgrade california. president trump called the first round of strikes of success in syria. there is a new round of controversy.>> reporter: airstrikes were pounding targets in syria over the weekend. it is in retaliation for chemical attacks. the head -- white house is
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hinting there could be more military action to come. >> what the president has said is that he wants our troops to come home. he wants the mission to be accomplished as it relates to the feeding and crushing. until then we will accomplish what he wants. many are dead set against the military involvement in syria calling on the president to consult congress for new authorization before conducting any more airstrikes. >> you heard the president say i'm going to make you pay a big price. you are an animal. a military strike did not change his life and all. >> reporter: the white house is putting much of the blade on -- blame on russia. we saw what happened with the russian reset. we saw the redline, this is the president who doesn't take action.
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>> tim kane has offered a bipartisan bill providing authorization for the use of military force in syria. it is unclear when lawmakers will consider it. at the pentagon, fox news. from worldly conflict we are joined by doctor stevens illness. thank you for joining us. we heard in that report the white house is hinting that there could be more tax. the chemical weapons team was kept from an attack side. could this be gearing up for another strike? >> yes. legally, it would not justify the airstrike.
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the airstrikes on friday were not legal according to international law. there are questions like, was it legal constitutionally? >> was this question when the president did this last year when he ordered airstrikes in syria. what is really the ruling body year that says these airstrikes are allowed. >> it must be authorized by the un security council. one could argue that given the russian blocking of the united nations resolution that could make a moral case of using these kinds of airstrikes. let's recall that the united states is actually vetoing far more resolutions than russia has and the soviet union before it. if you go back through the past
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50 years, that could establish a troubling precedents. there are new sanctions on russia over syria. good this really deepen how we interact with this conflict with syria? >> certainly. the united states and nations have the right to place sanctions against governments that we feel are threatening international peace through supporting a criminal regime such as a five and the like. that would add to a growing list of disputes between the two nations. for better or worse russia is a world power. they need to be brought in if there is going to be a negotiated line with syria.
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there needs to be some combination to put pressure on one hand and an incentive for cooperation on the other. >> we had airstrikes from submarines and battleships. we also have two dozen men on the ground battling isis. will this bring us into a larger conflict? that is what members of congress are concerned about. will this cause a problem if we continue to carry out such strife and also have the military presence on the ground? >> i find it fascinating that you have republicans and democrats who are raising concerns about the constitutionality of it. president trump argued strongly when obama was considering airstrikes against syria back in 2011.
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he better not go ahead and bomb without authorization from congress. indeed, obama sought authorization. it appeared that he was not going to get that kind of majority support needed. that is why they went to the negotiation route. that was unsuccessful. of the idea that trump is tough because he went ahead without congressional approval, this is ingenuous. putting that aside, whether or not the united states should have troops in there or we engage in bombing should be something that has the approval of congress. it is hard to find a justification for a unilateral executive action. >> we will see how that turns out. doctor stevens, thank you. >> my pleasure.
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barbara bush is in failing health and will not seek further medical treatment. a spokesperson would not elaborate on the health problems. since the announcement was made over her health, there has been an outpouring of support. kelly has the details. >> reporter: barbara bush is in failing health. the 92-year-old was admitted to the hospital last week she has recently suffered from congestive heart failure and other illnesses. she has refused further medical treatment and is back at home in texas with her family. her focus now is on comfort care. >> get better mrs. busch. we know you will. we are all behind you. -- >> karen and i are praying for barbara bush and the entire family. >> she is an example.
4:37 pm
everybody faces decline. some people do gracefully. she is one of them. >> bush's health has been on the mind of those going to the smithsonian. the dress she wore to her husband's inauguration is on display there. there is video from that date nearly 30 goat -- years ago. >> she was right. they looked up to her for a lot. >> she campaigned for jeb bush and the 22nd -- 2016 race. they did a coin toss for last year super bowl. the first lady historian is hoping to see more barbara bush in the years to come. >> she is a very strong lady and she has a strong will. if anyone can conquer any type of ailment and health issue, it would be barbara bush. >> she is the only living wife of one former president and the
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mother of another former president. in new york, kelly wright, fox news. sonoma county wildfires. we will speak with the company behind the effort to get modular homes. that and more coming up after the break. stay with us, we'll be right back after this short break.
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the first hybrid home is
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under construction in the north bay following the wildfires. it is being built by a company, hybrid core holmes. matt is here to explain this. thank you for joining us. what is a hybrid home? >> it is a modular home. it it is not a manufactured home. it is a traditional style home built on site -- off-site. this is a combination, hybrid off-site and regular construction. >> is going to say, the factory portion contains more of the costly areas of construction. we build that off-site and then some other components are built on site. >> how did you get involved in coffee park? >> we are local. the wildfires were in our backyard.
4:42 pm
we wanted to do what we could to help out the community. the home in coffee park was a friend of the company, his house was lost in the fire. >> this is video of the first home that you are talking about. portions of these homes are built off-site. where does that happen and how do they get attached together on the property? >> that is video of the delivery of the home last thursday. portions are built locally in sacramento and woodland. they are transported to the homeowners site or home. it is put on a raised foundation and then they are attached together and the construction is completed. >> how much does this cost? how much square footage is this? >> that house is 1500 square feet. the cost for vertical construction, the foundation and the home itself is about
4:43 pm
$300 a square foot. >> i guess it varies on what plan you choose? >> exactly. and the type of materials. if you want a high-end countertop or appliances, the cost will increase. >> you have plans to build more in that area? >> we do. we have a few in coffee park and then in some surrounding areas that were lost as well. we build throughout california. our focus and efforts are on the community here now. we have about 15 homeowners that we are in contract to rebuild their home and we were working with 30 right now. we really wish we could out more. that is where we stand today. >> how long does it take to build a home like this? >> speed is the biggest advantage. once the foundation is poured it takes three to four months
4:44 pm
depending on the size of the home. this home, let's say i am hoping to be invited to a fourth of july party. >> that is very quick. >> any backlog because you have so many people that you are helping in santa rosa? >> yes. the backlog is about 12 months right now. we are working with homeowners for next year. >> all right. we appreciate your time. thank you for the work you are doing. >> thank you.>> good idea. >> get people back in their homes. >> we will have more on the weather we have been dealing with. hail and sunshine. >> yes. we have it all. that will continue for the next few hours and then it will wind down. we have a dry tuesday on tap. rain on wednesday. this is a live look from the bay point area looking east. we have a mix of clouds out there. if you look close enough you
4:45 pm
can see rain falling and dragging the cloud cover down. we will have a little bit more rain moved through the bay area at times. it is hard to pinpoint take a look at what we have seen over the last 24 hours. santa rosa is picking up four tents and mill valley got just about the same. san francisco got a third of an inch. areas over the santa cruz mountains got about a half-inch. san jose almost 2/10 of an inch. moving forward into the afternoon and into the evening hours, we will continue to see this wraparound moisture circulate through the bay area. it is beginning to move into the northbay. we have not seen a lot of activity with thunder and lightning. there is the possibility. when we get the sunshine it adds to instability. that triggers the thunderstorms. the sun does not set until about 7:45.
4:46 pm
some light rain is falling in petaluma. in the east, we had some rain over napa but that has shifted out of the area. looks wet over i-80 in fairfield. this is the south bay. same thing for fremont. we had green and now that is shifting east. we have a mix of snow and rain snow over areas of mount hamilton. night now alan rock may be getting some hail. this is 101, morgan hill. it is a way commute to and from san jose. as we get into the sierras, we continue with the snow. it was really piling up early on. there is an advisory still in place until 11 o'clock tonight for the sierra. we can see 18 inches of snow by the time it is said and done. , who has reported more than 15 inches the last 24 hours.
4:47 pm
that is great news. not just for those who want to ski, but for all of us. here is a look at futurecast. in the evening it will taper off. tomorrow morning we wake up with dry conditions. tuesday is a dry day. wednesday morning we wake up with cloudy skies but look what is cooking -- at what is cooking. more rain to the bay area by wednesday night and then we dry out on thursday. as far as temperatures, a cooler day around the bay area, upper 40s to low 50s at this hour. overnight it will be chilly to start the day tomorrow. 37 in areas over livermore. afternoon highs will come up slightly, upper 50s and mid 60s around the bay area. as we get into the week ahead, this is wednesday, temperatures will be cool with rain. dry out on thursday, sunny and 78 for saturday. >> that looks good. >> thank you. >> we will have a look at the
4:48 pm
stories we are working on for five. a woman orders a rideshare. and investigation is underway after she says she was beaten and sexually assaulted by another passenger and the driver. >> a helping hand is coming to educators here in our area. >> one company wants to lend a helping hand. an incentive to stay and teach here in the bay area. coming up, the east bay school district has partnered with a company to help teachers cover half of their down payment. that and more coming up after the break. stay with us, we'll be right back after this short break.
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for the first time in more than 30 years in american woman has won the boston marathon. there she is, desiree linden. she is from michigan. she finished in two hours 39 minutes 54 seconds. she had to push through nasty weather. in the men's division a japanese man one in two hours 15 minutes 58 seconds. he is the first winter since 1987 from japan. technology can help seniors live independently. one woman has the freedom to live her life while tech helps her family feel comfortable
4:52 pm
with her safety. this woman may live alone. there is one on the washing machine. that is down behind. you can't see it. >> reporter: there is someone tracking every move. >> one is on the microwave. it is way up inside. you can't see that. >> reporter: she is a community participant for home sensor technology project. it is being tested by engineers at the university of south florida. >> this was available to seniors who live alone and have no pets. >> -- >> reporter: it is no video or audio recording cameras. it uses motion, light and temperature sensors to be able to track movement and without having people write on top of them. researchers can say that i used the coffee pot at 10 am. >> they can check on her every
4:53 pm
day. it can tell you if i'm not eating. i am really regular with how often i use the microwave. if there is excessive toilet flushing i could have a bladder infection. >> are they spending too much time in the bathroom? >> have they not gotten out of bed this morning? they can let someone know right away. >> i think people enjoyed. it gives them a sense of security. >> gives them a sense of autonomy. i was interested because i want to age in my home with no caregivers if possible. >> you could give loved one's piece of mine. you can make sure someone you care about is up every day, they are living a normal life and enjoying my life. back to you. >> there is no charge to her because it is a study.
4:54 pm
the system in her him cost between five and $700. the goal is to make this available to the public one day. >> wild spring weather from coast to coast. i am in atlanta and i will have details coming up. that and more coming up after the break. stay with us, we'll be right back after this short break.
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it is the sixth day of the retrial in the bill cosby case.
4:57 pm
the cosby has been accused of assaulting the witness at his home in 2004. the first trial ended in a mistrial last year. will cosby's attorney is cross- examining and trying to bring to light any inconsistencies in her statements. >> this is the major of bringing out the truth which is eliminating the five distractions in the prosecutor's star witness of distracting the jurors on the truth. >> because he is charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault. california is not the only state experiencing some wild spring weather. >> from the rain to the snow to the tornadoes, the weather is causing all kinds of problems from coast-to-coast. >> reporter: while storms are bringing tornadoes and late- season snow from the northeast to california. over the weekend, dozens of tornadoes were reported from texas to virginia. people in are cleaning up after
4:58 pm
a powerful twister came through on sunday ripping off rooftops and downing trees and power lines. >> it sounded like a train wreck. high winds with the tree coming to crash down. >> reporter: heavy rain pounded the northeast on sunday as the national weather service issued flood watches and warnings. in spite of the weather, tens of thousands of runners hit the streets for this year's boston marathon. michigan residents are being hit with how water and flooding. >> it is terrible, just terrible. you could see the waves from here coming over the wall. >> reporter: while people in the part of the midwest got slammed with a record-breaking snowstorm and leaving thousands to dig out on monday. the snow even cause the roof of
4:59 pm
a motel in wisconsin to collapse. the weather is being blamed for multiple debts across the country including a person in north carolina who died when a tree fell on their car. a person in milwaukee suffered a heart attack while shoveling snow. also, a 2-year-old girl died in louisiana as a result of a down tree. it was terrible and you can barely come up here. >> buses, instead of going up oakland hills, and kids sliding down the heels. a spring storm dropped heavy rain, hail, and even snow in the bay area. >> i and frank somerville. parts of oakland just got pounded with hail this morning. a viewer sent a -- us this video and yards, driveways, and even entire streets were covered with hail.
5:00 pm
it looked like it had snowed when the storm moved on. our report is in oakland hills tonight where it appears they were hit the hardest. >> reporter: it has been a little bit of a weather buffet today as we have had rain, wind, but it was the hail that caught most of the people of gar. >> reporter: -- offguard. and it may have looked like a new england snowstorm, but that was the sound of hail this morning. >> this is kind of cool! >> reporter: they were not sure of what it was at first. >> it was hitting on the roof. >> reporter: raindrops were turned into hailstones and it started getting heavy around 7:30 am this morning, and continued off and on for two hours. >> i went outside and it actually hurt. >> reporter: there was even enough for a hail ball fight.


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