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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  April 19, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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west of dallas, setting off an explosion. the responding officer gets out of his vehicle, and he's feet away as the house explodes, and the officer somehow only received minor injuries. taking action, the faa ordering engine inspections on planes across the country, and meanwhile, the hero pilot who helped to save lives during the emergency landing in philadelphia is speaking out for the first time. it will be the first 4-20 gathering since california legalized the sale of recreational marijuana. what the city is doing to prepare. relief for commuters who use the richmond-san rafael bridge. the changes you will notice starting tomorrow afternoon. great day to be out of the bay. a little sun and a little red rock island in the distance. spring is in the air here in the bay area, and a nice look at the richmond san rafael bridge. a big day for the bridge coming
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tomorrow. a new third eastbound lane will be up and running. will it work? i don't know. maybe it will, maybe it won't. we will find out tomorrow morning. welcome to the 9, everybody. john goodwin behind the camera, and he will join us. i have been driving a toyota for 6 years, and tomorrow i'm getting a new windshield for the third time. >> because? >> chips from rocks. know where? >> the richmond bridge? >> no. i couldn't make that connection, but 80 in the east shore, nonstop, and now i'm -- >> you repair, repair, repair, and now it has to all be done? >> ever happen to you guys? >> i have had a windshield replaced. >> when i drive-thru oakland, i choose 580 instead of 880. 580 you can't have the big rigs, so knock on wood, it will be okay. >> my son is excited to see how it's done because they are coming to the house. we are hearing from the firefighter who performed cpr for 20 minutes on the woman
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kill in the southwest airline engine failure. >> my heart is broken for them, and i just pray they find comfort and healing, her family. >> the northeast texas firefighter holding a news conference a short time ago, joined by his wife and parents, and they teared up, discussing the flight and their attempts to help everyone on board. >> he did not want to go into specifics out of respect for the victim and her family, but he praised the crew for the professionalism during the tragedy, crediting his training for being prepared to handle the emergency and react quickly. more from griff jenkins. >> reporter: investigators looking into the deadly engine explosion say a fan blade that broke during the flight showed signs of metal fatigue, and now the f.a.a. is ordering inspections on the same engines. the decision is a year after
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the manufacturer called for more examinations. >> throughout the rest of the flight there is what i will describe as a fair amount of vibration throughout the airframe of the airplane. >> reporter: tuesday's blast shattering a window on southwest flight 1380, causing a woman to be partially sucked out of the plane. investigators are looking into the how the window loss occurred. southwest said the plane was visually inspected last sunday, and it appeared to be fine. according to the ntsb chief, this metal fatigue would not have been detected by looking at the engine. at least two u.s. airlines announcing inspections of airlines on some of their boeing 737s. southwest says they will inspect their fleet, and united airlines are also checking their jets. >> there needs to be proper inspection mechanisms in place to check for this before there is a catastrophic event. >> reporter: metal fatigue was blamed for an engine failure on
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a previous southwest flight in 2016, and that's what prompted the manufacturer to call for the fan blade informations. the f.a.a. proposed making it mandatory last august, but they did not issue a final decision on the matter. in washington, griff jenkins, ktvu fox 2 news. a woman from concord said she owes her life to captain schultz. gianna barrs was a few rows ahead. she heart the flight attendant start to say a prayer, and she was texting her husband, chad. >> i'm trying to tell him all the things i want him to know the last few minutes of my life that will last him a lifetime. i told him how much i loved him and that the oxygens masks had come down. i thought something hit the engine or something. >> she said it was a rough landing, but she is thankful to
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be alive. a delta airlines plane that took off from atlanta had to return for an emergency landing. smoke was seen here from the jet's engine. the plane was headed for london, but it landed safely with no injuries to report. fire crews were able to quickly hose down the smoking engine. the f.a.a. is investigating. right now we are following developing stories about children reported missing in the bay area. mountain view police say diana flores-leiva had on a green sweatshirt with the word pink on it, jeans, backpack, and last seen on bay street in mountainview, again, yesterday morning. if you know where she may be, call mountainview police. we just learned a girl in union city, reported missing, was just found safe at school. 12-year-old camilla rodriguez disappeared with a friend from
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hay ward, and police say the disappearance was not necessarily suspicious, but they were concerned because of her age. happening today, another push in sacramento for stronger gun control measures. >> high school students are headed to the state capitol to meet with lawmakers. alex savidge met with them as they prepared to head out. >> reporter: this trip to the capitol will send a message to lawmakers. the student protesters want action against gun violence. today 330 high school students for all over the bay area are boarding the charter buses, headed up to sacramento, and they will be meeting face-to- face with a number of lawmakers today at the capitol to talk about the issues of gun violence and stricter gun control measures in california. the group of students meeting here at the rockridge b.a.r.t. station. they did the same thing at other locations around the bay area. everyone headed up to sacramento for a very full day. the student protesters will
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meet with lawmakers, voicing their support for stricter gun control issues, and the student led movement prompted by the massacre in parkland, florida. there was a walkout nationwide last month, calling for an end to gun violence, and i spoke to one of the organizers about the message they are trying to send. >> reporter: there's specific gun control measures you want them to pass? >> one would raise the minimum age to buy long guns, and another would make it easier for people to file a restriction on an abuser for a life-long restriction. we are not trying to take away the regular law-abiding americans' guns. >> reporter: the student protesters are expected to arrive at the state capitol at 10:30 this morning, spending the entire day there, hoping to send a strong message to lawmakers that they will not be
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silenced on the issues of gun violence, and tomorrow, another nationwide school walkout, and it will call for tougher gun laws in the country, taking place on the 19th anniversary of the massacre at columbine high school. in oakland, alex savidge, ktvu news. more toll lanes are coming to the bay area. ground breaking taking place later this morning for the express lane on northbound 680, and there's already an express lane there in the southbound direction. officials said the lanes are needed because of the commute to the silicon valley increasing by 17%, adding 43 minutes to the weekly commute. there's nearly 90 miles of express lanes across the bay area. transportation officials hope to add another 125 miles by the year 2035. changes are coming for commuters who take the richmond
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san rafael bridge. >> joining us this morning is john goodwin with more on what to expect. mike has been telling me, the lanes are there, and i have driven on them. i have seen the red x is up. when they turn that on, confusion for drivers? >> i don't think there's going to be any confusion. there's a large number of electronic signs beginning on the marin county side with a large changeable message sign that will indicate to drivers the lane is open or closed. once you're on the span itself, there's 20 overhead sign banks, three panels on each unit, one over each lane, and if the lane is open, green arrow. if it's closed, red x. i think people will get the hang of it right now. >> why not set a time, every day at 3:00, it is opened. why vary? >> there's actually a set time. we can expect every day, including weekends, 2:00 p.m.
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to 7:00 p.m., the lane will be open, but the system is flexible enough, if there is a strong demand earlier than that or beyond 7:00 p.m., those hours can be adjusted to meet real time traffic needs. >> it's like the metering lights, never really a set time? around maybe 2:00 until the afternoon. >> it's basically going to be2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. every day, but there's flexibility. >> it's an experiment still, right? >> it's a permanent thing. it's a pilot program set up as a 4-year pilot, and i think it will prove to be successful. >> my question is, because i see the backup at the 580, 101 interchange, and also through the landing and san quintin, do you think it will ease the congestion that backs up to 101? >> that's an excellent question. we are going to be monitoring the performance on sir francis drake. it will help a lot, but the
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project does not eliminate the traffic signals on sir francis drake. it's going to help, but we are not really sure how much on the 580 side out to the bridge. i think we will see a huge improvement. >> explain to me. i got a question the other day, why isn't the lane open all the time. i didn't have a good answer, and i think i could guess saying sometimes you want the lane to be the shoulder? >> we, and particularly cal trans, which operates the state highway system wants to retain it as a shoulder as it has been all of these years, and it's also the access for maintenance crews doing any number of things along the bridge, particularly painting. an update on the proposed bike lane? >> it's not just a proposed bike lane. the work is actually underway now to convert the right-hand shoulder on the upper deck of the bridge to a bidirectional bicycle, pedestrian path.
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it's part of the same sweep of projects, also a 4-year pilot program, and we expect that lane to open, roughly in a year, from now. >> that could be a car lane. >> it could be. >> you're going to get e-mails about this. >> of course. >> you already have. >> i have already had dozens, scores, really, and we are taking a look at that right now, and in fact, the bay area toll authority committed some funds just last month to come up with what we call a scope and schedule for what it will take to open that, but it's not just the bridge. that's really the easy part of improvements along the corridor. we are looking at the whole stretch from the richmond parkway onramp on the contra costa side to the sir francis drake exit, and there's a number of improvements that have to be made along that way. on the bridge, itself, the easy part. >> that's the first step? >> exactly. >> i'm sure chp will be out
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there monitoring the adjust. over the next few days. >> there's going to be a lot of monitoring, not only by chp, cal tran, and we are going to take a look ats well. >> it will be fun to -- take a look as well. >> it will be fun to see what happens. a deeper look at the working conditions at the tesla plant in tremont. a legal showdown with the trump administration. details coming up.
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seresto, seresto, seresto. seresto, seresto, seresto. 8 mo- the federal government has come to an agreement with governor brown on the national guard's role on the u.s.-mexico
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border. >> the story from los angeles. >> reporter: governor jerry brown coming to an agreement with the federal government that will see 400 members of the california national guard deployed to the southern boarder to help fight gangs and drug trafficking, but not enforce the immigration law. that announcement following the release of the new homeland security data showing in fiscal 2017, 142 gang members slated for deportation were instead released by the local law enforcement. >> this deployment will also give congress more time to take more action to fix the loopholes and fully fund the proposal for the border wall. >> reporter: two-thirds of gang members shielded were in california. the state now in a legal battle with state cities and counties that are opting out of the
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sanctuary law, including san diego. >> this group does not represent san diego. >> reporter: many are blaming congress for failing to fix the broken system. lawmakers deadlocked along partisan lines. republicans are sticking to their guns on enforcement and border security. >> any discussions over various amnesties, including daca, must first be preceded by action for our borders. >> reporter: another city is facing a lawsuit by the aclu saying their ordinance violates the california constitution. ktvu fox 2 news. police are at the site of a homeless encampment in santa rosa. >> today is the deadline for those who have been living there to leave. >> allie rasmus is live with more on the story. >> reporter: we have seen the santa rosa police and chp
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officers here as well. there's also members of the santa rosa fire department. the fire department is here because a lot of the people living here have propane tanks and gasoline and other flammable items. as they clear the encampment, they are make sure the potentially flammable items are safely removed. at one point there was at least 100 people in the encampment. it's behind the dollar tree store in the shopping center. after a legal battle, this is eviction day. you see a lot of personal items in the shopping carts and on trailers, behind bicycles, and in plastic bins. the land is owned by the county. the community development commission, the division of the county, specifically, and they
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want 185 apartments here, and one-third will be affordable housing, but advocates sued the county saying it's cruel to make people who have been camped here for 3 years -- saying it's not constitutional to kick them out because there's no place for them to go. shelter space is in short supply here in sonoma county. the advocacy group sued to stop the eviction, and a federal judge extended the deadline for people to leave, but it ends today. we spoke to the santa rosa police lieutenant out here, and some of the people said this morning yesterday police said they would be arrested if they didn't leave the premises by today. we asked the police lieutenant if that was going to happen, and he said he is confident it will not come to that. >> case-by-case basis, and it's my experience we have built good relationships with the people in the camp and homeless community through the catholic charities and our officers who are out here on a daily basis.
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due to the relationships, we will help people move and not get in that situation. >> the bottom line, there's a lot of people who have no place to go and live. they just want to be peaceful, and they just, as one said, we just want a piece of dirt. >> reporter: now catholic charities contracts with the account to run a homeless navigation center they have had at the site for the last month and a half to direct people to more permanent housing once they leave here. they encourage them to leave here. they have placed 50 people in shelters and temporary housing over the last month and a half, but other people have moved in. there's at least 70, depending on who you talk to, 70-80 people living here, and one woman was living here for several months with her 5-year- old son, and she said about a month ago they moved into a shelter. i asked if her situation has improved, and she said the shelter provides some stability and at least climate controlled, but she said there was a good sense of community here, and she felt safer here than in the shelter.
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it's a tough debate, and there's people on all sides of the issue here, talking about whether people, what the homeless advocate groups want, people to have designated sanctioned homeless encampment, and something the county and city says is not a safe, long- term option. back to you. >> allie rasmus, thank you. it's happening in almost every big city. an event that draws in thousands every year, but this year, there's something different. we are talking about the upcoming 4-20 event at the golden gate park. to move california forward,
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we need to help more californians get ahead. that's why antonio villaraigosa brought both parties together to balance the state budget with record investments in public schools...
9:22 am
and new career training programs. as mayor of la, he brought police and residents together to get illegal guns off the streets - and keep kids out of gangs, and on the right path. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california. big crowds are expected tomorrow in the golden gate park for the annual 4-20 event, it's held every april 20th. it's the first gathering since marijuana was legalized in california.
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>> people are yelling and acting stupid. you know, i mean, they are not quite themselves at that point. >> i worry about people parking in front of my driveway, and it gets quite congested in this area. >> there will be double the number of parking control officers and security guards from last year. happen to have david downs joining us. let's focus on friday. do you expect larger crowds? or anyone who will be there has been there? >> very much business as usual. it's the second year they have made people register. they are expecting 10,000 to 15,000. people experienced with 4-20 will avoid the park on the day. >> that's for amateurs some like to say. >> i was going to say, because it's legal now, it doesn't seem like it will take any of the edge off the celebration. people are still coming, right? >> very much so. they feel like it's validation since the commercial sales began since january 1st.
9:24 am
most stores having celebration as well. >> thinking back to 1996 when medical marijuana was legal, and the tens of thousands of jobs that were created by the industry in california. since january 1, can you talk about the impact on the jobs in the state and if there's been more? >> yeah, there's 300 stores open, and all had to staff up to meet sometimes 500% increase in foot traffic, and we think the state has sold $300 million to $500 million in cannabis in the last few months. we expect to sell $10 billion a year when the industry is fully up and running, $1 billion in taxes. >> when you talk about money as the followup question, we talk about where do you put the cash for the businesses? what are the chances, are we getting closer to seeing the state charter bank or banks? >> last week senator gardner in colorado said he got the nod from the white house they want a state solution for this issue, including banking, and right now it's very much catch
9:25 am
it if you can. payroll checks are going out, but you may lose the account next week. >> that brings up the question, where do we stand with the federal government, and the conflict with the federal law and the state law. has the trump administration backed off the kind of heavy- handed enforcement? they promise to enforce it. >> attorney general jeff sessions continues with the rhetoric, but last week the white house said they are looking far state bank solution. they know 75% of americans support the state's right to set their own policy. >> we have reports that the taxes on legal marijuana are so high, many people going back to the black market or going there first. does california need to figure out what is happening with the taxes? >> taxes like regulations will be bad before they get better. store owners say there's a profit margin in there, but it's tiny, and they need to go back and get taxes adjusted. we are seeing it lowers in berkeley.
9:26 am
there's a law in sacramento to lower the taxes temporarily at the state level as well, but it will take two-thirds of a vote, and that may be difficult. >> what keeps people coming to the dispensaries? i have heard the quality of the product there is better than the stuff that you get on the, you know, black market. >> very much convenience. i don't have time. none of us have time. drop into a legal store, pay more for your time, and that's very much worth it to people, and also this summer, the testing rules will come into effect, and everything on the shelves will have to have go through a lab to check for quality and potency. you have those numbers this summer. >> you have the traditional farmer who has been doing whatever produce, and have you seen anyone switching out and now growing marijuana? >> certainly around monterey, you are hearing about the old cut flower greenhouses revamped for cannabis and organic farmers pushed out of pristine
9:27 am
land for the cannabis, but there should be room for people to grow both. >> the next big cities to regulate and jump into the business? >> i think we know which cities are in and which are out. 33% of the state will tax and regulate at the local and city level. the rest are out. l.a., santa cruz, san francisco, a lot of the big metropolitan areas are in. fresno, out, and they will remain out for the forseable future. -- foreseeable future. we will look at the new proposal to arm park rangers with gun. some say it's needed. it looks like a meeting with president trump and kim jong-un is on track. i'm doug luzader with what would be a historic summit, coming up.
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getting you up to speed on breaking news. two schools in san mateo were briefly instructed to shelter in place because of a mountain lion sighting. outside of an abundance of caution, the school district decided to shelter in place. the shorts conducted a -- the authorities conducted a thorough search of the area, but they have not found the animal. >> that do go down there, every now and then cruising the city streets, i guess. yesterday i was outside, and the weather was nice, but i knew it was going to get warmer, and that's what is happening, according to steve, this weekend we will have nice weather. >> that's correct it will start today, guys, and the system that missed us yesterday, now down in l.a. cool stretch here for 3 days. today is the day we warm up. yesterday's highs were quite
9:31 am
cool. only 57. san francisco, livermore only 60. closer to 72 is where they should be. today is the day the warmth will start. 62 in san francisco, 1 below average for this time of the year. livermore, 4 below average. santa rosa, about 1 shy of where they should be as well. get ready. here we go. mostly sunny. it's sunny. a few clouds to the south, and they are kicking out of the area. friday is warmer, saturday the warmest day, and it will be nice on sunday, and i think we will get a little fog coming in. george said it's a most beautiful day. low 43, now 51. nice, really, really nice morning. i agree. it's 52 with the lower 40s, and look at brentwood and antioch. one observation at 52. 56 for sfo, and we are warmer than yesterday at this time. wind out of the north, and the system just missed us.
9:32 am
it's in l.a. giving us rain. around to riverside, ocean to oceanside, and there's a little there. that missed us, out of the picture, and as it does, high pressure is on the way. the next system going way up and over, and not going to impact us at all. 60s and 70s. temperatures today warming up, and they will continue the trend for friday, and then for all three of your saturdays, near 80, if you're inland. >> i like it. >> you got it. >> thank you, steve. for more on the other headlines we have been working on, we are going to dave clark. here's some of the top stories we are following. the faa wants ultrasound inspections of the airline engines that have the same kind of fan blades as the one that broke off on tuesday on the southwest airlines flight. one passenger died on the flight, and seven others were hurt by flying debris when the engine parts smashed a window. it's believed metal fatigue probably caused the fan blade
9:33 am
to break off, knocking the engine off balance. >> fan blade components we can send back to our materials lab in washington, dc, for a very detailed examinations. >> the full investigation into the engine fan blade problem could take weeks or even months. there's much praise for the captain and flight crew of that flight for staying calm and reacting quickly to the emergency. captain schultz brought the plane down from 30,000 feet during the emergency landing in philadelphia. after the landing, she went into the cabin to personally check on the passengers, and she was one of the first women to fly the navy's hornet jets, the same fighter planes used by the blue angels in their famous air shows. she became a lieutenant commander, but she was training men to fly because at the time women were not allowed to fly in combat, and other female
9:34 am
pilots say her heroics can change the perception of women in the cockpit. >> the military has dropped the limitations, but socially people think women should be in the kitchen. those remarks still happen. >> the government records show less than 7% of all commercial pilots are women. last night captain schultz and her copie lot issue -- copilot released a statement. our hearts are heavy. on behalf of the crew, we appreciate the outpouring of support from the public and our coworkers as we all reflect on one family's profound loss. demonstrators protesting at sfo's international terminal yesterday after a young filipino activist was blocked from entering the united states. the 25-year-old never made it past customs on tuesday night, and he's being sent back home. he was headed to washington, dc, to meet with lawmakers, and
9:35 am
he was scheduled for a layover. demonstrators said he was singled out because he was going to speak out against the human rights record of the president of the philippines, and president trump is a big supporter of the philippines' leader. >> what other reason would they have to detain him? he had his visa to come in, and he had the invitation, flights booked, and he was able to leave the philippines. >> he's sweet, an amazing youth leader, and he has been an advocate for peace building and peace making in an area that is a conflict zone. >> reporter: now customs and border protection released a statement saying human rights activism is not a determining factor, but there are 60 grounds to deny entry to the u.s., and the burden is on the traveler to overcome any and all of the reasons. mike, sal, gasia, back to you. >> dave, thank you. new details regarding last week's crash that killed a 9-
9:36 am
year-old girl in oakland. prosecutors have added more counts against kevin lee payne. he is facing vehicular man slaughter slaughter, reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, and causing bodily injury. court papers indicate it's leaved he was speeding in the residential zone when he crashed the car with the woman and three children inside. the 9-year-old girl later died from her injuries, and the woman and other two children remain in the hospital. he ran from the scene but later turned himself in. san jose park rangers are concerned about their safety, and city leaders are looking at issuing them guns while they are on duty. the shrinking police department is forcing them to play more of a law enforcement role, including patrolling the homeless encampments, but some worry it will make the volatile situation worse. >> there's a way to approach to
9:37 am
deescalate the situation. having a gun in a situation like that will result in truly unspeakable consequences, and i think it's just not wise, and it's based in fear. >> unfortunately there is a criminal element that inhabits the creeks and the rangers have been bumping into that creating concerns. >> the san jose city council now wants to address the concerns, and the council has voted to discuss the role of the park rangers, including whether or not they should be armed. an end of an era for cuba. raul castro has stepped down as the president of cuba today, being replaced by the 57-year- old first vice president. it's an effort to ensure the single-party system outlasts creators. castro will be the head of the communist party, and his hand- picked successor has no signs of being a reformer. president trump is getting closer and closer to a one-on- one meeting with kim jong-un. >> the president said he is only willing to meet if it will
9:38 am
produce results. >> doug luzader with more from washington, and it could be a historic summit. >> reporter: there's a number of things that could go wrong here, but the united states and north korea are moving forward with the plans for a summit, and we are learning more about one meeting with kim jong-un that has already taken place. >> reporter: will it happen? a sit-down with president trump and kim jong-un? meeting with the japanese prime minister yesterday, the president expressed willingness and skepticism. >> if i think it's a meeting that is not going to be fruitful, we are not going to go. if the meeting, when i am there, is not fruitful, i will respectfully leave the meeting. >> reporter: the president acknowledged his c.i.a. director who has been dominated to be the secretary of state actually met with kim jong-un over easter, an extraordinary development. >> by the way he just left north korea, had a great meeting with kim jong-un, and
9:39 am
he got along with him really well, really great. >> reporter: that's where some domestic politics comes into play. pompeo's nomination to state may be in trouble. >> i'm here. i have earned every vote i can. >> reporter: he was making the rounds of capitol hill yesterday, trying to win over the moderate democrats, and the white house may be trying to position him as an essential player for talks with north korea. >> i believe it's unprecedented that pompeo went down there and certainly that we have gotten as far as we have. none of the presidents for 1953 forward have never gotten this far down the road. >> reporter: a road that may or may not reach a summit. there's a lot of questions here, including where a summit will take place. the united states seems unlikely, and so does north korea, but there's limitations here. it's not clear if he has a reliable aircraft to take him anywhere. doug luzader. the state of california has opened an investigation into
9:40 am
the working conditions at a tesla plant. tesla responded saying the allegations about injuries are not true. it's just days after elon musk shut down the factory, sending workers home while the company takes a closer look at the automated line. the company is hoping to boost the production of the tesla model 3 that has been behind schedule. earlier this morning, jesse gary spoke live with the san jose mayor about a major road repair project underway with $17 million of the funding coming from the new state gas tax. >> reporter: that money combined with what will be generated from the vta measure passed in 2016 will allow us to pave over 200 miles of roads. >> crews are already out
9:41 am
resurfacing streets. people are encouraged to report potholes. new details about the nba playoff game with the warriors and spurs. we just learned the spurs' head coach, gregg popovich will not be coaching tonight. he is grieving the loss of his wife who died last night. erin popovich was battling a long-time illness. kevin durant was asked about the death yesterday, and he told reporters the nba is one big family. >> i want pops to know the whole nba family is supporting him, and we have his back through it all. it's bigger than the game and bigger than winning or losing, and it's about the brotherhood that we have built as nba players. >> steph curry also offering condolences to popovich. he posted this photo with the message he's praying for popovich and his family. the san jose sharks are moving on to the second round of the stanley cup playoffs
9:42 am
after shutting down the ducks 2- 1 at the tank last night. >> to the wing, going high, and now to the net, trying to find it, and he scores! >> the sharks got the early lead in the 1st period, and then they managed to hold off the ducks until the 3rd. the sharks coming back less than 2 minutes later with the winning goal. the sharks were willing to share the credit with the goalie saying he made important saves, and now jones says everyone will step up to take on the golden knights, the team who has beaten san jose three out of four tight games during the regular season. >> they are a fast team, and you know, they come at you with all four lines, fore checking hard, and they are a tenacious, hard-working team. we need to prepare properly so we are ready to go, right from the start of game one. you know, they don't give you any room to breathe, really.
9:43 am
>> the golden knights will host the first game between the two teams, but the schedule will not be set until all of the first round series are decided. coming up, babies brought to the senate floor? a new rule will allow members to do their congressional work and parenting duties at the same time. our 3 contestants are all at the big ikea table. contestant #1, impressive knife skills. but contestant #2 fights back by using fresh parsley. make room for the judge! what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours.
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the u.s. senate approved a new rule to allow babies on on the senate floor. it was inspired by senator duckworth, the first sitting u.s. senator to give birth. do you think companies should allow parents to bring newborns
9:46 am
to work? frank mallicoat is near the cal campus with answers. >> reporter: i just said it's too nice to work. it's a beautiful day in the bay area. if you can get out, go out, and enjoy. our sampling is rather small, and we did notice the gender bias. the men say yes, but with qualifications because they believe bringing in an infant may be a distraction, and women say bring it on. here's the sampling here at cal. >> that's a tough question. going to have to mixed feelings for that because i care for the little baby, but it's a right to take the baby to work. >> reporter: do you think it will interfere with work? >> i'm sure it will in a way. you always have to take care of the baby. what's going to happen to her job. >> so long as it doesn't
9:47 am
interfere with the business' workplace. it should be fine. sometimes it's harder for somebody to go on maternity leave and take care of the child. some businesses don't even pay for that. if they are able to do their work and take care of the child at the same time, it should be fine. >> having four boys during my phd. at cal, it requires a lot of head management and time management to make it work. if the child is healthy, i can same from my own experience, it's very easy, because you just kind of try to do it when they are working, sorry, when they are sleeping, not working, and if they are not healthy, i have had experience with that,
9:48 am
and it's really hard. >> reporter: it's hard. that woman is an economics professor here at cal for 20 plus years, and she mentioned four boys 16-26. when they were infants, cal allowed her while she was teaching to get her phd to bring them on campus. it worked for her. we will see what happens, and by the way, since i'm a proud alum, and in my 30 years of broadcasting, i have never been live at my alma mater. i will throw back with the go bears, and, sal, you know what i'm talking about! >> the first time i ever went live from the campus, i was a little prideful, i have to say. good job, frank. >> reporter: i have already hit kingpin and a couple of coffee shots. >> all right! all sides of campus. >> professor mallicoat soon. he may not be back. >> that's right. public works inspectors seized 24 illegally parked rental scooters yesterday. the chronicle says crews will
9:49 am
continue enforcement sweeps indefinitely. last week dozens were impounded after complaints they were blocking the sidewalks and building entrancessed in. march the board of supervisors approved a permit system for them, allowing the scooters without a permit to be cleared out. coming up, a close call in texas, up next, more on the explosion that had officers running for their lives. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones, - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program.
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well, a state of emergency is underway for the high land of kauai after 27 inches fell over 24 hours over the weekend. dozens of homes were flooded, and homes were ripped off their foundations. the coast guard evacuatedded people. no reports of any injuries. crews are working continuously to retore power. the visitor's bureau said anyone travel together area should check with their particular location for information on damage. the northern shore was the hardest hit. prosecutors in minnesota announcing they will not be filing criminal charges in the death of music superstar prince. he died in 2016 at his paisley park estate in minnesota. he died of an accidental overdose of fentanyl. the prosecutor shows he thought he was taking vicodin, not fentanyl, and there's no evidence that anyone knew he
9:53 am
had the counterfeit pills with fentanyl. we are following new information from philadelphia, where the city's police commissioner has apologized to two african american men who were arrested at a starbucks. minutes ago the commissioner apologizing after he previously depended police for their handling of the incident, which was caught on camera. ross says he failed in the messaging. he said the police department did not have a policy for dealing with similar situations, but they do now. he says the policy will be released soon. new video of a powerful home explosion in texas. whoa! a car crashing into a house west of dallas, and it hit the gas line and set off the explosion. there it is. one of the responding officers gets out of the way, and you can see the house explodes, and
9:54 am
he's knocked back to the curb. the debris zooming past his head, and the officer was treated for minor injuries, and police said had he arrived seconds earlier, he would have taken the full force of the blast. san bruno police said they tracked a youtube shooting threat to a juvenile. it was posted just hours after the shooting on the youtube campus in san bruno. police worked with the fbi to identify the juvenile suspect in pennsylvania who admitted to creating the post. authorities said it was determined that there was no merit to the threat, and there's no decision whether or not they will press charges against the suspect. the oakland restaurant boot and shoe service is getting new owners according to the san francisco chronicle. it was one of three restaurants owned by charlie hallowell.
9:55 am
30 former works accusing charlie of sexual harassment. jen krimmer and richard clark do not plan to change the menu, name, or restaurant's concept. jen was a manager at another restaurant owned by hallowell. security plans have been announced for the royal wedding that is a month from today. there's going to be a visible deployment of officers, k-9 units, and specialists trained to detect dangerous behavior, and teams will be ready to deal with unreported items found in stations and railways. officials expect 100,000 people to travel to windsor to try to see the royal couple get married. we would like to congratulate an east bay man for winning the lottery. he picked all five numbers and mega number to win the superlotto plus drawing, the winner of $27 million. let's look at the numbers. i always like to do the would i have won? 1, 9, 18, 25, and i would have
9:56 am
picked 25, 32, and the mega number, 17. the winning ticket at an gas station on bremerton boulevard. we just spoke to the business owner, and they said the winner visited the story and spoke to the clerk earlier this morning. we are told the winner is a frequent customer at the gas station. >> that's good. you never know. it could be someone from southern california traveling through. i do that on the road. that's a nice win! not bad. >> 27 million? >> you can almost buy a house with that. thank you for watching, everybody. have a great rest of your morning. we will see you back here at noon. at ross. >> that condemned home had a $1.2 million cash offer, you know. anyway. br love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross
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[ cheering and applause ] >> wendy: okay. let's get started. it's time for 'hot topics'. come on. [ cheering and applause ]


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