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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  April 23, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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the 10 pm news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. a man driving a rental van jumped the curb and runs over people on one of the busiest streets in canada. nine people are dead and 15 more are injured. >> he was driving southbound in the northbound lane and the actions look deliberate. >> authorities in toronto say that it looks deliberate but
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they do not know the motive. >> authorities say that they have found no links to terrorism and they have a suspect in custody. he is a 25-year-old. he is from the toronto suburb of richmond hill. it appears he has no criminal record. >> reporter: it appears that the suspect is a college student that lives one half hour away from where it happened. witnesses described him as swerving side to side to intentionally hit people. 911 calls came streaming in a horrific scene a vehicle crossing oncoming lanes than onto the sidewalk then leaving a trail of injured and dead almost a mile long. >> people were trying to chase him down.
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this guy followed the man and he was honking his horn trying to warn people. >> reporter: this 25-year-old was arrested within a half hour nearby. >> the actions look deliberate. >> reporter: the motive, no word yet from the police chief. but he had no gun and he is not someone that his department had dealt with before. >> anytime this type of event happens that is shocking. i recognize that toronto is the fourth largest urban city with 2.8 million people. things do happen. >> reporter: so far, no link to organize terrorism. >> the event that happened behind us is horrendous but it doesn't appear to be connected to national security. >> reporter: the police officers are working long shifts and only answering priority calls. it left people horrified.
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>> your shoes are no longer attached to your person and they are laying next to you, next your course because you had been murdered. a van drove over your body until your body was dead. your shoes are then not with you anymore. >> reporter: he urged people to carry on with heavy hearts. >> this kind of tragic accident is not representative on what life is on -- here in the city on a day-to-day basis. >> we will work through this and there will be sadness and pain before that happens. >> reporter: the police chief says that the top priority is to identify every victim in every strong witness. >> we sought from over there, the first one started over there.
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he just went on. >> reporter: it was a site that the bystanders cannot believe. >> he just went onto the sidewalk and he had every single person on the sidewalk. anybody in his way he hits. he was hitting them one by one. i have never seen a scene like this in my life, i swear. >> reporter: here is another look at the 25-year-old, there is cell phone video that suggests that he wanted to die at the end of his rampage. he gets out of his van any point something aggressively at an officer and he could be heard yelling, kill me, but the officer got him to the ground and got him into custody. >> it is awful. your heart melts. do we know anything about the people in the hospital or the victims? >> there is not a lot of detail yet. there is older people, elderly people, but a stroller was seen
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flying into the air. we will learn more about the victims in the days ahead. five people are in critical condition and that death toll could go higher. >> we are -- we are learning about the 29-year-old man that shot and killed nine people at a waffle house in tennessee. he was suffering delusion and he thought the popstar, taylor swift was stocking him. he was arrested outside the white house last year after he crossed the security barrier demanding to speak with the president. he was naked from the waist down when he opened up fire at the wolf a house. investigators say that they received a tip and they found him hiding in a wooded area behind the apartment complex where he lived. >> he was taken to the south precinct and he immediately requested a lawyer and refuse to make a statement. he was taken to the hospital
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and he will be then taken to the national jail where he will be booked on four counts of criminal homicide. >> in addition to the four back -- the four people killed he injured two others. family and friends of the inmates rallied outside the jail to show their support to improve the jail conditions. live not -- live now in san jose. >> reporter: 200 inmates are taking part in this hunger strike and one man lost 22 pounds since the protest began. families of inmates took part in the hunger strike and gathered outside. she was among them and she was concerned for her 21-year-old brother and he started the strike april 15 and he has only
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been drinking water. >> he has been there for six years and it is hard and he is doing the hunger strike and he hasn't eaten in five days and he has lost five pounds. >> this is the third hunger strike within two years. solitary confinement practices and other sanitation issues along with other items is what they are protesting against. >> now, it is larger even the demands themselves, it is their current health. >> reporter: advocates played a recorded message from the inmates. >> we are now experiencing dramatic weight loss and some are experiencing nosebleeds and some have periodic blurred vision. >> reporter: the sheriff announced a statement regarding the strike. we have diligently been working
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through the jail reform planned collaboration with several national experts. the statement went on to say that the help than the safe the of inmates is their top priority. a medical staff will be helping all the participants. it doesn't seem let -- that there is an end to the strike anytime soon. >> they want a sea change for him and everybody else in their. >> reporter: again, it is not clear when this hunger strike will end, to give you perspective, the first hunger straight in 2016 was resolved within five days. they hope that this will end sooner than later and that they can negotiate with the sheriff and jail administrators. >> azenith smith , thank you.
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for the first time this event will take place behind bars for the arbor shop reform. the 93-year-old is in the hospital where his family says that he is being treated for an infection that spread to his blood. he was admitted to a hospital in houston and it was one day after his wife, barbara, was laid to rest. the couple was married for 73 years. he is responding to treatments and appears to be recovering. we will issue additional up dates as the events a warrant. the former president was eager to get to their summer home. we spoke to a full house at the theater, amber lee is live now speaking to people that
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came out to hear him speak about his book. >> reporter: heather, this theater was sold out, members of the press were not allowed inside, people paid from $45-$85 to attend. shortly after 8 pm, the former fbi director came out of the theater after speaking to a friendly audience for one hour. >> he clearly is not a fan of donald trump. everybody got a book. he talked about how he doesn't view him as a value-based leader. >> reporter: he was using humor and poke fun at oneself. >> he does that in makes them authentic and believable. >> reporter: 1600 people attended the event it's part of his national tour promoting his book, the higher loyalty. it has gained national headlines for his views on president donald trump.
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his audience included democrats and republicans. >> i still believe that he did what he felt was with his integrity that is regarding the emails with hillary clinton. >> reporter: he was pictured here with him in april at a conference. >> i have seen him up close and he has talked to us transparently. >> reporter: he served from 2013 to 2017 until president trump fired him last may. he has made the rounds on television promoting his book in addition to his personal appearances. he has been highly critical of the president as he compares them to other leaders. >> they make the hardest decisions by touching philosophy or logic, history, tradition, i've never saw any of that with
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donald trump. >> reporter: some said that they attended the event to find out more about how the u. s. government works from an insider. >> i will not say that he is right or wrong, i say that due to his experience and his leadership capability i believe he made the best decision and the circumstances that we had at the time. >> he is very positive. he left us with thoughts that he had good ideas. >> >> reporter: he spoke about three presidents, bush, obama, and trump, he took questions at the end of the event. the next stop is in boston on sunday. live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. of former owner of the
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oakland a's has died find out how the team is responding tonight. it is called the world's biggest awards. we will take you to the ceremony and we will announce the seven winners. we have fog along the coast. more in the forecast coming up.
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we can now use a blood sample toh care, target lung cancer more precisely. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for asthma. and if we can stop seizures in epilepsy patients with a small pacemaker for the brain, imagine what we can do for multiple sclerosis, even migraines. if we can use patients' genes to predict heart disease in their families, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you. former oakland a's owner died.
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he passed away last night. he purchased the team back in 1995 and ran the franchise. he is survived by his wife and two daughters. the team is deeply saddened by the news. a statement was released on behalf of the organization, it reads, he will be remembered for his commitment to our community and his passion for the 80s, his contributions to our organization are still felt today. frustration at the dmv after a massive computer glitch. they said that at 1 pm they had a continuity issue that affected all the dmv transactions at the field offices statewide. the wait times were longer than usual and the lines were outside the door. one man said it took him six hours to get his drivers license renewed. >> i was here at 10:30 am and i got checked in at 11:45 am.
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>> they said that the issue was fixed at 2:30 pm. seven people from around the world received the nobel prize for the grassroot ceremony. joining us now what they look at the winners. >> reporter: a winner is chosen from each continent, this year, many people said that the price is more important than ever. >> even one person determined and passionate could be more powerful than the most for bidding adversary. >> reporter: the president of the foundation launched the 29th annual prize ceremony. seven recipients were featured in video narrated by robert
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redford. >> for me, this award is a symbol to my kids to fight for what is right. >> reporter: the winner from europe was a fisherman's daughter she led an international movement from deep-sea bottom trolling. >> we would rather die than to cave in to the rapid commotion and corruption of hearts. >> reporter: from columbia, a single mother at two was honored for fighting against illegal mining and contaminating tricking water and destroying the natural resources. >> reporter: from the philippines he was honored for his efforts to have the government ban lead pain. >> reporter: two women from
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south africa, they were honored for their legal challenge that stopped a $76 billion nuclear plant project. >> we have an obligation to not to nuke our climate. >> we do not need nuclear energy to power a peaceful future. >> reporter: she was honored for working with the vietnamese government. >> we cannot create a second earth, so fostering an energy transition more quickly is encouraging for us and for our children. >> reporter: each winner does a win a $200,000 cash prize to continue their work and many say that environmental causes are under siege. >> they are environmental heroes they are changing our planet for
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the better. we need more people like that and not less. we also need more opportunities to cure the planet. >> reporter: this was the 29th the air for the golden prize and they have honored 188 people from 87 different countries up to this day. we had temperatures today, they got up into the midshipman- 80s, 85 concord, 85 livermore and 84 morgan hills. temperatures tomorrow, not quite that warm, there is a lot of fog off the coast. we will see temperatures down into the 70s and a few low 80s. there is a lot of fog at the right now. it is blowing pretty strong. we have fog into berkeley and
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towards kensington and sausalito the fog is doing what it does, it is starting to feel more like spring and summer which is what you expect this time of year. most of the spring has been wet and cool and we had snow in the mountains. but now we go into a more stable seasonal pattern. temperatures outside our in the 50s, the wind is blowing they are sustained at the oakland airport. there is a sustained wind at 30 miles per hour. they are blowing in us strong plug of moisture. it will be foggy in the morning in san francisco. it will take a while to burn off especially in sausalito, and berkeley. than the sunrise will come out. it will be cooler than yesterday because of the fog. when i come back we will talk about the next few days, there is a chance for rain in the
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five day forecast. and we will talk about this cooling trend that starts tomorrow and it will continue. we will see but -- we will see you back your. how the deadly engine disaster could impact people to and from the bay area this week. week. they will let us know if they had enough offense for the win. that story coming up with mark.
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president trump is having his first state visit for the french president. joining us now live from
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washington with more on what the two world leaders will discuss.>> reporter: these two world leaders looked relaxed then friendly today they traded handshakes and hugs. but the issues they're facing are nothing easy. they went to work outside the white house planting a tree that he brought. inside, the men are working on other topics including syria, north korea. >> you make trade war against everybody. it does not work. >> reporter: despite friendly visit to france, and the joint attack with the chemical attack, the leaders went head-to-head on subnational issues. the iran nuclear deal president trump said it is so bad that he
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will tear it up by may 12 if it doesn't change. there were only smiles outside mount vernon tonight and white house officials are expressing how they have a good relationship. >> what you do have are two leaders who have a great deal of respect for one another who have a great friendship, certainly both have a great deal of interest on doing what is best for their country. >> reporter: another key visit is set for friday. reporting live from washington. ktvu fox 2 news. a man is shot dead at home in union city. find out what police are saying about the arrest of a loved one. bridging the gap between law enforcement and the community, up next, the barbershop forum goes behind bars for the first time.
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the captioning for the 10 pm news is brought to by the mancini sleep world.
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we have been reporting on the upper shop forum. they are tackling tough issues regarding race and policing. this was held at the east bay barbershops. they want to bridge the gap
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between law enforcement and the community. for the first time the discussion has taken place behind bars. reporting now from alameda county. >> you want to be treated just like everybody else's treated, right? >> reporter: talking directly to that inmates is what he is doing. >> the reason we are all here is because we believe you have values. >> reporter: they are inmates but making positive impact on the community. this forum was all about the inmates. >> we want to start the conversation here and then when we get out we have places to go. >> i want to engage you here and line you up with the resources that you need when you get out. >> he can tell you five times were not doing this for any
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money. >> i am not a lawyer. i am the police and i didn't arrest you. >> you have to relax. you have to do what you gotta do to get out here. it is easy, i am a witness. you have to do the right thing but you cannot have a bad attitude. >> reporter: the dialogue was honest and raw. >> i was struggling as a man. >> reporter: kevin parker said that for one day he was the biggest dope dealer in town in his mind until he had a brush in with the law. >> i was stunned and i dropped my doritos bag. today, i do not have any dope and i said i play football. >> reporter: as the
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conversation continued they brought up the topic about police responsibility. >> i do not see police officers walking and talking back in the day. i do not know why. that would be my question to you. >> you have officers in fruitvale and east oakland so they are walking. >> reporter: officers shared their stories speak about how things need to get better. >> we are stopping minorities at a higher rate than anyone else. is that right? we are looking, we want to learn about ourselves so we can do better. >> there have been three people that i removed from their position. i wrote up all the paperwork and took their guns away right there at the station and set them on their way for the process to work their way out.>> reporter: one time in their lives, they had negative run-in with the law, a time where they felt they were wronged. however, the problem
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in many of those incidents they went unreported. it is something i too know firsthand. >> think god i am still alive. we have to report them. >> you have to write it up and you have to follow through. >> have you thought about any afterschool programs for the youth? and then they will not be going and committing crimes. >> we teach them reading, writing, it starts right there. >> we can use these programs, if you ain't going to use them pass them onto the next person. >> reporter: as the form came to a close many in the room said they are ready to make a difference. >> i am making amends for myself and i have to take that responsibility. >> that's how we are going to win.
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>> i have been here for a week and i am supposed to get released tonight, or in the morning. >> will this be your last time in your? >> this will be my first and last time. >> we have to control our own commitment we cannot count on you all. we have to do it. >> i realize i made a lot of mistakes in my life, all i have to say is respect to you guys for coming out and keep pushing forward to try to change and make it right. >> when we get through the program do we have to pay or do we get paid? >> what do we pay you for? >> it is all volunteer. we are just trying to make a difference in the community. you join and it may cost you money but you are not getting any money, you have to do it because you love it. >> reporter: inside the jail,
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paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. >> more ex convicts could find jobs under a new package of legislation that was unveiled at the state capital today. lawmakers introduced three bills that would bar state agencies from died dying -- from denying someone from having arrest or conviction. the rules would apply to nonviolent convictions. the people with the criminal history are often turned away. >> if the intent of the correctional system is rehabilitation, we need to walk the walk. we cannot say we want to rehabilitate people that block them from getting the jobs that they need when they are released. >> the lou -- the new legislation permits -- upon his fear that the legislation could jeopardize public safety and
10:35 pm
endanger the vulnerable population. and apparent racial backlash -- an apparent racial backlash, they are accusing the employee for racial profiling. that story coming up. temperatures are trending down. and we have fog, beyond that what can you expect?
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new at 10 pm, a gourmet popcorn shop -- a popcorn shop is receiving backlash. the incident was posted on social media sunday and it went viral, the companies facebook page is filled with negative reviews. they are calling for the shop to be shut down. they said that they are sorry for acting in the heat of the moment after those 15 teenagers ransacked the store. the supporters of a filipino activist held demonstration at a -- at the airport today in san francisco. he arrived at the airport last tuesday and he planned to hold a speaking tour. he was detained by customs then
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he was sent back to his home country. his supporters claim that he was sent back to the philippines due to political reasons. custom officials would not discuss the case. homicide detectives in sonoma county are asking for the public's help tonight. they want to find this burgundy colored bmw. the man was arrested sunday in regards to a deadly stabbing. this car could give them more information on the case. if you see this car contact the police department over the weekend. in union city a man is dead and his wife is behind bars. the 57-year-old man was shot and killed at 10 pm last night. neighbors tell us that the coupled -- the couple lived together at the home and they never noticed any problems.
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police responded to a domestic call 14 years ago. a southwest airline -- southwest airlines delayed and canceled several flights. the aviation website reports that southwest canceled 129 flights today and delayed 450 others, the faa and the european regulators are ordering european inspections of 700 aircraft engines. a preliminary inspection led to the engine failure. southwest says that they will tried to lessen the flight disruptions by doing the inspections overnight. they are pushing for outbreak of for the 100 and 20 -- 125-year-old company. he is offering to buy sears kenmore
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appliance brand. he has been trying to sell the kenmore line for two years but has been unable to do so. critics say that he is trying to walk away. taking a look at wall street today, the stocks ended the day, the dow down 24 points. nasdaq down several points. the housing authority is giving a disabled man one week to find a home or he will be out on the street. we have a nice week ahead we will have the complete bay area forecast ahead when we come back.
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teachers in san jose evergreen school district where at up ticket line today. teachers say that the latest offer adds more students to the classrooms without pay raises. and they are putting a cap on their health benefits. the teachers are not making ends meet. enrollment has dropped and both sides are engaged in a mission.
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>> yes. a disabled south bay man, he and his family have one week to find of new place to live or he may risk living on the street. the housing authority will not allow him to stay in the home because the landlord has failed to keep up with repairs. >> reporter: inside his home there are a lot of problems that need fixing, electrical problems, and writing would. because the landlord did not fix the items the santa clara housing authority sent out a letter saying that he and his family must move out. >> the predicament, the landlord has failed the inspections, it is something that the landlord has failed to do and instead the tenant is
10:46 pm
being punished. >> reporter: we spoke to the landlord and he said he was trying to make repairs but the tenant has made access difficult. the housing authority gave them 25 days to move out. that time is up on monday. >> we are trying to find a place and it is impossible. nobody wants to rent to us in they have's stigma with section a. -- section 8. they say you are a lowlife. i am not lowlife i am disabled. >> i contacted the housing authority, coming get a list. is what they said. >> reporter: there were approximately 680 people holding vouchers, they are currently searching for housing in santa clara county. they launched a new program to help connect people to rentals but for now, it is reserved for
10:47 pm
people who have been looking for 180 days. he does not have that kind of time. >> i would like to see him get a place to stay so he could also get relocation assistance. >> reporter: they are packing if help doesn't come soon. >> we will be out on the street. they have considered moving out of the area. -- >> reporter: they have considered moving out of the aerial -- area but with his metal conductors -- medical condition and makes it difficult. we have a strong when out there and that fog is pushing in . these are the highs got 85 livermore, 84 san jose. eighty four morgan hill. we will see all lot of upper 70s. the fog is out there in a big way. east coast has -- this whole
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system it was out west a few days ago and it has moved across the country and it is causing problems for washington, parts of chicago, you could see flight delays in this area. be ready for that. there is severe weather associated with that. for us, we have that system right here you can see it, it doesn't have a lot going on but there is enough of it that it is whittling down the high little bit allowing the fog to push in and get deeper. it will keep the temperatures down a few degrees. it is a subtle change. the current temperatures, 58 in fremont. you can see that the sea breeze has made an impact especially along the coast, couple nights ago on these warmer nights we have been in the 60s. you can see we are in the midshipman-50s along the coast there is fog out on the bay . tomorrow, yellows are 70s and orange is the 80s.
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the fog will be dense on the coast, in the morning, there it is, you could see right now because of the high pressure, and the pattern is stable, fog is what we are looking at. when you get a stable environment that's when you get far, that's tomorrow morning, there is tomorrow afternoon. monterey bay gets a little bit of clearing up by santa cruz, then again, wednesday morning, more fog. you can tell that it is not that deep because it is not pushing that deep into the bay. that is the weather, the fog, the fog will keep the coast cool . wednesday and thursday we will be done into the 70s. tomorrow, we will see a couple low 80s especially in the inland bay valleys. the five day forecast, upper 70s, low 80s. thursday, friday, we have a
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chance of a sprinkle. but the main impact will be off you clouds and temperatures not in the 70s anymore, thursday we will be back into the 60s. is a typical spring pattern without subtle changes this is the first time we have had this in a while. this will allow things to warm up infill lot more like spring for more than a day or two it will be more than like a week or two. >> it looks like a nice stretch. >> thank you. we are following today's developing news out of canada where a person driving a rented van drummed the curb and drove onto a busy sidewalk killing 10 people. was it an act of terrorism? up next in sports, the giants and the a's, more on them coming up in sports with mark. curious is an unreachable destination.
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it has no comfort zone, it rests on no laurels. curious perpetually scratches at doors, picks at locks. curious never stops, because to curious, good enough never is. you know what we make. curious makes us who we are.
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we need to help more tocalifornians get ahead.d, that's why antonio villaraigosa brought both parties together to balance the state budget with record investments in public schools... and new career training programs. as mayor of la, he brought police and residents together to get illegal guns off the streets and keep kids out of gangs, and on the right path. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california. the giants they had a win. >> definitely, the thing about the local teams they started out shaky but they are coming up pretty nice. we will go with the giants
10:54 pm
right now, usually, a rollout for victory you need a stout defense. the giants had 2 out of 3. it is 1-1. buster posey comes through. there was a double. here is the rookie. he deserved better. he cannot hang onto the baseball. the next batter, right field, now he cannot hang onto it. the rookie could have stumbled right there. but he comes back strong. he picks up it and he strikes out matt adams in saw fly ball. he gave up only two runs.
10:55 pm
that is things in large part for this, this is 464 foot ticket to ride two run shot. he said, yes, we are finally getting powered -- power out in the love field. the word hot -- left field. the oakland a's have not lost since the no hitter on saturday night. he is basking in the glow. davis continues to do what he does best. when he is not hitting it out of the park, then he gets this rbi double. he is a former giant. it is 2-0. the a's explode for
10:56 pm
six run inning. he comes through with a solo, that is 4-3 lead. and now it is 6-3. by the time he tracks the ball down, two mart runs will score. -- two mart runs will score. date are one game over 500 the a's 9-4. they win. nfl draft night have become a thing. the 49ers are in their off- season workout gear. we had a sating, he is sporting -- a sating, he is sporting a new look. how about the next? he talks about some of the pressures and the responsibility that comes with
10:57 pm
all this big-time viewing. >> it is a team thing, really, it's nice to hear that but the way we turnaround by the end of the year we got momentum going into the off-season, it was recognized throughout the league but now we are back to square one. we lost some guys last year and that is the evolution of that. you have new guys and everyone is learning new stuff. >> we got the thumbs-up. here in the nba playoffs, this has turned into a good one for russell westbrook. he is never short on a motion. he called out the jazz a little bit. it was a rough night for russell westbrook. he snuffs him away. the rest of the night belongs to the jazz, ricky rubio is up
10:58 pm
on top that is one of his 8 assists. the rookie, donovan mitchell he becomes a story, that is a beautiful move right there. 33 points, the jazz, three games to one. houston has their act together again after shaky moments. it is 11-0. 50 points in the third quarter, he has three and james harden, he is doing his thing. no one could get it, the rocket cruise on in. we have arrived at that moment that we must check this out. tonight, the catch of the evening in the major leagues is
10:59 pm
not from a big leaguer but from a big-league fan who calmly, you can see it better here on the replay he makes a nonchalant snag with nothing but his baseball cap. that was smooth. this weekend, spring football. north dakota stay, look at that catch. that is something else. that was a beautiful touch all in a days work and it is worth checking out on monday night. it is 11 pm and time for more news. coming up next at 11 pm. >> everything got shattered. one by one. i have never seen anything like
11:00 pm
this in my life, i swear. >> it was a terrible scene in turano. a person driving a rented van jumped the curb and ran over people and injured people. ktvu fox 2 news starts now. >> they have surveillance video that will be crucial in what they say is a complex investigation. good evening, i am heather homes, frank is often a. >> a 25-year-old suspect is in custody. joining us now here in the newsroom with the latest on this investigation. >> here is debora villalon. >> the driver pointed something and chester, kill me. >> reporter: he is alive to explain why he use the vehicle as a deadly weapon. the 911 calls came


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