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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  April 26, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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haystack. >> we have more details about the man arrested in the golden state killer case and how dna evidence linked him to several crimes. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us here, mornings on 2, thursday morning, april 26th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. steve paulson is off today, mark tamayo is still watching our weather for a thursday morning. mark is right here. >> still watching that cloud layer move around, the big cloud blanket. so we are going to wake up to gray once again for your thursday morning. temperatures kind of like yesterday, not too much change there, lots of 50s out there and if you pick out in the satellite, though, once again the circulation, just like yesterday, kind of a drifting offshore, does not want to pay us a visit yet but it will eventually, we promise as we head towards friday and saturday. but right now here is the cloud pattern we are waking up to with overcast from santa rosa down toward petaluma, more
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redskinwood and -- morinville and san rafael. san jose reporting cloud cover down toward morgan hill as well. current numbers, we have napa currently 45 degrees, san francisco 50, so lots of 50s for hayward, down toward mountain view and in the san jose area. here's a live camera showing you some clouds and also a few breaks in the clouds still to start out the day. forecast headlines for today will be a little bit cooler  compared to yesterday. tomorrow could have some drizzle near the coast and the weekend maybe just a few sprinkles, it's primarily just early saturday morning. this weekend is not too bad but it won't be a warm weekend. here's the plan for today, low clouds this morning, skies becoming partly sunny and temperatures ranging from the upper 50s to the 60s to the 70s. these numbers coming down just a touch from yesterday's highs. we will talk more about your weekend forecast in a few minutes. let's bring in sal right now and, sal, this is the time i typically wake up in the morning and usually my cell phone, i see sometimes there's a big traffic alert out there.
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thankfully nothing is happening like that this morning? >> it's better than it was yesterday for sure but we already have some things that are getting crowded, mark, for example, right now at the bay bridge, it's pretty typical for it to be jammed up and we do have a little bit of a jam here at the macarthur maze and taking about 21 minutes, just over 20 minutes here to get from the carquinez bridge to the maze and you can tell the bridge traffic is getting busier loading up here, unless you're in the carpool lanes and the carpool lanes are doing very well but the rest of the commute is slow. you can also see 880 northbound, this commute usually doesn't get slow until a little later in the morning. so you still have a window of opportunity to get on the road before it gets very slow into downtown oakland. we do have westbound 580 at hacienda, another day of a crash, this one much less serious, it's in the center divide. it's not causing a lot of slow traffic but we are kind of watching that area closely after the bad commute we had yesterday. and some slow traffic here in
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hayward passing 238 in san lorenzo, san leandro area driving through hayward, it's slow. 6:03. back to the desk. the story everyone is talking about this morning, preparations are now underway for the first court appearance of the man suspected of being the golden state killer. >> he is 72-year-old joseph james deangelo. he's in the sacramento county jail right now. tomorrow he will be in the sacramento courtroom facing two counts of murder dating back to 1978. officials say ultimately he could be charged with as many as 12 murders and 51 rapes between 1974 and 1986. ktvu's alex savidge in our ktvu newsroom to tell us more about what we know this morning about the man that was arrested tuesday night. >> reporter: lots of new details coming to light this morning. the former police officer and vietnam veteran had been living in his suburban sacramento home with his wife and adult daughter until authorities swooped in earlier this week
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and took him into custody. investigators are saying it was dna evidence that led them to deangelo but they are not being any more specific than that. authorities, though, are confident deangelo is the man who terrorized communities across california during the late 1970s into the mid 1980s. the crimes began first in the sacramento area, the attacker originally dubbed the east area rapist. over the years there were home break-ins, rapes and murders in the bay area and southern california, all linked to the same man through dna that was collected at those various crime scenes. last week a task force newly focused on this case zeroed in on deangelo for some reason. investigators tested dna samples from items he threw away and got a match. margaret wardlow has waited four decades for justice. she was one of the first victims of the golden state killer. she was raped in her home when
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she was just 12 years old. >> and it wasn't until about a year and a half ago that i got involved with some of the family members of the murder victims that i realized that this man has got to be caught and brought to justice, and i am so happy for all the families that are involved, i am so happy for law enforcement, everyone that was affected by this man in an adverse way. >> deangelo is a navy veteran who went on to work for the visalia police department and then later the auburn police department outside of sacramento. he left law enforcement, though, after being accused of shoplifting. still deangelo never caught the attention of investigators working on the case of the golden state killer. deangelo worked at a grocery distribution center in the sacramento area before he eventually retired last year. his family members were stunned by his arrest earlier this week and, of course, this huge arrest has now brought a sense of relief to the victims of the golden state killer, some say
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they thought they would never see this day come and now it's here. pam, dave. >> such an amazing case. thank you, alex, i know you're going to continue to follow the updates in the newsroom. >> absolutely. >> we will check in with you. also the arrest is sparking many emotions for families that have been dealing with the aftermath of the crimes for more than 40 years. a santa cruz woman says ventura county investigators called to tell her deangelo had been arrested and she was immediately overwhelmed by feelings of gratitude, mixed with sadness. jennifer carroll's father and stepmother were killed in their home, beaten to death with a fireplace log. carroll was just 18 years old at the time and says her 12- year-old brother found the bodies. over all these years jennifer coped with the tragedy by believing the killer of her parents was also dead. >> i am so that he's been alive this whole time. he has not been living in terror. so if you asked me what do i want to have happen, i want him
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to confess because i don't want to waste one more municipal dime on his trash. >> she says she does not want deangelo to be executed. she wants him to, quote, rot in jail. she grieves for all of the people who died, both at his hands and those who died not knowing what happened to them or their loved ones in the 44 years since the first crime. as we get more reaction to the arrest of the suspected serial killer, coming up this morning at 7:00 alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley will be joining us here on mornings on 2, then at 8:00 we are going to talk to contra costa county d.a. dianna becton. police in petaluma arrested a man who was wanted for not registering as a sex offender. 45-year-old thomas steger was arrested yesterday after he tried to run away from police. and investigators say he had a replica gun in his possession. steger has six outstanding warrants for drug and weapons offenses and also for not
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registering as a sex offender. vallejo police are looking for a suspect involved in a shooting outside an apartment complex yesterday. police were called to the scene on main street near independence park just before 5:00 in the evening. officers found the man shot outside one of the marina vista apartment buildings. they say the man suffered multiple gunshot wounds but his injuries were most to his -- mostly to his arms and legs and not considered life threatening. police are looking for the suspect who the victim says was arguing. he was arguing with before he opened fire. our time is now 6:08. there was an arrest last night, a man accused of firing shots at a police officer at the hayward b.a.r.t. station. the b.a.r.t. station was shut down about 7:30 last night after the shot was fired. the police officer was not hurt, neither was anyone else. the east bay times reports that police officer had just walked into the b.a.r.t. station to alert b.a.r.t. staff about a nearby shooting when the suspect walked in and fired that shot. the suspect was arrested
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shortly after. then a couple of hours later in a separate incident b.a.r.t. trains were stopped at the west oakland b.a.r.t. station because of a police search. both of those b.a.r.t. stations are back to normal this morning. we have new details about san jose's plans to build tiny homes for the homeless. the city's housing department is finalizing what the homes are going to look like and how much they will cost to build them. the early estimate for each home is about $20,000. look around. officials say depending upon which materials are used as they are built, that number could go down a lot. the final plans for the tiny homes are expected to come before the city council this summer. a new poll shows it's becoming a three person race for governor of california. lieutenant governor gavin newsom received 21% of support in the new survey. that's followed by former los angeles mayor antonio viaragosa at 18%, and republican
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businessman john cox with 15%. the rest of the candidates are in single digits but the survey shows that many voters have not yet made up their minds in the june primary. 17% remain undecided. the group survey u.s.a. conducted this poll which was sponsored by news outlets throughout the state. our time is now 6:10. still ahead, millions of dollars set aside for cleaning up streets in san francisco. the big investment from the city that's already paying off. and the supreme court is hearing arguments over the latest version of president trump's travel ban. when we could expect a ruling on this controversial case. good morning. we are getting a little bit more crowded now, if you are driving on the freeways, although san francisco not a bad commute so far approaching the downtown area. . and in weather, the low clouds and fog still paying us a visit once again this morning. no big changes to the forecast but eventually we are tracking
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those chances. we will update that probability coming up after the break.
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new this morning, white house physician ronny jackson will not head up the veterans affairs department. he withdrew his name from consideration earlier today. jackson says false allegations against him have become a distraction. he says he did not expect to have to dignify basils and anonymous attacks -- baseless
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and anonymous attacks. jackson will remain as the president's white house doctor. our time 6:14. scott pruitt, the head of the environmental protection agency is due to testify on capitol hill today. he will be questioned about spending and ethics scandals in back-to-back subcommittee house hearings. pruitt is accused of misusing taxpayer money spent on security, travel and office expenses and also renting a condo from the wife of a lobbyist for just $50 a night. several democrats as well as republicans have called on pruett to step -- pruitt to step down but president trump says he still supports pruitt. president trump's travel ban now in the supreme court. limits travel from seven countries including five from muslim majorities. immigrant groups complaining for months that the ban unfairly targets them.
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chief justice john roberts and justice anthony kennedy both signaled support for the policy but had tough questions for both sides. >> you want the president to say i'm convinced that in six months we are going to have a safe world? >> well, no, justice kennedy, that's not our argument. our argument is here the president is identifying something that is a perennial problem, goes back 100 years. >> so far it looks like the mostly conservative supreme court is ready to uphold the travel ban despite lower courts blocking previous versions. a decision on that travel ban is expected in late june. our time is 6:15. a new study finds california has the most aggressive drivers in america. these are live pictures you're looking at. our morning drive here in the bay area. gad buddy views aggressive driving as hard braking, speeding and rapid acceleration. it says california drivers do one of those things every six minutes while driving. that's easily more often than any other state. all of that aggressive driving
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is costing california drivers money as well. speeding and that fast acceleration burns gas a lot faster than slowly speeding up and staying at the speed limit. so look, here's our question of the day. which are the following driving habits are you guilty of doing on a regular basis: aggressive acceleration, hard braking, failing to yield the right of way and failing to obey traffic signs? let us know what you think, vote on the ktvu twitter page, you can also comment on our ktvu facebook page. >> very interesting. 6:16 is the time. sal will probably agree with me. i don't know. one of the most irritating things i see on the road and it's so dangerous are those surfers, those people going in and out of lanes -- >> that's right. chp gets a lot of calls on people like that. >> yeah. >> and they do stop some of these people, believe it or not. if you call chp and you report that, chp does look for those drivers. good morning, everyone, go out and see what we have now.
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this is a look at the commute in the east bay and 880 northbound looks good here, passing the coliseum. i would say it's a nice commute all the way downtown, 580 also has not filled in, driving out to the lakeshore area. this is a look at the bay bridge, backed up for about a typical 15 to 20 minute delay, you will be happy to know if you're a commuter that today there is no giants game in san francisco, so we are not going to get any of that traffic in and out of san francisco. the traffic here on northbound 101 looks pretty good approaching the 80 split and southbound 101 is clear all the way down to the airport or beyond that into burlingame and san mateo. the commute on the peninsula and the east bay, we see slowing approaching the san mateo bridge but things are definitely on the -- on a better start than they were at this time yesterday. 6:17 filling in for steve, it's mark tamayo. >> good morning to you. and we are waking up to some gray once again this morning, just like yesterday, so, yeah,
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temps have been cooling off a bit all week long. remember, monday was a pretty warm day around here but a steady drop-off over the past -- especially the past three to four days. skies eventually becoming partly sunny this afternoon but still some stubborn overcast for the coast later on today so bring the sweater, jacket if you are visiting the beach later on today. highs will be in the upper 50s there, 60s all the way to the 70s. here's the circulation offshore in the pacific, it does not want to pay us a visit yet but it will eventually especially -- it will eventually approach the bay area by friday and saturday. right now overcast out toward santa rosa, petaluma, novato, san rafael and even out toward san francisco and oakland, so there's no green so no rainfall to worry about for today, san jose reporting mostly cloudy skies and same for morgan hill as well. current numbers showing you 50s in fremont and san jose, santa rosa 49 and novato checking in 50 degrees, so definitely bring the sweater or the jacket if you are heading coast side today, those readings only in the mid to possibly the upper
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50s and then our temperature sensor going up into the 60s as we head toward the east bay neighborhoods. eventually a few neighborhoods will be approaching the lower 70s around 72, 73 degrees by about 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon. so we are kind of starting to see the micro climates develop, of course more pronounced in summertime months. here's a plan in san jose this morning, the cloud cover out there, skies becoming partly sunny and there's the temperature time line. mostly in the 60s this afternoon. so we have been cooling off because this guy, it's not here just yet but it will be approaching our coastline over the next couple of days. today, though, just a touch cooler and then probably more pronounced cooling as we head toward friday and into saturday. now, there could be enough moisture with this as we could be tracking drizzle first thing tomorrow morning and then that will probably -- could be right near the coastline and then the chance of a few sprinkles by saturday morning, these are not washout deals but maybe a few sprinkles early saturday morning. most of your weekend should be just fine.
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here's the forecast model showing you this, some rain just offshore but that will probably translate to drizzle coast side tomorrow morning and then into saturday that weak system comes on board, that rainfall just to the north and that's when we could at least see a few sprinkles pay us a visit, then later in the day saturday we will scale back on the cloud cover. forecast highs this afternoon, lots of 60s out there, a few 70s sprinkled on the maps out toward concordia, san jose -- concord, san jose 69. temperatures not changing too much. we will keep an eye on the drizzle chances over the next couple of days for friday and into saturday and then, pam, you are right, the definition of drizzle is less than or equal to half a millimeter. >> oh, half a millimeter. >> weren't you saying that a few minutes ago? >> yes, definitely. i was wondering that. >> we could be seeing those little drizzle drops tomorrow morning. >> drizzle drops? >> yeah. >> okay. >> thank you. time 6:20. the suspect arrested for a series of rapes and killings, we will have very much more on the former police officer who investigators believe is the
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golden state killer. plus youtube is working to create a safer website for kids. the changes rolling out today that will give parents more control over what their kids watch. watch. and looking ahead at tonight's prime time lineup. the nfl draft right here, starts with us at 5:00. once that first round is over, we are going to have a ktvu special covering the raiders and niners first round picks. after that, "modern family" and then don't forget to join us for the 10:00 and the 11:00 news. to move california forward, we need to help more californians get ahead. that's why antonio villaraigosa brought both parties together
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to balance the state budget with record investments in public schools... and new career training programs. as mayor of la, he brought police and residents together to get illegal guns off the streets and keep kids out of gangs, and on the right path. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california.
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the u.s. centers for disease control and prevention says 31% of people -- 31 more people have fallen ill in the ongoing e cole outbreak that's linked to romaine less tus from yuma, arizona, all told, 18 people have become sick from the lettuce, about half of the people have been hospitalized. a few of them are suffering from kidney failure but so far no deaths have been reported. investigators say the lettuce was grown in the yuma area but no specific farm has been identified. our time is 6:24. subway plans to close 500 more stores here in the u.s. this year. it's part of a revitalization
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plan. they announced it last summer. it requires franchise owners to invest more in their operations, that includes adding self-service kiosks, more comfortable seating and wi- fi and usb charging ports. the idea is to have a slightly smaller but more profitable footprint in the fast food market. it includes opening a thousand subway stores overseas. a drive-through chipotle may be coming soon. the ceo of the company says the chain will do what it needs to turn things around, including adding new menu items and adding new franchises. the ceo says up until that negative publicity, chipotle was pretty much invisible. youtube is making changes to its kids app. the update rolls out today. it gives parents the option of letting people decide what their kids can catch instead of a computer algorithm, youtube is making the change in response to complaints that the app failed to filter out
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disturbing content. the kids app was launched in 2015. creators called it a safer experience than regular youtube. amazon's alexa is also looking to go kid friendly. you can now purchase child specific amazon dots that have longer warranties along with better protection in case they fall. the amazon echo voice assistant will also start thanking kids when they shout out questions nicely or if they say please, but that's not all. parents can set alexa to go silent at bedtime and also see what their kids are talking to alexa about. and speaking of alexa, don't forget if you have an alexa, you will hear me saying what our top stories are today. >> every morning. >> say, hey, alexa, what's the new? i just sent off a bunch of alexa dots right now. still ahead, san francisco's mayor promised and he's making good on his promise to clean up the city. the early results of efforts to remove thousands of needles off
6:27 am
the streets and also find housing for the homeless. firefighters and structural engineers plan to start demolishing that apartment building in concord that burned in a fire earlier this week, but we have seen plenty of fire activity here this morning. hot spots continuing to burn. we will have a look at some of the activity and talk about those plans for demo work coming up. coming up. we have a couple of new crashes in the south bay that i want to tell you about. we are also looking at the sunol grade and you can see traffic here is moving very well in both directions. ions. and in weather we have some cloud cover but also some breaks in the cloud cover with the sun coming up, a nice start to the day but a cool start. we will talk more about some drizzle and possibly a few extra clouds that will pay us a visit over the next few days.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2, thursday, it's april 26th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. 6:30 in the morning. it's feeling like a good day. pretty nice day. check in with mark tamayo who is in for steve. >> the clouds, it sounds like they would like to hang out with us a little longer. >> your screen is gray. >> overcast out there. nice to have the daylight out there before we start the show at 4:00 we are basing it on the
6:31 am
satellite observations, what we are seeing on the hourly weather reports. here you can't see the real deal with a lot of cloud cover looking toward the estuary. there's a circulation out in the pacific, it is not here just yet but it is sending in cloud cover right now, solid overcast from santa rosa, in fact, most observations right now reporting mostly cloudy skies for santa rosa to marinwood to san francisco, oakland and hayward down toward the south bay as well for san jose, los gatos and morgan hill. current numbers, lots of 50s, still a few 40s for napa and fairfield and santa rosa 49, san francisco checking in 50 degrees at last check and here's that camera once again and forecast headlines for today, it will be a touch cooler, it will be breezy once again, tomorrow we could be tracking drizzle near the coast and just a chance of a few sprinkles, primarily just for saturday morning so the weekend is not going to be too bad out there. just extra clouds first thing to start off the weekend. this morning the cloud cover out there in san francisco still mostly cloudy skies by 12:00 and then partly sunny and
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breezy and the readings back up into the upper 50s kind of just like yesterday around the bay. here's the eventual temperature range this afternoon, most areas cooling off about two to 4 degrees from yesterday's highs and definitely keeping it cool for the beaches here, the clouds stubborn there, and even patchy fog for the bay side locations into the afternoon hours. check in with sal right now, he has an update on the roadways and a couple of new accidents to report; is that right, sal? >> good morning, mark. we have traffic in the south bay that is going to be slow on northbound 101 and part of it is because of a crash. northbound 101 near the 880 interchange, a motorcycle involved there and traffic has slowed down considerably just after 280 and then southbound 280 just after downtown at seventh we have word of a new injury accident here. it's not causing any slow traffic that we see, but it is there and it might cause slow traffic as soon as the emergency vehicles arrive. northbound 101 at tenant road near morgan hill, you can see
6:33 am
the traffic has been slow as you drive through because of a crash that's been cleared to the side. we are also looking at the east bay commute, obviously, the macarthur maze and the bay bridge, traffic on 882 is getting busier but here at the b.j. is where -- at the bay bridge is where it's busiest, backed up to the maze. new this morning, firefighters are back battling hot spots that have flared up again at that big apartment building in concord. that building was still under construction when it went up in flames earlier this week. ktvu's allie rasmus out there to show us the work that's going on. it's hard to believe still flare-ups there, allie. >> reporter: yeah, 48 hours -- more than 48 hours after this fire initially broke out, the apartment building that was destroyed by the flames still smoking this morning, we have seen some hot spots, right now you can see some light smoke coming from the interior of the building behind us, some of the exterior walls, but about an hour ago when we were getting ready for our live shot
6:34 am
standing out here, we heard a loud boom like the sound of something falling and then saw this, a spray of embers shot up 15 to 20 feet into the sky and it was clear what had happened to some of the debris from the already burntup building fell internally and reignited. after that we could see firefighters turn their hoses on the flames inside the building and that orange glow that you're seeing in this video died down. now, it's just some white smoke coming from inside the building. but the building that went up in flames early tuesday morning was a 180 unit apartment complex under construction on concord boulevard and galindo street, a section of scaffolding around the building collapsed already, as you can see from the nearby surveillance video and that's why structural engineers have been doing some of their work, investigators with the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms have been on site since tuesday evening. they are not only trying to determine the structural stability of the building but the atf's work will also include figuring out what caused this fire in the first place and they can't really start that work until it's safe to go in and, according to the
6:35 am
fire marshal, it's not safe to go in until the exterior walls are brought down and demolished. so the plan is at 8:00 to start the evaluation process to begin tearing down some of those exterior walls. they have already brought in an excavator to do some of that work and the investigator told me that they can still do that demo work even if there are small hot spots flaring up around it. but in the meantime there's about 250 people who lived in the apartment building next door to this building under construction. they have not been able to return to their homes because of the concerns that part of that fire damaged building could fall. so there's still no word, no time line on when those folks will be allowed to return, but the fire marshal told me over the phone that until the demolition work is completed, until this building is completely brought down, they can't let anyone who lives nearby back into their homes because of the concerns about safety. back to you guys. >> gosh, that could mean that they are out of their apartments for quite a while, then? >> reporter: well, the good
6:36 am
news is that the plan is still to start that demo work this morning, 8:00, and, again, you know, i asked the investigator, can you do that demo work if there's still fire activity here and he says yes. so this is obviously something they have -- they are experienced with, dealt with before so he says the process seems to be moving along pretty quickly even though it may seem certainly for the folks who live -- who are out of their homes and it may seem like it's taking a while, he says things are moving along. >> thank you for that update. 6:36. joseph deangelo, who was arrested for a 12-year string of rapes and killings is now in jail in sacramento county. tomorrow deangelo will be in court. his first court appearance in this case. first he's going to face charges on two counts of murder for the 1978 killings of a couple who were walking their dog in the sacramento suburb of rancho cordova. deangelo was a police officer in the central valley and in auburn but he was relieved of duty in 1979 after a shoplifting incident. now officials say he could be
6:37 am
charged with 12 murders and more than 50 rapes. now take a look at a map showing crime locations of the man known as the east area rapist, the golden state killer and the original night stalker. the early crimes, they were in the sacramento area and at least a dozen more were in the east bay, mostly contra costa county. the last cases are from southern california including ventura, orange and santa barbara counties. law enforcement from around the state were in sacramento for the public announcement of deangelo's arrest. he was taken into custody at his home in citrus heights outside sacramento tuesday night. officials are not saying how they made the connection to deangelo but they emphasized it was not through a tip. they say that they watched him for nearly a week to figure out the best way to handle his arrest. >> so we developed a plan to wait for him to come out of his residence. we had a team in place that was able to take him into custody.
6:38 am
he was very surprised by that. >> investigators say they have not yet figured out how -- why the crimes stopped in 1986 after a rape and murder in irvine, california. they are now looking into whether deangelo -- where he was and what he was doing during that large gap of time. time now 6:38. one of the rape victims was only 12 years old when she was attacked at 19- -- in 1977. margaret wardlow says back then she tried not to think about what had happened to her until in the last couple of years she started connecting with the families of other golden state killer victims. that's when she realized how many people still wanted justice for their loved ones. >> i realized that this man has got to be caught and brought to justice and i am so happy for all the families that are involved, i am so happy for law enforcement, everyone that was affected by this man in an adverse way. >> miss wardlow was the 27th
6:39 am
rape victim. san francisco police and homeless outreach crews worked to clear tent camps from streets in the city's mission district yesterday. mayor ed lee had a-- mayor farrell had announced the city would clear out 120 tents in and around the mission. the people in the camps and along sidewalks were offered services including temporary housing and drug counseling. the mayor also announced a proposal to spend nearly $13 million over two years to clean up the streets. the money would pay for five new portable public rest rooms and to higher an additional 44 neighborhood cleaners. the proposal also includes $3.4 million for new equipment such as street cleaning machines. the mayor says he hears complaints about dirty streets every day. >> so together this is an ambitious effort, and i know i only have a few months left as the great mayor of this great city of san francisco, but i plan on sprinting to the finish. >> the mayor wants the new street cleaning program specifically for south of
6:40 am
market and the creation of a special rapid response team just to clean up dirty syringes. our time is 6:40. tonight the city of concord will host the first of three meetings about its reuse plan for the former concord naval weapon station. the city will present the land use plan and the latest updates on the project and they will also ask for community input. the city council adopted the reuse project area plan for that 5000-acre base in 2012. more than 65% of the project will become parks, playing fields and open space. the rest will be developed over the next 20 years. now, the meeting tonight will be at the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints on dininger road at 6:30. the family that will clean up the shipyard in san francisco is defending its rights that accusations -- of accusations that soil samples were falsified. tetra tech says it stands by
6:41 am
its work of cleaning up radioactive material at the site. the navy was reexamining the information produced by tetra tech after a view found problems with half of the soil samples that may have been manipulated. the old shipyard is in the process of being developed into a site for more than 12,000 homes as well as commercial and office space. we have been talking about tiny homes for the homeless in san jose, we are getting some more information about the price tag to build and staff hundreds of these temporary shelters in the south bay. plus, the san jose sharks on their quest for the stanley cup tonight. we will have a preview of the second round game between the vegas golden knights. s. good morning. our commute is definitely getting busier in this last hour. it has become a lot busier westbound 92 as you head out to the high-rise, there might be a little bit of a windy condition here. we will let you know about that and some of the south bay problems we have.
6:42 am
and in weather lots of clouds on those traffic cameras as well. mostly cloudy skies across a good portion of the bay area. talking about drizzle chances and possibly a few sprinkles that could move in by the weekend, that all coming up after the break. to move california forward, we need to help more californians get ahead. that's why antonio villaraigosa brought both parties together to balance the state budget with record investments in public schools... and new career training programs. as mayor of la, he brought police and residents together to get illegal guns off the streets and keep kids out of gangs, and on the right path.
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comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. stocks are up 72 points for the dow right now, about a third of a percent and the
6:45 am
nasdaq and the s&p 500 are also recovering some of the losses from this week as well. we will have some of the stocks to watch coming up in our next half hour. also happening today, the port of oakland commission will meet about the future of the oakland as. commissioners are scheduled to vote on whether to enter into exclusive negotiations with the team in regards to building a waterfront ballpark along jack london square at the howard terminal site. the one-year negotiating agreement would give the as time to examine the economic prospects of and any environmental issues concerning that area. the as are entering a similar agreement with the city of oakland regarding the coliseum property. the san jose sharks head to las vegas. thisser going to play the golden knights -- they are going to play the golden knights in the second round of the nhl playoffs. it's been more than a week since both teams swept their first round series. the sharks beat the ducks, the golden knights swept the kings. san jose is hoping to shake off any rust from having time off.
6:46 am
>> i think anytime you get a little extra rest, especially this time of year, you take it and it's on us to prepare well and, you know, stay sharp and you need the rest. it's it's a grind, it's tough on the body so anytime you can get rest here, you definitely want to take advantage of that. >> and game one tonight, 7:00 in las vegas. well, the future stars of the nfl will find new homes tonight. the first round of the nfl draft is tonight in texas. organizers are putting the final touches on the stage inside at&t stadium in arlington. the cleveland browns have the first pick, the 49ers and raiders will pick ninth and 10th. now, the 49ers have also hosting a draft watch party at pier 29 in san francisco. doors open at 4:00. the draft starts at 5:00. besides the party for fans, san francisco mayor farrell will light up city hall, coit tower and sfo in red and gold lights. tickets cost $5. kids under two can get into
6:47 am
that watch party for free. the raiders will be announcing some of their draft picks from las vegas. this is the second straight year the team will make draft picks from their future home city. according to the team, all picks on saturday will be announced by student athletes at nellis air force base. last year the team announced their picks in front of the welcome to las vegas sign. the complete coverage of the draft is right here on ktvu fox 2, starts at 5:00, then after that first round stay with us for our draft special as we get reaction to the 49ers and the raiders selections. then tomorrow you can watch the second and third rounds. that starts at 4:00. but don't worry, we will still have your news for you. that will be over on the ktvu plus during the draft so we have it all covered. >> you got it. time 6:47. let's check in with gasia now, see what's coming up in the next hour of mornings on 2. >> a busy morning continues as we follow the arrest of the man suspected to be the golden
6:48 am
state killer ahead of his first court appearance tomorrow. we just heard that the alameda county district attorney has just arrived at ktvu, she will be joining us in the 7:00 hour, then the contra costa county d.a. joins us live at 8:00. we will dig into how dna really was key in this case and how many other cold cases might be waiting to be solved through dna. also it seems being vegan is going mainstream. just about everybody knows someone who eats a plant based diet. now an east bay lawmaker wants to require certain institutions to provide vegan options for the people they serve. why she says many people including prisoners need to have that availability. these stories and much more. i'll join you in minutes. >> thank you. time now 6:48. all high school students in santa rosa, you will be required to take college prep classes beginning with the freshman class next year. >> yeah, until now, the school district has had a two track system, one for students planning to go to college and
6:49 am
another for students planning to go to vocational schools or community college. the press democrat reports that latino students and families have been pressuring the district to require college prep classes for all students. families say that would make more students feel that they have access to universities and colleges. santa rosa school district plans to offer what it calls an alternative career path. it has not worked out the details yet on that. >> okay. 6:49 is the time. as we go to sal, wanted to ask him, i'm curious, sal, because there are so many quarterbacks that are great quarterbacks that are expected to go in the draft. who do you think is going to go first? do you have a prediction? >> i have to think about that but i know which quarterback you're watching, pam cook. >> yes, there's a certain bruin, who is very good. >> i predict mr. rosen is going to have a nice career and i think he's going to be chosen highly but he may not be the first in my opinion. >> top three, right? >> yeah, i would say, i would say. but i know you're watching him.
6:50 am
>> yes, i am. good morning, everybody. i know pam, she is a ucla bruin. go out and take a look at the commute now. traffic is northbound 101 is going to be slow because of a crash at brook hall road. this crash involves a motorcycle and didn't sound as serious as i first thought but still making 101 very slow from before 280 now and northbound 280 is now getting into the act with people avoiding 101 and getting on 280, some people are getting on 85, northbound 101 still slow up to morgan hill because of an earlier accident near tenant road. we are also looking at the east shore freeway, 30 minute drive from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze and once you get to the bay bridge, it is crowded at the bay bridge. it's backed up all the way out to the maze. so it is kind of a typical and slow commute into san francisco. at 6:50, bring in mark tamayo with today's weather. >> whenever steve is off for more than a couple days, people
6:51 am
miss his phrases so can you enlighten up with his phrases that he likes to use on a daily basis? >> what does he say? i don't have them on the tip of my tongue. >> maybe for the 7:00 hour. sprinkle them in throughout the show. >> yes. >> status quo. >> off you go. talking about the low clouds and fog this morning and once again the clouds kind of regrouping, blanketing a good portion of the bay area right now so there's a satellite, in fact, we will come in closer and show you solid overcast from santa rosa to petaluma to marinwood and san rafael. san francisco, oakland and hayward, south bay neighborhoods as well through san jose and morgan hill. current numbers, they have not changed too much, mid-40s in napa, san francisco 50 degrees. san jose 55 and fremont 51. here is the view showing you this, the cloud cover looking out toward the oakland alameda estuary here and lofts of overcast to talk -- lots of overcast to talk about again this morning. clouds gradually clearing back near the coastline revealing
6:52 am
partly cloudy skies but by the weekend we bring in the chance of a few sprinkles just for early saturday morning. that's just about it. here's the plan for today, starting to see the micro climates out there, just the mid-50s for the beaches, mid to upper 50s and then eventually some 60s as you do work your way to the east bay neighborhoods and a few spots still warming up into the lower 70s this afternoon out toward amount i don't care and -- out toward antioch and brentwood. most areas coming down a few degrees from yesterday's highs, all because this guy, this area of low pressure offshore, it's going to stay offshore but still approach our coastline, drift toward our coastline over the next couple of days and with that the cooling trend will continue, could have some drizzle tomorrow morning and then possibly a few sprinkles saturday morning. not amounting to much. here's the forecast model this afternoon and then we will take this into your friday. this is the time when we could have drizzle pop up here, the main rain, though, is up to the north of the bay area and then saturday once again you can see a little bit of action showing up here so that could amount to
6:53 am
maybe just trace amounts or .01 at most as we head into saturday morning. upper 50s to 60s, 70s this afternoon, san jose 69, gilroy 72 and look ahead, your five- day forecast, it will be stratus quo as we head towards the weekend with maybe a few sprinkles by saturday morning. pam. >> thank you, mark. up next, our big story this morning, an arrest in a serial killer case that covered 10 counties in california, more than 40 years ago. the roll dna evidence played in linking a sacramento man to the golden state killer crime. and a new revelation in the case against 49ers ruben foster. the admission from his ex- girlfriend that could clear him of several charges. fearless is a wild animal.
6:54 am
6:55 am
crazy enough to believe it can change the world. fearless is resilient enough to suffer the slings and arrows -
6:56 am
and come out stronger. fearless reads the rules, understands the limitations, listens to the naysayers - and then goes ahead and does it anyway. you know what we make. fearless makes us who we are. at their home in los gatos. the santa clara county d.a. charged foster with three felonies. well, a statement from the attorney's office reads in part, foster did not strike her, injure her or threaten her. ennis' injury were the result of a physical fight with another woman and that foster tried to end his relationship
6:57 am
with ennis after he learned of the fight. a video of that fight with another woman has been made available. there is no verdict yet in bill cosby's retrial. now, the jury will meet again today after deliberating for more than 10 hours yesterday. among other things, jurors asked the judge for the legal definition of consent. now, the judge said the jury would have to decide that for themselves. cosby is accused of drugging and molesting a woman at his home in 2004, dozens of other women have come forward to accuse him of similar behavior. cosby is 80 years old, if convicted, he faces up to 30 years in prison. time now 6:57. google trying to help people get rid of unwanted prescription drugs. google will use its home page to pre motel the d.e.a.'s upcoming prescription drug takeback day. there's going to be a link underneath the search bar. it will take you to a map of all of the takeback locations. that nationwide event is on
6:58 am
saturday. well, the national institutes of health is spending more than $150,000 on a study that looks into adding warning labels on soda. the research is aimed to see whether the warning labels can push consumers towards healthier dietary choices. adult obesity is higher than it's ever been in this country, that is leading to other problems like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. time 6:58. hundreds of people showed up at san francisco's grace cathedral for a special beyonce mass. . ♪[ music ] [ music ]♪ >> now, the usual wednesday night service at the church attracts about 50 people. last night at least 900 people were there to hear church members sing the songs of beyonce. many of them say they don't usually go to church but they were curious about this particular service. the reverend who presided over the mass says it was a way to
6:59 am
change the perception that churches are judgmental. >> we are just saying let's use that as a conversation piece to talk about god, right? because this is a worship service. i know people think it's a gimmick. i know people think that we are worshiping beyonce. none of that is true. >> honestly, it was just like an opportunity to hang out with my friends and hang out with beyonce spiritually and a cool time. >> now the reverend who presided over the mass says she wants to hold even more beyonce masses in the future. he's suspected of 12 killings, dozens of rapes and more than 120 home burglaries. now a suspected serial killer who terrorized northern california decades ago is finally in custody. y.
7:00 am
it's a busy thursday. i am gasia mikaelian. >> i'm dave clark. we're checking your weather. you will see lots of clouds. mark tamayo is in for meteorologist steve paulson. >> good morning. we are starting out with mostly cloudy conditions for your thursday morning. a bit of a cooling trend for today. a lot of cameras as we pan across the bay. looking toward the bay and still a solid overcast to start the day. you will need your sweater. san francisco in the upper 50s this afternoon. skies becoming partly cloudy and still and overcast in


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