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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  April 26, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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we're following new developments tonight in the arrest of 72-year-old joseph deangelo including how investigators used his family tree to catch him. hello again, every. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm -- everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm john sasaki. he's -- julie haener. he's due in court tomorrow for the first time, and police revealed today they used dna from a website and it revealed a family tree including a relative of deangelo. now law enforcement departments from around the state are looking at old cases closely to see if they're linked to the suspect's dna. rob roth has more. >> reporter: investigators were scouring the citrus heights home of joseph deangelo thursday looking for specific items he may have stolen from the victims. >> he would take single earrings out of a set. he would take, um, obviously
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items that had monetary value. rings, some class rings. a variety of items like that. >> reporter: police have also seized computers, documents, and other potential evidence from a violent crime wave that lasted from the mid-1970s until 1986. neighbors in this sacramento suburb are still trying to come to grips with the idea that they had a suspected serial killer right next door all these years. >> you grew up with the fear of him, and to find out he lives right around the corner? >> reporter: deangelo is expected of at least 45 rates and 13 murders. just last year he retired from his job as a big rig mechanic at a save mart distribution center in sacramento. coworkers never suspected he was involved in anything like this. save mart issued a statement, quote, none of his actions in the work place would have led us to suspect any connection to crimes being attributed to him.
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district attorney nancy o' malley spoke about dna on mornings on 2. >> they were able to tap into innovative dna tex anemics to get him -- techniques to get him into a circle of who could be responsible for it, and then it was good police work, following him around, finding the discarded materials, and making him absolutely on dna. >> reporter: he's scheduled to make his first court appearance friday at 1:30. rob roth, ktvu, fox 2 news. >> prosecutors revealed today that investigators got their big break in the case from information on a genealogy website. using dna from the crime scene, they found a match to one of deangelo's relatives with similar genetic identifiers. jane katsuyama is live in the news room with more on how they followed a trail of dna. >> reporter: typically dna samples from crime scenes are compared to the fbi's data
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base, but in this case investigators did something very different, turning to commercial dna data bases to find a family tree that led them to the golden state killer suspect. >> we had a known sample from the suspect or the defendant in many of these cases, so what we did, using this dna technology is it didn't give us a suspect, what it gave us was kind of a universe. >> reporter: a universe of dna data that has exploded with the popularity of companies such as 23 and me and where customers submit dna samples compared to others and find relatives and create family trees. >> when you submit a dna sample, that will go out and will basically be compared with all the other people in the commercial data base. >> reporter: uc berkeley chemistry professor richard mathis as worked on dna analysis for 20 years.
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he says they can find connections through the websites. >> there's a lot of controversy in the forensic science community about whether you should use genetics to identify people who are related to criminals. >> reporter: investigators say they used the family trees to identify possible suspects, eventually leading them to the suspect. is sacramento county da says after collecting two discarded samples from deangelo they had a match. with genetic testing becoming more pervasive, society must grapple with a larger question. >> if you want to have these crimes solved, perhaps you have to get used to giving up a little bit of our personal privacy. >> reporter: investigators did not reveal today which dna website they used. i contacted the two most popular, and 23 and me, and they said they had no official requests or
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warrants from officers. >> jane katsuyama in the news room, thank you. >> tonight we're also hearing from one of the couples terrorized by the serial rapist. 40 years ago in 1978 they say he got into their home in stockton due to a broken dead bolt lock. >> he said in no uncertain terms that he was going to kill him if i didn't tie him and he didn't cooperate. perate. >> the family says the attacker made her tie up her husband tightly and put dishes on his back. if he moved the attacker would hear it and kill the man. the family says the attacker than raped the wife for two hours before they finally left the home and called for help. the couple says they're relieved to a suspect is now under arrest and he may finally see justice. and stay with ktvu for continuing coverage of the golden state killer. we'll bring you developments as we learn them. new tonight, fire crews are on the scene of a deadly fire at a mobile home park in san
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jose. the two alarm fire was reported about 5:00 on hermitage street. firefighters found the body of a man in his 20s inside one of the mobile homes. fire crews then began a frantic search of the park after they were told that a 4-year-old girl was missing. >> the 4-year-old female that earlier was reported as missing has been located unharmed. >> authorities have not yet released the name of the man that died and there was no word on the cause of the fire. crews plan to remain on the scene all night long watching for possible hot spots. in concord investigators finally gained access to the site of the big construction fire that was too hot and too unstable until now. air quality is a new concern cribbling to the on going -- contributing to the on going evacuation of other nearby apartments. >> reporter: this kitchen is
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firing up for the first time since it came dangerously close to to burning down. you can see the holes of falling embers in the awning. considering the magnitude of the blaze next door, a huge apartment complex under construction, agave restaurant is lucky, but business is off 80 percent. access is still a problem, and smoke lingers. >> it was pretty bad for us, and i'm just hoping that they will open the street tomorrow because we have a big weekend coming up. >> reporter: demolition of five- story 200 unit structure started thursday morning. apartments that will to open in september now rubble. >> we know right now that the air quality is not healthy. >> reporter: debris dust and smoke particles are unsafe, so a few hundred tenants still can't return to their neighboring units, plus the burned structure is still unstable. these hazards are slowing the probe into the cause and origin too.
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surveillance cameras from the site have been retrieved, and a team of atf experts is on scene seeing if it's connected to other arsons in the east bay. the owners of this long time bakery also impacted. >> the worst part is we couldn't even call the customers. >> reporter: they spent a harrowing night with the inferno 30 feet from their back wall. >> there was a wall of flame at times. if the wind would have been shifting the other direction we would have been up in smoke. >> reporter: only now they're able to retrieve orders they cannot fill, including wedding cakes. >> at least we can call them and personally apologize for not being able to make the cakes. >> reporter: alpine bakery got away from water damage, but lost all their perishables with the power out. this remains particularly disruptive for the people in hotels or bunking with friends
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until they get the all clear to come back. a chaotic scene in san francisco tonight where the driver of a suspected stolen car smashed into several other cars in the sunset district. five people were hurt, fortunately we're told none of the injuries are life threatening, but you can see imagine damage to a number of cars on 20th avenue. police say officers on foot tried to flag down the driver of the suspected stolen car. the driver sped off and crashed into the other cars. the suspect by the way is among those taken to the hospital. a contra costa county supervisor has directed county staff to investigate allegations of possible radio active materials dumped at keller canyon land fill near pittsburgh. they want county officials to provide an update about possible dumping at the land fill at next week's meeting. the request comes amid allegations that tainted soil from the shipyard in san francisco was improperly disposed of. a company called tetra tech has
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been cleaning up radio active material at the old navy base in the city. they deny wrong doing saying they've followed all regulatory guidelines and protocols. company officials say they've worked hard to make the shipyard safe for future use. still supervisor glover wants to make sure the land fill didn't receive contaminated materials. and senator feinstein is comfortably ahead of her challengers seeking a fifth term in office. the 84-year-old senator has 28 percent support. the state senate president is second with 11 percent, and republican james bradley has 10 percent support. ort. a big chunk, 37 percent of voters are still undecided. the june primary is now less than six weeks away. former cia director mike pompeo was sworn in today as the 60th secretary of state. his nomination was confirmed
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this morning. he takes over for rex tillerson who was fired in march. the white house tweeted out pictures today of pompeo's secret meeting with north korea's leader kim jong un over easter, laying the groundwork for a planned summit with president trump. meanwhile north and south korea marked a milestone today. kim jong un crossed over the demilitarized zone for talks with south korea. he's the first north korean leader to set foot in the south since the korean war back in the 50s. the summit is aimed at denuclearizing the korean peninsula. the changing skyline. the 23 major construction projects now underway in oakland including the promise of thousands of new homes. up first, guilty on all charges. the select on bill cosby and what could happen during sentencing. se and we are tracking that weather. the weekend is coming up and temperatures are on the cool
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down. what it will be like saturday and sunday.
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a jury in pennsylvania today found comedian and actor bill cosby guilty of sexual assault in his retrial. he was accused of drugging and sexually assaulting andrea constandt back in 2004. his lawyers said the incident
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was consensual. during the retrial the jury found out he paid her $3.4 million in a civil settlement. >> what was revealed was a man who spent decades preying on women he drugged and sexually assaulted and a man who had evaded this moment here today for far too long. >> cosby is currently free on a million dollars bail, he's 80 years old and faces a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison. his attorney is promising an attorney. one of cosby's more than 50 accusers is a long time resident of the pay area and says bill cosby assaulted her nearly 40 years ago when she was an aspiring singer. today she was at a pharmacy in lake tahoe with her husband when she learned about the verdict. >> i was just stunned, shocked out of my mind because i did not expect that verdict, and i started to cry, and my husband put his arms around me and the
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two of us stood in the aisle atkins beach rite aid crying, both of us. >> she head -- at kings beach right aid crying, both of us. and a family wants to leave a legacy of love and forgiveness as the man who killed a mother of four learned his fate today. >> reporter: lee bell learned he'll spend 25 years to life in prison. for perla lewis' family the tears started before the sennens thing got under way. he was -- sentencing got under way. lee bell was arrested and charged with her murder after her body was found. a long history of abuse and dna on the suitcase her body was found in pointed to bell. he was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison today. >> my feelings are, um,
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everywhere to be honest. >> reporter: the victim's son said he had dark thoughts of revenge, but now is focused on his new life teaching and sharing his mother's life experiences. >> i've been able to actually come up with my own class that i wrote a curriculum for, specifically in the case we talk about domestic violence. >> reporter: lewis' children remember the signs of abuse before their mother's murder and want others in danger to look for a way out. >> in her mind, just as many women believed that he loved her. >> reporter: after a three-year decline the district attorney says there been a recent increase in the number of domestic violence cases even as victims tell his office they're too afraid to come forward. >> what our victims and witnesses are telling us is they're afraid to come to court and engage the police and prosecutors for fear of being
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deported. >> reporter: as for bell inside the courtroom today, he said that his trial was more like a lynching than justice. he also said he was not responsible for killing the victim in this case, but that he was somehow responsible for her death. he even began spontaneously confessing to what he called a cold case before the judge cut him off and told him to consult with his attorney. the district attorney says he'll be following up on that investigation. bell's attorney declined to comment. new numbers show autism rates have gone up since 2000. the cdc says 1 in 59 eight-year- olds were diagnosed with autism in 2015. researchers say the report suggests doctors are doing a better job of detecting autism, but more research is needed to determine what is specifically driving the increase. crease. there's a building boom
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underway in oakland with cranes dotting the skyline and new construction taking place in many neighborhoods. the city's development director says more than $1.5 billion is invested in projects currently underway and by the end of year more than 3600 housing units will be complete. in total there are 20 major projects adding to the oakland skyline. >> we're seeing not only a high number of projects, but we're seeing high-rise projects, we're seeing both office and residential going at the same time, so we have jobs and housing that's being provided. >> we also spoke with some oakland residents who say they're open to change, but hope the new construction will help create new jobs and help get homeless people off the street. street. all right, heading towards your bay area friday, and then the weekend! temperatures cooler than they have been all week. temperatures dropping off, and tomorrow no exception. it will be the coolest day of the week, but incrementally
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cooler. these were today's high, and tomorrow will look a lot like this except more three or four degrees less. the fog slow to burn off. this is the weather system allowing the cooler weather to move inland. tomorrow a big fog footprint or low cloud footprint. maybe even a little drizzle. and it's breezy, windy. wind over 40 miles per hour in fairfield here. let's see where it is now. 39 miles per hour now out of fairfield, but the winds howling out through the delta ushering all that moisture from the coast. that's just the dynamics this time of year. all that cool moist marine air pushing into the delta. and sacramento just in the low 70s tomorrow with the clouds pretty high. not a dense fog, but a thick fog and high fog. by tomorrow mostly sunny, but look what it leaves behind. really cool temperature profile. that's it for tomorrow. greens 60s, yellows 70s. that's just an indication of
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the coolest day of the week and then the big sea breeze pushing the 70s back toward the roseville and and granite bay areas. it doesn't get hot, not 80s, but upper 60s saturday, and sunday some low 70s. the forecast, there's the cloud cover for tomorrow morning when you wake up. all the way up into the delta and down into monterey. in the afternoon it clears out, and saturday morning a few sprinkles show up. but yeah, it's all low grade stuff. and then sunday or saturday afternoon it starts to clear out. sunday will hands down be the best and nicest day of the weekend, but saturday is nothing to sneeze at. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow which will look, well saturday the coolest day of the week, and then we start to warm up sunday. the coolest day today, and then it warms. >> can't complain. >> looks awfully nice. >> maybe a sprinkle saturday morning, but nothing to change
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plans over. >> thanks bill. still to come here, the first round picks for both the raiders and 49ers. also the warriors announce steph curry's status for the playoffs saturday, and the san jose sharks. what happened to them tonight? >> that was a tough one tonight. >> mark is up next with sports. >> but up next prince william will be prince harry's best man in his wedding. harry is set to marry american actress meghan markle last month. harry was william's best man. william says he's looking forward to it and added revenge is sweet. ah, brotherly love. we'll be right back. be right back.
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sports now, both the raiders and 49ers drafted some incredibly large young men for the offensive line. >> remember the commercial where's the beef? we found it. we start with the 49ers because they had the number nine pick and go for a big dude by the name of mike mcglinchey. 6' 7, 310-pound tackle out university of joe montana. some people insist on calling it notre dame. but, um, pretty highly acclaimed offensive lineman. might not start this year, but i'll tell you what, eventually he could replace joe staley and
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john lynch loves this pick. >> he's got a special presence to him. he's real, he's authentic, and he's a bad ass and we like that. >> pretty succinct. and the raiders go for a tackle on the offensive line. colton miller who the raiders general manager described as having a mean streak. 6' 8, 336-pounder and we'll hear more from both of those young man tomorrow as round two gets under way. meantime, the best thing about the sharks game tonight in round two's opener, it only counts as one game. they don't count how many goals you give up, and there were plenty. how about 7-0? the onslaught in las vegas from the outset. they just fired on martin jones with great success.
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there's eric hala slinging it in, and they have a 2-0 lead, and the beat goes on. knights are golden again, look at that! just weaving through spectacularly. >> looks like me out there on the ice. >> yeah, that's just like you! 4-0 after one, and the las vegas goalie in the post- season, his third shut out. he had 33 saves. 7-0 shut out, game two the sharks will try and put this in the shredder saturday in vegas. good news for the warriors getting ready for a saturday get together with the new orleans pelicans. steph curry worked out in a normal practice fashion today. he's been upgraded from day-to- day to questionable and very well could see action saturday night at the oracle. and all in all a good day for the golden state warriors. it is time, we have time to
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check this out. and here's your baseball play of the day. herrera, back to the ground, matt cook behind the back snag for a d-back snag there. look at it in slow motion. that's not easy to do. >> like a hockey goalie there. >> reflexes. >> both the giants and a's were off, we were not ignoring them. >> see you later. >> good night.
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wolowitz: so, how does this game work? i just throw it, like a real ball? yeah, just nice and easy, right over the plate. all right. you suck, wolowitz! what's that about? i'm heckling you. it's a beloved part of baseball. sheldon: he's right. and given that you're probably still waiting to be picked for a game that was played in fifth grade, i'm sure you do suck. hi. what's going on? baseball. okay, this is not what i meant when i said go outside and play. he's practicing. for what? the angels wanted an astronaut to throw out the first pitch, so guess who they called? what, you? really?! well, a lot of people who weren't available, but then me! that's so cool! congratulations. i guess that makes you the athlete of the group. well, not just him! may i remind you that you're talking to the seeker, beater,


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