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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  April 27, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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charles in honor of the baby's grandfather prince charles and the name arthur is a family tradition, the middle name of both william and charles. today at nine, we'll talk with legal analyst michael cardoza about the laws of dna testing as the investigation into the golden state killer continues. and we're live with oakland a's president as the team makes a move toward the water park ball front at howard terminal. and tom green stops by ahead of his performance at cobs comedy club in san francisco. welcome to the 9, lower your stress level, boost your immunity, and your memory, no, it's not exercise. it's chocolate, as we give you a nice look across the bridge. clouds in the sky, the sun breaking through. a new study presented at the
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experiential biology. chocolate, specifically dark chocolate comes with a host of benefits. oftentimes we think it's the sugar in chocolate. in this case, they say the darker the better. these are 85% percent kakao that i found in our kitchen cabinet. i don't eat this stuff. it's too bitter. i like the hersheys with almonds in it. >> if you start eating it, i think you'll get used to it. i have been with this all morning, it hasn't tempted me once. gentlemen, are you interested. >> i'm not chocolate connoisseur, whether it's light, dark, whatever it may be. >> you would eat that? >> i appreciate the study and all they're doing, you know. >> but you're not going to change your chocolate habits? >> i don't eat a ton of chocolate. it's not going to make me eat more bad chocolate. >> i don't want to get in bad with your husband paul. i will sneak it back into the cabinet. let's stick with the big news of the day that we have been
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covering since 4:00 on mornings on two. the man suspected of being the golden state killer, joseph deangelo will be in a sacramento courtroom. he's suspected of committing 13 homicides now and at least 45 rapes across our state. police are now taking computers, documents and other potential evidence from the violent crime wave that lasted from the mid-70s through 1986. >> deangelo's brother-in-law says the family is trying to reserve judgment until the trial. >> i'm not trying to say he's guilty. i'm not trying to say he's innocent. i'm just saying let's see how it goes. let's go through the process. >> we know that dna collected from one of the crime scenes was compared to online genetic profiles. prosecutors say at least one of the profiles contained genetic information from a relative of deangelo. >> alex savage has more details that led to the arrest. >> some incredible detective work here. good morning to you guys. investigators originally
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compared dna samples from the so called golden state killer against the fbi's criminal data base, but that brought back nothing. that's when detectives took a unique approach in this case. according to the mercury news, they turn to a free genealogy web site called ged the open source site pools genetic profiles that people have shared publicly online. detectives took dna samples from crime scenes linked to the golden state killer and compared those to the online data base until eventually they got a match. it was someone's dna that closely matched the dna of their suspected killer. a distant relative, they believed of the elusive serial killer. detectives built a family tree, they slowly narrowed it down until finally, zeroing in on 72- year-old joseph deangelo. >> what we did using this dna technology is it didn't give us a suspect, what it gave us is kind of a universe.
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>> if you want to have these crimes solved, perhaps we have to get used to the idea of giving up a little bit of our personal privacy. >> and this unusual tactic used to crack the golden state killer case is certainly raising some ethical questions and concerns about privacy for those who share their dna samples on these web sites. in this case, detectives did not need a court order to access the large genetic data base on whoever, when it comes to the commercial genealogy sites like 23 and me, and, authorities need to have a warrant to access their dna profiles. those two popular web sites have told ktvu they did not work with investigators on the golden state killer case. instead, it appears it was a free online dna data base that helped authorities crack this case open. >> alex, thank you, for more on the laws around dna testing,
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we're joined by ktvu legal analyst, michael cordova, let's say you represent deangelo, and you hear this, do you bring it up in court? >> oh, do you bring it up. you have motions from now until forget about it. i mean, you're doing a motion, how good was their dna testing, how do we know they're as good as the criminalistic labs that we have throughout the state. did you need a search warrant. what type of contract did you have with the people? what about their rights of privacy? there are all sort of issues here. now, all that being said, my opinion, court's going to find all this is good, and that evidence will come in. >> let's talk about sort of from the consumer level. a lot of people don't realize when you scrape your cheek and send it in, you're giving them everything. >> no question about it, and that's why the attorneys will ask, did you sign a contract or did you just turn it over. it would be like taking a coffee cup and throwing it in the garbage, there's your dna.
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>> if it's a free open forum and a free web site, you won't need a court order, right, compared to a private one? >> apparently not. some you do, and some you don't. that's the contractual part of it. the ones that contract with you to do your dna, the genealogy, tell you, we, you give us the right to turn it over to other people. you have to give that right up. >> when you check that box, do you think people really understand what that is? no, come on. >> it's like user agreements on the iphone. >> no, no, how many times, you go to the doctors office. you go anywhere, you go online and they say do you agree to this. do you sit there and read the five pages, you do check the box and go i agree. >> is this going to be a new way that the authorities are going to try and find matches to dna because so many people are voluntarily turning over their dna you get a warrant for a company like 23 and me after you're, you know, a suspect and
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that's it, right? >> right. i mean, i think it's genius. the way they went about this is genius. you have the coroner in southern california on one of the most brutal murders that happened by this killer, deangelo, that's the one where he grabs wood and bludgeons the people to death, and i'm thinking, boy does that fit in with anything we heard from the neighbors where i heard one lady say, yeah he's out in the backyard yelling, where are my teeth, getting awfully angry, boy i can picture him in the house, grabbing the wood and bludgeoning these people. it just perfectly fits. >> and they said they were looking for someone in law enforcement and military background, which he has both in regards to the way some of the knots were tied and other evidence found at the scene. today's arraignment is at 1:30. walk us through it. what's going to happen here? >> you'll go into court, and it will be up to the defense team whether they're going to enter
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a not guilty verdict or not. at some point, they will enter the not guilty verdict and a lot of people say if he did it, why do you enter a not guilty. because that's the start. you don't admit anything. you do the not guilty. then the discovery process begins, vetting the evidence where the prosecution turns other the police reports, did the, in, a reports, all the scientific reports, explains to the defense, here's how we got him. then the defense begins to build their case, and they begin to do their motions. >> you're talking about murder charges in different counties, right? >> that's going to be interesting, michael. i have talked to a lot of d a's in the state. i said will they be able to put these together. there is a code section. if it's a continuing transaction, for example, i rob you here, and then i drive to another county and i rob somebody there, yeah, then they can put it together.
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or if there's a nexus between all the murders. i'm sure they'll try. >> sacramento county will try. >> they'll try and they will take the best cases, the ventura case, let us try it or send one of your prosecutors to help us. >> do you think the state's case is rock solid? >> i don't know yet rock solid, but i'll tell you this, the emotion in this case is so high, i know the burden of proof, you know, is beyond a reasonable doubt, that's an abiding conviction of the truth of the matter. that's how you define that. you know, i've got to tell you, jurors are going to get in there and say, okay, i have to find him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. reasonable doubt is what you want, what's an abiding conviction, could mean something to you, different, with each interpretation, jurors are going to sit here and look at this, and go, are you kidding me, a little bit of evidence will do it for me, and they don't want to be the one in the jury that's going to find this one not guilty. do i think they have enough evidence, yes, i do. i don't think any jury will
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have a problem with this. but i always thought when i prosecuted and defended, that burden goes down a little when you have these horrendous crimes. people are leaning more toward the prosecution, they shouldn't, but they do. that's human nature. >> michael cordova, thank you for joining us this morning. >> you're welcome. >> ktvu's henry lee is headed to the arraignment. joseph deangelo set to make a court appearance at 1:30 this afternoon. we have asked for a live report on our noon newscast. overseas, history has been made on the korean peninsula with kim jong un crossing over for an unprecedented summit with the president of south korea. >> just a few steps, kim jong un made history, walking across the border to meet south korea's president for their first summit. the two leaders coming to several agreements in principle, including denuclearization.
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closer ties, and a permanent peace treaty to formally end the korean war. >> we will make sure the agreement we have reached does not repeat the unfortunate history of unfulfilled promises. >> there will be a valuable beginning toward the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. >> the summit is being hailed around the world as a major diplomatic breakthrough. president trump tweeted in part, the united states and all of its great people should be very proud of what is taking place in korea. there's no legal framework for any of those proposals yet but experts say a breakthrough could be just around the corner. >> it has to start with this kind of high level political will. it has to start with the leaders meeting and seeing if they can identify a deal. >> meanwhile, the u.s. says it will continue its maximum pressure campaign against north korea, ahead of an upcoming summit between kim jong un and president trump. >> this president has said he's willing to come to the table, but he always has an exit strategy. he can walk away.
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that's what deal maker and negotiators do. >> south korea president moon is expected to visit the north sometime this fall. before that they'll head to the states with a meeting with president trump. in seoul, south korea. do you believe the recent developments will improve the relationship between the united states and north korea, 64% say yes. 36 say now. a lot of tweets. drinking says, i'm -- chris says, i'm optimistic, but reserve judgment. i'm hopeful. i don't trust kim jong un ultimately. >> another viewer says there must be a method to his madness, trump is nobody's fool. and keep your friends closer and your enemies closer, just a thought. >> we'll bring more on the 9 at 9:30. thanks for using our hash tag, ktvu the 9. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9 new hope for a water front ballpark, and
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we'll discuss the latest development with the howard terminal site.
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the oakland a's took a big first step toward a possible water front stadium at howard terminal in oakland. commissioners voted to enter into exclusive negotiations with the oakland a's. under the one year agreement, the a's pay the port $100,000 as they study the economic, transportation and environmental issues. supporters of the stadium there at howard terminal say it will mean more foot traffic for jack london square just to the south. opponents say they are concerned the stadium at howard terminal could eliminate jobs. oakland mayor libby schaaf released this statement, today through these negotiations i'll remain focused on keeping the
9:16 am
a's in oakland. we're joined by oakland a's president, dave kaval in studio. exclusive negotiations there, isn't that kind of cheating a little bit, it seems like. >> we're parallel passing. we want to make sure we have multiple options in oakland. we have an ema here at the port, which is great. we had a unanimous vote yesterday, and we're pursuing the same type type -- same type of agreement with the city council. >> why not putting your chips in one. >> we tried that with the situation last year, and i think development in california can be challenging and it's just important to have options to make sure we pursue these things in parallel so we can get to an opening in 2023. >> it's hard to get done without opposition. i thought there wouldn't be any. is there any opposition to your coliseum. i guess there would be since you're already there. how do you deal with finding out who your opponents are, and
9:17 am
placating their concerns? >> i think it's important to have a positive vision and plan for a ballpark and associated development and make sure that we partner with the local civic groups and stake holders to have a project that's a win for everyone, andst that you are o intention. we're working with the city and county and port to do that. that's how you can find success. >> the one thing you wish you could change with the current site. >> the howard terminal, the transportation is a challenge. we have to find a way to get people to and from the water front and we are working on every creative idea, including an aerial tram, a gondola, a rubber tire tram to make that happen. at the coliseum it's around creating a sense of place and a ballpark district that people want to come to. >> will the excitement be there at the coliseum, the terminal is new and shiny is that running through your mind? >> well, it's a huge parcel, great transportation access. it has a lot of positives as well, and so each site has its pros and cons, we're weighing
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those, working with the different agencies to figure out what the economic deal is so we can get to a successful project. >> in the meantime, you have to hope that your franchise survives all of this and people still come to the coliseum and keep your franchise alive. you did the tree house, keeping things, you continue to do that, right? >> you have to invest in what we have now. we need to add amenities to the coliseum, the tree house, championship plaza with the facebook trucks, great amenities for fans to enjoy our team now. >> four years ago, lou wolf, i remember him saying that the water front site was not really feasible. is it feasible in your eyes? >> well, we're moving through that process right now. this was an important step to deepen the relationship with the port to understand if it truly is feasible. i think transportation is really the big question. we have to solve that. we need to work together with the local agencies to see if we can come up with a plan. >> i know you mentioned the tram and gondola, and people laughed about it when they saw
9:19 am
it, but actually, i know the dodgers are thinking about it. they're considering it. >> they're copying us. l. a. is always copying nor cal, that's always happening. >> it's important to note that both the sites are considering the coliseum site and deep east oakland and the coliseum in west oakland. the neighborhoods could be considered somewhat economically below average. you have a lot of people struggling hoping to make it better who might not be able to afford a huge increase in rent. is that in your mind as well? >> we have to have a project that makes sure we, you know, kind of understand the local character of the neighborhood. >> respect what's already there. >> respect what's there and make sure we preserve and protect those areas. that's something that's a clear guide principle for our project. >> good to hear. >> dave kaval, always a pleasure. coming up in a minute on mornings on 2 the 9 after led was found in the drinking water at oakland's high school, how
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soda tax money could be used to help fix the problem.
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how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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new at nine, santa cruz police are thanking people who intervened. 40-year-old desuco mire was arrested. people who heard the woman screaming came to help her. they pulled the woman away from muiro and he ran away. as an officer arrived on scene, muiro attempted to punch the officer. the officer was able to pull him to the ground and arrest him. students may soon get assurances that water on campus is safe to drink. >> the oakland unified school district is using soda tax to install lead free drinking fountains. >> you may recall back in 2016 that lead was discovered in one of the drinking fountains here
9:23 am
at mcclymonds high school. in the interim, they donated a does hydration stations at ten oakland unified schools and that proved to be very popular with the students. in an effort to bring safe drinking water to the 110 city schools, oakland is hoping to tap into the soda tax money. that is money that was generated from measure hh, that taxes sugary drinks a penny per ounce. $371,000 will be voted upon next week to get the project moving forward. alameda county hopes to add another $100,000. and by the way, the kids love it. >> i like it because, you know, it's not like the water in the fountains at the school because it doesn't got lead in it so it's safe to drink. >> could be a little colder, though. >> right. >> steph curry is a spokesperson for brita. >> does that make it any cooler? >> not really. >> not really. so apparently the water is cool
9:24 am
all by itself but it is a win- win. kids are not only drinking clean water, they're getting hydrated while in class, and filling up their water bottles and taking them home, drinking fresh, clean water. that's what measure hh was about, keeping the kids healthy and the obesity level down. i'm frank mallicoat, ktvu 2 news. changing the lives of a family from oakland and one of the city's police officers. ktvu's paul chambers has more on the events that brought them together. >> reporter: a chance meeting near this home on east street has forever changed the lives of an oakland family and a police officer. >> the mother took the initiative to call me over while i was doing something else. can you just spend a few minutes. >> before ira, i tell you, there were a lot of things that they saw negative about police officers. >> reporter: that was nearly a year ago. since then officer ira anderson
9:25 am
has adopted the korean family, taking some of the children on outings, including their first visit to the beach. in august, the family had a set back. >> things have been a little tough for us because we had to move out of where we were because of the high rent. >> reporter: the family of 8 voluntarily packed up their belongings and moved into this camper. a few months later, yet another hardship. >> we have been without a vehicle for almost, what, about six months. >> it takes a lot to take care of six kids and so everything we have goes into the children and so i was trying to save up for another vehicle. >> reporter: now they don't have to. thanks to the kindness of officer anderson, he contacted auto plus towing as he was looking to help the family buy a vehicle, the owners of the company were so touched, they decided to give the family the vehicle for free. >> i grew up in the projects of san francisco, hunters point, and i have seen both sides of the fence. at any given moment we could be on the other side of the fence on the receiving end. >> reporter: here's a closer
9:26 am
look at the family's 2015 dodge caravan. officer anderson and the towing company's owners said simple acts of kindness are what people should do for one another. through tears of joy, anderson says he's only doing what he was taught from the man who his mother named him after. >> he used to take care of us, you know, and help us out, you know, and my mother didn't have a whole lot. so he would come around and help us. >> reporter: that gesture has stayed with anderson. he says helping the korean family is his way of paying it forward. >> we need to give each other the time of day. we're all human beings. we're all in this struggle. we can all help each other. >> this is true community policing. we need a community that loves their police, and we need police who love their community. >> reporter: auto plus and towing is footing the entire bill for the vehicle, including the registration, that way the family has their vehicle by the weekend. in oakland, i'm paul chambers,
9:27 am
ktvu fox 2 news. coming up on mornings on 2, are you getting robocalls from a number that looks a lot like yours. >> decline, decline. >> hang up. the trick companies are using to get you on the phone, and how congress is getting involved. the oakland dance festival is bringing the spirit of black panther to the bay area. up next, we're live in studio with the organizer about the free event being held this weekend.
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this morning, we have video of south korean president moon jae-in, for the first time meeting north korea's leader, kim jong un face to face, the two leaders shook hands at the military demarcation line dividing the country. they quickly stepped into the north crossing the southern side hand in hand. do you believe the recent developments will improve the
9:30 am
relationship between the united states and north korea. 64% of you say yes. 36% say no. a lot of tweets on this one. debra longmeyer says yes. >> someone said it couldn't hurt. well done president trump. >> sal. >> i have seen a lot of them. most are saying it will help. by the way, if you want to chime in, you can always do that by going to our twitter page or our web site and using the hash tag ktvu. for more on some of the other headlines we have been working on, let's go to dave clark. >> here are some of the top stories we are following. the man suspected of being the golden state killer, joseph deangelo will be in a sacramento courtroom. he is suspected in 13 homicides and at least 45 rapes. investigators used a genealogy web site to search for a match to dna samples from old crime scenes and say it revealed a family tree that included one of deangelo's relatives. now police all across the state
9:31 am
are looking at old cases to see if the cases might be linked to deangelo's dna. this is raising big privacy questions for people who share their dna samples on those web sites. according to the mercury news, investigators use a free, online dna data base to track down the suspected serial killer. we expect an update from fire investigators in concord on when evacuees forced to flea tuesday morning because of a big fire at an apartment complex can go back home. what is left of that building is being torn down now. the people who live next door have been kept away because the old apartment complex may collapse. investigators say it's still too early to know how the fire started. and new here on the nine, we're just in from san jose, just about a half hour from now, investigators will go back to the scene of last night's deadly mobile home fire, looking for the cause. it happened on hermitage street
9:32 am
near highway 237. this video we're going to show you was taken just a little while ago. this is that burned out mobile home. fire crews found the body of a man in his 20s inside the trailer. officials say he may have run back inside to look for his missing 4-year-old niece. firefighters frantically searched the entire mobile home park for that little girl who was later found safe at the home of another relative. well, bill cosby is free this morning on $1 million bail after a jury in pennsylvania in a retrial convicted him of sexual assault. cosby was convicted of drugging and assaulting andrea constand in 2004 in his pennsylvania home. he could get up to 0 years in prison. cosby's lawyer claimed they had consensual sex and called ms. constand a liar and a con artist. the date for sentencing bill cosby has not been set yet. cosby's lawyer plans to appeal. those are just some of your
9:33 am
morning headlines. hey, mike, sal, gasia, i'll send it back to you. >> dave, thank you. millions of americans are screening their phone calls because of a scam call. many use a fake number that happens to start with the same three digits of your phone number, is this maybe my brother, you don't know, and often they do answer the call, but you should not. people are fed up. congress taking notice. caroline shively reports from washington with more. >> reporter: have you answered the phone to hear a pause or received a call that looks like it could be from someone you know but it's not? the use of these tactics, leading a house sub committee on digital commerce and consumer protection to evaluate how to help consumers. >> it's a jungle out there, and robocallers have started to use more advanced tricks and tactics. we have to stay one step ahead of the bad guys. >> robocalls are a top complaint for the ftc and fcc
9:34 am
with americans getting 35 billion of them last year, and 3.2 billion just last month. caller id spoofing where scammers falsify information to display phone numbers similar to a consumer is also on the rise. it's more than just an annoyance. >> i get them all the time. they appear to be coming from my home at times, they're that good anymore. >> reporter: there are ways to prevent these types of calls. homes and mobile phones can be added to the do not call registry. call blocking apps are also available. some say more needs to be done. >> essential legal protections against robocalls under the tcpa remain at risk and enforcement efforts have not been enough to stop illegal robocalling. >> still getting robocalls? the ftc recommends hanging up the phone. don't press any numbers. doing so can lead to more
9:35 am
illegal calls. in washington, caroline shively, ktvu fox 2 news. how dirty our cell phones are, one in six have e. coli. people never seem to put them down, not even for a visit to the restroom. >> a bathroom is going to be an area where there's a high concentration of bacteria that you're going to be exposed to, so why expose your personal electronic device to that. >> while some health experts say the bacteria likely will not make you sick, they do suggest, of course, keeping them out of bathrooms and wiping them down every now and then. >> where are the wipes. i want to wipe my phone down all of a sudden. all right. let's talk about the weather, and today it's rosemary orozco telling us the weather is cooler than it should be for this time of year. >> yeah, running a bit below
9:36 am
average for the final weekend of april. we have partly sunny, partly cloudy skies. outside for your day, and temperatures slightly below where we landed yesterday. we are beginning to see a bit of a rebound, although it's taking some time with all that cloud cover in place. there's a look at the oakland skyline. oakland, 57 degrees, as well as san francisco. one of the cooler spots this morning, santa rosa, now 53, bottomed out in the upper 40s. the cooler weather pattern is going to stick around. drizzle throughout the morning hours as we get into your bay area saturday. here's a look at the future cast on this as we get into the second part of the day. partly sunny, partly cloudy, and then a little bit more sunshine expected for the second half leading into your evening hours. more of the same coming your way for your bay area weekend. here's a look at the temperatures expected for this afternoon. upper 50s, pacifica. 60s around the bay. nearing 70 degrees in the south bay of morgan hills. san jose, going to 68. giants play, 60 is the
9:37 am
afternoon high for downtown san francisco. 56degrees expected at game time at 7:15, as the giants take on the dodgers, a west breeze, 15 miles per hour, partly cloudy skies, so a little cool, a little breezy. bring along the jacket for you there. here's a look at the extended forecast. notice, not much change. 40s and 50s to start the day. upper 60s for the afternoon, with a mix of sun and clouds. a little bit warmer as we get into next week. back to you, enjoy your weekend. thank you. the fifth annual dance festival is returning to jacqueline square. >> featuring dance performances a passion show, and a pop up village inspired by the movie black panther. >> we are joined by carla service, the organizer of the oakland dance festival. i know you battling trying to hold onto your voice right now. this is for professionals and amateurs, right? >> exactly. professionals and amateurs from all over the bay area. dance studios, dance groups, dance crews from all over the
9:38 am
bay area, starting with ages 3 1/2 all the way up to how old are you? >> well. >> we are 27 years old, all three of us, it just so happens. >> there's so much talent in the city of oakland when it comes to dance. i wanted to bring everyone together not only to dance but everyone together to learn each other's cultures through dance. >> and i have, speaking of youth, i have two young daughters who are into dance or getting into it. and you know, if i bring them, will there be things for them to watch and see? >> they will be able to watch and see, and dance themselves. i usually let the audience come on stage and dance also. >> great. >> when you talk about oakland, a lot of people have the movie black panther on their mind. and part of the dance festival, this weekend draws on what many of us have seen in the theater. >> i have a person coming in, the designer's name is james head, and he has made clothing inspired by the movie.
9:39 am
dancers will be dancing similar to the warriors in the movie, and you'll see a fabulous fashion show on sunday. this is sunday only because the festival this year is two days. >> part of that festival is, you know, it features workshops and master classes, you know, someone like me, i may not be going to the master classes, but can you explain to the viewers, what is the master class? >> the master class is if you have had some training and you can move faster and pick up, and your mobilization skills are quicker, you come in and work with a teacher, such as myself who have been teaching for over 35 years. >> what is it about dance that you love, when you say 53 years, why are you so attached to it? >> it keeps you healthy, it keeps you happy and there's no language when it comes to movement, you just dance, no matter what part of the world you come from, you can speak through movement. >> i love it. carla, thank you. they say the show must go on in hollywood. the show has gone on even despite your voice. >> i apologize. i'm so sorry. >> your spirit brings it all.
9:40 am
>> make sure everyone comes out and dance. >> absolutely. come out and dance, and if you're shy like me, start by watching. all the information you need is waiting on look for it in the web link section on the mornings on 2, and the ktvu mobile app, the oakland dance festival taking over the square this weekend. coming up on mornings on 2, a comedian i know you know, tom green returning to his roots on the stand up stage. next, he's live in our studio, ahead of his performances at san francisco's cobs comedy club. the nfl draft back in prime time on ktvu fox 2. after that, it's the big bang theory and modern family. don't forget to end your night of course with the 10:00 and 1 success news.
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the san jose police department will be graduating a record class today. 9 of the 49 officers are women. more than any other class. the department now has about 990 officers within its ranks. it's currently authorized to have 1109 officers. >> this morning we learned the name of the new baby prince born to britain's royal family. the name of the son of the duke and duchess of cambridge is louis arthur child. louis a tribute to prince phillip whose graph was louis alexander. charles and arthur have special meaning. the name arthur is a family tradition, the middle name of william and charles. our next guest has been fired by president donald trump, rallied against social media and rapped about m&m. >> he's moved on from man on the street comedy and is
9:44 am
returning to his roots as a stand up comic. >> he is performing at cobs comedy club and we are very happy to have tom green live in studio. welcome, tom. >> great to be here, the surf board, this is good. >> this is really cool. >> stand up in san francisco, have you ever done it? >> i have. >> when was the last time? >> maybe about a year and a half ago. i come to cobs every year or two. i'm on a world tour so i got to do the rest of the world between gigs here, but i love it in san francisco. >> mike, go ahead. >> you know, speaking of stand up. >> i insist. you say you surprise yourself every night on stage doing stand up, what do you mean by that? >> did i say that? well, i do. it's true, i do. it's a lot of improv in the show. i do a lot of crowd work. it's a lot of spontaneity in stand up. that's what i love about it. when you do a movie and television show, there's a script and you plan it out and work on it for months, when you're doing stand up, it's spontaneous and gets a little
9:45 am
wild and crazy up there. >> so many comedians when they end up doing television work, they always want to go back to standup. what do you think it is about stand up that draws people to go back to it? >> it's the purest form of comedy. first of all, you're there with people, and you're having a good time. it's not as structured of a thing. >> it's organic. >> and why you get into comedy, personally, i was a goof ball at school and trying to crack up your friends and you hear the actual laughter, there's an adrenaline rush. i get to go all over the world. i performed in his for the first time a few months ago, and england and australia, and the u.s. and canada. it's a good time to be doing stand up. there's lots going on right now. as you mentioned, i know the president. >> on the apprentice. >> he fired me because i went out drinking with dennis rodman on the night i was the project manager. >> come on, tom, what are you thinking. >> what are you supposed to do.
9:46 am
>> what about tom green in the 90s versus tom green today. >> my show premiered on mtv in 1999. i started in canada a few years before there, public access, i was a television broad broadcasting student and i started making weird videos with my friends. i was in my 20s, and we were doing goofy stuff. i don't like to think i matured, really, i don't think that sounds fun, but i do talk about maybe more social issues and real subjects in my stand up now, as opposed to just going out in the street and pulling pranks. >> was it tough being tom green over and over and over and again, fun, successful, it was great, but. >> it was a really exciting time. like i said, i started the show with my friends in school, and i loved david letterman, i wanted to do a show like david letterman. i got to guest host, host
9:47 am
saturday night live. it was a real whirlwind thing happening. as a comedian, it was all you could dream of. exciting a great time. >> where would you say the cities that are important for stand up comics, or now since it's everywhere, or is social media the way? someone's out there thinking, i want to try this, do you start with telling jokes on social media, do you try and get on stage somewhere? >> i do stand up almost every night, really, so i'm always trying new stuff, and i actually have a residency in las vegas now, at harris casino, so i'm there on sunday and monday nights and then on the weekend i'm out on the road. last weekend i was in seattle, the weekend before, vancouver, canada, but social media is so intertwined with it now. you know, you do your shows and still interact with your fans around the world. >> they think they have the stuff to tell jokes, maybe they can get a you tube channel or something. >> if you want to be a stand up
9:48 am
comedian, you have to get on stage. there's no other replacement for that. go out, do an open mic, get up on stage, write some jokes, if people laugh, do it again. if they don't laugh, get out of the business. >> you were very early with your advice to get off of facebook. do you feel somewhat vindicated now that there is a delete facebook movement regarding the cambridge analytica scandal? >> you know, i started talking about privacy and online privacy stuff ten years ago, you know, in my stand up show. i still am on facebook, by the way. >> i noticed. >> i'm on facebook, instagram, twitter, that's how i know that i can't stand it. because i'm on it. it consumes. it ends up consuming. >> i come up with tricks to use my phone less. when i go to dinner with friends, i invented a game so everyone's not on their phone the whole time, the phone stacking game. everybody take your phone, set it in the center of the table. stack your phones up.
9:49 am
nobody can touch their phone for the entire dinner. if anyone grabs the phone, they pick up the tab. it's a lot of fun. and you have a better social interaction with people when you're not all stuck in your phones. >> do you find that you would not be doing social media if you weren't in the gig that you do? >> you know, it's part of it, yeah, because it's the way you promote your shows. everybody follow me on instagram and twitter. i check my comments, but you have to make sure you don't, you know, you remember that it's an addictive thing. you can actually be using it even more than you really need to, you know. i also don't leave my phone beside the bed. you know, when you sleep at night, you sort of subconsciously feel like you should be reaching out and texting even while you're asleep. when i leave my phone out of arm's reach on the dresser or something, i sleep better. >> i use my phone as an alarm clock. we get up early. >> put it on the other side.
9:50 am
>> i need to get the old school alarm clock with the red numbers. >> everything is retro now. >> real life is best. whatever is happening here is okay but real life is best. >> good to see you. >> i want you to see tom green in real life, if you can't see him on instagram and facebook and all that business, all the ticket information for his shows is waiting for you on look for it in the web link section of the mornings on 2 tab. find it on our mobile app. tom green, what a joy to meet you. have fun in san francisco. >> thank you. >> welcome back. >> there you are on instagram. >> what do you know. >> tom green on instagram. dog: seresto, seresto, seresto.
9:51 am
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jake... seresto, seresto, seresto. whatever your dog brings home to you, it shouldn't be fleas and ticks. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar. seresto, seresto, seresto. ohh no, jake. seresto. 8 month - seresto, seresto, seresto.
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we hope you enter for a chance to win an earthquake preparedness kit. to enter go to the ktvu facebook page. look for the tab on the left. the freebie friday give away. follow instructions and fill out the online form. 11:59 tonight. the prize has an approximate retail value of $100 and it's provided by the california earthquake authority. winners will be selected by a random drawing. you'll see all the official rules when you go to and look under contests. 49ers suppressed fans by drafting what they hope is a future corner stone for their offensive line. >> with the 9th pick in the 2018 nfl draft, the san francisco 49ers select mike mcglichi, offensive tackle,
9:54 am
name. >> mike and his son heard it in the garage in the car. >> good old fashioned radio. the 49ers want to protect jimmy garoppolo. and mcglinceey was the team captain for the fighting irish for the past two seasons. just a few moments ago, espn are reporting 49ers are trading trent brown and a 5th round draft pick to the new england patriots, in exchange, the 49ers get a third round pick. >> the raiders were trading down for more picks, then with the 15th overall pick, they found more blocking protection for quarterback derek carr. >> with the 15th pick in the 2018 nfl draft, the oakland raiders select colton miller, offensive tackle, ucla. >> he's not short.
9:55 am
miller is 6 feet 9 inches tall and will fill one of the holes on gruden's offensive line. he was born in redwood city and grew up in roseville. >> the cleveland browns have started 28 different quarterbacks since 1999. they hope the man they drafted last night will put an end to the suffering. baker mayfield was selected by the cleveland browns. he was a heisman trophy winner. he did not attend the draft. he celebrated with friends and family. josh allen was drafted 7th by the buffalo bills, long believed to possibly be the number one overall pick. hours before the draft as we told you here on the 9, some racist tweets surfaced from when he was in high school. buffalo's general manager said they did they due diligence and believe the quarterback will earn the trust of fans and the organization. our coverage of rounds two and three begins today at 3:00. we'll bring you all of our regular newscasts on our sister
9:56 am
station. ktvu fox. will steph curry be back for the warriors in the playoffs. he practiced yesterday with a brace on his knee. which kept him out of the lineup in march. the warriors are hoping curry can play in game one against new orleans pelicans tomorrow at oracle arena. >> san jose sharks fans, only game one. the sharks opened their playoff series against the vegas golden knights, and they took a 7-0 loss, basically destroyed. the golden nights had the first goal, 4 1/2 minutes into the game, and then their second goal, 26 seconds later, sharks goalie martin jones was pulled in the second period. this is only the second time in team history that the sharks lost a playoff game by 7 goals. they kind of look like a football score. the first was 9-2 loss, calgary, back in 95. game two of the series is tomorrow night. i think the sharks will get it together. >> yeah, they just got to stop
9:57 am
some of the pucks from going in. >> dodgers are in town. giants, dodgers, four games this weekend, including a double header saturday. a couple give aways, including tonight. they have the double flap down hat that says beat l. a. in a nice little 60 anniversary right there. first 20,000 get that one, and then on saturday, for the night cap of the double header, you get the crawford gnome with the gold glove on the left hand. let's hope the giants maybe get a nice little sweep of the dodgers as they are in town. >> thanks for watching everyone. we'll see you back here at noon. protein, food that's made for us. made to power our strengths. special k.
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