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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  April 30, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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at the san jose police headquarters tonight were they gave us new information on the bus. for many of the suspects, this was not the first arrest. >> reporter: this was a very large bus, but authorities say about one half of the people they are resting for the second time. they took five adults and 11 juveniles into custody. police say they are responsible for numerous crimes including seven robberies, six carjackings, 10 burglaries, and assault with a deadly weapon. authorities say they seized several firearms and some stolen property with the bus -- bust. they are calling this a new type of game that doesn't claim specific turf, but focuses on a high volume of crime in a short amount of time. >> they would carjack a car and maybe drive it around until they could find another victim. then they would rob that victim on the street and commit another robbery and may be a burglary. then they would get rid of the first car and carjack the
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second car. >> reporter: this was a multi- jurisdiction steam. authorities say because the gang operated far outside of the san jose area as well as in san jose. the santa clara district attorney's office is issuing an alert as local authorities have told them a band of roving criminals is heading to the county, and their targets are senior citizens. the group is known for distraction burglaries often times pretending to be from a utility company or a roof repair business. investigators say they will make up an excuse to get into the person's home using one member to distract the homeowner, and that is when they strike. >> while the victim is distracted, another crew member of this scam outfit will come into the house and rummaged through the house and look for any valuables they can find. we have had cases where the
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suspects have even taken safes bolted to the floor. >> authorities say that senior citizens are often the target and advising people to check the credentials of any service provider trying to get into their home and to be especially cautious in the coming weeks. a formal warning will be issued by the das office tomorrow, however it turns out those scammers may already be here. pg&e tells ktvu they have at least 20 cases over the past week impersonating pg&e representatives all over the bay area. an important warning and pg&e says you should always ask for identification. newly released video shows police officers knew of the dangers inside of the oakland go ship warehouse more than one year before that fire that killed 36 people. hours of body camera video was leaked to the newspaper, and the east day times wrote the story to 2 investigates. 
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it is now some of the most visible evidence the police knew about the hazards inside of that warehouse. >> some of the officers were there more than once. our 2 investigates reporter talk to the people who said the city should be liable for the people who died inside of that warehouse. >> reporter: the attorneys representing those two men charged said this only bolsters this aspect their case. there was more than one dozen videos of police visiting the warehouse and on seven occasions , officers went inside responding to fights or illegal parties or arguments among tenants. >> it is more like a residence, but like a loft. >> reporter: more than a year before this open warehouse was overtaken by flames and smoke, officers were called to the go ship, and not just once, but another time and officers commented on the rickety stairs. >> is this even stable?
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>> reporter: and then the clutter. proof that officers knew. >> it's like a huge fireplace in here. >> reporter: public records appeared to show no reports, no inspections, and no violations. >> it gave a green light to my clients! they see and they know and they say okay. >> reporter:'s attorney represents the master tenant who along with max here is which are in the deaths of 30 people after flames took over a party in 2016. >> i was at the door and i heard somebody scream fire, so i went into myspace to get a fire extinguisher. >> reporter: newly released body camera video shows some of the chaos that night. >> there was so much smoke, and my powercore just melted and i just dropped it and i said oh
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my god, i can't believe i made it! >> reporter: the video also shows the failure of city employees to take action long before. >> they don't have any choice. the law requires them to do something. they didn't and as result this tragic event happened. >> reporter: pg&e and the owners of the family are being held responsible. >> we are going to be able to hold them responsible and they contributed to this tragic event. >> reporter: a tragic that defense and civil attorneys argued were still in the making many years before it happened. >> can you legally stay here? >> reporter: 2 investigates has asked the city and the police department about these videos, responsibility, and accountability. we also attempted to speak with the district attorney and have not heard anything back . but the oakland police did defend their officer saying they are not trained to identify our
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hazards, but the attorneys told me today that is a bunch of malarkey. >> what about firefighters or building inspectors? did they not see the same thing? >> reporter: i found a case where the firefighters were inside and attended a party at one point. it is just a matter of this not getting up the chain. there is some evidence that people knew about it. it just did not go anywhere. >> it does seem kind of odd that police are defending their officer saying they were not trained to identify fire hazards. you could clearly see on that video that the police knew this was questionable, and as they said, once park and this whole thing goes up. >> reporter: there is not a statewide training that is given to firefighters across the state to identify these things, but any normal person would know that if you go into a place and see a cluttered room and rickety stairs, you may think twice before you go
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up those stairs are go into that building. especially when you have a party or something like that going on. it makes you question why wasn't more attention paid and why wasn't that put of the chain. >> so what happens now? >> what are the attorneys saying on how this could affect the case? >> reporter: the two men charged in the case, they are trying to get those charges dismissed. this only helps them. it speaks to more evidence to help them out. as for the civil case, that too shows there was more people responsible than just those two men at the building that night. a group of central american migrants who have traveled for more than a month to seek asylum in the u.s. were turned away today by border inspectors in tijuana. the inspectors say the crossing facility has reached capacity. about 50 people were allowed to camp outside of the entrance overnight, but officials did not say when they might be allowed to apply for asylum. this comes as vice president
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mike pence toward the border wall today with the tough message on immigration. >> this is an a ministration that make -- an administration that is committed to border integrity and the sovereignty of the united states of america be protected. >> we have no opportunities in honduras. over here, we might have opportunities. >> president donald trump has criticized the caravan saying it needs to be stopped. but immigrants say they face gang violence and persecution in their home country. advocates say the u.s. is legally required to hear their asylum claims. this past weekend, a group of attorneys from across the country volunteer their time to meet with refugees from mexico. our reporter tells us that one of those attorneys is from san francisco, and she says she thinks federal authorities are breaking the law. >> these are some of the legal volunteers and organizers of the caravan. >> reporter: picture show that
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the volunteer effort in tijuana, mexico with his san francisco attorney and other lawyers spent their time helping nearly 200 refugees seeking asylum in the u.s. the refugees were rejected sunday at the u.s. border near san diego. >> after all that they have suffered and the strength they still have together, i am outraged that the u.s. government as we are supposed to be a beacon of hope for people around the world who are fleeing this type of items, and i think this is despicable. >> reporter: she says she does not believe border and customs officials who say they are at capacity. >> everyone who is fearing violence in the country has a right to seek asylum in the united states. as an asylum officer who conducts an interview and then will conduct whether not you have a credible fear. >> reporter: the group volunteer traveled to tijuana to provide legal advice to the caravan of migrants explaining the rights and helping them understand the process of applying for asylum in the u.s.
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and this is by colleague, another attorney he went down with a -- an another minor. >> reporter: the caravan is now camped out in mexico near the port of entry, stranded on the last leg of the journey. the group isn't giving up. >> it was amazing to see the determination of everyone down there and after all they have suffered, the string they have together. about 200 national guard members are set to arrive at the california-mexican border as part of the deal reached by governor brown and the trumpet ministration. mission will be to crackdown on gangs, human traffickers, weapons, and drug smugglers. but the guard members will not be tasked with enforcing immigration laws are helping with the construction of a border wall. fixing potholes and repairing fences are jobs that follow caltrans. but they say
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they are being forced to do a much more dangerous job. >> sometimes they will throw rocks and feces and urine and all kinds of things. >> the challenge of cleaning up homeless in camas and the changes the workers are demanding. >> unique but necessary work being done on the golden gate bridge, and it is creating quite a spectacle. what inspection teams are looking for is coming up next. we have a nice-looking date now. but just to the north of us, we have some rain showers in parts of the bay area.
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we need to help more tocalifornians get ahead.d, that's why antonio villaraigosa brought both parties together to balance the state budget with record investments in public schools... and new career training programs. as mayor of la, he brought police and residents together to get illegal guns off the streets and keep kids out of gangs, and on the right path. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california.
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we have some breaking news now from their field. we want to show you my pictures from sky fox.
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this is i-80 near red top row. you see the chp cruiser there in the center of the screen. it was hit from behind by that white car. there were two pastors and the driver in that white car, and both of them have a moderate to major injuries. the chp officer has moderate injuries. the driver is cooperating with authorities on the scene. this go if we can pan over a little bit, we can see the traffic implications that is happening. the chp car was really hit from behind. you can see a lot of damage in the results because a couple of the lanes are shut down. this is a huge traffic backup. again, this is going on in fairfield on i-80 near red top row. we are working to get more information. bart is taking new steps to keep elevators clean.
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they lost a pilot program to put attendance at the elevators. they come from the nonprofit hunters family group. this comes after years of problems of people using those elevators as restrooms. >> we want that dignity for our writers whether not they are in a wheelchair or pushing a stroller or with a suitcase. we want to make sure that it is not an unpleasant ride, and a positive experience. that they don't have to hold their nose while they are in the elevator or fear for their safety either. >> the attendance will be on duty seven days a week from the time the station is open until they close. some of the funding will also go to provide restrooms in an effort to keep the elevators clean. it is important work and taking place up high in the air. engineers were propelling down the golden state towers for
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inspection. the first day just wrapped up, and it was quite a spectacle. our reporter is at the bridge tonight with what they are calling arm's-length inspections. >> reporter: it has been quite the spectacle of peer and many people are wondering what exactly was going on up there. the golden gate bridge draws visitors from around the world, but no one has ever seen this site, not here anyway. >> i was having a look at the bridge and looked up, and there is some people hanging off of the bridge. >> reporter: the first time in their history, inspectors are repelling down the two high towers to see up close what condition those towers are in. >> they are looking for anywhere that the elements have really up the golden gate bridge and will need to be worked on or repaired. >> reporter: there are two workers in two teams and called an arm's-length inspection.
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people taking photos of the bridge may not notice them, the people who walked the bridge can see the. the bridge has had their share of protest and daredevil stunts and some the first that is what might've been going on. >> it is very risky. >> reporter: the workers will not be hanging over the roadway, but bridge authorities are cautioning drivers not to be distracted and to keep their eyes on the road, not on the workers. those employees are with that engineering firm hdr inc. it looks like risky business to many. >> i would not do that. hanging off the road is really something i would not do. >> reporter: these inspections are expected to last until saturday. after that, it is every two years. >> i cannot get over those pictures as those workers have nerves of steel repelling off of those towers. >> reporter: not everybody is cut out to do that kind of
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work. but they do this kind of work and that is way to do it. let's hope they do it safety -- safely. while sky fox was monitoring the work being done this morning, we spotted a whale in the bay and you can see it often the distant there. >> it is right at the top of the screen. >> it is not unusual to see whales in this part of the bay, but it does make for quite of a show. everything was caught on camera today. let's go over to bill in the weather center. cloudy this morning but clear outside. >> would you rappel off the bridge? >> if you guys said i had to do it, and you did frank, i would do it. and they are up there so high, and oh my gosh! >> 720 feet high on those towers.
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i love old san francisco history and if you look at the old pictures of them during the bridge before osha, those guys were up there barely roped in. that bridge is such a part of all of us. it is neat to see any angle of it and anything that goes on with that bridges news. for us outside, a cloudy day to start with and cooler than it has been. but it is going to start warming up. temperatures will get back into the 70s, and we do have some showers out there right now. we have been talking about them for a while and i need to back it up a little. let's put a 12 hour loop on this, and there is the westerly flow, and you can see the showers up in the lake tahoe area. by the, mother of peer around clear lake, and even a little snow flurry activity at the higher elevations. at least, some freezing rain at the top of st. helena. the shower activity is right
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over mount st. helena. that is where the yellow is showing up. down toward napa, you have a few showers as well. over your, this could easily be a thunderstorm. i am not sure if those are good readings and i will check it a little bit later on. by now, you can see it going all pretty good. so these showers and part of the reason things are so mild around here, more showers out toward napa. all of this is moving this way. i would love it to go over my house to tell you the truth. my lawn needs some water. so down toward highway 12, and really down toward the leo -- the leo -- this city as well. that is what is going to happen over the next hour and perhaps we could see a few showers as
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far south and out toward fairfield. it is 62 degrees in livermore right now. so temperatures are about where they were yesterday and maybe a little bit cooler in hayward, but warmer in san jose. not a lot of wind out there for this time of year. it is spring and here we go with may, and imagers are going to start to warm up. showers to the north and winding down. we will see you back here with a complete forecast. still to come, they are used to doing road maintenance and repair, but now caltran workers are saying they are being forced into a more dangerous job. the changes they are demanding is coming up next. 4 2 investigates investigates pg&e lobbying in sacramental -- sacramento in the wake of those northbay wildfires. >> the fire came on so fast.
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>> i remember driving as fast as we can and saying we have to jump into the pool. we hugged each other and said we loved each other and said this could be it. >> this will give pg&e a blank check for anything they label as safety. >> a new bill that critics say it will make it harder for pg&e to hold it accountable and easier for utilities to raise the race. >> we don't have a position on the bill at this time. >> i have never seen this full- court press at every angle. if we allow them to change the law, and frankly they will not have a stake in the game. >> they spent more than $4 million in lobbying last year. >> why was it important to be heard in san francisco -- sacramento? >> there would be no reason for them to do the best job they can or to be responsible. >> i find out outrageous and
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the reprehensible -- reprehensible.
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caltran workers say they are sick tired and disgusted after cleaning up homeless camps one after another. >> they have filed a former the spec formal grievance saying they are not trained for this type of work and it is not what they signed up for. i reported is live with more on this. >> reporter: they tolerated it for years, but it really got
5:26 pm
bad over the last year and basically what happens is that caltrans find themselves between a rock and a hard place. that would be there employees and the homeless. cleaning up homeless camps is often dangerous with the cruise the who are -- the crews who are task doing the job. there is potentially toxic or biologically unsafe materials. >> feces and urine and all kinds of thing on the ground. needles, syringes, and they use five gallon buckets for toilets . it gets really disgusting. >> reporter: that is to say nothing of the open hostility that often comes from those being evicted. >> reporter: sometimes they have pit bulls in there and they will let the dogs loose to chase the workers out. sometimes they will throw rocks at the workers. >> reporter: add to that live alleged cold winds and the
5:27 pm
occasional weapons. that is why the union filed an official grievance. caltrans issued this statement today saying safety is a top priority for caltrans, and we will carefully review the grievance. >> the job is to maintain the highways and freeways and filling the potholes and striping the lines and the guard rails and trimming the trees along the highway. their job is not to clean up homeless encampments. >> reporter: the caltrans workers have a point about their own safety. we can clean up and cleaned out as many homeless camps as we want, but that is not getting at the root cause, the things that cause homeless. and they need to get -- >> they need to get together and solve this. >> reporter: until then, melvin, who has been on the
5:28 pm
street for four years, says that some camps will be used. >> they will wait for the city to come and pick it up. >> reporter: these days, the typical cleanup takes two or three days minimum. caltrans says in the last five years, they have spent more than $30 million to clean up homeless camps and $10 million last year alone. that is all money that could have gone and should have gone to road maintenance. coming up, a suspected serial killer was arrested with the help of a three dna genealogical website. that is some police departments open this tactic can solve even more crimes. >> it has definitely been a game changer. >> while it may not help in every criminal investigation, there is one specific type of case that investigators are hoping that genealogical test
5:29 pm
will help. a young star with the san francisco 49ers had a court appearance delayed today and why the attorneys say they need another week to review certain evidence in this case. a mother from albany is looking for answers after her son became the city's first homicide victim in three years.
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an update on the breaking news that we are following in fairfield. that is where a chp vehicle was rear ended on eastbound i-80 near red top row. this is a life look at the scene
5:32 pm
. the chp set and driver and two passengers in that white car rear ended that officer. they said the driver and those two pastors have moderate to major injuries. the chp officer has moderate injuries. the driver is cooperating with the highway patrol. as we pan out, you can see that backup and two of the four lanes are close right now and we have a monstrous traffic jam as a result. this is eastbound i-80 in fairfield. we just talk to the chp a moment ago and they tell us at this point, they do not have an estimated time for those lanes reopening. this backup is likely to get even worse. we will keep you updated on the situation and we will have more later in this newscast. the man accused of being the go to stay killer has not yet entered a plea to multiple counts of murder.
5:33 pm
but there is artie talks about moving the trial out of sacramento county. the district attorney said she is open for a change of venue in the case against joseph deangelo given the fact that he faces charges in at least four counties. the district attorney says there should be just one trial in one jurisdiction. >> ultimately, at least from my perspective, the goal is that we try to do these all in one county because of the logistics and resources and because of victim sensitivity. >> the defense could also i have to just to move the trial outside of the counties were d'angelo faces charges given the attention the case has received over the years. police arrested him with the help of a commercial dna website, and now there are questions whether or not these third-party sites can result in more arrest. our crime reporter it really joins us now, and you spoke to a dna expert about whether or not more cold cases may be solved.
5:34 pm
>> reporter: she told me that crime labs all over are intrigued about what happened in the golden state killer case. but she said this does not mean more cold cases will be cracked. joseph deangelo, the alleged east area rapist was unmasked by dna. they got a match by using a free water-based dna database. >> it definitely has been a game changer. >> reporter: but investigators say that does not mean that dna from every co-case would get the same treatment, especially because of privacy and legal concerns. >> we are in uncharted waters in regards to using this technology. >> reporter: one of those critics is this federal oakland criminal defense attorney. >> nobody is looking at their science and nobody is seeing whether or not the labs are nice and clean. are they using the correct procedures? are they contaminating a sample part >> reporter: report dna
5:35 pm
websites can be used, there has to be dna. investigators say there is plenty of cases where the killer did not leave any dna behind or there is only a partial dna profile that cannot be uploaded into a database. >> dna is an investigative tool , and a very small percentage of harmonizer software dna. most are sought with conventional old-fashioned police work. >> reporter: but the sergeant says his office is looking into whether or not these websites can be used to identify the 10 or so john or jane does, people who are dead but not necessarily murdered. and this could be help in that area by identifying a lot of unidentified victims. >> reporter: this woman is now that dna technical attorney at the alameda county sheriff's crime lab. she said she has been inundated by phone calls from many agencies eager to use the same technique. but she said she is taking a step back, and will be seeking
5:36 pm
guidance from the das office, the state, and the fbi before moving forward. >> we are not going to go broke -- road -- rogue or start a new technique. a plea hearing for ruben foster was delayed until next week. the delete was granted this morning after a santa clara das office asked for more time to review video evidence. foster's ex-girlfriend accused him of punching her and rupturing her eardrum. she now claimed she made up the allegations and said she was in a fight with another woman. video from that fight has been handed over to the das office. >> it is important to keep in mind that sadly, too often,
5:37 pm
victims of domestic violence for a host of reasons choose not to cooperate with the process that holds their abuser accountable. notwithstanding that, if the evidence independent of a victim is compelling, it is a prosecutions duty to seek justice. 2 foster is facing three felony accounts including domestic violence, a misdemeanor charge for possession of a large capacity ammunition magazine was dropped today. he is said to be back in court next tuesday. albany police are asking for the public's help tonight if they investigate the first homicide in the city in three years. it happened yesterday morning on a well-known viking and walking trail called the ohlone greenway. our reporter spoke to the victim's mother who said she is now desperately searching for answers. that's -- she said it was her son, 23-year-old raphael fuentes-lee who was found around 11:30 am yesterday
5:38 pm
morning on this park bench. he was suffering from a gunshot wound and died from his injury at the hospital. >> whoever shot him, for whatever reason, i forgive them. but i do need them to turn themselves in because nobody has the right to take another person's life. >> reporter: she said her son struggled with mental in his and had -- illness, and had been homeless for the last year. she said her last conversation with him was in january. and i told him to be careful and he could come back home, but he said he did not want to come back home and he liked being homeless and being on the street. >> reporter: people who frequented this trail noticed the young man living on this bench. >> he had a suitcase sitting on the side. >> he was sleeping on the bench. i would come here this time of the day, and he was sleeping there. >> reporter: lynda clemons said
5:39 pm
her son was on the street and police are investigating and asking for any witnesses to come for. albany police say they are working this case and don't have a description of any sort of suspect they are ready to share. this is the first homicide in three years. uc berkeley police are searching for an armed robbery suspect who attacked a student of the week and. invest it or say a man with a gun approached a student near college and channing wait. the victim fought off the suspect who then follow the student to the incident of the residence home. surveillance video captured an image of the suspect in the doorway and he was standing over the victim who had fallen to the ground. the student managed to get away and it happened about 1:30 am on saturday morning. students a week talk to today said it is important to be
5:40 pm
vigilant. they also say it is not surprising when something like this happens. >> it is terrifying, but this is not something new. >> the attacks happen from time to time, but there is a lot of students and a big school. i think you are generally safe if you walk with someone else. >> the suspect appears to be in his 20s and 170 pounds with short dark hair. he was wearing acid washed jeans and a black hoodie. please try -- police are after anyone who knows any information about this case to give them a call. the israeli prime minister says he has proof that i ron has been lying about their -- iran has been lying about their nuclear program. >> the latest on the bush recovery from a blood infection.
5:41 pm
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israeli prime minister benjamin that who revealed documents that he says proves that iran has been lying about their pursuit of nuclear weapons from year. we hear whether or not president donald trump is considering to pull out of the nuclear deal. >> reporter: president donald trump addressed the world from the rose garden today including reacted to israeli claims that iran has fooled the world. >> they are not sitting back ideally and they are -- ideally
5:44 pm
-- and they are sending off missiles they say for television purposes. >> iran light. >> reporter: in spite of what iran said they made with world leaders. >> we never wanted to produce a bomb. >> reporter: president donald trump is threatening to pull out of the deal when it comes up for renewal on may 12. >> in seven years, that deal will expire and iran is free to go ahead and create nuclear weapons. >> reporter: the nigeria president was asked about the allegations that trump news -- used vulgarity in road -- in relation to the citizens of nigeria. former president hw bush
5:45 pm
will stay in the hospital to regain strength while he recovers from an infection. he is being treated now for the infection that spread and a family spokesman said the 93- year-old is in great spirits and looking forward to coming home soon. still to come, is the ceo of one of the world's largest company, and today he ditched his office for a high school classroom. the message that he gave the students before they head off to college. i am live in san jose, and a large shark it can mean only one thing. the third game of the semi finals is coming up and we will set the scene from the tank right after this. and we have them showers north of us in the napa area and i will show you those and what you can expect for the rest of the week. dog: seresto, seresto, seresto.
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>> what a difference one shot can make in the playoffs. set up and down 2-0, the sharks come back home with the series tied one of the one. they host the third game tonight in the shark tank. >> our reporter is there and he joins us now with the preview. >> reporter: what's up guys. it is playoff atmosphere here in san jose. we will give you the real-life
5:49 pm
experience of the pregame rally. we are going through the shark it like to players do in the pregame skate. not exactly, did you get a view of the fans who are rallying big time just as their team rallied in overtime of the second game. they were on the brink of going down two games, and then it was just an unbelievable turnaround. that is after a goal have been disallowed in the first overtime. so couture, who has done it for the sharks all year long, is a difference once again. more good news is that evander kane returns to the lineup after serving a one-game suspension. he spoke this morning a what he brings to the table. >> i, again, we have a tie series back home, and it is
5:50 pm
very important and i am looking forward to it. >> one quick lineup note is that this player will not play for the sharks to not because he has a lower body injury. but jeff gordon is not coming back and he remains day to day. one more note about the bible down here. it is a little different than the anaheim series as there is a lot more vegas fans and media in the house. the atmosphere will be electric tonight. >> it is so good they won that game because you would not want to be down too often zero -- 2- 0. >> this makes it a great story from the standpoint that they won the division in their first year. i think it took a game to adjust from the speed of vegas
5:51 pm
because they went from the slowest team to the fastest team. but they adjusted in the second game and hopefully, we will see more of the same tonight. >> the third game is set for tonight at the shark tank. the spring in our chief meteorologist bill martin on how there is hockey playoffs and it is beautiful out there. >> it is raining and some place just north of here. temperatures are about the same or a little bit cooler than yesterday. these are the actual high temperatures from today. if you are in antioch, it felt pretty warm at 69 degrees. sever cisco peaked out at 60 degrees. -- san francisco peaked out at 60 degrees. some green on the radar showing some instability in those areas. you can see right here in those patches of convicted areas that we are getting some downpours at times. they are small storms and not
5:52 pm
much coverage. as you come close, you can see some yellow entrained in this one, right up over the mountain. so that tells you a little something about how it is reacting to the clouds that are there. then you see some more showers just a little bit father north. those scattered showers as the sun goes down, they should start to go away. a lot of the showers are showing up in places where there is not a lot of people. so, as that continues in the next hour or so, it should start to die down. may be as far south though showers could reach fairfield. but overall, we should be dry for most of us tonight with warming condition this week. there is the shark tank there, and easy temperatures are 44 degrees in napa.
5:53 pm
these are the overnight low temperature forecast for tonight. the forecast for tonight shows a that the yellows are 70s. we will still be in the low 60s along the coast. you will be 70 degrees in antioch. we are coming up on 80 degrees in some places, but it would just be a little bit warmer tomorrow, and a little bit warmer as we head toward the end of the week. it is a nice, dry pattern and the five-day forecast shows that sunday will turn out to be a nice day too. springtime is here. it is may and game on for spring. coming up, the ceo of one of the world's largest company visited a high school in oakland today. in a moment, how this is all part of trying to get the software company younger. coming up, we will have more on that crash on i-80 that injured a chp officer and is now causing a massive backup in fairfield. we just learned that three people suffered major injuries
5:54 pm
in the crash and we will be talking with chp how it all happened. it is all coming up in minutes. and don't forget about our rhyme timeline up tonight. is starts at 8:00 p.m. and you can catch lucifer, followed by the resident at 9:00 pen. keep it right here at 10:00 p.m. for the news. -- 9:00 pen. keep it right here at 10:00 p.m. for the news. you could save energy
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by living off the grid. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. with energy upgrade california. a younger and more diverse
5:57 pm
workforce. that is what the top executive from sap says is one of the company's main goals. >> the way to make that happen is getting the students interested at a young age. our reporter tells about the ceos visit to an oakland high school today. >> what grade are you in? >> i am in 10th grade. >> reporter: he is the ceo of one of the largest software companies. building government -- bill mcdermott took time out of his schedule to try and get his company younger. >> we are trying to bring in new talent from all corners of the earth. you have to do that by opening up the conversation, especially in schools like this before young people get to universities. >> the lesson is you have to want more. >> reporter: he talked to the students about the importance of perseverance. two years ago, sap donated
5:58 pm
$40,000 to skyline and berklee college. they were able to outfit students with 35 brand-new computers. on top of that, students were able to earn college credits while they were attending skyline. >> we provide the technology, and our executives and our time to make sure that the requisite skills are provided for these young people. >> reporter: they also get access to the berkeley college counselors and professors. skyline is a fourth high school in the nation they have partnered with. he goes on to say the importance of getting students here in oakland is making the take field more diverse and inclusive. >> we were the first tech company in the world in terms of women in management as an example. >> reporter: they will use some of that funding from sap to build a third computer lab, which they hope to have up and running by next year. breaking news tonight as a
5:59 pm
chp officer was injured when his patrol car was rear-ended by another car on the side of i- 80 in their field. that officer has suffered moderate injuries and three people from the other car was taken to the hospital tonight. >> we begin with that breaking news from fairfield were a chp officer and three others have been injured in a violent collision. the accident happened at 3:40 pm this afternoon in the eastbound direction of i-80 just before red top rope. we are over the scene and we are told the chp officer was parked on the side of the freeway when his cruiser was struck by a another car, a white mitsubishi that have been driving erratically and quickly changing lanes and drifting off on the shoulder. the chp officer suffered moderate injuries and the three people in the car suffered major injuries. traffic heading east is backed up for miles during the evening commute. right now, two lanes of the
6:00 pm
eastbound traffic are open, but two others are close. >> here is where that accident happened. restaurant road is located close to where 680 joins i-80. our traffic map shows the backup last -- last for at least five miles. officer harvey, we were looking at the live picture from our helicopter and both vehicles suffered very heavy damage. can you tell us more about what happened? >> right now it is still a pending investigation and we have reports of the mitsubishi driving on the shoulder and rear-ended one of our patrol units. >> how is officer doing right now? >> right now, it is from moderate to minor injuries. >> we had heard that the driver of that mitsubishi was driving erratically. can you tell us a more about that?


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