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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  May 1, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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good morning. after two people are shot dead in oakland, the police are searching this morning four suspects. we have details on what may have led to the shootings. preparations for may day are being made across the bay area and the country. the protest plan to push against recent ice raids. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning thank you for joining us here on mornings onto. it's the first day of may. >> i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about may day weather. meteorologist steve paulson is here. >> it is a little chilly. april carried over into may for now. >> that's okay. >> good morning. i have a thermometer at home and i looked at and said it's pretty cool for may. we will have upper 40s. even sfl is at 49. san jose with 49. mid-40s for some. we had showers pop up yesterday. napa county, see sometimes it hands out. we are done? we are not. almost. you can see some of these here in northern tropicana and they
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fizzled out. there's another system -- it's like spokes in the we'll. everything is rotating counterclockwise. another one will drop down and that will be with us today. it's forming in southern california and they will get rain down there. 38 in lakeport. 45 toward livermore and 30s in kelsey ville. look at the water temperatures. a cold 50 degrees. system will form in southern california and have another one dropping down and i will come in later today into tomorrow. we can then turn that frown upside down and smile with warmer weather. 62 near 70 today. here he is on a tuesday morning. mr. sal castaneda. >> thank you sir. we are off to a nice start. there's not much going on. that's why people get up so
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early. people don't want to see the slow traffic on the altamont pass's. a little bit of it already on 205 after mountain house parkway. a little bit of it so you can get a decent commute still. no problems here from livermore to dublin and pleasanton. as you get to castro valley it looks decent. this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland. you notice there's no road work so you can get down to the airport with little or no delayed. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is lightly traveled right now as you drive into san francisco. it's a nice drive on the bridge. it is 4:02 am. let's go back to the desk. oakland police very busy 7 for a kill after two people were shot dead last night. it happened at 89th avenue and international after 9:30 pm. when shooting victim was found in the street. the second victim was found nearby inside a car.
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there's no word on suspects or what led to the shooting. san jose police broke up a street gang they believe is responsible for several violent crimes. >> 16 people most of them juveniles were arrested. they are accused of carjackings, robberies and burglaries. >> reporter: 16 individuals including these five adults caught the rest are juveniles are behind bars facing a large list of crimes. they are tied to at least seven robberies, half a dozen carjackings content burglaries and and assault with a firearm. >> firearms were used in all these cases. shots were fired so we are fortunate we were able to get them in custody before there was a more serious injury. >> the groups crimes the back -- date a year. a bust led to new evidence and some new arrests. it's not your traditional gang. >> instead of having a rival gang to fight with, their method of operation is committing robberies,
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burglaries, carjackings. >> it has not happened to anyone else. >> the neighbor was a vic them in this east san jose neighborhood. the teenage suspects follow the man home late at night. she's happy to hear about these arrest. >> when i came here in 1975 it was very peaceful. not now. >> police warrant the neighborhood, the home is tied to a suspect i want to >> this is a sister of the 18- year-old brother. he has never been in a gang. >> i don't believe he should be in there. he was doing nothing wrong. >> his mother says her 16-year- old son was arrested and says he's innocent. >> i'm confused i have not seen any proof of my son doing these
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crimes. >> the police say seven guns were recovered along with other stolen property. the adults are being held in the main county jail. the juveniles are in the county juvenile detention center. happening today facebook's annual developers conference starts later today. developers from around the world will be at san jose mchenry convention center. virtual reality, artificial intelligence and augmented reality are expected to be topics at this year's conference. ceo mark zuckerberg is expected to give the keynote address at 10 am and it will be his first major speech since he testified before congress about the cambridge analytical scandal. today is the first day of may. may day rallies are planned across the bay area. may 1 is known as international workers day. demonstrators will march for various causes. some will raleigh for workers
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rights and higher pay. others will be protesting president donald trump's immigration policies and recent immigration ratings. >> 200 national guard members are of arriving at the california/mexico border as part of the deal reached by governor brown and the trump administration. under the agreement the troops mission will be to crack down on gangs, human traffickers, as well as weapons and drug smugglers. the guard members will not help enforce immigration laws or help in the construction of a border wall. their deployment is set to run through september. u.s. border officials have allowed 8 women and children from central america to cross the border from tijuana near san diego. they are seeking asylum in the united states. >> they traveled more than a month to get to the american border. officials say they did not have the space for that group of 200 people. border officials stopped taking applications for asylum on sunday. some members of the group did meet with the refugees. that includes a bay area volunteer who told ktvu's
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christina rent on she says authorities are breaking the law by not letting them come into that u.s.. >> these are the legal volunteers of the caravan. >> the volunteer effort in tijuana, mexico where san francisco attorney and other lawyers spent their time helping 200 refugees seeking asylum in the u.s.. they were rejected sunday at the u.s. border near san diego. >> after they have suffered and the strength they have together, i'm outraged the u.s. government -- we are a beacon of hope for these type of people and now that we are denying them is despicable. >> she does not believe custom and border protection officials are at capacity. >> that's a violation of u.s. and international human rights law. everyone is fearing violence in the country has a right to seek asylum in the united states i
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want to. >> the group travel to tijuana to have legal advice to the migrants. explaining them -- to them the process of asylum in the u.s.. >> this is my colleague who went down with an unaccompanied minor. >> many families are fleeing violence in central america mostly honduras. the group is not giving up. >> it was amazing to see the determination of everyone down there. >> our time is 4:08 am. four lanes on interstate 80 in fairfield are open get after crash injured for people and a chp officer. it happened before 4 pm yesterday in the eastbound direction of interstate 80
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before red top road. the crash crippled the evening commute. a chp cruiser was parked on the shoulder of the highway when it was hit from behind by a white mitsubishi. police state witnesses reported the car driving erratically quickly changing lanes then going onto the shoulder. chp says that officer suffered minor injuries. the three people in the other car suffered major injuries. traffic heading east towards fairfield and sacramento backed up for miles. the chp says that accident gives us a reminder for drivers. >> watch out for any cars on the shoulder. >> after the crash officers found a pet rabbit hiding under the driver seat of the mitsubishi. not clear if the rabbit may have been a factor in the crash. chp says it has been given back to its owner. cal tran starting a project i will shutdown planes in
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contra costa county for the next few months. crews will repair the pavement on the freeway between richmond and hercules. the freeway will be open but there will be eastbound and westbound lane closures mondays and fridays between 8:30 pm and 4:30 am. cal tran says the work is scheduled to be finished in early november. police in santa rosa checking surveillance video of an armed robbery. look at it here. it happen sunday night at this shell gas station on college avenue. a gunman walked in and left with an unknown -- unknown amount of cash. he got into a red car that police believe may be a 90s chevy lumina. a reward about the $2500 being offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction of the suspects involved. the case in the man suspected of being the golden state killer may have to move from sacramento. we are learning how to use of dna database to identify the suspect is expected to have a
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ripple effect around the state. >> ashley judd taking her allegations about harvey weinstein a step further. the lawsuit she filed citing sexual misconduct. san francisco, northbound 101 approaching the 80 split looking good. as you head toward downtown san francisco, we will tell you more about that straight ahead. we are in between systems forming. it is cool. we will have sunshine but then the clouds will come in. will talk about your tuesday forecast. it's 45 in livermore.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. actress ashley judd is suing harvey weinstein claiming sexual harassment and violating california's unfair competition law. ashley judd says her career almost ended because harvey weinstein spread lies about her after she turned down her set -- his sexual advances but that may be hard to prove. peter jackson claims weinstein told him that ashley judd was difficult and a nightmare to work with. jackson says that made him remove ashley judd from the list of actresses he was casting for his lord of the rings movies. weinstein denies trying to and ashley judd's career. the ceo of what's app is leaving the company. he confirmed departure from
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what's app on its facebook page. he did not elaborate on his reasons for leaving saying it was time to move on. the washington post reports he is planning to resign from facebook board of directors as well. facebook acquired what's up in 2014. a spokesperson for george hw bush gave an update today on his health. mr. bush was admitted to the hospital in houston on april 22, the day after his late wife died. we learned today he will stay in the hospital so that he can get stronger as he recovers from an infection that spread to his blood. the family spokesperson says the 93-year-old former president is in great spirits. he's looking forward to going home soon. more people are using oakland international airport for their international trips. airport officials say the number of travelers went up 61 percent compared to this time last year. the airport recently added new
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domestic and international flights. they say the overall number of travelers at the airport has gone up by 6 percent. speaking of the airport and travel, lets check in with sal castaneda for a look at traffic. >> good morning. you can't go from talking about pizza to something else, right? you have to have a transition. good morning. let's look at -- i don't know why i mentioned pizza. let's look at gilroy and san jose. it is a good drive all the way into the silicone valley. there have been no major issues if you're driving from watsonville or send martin into san jose. it's pretty good drive into the west valley. here's a live look at 280 in san jose. you can see it's looking nice. westbound bay bridge traffic is
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also going to be light as you drive into san francisco. hopefully this calm will last for a bit. let's bring meteorologist steve paulson in. >> thank you sir. good morning. a little chill out there under mostly clear skies. we do have low clouds around. the water temperatures are very cold . it doesn't take much to get low clouds around. 45 the cool spot in livermore. 48 in santa rosa. there is a chill. we do have afternoon buildup yesterday into lake county and napa county. possibility of this popping up to the south today. not too bad. there were some thunderstorms in the valley. the models picked up on that. the whole system rotating over the west sending in another system. a lot of this will clip us later today. it will keep clouds in as a low forms in southern california. that will pick up the breeze. 47 san rafael.
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45 in livermore. 48 in fairfield. concord says 52. antioch mid-50s. 45 in alamo and upper 40s and low 50s in other areas. san francisco water is cold. they dropped about 7 degrees a few days ago. 36 in truckee. 40 in ukiah. if you are heading down there it will produce some rain. a big cool down for the desert southwest. for us one more system has to rotate through by this evening into tomorrow. the water temperature is so cold that fog is easy to form. little north breeze should help. 67 toward 70s on the temperatures. warmer temperatures will take us into thursday and friday.
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we should be okay. >> note changes of outdoor plans. >> unless you are by the coast. maybe. >> thank you. we're getting another look at the warriors future home. the new rendering of that chase center in san francisco. it looks like that. they showed that gatehouse which is a glass structure. it will welcome fans once it opens next year. the new rendering shows 211
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story office buildings which will be part of the complex. the multipurpose arena opens in the mission just the next year before the warriors 2019 season. >> it's quite a rendering. the oakland raiders are being sued. the lawsuit by two councilmembers targeting the nfl and the owner of the raiders. efforts are underway to repeal the gas tax. the new campaign that aims to put the initiative to a vote in november.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. we may get a chance to vote on california's death tax in november. an effort to repeal the gas tax of more than 900,000 signatures. organizers say that $.12 per gallon tax will push through
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the legislature last year without voter approval. days ago state transportation officials announced $2.6 billion in mass transit improvements funded in part by that tax hikes. opponents say that gas tax could jeopardize construction project state why. the trump administration the link a decision to impose new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from canada, mexico and the european union for at least 30 days. in march the u.s. announced a 25 percent tariff on imported steel and a 10 percent on aluminum. canada and execute were expected to be exempt from the tariffs which were due to start today. the trump administration says it has an agreement with south korea on steel imports. there's more early morning shaking at 3:16 am 82.6 quake hit in diablo. we have no reports of any damage. this comes a day after a 3.3 earthquake hit the area. over the past few days there have been a dozen earthquakes
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and contra costa county. 60 so far this year. nursing schools are starting to feel the effects of a nation wide nursing shortage. more nursing school applicants are being turned away because schools are struggling to find teachers. many nurses are retiring. there are not enough new nurses to take their place. the american nurses association says there's at least 3 million nurses in the u.s. but 1 million will be needed to register by 2022 to take care of the countries future healthcare needs. the commercial salmon fishing season starts today but some worry lingering effects of the drought may hurt this year's haul. because of those concerns this year's season is limited to one week this month, two weeks in june. some areas getting another chance to fish from the end of july to september. because of those limited chances to catch salmon,
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experts are predicting lower supplies and higher prices. the ceo of one of the world's biggest software companies gave a speech for student at skyline high school in oakland. built mcdermitt talk to students about his personal journey to success in the tech industry. he says he wants to reach a younger more diverse workforce and getting teenagers interested in tech before they enter college is important. >> we are trying to get our company younger. we are trying to bring in new talent from all corners of the earth. you have to do that by opening the conversation especially in schools like this before young people get universities. >> two years ago sap donated $400,000 to skyline high school and berkeley city college. with that money the high school was able to provide students with 34 new computers for their stem academy. a new musical inspired by a
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chelsea clinton book is coming to the bay area. the show will be based on the book, she persisted, 13 american women who change the world. the musical tells the story of two students whose class trip to a museum turns into a an adventure in time travel. they meet inspirational women such as harriet tubman and helen keller. the production will open next february at bay area children's theater in oakland. it is 4:26 am. progress is being made along the coast and big sur. the timeline for reopening the road after that huge mudslide. we have new details about possible summit between u.s. and north korean leaders. we are looking at a commute that's not doing poorly. this is a live look at 280 in san jose. looks pretty good getting up to
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highway 17. our weather looks good this morning. a little chill out there. many 40s with low clouds. we are in between systems. one will be in southern california and one coming from the north keeping temperatures on the mild side.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. thank you for joining us. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's the first day of may. i'm dave clark expect good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. it feels pretty nice. steve says it's going to be chillier today. >> what time is it? >> it is 4:29 am. >> that's early. i wake up to alexa now. >> you do? >> does she say good morning? >> i heard beth midler this morning. it's pretty cool. we do have cool temperatures
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this morning. we do have mostly clear skies but some low clouds. napa airport reported some but now it's gone. oakland airport, half moon bay with 40s. 45 in livermore. scattered showers activity with snow in higher elevations. yesterday it came in. it popped up right there in lake county and went into nampa county. -- napa county. we will get a northerly breeze but there's more energy coming down today and tomorrow morning then we will see high-pressure kick in. 30s, 40s and 50s. 40s on the coast even foster city, belmont at 49. these water temperatures


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