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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  May 1, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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american migrants hoping to have their asylum request processed as the ice chief argues some are making bogus claims. >> are they escaping fear and purse -- persecution? yes, some are. but others are not. >> and the other half of the splash brothers are ready to return. >> definitely give us a boost. >> we are live at oracle where the warrior's star point guard will make his playoff debut. the four on 2 starts now. it has been a difficult two months for facebook. amid questions over how the company treats user data. today ceo mark zuckerberg sought to reassure people about their privacy. zuckerberg took center stage during day one. welcome to the four on 2 i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm andre senior. zuckerberg did not offer an apology but he did offer a new feature for the site's users. >> maureen naylor is live with
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more on that. >> reporter: this morning mark zuckerberg took to the stage. he made several announcements including one privacy change and promised the menlo park based company will keep building. facebook's f8 developers conference kicked off in downtown san jose with the ceo keynote address. >> this has been an intense year. >> reporter: mark zuckerberg addressed user's security and safety. citing a range of issues from fake russian accounts to fake news and the now infamous data breech. >> what happened with cambridge analytica was a major data breach. >> reporter: what change announced a new privacy control feature. >> it's a simple control where you can clear your browsing history. what you clicked on, the websites you visited. we will call it clear history. >> that was great to hear. i believe they could do more. >> reporter: this self- described facebook nerd is one of 5,000 people attending the
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conference. she still hopes for more transparency. >> they answer to more of themselves when it comes to regulating that algorithm. so it would be great to see more transparency with algorithm. >> reporter: the biggest announcement for this software developer is facebook reopening its app review. he says for the past few months his company couldn't add new customers because of the temporary facebook restrictions all from the data security fallout. >> we were not the only one. it was across the board. this is an amazing announcement. it's a great announcement that it's open. >> reporter: facebook also announced a new dating feature. where users could create a dating profile on the app. >> we think that is an important market. match is a publicly traded company. it's a very lieu corraltive market. >> reporter: this investment analyst forecast facebook could double its 2 million users. >> users are not leaving.
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advertisers are not leaving. they are putting a stronger stake in the ground around protection. >> reporter: as for that clear history feature, zuckerberg warns it will make the facebook experience worst initially until the platform relearns your preferences. he did promise that more updates such as that are to come. the two day conference wraps up tomorrow. >> maureen naylor live in san jose. be sure to stay with us. coming up at 4:30 i will talk with a cyber security expert. we will dig through those facebook changes that maureen mentioned and look at how they will effect user's online privacy. governor jerry brown says the state's conflict with the trump administration is sharpening with a new lawsuit. the governor and attorney general announced that california is joining 17 states suing the epa for rolling back new standards for vehicles set by the obama administration. the standards required vehicles to get 36 miles per hour by the year 2025 in an effort to combat air pollution.
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the lawsuit has a lot to do with the health of americans. >> the epa announced it would reverse course on the clean car standards. and undo the rules we carefully crafted with facts and science. with this latest reckless decision, the epa did not just jeopardize our planet and health, they also broke the laws. >> climate change is not a thing to mess with. the turmoil that is going to come about. this is real stuff. and if pruitt doesn't get it and if trump doesn't get it either, they've got to go. >> epa administrator scott pruitt says the standards are not appropriate and need revision. may day rallies are taking part across the bay area to address labor issues and other concerns. cristina rendon is joining us
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now above a demonstration getting under way. >> reporter: heather, andre, this may day is known as worker's solidarity day but it has turned into the fight for so many more causes. i will give you a live look at what we are seeing from sky fox. we are above roosevelt park in san jose. this is a pro immigration and pro worker march rally that is just getting under way. you can see crowds of people barely starting to gather now. this will last several hours and a march is expected to go down toward city hall. but this is just one of several across the bay area. earlier today we spent the day in oakland where may day events there began at the port of oakland. >> many, many years ago is that war has been declared upon us and many of us don't even know it. >> reporter: the port of oakland shut down for an eight hour shift. members of the international long shore and warehouse union local 10 calling for worker's rights for all. >> they all need living wages.
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we all need holidays. so much as a working class people. we all need to come together and stand in solidarity. >> reporter: but this may day is more than just a fight for workers. the group also pushing for an end to police brutality. stephon clark's grandmother traveling from sacramento to stand with other relatives whose loved ones who have been killed by police officer. clark was unarmed and holding a cell phone when he was shot to death by sacramento police in march. >> we have to fight for justice that it will become justice. as of this year it will be justice. for us all. >> reporter: unified day of action kicked off with a march to a west oakland park. >> this used to be a city where working people could afford homes. >> reporter: and in san francisco a much smaller crowd focusing on everything from workers rights to the housing
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crisis and the trump administration. >> when people talk about trump and what this government is doing, it's not going to be solved with an election. we need a mass general strike to kick trump out. that is the kind of action that can change this country and change the world. >> reporter: we'll give you another live look now at this may day event just getting started in san jose above roosevelt park. all of these participants gathering here at the park they will be carrying their signs and marching about one mile down into downtown san jose. they will end up at city hall where a number of speeches will be planned. but many people are expected to come this event last year, this event itself drew thousands of people. just a few there you can see from sky fox. but again a large crowd expected. those speeches expected to last until 8:00 tonight. we will check back in with you in our 5:00 hour. heather, andre. >> cristina rendon in sky fox for us tonight. thank you. there is celebration 500
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miles to the south at the mexico border to california. 14 migrants seeking asylum in the u.s. have been selected for processing. about 200 migrants are part of a caravan. and william has more from an ice official who says some on the caravan are taking advantage of abroken system. >> reporter: more than 100 people are camped out near the u.s.-mexico border. part of a caravan seeking asylum in the u.s.. border officials are slowly beginning to allow the people in the country for processing. >> we're happy, celebrating. if it is one that is saved, it is a life. >> reporter: but they will punish those crossing illegally. announcing charges against 11 possible members of the caravan. >> i think that is an attack on the sovereignty of this nation. do i think some of these people have a credible fear case? do some of these folks escaping fear and persecution? yes. some are. but many are not. many are taking advantage of a
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system with loopholes in it. >> the simple reality this caravan and caravans that have come before are a result of individuals who are attempting to exploit the suffering of people in central america to try and advance their agenda. >> reporter: this comes as may day rallies are popping up across the country with immigration front and center. >> it's important on this may day that remind ourselves that this was a country built on the backs of immigrants. >> reporter: san jacinto is the nation's busiest port with 20,000 crossing each day. in tijuana fox news. an investigation is under way into the death of a vineyard worker in sonoma. according to cal-osha it happened at arrow head vineyard. a tractor operator was trying to untangle some wire that had gotten caught in the tiller. the sonoma county sheriffs department it appears the man
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put the equipment up on jacks and it fell and crushed the man. another worker found the man dead and called authorities. sky fox was over that scene as emergency workers responded. so far the man's name has not been released. as we mention the cal-osha is investigating. homicide investigation is under way. officers heard gunshots at 9:30 last night on 89th avenue and international boulevard in east oakland. that is where they found the bodies of a man from berkeley and a woman from oakland. both have died on the scene. their names have not been released. >> a dramatic rescue at forted funston in san francisco. how firefighters were able to bring that dog to safety. >> outside of our doors this afternoon a notable warmup for many. we will check in on your current conditions. dog: seresto, seresto, seresto.
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>> we are going to take a look at the warriors page on sb nation. when they heard the news that yes, steph curry is back. >> that is great news. it will be his first game in the playoffs there. the mood among warriors fans optimistic. >> ktvu joe fonzi is live at oracle arena where tip off is three hours away now. getting ready to play that is steph curry for the first time in these playoffs. >> reporter: that is right, you
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guys. you don't want to say they didn't really miss him but if the first game was any indication, the warriors learned to play without him. we always like being here early. as we said, a little bit before game time. just to get the feel here, you look around and it is very yellow again. this is about the yellowest you see it when they have all the shirts, the t-shirts for the fans that come in lined up on the chairs. they get them when they come into the arena. it says strength in numbers, 2018 playoffs on those jerseys. that has been the slogan here for some time now. but as you said, topic number one ever since he was out has been when is steph curry going to come back? he's been working out with the team. running full speed and five on five drills. the warriors determined they didn't want to push him yet for game one, but now they say he is 100% ready to go for tonight's game two. after that blowout by the warriors over the pelicans on saturday. and topic number one for steve
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kerr, will there be any restriction when steph plays and how much he plays. >> there won't be a minutes restriction. i've talked to chelsey about that. it's not about putting a number on his minutes. it's really about his rhythm and whether he gets tired quickly or not. >> it would definitely give us a boost. but we still have to play the game. everybody can come back, michael jordan could come back. if you don't go out there with the right mentality, playing the right way, it won't matter. >> reporter: just another little feel for what it's like this much before a game time. the fans not let in yet at this time. way over to my right you can see the new orleans tv cues that are getting ready for their 6:00 broadcast as they are a couple hours ahead of us. just a feel for what is going on in the arena as we are quite a bit before game time.
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we heard green talking about michael jordan. i don't think he will be in the lineup. i think what the warriors realize is obviously, there are two nba mvp's on this team kevin durant and steph curry, even though they played well without curry, they certainly love having him at full strength and having him back. >> when you talk about the feel in the arena, when steph is there, fans really feel that too. there is a totally different sense of energy once he steps on the court. >> reporter: no question about it. what we saw throughout these playoff games, the games against san antonio and against new orleans, we saw steph being an active part on what is going on in the bench. being the team's number one cheerleader and very encouraged for the other players when they do well. that is a trademark of what makes this team so good. but you know, having steph on the bench in street clothes or
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having steph in uniform is very easy decision on what the warriors would prefer as far as that goes. >> absolutely vote for having him in the uniform. thanks, so much, joe. a rescue turned into a cat and mouse game in san francisco after a dog was pulled to safety. crews were called to help get this stranded canine there. sky fox was overhead as the rescuer repelled down and worked to get a safety harness around the dog. the crew then managed to lower the firefighter and the dog down to the beach. and then this happened. yeah. he slipped away from his rescuer and started running around everywhere. but the dog was eventually reunited with its owner and appeared unharmed. let's check in with meteorologist rosemary orozco to check on the forecast. from those pictures, it looks lovely out there. >> yes. his tail was wagging. we may have some folks out there with their tails wagging. we have a nice warmup over the bay area. some of us ten degrees warmer than yesterday. this pleasant weather will
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remain in place for the next few days. here's a look over oakland as we see a bit of high cloud cover in place. at least at the moment. we will be between a mix of blue sky and high clouds out there for the rest of today. here's another view. golden gate bridge, san francisco right now 60 degrees. san francisco one of the cool respots. take a look at santa rosa 74 right now. mid 60s in oakland. let me show you the 24 hour temperature change. you can check in on these locations. santa rosa up by 24 degrees. mountain view up by 10. san jose up by 8. these are the areas we have a notable warmup going on today. haywardand oakland a tad warm -- hayward and oakland a tad warmer. as we get into the evening hours, temperatures will be cooling off once again. going o out to see the giants play, 55 degrees, partly cloudy skies and west breeze to 20 miles per hour there at the park when the game starts at 7:15. bling along a jacket you -- bring along a jacket you will
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probably need it. over the bay area we are mostly clear. we started out with a few scattered showers over the inner east bay and south bay. it has to do with a system that is continuing into southern california at this hour. but take a look at foothills, we have some advisories popping up for flooding over mair pro sal county. you can see that possibility of thunderstorms there, hail and lightning as well. the future cast for us here at home, we will continue with partly cloudy skies into the over night hours. by tomorrow morning we have low cloud cover out there, and into the afternoon that cloud cover will remain. temperatures will be similar for tomorrow. perhaps a tad warmer in some spots. i'll have a look at what you can expect coming up. a california voters are now in the driver's seat when it comes to the future of the state's gas tax. when we head to the polls in november, they will be able to decide whether to keep it or ditch it. leigh martinez with the group that argues that $0.12 per gallon tax is too high and has enough signatures to put it on
4:20 pm
the ballot. >> reporter: the gas tax was put forward as way to help pay for road repair projects. but californians are pretty evenly split on how necessary it is. and antigas tax campaign says it has more than 900,000 signatures to put the question on ballots. organizers say the new $0.12 per gallon tax for road repair projects was quietly pushed through the legislature last year without voter approval. caltrans says the gas tax funding has doubled the amount of funding available. just days ago transportation officials announced $2 .6 billion in mass transited improvement -- mass transit improvements. >> of course it's a lot to ask of one when you have bills, you have children, you have children's needs. >> i think it's important. i don't want to pay it but i
4:21 pm
think it's important. the roads are falling apart in california. there is potholes everywhere. >> reporter: supporters of the gas tax says if it gets repealed, it could jeopardize construction projects across the state. in walnut creek leigh martinez ktvu fox 2 news. coming up we're going to speak with our tech and auto expert about a recent report highlighting the flaws and dangers when it comes to self- driving technology. >> and here's a look at tonight's prime time lineup. at 8:00 it's lethal weapon followed by l.a. to vegas at 9:00. and 9:30 you can catch the final season of new girl. after that stay tuned for the 10:00 and 11:00 news with frank somerville and julie hanger.
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a new report out today shows self-driving cars still have difficulties on the road. according to the mercury news, eight companies that make autonomous vehicles have reported various shortcomings. maneuvering on the road and hardware and software failures. so let's talk about the findings with wall street journal tech and auto reporter tim higgins. you have been covering autonomous cars. what do you make of these shortcomings? >> this is an interesting look. every year these companies that are permitted to test in california roads must submit a
4:25 pm
report to the state that says we were out on the roads and had to have a human take over because of some disengagement. and what we saw was the state wept back to some of these companies and said can you explain to us maybe what is going on here? in the case of wamo they used some terminology they wanted the state to define. >> so tim, what were some of the biggest issues that stuck out to you? >> well, what is going on here is that the state essentially it doesn't have some clear definitions for what these companies need to report. in some ways the companies are deciding how they are going to define some of this. in the case of wamo for example, they had terminology such as discrepancies with perception or hardware or software, the state was just asking them to say what are you talking about here? and for example, wamo said if we have a perception, a so- called perception discrepancy, what we mean there is maybe the
4:26 pm
camera in the self-driving car is the no turn on left red light was on. we had to take control as a human and perhaps the system was making an inappropriate left turn and the human had to take over and that is what they meant by one of the termologies they used. >> clearly there are problems with the technology that still need to be worked out before the cars hit the road. where did the companies go from here do you think? >> wamo looking at their report from earlier this year, it had the fewest disengagements. they don't have very human taking over control of the wheel incidents as compared to everybody else. what they are doing now is trying to essentially perfect that. as they look to deploy driverless without a human behind the wheel, without a safety operator there to oversee things they have to whittle it down from having less than every 1,000 miles to
4:27 pm
less than that. >> you mention this whole ideas of perfection. do the vehicles really have to be nearly flawless before our humans are willing to take our hands off the wheel? >> well, what these companies are doing generally speaking such as wamo, if they reach a situation where they don't understand, the car will find a safe spot to aisle into central command for assistance. the car can handle the driving scenarios but if there is something they don't understand, they will ask a human for assistance in understanding what it sees. >> all right more testing that needs to be done. tim, thank you so much. appreciate it. coming up how are you effected by privacy changes at facebook? we will speak with a cyber security expert to find out after the break. >> is it a simple list of questions or perjury trap? a new leak in the russia probe has washington playing the
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guessing game. i'm caroline shively in your nation's capitol. you could generate your own energy, at home. or to save energy, unplug unused appliances.
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do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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trump blasted mueller's investigation again today. the new york times retained a copy of the question that the mueller team wants to west the present. they suggest, the investigation may be leaning toward obstruction of justice rather than russian interference. correspondent from washington
4:31 pm
now with more. >> we still do not know what special counsel mueller has already uncovered in the probe. we got a closer look about were the investigation might be headed next. >> thank you. trump ignored a reporter's question about special counsel mueller's investigation today, in the oval office event. on twitter, he unloaded. he blasted the 50 question mueller wants to ask the president. because it disgraceful. calls the investigation a russian the witchhunt. >> the overwhelming majority of the questions do not focus on the underlying premise of the special counsel. it focuses on the issue of collusion with the government. >> the list obtained by the new york times was developed in early march by the legal team. the investigation with mueller's office. >> there are a lot of questions that cover a lot of topics that cover a broad time period.
4:32 pm
that showed it is fast becoming an obstruction investigation rather than a russian investigation. >> the deputy attorney general oversees the investigation. today he was asked how that justice to permit balances conflict between the rule of law and demands made by the present.'s >> the way this masters operates is not necessarily the way you think of the media. still no word on who leads the questions and why. the mueller team has been tightlipped throughout the entire investigation. the new york times says, it did not come from the current set of trump lawyers. >> on facebook they say during the conference during the address zuckerberg refers to the constant battle to refer to it as an arms race. he says facebook has taken to prevent interference in the sharing of misinformation. he posted this in all things he mentioned before in his congressional hearing last
4:33 pm
month. and his comments today he briefly addressed that cambridge analytical saddle. he talked about some of the things facebook is doing to address privacy. we will talk more about this now. he joins us now from the san with a studio. let's talk about this history of privacy tool that zuckerberg unveiled today. explained to viewers, how this will work and what is the benefit? >> the benefit of the tool is to clear the track after you leave facebook. when you leave facebook, and you access another website, this will cover information. you will not have a username or password. before facebook would collect information. now you have the option, you can delete it and when you go back, you will see what facebook collected about you. >> how big of a tool is best? this is a game changer?
4:34 pm
>> well, you are doing that. i have it on my firefox. have it as an add-on. this is basically telling the consumers, or users, it gives them a chance to clear that history so nobody will track them. this is on the road of leaving the trust of the users of facebook. is the first that. >> this conference is usually for facebook to announce major initiatives. the big thing was the tool we have been talking about what does that tell you about the state of facebook? >> facebook itself, they are coming out of that stormy period. the whole cambridge analytic car thing that dominated the news. they are careful about making a positive tone.
4:35 pm
zuckerberg is trying to show everybody about privacy and it is number one. that is why the first announcement was the tool. >> are they trying hard enough? this is a first step talk about the clear history tool. what do you see? if someone looks at privacy security, what other steps would you like them to take it sent >> another thing that is not visible to us is the limited access of the developers. the developers conference. this is actually people who develop apps for facebook. it does clear from the beginning, we can look at the axis of third-party at at. we can give you as much information as possible to protect consumers. they are trying to get information in different directions. this is not something you can handle that social media. >> how do you think that sort
4:36 pm
of information is going to go over with them? >> well, they are not happy. they did not show that conference, what is their angle with that. these are simple equations here. developers need facebook. facebook needs consumers. they are trying to strike that balance between keeping users happy and keeping developers happy. they don't want another issue or problem like cambridge analytical. >> that is not nice that last thing they need to thank you so much for your time. we presented. >> thank you. sports football, baseball. they can land you a college scholarship. next, they will be in the studio to tell us how they played a scholarship. sports. planning a warm-up for the
4:37 pm
days ahead. what you can expect for tomorrow to sneak peek for the bay area weekend. coming out. --- coming up.
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alright, i brought in high protein to help get us moving. ...and help you feel more strength and energy in just two weeks! i'll take that. -yeeeeeah! ensure high protein. with 16 grams of protein and 4 grams of sugar. ensure. always be you. the students at uc berkeley to complete the sports national championship. the schools team beat students from canada's university of waterloo and a nailbiting series they to come more than 10,000 dollars in scholarship money. for more rejoin the team in the
4:40 pm
studio. right-click and nicholas thank you for joining us today. let's get right to it. for those who are not familiar with e sports tell them what it is. >> it's a competitive videogame. it's comparable to regular sports. >> regular sports like football, in this case it's virtual. >> of course starcraft. this is a series you are competing for uc berkeley. is this recognized by the school and it is official? >> in the last year or so they have been pushing for e sports. it is part of the collegiate sports program. >> that is how you are able to compete with other schools. other other universities on board with this? >> 16 team competed. >> are you the only team at uc berkeley? >> there are teams in other
4:41 pm
games as well. counterstrike and others. >> these are specific games free you are specifically to this game. >> eastport is how sports have multiple games. we have multiple video games. hockey and starcraft. >> interesting. this is all brand-new. a lot of folks are watching right now. let me ask you this. it assessable is winning the game or defeating other players. how does that all work? >> at the pans. they have different formats most of the time. with the collegiate formats, it was more round robin environment over the entire semester. it's similar to a regular season of the nba or nhl. in the end, you have playoffs and that is what determines the prices. >> does it involve moving up to different levels?'s >> reporter: yes different levels correspond to different skills within how you perform intimates and things like that. it determines on the format as
4:42 pm
well pray >> first want to ask you this. for people who dismissed the sports as not being real. it's not football it is not baseball. >> i think five years ago definitely. i think the more time that passes, the more it has been seen as real. >> it is growing thousands of people have been watching the best players play. even outside of the university atmosphere, it is getting to be a big sport. when you tell people this is not a real sport i'm sure someone tells you it is not real. >> one of the things people say is like, i would not play it. who would want to watch it? you play football and you watch football. >> it is the pretty similar thing. tell me this. is this the next level of sports, overall here? e sports continues to grow, right? >> that is personal opinion.
4:43 pm
we grows --- we were big sports guys, growing out. i think e sports is an extension of competitive sports. it is a new sport coming up. all the other sports are coming up at the same time. >> what he going to do with the scholarship money? you want over $10,000 to split this money or go to the team? >> we will split it among the three of us. we will cut that evenly. that will go toward things like scholarships etc. >> it will go for blocks, classes. >> any type of funding related to school. >> where does this go from here? are you going to compete for scholarships for fun? how does that work with the team? >> right now there are only two or three tournaments poorer that's per year pure ---. >> canada, university and you
4:44 pm
play against others. >> as a right now, for the semester, when next year starts, we will have csl. that the competition between all the schools nationally that compete. >> is that a different one? there are different collegiate organizations. that you are that when coming up. well ryan, clayton, nicholas, this is a brave new world. thank you, for participating in this. that is a great way to earn scholarship money. thank you, so much for joining us. thank you so much for >> thank you very much gentlemen. >> gamers will soon be able to get a high school varsity letter. the national federation of high schools now record is a e sports. last week they announced the rollout of eastport competitions across the country. e sports are a great option. one, it says current students
4:45 pm
who have not been involved in were to take part. second, it even laments the sports and it is much lower than starting a traditional sports it costs less. spratley that >> take a peek outside let's see what is going on. lose guys partly cloudy as we get into the evening hours. asked for tomorrow, mostly sunny skies as well. we started out the morning with a few sprinkles. has to do with the system right over california now. outside the doors tonight. maybe tomorrow. in the days ahead we will be dry. we see some activity over the sierra foothills. as you get into areas like groveland, we have scattered showers and thunderstorms there. even some admirers are possibility. into southern california yancey it is active this afternoon. it is a mostly clear warmer day. this pleasant weather will stick around, as we get into
4:46 pm
the bay area wednesday as well. here is a look at the future cast. tomorrow morning, we start out with cloud cover along the coastline. as we get into the afternoon, partly cloudy, mostly clear. we are calling for partly cloudy skies for the coastline for tomorrow. outside right now, it is a beautiful day. it is over 74. in the east bay 74 in concorde, 72 in the south bay of san jose. it is cool around the bay. upper 60s right now. upper 50s around the west it is time the cisco. if you want to see the giants play later on today. it will be cool, it is going to be breezy. they will continue to call into the evening hours. here's a look at overnight lows. 45 degrees in santa rosa. 48 in concorde. around the bay, upper 50s. 51 oakland. 51 in the morning for san francisco.
4:47 pm
getting into the afternoon for tomorrow, temperatures will be similar to today. perhaps a tad warmer. i don't think it will be much cooler. 75 in the afternoon. highs tomorrow santa rosa, it will go 64 the city of san francisco. 68 in san francisco. south bay 74 for stanford say. 70 degrees and here's a look at the extended forecast. temperatures don't change a whole lot. friday it looks like one of the warmest days going into the weekend. it will be a nice one friday. saturday cooling off a bit. after a relatively cool pattern for the last two days we will have pleasant weather come our way. stick around for the weekend. >> that sounds good. >> thanks. >> the mayday rally is happening across the bay area. hunters the people have now joined that march. their calling is about early in the newscast. coming up, we will go back for
4:48 pm
a live report.
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we need to help more tocalifornians get ahead.d, that's why antonio villaraigosa brought both parties together to balance the state budget with record investments in public schools... and new career training programs. as mayor of la, he brought police and residents together to get illegal guns off the streets and keep kids out of gangs, and on the right path. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california.
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going to get back to the continuous coverage about the navy demonstrators in oakland homogenous streets. michelle a few minutes ago there is quite a big turnout there.'s >> reporter: there is, there are roughly 500 people on the ground right now. this group has just arrived. the alameda sheriff's office is here. we see that group of people right on the corner there in front of the sheriff's department about a block away from the lake. this march started at the plaza about an hour ago. they have now made their way
4:51 pm
down the street to this area where speeches are being held. this is part of the group who is organizing and vocalizing around the theme of no ban, no walls. sanctuary for all. this is immigrants and people of color, working-class people against the increase of tax they say targets the administration and law enforcement. this protest started about an hour ago. they say they're speaking what they believe are the inhumane treatment of people. also about the fact there are targets on immigrants. the group says they are organized by oakland without borders. students and labor unions and they say groups. again all of this is coming together this afternoon after a day of action among san francisco and the south bay as well. we understand there will end up at ocala plaza.
4:52 pm
there is going to be a resource fair. i'm not sure what that means. we do understand that is where the groups are headed once they are done here. i'm not sure how long this will last. there are 500 people here. this international workers day is mayday. it's taking place here at oakland. >> we have people getting off of work now. that pros test and rally is growing. we know in san francisco, the rally was smaller. people are starting to come to that relatively sisto now. >> yes the rally happened around noon. we understand those demonstrators actually came across the bay. they joined forces with the demonstrators here in oakland. that is why the group's larger people are getting off work. they're coming together. as you mentioned, there is a
4:53 pm
separate want to mention. that happens in san jose. that what is happening now. that started at 4 pm this afternoon. it's hat --- heading to san jose courthouse as well. >> live for sky fox. thank you, very much. >> details coming up. dog: seresto, seresto, seresto.
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a freight train derailed in martinez near the shell all refinery. it happened around 2:45 am this morning. no hazardous materials from the train delete. the train was backing into the shell refinery when two tanker cars leaned off of the track. the trayline runs right next to amtrak, but the commuter trains were not affected. another eye-opening study about kids playing tackle football. the earlier they play, the sooner they will see serious symptoms of brain damage. this according to a study from boston university, which included the brain of more than 200 deceased football players. those who began tackle football before the age of 12 years old, had an earlier onset of cognitive behavior by an average of 13 years. >> nine years old to 12 years
4:57 pm
old is a crucial time of brain development. if you are shaking it up and causing some changes in how it is trying to adapt and grow, then that may have some serious repercussions later on in life. >> here in california, lawmakers were pushing legislation that would and organize tackle football for anyone younger than 13 years old. the iran nuclear deal is set to expire on may 12. >> our report is in jerusalem with more on the controversial discussion regarding the future of that deal. >> reporter: in less than two weeks, president donald trump will have to decide whether or not to renew the iran agreement. he has increasingly criticized the deal by the obama administration. >> it is not an acceptable situation. >> reporter: now, trent 25 and -- iran said that the u.s. and
4:58 pm
israel is conspiring to end the agreement. >> they lied. one item after another. >> reporter: he said that he has evidence that iran had evidence to make a nuclear weapon. defense secretary jim mattis told lawmakers last week that iran is in compliance with the current agreement, praising the oversight provisions in the deal. >> i will state that it is written with almost an assumption that iran would try to cheat. the verification, what is in there, it is actually pretty robust. >> reporter: all this as the new secretary of state, mike pompeo, heads back from his trip to the middle east where iran was front and center in his discussions. >> 25 has destabilized this entire reason -- iran has
4:59 pm
destabilized this entire region. >> reporter: some say that this last deal was so hard to come by, that a new agreement will not be easily brokered. it is one of the new towers that has helped reshape downtown san francisco. but behind that shimmering glass, police are investigating a possible hate crime. good evening, i am julie haener. >> i am frank somerville. a police investigation is underway after a news and dark skinned dolls were found by workers in san francisco. our crime reporter is in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: this happen at this tower at the translate terminal in san francisco. workers say they are upset the building has been marred by symbols of eight. the gleaming warty three story
5:00 pm
skyscraper will boast a beautiful view of san francisco when it opens later this year. but construction workers say they have twice came across an ugly site. in march, a noose was found on the 10th floor and graffiti with the in word on the premises -- n-word on the third floor. >> reporter: this man and a second worker have talked with their civil rights attorney. >> it is shameful that in this day and age we have this kind of activity taking place. is speak that there is still an undercurrent of racism particularly in environments like this where there is a competition for the job. >> reporter: san francisco police say they have seized evidence in the case and


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