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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  May 7, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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san francisco police are investigating a double shooting outside a mission district church. we have the details coming up. hundreds of surgeries and medical appointments forced to be rescheduled. what is happening this morning affect the patients and hospital staff. if you are just joining us here on "mornings on 2", it is monday, may 7. i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. let's talk about your weather. steve paulson knows everything. >> i don't know about that . it will be warmer today. the higher clouds have gone to patchy fog. temperatures will warm up today. you can see the higher clouds out of the picture. there will be another system coming in tuesday and wednesday
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that will coalesce down. temperatures will rebound. when the higher clouds are gone we are clear. it looks warmer by the end of the week, in case you want to plan ahead for friday and saturday. today 60s and 70s and a few 80s. you are looking at? >> i always look at my computer. that new generation, facebook, myspace, i am just kidding. i am looking at my computer for the traffic. i don't see a lot, but i see slow traffic on 205 and 580. some of the speeds have been pretty slow already as people are out the door early this morning, apparently. 12 miles per hour is pretty slow. by the time you reach livermore it is backup
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to speed on westbound 580. you can see the traffic is going to be slow. when you get to the pleasanton- dublin interchange, 680 at 580, not a bad commute. this is interstate 880 north and southbound. it is a nice looking dry. at the bay bridge we already have a lot of people showing up. there is a little room for you. it is getting congestive. -- congested. san francisco police are searching for a gunman who shot at two people outside the church in the mission district. >> this happened on 26th street around midnight. there are some things that are pretty unusual. >> reporter: we were told that a funeral was happening at the time. the church is open. i went inside and taught to some people preparing meals. they confirmed there was a funeral but it ended at 7 pm. this shooting happened down the street. we can see some residents of
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the crime scene. it was just before you got to the end of the street. san francisco police came out just before midnight. they found two men suffering from non-life threatening injuries. the shooting was in an unusual location outside the church. there was reportedly a funeral held earlier in the evening. sources tell us there could possibly be a connection between this funeral and the double shooting. the funeral that was being held was for a young man. we did get some work, unconfirmed from police at this time, that the funeral was being held from -- for a young men -- a young man. one of the young man that was shot could have been the brother of the deceased. at this point, they do not have any suspects. we have asked police for a suspect description. we do not know if it is one gunman or multiple gunman at this time. it is early stages of this investigation.
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thousands of workers in the u. c. system say they are walking off the job and they are setting up picket lines. service workers at all 10 university of california campuses, as well as the u. c. hastings county of law and the five medical centers and research labs say this strike will last three days. u. c. san francisco's medical center has rescheduled more than 300 surgeries and the appointments of more than 300 cancer patients. ucsf says the hospital's emergency department will stay open but patients are being directed to other hospitals, including st. mary's in san francisco and john muir in walnut creek. members of other unions, and a show of solidarity, will also strike today. ktvu's allie rasmus is already
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working on the story will have a live report coming up. an online site says elon musk sent an email to contractor saying they would not be allowed onto tesla property starting this morning unless say tesla employee vouches for the quality of their work. in the first quarter earnings call last week elon musk said that tesla is using an out of control amount of contracting companies and that they will scrub the barnacles. today is the first day californians can vote in the june 5 statewide primary election. it includes races for governors and congressional seats. there is a race for mayor in san francisco and bay area voters will be
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asked to raise the toll bridge fees by $3.00. to vote in the june 5 primary, you have to be registered by may 21. under a new law, all registered voters in several counties, including san mateo and napa counties will get vote by mail ballots. some counties are offering early voting before election day. you can get in contact with your local election office to see what is available near you. in hawaii, the volcano continues to arrive, sending lava and ash into nearby communities. so far, 26 homes have been destroyed. lava is flowing into the neighborhood near the mount kilauea and there are new reports that new events have opened up releasing gas that can cause irritation, burning and respiratory problems. nearly 1700 people have had to evacuate. officials are letting people back into their homes and some
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areas briefly to grab necessities. >> we went in to feed some of the pets in there right now. it is sad. >> the area has also been hit with a series of earthquakes, the largest a 6.9 that had on friday. officials say all the bill clinic activity can continue for some time. president trump's highest profile attorney is making more waves as he aggressively defends his client. >> is rudy giuliani helping or hurting the president? either way, the trump teams legal team is not holding back. >> reporter: no one will accuse rudy giuliani of shying away from a fight. he is fighting hard for the president, he is also providing fodder for critics along the way. >> hello, donald. >> reporter: that was alleged trump paramore stormy daniels making an appearance on saturday night live, estate she would have to share. >> that's right.
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>> reporter: that is rudy giuliani, or at least an impression of the new trump attorney. the real rudy giuliani was pushing hard for the president, who is under pressure to speak with special counsel, robert miller. >> that is no one under oath, only a q&a in then we get the questions in advance and they get the report two weeks ago. >> reporter: did that interview just happened? >> reporter: the attorney for stormy daniels says rudy giuliani is helping his case saying that trump paid off the former porn star making it an illegal campaign controversy -- contribution. >> he will get his facts straight. >> reporter: rudy giuliani has the backing of the president, who may like the no holds barred approach -- approach.
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>> i don't think so. i think this was a very bad week for the trump team, but it was a very bad week for the mueller team. >> the robert mueller team was dealt a few setbacks in federal court, including one judge questioning whether special counsel was keeping to his mandate. the san jose sharks run for the stanley cup is over after a 3-0 lost to the golden knights. lost to the golden knights. the sharks try to score early, but the vegas goalie kept the sharks off the board. it was scoreless in the second period when a series of passes by the golden night ended with a score that couldn't be stopped. that would have been enough, but vegas went on to score 2 more. the sharks did win twice as many games against the las vegas team at the playoffs as they
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did as the regular season so it could be the start of an interesting rivalry. as sharks fans left the tank , they were not looking far into the future. they were focused on what they just saw. the sharks have made it to the playoffs of in 12 of the past 13 years, but they only made it to the conference finals three times in the stanley cup finals wants. that was two years ago, when they lost in six games. the fans are disappointed, but not giving up on the sharks. >> we are so sad. it was so close. it had potential. >> it is a tough loss. better luck next time. that is all you can say. >> we got this far. there is next year. >> for many fans, next season starts with the nhl draft which is next month.
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one of northern california's most scenic train rides has been interrupted. the way napa is dealing with a colorful problem. trumps picked to lead the cia offered to withdraw her nomination. i gina haskell reportedly had second thoughts after her confirmation hearing this week. people seem to be out on the road early. that is crowding some of these commutes, including highway 4 and the way to concord. a cool down on sunday, you probably noticed that. we will be in the 40s and 50s for temperatures, lake worth a little cooler at 41 degrees.
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because antonio villaraigosa millions got it he defended women's healthcare, banned military-style assault weapons, banned workplace discrimination, and more. antonio for governor.
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i'd of said you're dreaming. dreaming! definitely dreaming. then again, dreaming is how i got this far. now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. welcome back to "mornings on 2". attorney general jeff sessions will discuss immigration enforcement in san diego. today's visit comes about a week after hundreds of central american migrants travel to the u. s. border seeking asylum following a month-long caravan. sessions called the caravan a deliberate attempt to undermine american laws. he is pledging to send more immigration judges to the border to resolve cases, if needed. president trump's nominee to lead the cia, gina haskell,
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offered to withdraw her nomination because of the controversy of her role in using torture while interrogating suspected terrorists. the washington post says gina haskell worried the questions during the confirmation hearing would hurt her reputation in the cia. many democrats have said she should be disqualified because she was in charge of a detention site in thailand where terrorism suspects were tortured with waterboarding and other interrogation techniques. gina haskell decided to stay on as a nominee after getting a phone call from president trump and reassurance from the white house that she has their support. her confirmation hearing is on wednesday. president trump tweeted early this morning quote, my highly respected nominee for cia director, gina haskell, has come under fire because she was too tough on terrorists. think of that in these very dangerous times. we have the most qualified person, a woman, who democrats want out because she is too tough on tara.
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win, gina. california republicans who gathered for their state convention over the weekend in san diego did not endorse either the two main candidate for governor. businessman john cox received 55.3% of the vote. travis allen, a businessman received 40.5%. 60% is needed for the party's endorsement. it was disappointing for many republicans who were open -- open to be able to rally around one candidate. >> this is an opportunity for california republicans to come out and give a real strong message on what we stand for. >> democrats also did not choose a candidate for governor. there convention is in february. none of the candidates received their party's endorsement. officials kicked out a neo- nazi candidate running for i see against dianne feinstein. his name is patrick little. he has praised adolf hitler and
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reported seeing dragging and kicking the israeli flag as he was being escorted out of the convention. the republicans condemned him, saying there is no room for his hate speech. make sure you tune into ktvu for the california primary on june 5. we will have complete coverage on all the big races and bring you analysis, as well. let's check traffic with sal castendo. >> it is getting crowded out there. it is early morning to be out on the roadway. it is a good idea to try to beat the traffic. the gilroy super commute looks good. if you are driving from hollister or watsonville up to gilroy and perhaps the morgan hill and into san jose, it all looks good so far. this is a live look at 280 in san jose. it looks good getting up to highway 17. the westbound bay bridge, the commute looks fine. it is a little crowded already. there's metering lights should
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be on soon. let's check weather with steve paulson. i have been asked to explain this weird formation. the answer is, those are fracked this clouds. it is moist air that is pushed and lifted upwards. it cools and condenses and forms fingers that come out clouds. there will be a quiz on wednesday. warmer today, temperatures will be near average and some will be above, especially waveform the coast. yesterday was cooler. san jose was 68, today you will be 87. napa 73 to 78, upper 70s. the
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higher clouds pushoff into nevada and points east. we are in between systems. that is the cooler one on tuesday and wednesday. we have a high pressure system comes in thursday and friday. the city is 52, sfo 54, san jose low 50s. upper 40s from morgan hill's, gilroy is in the mid 40s, 40s in the santa cruz mountains and 40s and 50s in santa clara. 48 in ukiah, 50s in reno. it warmed up fast in the desert . it doesn't take them long in phoenix. we will have lots of sunshine with this bridge building in that is not that strong. it has not been working out. it will give us a warm-up. these lows don't take very long
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to get the fog machine going. this will be for tuesday. today will be warmer and tuesday we see a cool down. you will see the 70s and low 80s inland. there is a warm-up in our future . that will start on friday and saturday. it looks like upper 80s for some away from the coast. mid 80s for a few today, clear lake s and vacaville, it looks nice on the beach. the brentwood 84 degrees. we will have upper 70s to 80s for some, including gilroy at 84, santa clara 78. 60s on the coast and the city and 70s on the peninsula. palo alto mid 70s, cooler tuesday and wednesday. it looks nice thursday and warmer friday and saturday.
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starting today, many food sellers will have to show the calorie counts for their products. supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, vending machines, movie theaters and more have to have a calorie count on their menus. last year the fda extended the date for national compliance by one year. it is one of the measures and it is contained in the affordable care act. it affects sellers with 20 or more locations that selfies. calorie labeling will be required on more than 99% of the nation's 5 million to 6 million vending machines. that leads to our question of the day. how does calorie labeling affect her behavior? does it help you make healthier choices? or does it have no impact at all? let us know what you think. vote on the ktvu twitter page and comment on the ktvu to -- ktvu facebook page. one man's record-breaking journey is passing through the bay area. why he is honoring the memory of his father by visiting all
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of the national parks. an unusual convention brings families of the golden state killer together. we will tell you more about their trip to talk to experts in the case and how they feel now that the suspect has been arrested.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". several victims and the families of victims of the golden state killer travel from the bay area to nashville over the weekend to go to a crime convention.
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that even in tennessee was planned before last month's arrest of the suspect, joseph deangelo. >> reporter: a group of east area rapist victims and their family members had already been planning to come to this convention in nashville, tennessee. less than two weeks ago they found out about an arrest in the case and everything changed. >> reporter: when she was a teenager in 1981, debbie domingo's reality was shattered. her mother and her boyfriend were murdered by a mysterious intruder. shortly after learning it was the work of the east area rapist golden state killer, debbie became her mission for her search for answers. >> within the past week we had to get into the area and scramble. >> reporter: the search has ended with a suspect in
5:26 am
custody. >> it is unbelievable. it is been a miracle. dna science got this guy. >> reporter: crime con brought a whirlwind of emotion. investigators were also present. >> there were a lot of hugs and people were crying. >> reporter: at age 13, she was the east bay area rapist youngest victim. >> i was okay until about a year and a half ago as i met my sister survivors. >> sister survivors, who have been bravely sharing their darkest moments in the hope they would see this day. one of the victims tells us now that a suspect is identified and behind bars, they have the power now. dozens of car windows were smashed in pleasant hill in the high school parking lot.
5:27 am
what thieves stole while students were attending their senior ball. a famous baby bald eagle is back at home after falling out of his nest. we have the latest on the condition of storming the eagle after it fell 20 feet. your monday forecast looks like a lot more sunshine and warmer temperatures.
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♪ >> who sings the song? >> the eagles. >> we give you an eagle's view looking across the bay area. >> i get it. >> that is what we are doing this morning. i hope that is helping you to wake up. welcome back to "mornings on 2". it is monday, may 7. i am dave clark. >> it you up and dancing. i am pam cook. let's check in with steve paulson. >> it will not be storming today. >> very nice. >> that was good . there is only some patchy fog. we will be average, a little
5:31 am
above for others. napa is 73 to 79. the city 59 to 66. san jose 68 to 77. there is nothing wrong with that. this system comes in tuesday and wednesday for a cool down and then there will be a warm-up friday and saturday. 40s and 50s, a few upper 50s, but a lot of upper 40s and low 50s. fremont is 49. tamaron is 50, the city is officially 52. 49 in alameda and 49 in oakland. we are set for what looks like it will be a very nice day. we will have a cooler pattern in the middle of the week but by the end of the week, friday and saturday look warmer. we could be very warm saturday, but i will tackle that on thursday.
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this is usually when sal gets busy. >> it is busy out there. we see traffic that is getting slow as you are driving on the solano county commute in vallejo. we have slowing on 80 westbound as you drive toward the carquinez bridge. on 37 as you get toward marin county, once you get past the carquinez bridge it looks good from crockett to hercules. this is a look at the drive from carquinez bridge and maccarthur maze. it is a 90 minute drive with no major issues. at the bay bridge, it has filled in and the metering lights are on. there is about a 15 minute delay at the toll plaza. the napa county sheriff's office is investigating a deadly crash that happened near st. helena involving a fire engine and a motorcyclist. the fire engine was heading to a crash on highway 128 near lake tennessee when a motorcyclist apparently lost control and hit the firetruck.
5:33 am
the cyclist died at the scene. no one else was seriously hurt. part of interstate 580 is open again after being closed for hours after a diesel spell. this happened yesterday just after 1 pm. await minivan ran into the back of a safeway big rig. both of the vehicles went off an embankment. the big rig flipped over. the eating canyon road on-ramp when remained closed while crews cleaned up the diesel spell. drivers involved suffered only minor injuries. a news conference later today by saying -- san jose police about an officer- involved shooting yesterday downtown around 7 am near east william and south ninth street, not far from san jose state. investigators say police officers fired shots at an armed home invasion suspect. the teenage suspect was not hit
5:34 am
by the gunfire and new police officers were hurt. that officer-involved shooting followed two other shootings yesterday in san jose. the first one was in a parking lot on story road shortly after midnight. police say they found a man lying outside of a car. he had been shot at least once. he was pronounced dead at the scene. a few hours later, police were called to a second shooting near jackson avenue not far from the first shooting. the police detained several people and say they recovered a gun. the victim and that shooting is listed in stable condition. it is still not clear if those two shootings are connected. authorities have recovered the body of a missing boater that fell into the san joaquin weeding -- river more than a week ago. he was one of two men who fell into the water east of the bridge on april 28. the men were trying to anchor their fishing boat when a week
5:35 am
tossed them into the water. someone on another boat pulled one man from the water but could not find the other. neither man was wearing a life jacket. the investigation into a shooting inside a bowling alley in daly city has led to two arrests. the two suspects were arrested saturday for that shooting on april 28 inside classic bowling. police say the shooting followed a fight between two groups of people. one man was shot and is still in the hospital. one man is facing dui charges after hitting a police car that was at the scene of a fatal accident in concord. that happened just before 10:30 pm saturday night after a pedestrian was hit and killed. investigators say the driver who hit that man stayed incorporated but while officers were there, police say the patrol car was hit.
5:36 am
the suspect tried to run but was caught about a block away. the officer in the car was treated for minor injuries and is expected to be okay. a woman in her 80s has died after she was hit while crossing the street in palo alto. that happened just before 9 pm saturday night on east charleston road near colston court. police say the woman was crossing the street outside the crosswalk when she was at. they say the driver is cooperating with the investigation. thieves broke into dozens of cars belonging to students of college park high school in pleasant hill who were attending their senior ball in oakland. saturday night, students took charter buses to a dance when they went back to their cars afterwards, at least three dozen cars were vandalized. windows were smashed, muddy shoes, backpacks and other belongings were stolen.
5:37 am
there are no word of any arrests but the investigation continues. a gofundme page has been set up to help those students repair their cars. people who board the napa valley wine train are expecting fine wine, a gourmet meal and great views of the wine country. graffiti is boiling that scenic trip for many passengers. vandals are writing with -- graffiti. passengers are forced to view an ugly site. >> when you have that kind of blight, some of the graffiti in oakland is nicer than what you see here. it is having an effect. some local artists in the wine country are fighting back. they are painting beautiful murals and some are even decorating the train signal boxes. a new report says week oversight is blamed for poor karen nursing homes all across
5:38 am
california. according to a new report by the state auditor, skilled facilities is increasingly putting the health of residents at risk because of understaffing and early release . the audit also says the department of public health is not doing enough to make sure nursing homes are well regulating -- well-regulated and that residents are getting quality care. there is a possible problem involving the upcoming summit between president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un . north korea is criticizing what they are coming misleading claims of president trump's get tough military sanctions is what drove the north korean leader to the negotiating table. one republican leader in congress is among those
5:39 am
expressing concerns. >> you can hope for the best, but we have to prepare for the worst. that means beefing up our ability to defend against missile attack, modernizing our own nuclear deterrent, increasing our defense for ships another military capabilities in that region. >> president trump has repeatedly suggested his administration's tough stance against the north korean government put pressure on kim jong un to peacefully negotiate with the u. s. iran is sending a warning to president trump about pulling out of the nuclear deal. they announced yesterday that ending the agreement would lead to quote, historic regret. president trump has until next saturday to decide to keep or scrap the deal. hitting picket lines, tens of thousands of university workers will do that this morning. coming up in the next hour, how
5:40 am
the potential impact will extend beyond college campuses. the warriors hit back hard against the pelicans. we have a recap of game for and a look at what is to come. we have a new crash reported in hayward. we have a look at some of these other commutes, like highway 4 getting kind of slow. i see something on the shoulder near willow pass road. we are active now. we will tell you more about it coming up. the weather was active over the weekend. most of the clouds have cleared out and we will have a sunny day. the water temperatures are cold, 53 in half moon bay. that is cold. he's been called a rockstar lawyer. he tops the charts on progressive causes... winning pro bono battles for immigrants and the homeless. defending gay rights and gun control. democrat jeff bleich. after columbine, bleich led president clinton's youth violence initiative.
5:41 am
with joe biden, bleich took on domestic violence. served president obama as special counsel and ambassador. maybe bleich can't pull off the rockstar look... but his progressive record is solid gold.
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the warriors beat the new orleans pelicans 118-92 yesterday. they lead their playoff series
5:43 am
3-1. >> he shoots over. >> it was a great game. the warriors dominated from the beginning, leading by 15 after the first quarter. kevin durant lead with 38 points. steph curry had 23. they are moving onto the western conference finals. king5 is tomorrow night and oracle. kevin durant is helping to send children to college. he has been an active member of the community since moving to the bay area. this is video of him visiting with children at the lincoln rec center in downtown oakland. he is providing four students with college money as they go this fall. he grew up playing basketball at his local boys and girls club.
5:44 am
the giants are on a roll, sweeping the atlanta braves 4- 3. >> a shot down the left field line and a base hit. >> the giants took the lead in the third. they added two more runs in the fourth. going into the night, san francisco was leading 4-1. they survived a two run rally by the braves. today the giants are in philly to play them. a big 2-1 win for the a's. they swept the baltimore orioles over the weekend. >> the drive down center field. >> a double to center field kept the orioles in check. the a's pitcher struck out the orioles and they host the
5:45 am
houston astros tonight in a showdown of the american west rivals. let's check in with sal to get you where you need to go. >> we have a new crash on the nimitz freeway. southbound 880 at industrial. traffic is beginning to backup from highway 92. give yourself extra time. the fire department is there. it looks okay after the crash heading into fremont. we will also check the tracy super commute. we have slowed traffic on 205 and 580. it has been slow for about an hour ago. it gets better since you get -- once you get to the altamont pass into livermore. there is a crash that is off to the right so it is not bad but it is crowded at the toll bridge plaza. we are warmer than sunday.
5:46 am
i think today will be a beautiful day. that is the forecast for my birthday. happy birthday, young lady. it is julie's birthday. >> ♪ >> 50s and 60s today. 66 today in the city. yesterday we were 68 today we will be 77. san francisco 66 and 52. the average is about that. 93 in 2001. 45 in 1879 is a record low. most of the low cloud deck has been chewed up. we have patchy fog and then we have sunshine and warmer
5:47 am
temperatures. another system is coming across the pacific. we have a cooldown on tuesday, bottom out on wednesday and thursday will transition into a warmer pattern by the end of the week. we have a letter 40s and 50s closer to the water, upper 40s mid 50s for most. berkeley is 52 degrees. hope valley is 54. american canyon is 51. mid 40s for occidental. the water temperatures are cold. bodega bay, it was 49, i doubt it is much warmer than 50 or 51. the san francisco buoy, half moon bay and monterey 52 to 56. that can even be found off of santa barbara. that is really cold. as long as the cold water is in place, all it takes is a week system. the onshore breeze will kick in. 52 in reno and except for the patchy fog, it will not take
5:48 am
long to bump up. we have a ridge that will swing in and coolest down mid week. this is your tuesday forecast with fog. temperatures will cool down and then wednesday looks to be the coldest day of the week. warmer weather on on the way friday into saturday. saturday could be really warm or just warm. we will deal with it when we get closer. today will be warm for some. vacaville will be in the low to mid 80s. san rafael will be 76. low 80s east bay and 60s and 70s around oakland and berkeley. alameda is in the low to mid 80s, same for woodside and daly city. a little cooler tuesday and wednesday. thursday looks nice and then we are warmer friday and saturday. >> i love it. warmer for friday and saturday
5:49 am
sounds nice. a famous baby bald eagle is back in its nest after it fell 20 feet down out of its nest near big bear lake. storming the baby eagle developed a big social media following when it was born early this year. on april 26 an online feet caught the moment when stormy fell out of the nest. over the weekend, the san bernardino national forest posted this video of stormy flying back to the nest and nuzzling with one of his parents. he is back where he belongs. if you like to have fun, you are in the right state to do it. wallethub just released its rankings of the most fun states in america. california was number one. states that offer a variety of activities, such as theme
5:50 am
parks, nightlife, art and culture are ranked the highest. rounding out the top five were new york, nevada, florida and illinois. west virginia was the least fun state named in the country. they would probably argue with that. still ahead, attribute to a loved one with the record- breaking journey. this man travels to hundreds of national parks, including here in the bay area. this but is not for you. anheuser-bush is placing blame on heineken. what the company is claiming about one of its designs.
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you gotta go to ross. including here in the bay area. this bud is not for you. anheuser-bush is placing blame on heineken. a nebraska man is on the record-breaking journey to visit all the national parks. now he is here in the bay area. >> michael meyer is honoring his late father, a lutheran pastor who loved a good road trip. he died on april 29, 2005. 11 years later on that same day, he started his store with the washington monument. he is openly gay. he says he regrets he did not have the chance to tell his father. >> unfortunately, my father passed away before i was able to accept myself as being gay. i never came out to him. i hope through this project i
5:54 am
am honoring his legacy and ministry and using who i am help other people be more comfortable with who they are and know that they are welcome in church and god loves them as they were made. >> he plans to visit the bay areas nine national park site. he is also a classical singer and will perform next sunday. gas prices are rising and i am sure you have noticed. for the 10th straight week the price of a gallon of gas is up. nationally it is $2.81 per gallon according to aaa. san francisco has the highest average price at $3.75. it is $0.09 cheaper in san jose and oakland. the bay areas least expensive gas is in vallejo. it is $3.58 per gallon. two of the biggest name in beer or on the opposite sides of a legal fight. anheuser-bush is suing heineken over new resort -- new designs
5:55 am
for beer kegs. anheuser-bush says heineken has infringed on its patent. the traditional stainless steel kegs used gas to force the beer out of the keg but it came up with a designed to keep the beer separate from the gas to keep the beer fresh. anheuser-bush said they talked about heineken using the design but no deal was ever reached. now they say he -- heineken's brew lock is based on their design. heineken says they are confident a ruling will be in their favor. "the avengers" were number one for the second weekend in a row. >> there was an idea. >> here is the idea. "the avengers: infinity war" took in another $112 million this weekend. it is now the fastest movie to reach $1 billion in worldwide ticket sales in 11 days.
5:56 am
it is the fourth highest grossing marvel comics movie. the movie overboard debuted in second place with $14 million. the romantic comedy is a remake of the 1987 movie. a quiet place continues to put up solid numbers in its fifth weekend. it took in another $7 million total sales. we are keeping an eye on hawaii. lava from that volcano destroyed more than two dozen homes. we have a closer look at the damage and if there is an end insight. you may have noticed changes at your favorite restaurant or grocery store. many are putting the calorie count next to what you are buying.
5:57 am
5:58 am
>> reporter: tens of thousands of uc workers began a strike. how this will impact patient care at ucsf today.
5:59 am
san francisco police are searching for the gunman who shot at two people outside of mission district church this morning. details are coming up. thank you for joining us on this monday, may 7. >> it is may 7. >> i am dave clark. let's check your weather. steve paulson is right here. >> what year is it ? >> 2018. >> i know i saw a lot of cinco de mayo on saturday. >> it is monday. it will be warmer today after a cooldown on sunday. most of the clouds have cleared. we are warmer today with another cool down tuesday into
6:00 am
wednesday. the transition day will be thursday. then it looks warmer, may be very warm by the end of the week. saturday looks to be the warmest day if you want to look ahead. the low clouds have been chewed up. we had a cold down yesterday. we will bump up today. there is your cool down and then another low. that has been the pattern so far in may. 40s, 50s to almost 60. brownwood is 58. by the concord pavilion it is 49. antioch is 60. there is a big difference. black hawk is 46. 53 in el cerrito. except for some patchy fog, we are good to go for sunshine. cooler tuesday and wednesday, thursday will be in between. it will be nice. saturday will be the key day. we may


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