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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 9, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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it is a sign of easing tensions as the two nations have a nuclear summit. the 11:00 news on fox to start now. president trump plans to be there in the next hour to greet those men. >> i'm juli, >> and i'm fox. these are live pictures from joint base andrew outside of washington, where president trump is expected to arrive soon . i believe on this helicopter is mike pence, the vice president. we have live president -- coverage tonight from the state department. we are told a secret trip from mike pompeo paved the way. lauren? >> reporter: what we are being told by the white house as the first helicopter will be vice president pence, the next helicopter will be the president and first lady, they of course will be greeting the two planes coming in with secretary pompeo, and the detainees who have been freed from north korea under kim jong-
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un's regime. >> i think this is something that nobody thought would happen for years or more, and i really believe it is going to be a great thing for north korea. >> reporter: president trump praising the release of north -- american citizens from north korea. the three were let go during a 90 minute visit between secretary of state mike pompeo and kim jong-un. photos show the two were all smiles during their time in pyongyang. they were imprisoned by north korea for spying or so-called hostile acts. the three were detained since more than last year. the three thanked president trump and mike pompeo for securing their release. the secretary of state said the three were well enough to walk onto the plane without assistance. wednesday's meeting was called quote good, keeping his own
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face-to-face summit next month. experts say the release bodes well for the counter, but president trump can't be caught offguard by the gesture of goodwill. >> we have to remember, that's north korea, and its leader, has not suddenly turned into some statesman who loves peace and wants nothing else to do with his past. pursuit of nuclear weapons. >> we are being told from the moment of these prisoners were released from north korean custody, it was within an hour that they were in the air on their way out of north korea, they went from north korea to an airbase in japan, to anchorage alaska for a refuel, and now of course, we are waiting for secretary pompeo's plane and the plane carrying these three freed americans. frank, julie? >> once they touched down and get off the plane, what happens then? >> reporter: we have official confirmation from the white house, the first plane will have mike pompeo on it, he will come
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down and be greeted by the president. from there, the presidents will get off of the airplane, greeted by that party. they will be able to talk for a little bit, and then, the three men will be put into a vehicle, and they will be taken to walter reed medical center where they will undergo further medical evaluations. >> lauren blanchard in washington. live pictures there of either marine one or marine to, that may have been president trump touching down on marine one. lauren, thank you. president trump suggested today that reporters should have their credentials revoked for reporting negative news about him. in a tweet this morning he complained that despite tremendous success, most of the network news about him is negative or fake. the white house later said the administration is very committed to a free press. president trump has held one formal dress conference since his inauguration, but he has allowed frequent access by reporters in other less formal settings.
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hundreds of people remembered a young life cut short in danville. the candlelight vigil was held for a student who drowned at his school. people are trying now to find some hope in this terrible loss. >> reporter: julie, i spoke with students who say they have known ben curry for many years. they told me they suspect suicide, and tonight, they came down to the football stadium to remember him. >> reporter: solemn voices rang out in song for the 15-year-old who lost his life. students, parents, and faculty filled the bleachers of san ramon valley high's football stadium to remember ben curry. united in grief as they look for life in this moment of darkness. >> there is a deep sense of hope that happens, even within the grief. when you hear somebody feeling helpless, just look around.
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>> i'm still shocked. it's weird, i don't know how to react to it. >> reporter: this freshman says he has known ben since they were in kindergarten. he says he hopes the pe teacher pulled -- he helped the pe teacher pulled been unconscious out of the swimming pool. regret for a life filled with promise now lost. >> i wish you could see how many people showed up for him. how many friends. >> is more important right now for all of us to come together as a community, and, to give respect to this family. >> reporter: i feel like things like this will help open the kids up, and give them opportunities to talk about it. and, talk about how they are feeling. >> reporter: the police say they are looking for answers, and have a search for answers.
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>> this type of instigation takes the time to complete. >> reporter: one teacher spoke about how she coped with the loss of her own daughter. >> and someone will get it for you. whatever it is that will help you get through this. somebody here will find it for you. >> reporter: the police chief tells me it will be weeks before the circumstances of ben's death will be fully understood. in the meantime, students say they are trying to make sense of what happened. >> such a sad thing, but it's nice to see so many people coming together to support him and his family. thank you. there were some frightening moments in the south bay this afternoon, when 12 people got sick after being exposed to a chemical inside a classroom. a hazmat team responded to oak grove high school in south san jose. the first responders were set out at about three this
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afternoon, after a report of an irritant and a foreign smell in a biology class. 10 students and two staff members complained of breathing problems. they had to be undressed, washed down, and decontaminated. six of them were also taken to the hospital. symptoms include coughing, sneezing, and eye irritation. the school district leader put out a statement, saying the substance was likely pepper spray. the parents were upset. >> my kid is my life. this is their education. i don't play around when it comes to education. that's my kid. you put my kid in jeopardy. everybody's get in jeopardy. >> students told ktvu, they think someone released the pepper spray in the class suggesting a school prank gone wrong. palo alto police are looking for suspect in an armed robbery. the victim, a 17-year-old boy told police that three men came up to him and -- at lytton
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avenue and kipling street and demanded his cell phone. police released this sketch of the primary suspect who they say pointed a gun at the victim and punched him in the head. he's described as latino, 5 feet -- 5'10" tall, wearing a polo cap. a man has been arrested for bringing a loaded weapon to work. police say stephen williams of oakley emailed his supervisor saying he planned to bring a gun with him to work because he was cared for safely. -- safety. the sheriff department was notified of the 53-year-old bus driver was arrested on suspicion of carrying a loaded gun, and a concealed gun. both of those charges are misdemeanors. >> we highly discourage anybody from carrying a weapon onto the bus, especially a bus driver. and, thinking they will use it when they don't receive the level of training that is required to carry such a weapon. >> williams has posted bail.
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transit declined to comment and we haven't heard back from the union that represents bus drivers. any report from a civil grand jury in santa clara finds one of every three police shootings came during interactions with someone experiencing a mental health crisis. ktvu's jesse gary has more now on the grand jury's findings and recommendations. >> santa clara county says too often, a police officer makes first contact, thereto uphold a law but now dealing with a mental health crisis. >> we are launching mental crisis teams. >> reporter: tony tully says she plans to increase the current mobile teams in size by 25%. that is one of the recommendations in a 16 page report police and the mentally ill, improving outcomes. compiled by the current santa clara county grand jury, it finds of the 31 deadly officer involved shootings, from 2013 through 2017, one third involved individuals suffering from dental health issues.
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that was the case in january, when a sword wielding man approached two officers and refused to drop his weapon. forcing police to fire. >> the fact that we closed our state mental hospitals, there are more individual who will likely come into contact with police officers. >> the report issued three recommendations for improving outcomes including the funding of additional mobile crisis units, beyond what the county already has in place. >> those teams go out and are able to deflect or de-escalate the situation right on the spot. >> also, additional crisis intervention training for all police officers. san jose's police chief says his department is already offering that training, but to date only half of the departments 1000 officers have gone through the training. >> i made a commitment when i became chief of this entire department would be trained in crisis training. >> reporter: chief garcia estimates it will take till the
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end of the decade before all his officers are trained. at the county that it could be another couple of months before they have a 25% additional increase in the mobile crisis intervention teams. in san jose, jesse gary, ktvu news. trouble as the farmers point shipyard will be tested for residue. the company has come under scrutiny after a review found problems with half the soil samples they produced. the company said today they will hire an independent third- party to retest its work to ensure that the soil is safe. the parcel of land is now home to hundreds of -- new information about a dead gray whale spotted by the bay bridge and towed to angel island. scientists say the animal died as a result of blunt force trauma likely from a ship strike. scientists say it was a 44 foot adult female in a state of
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severe decomposition. this is the third time the carcass of a dead gray whale has washed ashore in the bay this year. a close encounter with a great white shark, the view from above, look closely, you can see the shark circling that kayak, getting dangerously close. the latest on eruptions in hawaii. how one woman describes the gas and smoke venting from kilauea, billowing into the air. and, we are tracking the warm-up around here, you will notice it tomorrow, but more so on friday and saturday. allergic --
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people who live on hawaii's big island are dealing with new threats from the kilauea volcano. the eruption has been taking place for a week now. authorities say toxic fumes leaking from openings in the ground are creating a kind of volcanic smog which is dangerous to breeze. the gas can cause severe respiratory problems. scientists say as sulfur dioxide continues to fill the air there is also a danger of acid rain. >> like choking on rotten eggs. fumes. it's really sick. it makes your eyes water. your throat hurts. everything hurts. your lungs ache. so you have to just run. >> so far, 35 homes have been destroyed by lava flowing into neighborhoods. more than 2000 residents are now under evacuation orders.
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sonoma county officials want to turn part of the current demonstration center in santa rosa into some much- needed housing. the complex takes up 26 acres along highway 101 adventure avenue. the board of supervisors has decided to ask developers if they are interested in building a new administrative center in there or elsewhere. many of the older buildings would be torn down to make way for the construction of 14 hundred to 4000 affordable low and middle class homes. >> no reason to incur either debt or government investment or cash out of the general fund, just to make us a new temple to local government. we have to do something big. >> sites under consideration for the civic center included the current site as well as downtown santa rosa, and near the airport. new rules today including solar panel on condos and low ride construction buildings. if it goes into effect -- passes approval it will go into effect
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in 2020 and be the first of its kind in the nation. california has been a leader in the push for solar energy. the solar requirement could add more than $10,000 to the construction cost of a new home. state officials say the cost should be made up in energy savings. a very close encounter in monterey bay between a kayaker and a huge shark that was circling just a few feet away. at one point, the kayaker actually got into the water. and rubin talked with the man today, and asked him why. >> reporter: it was like something out of a movie. young minute, giancarlo was in his car like the next he would elicit his kayak the next he was overboard. while a great white shark circled nearby. overhead a helicopter captured video, showing what giancarlo could not. >> i had that nice warm water, and then i realized wait a
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minute, yesterday, i saw that there were 15 great whites in this area, maybe i should get back on my boat. >> reporter: he also studies shock from his kayak to monterey bay. in fact, he has document close encounters before. shark sightings here used to be a rarity but over the last four years, water temperatures and concentrations of food have been drawing the sharks further north. >> most of these are the same sharks i have been seeing year after year. the only difference is that they are getting bigger. >> lifeguards post warnings of their sightings within 200 yards from shore. locals are sick thinking twice about getting in the water. >> i used to surf all the time here, and i would serve other spots but i would not go out in the water here. >> be vigilant, with what is out there, and you know, it's their home.
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>> reporter: locals we talked to say even without sharks they understand now is the time to start being cautious. ktvu fox to news. getting ready for thursday, the high temperatures today were cooler than yesterday. they will warm-up tomorrow by a few degrees, add two or 3 degrees to these numbers for your bay area thursday and then further warming for friday, 75 in fairfield, tomorrow is 80 degrees in fairfield, 5 degrees tomorrow, fog trying to reformat the coast, but it won't be as thick, it won't have the huge inland push the next few days, so it will be at the coast and around the bay, but it should be way up in livermore valley. it is may, moving right along here getting closer to summer, you can see the temperatures and fog on the coast,
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everything acting accordingly. current temperatures in the upper 50s, a beautiful night out tonight, the wind was blowing earlier. gusts up to 40 miles per hour out of the northwest, we will see strong wind out of the northeast come friday and saturday in the hills. but, the meantime, this low- pressure center is what has kept things mild. that's going away and then this high built-in, that is the next step of the warming thursday and friday. saturday is warm to come it was there to go down the other side of the roller coaster and cool off. but, all these changes are very subtle. so, microclimates tomorrow, you can see 60s around the bay, where you expect them to be, partly cloudy partly sunny all day, patchy fog, and as you look hard towards mount diablo or danville, or brentwood or easter livermore, you will find the low into the mid-80s. so, a five day forecast coming up that will show you more of the same, just that spring wet
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weather has turned off, and we are now into turned on spring weather. we had that run all of spring was wet, windy and cool, now it's stopped and we have this run coming up on 10 days of dry weather, doesn't like that will change. >> thank you bill. coming up in sports, the celtics beat the 76ers tonight, to move into the nba's final four, they are now headed into the conference finals to take on lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers. mark has highlights next. we also want to show you more live pictures from joint base andrews, outside washington dc, we believe this to be marine one, this is where president trump is set to greet three americans who were detained for more than a year in north korea. those three men are now expected to arrive around midnight our time, it will happen in a short time, they have won their freedom, coming back home, after being away for so long, held in captivity in
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north korea. again, you're looking at life pictures right now just outside of washington dc. we expect this to be marine one, marine to is coming carrying vice president pence. a big celebration held for those plans after -- he's been called a rockstar lawyer. he tops the charts on progressive causes...
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winning pro bono battles for immigrants and the homeless. defending gay rights and gun control. democrat jeff bleich. after columbine, bleich led president clinton's youth violence initiative.
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with joe biden, bleich took on domestic violence. served president obama as special counsel and ambassador. maybe bleich can't pull off the rockstar look... but his progressive record is solid gold. mark is here now again with the giants and a's. tough going so far? >> really tough. not a wind talk about this week.
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a's and giants on three-game losing streets, it was cool before they got to philadelphia, they don't even resemble the team that swept through atlanta, to their nice four-game win streak. however, back in philadelphia, this is one of the highlights, giants fan, the city of brotherly love, giving that philly fan the ball, that is pretty much the way it's going. for giants and fans, in this series. this is miguel franco getting it started with a shot deep into chris stratman. in the fifth a couple more, carlos santana, big slump most of the season coming out, pitching with a two out two run single, 5-0, and what else could giants fans do, but go to their facebook page and forget as soon as possible. little businessperson special, they used to call it, jet lowry
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with a stroke through right, it will fetch matt joyce and the a's, they get a one nothing lead this afternoon. at the coliseum, however, it was short-lived as they tied it on a homer, then derek fisher, about 447 feet was the real estate, put it up for good, 4- 1, throw that thing back. who wants that, turning to basketball, i could be excited about this one, kylie irving was healthy playing for the celtics against lebron and the cleveland cavaliers in the eastern final, however, boston it will be overmatched even though they take care of business against the sixers on the floor in boston, jason tatum driving it in, market smart there in the rescue, tying things up with the clock at about the one minute mark. now, 30 seconds, mark gets into tatum, who is slicing wide open
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into the bucket, that pretty much sealed the deal. with two seconds left, sixers with a long gasp added, no go, that is your game, 4-1, sixers fall shot, the celtics move on to host cleveland sunday on the floor of the boston garden. in the meantime it is time to check this out, see what is shaking here this evening. this was your fan play of the evening, dodgers stadium, a fan holding his son, and watch closely, makes the catch with his cap, that kid has a souvenir. in the meantime, this is your defense of play by a big leaguer right here. that is aaron judd laying out 6 foot eight and making that cat, very athletic move. the yankees beat the red sox again to take over first. for no particular reason other
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than that is a pretty amazing feat right there. if you look at him closely with his right hand actually only using two fingers to do those push-ups while with his left, drinking a glass of water. she is hydrated, he is strong. we don't know who he is. >> just some dude? >> that is a great question. >> [ laughter ] >> when i first saw that i thought he was thinking a beer. but it's what appeared >> where's your mind tonight? >> it looked like a beer at first. >> it's only wednesday. >> good night.
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