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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  May 10, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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than it actually got. it's demanding that the contractor, tutor perini, replace the 17,000 feet of track with higher strength steel. >> the rail in the contract could possibly last longer than the standard rail that was installed. this is not a safety issue. we are not concerned about operating trains safely because of improper rail. this is a situation where we want rail that's going to last as long as possible. >> reporter: the city insists the contractor is at fault. >> we do have independent auditors working with the contractors to ensure that everything is being done right and that's how this was found that the independent contractor noticed the rail was the wrong grade and notified us. >> reporter: ron tutor, tutor perini's ceo, told me emphatically that neither his company nor the subcontractor who installed the track did anything wrong. he blames specific conflicts within the sfmta's own paperwork. tutor says the sfmta inspected the track when it arrived, approved it, paid for it, oversaw its installation, long
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ago. tutor also says the company will replace the rail as directed by the sfmta and it will have no impact delaying the already delayed project beyond the projected 2019 completion date. but he says he will charge for and expects payment for the replacement of that track. >> there hasn't been a contract modification to change that specific. so the standard grade rail was installed and we are asking them to remove that. >> we'll hear it on the committee i chair at government audit and oversight committee. we have to get a hold of these runaway contracts and overruns and expenses. reporter: this could be settled quickly in binding arbitration or mediation. it must be binding. if it goes to court, it will take longer and the taxpayers will foot the bill.
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tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> the taxpayers will foot the bill if they used the wrong steel, is that right? >> reporter: well, think about this for a second. $1.6billion project. who is paying for that? the taxpayers. if there is a long kind of litigation over this, somebody is going to have to pay for that. it's not clear at this moment who is really responsible. so this mess could have been avoided if simply everybody adhered to the contract. we are going to have to find out who is really responsible. at this point, that's not clear at all. >> and if they have to relay all these tracks also that delay the opening? >> reporter: they say tutor perini says that is not a problem. once you take the tracks up, since the bed is already laid, they can put that back in very, very quickly. they say there's no delay. >> thank you, tom vacar in san francisco. prosecutors in santa barbara county today became the latest in california to file formal charges against the suspected golden state
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killer. 72-year-old joseph deangelo is accused in a series of rapes and murders that terrorized communities across california in the late 1970s and '80s. santa barbara county district attorney joyce dudley held an afternoon news conference to announce he is now being formally charged with four killings in that county. >> i have decided to file four counts of first-degree murder with special circumstances against joseph james deangelo. each of the four counts carries multiple allegations. each of the four counts carries the potential for a sentence of life without possibility of parole or the death sentence. >> prosecutors in santa barbara county now join their counterparts in orange, ventura and sacramento counties in filing charges against deangelo in the golden state killer case. deangelo is due back in a sacramento county courtroom on
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monday. ktvu's henry lee will be there. in mendocino county, authorities are testing skeletal remains that were found near the area where a woman drove her family off of a cliff back in march. the sheriff's department says a resident called them saying they found a pair of girl's jeans with a shoe in one of the pant legs with skeletal remains insides the shoe. the remains were found a mile north of where jennifer hart is said to have driven her wife and six adopted children off a cliff. a surprise in court today where a man pleads guilty to a brutal murder in the east bay. late this afternoon, daniel gross pleaded guilty to killing lizette cuesta. she was found crawling on a rural road near livermore before she died. our crime reporter henry lee joins us outside the dublin courthouse. it was a strange day in court today. >> reporter: yes. it is highly unusual for a murder defendant to plead to the sheet, or plead guilty to all the charges long before a trial. when he is sentenced, he could
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face up to 26 years to life in prison and cannot appeal. the other defendant, gross's pregnant fiancee, melissa leonardo, pleaded not guilty. authorities say the couple stabbed cuesta earlier this year and dumped her from a car on remote tesla road near livermore. cuesta crawled on her stomach for about 100 yards before being found. she told authorities in what's known as a dying declaration that the couple had attacked her. sources tell ktvu that gross admitted to stabbing cuesta more than 2 dozen times in the head, back and neck. in an unusual move in court, the judge kicked the media out earlier in the morning even though the public was allowed to stay. the judge later apologized saying it was a miscommunication and that he wrongly thought reporters in the gallery were recording the proceedings. earlier this year, i had an exclusive jailhouse interview with gross. he told me he acted in self- defense and snapped and that he never meant to kill cuesta. after the hearing, gross' attorney said his client wanted to own up to what he
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did. >> from the very beginning of this case, daniel has been absolutely committed to accepting responsibility for his friend's death and he proved that when he confessed to the police at the very outset. he proved that when he confessed to the media and proved it today by entering his guilty plea to these charges. it is his hope and wish that his decision to take responsibility today will bring some level of peace and closure to miss cuesta's family and their loved ones. >> reporter: outside court, no one else wanted to comment including the victim's family, the defendant's relatives and the d.a. now, daniel gross will return to court in june to set a date for sentencing. live in dublin, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> henry, any word if he will testify against his girlfriend.
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>> reporter: no word on that at this point. but as far as the girlfriend goes, she will be back in court later this summer for additional proceedings. >> henry lee in dublin tonight. henry, thank you. legal analysts say today's guilty plea was unusual. earlier today, on the "four on 2," we spoke to our legal analyst, michael cardoza, who explained the possibility of the death penalty may have been why daniel gross pleaded guilty. >> one of the things that jumped into my mind was, are they pleading to be sure that the district attorney's office doesn't file death in this case? remember, right from the jump, the d.a. doesn't have to file a death penalty case. they can wait, for example, after the preliminary hearing. >> cardoza went on to explain that part of the process of pleading guilty includes checking a box that ensures you will not appeal that decision. very early this morning, president trump welcomed home three americans who have been held captive for more than a
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year in north korea. the president traveled with the first lady to joint base andrews near washington, d.c. at 2 east coast time in the morning to attend the homecoming and a triumphant moment for his presidency. hours later, president trump announced that he plans to meet with north korean leader kim jong-un in singapore on june 12th. the goal is to get north korea to abandon their nuclear missile program. fox news' lauren zakalik has more now on what's at stake -- lauren blanchard has more now on what's at stake. >> reporter: president trump will travel thousands of miles away for a meeting a man he long considered a threat. president trump turning to twitter to announce new details of his highly anticipated meeting with north korean leader kim jong-un saying it will take place in singapore on june 12th and both will try to make it a very special moment for world peace. >> we have had folks on the ground having meetings every day. >> whoo! >> reporter: the details of the sit-down coming hours
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after three americans held hostage by north korea were welcomed back by the president. their release set the stage for the upcoming summit. >> we want to thank kim jong- un, who really was excellent to these three incredible people. >> their release should not be exalted, it should be expected. >> reporter: the president's remarks drawing criticism by some. but house speaker paul ryan says mr. trump's expression of gratitude was merely a gesture of good faith. >> i think we all should give the president some leeway on preparing for this summit. >> reporter: still, some of question whether the president backing out of the iran deal will make it more difficult for the administration to convince north korea to enter into a deal with the united states. >> i think, um, president trump, secretary pompeo, is just a terrific team from the diplomatic side of things. >> reporter: there's a good reason singapore was selected as a neutral location for the
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nations to meet. in 2015, after decades of bad blood and mutual distrust, it's where the presidents of china and taiwan chose to hold their summit. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. iraq announced today a u.s.-led coalition has arrested five top leaders of isis. those involved in tracking down the suspected terrorist leaders reportedly include iraqi troops in coordination with u.s.-backed syrian forces. the pentagon says the arrests mark the latest major victory against isis in iraq. joining forces in the race for mayor. coming up at 5:30, what two of the bigger names in the race did to solidify support in san francisco. >> beyond stressful. i have already had two panic attacks yesterday. >> we all know it's hard to find affordable housing in the bay area. coming up next, it's moving day for a family that was evicted from their home but actually this story has a happy ending.
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>> it's warming up out there. a little warmer today and significantly warmer tomorrow. details on your friday forecast coming up. i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message. i support the affordable care act, and voted against all trump's attempts to repeal it. but we need to do more. i believe in universal health care. in a public health option to compete with private insurance companies. and expanding medicare to everyone over 55. and i believe medicare must be empowered to negotiate the price of drugs. california values senator dianne feinstein
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a follow-up now involving a san jose family facing eviction today. ktvu's south bay reporter jesse gary test us they found a last-minute option that is now allowing them to move into a new home. >> reporter: for jeffrey koenig the weight of the world has just been lifted. >> no matter what, we have the house with or without a deposit. >> reporter: the good news delivered by his daughter cassandra was enough to stagger him.
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>> it's beyond stressful. i have already had two panic attacks yesterday. >> reporter: anxiety source was his housing situation. his family is racing to pack his belongings by midnight thursday but didn't know where they were going. the santa clara county housing authority forced them to move from their rental in east san jose. the landlord had multiple violations, electrical problems, loose concrete, mold, none of it repaired forcing koenig to leave or lose his section 8 housing voucher. housing advocates staged pickets calling the housing authority's decision unfair. >> people should not be getting evicted by the housing authority for the failure of a landlord. people should not be getting shunted around because they can get a voucher. the problem is we don't have enough affordable housing. >> reporter: even when there is affordable housing, it can still be hard to afford. for the koenigs, moving to a new rental means coming up with a deposit $3,000. housing authority officials declined to talk on camera but say they did provide some help and the koenig family does
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have a "go fund me" page. but it's not enough. they are still $2,000 short. >> we're way under the gun. we're out of time and we're way out of ammunition. we have been left flat again by this beautiful county we live in. >> reporter: as movers picked up the first of two pods, koenig couldn't help but lose his salty disposition about how he has been treated. he says the system needs change and immediate construction of low-income housing. still, housing provided by adobe services helped the koenig family find a new section 8 rental four miles east that just passed inspection. in east san jose, i'm jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. in san francisco, six people are without a home after a fire ripped through an apartment building in the twin peaks neighborhood this morning. the flames broke out about 2 a.m. at a four-story apartment building on glendale and market streets. when firefighters arrived, they saw flames coming from the top floor. >> talking to our fire
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investigators, one resident statement was they thought it was a burglar. they had the window break and they thought someone was making entry and then heard the fire alarm go off. she got up and seen the fire towards the kitchen area. >> people were warning everyone. everyone was trying to help each other out and trying to get out from the fire. >> the fire spread from inside the upstairs apartment to the outdoor deck on the top floor. the red cross is assisting the people who were displaced by the fire. he cause is under investigation. let's go over to bill now in the weather center. a beautiful day and warmer temperatures before the weekend. >> today they warmed a little and tomorrow in the upper 80s. if you look towards morgan hill you might see 90. the winds come up, as well. we'll have a wind advisory in the hills in the north and east bay. and not a lot of fog to speak
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of. into tomorrow, warmer and stronger winds. 90 a possibility towards fairfield and davis in the sacramento valley. it will be just on the edges. 90s. don't be surprised if your backyard in livermore and evergreen hits 90 degrees. i don't think that would be out of the question. there's three ridge of high pressure. you can see the jet stream upper-level winds doing something like this and then there's the ridge right in here. so that's setting us up for a pattern that's going to be warmer not all through the weekend. there will be a little bit of cooling as it breaks down. but it's going to be the warmest day tomorrow and then slightly cooler on saturday but we're splitting hairs. and then it drops off a few degrees. again, it's just spring weather, exactly what you would expect. 78 in concord right now. 72 in livermore. is that warmer than yesterday? yeah by 6 degrees in napa, by 6 degrees in santa rosa. a little cooler at the coast, right? that's because you have a little bit of a sea breeze. you had some winds last night. still a little bit of wind out there. the breeze is blowing still
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out of the northwest. but it's starting to clock a little more like that. yesterday it was like this northwesterly wind. this is more of a north- northwest and eventually, it's going to start clocking that way. and that's that offshore wind, a more offshore, which will give us a wind advisory in the hills and will help the air sink and warm. so that's our story. it is gusting though, 32 miles an hour at sfo. sustained at 23. 17-mile-an-hour winds in san jose. beautiful day. air quality pretty good considering. outside you can see out on the estuary. i feel like we did something -- like we fixed up these cameras a little bit. look how crisp they are. >> man, it is. >> i was thinking it was super clear. >> that's great! >> that's so crisp. >> it really is. >> it looks like a painting. >> did he clean the lens? >> maybe that's it. >> wiped it off? >> dusted it off. >> he is one of the hardest
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workers here. >> do you feel bad? every time i walk by john, he is fixing things! >> 11:30 at night. >> he is a fixer. >> i bet he got his hands on this camera. it looks great. >> thank you, bill. today new life is being brought to an abandoned world war ii shipyard that's been mainly off limits to the public for more than a century. the $2 billion project at pier 70 will begin to take shape in san francisco's ever growing dogpatch neighborhood. officials gathered for a groundbreaking ceremony for the project today that will transform an idle mix of vacant land, buildings, storage and staging areas into a 28-acre waterfront neighborhood. new housing, parks, space for artists and local manufacturing as well as rehabbed building will be on the site. a third of the housing will be affordable. >> for the past 7 years, we have been working with the neighborhoods, all of the city agencies including the port,
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um, to bring the planning process through to its completion in november of last year and then it's taken us about 6 months to get to the point that we're at now. >> the city unanimously approved the project last november after 10 years of planning. it was the first waterfront project requiring a citywide vote with 73% voting in favor. the project is expected to take up to 10 years to complete. driving through oakland these days, you can see all the construction everywhere you look, another crane working on a new building. coming up next, the numbers that prove that oakland is one of the hottest markets in the country right now! >> and later coming up knew at 6:00 new developments from investigators in the south bay on allegations of sexual misconduct against a city councilman as more potential victims come forward. >> and continuing coverage on the golden state killer case as suspect joseph deangelo faces new murder charges. that's coming up at 6:00.
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d. antonio for governor.
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more numbers are out proving that oakland is one of the hottest markets right now in the country. the latest evidence the vacancy rated for businesses is the lowest in the country, lower than manhattan and san francisco. paul chambers shows us that's part of the reason for the building boom. >> reporter: from skyfox you can see construction going on in downtown oakland. everywhere you look, there are cranes in the air. city officials say there hasn't been this many projects going on at one time in more
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than 12 years, a big boost to the bay area. >> we are seeing vacancy to 5% and it has the lowest vacancy in the united states for four years. >> reporter: grant jones says the entire bay area is in single-digit vacancy. he says many businesses want to be based here. however, often times they're priced out. >> it really started with san francisco having the large tech tenants displace some of the professional services firms like lawyers, engineers, nonprofits. came over here because there was value in coming to oakland. >> reporter: one company occupies 200,000 feet at this building under construction. university of california berkeley is also coming through. with so much demand comes issues. >> with that comes some high rent. that's one of the things that concerns us because we want to keep the businesses that are here, here. we want to keep oakland, oakland. >> reporter: san francisco came in second in the study. experts say being on the bart line has helped both cities.
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but with such a high demand on office space, they say neighboring cities are about to get a boost. >> you can go to alameda, to the oakland airport and there are some cheaper rents. >> reporter: experts say rent rates for oakland is only 10 to 15% cheaper than san francisco. but people are moving to oakland because they want to be here and the city is building house for those coming to the town. paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. up until now candidates for san francisco mayor were holding their own events, that was before today. coming up next, why mark leno and jane kim were standing by together at city hall today. >> and a possible ban on all flavored tobacco products in san francisco. coming up. he's been called a rockstar lawyer. he tops the charts on progressive causes...
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winning pro bono battles for immigrants and the homeless. defending gay rights and gun control. democrat jeff bleich. after columbine, bleich led president clinton's youth violence initiative. with joe biden, bleich took on domestic violence. served president obama as special counsel and ambassador.
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maybe bleich can't pull off the rockstar look... but his progressive record is solid gold. san francisco supervisor and mayoral candidate london breed took advantage of early voting and voted for the june 5th election accompanied by young new registered voters. she was all smiles as she voted and submitted it to elections officials. the native san franciscan said never in her wildest dreams did she think she would one day be casting avote for herself as a candidate for mayor. the city began offering early voting monday. two other candidates in the race for mayor are teaming up
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calling on supporters to vote for both of them. as christien kafton shows us, with ranked choice voting in san francisco, candidates jane kim and mark leno hope this political union is a winning strategy on june 5th. reporter: the posters for this unconventional strategy are popping up around san francisco. you can see two candidates, jane kim and mark leno on one poster, each backing the other as a second choice in the city's ranked choice election. most campaign events feature one candidate or another. but at a joint news conference on the steps of san francisco city hall, mark leno and jane kim announced each was backing the other as a viable second choice. >> and that's why i'm running for mayor. and that is why i'm endorsing state senator mark leno as my number 2 endorsement. >> whoo! >> i'm proud to stand by supervisor kim and to offer
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her my 2 endorsement. >> reporter: if the candidate wins most first place votes they win. but if there's no clear majority, the last place finisher is eliminated and voters who supported that candidate have their ballot instantly go to their next choice. that process goes on until there is a majority winner. kim and leno aim to capitalize on that and even rolled out a preview of an ad they say will start appearing on social media and television stations in san francisco. >> vote for me and mark leno. >> vote for me and jane kim. >> the city belongs to us. >> not the billionaires. >> reporter: the two candidates are effectively teaming up to counter sometimes front-runner london breed saying she hasn't sufficiently condemned outside money that's poured into the campaign on her behalf. for her part, breed said today that she is focused on her campaign. >> clearly, nothing surprises me during the political season where people make decisions to do what they feel is necessary to win over voters.
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>> reporter: her campaign, though, was more blunt saying, quote, what's the news here? leno and kim one-two strategy was announced to the world the day they orchestrated london breed's removal as acting mayor. to put it in context and show you how big an effect ranked choice voting can have, it pushed jean kwon into her position. she was able to upset the favorite don perata. mayor quan served one term as oakland mayor. in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu fox 2 news. david mccuan appeared today on the "four on 2" to talk about the twist. he says there are pros and cons to the partnership. >> it can lead to some confusion for voters. the danger here is that voters don't list a second choice.
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if they skip around on the ballot or over things happen, that spillover effect of confusion is a dilemma of the ranked choice system but again, voters as consumers have been able to navigate this. >> it could be a game changer in the race for san francisco mayor. san francisco needs your help on election day looking for volunteer poll workers who can earn up to $195 as a stipend. officials say they are in dire need of volunteers because the current election conflicts with graduation so fewer students are volunteering. >> we just need folks. we have 8583 polling places and each one we are looking for three to four people to help voters out. >> those who are interested in volunteering just need to go to san francisco city hall monday through friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and sign up. some of the tasks that volunteers are responsible for
5:33 pm
include signing voters in, issuing ballots, and collecting ballots. are ecigarette manufacturers marketing to minors by selling candy flavored nicotine products? that's what some doctors and parents say as they campaign for proposition e on the upcoming ballot. it would ban all flavored tobacco products in the city. but as ktvu's rob roth found, many mom and pop grocery stores say the ban could help put them out of business. >> reporter: "vaping," those who do it say it's healthier than cigarettes. >> stopping smoking cigarettes was such an improvement that whether or not there's some health detriments to this, the alternative is much worse. >> reporter: but some san francisco doctors and parents say "vaping" products especially the popular new brand juul is targeting minors with fun sounding flavors like creme brulee and orange patch, smoked through what looks like a thumb drive. a uc-san francisco doctor and researcher spoke out in
5:34 pm
support of san francisco's proposition e on next month's ballot. prop e would uphold a ban on all flavored tobacco products including menthol. supporters argue it will protect minors. >> they contain high levels of nicotine and it's addictive. this is particularly a problem for kids because we know that the brain is still developing until you're about 25 years old. >> the kids are giving in to peer pressure and they are smoking a tobacco product. but they don't see it as that because it's candy flavor. in this proposition, it will eliminate any candy flavored products, tobacco products, in the city of san francisco. >> reporter: last year the board of supervisors voted for the ban but it never took effect. r.j. reynolds has been funding a campaign to vote it down calling it a prohibition. small grocers say they worry the ban would hurt the bottom line. >> if we don't have their pack of smokes, they are not going to come in and buy, you know, the rest of the items that make up those, you know, single cash purchases that keep us open.
5:35 pm
>> reporter: the market has a no one under 21 sign on the door, and the owners say minors rarely try to buy "vaping" products. but ecigarette use by high school students has increased by 21%. a recent survey of san francisco high school students done by the school district shows that ecigarette use actually declined by 6% over the past two years. >> we have youth outreach workers and they are students in the middle and high school that learn about tobacco, tobacco products, and then they teach their peers. they go into the classrooms and they teach them different lessons about "vaping" or ecigarettes and why they are dangerous. >> reporter: juul says it is committed to combating underaged use and that it's donating millions to education campaigns. still, supporters of proposition e will make it harder for minors to start down a dangerous road. >> so freely available, i
5:36 pm
think at least making it so that on the way to school when kids are walking to school, they're not constantly encountering these products. >> reporter: the voters will decide on june 5th. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. two men from santa rosa wanted in connection with a deadly stabbing are now in police custody. 20-year-old johnnie martinez and 25-year-old gabriel heredia were arrested this afternoon in modesto. around 7:45 last night, officers responded to a report of a fight on slater street near mendocino avenue in santa rosa. the unidentified victim was stabbed three times and later died at the hospital. people who live in the area say the fight sounded intense. witnesses didn't want to be identified, but they explained what they saw. >> i seen a passenger get out of the car. the driver and the passenger got out of the car. stabbed the victim and got back in the car and left. >> it's not clear what led police to the suspects. investigators did say the two
5:37 pm
were taken into custody this afternoon in modesto and that detectives from santa rosa are on their way to meet them. military strikes are intensifying between syria, iran and israel. coming up next tonight, the demand from the u.n. after a night of air strikes. >> plus, both california senators announce how they will vote on the president's pick to be the new director of the cia. (sound of footsteps)
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the united nations is urging israel and iran to avoid any further escalation after an air strike by israeli forces overnight that destroyed nearly all of iran's military installations in syria. israel says the strikes were in response to iranian rocket attacks against israeli positions in the golan heights which a region that was annexed by israel in 1981. iranian media called it unprecedented. the latest escalation raises the question of a full-fledged war between iran and israel. >> that's completely up to iran whether they cease their war against us. israel is responding to outrageous and aggressive prove occasions from the iranian regime. >> the useless attempts to help terrorism are crumbling under the strikes of our army. >> the israeli strikes come
5:41 pm
less than two days after president trump's withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal. the white house is monitoring the decision and supports israel. two california democratic senators are against president trump's trick for cia director. gina haspel is an agency veteran who oversaw a controversial post-9/11 interrogation program. senator dianne feinstein a leading democratic voice against the cia's now defunct harsh detention and interrogation program, says she will vote against confirming haspel. and senator kamala harris says she won't support haspel either because of concern about what message a promotion would send to the spy agency and to the international community. during haspel's senate confirmation hearing yesterday, the 33-year cia veteran pledged to never again use brutal interrogation techniques. the senate intelligence committee is expected to vote as early as next week on her nomination. health officials in the congo have announced the first death suspected to be caused by an ebola outbreak. health officials think at
5:42 pm
least 9 people have gotten sick from the virus. three infected are nurses who were treating patients. the new patients are isolated and are showing symptoms of ebola including fever, vomiting and abdominal pain. the world health organization is in the area to help try and contain the spread of the deadly virus. abuse victims of convicted gymnastics doctor larry nassar are pushing for further investigation saying more needs to be done to uncover the extent of his crimes. usa gymnastics train most athletes at the same karolyi ranch in texas. some who say he abused them at the ranch called on whether the owners of the ranch could have done more to prevent the sexual abuse. >> i think it's awful that i couldn't trust adults that were supposed to protect me throughout this process and larry probably would have
5:43 pm
never touched me if the adults did their jobs. >> the texas rangers are already investigating allegations of what happened at the ranch but the gymnasts say it's not enough and they want charges against bella and martha karolyi. the growth now is actual housing coming up and they are starting to pop up like weeds. >> 7 months later the rebuilding effort is getting under way. coming up next, we introduce you to a couple who lost everything in the north bay firestorm but soon they will be able to ditch their rv for a new house. >> it is warming up around here. temperatures on the increase am tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week.
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this is breaking news going on in los gatos. a tesla crashed into a starbucks. this happened on blossom hill road. you can see there's a tow truck there pulling the car out as we speak onto the back of that tow truck. we are told that there were no injuries here. there had to be tables right there by the door. we are also told that the driver of the tesla is cooperating. again, the headlines here are tesla has crashed into a starbucks on blossom hill road in los gatos near 85. we are working to get more information. we don't know what caused this. as we do get more information,
5:47 pm
we'll be certain to bring it to you. it's one of the biggest debris removal operations in state history and it's nearly complete. in the months since the north bay wildfires, federal and stated agencies have removed 2.2 million tons of hazardous debris. that's 4 billion pounds and more than 300 square miles all cleared. it's been quite an undertaking but there's still plenty more to do. >> we aren't done yet. everybody that stands here before you today has massive empathy over what our residents are experiencing, not just now, not 7 months ago, but what they will be experiencing for the next seven years. we embrace them. we are here for them. and i promise you, we can't do enough for them. >> all that debris has gone to several different landfills in the north bay with the lion's share some 40% to sonoma county. officials say so far, the
5:48 pm
price tag for removal is more than $1.3 billion. and that number will likely grow. for many families, the past seven months have been spent living in rentals while dreaming of rebuilding their homes. >> ktvu's frank mallicoat introduces to us one family and takes us on their journey to a new home. >> reporter: mowing your lawn is a natural rite of spring, but for santa rosa's tom stewart, it means so much more. >> it's part of normalcy. it's part of i still -- i still got something. >> reporter: that patch of lawn is about all that's left of tom's coffey park home. 42 years of memories all turned to ash in just hours last october. outside of his backyard pond full of coy fish, the stewarts lost everything. >> just the security in knowing that you have your stuff and your house, i miss that. i miss that. >> reporter: tom will never forget that night he watched
5:49 pm
it happen from his backyard deck. >> at least 100-foot flames coming -- blowing. winds 60 miles an hour, 50, 60. >> reporter: now seven months later, his lot is cleared. but his once lush backyard and pool are nothing more than a muddy crater. his wife's wedding ring is somewhere in this mix of melted coins and jewelry. and his prized p.t. cruiser gone. all that's left is a melted tire rim. >> you always run into people that say, change it. >> reporter: home is now a 29- foot motorhome perched across the street. >> yup. it won't be long. >> reporter: he and his wife tanya spend their days waiting and watching as life begins to pour back into their santa rosa neighborhood. his burnt trees are now budding. his flowers have sprung up. and that's not all. >> the growth now is actual houses coming up and they are starting to pop up like the
5:50 pm
weeds. and the first -- you see the ground cleared and a couple days later you see the cement trucks come out. within a week or so, you see the walls start going up. >> i don't see the skylight in here. but -- >> no. >> reporter: unlike many, the stewarts' journey home has been relatively smooth. they hope to break ground on their new 2200-square-foot home in early june. it's nearly double the size of their old home and it can't happen soon enough. has it brought you and your wife closer a little bit maybe? >> oh, we're close. the big house will be nice. >> reporter: but you're still laughing. >> yes. >> reporter: the stewarts are laughing and surviving all the changes and tom realized he changed, too. his facebook blogs on the progress in his coffey park community have proved comfort to many. he has even created videos to inspire others to move forward. it's all uncovered a little hidden talent in a man that is
5:51 pm
a self-described simple retired blue collar worker. >> i'm not a talker. i'm not a leader. i'm not a writer. this experience has allowed me to be each of those. and it's not me. you know? i'm not -- i'm none of those. >> reporter: you have become an inspiration to other folks here. >> i -- i -- and i'm -- i'm in awe of that. >> reporter: it's been a humbling experience but amongst the tears and all the change is a renewed sense of hope and excitement. you're coming back, tom. >> coming back. >> awww. >> that was frank mallicoat reporting. tomorrow they are signing papers with their contractor. they plan to break ground during the first week june, to be completed after thanksgiving. >> i can relate because we moved in after the oakland hills firestorm. it's nice to see the neighborhood come back. it was just devastated.
5:52 pm
and now it -- it's a whole new enabled. and some people chose to move out. but a lot of people chose to rebuild and it's really exciting to see them in their homes. >> for everything they went through. such disaster. >> takes a long time but the neighborhood comes back. >> it does. let's check the weather now with our chief meteorologist bill martin. it's almost the weekend! beautiful day around the bay area. >> back to the oakland hills fire, i felt bad -- remember all the problems they had? just like in santa rosa -- the people -- it's neat to see the new homes going in, but a lot of people were displaced because they can't afford to rebuild. they're under-insured. >> do you remember betty ann bruno? i live across the street from where she used to live. she chose to -- to -- to move somewhere else. i would love to get in contact with her and see how she's doing. >> not just oakland people. people in berkeley lost their homes too in the firestorm. >> there were a lot. it's neat to see that. that's an uplifting story but you have to remember a lot of people -- just with the oakland hills experience, a lot of people were displaced
5:53 pm
and never came back. >> we got our home at the expense of someone who left. that's a very sobering thought. >> well put, frank. 79 in napa today. 78 in fairfield. 82 in antioch. so a little warmer today. not at the coast but inland a degree or two or three. then tomorrow we'll go up another four or five degrees. and tomorrow, well, here we go. santa rosa goes up to 89. 66 to 75. that's in san francisco. and 81 to 86 in livermore. so nice looking day tomorrow. beautiful weather. the weekend is here. come on, friday is the weekend. and right around the corner, we got temperatures that are going to be warming. tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week. saturday will be pretty darn warm, as well. and then sunday will be noticeably cooler with more of a marine layer influence, marine layer being the fog. then at least a live camera shot. where is the fog, right? there's not much. as the inversion pinches down, which it's doing now, we get into some wind issues in the
5:54 pm
north bay and east bay hills where we have a wind advisory through friday night into saturday morning. that's tomorrow. and that also compresses the inversion, makes the fog -- makes it go away most of the time. if it doesn't go away, it gets dense at the coast and will mess with air quality a little bit and hayfever stuff. that's on friday and saturday afternoon. so the story is that high pressure. friday and saturday warmest days of the week. there's that wisconsin and i have to get hustling because i in brett is in a rush here. i went too long talking about everything else. sorry, brett. >> he is saying please wrap this up. >> all right. let's go. thank you, bill. first it was the lava and toxic gas, now there's new concerns about hawaii's kilauea volcano. up next scientists are warning the risk of an explosive eruption is going up! i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message.
5:55 pm
i thought after sandy hook, where 20 six and seven year olds were slain, this would never happen again. it has happened more than 200 times in 5 years. dianne feinstein and a new generation are leading the fight to pass a new assault weapons ban. say no to the nra and yes to common-sense gun laws. california values senator dianne feinstein
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lava continues to come out of the kilauea volcano. jeff paul says scientists are now looking back at the 1924 eruption to better and stand what might come in. om >> reporter: scientists warn the risk of an explosive eruption is arriving as magma drains down the flank of hawaii's kilauea volcano.
5:58 pm
>> if it follows 1924, there would be the possibility that explosions may --steam blast explosions may occur in a few days. >> reporter: it could send ash, steam, sulfur dioxide and boulders in all directions. >> the possible outcomes and depending on the size of the ejector, the larger pieces won't go as far as the smaller pieces. >> reporter: researchers say as this happens, as the lava level falls below the water table, steam is generating sending rocks and ash flying. osekalome akhile >> the scenario changes hour to hour sometimes but i can say that civil defense is actively working to strategize what to do next. >> you lose perspective until you're on the ground until you see the lava flow and how it erupted in the middle of the subdivision. >> reporter: this comes as the volcano continues to send lava out of the eastern side into a residential area. >> we all knew it was coming. we knew it when we bought it. >> 80% of our house is still
5:59 pm
inside. you can only take so much stuff. but we have a place to go. >> reporter: volcanos are difficult to predict so when a new eruption would occur, how long and how violent is unknown. jeff paul, fox news. new developments in the golden state killer case. tonight the suspect joseph deangelo is facing four more counts of murder. >> each of the four counts carries the potential for sentence of life without possibility of parole or the death sentence. >> the santa barbara county district attorney made that announcement just this afternoon. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. the suspect is now charged with a total of 12 murders in four counties. in addition to the four in santa barbara he has been charged with four murders in
6:00 pm
orange county, two in ventura county and two more in sacramento county. authorities arrested joseph deangelo last month. investigators say in all, he is connected to at least 50 rapes and more than a dozen killings across california. we get more on the new developments tonight from heather holmes in our newsroom. >> reporter: santa barbara county district attorney joyce dudley held an afternoon news conference today to announce those new charges against deangelo. she says the crimes in santa barbara county are part of the series of rapes and murders that terrorized communities across california in the late 1970s and '80s and said these charges could indeed bring the death penalty. >> i have decided to file four counts of first-degree murder with special circumstances against joseph james deangelo. each of the four counts carries multiple allegations. each of the four


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