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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 11, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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coming up next, governor jerry brown releases a revision. the final budget plans. >> this is a time to save for the future and not to make pricey promises we cannot keep. the 11 pm news on ktvu , fox 2 news, starts now. the governor said california is sitting on a healthy surplus of $8.8 billion. >> the governor said now is the time to save. we have details on the budget priorities. >> governor brown has spent a total of four terms as governor in sacramento. today for the last time he presented a budget plan. one that say that and ask him say reflects his legacy of saving funds with limited spending. >> reporter: governor jerry
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brown appeared with his wife and and their dog before presenting his final budget in his career of four terms as governor, spending more than four decades. >> -- >> reporter: the proposal included a surplus of more than $8 billion. a far cry from the $25 billion deficit, california had when he took office in 2011. fridays proposal would limit new spending. about $4 billion would go to one-time expenditures including 2 billion for infrastructure at universities, courts, state facilities and levees. 359 million would go to cities and counties to help homeless and 312 million for mental health education and detection programs. the governor said about half of the budget surplus would go into the states rainy day fund. >> this is a time to save for the future and not make pricey promises we cannot keep. >> reporter: henwood -- henry brady said governor brown's
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fiscal austerity is needed. >> we had a volatile tax system. the problem is in good times, we bring in a lot of money and in bad times we really go down quickly and the budget is strapped. >> reporter: brown will have to negotiate with democrats that want more spending on services and healthcare and republicans that see the surplus as a sign that taxpayers are paying too much. a budget battle that some say is part of his legacy. >> you have to give jerry brown credit. he has been fiscally prudent and responsible. >> reporter: professor brady said one risk of the rainy day fund is the next governor might be tempted to spend it all. the state assembly and senate face a june 15 deadline to pass the budget in order to avoid having their own pay.. -- own pay docked. some of the homeless intensities are moving to tuff shed shelters. the transition has a dual purpose. helping people in need
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while keeping the streets clean. >> reporter: dennis young spent his first night sleeping in a tuff shed last night. it may lack luxury but he said it beats where he has been sleeping for the past two months. his car. >> is more comfortable. it is like your own place. >> reporter: he is one of four people to move into this 40 bed camp that the city just opened on northgate avenue near 27th street he said he worked as an insurance claims adjuster, injured his hip, lost his apartment and ended up living in his car. >> -- >> reporter: the community has services on site to help those here get more permanent housing. it is also an attempt to start shutting down the encampments here. the largest in the city. that will bring over wide array
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-- they bring a wide array of health and safety concerns. >> the ideas to help move people off the street into safety and services and get them on a path to self- sufficiency. >> reporter: the city plans to fill them to capacity over the next few weeks. this homeless man just 40 feet away said they are not for him. >> one person might look at it is more secure, i look at it is more confined. it looks like more rules and regulations. >> after an amount of time, we will make people move. that imitation area becomes a no camping area. we will enforce that once we have thoroughly cleaned the area. or mac -- >> reporter: dennis young said he likes the safety of being behind the fence. do you think you be okay here? >> i think there is a wish and a prayer for me. >> reporter: the mayor said the
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next likely location would be around lake merritt. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu, fox 2 news. the corner is working to identify a body that was found near the bridge in fremont. a hiker spotted the body in the mud flats off of marshland road at around 4 pm today. emergency crews were on the scene a short time later. investigators say the decomposed body was partially closed -- clothed. the victim was a male. it will take a few days to identify the body. the two men charged in the oakland fire were in court today. the judge denied the request to dismiss the involuntary manslaughter charges. the defense will try to prove
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that evidence was dumped or destroyed after the deadly warehouse fire in 2016. cases set for trial in july. at least one of the defendants plans to take the witness stand. >> mr. almeda will be testifying. he will testify on his own behalf. he is the one that knows the most about what has occurred. >> almena and harris face up to 39 years in prison. district attorneys from four counties got together today to discuss the prosecution of the golden state killer case. task force put together by sacramento da, anne-marie schubert is credited with tracking down joseph deangelo and linking him to a series of murders, rapes and burglaries in the 70s and 80s . she met with santa barbara county da, joyce dudley and two others today to discuss a mountain of work ahead. >> it is an overwhelming case with a lot of victims.
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we will do everything we can to collaborate and bring justice. >> reporter: do you charge them all at once? >> it is not a difficult decision. first you look at what is the best interest of the victims and loved ones. then what is in the best interest of the people of the state. and you filter into that judicial economy. >> so far he has been charged with 12 murders and four counties. among the issues, they are considering is where to try him and the possibility of the death penalty. one candidate for san francisco mayor is stirring up controversy for her change to sanctuary city policies. angela alioto wants an initiative on the ballot to exclude felons from sanctuary protection. her plan would allow police to root word undocumented immigrants were booked into county jail on suspicion of a felony or had a previous conviction. she said she helped write the original sanctuary rules but said over the years, things have changed. >> i have gone all over the
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city in the last five months. when we talk about the sanctuary law and the fact that felons are included, the public is outraged. >> mayor mark farrell, scott weiner and george gascoigne -- gascon have mentioned opposition. two people are in the hospital after a balcony collapse in oakland. it happened on more common avenue. people familiar with the home tell us that the deck fell from the second story. we were overhead a few hours after it happened. you can see the collapsed deck in the backyard. fire crews took the two victims to a trauma center. both remain hospitalized tonight with what are described as moderate injuries. a wind advisory for parts of the bay area is creating a heightened fire danger. while conditions are nothing like last october, they are
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stirring up memories in napa and sonoma. there is a renewed vigilance now. >> reporter: stations are gearing up because of the advisory. there loading their firefighting equipment on the engine just in case. >> reporter: wendy and getting worse. that is worrisome for the battalion chief in santa rosa. wind could whip up anything. >> the potential is out there. wind makes it worse. fire conditions last october with a perfect storm. this time of year, it is still moist outside. >> this is becoming the new normal. not really having a fire season. fires are happening all year long. >> reporter: their staffing up
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earlier and will keep crews longer. they have added more prescribed burns thinning vegetation for less intensifiers. residents have a role to play as well. >> make sure they prepare their properties and maintain defensible space around their homes. promote trees get rid of dead and dying vegetation. >> reporter: preparations to take now before summer heat is on. as for the wind -- >> it makes me nervous. it brings back memories. >> reporter: as fire approach they came back to the house intact. so much of their neighborhood, hidden valley estates, was gone. >> it was such a traumatic situation for everyone in the area. i think it is a natural feeling. >> we get a lot more smoke checks when things are like this. people are worried. or mac fire crews -- >> reporter: fire crews
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understand that worry. two stations burnt down that night. any gust can seem reminiscent of those wins. >> you can hear and feel them. >> reporter: the wind is not that strong tonight. nothing that will not power lines down. as we head into the dry months, a couple of reminders, sign-up for your local community alerts, come up with an evacuation plan and pack a go bag of essentials. those are good ideas for any disaster including fire. >> you can never be too ready. thank you. bay area businesses are preparing for a busy mother's day weekend. some families are already starting to celebrate. the national retail federation said on average, americans will spend $180 on gifts for mom. flowers are always popular. a florist in walnut creek told us that mother's day is their busiest day of the year. restaurant owner agreed. they said the holiday surpasses even valentine's day.
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>> it is always busy for dinner. not so much for lunch. mother's day, we celebrate all day long. >> restaurants across the country are projected to bring in more than $4 billion while florist will earn $2.6 billion. alexa, show me the backyard. >> the future is here. check out one of amazon's new smart homes and hear from a builder making a big bet on technology. up next, pricey prescriptions. resident trumps plan to lower costs for consumers. the winds are blowing right now up to 40 miles per hour. we are seeing 60s out there. i will let you know what to expect tomorrow. that is coming up. (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
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(sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) president trump laid out his plan for lowering prescription drug prices. >> everyone involved in the broken system, the drugmakers, insurance companies, distributors, dormancy benefit managers and many others contribute to the problem. >> the president is calling the initiative, american patients first. he said it is the most sweeping action in history to lower drug prices. the plan involves increasing competition, improving negotiation and lowering list price incentives.
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u.s. consumers spent more than $300 billion on prescription medication last year. the white house did not issue an apology for remark by a communication data about john mccain. kelly sadler reportedly commented about john mccain during a meeting yesterday. she criticized him for saying that he plans to vote against president trump's nominee for cia director. she reportedly added, it does not matter because he is dying anyway. white house official said she meant it as a joke. you will recall that senator mccain announced last year that he has brain cancer. his daughter megan mccain said on the view today, she does not understand how sadler still has a job. two high profile nfl players were in oakland to do that discuss criminal justice reform. richard sherman and malcolm jenkins joined up to start the players coalition. it is to for positive change and social justice for racial
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equality. today they invited the two women running for district attorney to stop by oaklands new parkway theater to take part in a wide ranging discussion. >> i am from competent desmond compton. -- i am from compton. we have a lot of the same issues as people in oakland. >> we want to put pressure on us to answer tough questions. >> the da did not attend, angela price did. they say they are not endorsing any candidate, just encouraging dialogue. the nation's largest homebuilder has partnered with the largest online retailer to create a new smart home in the east bay. they now planned assessment plan to build many features into every home bills. we went to vallejo today to look at what the home and do. >> reporter: at lennar homes, one home is an amazon
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experience center. >> we decided we need to build homes for the way people live now not the way they would have. amazon helps bring that to life. >> reporter: with wi-fi basic backbone, laborsaving, convenience and gadget can be connected to the homes wi-fi brain as they become available now and in the future. >> we finally treated wi-fi as if it were plumbing or air conditioning. the future is endless. >> reporter: there is no wi-fi blocked the court granting anywhere. >> it is an investment home of the future. >> reporter: alexa is ready to do many things. for example, alexa, the time. the shades come down, the lights dim and the tv present the movie menu. you are in command. you have access to basic needs
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to be delivered by amazon. anything from tee to toilet paper. tell roomba to vacuum and it vacuums. that returns to its charger by your command or when the battery runs low. >> change the thermostat. >> reporter: cameras at your command when and where you want to see them. >> alexa show me the backyard, show me the kids room. alexa show me the backyard. >> okay. >> reporter: you are in command everywhere. if you tell alexa it is party time, the shades lower and a colored light show begins as does music of your choice. in the bedroom, after checking the kids room, you can tell alexa goodnight as the shades lower, the light dim and the exterior doors lock and alexa gives you good night reading. when you awake, a morning greeting. the lights go on, the shades lift and you get a quick weather, news and traffic report tailored to your commute.
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ktvu, fox 2 news. a wind advisory in effect right now. that is for the higher elevations for the north and east bay. windsor gusting at diablo about 40 miles per hour. -- the wind is gusting at diablo at about 40 miles per hour. in the north bay at hawkeye it is 32 miles per hour. look at the temperatures. is 70 degrees right now. even though it is nighttime, the air is thinking. when it thinks it warms. it warms at about 5 degrees per thousand feet. we are seeing 70 degrees in fairfield. the highest temperatures is where you are seeing some of the strongest wind. napa probably has big wind.
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there is a live camera shot. no fog to worry about. fog cannot form with this pattern. the overnight low's, it will get down to 63 to get -- 63 degrees in fairfield. 58 in livermore. it is warm and starts warm tomorrow. that is interesting. just about the time the temperature start to quit today's temperature, the seabreeze will kick in. that will drop temperatures. at around 2 pm, the seabreeze will pick it -- kick in. if you look hard you will find the mid-80s. a little bit of patchy fog returns to barnett. tomorrow is stunning. the weekend looks good. sunday is a little bit cooler. we are splitting hairs. >> the weekend is here.
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coming up next in sports, mccutcheon returns to pittsburgh for the first time since he was traded to the giants. he got a hero's welcome. that is coming up next. a live look at san francisco airport on this friday night. thanks for joining us. the 11 pm news continues in two minutes. i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message.
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i thought after sandy hook, where 20 six and seven year olds were slain, this would never happen again. it has happened more than 200 times in 5 years. dianne feinstein and a new generation are leading the fight to pass a new assault weapons ban. say no to the nra and yes to common-sense gun laws. california values senator dianne feinstein left on base ball.
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it has been a horrible week for the giants and bas. finally the a's one today. the a's are but aureus. -- the a's are victorious. matt chapman and chris davis hit a homer off him. the a's up 5-1. later it is aaron judge. this guys a homerun machine for the yankees. that is his 10th already. jed lowry calms things down. just inside the foul pole, his ninth. the a's take it 10-5. >> right fielder, number 22, andrew mccutcheon. >> he is a great gentleman.
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andrew mccutcheon, nine years in pittsburgh. five-time all-star mvp with a warm ovation. he received that from his old pirate fans. jackson, two run single. 2-2. in the bottom half of the inning, mercer had an rbi triple. then josi mizuna let off andy suarez. it did not get better. the giants strike out 14 more times and lose 11-2. they have lost five straight. in the meantime, it is like did tiger make the cut? they are at sawgrass for the championship. they wanted to  see tiger.'s 17th. not quite. he did finish one under and
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made the cut by a stroke. here is the leader, webb simpson , headed for career around. 13 under. he will meet his waterloo. almost literally. he hit some kind of board and there he goes. he still finished nine under 63. it is friday night, now it is time to check this out. a friday night temper tantrum from harrison bader. try that. he breaks the back. -- he breaks the bat. then he hit a home run. he concentrated more. the cardinal started playing good baseball. that is the story of the night,
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dustin fowler, traded by the yankees to the a's. his first big-league hit. there is his dad, he got his first hit off the guy he was treated for. sunny gray. you cannot do better than that. the a's wind up winning the game. >> that is a good karma story. >> if you can make it there you can make
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he's been called a rockstar lawyer. he tops the charts on progressive causes... winning pro bono battles for immigrants and the homeless. defending gay rights and gun control. democrat jeff bleich. after columbine, bleich led president clinton's youth violence initiative. with joe biden, bleich took on domestic violence.
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served president obama as special counsel and ambassador. maybe bleich can't pull off the rockstar look... but his progressive record is solid gold.
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(thumping) claire. there's a girl in luke's bed. where's luke? with the girl! (groans drowsily) should we just make a noise and scare her off? is it a girl or a possum? honey, there's no one there. there was. i saw girl bumps and hair. it was probably just his chewbacca doll. it's not a doll. it's a plush action figure. well, as long as he's sleeping with that thing, it's the only action he's gettin'. i'm so relieved. i wasn't ready for that. you thought you saw something that wasn't there. it's dark, and we shared an entire bottle of wine. it is dark. i didn't see you do air quotes around "shared." ♪


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