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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  May 14, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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reds come in. it looks pretty chilly here. temperatures will be in the upper 50s and i don't think it's going to get much warmer here the rest of the week. it's going to stay on the cool side. active for us now. it's going to be cool. no doubt about that. we will get some drizzle probably tuesday night and wednesday. but for area, mendocino county, lake county, northern sacramento valley, even toward tahoe, truckee, northeast california, look what happens by thursday into friday. i mean, i'm using the european model, 2 inches of rain. how about that for the next week. eureka over a half inch. there's one system that provided plenty of activity over the cr this weekend. there's another one on its way. for us, it's a big fog bank. another low is on the way right there. it's going to move from the west southwest. that will keep us in this pattern. i don't think anything is going
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to change. look for temperatures to be on the cool side here. 60s, 70s mainly low inland. 6:01. we have good news, bad news, what? what's going on? >> we do have some good news, steve. we also have news of more traffic out there. highway 4. it's going to be slow. westbound. there was a car fire and little -- it looks like there still is. you can see the traffic it's going to be a little bit slow here. on eastbound highway 4. the snow, rising up there. on the right is from a car fire near bailey road. and you will see it. let me just pointed out for you just in case you're having trouble seeing it. right there. the fire department is on the scene. but it does look like the, but is fully engulfed. it doesn't look like anyone was injured listening to the radio traffic. but the, but is kind of a total loss. traffic is distracted and
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continues to be a slow on highway 4. let's move along and take a look at 880. all the lanes have reopened finally on 880 in downtown oakland. there was a truck accident there. for about an hour and a half. they just opened up all the lanes and traffic is recovering. if you're driving through the bay bridge toll plaza, that traffic is backed up all the way to the maze. let's go back to the desk. starting with the very latest from sonoma state university, were police are investigating a deadly stabbing on campus. campus police say the body of a young man was found in one of the apartments in the alicante building. that's where freshman students live. the deadly stabbing happened last night just before 6:00. school officials aren't saying yet whether the victim or the suspect were students or if they knew each other. >> the suspect was detained. based upon the available information at that time, police determined there was no further threat to the student population and campus complete -- community. >> students who lived in the alicante building were offered
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hotel's to stay in for the night and also food from the school cafeteria. the students say they were already dealing with a lot of stress because final exams starts today. this makes them even more emotional. sonoma county sheriff's deputy is in the hospital after being shot during a competition at a car wash. a deputy was called to the jolly washer. manager said one of the workers was acting strangely and refused to leave when he was told to go home. when the deputy walked toward the man, the worker lifted his shirt, pulled out a gun, and fired at the deputy. >> we later discovered the gun was used by the suspect is actually a 9 millimeter handgun and based upon the nature of the injuries to the deputy, we believe it was loaded with snow -- snake shot, a round with tiny pellets in it. >> those pellets hit the deputy
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several times. he is expected to survive. the deputy fired back at the suspect but the suspect was not hits. two more deputies arrived and took that man into custody. he faces one charge of attempted murder. 6:04. the man accused of being the golden state killer is due in court today. in sacramento. a judge will can -- consider whether to unseal the records about the rest of 72-year-old joseph deangelo. several news organizations have asked to see the search and arrest warrant. deangelo's lawyer says making those documents public could influence witnesses and possible jury members. so far, deangelo has been charged with 12 murders in for -- four counties. a man was shot in east palo alto. that happened saturday night just before 9:00 on east o'keefe street. not far from highway 101.
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a 28-year-old man was shot. police say it appears there was a fight at a nearby party. the suspect ran away. before police arrived. the victim is currently in critical but stable condition. 6:05. last night, a person was hit and killed by amp -- an amtrak train. it happened at the oak street crossing. the name of the person has not yet been released. details of the collision are not available right now from amtrak. we will bring you more information as soon as we get it in. san francisco mayor mark farrell has ordered flags to be flight -- flown at half staff. as the former president of the police commission died. turman was found dead yesterday afternoon. police say there were no signs of foul play. turman had just resigned as president of the police commission on may 4 less than two weeks ago. joe marshall, the longest serving member of the police
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commission, says turman was battling an illness. >> i'm still in shock. i mean, he talked about ill being sick. i didn't know what it was. but that's one of the reasons he wanted to leave the commission, because of the rigor that involved in commission work. >> turman joined the police commission in 2012 and became the president in 2016. happening now, opening ceremonies are now underway as the new u.s. embassy in jerusalem. led by first daughter event, trump and jared kushner. there have been violent protests in israel surrounding today's change. we are looking live at some of the ceremonies going on. the trump administration is making good on a promise to move the u.s. embassy in israel. doug luzader has more on this controversial decision. >> reporter: the distance that
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we are talking about here between the old embassy and the new one is only about 50 miles, symbolically, though. this is a big move. it's one israel firmly backs that may inflame tensions elsewhere. in gaza, the protest have already been large. they could intensify today. in jerusalem, the work has been nonstop on what today will become the temporary u.s. embassy. a controversial move for palestinians who believe east jerusalem should be there capital. it's a move that president donald trump has long supported. >> we will finally open the american embassy in jerusalem. >> reporter: the president will be represented today by treasury secretary steven mnuchin, daughter ivanka trump, and her husband, jared kushner. from benjamin netanyahu, praise. >> we are deeply grateful and our people will be eternally grateful for his old decision to recognize jerusalem as
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israel's capital and to move the embassy there. >> reporter: absent from the ceremony, a number of u.s. allies that think the move could undercut peace efforts between israel and the palestinians. the administration says it reflects reality. >> if you're not to -- prepared to recognize jerusalem as the capital, you are operating on a different wavelength. the white house thinks this will improve the prospects for peace in the near term, though, it may lead to some additional violence in gaza. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. our time is 8:08. a teenager was shot and killed in santa cruz. we have the very latest details about the attack that happened right across the street from a beach boardwalk. ardwalk. good morning. we do have some slow traffic out there. caused by some earlier incidents.
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and also just general monday morning back to work commute. we will tell you all about it straightahead. we also have an onshore breeze and a big fog bank. 7-10 days, i don't see much change your. it could be very active over the mountains. more on that coming up. i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message.
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i support the affordable care act, and voted against all trump's attempts to repeal it. but we need to do more. i believe in universal health care. in a public health option to compete with private insurance companies. and expanding medicare to everyone over 55. and i believe medicare must be empowered to negotiate the price of drugs. california values senator dianne feinstein
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welcome back to mornings on 2. san francisco restaurant hosted a very special mother's
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day event yesterday. >> the mothers are currently homeless and working to get back on their feet again. ktvu's leigh martinez has more on that special event. >> reporter: lea colonial in san francisco hosted a special mother's day luncheon for moms who make tremendous sacrifices for their families. back when we were at the carnival and i lost all my tickets and she found them for me. >> reporter: where did you leave them >> at the bounce house. >> reporter: she went in the bounce house to go get them helping families escaping homelessness or domestic violence. >> single mom. she wasn't planning to be a single mom. but she is, and that's really hard. i have so much respect for all the parents who are trying to
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improve the lives of their families under really challenging times. >> reporter: the luncheon also came with gift bags from macy's department store and a craft table for the kids to make mother's day cards. >> we been trying for a few years to do something extra special. we always do a celebration. but to come to a beautiful restaurant on mother's day is really, really special. >> reporter: it's the first partnership between compass and lake colonial. the manager says he loves seeing young families enjoy the day here. >> have the opportunity for those mothers to be with their children on a special day like this. i think we get separated from our moms and like to see them altogether. >> it's not lost on their lives. >> praising our moms. my mom, she's so special. she never turned her back when i was wrong and she made things
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right. my girlfriend is the mother of this boy here. my auntie, carmela, and all the women that are in my life. >> reporter: leigh martinez , ktvu fox 2 news . >> what a great story, great gesture. what a morning it's been for sal. you've been busy since you came in. >> i have been. i'm looking around just to make sure that everything is clear. i think everything is clear on 880 so just looking around and finally things are clear. we're going to start with the bay bridge toll plaza. that's vote. that is backed up, as it normally would be on a monday morning. before you make it onto the bridge. a little bit less for fast track users. right now, those lanes are actually clear. getting a little bit of a workout on the san mateo bridge. getting super busy heading west.
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traffic is going to be slow as you head out to highway 101. northbound 101, just now, just a few minutes ago, report of an accident at the old candlestick park exit. there's going to be a day where i'm going to stay -- say the candlestick park exit and most people will not know what that is. it looks like it's a noninjury accident. we will figure it out. 6:15. let's go to steve. >> candlestick, what is that? we will get to it here. jazz back home. reds in town. bundle up. i don't see very warm temps. maybe you'll get the sun. 60 in the city. too much low clouds and place. might get chewed up. cloudy, drizzle. likely tuesday night into wednesday. get used to this pattern. i don't see it changing very much. look at the forecast models here. they'll be active thunderstorms
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from up mendocino county, lake county. no doubt about it. some of the forecast models are pointing a wide picture. even up toward sacramento into the sierra tahoe and truckee. that will be through thursday. if it keeps going, although way out to the 7-10 day outlook. quick look shows some of these developing later today, maybe just north of ukiah. they'll pop up again from that low. that was over there on the weekend. that's going to kick out as another system comes in. as that does, look at that. that's for tuesday afternoon. that will go in 20 -- into wednesday. the next system coming in is right there. it's taking a turn. it's going to replace that system. in between, we are going to keep that low cloud deck going. low thunderstorms and high- elevation snow. for us, it's just large and in charge fog bank. fresh 22 gusting to 29 out of
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travis, vacaville, with an onshore wind. struggling to warm up. the next system will come in. look for this pattern to be quite active and cool. we will see some sun, but it will be a slow process for others. even vacaville and clearlake can't push through the 80s. 60s for many. temperatures are going to be below average. livermore should be closer to 77, 78. they'll struggle to get to 70 today. san jose, it will be a soft 70. looks pretty cool there. not much change for the rest of the week. maybe a little warmer. near average. even by the weekend. >> wow. okay. the warriors back on the courts tonight. we have a preview of game one of the western conference finals between the warriors and the houston rockets. hackers using noise to go after your smart speakers. why
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devices like alexa maybe more vulnerable to hackers than you thought. here's a look at tonight's primetime lineup lucifer at 8:00 followed by the resident at 9 don't forget to state -- stay tuned for the 10 and 11:00 news. that violent crime went up 18% in san francisco. in la, mayor antonio villaraigosa put more police on the streets and cut violent crime in half. california's police chiefs trust antonio for governor.
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he's been called a rockstar lwinning pro bono battles for immigrants and the homeless. defending gay rights and gun control. democrat jeff bleich. after columbine, bleich led president clinton's youth violence initiative. with joe biden, bleich took on domestic violence. served president obama as special counsel and ambassador. maybe bleich can't pull off the rockstar look... but his progressive record is solid gold.
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brought business and labor together to expand career training and apprenticeships, invested in transportation and helped create over 200,000 living wage jobs. antonio villaraigosa for governor.
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facebook may be interested in creating its own cryptocurrency. according to a report by the online video news network chatter, facebook cryptocurrency would let the users by goods from each other. facebook created a new team dedicated to lock chain, the technology that supports cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. a number of low and moderate -- moderate income people applying for mortgages is dropping. consumer financial protection bureau says last year, just 26% of home loans were made to people who fall into those categories. that's down from almost 37% eight years before that. to put that in perspective, in alameda county, families that earned less than $90,000 a year are considered low to moderate income. in santa clara county, that
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threshold is slightly more than 94,000 a year. in san francisco, low to moderate income is just over $117,000 a year. talking to smart devices is supposed to make our lives easier. someone else could also be secretly talking to your device and putting your security at risk. in 2016, a group of students from uc berkeley and georgetown showed that they could hide commands for smart devices and youtube videos and white noise. this month that those researchers from berkeley said that commands can be hidden in music or spoken audio recordings without being detected by the human ears. they say scammers may already be using similar technologies to have your devices shop online, send money score unlock doors. amazon says it's what measures and place to prevent such attacks. if you've eaten at chili's, your private information may
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have been compromised. customer credit and debit card information have been hacked. chili's says it does not know how many customers were affected but that the data breach happened between march and april and it's unclear if any bay area residents are impacted. google has a new app to help the blind and the visually impaired learn about their surroundings. it's called look out. it uses a camera on your cell phone to give auditory cues about what's around. to help user become more independent. google is recommending wearing the phone in a lanyard around your neck or put it in a shirt pocket with the camera facing out. look out has several modes to apply to what the user is doing. to give useful information including finding a bathroom. reading the text from a recipe book or letting you know if people are nearby. that apple be available later this year on the play store. five more states are being
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warned about a salmonella outbreak linked to eggs. more than 200 million eggs from a farm in north carolina are being recalled from nine states. a majority of the cases are on the east coast. california is not affected at this point. at least 35 people have come sick. the egg recall is the largest since 2010. when a major salmonella outbreak tied to an iowa egg farm sickened more than 1500 people. what's more dangerous and -- then illicit drugs? alcohol and tobacco. the study was published in the journal of addiction. that report shows tobacco, smoking, and alcohol abuse cost people more than 250 million disability adjusted life years. that's more than listened drugs. worldwide estimates say nearly one in seven adults smoke tobacco. are you always late to work? careerbuilder says survey shows 25% of workers are late at least once a month to their
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jobs. when it's chronic it can bust your career. careerbuilder also says 33% of managers have also fired someone for continual lateness. lying about your lateness also does not help your cause. as many managers say they may cut you more slack if you are honest with them. not lying. so that leaves us to our question of the day. if you are late for work, what is the most common reason for you? traffic? overslept? just kind of lazy, maybe nosing around the house. >> well, yeah. >> or something else? let us know what you think by voting on our ktvu twitter page. you can also comment on our ktvu facebook page. here are the results so far. 50 since -- 56 percent say traffic. 13% say oversleeping. 24% admit to lazy. 7% say something else.
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>> we're never late. >> no comment. i mean, we're here. we're on here. still ahead, the new problem with hawaii's big island causing big concerns and even evacuations. why that latest problem there means an eruption could be on the way. san francisco supervisors are said to grill executives of tetra tech, the company accused of botching the cleanup of toxic waste at hunters point. what the supervisors want to know and the concerns that residents want addressed. just heard traffic can make you late. you might want to get out the door a little bit earlier. we had a couple of things. minor ones. i think it could add five minutes to your commute if you want to stay on track. you heard of june bloom. it's called meg ray. there's a lot of it inland. it's a cool pattern. we will talk about these below normal temps on a monday.
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>> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. we're live in jerusalem. you're looking at live pictures. ivanka trump and treasury secretary steve mnuchin opening the new american embassy. >> -- officially and for the first time to the embassy of the united states here in jerusalem, the capital of israel. thank you. [ applause ]
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>> just a little while ago, president trump prerecorded a speech that was heard by the audience here at the new u.s. embassy in jerusalem. we're watching ivanka trump and treasury secretary steve mnuchin among those also representing the u.s., jared kushner, the president's son-in- law, who is also an advisor. this is a follow-up of a campaign promise by president donald trump to move the embassy to jerusalem from tel aviv. >> certainly we've been watching that live. deadly protests and interactions outside of all of that. palestinians protesting. we will continue to follow that. let's take you to dc as well for some analysis on all of this. >> we thank you for joining us
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on this monday morning on mornings on 2. it's monday, may 14. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. it's 6:31. let's check in with steve. we were in the off the grid area. as you promised, it was a little chilly and a little breezy. we did have moments of sun. >> moments of sun. >> cold air today, huh? >> this week looks pretty cool. not only that, i think mendocino county, lake county, might want to keep an eye on the sky. the next seven days could be pretty wet for some toward chester and maybe tahoe, truckee. not him and him, cool 49 degrees, no wind at all with a wet, dense fog. scott, 45. and socal 47. 53. cupertino. those temps aren't going very far. cool week. a lot of low clouds. 50s, 60s, even some of the most inland locations. overcast, cool, breezy, cool. and there's always some breaks. far -- fog or sun.
6:32 am
that's the one low they gave a vive -- a wide variety of thunderstorm activity. big time drizzle down in southern california yesterday. boy, our fog bank is large and in charge. 22, gusts of 30. delta breeze. alive and well. 50s on the temps. for many here. one low moving out. another one right there. on its way tuesday night into wednesday. the cool will continue. maybe even a little cooler tomorrow. 50s, 60s are low is 70s. 6:32. you like to focus on what first? >> highway 24, steve. just got a call for a crash there. 24. near the central lafayette exits. it looks like it might be on the exit ramp and not actually on the freeway. i do look at the traffic here. it looks like it's kind of normal. i don't see anything going on. it could be on the ramps affecting only people who use
6:33 am
the central you -- lafayette ramp. if that's the case, it will affect fewer people. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that is backed up for a 20-25 minute delay unless you're in the carpool lanes. san mateo bridge, slowing down. it's moving again. it's pretty crowded. it's going to be start -- stop, start here. by the wake on the peninsula, northbound 101, getting a little more crowded. between south city and san francisco. 6:30 three. let's go back to the death. 6:30 three, one man is now dead. another has been arrested. there was a stabbing at the sonoma state campus. we know students are scheduled to take their finals later today. >> reporter: yeah, this is finals week here on the campus of sonoma state university. this crime has stunned many people we're talking to this
6:34 am
money. let me show you the scene. there's still an active investigation that's unfolding here as we speak. we will push in and you can see a number of police officers still here at the scene. gathering evidence inside the apartment where this deadly stabbing happened last night. these are the solving young village. shortly after last night's stabbing, officers detained a young man who is described as being student aged. we are told the victim in this case is a student aged as well. investigators won't confirm whether each of them -- either them attend sonoma state university. it happened 6:00 last night. police officers were called out and they found the young man dead inside one of these apartment units. and in a short time later, they detained the suspected attacker nearby. the building where the stabbing happened mainly houses freshmen students according to the university. we talked last night with a
6:35 am
student who believes he saw the the suspected killer shortly after the crime. >> i looked around and there was a guy. he started walking down the stairs. i looked at him. he came around and then i saw the right side of him. he was -- his arm was all bloody and he was carrying a knife. i stared at him. he looked at me and said, i was attacked. and at that point, me, him, some of my friends over there started telling everyone to get inside. >> reporter: police and the looma police both helping sonoma state university police with this ongoing investigation. the motive for the attack last night remains unclear but authorities have said there is no threat that remains for others here on the campus of sonoma state university. again, this deadly stabbing happened inside one of the apartments at the village, residential community at the campus of sonoma state university. the university does have grief counselors on hand to help folks trying to cope and make sense of what it is that
6:36 am
happened here last night on campus. dave? >> ktvu's alex savidge. thank you. spanx san francisco supervisors are said to question executives of the company that was in charge of cleaning up toxic waste at hunters point. >> that company is tetra tech. it's being sued by residence for allegedly falsifying tests to show the soil was safe to build on. ktvu's allie rasmus has much more on this. >> good morning. this dispute goes back more than 15 years, back in 2002. the u.s. navy paid tetra tech a quarter billion dollars to clean up the toxic materials the toxic waste at the former hunters point naval shipyard. the plan was to make way for condos and additional housing. the navy then turned over hunters point to the city of san francisco. in 2012, two contractors accused the company of falsifying tests about the soil
6:37 am
samples in order to meet safety sensors. they sued tetra tech. earlier this month, the use department of justice revealed that two former supervisors admitted to falsifying those soil tests. each received eight months in prison. other reviews revealed another more widespread problems with the soil tests. tetra tech representatives say the company stands by its testing and they've offered to pay for an outside company to come in and do some independent soil tests to prove their point. today will be an opportunity for people the opportunity to hear directly from this is tetra tech, the u.s. navy, and the epa. members of the community are invited to attend and hear directly from all the players
6:38 am
involved about what happened here. back to you guys. >> thank you, allie. 6:38. a man from vacaville was shot and killed near the santa cruz boardwalk. santa cruz police tell us it happened in the boardwalk's parking lot where -- near second and cliff street. the man who died and three other people were in the car together. police say the victim was shot once in the torso. he was rushed to the hospital but died shortly thereafter. the other people in the car were also from vacaville. they are in custody. police say they recovered the gun but they are not saying if they know a motive for the shooting. 6:30 a fire investigators looking for the cause of a five alarm house fire. one home was destroyed. three others were damaged. the fire moved through a line of cypress trees on cassidy street. the strong winds pushed the fire so fast, fire crews called and help from venetia, napa, fairfield, and suisun city. neighbors say the worried about that poverty for weeks because it looked cluttered.
6:39 am
firefighters say there was some fire damage to three other homes but everyone got out safely. oakley man is hospitalized undergoing a mental health evaluation after fire and shot inside and outside his home. police say the 7-year-old man believed that burglars were entering his house with guns and screwdrivers. he fired a few shots with a pistol. officers found the man outside the home with a shotgun in his hand. he was taken into custody. new evacuations have been ordered near hawaii's kilauea volcano. there are 17 fissures that have opened up on the big island. and lava steam, and toxic gas are coming out of those cracks in the earth. the volcano started erupting two weeks ago. there are fears now the lava flows will increase and the volcano may start shooting rocks as big as a car onto nearby roads and homes.
6:40 am
the hawaii national guard is on alert in the affected neighborhoods to help people there who may have to get out in a hurry. >> in case something happens where we can't use the ground route, we will utilize our helicopters to come in and have them picked up at staging areas. >> officials there have also opened two more shelters in the area. the top priority now, finding housing for everyone who is being forced out. more information in the golden state killer case. the key documents that could be released that would tell us more about the arrest of joseph deangelo. the warriors will play in their biggest challenge yet. in the playoffs. how they are getting ready for the big game against the houston rockets. good morning. we do have traffic that is just moderate today. we have some slowing here on highway for as you head over to concord. plenty of locos in place. a cool pattern on top. even a
6:41 am
very active one. we will have more on that coming up. (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪ does your business internet provider promise a lot? let's see who delivers more.
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comcast business gives you gig-speed in more places. the others don't. we offer up to 8 hours of 4g wireless network backup. everyone else, no way. we let calls from any of your devices come from your business number. them, not so much. we let you keep an eye on your business from anywhere. the others? nope! get internet on our gig-speed network and add voice and tv for $34.90 more per month. call or go on line today. (sound of footsteps)
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(sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) time is 643. the nba's western conference final start tonight. the warriors lay the houston
6:44 am
rockets in houston. >> they won the series. -- season series. look at them. a little bit of an edge. we have a preview of the western conference finals. >> steph curry on fire. >> reporter: you would be hard- pressed to find anyone west of the alamo or the river rock who believes the warriors wouldn't get off to the western conference finals. now it's a whole new ball way -- ballgame. for the first time in the steve kerr era, they are not the higher seat in a playoff series and therefore don't have home court advantage. >> sometimes you need a different challenge to kind of keep that motive going. keep you hungry. going in on the road, first game of the series, different challenge for us. i think we play our best. >> it don't matter what jim we
6:45 am
are in or who's the best. the fact that we're going to have possession on both ends and do our jobs right. >> sounds simple enough, but it won't be. rockets not only have home court on their side. they have major motivation. >> we are basically obsessed with, how do we beat the warriors? >> these guys won two. it's kind of like the same edge. >> it's a new year. >> i like where we are. our guys have rings. tamika the hardest championship is the first one. it's an individual player and as a team, you don't know if you'd -- you can do it.
6:46 am
it's an unbelievable feeling. >> we are playing our best basketball right now. hopefully we can my debt as we go into the conference finals against the houston team that's been playing well all year. it's kind of where we want to be. >> reporter: this series is strength on strength. the warriors and rockets for the top two scoring teams. both are capable of walking down an opponent defensively. the difference, championship pedigree. the warrior players have a combined 16 rings among them. the rockets have just one. trevor ariza with the lakers back in 2009. in oakland, scott reiss, ktvu fox 2 news. >> game one is tonight in houston. starts at 6 pm. >> we will have coverage leading up on ktvu fox 2. be sure to catch the 10:00 news for a complete breakdown >> free golden state warriors in some -- inspired sure today.
6:47 am
giving away two special edition warriors t-shirts. take a look. donate blood on game day during the warriors series. against the rockets. the shirts are being given away on a first-come first-served basis. there are 10 blood centers of the pacific location across the bay area. nice. donate blood. >> they are right here to tell us what is up next in the next hour of mornings on 2. >> coming up in just minutes, we will talk about a new plan to help clean up the city -- civic center bart station in san francisco. the new partnership between san francisco police and the transit agency that aims to help all those people who use the station as their home. and addressing the drug use and unsanitary conditions that have long plagued one of the biggest bart stops and the system. coming up in the 8:00 hour, we will be talking live with san
6:48 am
jose's mayor what's happening in the bay area's largest city when it comes to the key issues of affordable housing and the cost of living. we will also look at what's happening with san jose's homicide rate. i will see the two of you in just moments, pam and dave. time is 6:48. a great story. a man in houston getting a second chance at life. a complete stranger offered to donate his kidney to that man. >> stephen lost both of his legs to diabetes. now he could lose his life if he does not get a new kidney. his wife covered the family's suv with messages about their need for a kidney and urging people to become organ donors. one day, at a chinese restaurant drive-through window, one of the employees answered the family's call. >> i came in through the front door. i said, your husband needs a kidney? i said, i'll do it. i want everybody to know how it is to want -- walk your child down the aisle. >> someone is willing to give
6:49 am
me life so that i can be here longer. it's awe-inspiring. >> doctors say melinda is a match. she just needs to clear a few more tests and they hope to have the surgery by july. we wish them all well. time is 6:49. we will get you to where you need to know. sal knows everything. it's been a busy monday morning. >> it has been. we did have some earlier collisions. traffic is still busy for the typical part of the commute here at the bay bridge. it's backed up for a 20-25 minute delay. except for the carpool lanes. right now, traffic also is moving along pretty well if you're driving on 880 northbound on the right there past oracle arena. southbound traffic is also moving along very well. there have been no problems on the eastshore freeway. it is getting slow through el sobrante and richman. we also have a slowdown. we had an accident near central
6:50 am
lafayette. it's at the exit ramp. the contra costa commute is low. you see some slowing. a little bit here. approaching 17. a couple spots. 280 is the best. we still have a couple of spots. for the most part, it's not a bad drive getting into that valley. let me take a quick live look at 280 san jose. you can see that traffic is moving along very nicely. 10 minutes before 7. let's go to steve. we will get right to it here. giants are home. if you are going to the game, bundle up. it's going to be very cool. i don't see much change today. it's going to be hard-pressed. 60 this weekend. there's too much in the way of low clouds in place. mostly cloudy. drizzle tuesday night into wednesday. maybe a smidge warmer. i would bank along a lot of low clouds. certainly from mendocino county,
6:51 am
lake county northward. series of lows coming through over the next 7-10 days. look at some of the projections here. nearly 2 inches of rain. that's hit and miss. drizzle. you can see some of these popping up over the sierra. northeast california, devil happen. they die down at night. but then they pick up again. the next low will be on tuesday night. be advised. we are going up that direction either way. there's going to be a lot of afternoon as storm activity. a lot of low clouds and fog. eventually one would think that this would next out. generating a lot of activity. thunderstorms, even high- elevation snow. that low right there is going to replace the one over nevada. as it approaches, it's going to really give us i think some local drizzle, late tonight and tomorrow money. when you have gusts of 30 out
6:52 am
of travis and every bay area reporting station thing cloudy, it's going to be a clue -- cool monday. even up to ukiah, clear lake, in vacaville, you cannot find any 80s. i don't think sacramento will get out there. 60s, 70s on the temps. temperatures will not be warming up anytime soon. maybe by the end of the week, we may get close to normal on the temps. >> thank you., steve. deadly stabbing at -- [ inaudible ]
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
this video the suspect showed pledging his leases -- pledging his allegiance to isis came after the attack. deadly suicide attacks at churches in indonesia killing eight and injuring at least 40 others. a husband, wife, and their children carrying out a series of attacks on three churches targeting christians. a father exploded it carbamate a second church and two teenage
6:56 am
sons bombed a third. >> this act of terrorism is really barbaric and beyond the limit of humanity. it has inflicted casualties among people, police, and innocent children. >> indonesian police are calling the attackers isis supporters. minor injuries suffered after a bounce house blu-ray -- blew away with the little boy still inside. it happened yesterday in san bernardino county. powerful winds ripped the bounce house from its mooring. the boy fell out as the bounce house rolled onto the highway and was hit by a car. he will be okay but was taken to the hospital. the driver that hit the bounce house was not hurt. sciences at ucla are working on a pill to stop hangover. it uses three natural enzymes that convert alcohol into a
6:57 am
harmless molecule protecting the liver from alcohol damage and also preventing hangover. it is seeing some positive results when tested on mice. researchers are hoping to begin human clinical trials in about a year. the world health organization is stepping up the efforts to artificial trans fats from the worldwide food supply. they launched an initiative that will provide guidance for all countries on how to remove artificial trans fats from foods over the next five years. various meats and dairy products contain trans fat. the who is recommending you eat just 1% of these foods in your diet. back in 2004, denmark became the first country to regulate artificial trans fats and officials in denmark say that policy has led to fewer deaths blamed on heart disease.
6:58 am
apple ceo tim cook delivered the commencement speech at duke university. his alma mater. he told the class of 2018 to make brave choices, arise to challenges, and not be afraid to rake with conventional wisdom. the apple ceo also urged the over 5000 duke graduates to act fearlessly but with kindness and integrity. >> whatever drives your passion , bv last to accept the notion that the world you inherit not be improved. be the last to accept the excuse that says that is just how things are done here. >> tim cook graduated with an mba and in 1988 in the top 10% of his class. another weekend and another run at the record books for the movie avengers: infinity war. >> let's talk about this plan of yours. i think it is good except it
6:59 am
sucks, so let me do the plan and that way it might be really good. >> wow >> yeah, that is a wow. it made another $6 million in the united states. the domestic total is now it $527 million, but the international success is where infinity war is really taking off. it opened in china with $200 million, bringing its global total to past 1.6 billion dollars. and third place was breaking in, that movie to and $60 million behind life of the party with -- at $18 million. a deputy of the hospital this morning after being shot of the weekend. hobby weapon used in the attack might have actually saved the deputies life -- how the weapon used in the attack might have
7:00 am
actually saved the deputies life. a brand-new start of the work week. it is monday, may 14. let's talk about your monday whether. >> a cool start to the week as well. good morning and thank you. a big fog bank and place -- your monday weather report. cool start to the week as well. a big fog bank in place. it is making a surge all over the place. 40s in the santa cruz mountains. even over by santa cruz, 48, a cool week on tap


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