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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 15, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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2 news starts now. he was accused by nine woman -- women. he said he never sexually assaulted anyone. good evening everyone i am pam flores. >> evening, i am frank somerville. he resigned today. azenith smith is in santa clara where some of his accusers spoke out publicly today. >> reporter: a dozen people spoke up about his behavior and three lamed -- claimed as they were harassed by him. the city of proud -- approved his resignation letter. some of the accusers came forward at the city council meeting. >> he screamed at me. he says i am the lowest of low.
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>> why is he still teaching? he has no place here. he is a sexual predator. he needs to register. >> one person held up a sign. and his nameplate and picture was removed, there were complaints of inappropriate behavior and those claims were filed against them. some residents are in disbelief. >> his cowardice shows up as he doesn't attend the meetings. he says he -- he says he has been tried and convicted without due process in the court of public opinion. >> i think that his actions have been a terrible strain and staying on the city. >> earlier in the day, they gathered to call and end to the mistreatment of women, now with his resignation the group us
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ship thing their focus to the county supervisor. they want him to withdraw, he is also facing accusations of sexual misconduct. in a statement they said these men wearing the badges know perfectly well that there is no similarity to the former councilman from santa clara and doesn't warrant my resignation. he went on to say that he never touched anyone or made sexual advances. as far as is accusers they are looking forward to healing. >> sexual-harassment is not a joke and it is not a misunderstanding it is a climb and it needs to be taken seriously. >> some community members question it and his employment with the school district. i spoke to the deputy superintendent this afternoon he says that he is still employed with the district and he is still a teacher at the santa clara high school and frank, as far as the next steps the council plans to take that up at the next tuesday's city council meeting.
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>> array, azenith smith in south bay today. they are handling complaints about sexual misconduct. the san francisco company says it will allow complaints to go to court rather than through arbitration. they have user agreements that requires the person to waive their right to go to court and they will no longer -- no longer have them sign nondisclosure agreements preventing them from talking about them. >> they are working to revamp its image in a series of scandals including allegations of sexual harassment at its headquarters. we are following breaking news in fremont and three people are dead and several people are in critical condition it happened in the northbound lanes of interstate
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880. the accident was reported at 9:30 pm. this video is just in to our newsroom the highway patrol says that the crash involved six vehicles including an suv with eight people inside. we are told that several people were ejected from that suv and two were announced dead at the scene. three more people are said to be in critical condition and the extent of their injuries is not yet clear. all northbound lanes are blocked as the police investigated. their working -- investigate it and police are working. she experienced the worst mother day possible on sunday when her 11-year-old daughter was shot. the girl was in a family car when a gunman opened up fire. amber lee is live at headquarters after she reached out to the mother and daughter. >> police tell me that they are looking for help in solving
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this crime the mother tells me that she wants the gunmen caught so that he cannot hurt anyone else. >> jehle henry walks with the help of crutches after being released from the hospital monday night, her mother, sheila brooks says that doctors cannot remove the bullet lodged in her buttocks due to the swelling. >> it was like the severe pain was there and it affected me all the way through. >> she could not sleep. she and her daughter were on their way to take the card to her grandmother when they were caught in the crossfire. >> it was the worst day of my life. >> they shared this cell phone video with an incident that may have sparked the shooting, an 18-year-old aunt of the little girls was involved in this altercation with a group a woman -- women outside the liquor store and the woman said that the others said they were threatening to come back and
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kill her. her relatives showed us where the shooting happened. she and her younger brother were sitting in the car's backseat went a black kia suv pulled up and a man started to shoe. be for she ducked down she tried to protect her 5-year-old brother. >> i grabbed him. and i like, got him on the floor. they then shot me. first i was scared. i was telling the police am going to die. >> she said that she is outraged that someone would fire into a car with women and children inside especially on mother's day. >> what if it was your child? wouldn't you want justice? i want justice. i want them to come forward. >> the mother says that her daughter will need to undergo surgery to have the bullet removed and the 11-year-old
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looks forward to attending school. she tells me she is on pain medication and she is doing okay. >> i hope they catch who is ever responsible. think you. the state attorney general says that they will appeal a joses -- a judges ruling. they gave the attorney general five days to keep the law in place, the legislation took effect in june 2016 that was in part because of britney minard a bay area woman that had a terminal illness. she went to oregon so she could legally end her life there. they tell us that he is not given up the fight to keep the lawn the books. >> i am very proud that we are in large part because of her voice and i'm confident we will go through the appeals process and we will continue to pursue
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this so that it will become the law of the land. >> the judge ruled that the legislator violated the rule with passing it during a special session and bypassing committee assignments after previous effort had failed to win passage. >> this led to canceled surgeries at all of the 24 facilities, this is the one here in oakland were patients were affected for a second straight day. officials say that the problem is affecting internal communications and electronic health records. they are working to resolve the problem as soon as possible. the source of the outage is not immediately clear. they want to remove his name over the weekend, they covered his name with tape, the hospital changed his name after the facebook ceo donated $75
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million in 2015. the nurses claimed that his name on the hospital makes some patients worried about their privacy. >> facebook says that they removed 21 pieces of adult nudity in the first three months of the year. this is according to the community standards enforcement report, the transparency comes as they try to make amends for privacy scandals that allowed a data mining company to harvest personal information of 87 million users. the recent lead shed prompted protests in san francisco today. >> -- >> ad activists -- activist, gathered, and they marched the federal building the condemn the u. s. support for israel. >> everything that is happening
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in israel. and it is happening on our time. >> we are saying no. >> >> you can listen to their chance. we want them to present that part of the story. >> some people got into a scuffle but some police officers were on hand to keep the peace. >> the north has canceled a meeting with officials and they are threatening to pull out of next month's summit with president trump. they blame the military exercises involving the u. s. >> north korea has taken the white house by complete surprise with the announcement. >> these are the military drills that he believed that the u. s. and south korea are using this for a potential invasion calling them up rock of it of -- a prerogative
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military session. >> we are certainly not prerogative. >> they maintain them saying max thunder it is part of a routine annual training program. the defense department spokesman said that the defensive nature has been clear for many decades and it has not change. >> crew said purposely that he understands the need and the utilities of the united states and to the republic of korea continuing in its joint exercises and exercises that are legal and they are planned well in advance. >> the setback falls is a breakthrough researchers say that north korea was making progress with losing its nuclear test site. letting -- many lawmakers say they should be.'s is. >> it's great we have a direct dialogue i have called for that for time but there are positive signs that this summit in singapore could be successful.
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the deadly fire. and the man hired to expect -- inspect those alarms. 2 investigates, find out how he got away with this year's and many buildings may be at risk. >> that is wednesday at 10 pm on fox 2. a woman was killed today with an explosion with it this in orange county and three other people were injured. they say that it appears that the blast was intentional and it may have come from a package. the explosion happened just after 1 pm 50 miles south of
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los angeles. authorities have designated that building a crime scene and at last report they were searching the debris looking for the device. the fbi is investigating. the fairfield man accused of torturing and abusing his 10 children spoke out today behind bars. investigators say that the children suffered long-term abuse. but henry lee tells us that the father blames police for manipulating his children. >> >> i am telling you. i love them. this world has weather their minds understand now or later. >> through tears, jonathan allen says he does not belong behind bars neither he nor his wife abuse their children and he says that his kids are being fed lies. >> they are being brainwashed.
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they are children. >> allen and his wife took part and abusing their children, new court records show that the children were burned with scolding motor but they were water boarded -- scolding hot water but they were water boarded for punishment and hit with bb guns. >> they have a normal life. they are home schooled. i give my everything to these children. my everything. the police demonized me down to the names i picked for my children. >> reporter: fairfield police say that the four drum home was filled with human and animal feces and filled with spoiled food. >> some people ask, how do you do it with all these kids? but the truth is that it is a functioning household. i am not an animal. i am not a torturer.
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i am not a monster. >> reporter: you said in reality he is a spiritual person. >> i am like indiana jones when it comes to spirituality. i dig deep. i realize that god has millions of different names. >> reporter: i was at the home in fairfield but the da wants to increase her veil with the new charges. -- courtdale for the new charge -- the da wants increase her bail for the new charges. joseph miller was arrested last week for the fellow san jose resident in 2016. he was identified as the suspect last year and a warrant was obtained after they learned he was in mexico. miller has been taken to texas where he is waiting to be handed over to authorities in
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san jose. the monterey service department said that they cleared this field destroying 27,000 growing plants and another 16,000 plants that were harvested. in all four tons of plans. the operation could create or pounds of heroin and so far, no arrests were made. this respected novelist, tom wolfe, has died, his career expanded 50 years. he would often score with other writers and he died in a new york city hospital yesterday from an affection. he was 88 years old. he is survived by his wife and two children. all right, we are tracking the fog which is stretched out.
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it is deep and causing the temperatures the stay on the mild side not today and yesterday but tomorrow as well. it will be warmer tomorrow but it is below average. we should be 10 degrees where we would expect to be this time of year, these are the highs from today, tomorrow, we could add a degree or two. the real story to me, there are a lot of stories but it is cool but here is a low, and there is a low down here. there is a low out here, they are supposed to be east and south year, in fact, we have this low pressure system impacting the high creating averments like this. >> we have some significant thundershowers going on here. this has been going on all day is this moisture wraps around it will continue until tomorrow so that low, that one there in the northeast days goes by. close enough and the marine layer stays stretch out. we stay cool. until all three of these areas leap we will stay on the mild to poolside. there is a live crew, it's low
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clouds, and you get this inversion. we have this, unusual low and we will see the fog, the low clouds all the way up into the delta into granite bay and into roseville. tomorrow, san francisco, oakland, and redwood city, partly cloudy, partly sunny and this will be near morgan hill and gilroy. as you go through the microclimates, the numbers toggle, right now i would expect that to be 70 degrees. you get the idea, 70 possible in brentwood, that would be one of the warmer spots. just enjoy, it has cannot be here and roll right through the
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weekend. >> >> it will be warmer, you will notice it. >> coming up here in sports the a's are looking to take two in a row with the red sox in boston. that's coming up in sports. this is video of a burglar, after he breaks into a fresno business he breaks out into a dance. he is now in custody. the 11 pm news continues in two minutes.
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to me global time on -- global climate change, it is a huge issue. i will use my vote for change. >> mark is here now with a double dose of good news. we start with the a's. >> last night everyone won today, the same drill and we will change it up. the a's lead tonight and they took care of their business as they have most of the season against the red sox, they had a delay, you want to see of fan who is charged up about hitting a foul ball. he looks shaken up but he is happy. in the first inning the a's are psyched up. they were able to get this over his head it was a two run double for matt chapman.
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and he scores and stephen piscotty, he is back from bereavement leave he took a 6 am flight from oakland and made it to boston, that is a great site. and is all about the selfie's. the giants, the fans are psyched. we have not seen this since the other guy with those initials. this is waterworld. there is not a lot of those. you get a chance to see him. this was part of a four run. this will bench a couple of runs. and they end up winners 5-3. this was the play of the night. this was the catch of the night. the giants win 5-3. they are
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3/2 games from first place. phoenix wins the lottery. they will get the number 1 pick in the draft later this spring. in the meantime the celtics and cavaliers, lebron james came out smoking, 25 points in the 1st half. and that was a turnaround jumper, he got it to go, 42 points, 12 assist. and a 7 point halftime lead. boston, all them, after that, look at lebron james. he scores at 107-94 and cleveland is down two games to none as they head back to ohio. it is time to check this out. take a look at some of the things going on in major league baseball. the dodgers lose again. he makes a sensational play, he is the third baseman catching the ball from the foul side of
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the first baseline that's where he ends up, that this also, a great play, jose martinez. this is the catch. he hangs on for what was the catch of the night. get this, the 8-year-old he is the son of the brazilian soccer star and he has some serious soccer skills. he goes into the locker room. there he goes. here is the shot inside the been at the end and they celebrate. -- in the bin bin and they celebrate. 30 days from now the big soccer game. game two, the golden state warriors and the rockets. >> absolutely. thank you for joining us, good night. >> goodnight. i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message.
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i thought after sandy hook, where 20 six and seven year olds were slain, this would never happen again. it has happened more than 200 times in 5 years. dianne feinstein and a new generation are leading the fight to pass a new assault weapons ban. say no to the nra and yes to common-sense gun laws. california values senator dianne feinstein
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oh, thank god, i smell coffee. this morning has gotten off to a bit of a rocky... horror picture show. what did you do to your face? just a little color, to make my eyes pop. like yours are now. is this how we find out you're transitioning? oh, please don't pick a young name. the world doesn't need a 50-year-old jasmine. trust me, this'll look completely normal on camera. this just in -- i'm gonna be on the news. they're doing a segment on the real-estate market, and i'm their local expert. back to you, claire. i'm still reeling from the last time you were on the news. newscaster: and while people have found all sorts of ways to beat the heat, one local man is using his head. is it warm out? i hadn't noticed. looks like i need to re-apply. to clown college? haley, go with him. make sure he gets all that stuff off his face. i'll pack paper towels and a squeegee. ugh. what is wrong with me? i feel so fuzzy. oh, stop being so hard on yourself. it's just arm hair.


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