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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  May 16, 2018 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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welcome back to "mornings on 2". it is the middle of the week. it is wednesday, may 16. i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. let's check in with steve paulson . we have an big deal on 880, which sal castendo will get to but what will it be like for temperatures and weather today? >> north and east, maybe eastern solano county could see a few showers. baseball is 12:45 pm with the reds and the giants. i think we will get a little more sun after a few cloudy
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night games. some of the cloud cover is getting chewed up by a low coming in but the breeze will still be there. look for a blustery day, some gusts up to 30 miles per hour. the low is spinning right there. temperatures will be well below average. we have a few buildups in mendocino county, lake county and off to the east. temps are in the 50s, but they will end up in the 60s for most. go ahead, sal castendo. i am looking to see more about this crash we have northbound 880 and stevenson. just watching them say they might be opening up the fast lane on northbound 880 soon. you can see the traffic will be effective -- affected
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northbound. we don't have a lot of traffic coming up to make a big traffic jam. the southbound lanes are open. this is northbound 880 and stevenson. the accident happened just after 9:30 pm last night. it is still closed, although we have reason to believe the fast lane may be opened soon as they call for caltrans crews to come out and readjust the closure. since this was a very serious accident requiring a lengthy investigation, we will see traffic closure continue. we don't see a lot in the east bay commute. traffic is moving well. let's go to the fairfield, vallejo and hercules commute, the superteam it looks good as you drive through getting out to vallejo and hercules and driving toward the carquinez bridge bridge. no major issues as you drive out toward richmond. let's go back to the desk. there is no a vacancy on the santa clara city council after the board accepted the resignation of dominic caserta. >> dominic caserta step down from that job and called off his campaign for the county
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board of supervisors. he is accused of assaulting or harassing nine women. >> reporter: emotions ran high at tuesday night council meeting as some of dominic caserta's accusers came forward. the accused him of both verbal abuse and harassment. >> he screamed at me and called me disgusting and respectable. he said i was one of his favorites but now i was the lowest of the low. >> why is he still teaching? he is a sexual predator. he needs to be registered. >> reporter: one person held up a #time's up sign. after nine complete -- police reports filed against him, some residents are in bully -- are in disbelief. in a statement, dominic caserta says the allegations against me are false in every sense of the word, but i have been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion without due process. mayor lisa gilmore says dominic
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caserta made the right decision to resign. >> i think that his actions have been a terrible strain and staying on the city. >> reporter: members from public safety unions in santa clara county gathered to call for an end to the mistreatment of women. the group is shifting there -- shifting their focus to another member. in a statement that member said these men wearing badges in these union bosses know perfectly well there is no similarity and it does not warrant my resignation other than for the union's political gain. as for dominic caserta's accusers, they say they are looking forward to beginning to heal. >> sexual harassment is not a joke. it is not a misunderstanding. it is a crime. it needs to be taken seriously.
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>> summit last night council meeting questioned whether dominic caserta should still work in the school district. the deputy superintendent says he still is a civics teacher at santa clara high school. the board will take up the other issue at its meeting next tuesday. a public opinion poll showed none of the eight candidates in san francisco's meares have a clear majority. that means the race may be decided by the right choice voting system. we spoke with the direction of elections in san francisco about how the ranked cho's -- the right choice votes work. >> reporter: at san francisco city hall, polls are open and voting is already underway. >> it is confusing. >> reporter: some people say they are still trying to decipher the city's right choice voting system. >> there are three selections on the ballot card. to the department of elections
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prince voting guides to help people understand how to fill out their ballot. they have also created a video showing you how to felt your first, second and third choices for mayor and other offices. >> only select one candidate in each column and always select a different candidate for each column. >> reporter: if any candidate gets a majority of the first choices, that person is declared the winner. >> it is a majority winner in san francisco. >> reporter: if no one gets more than 50%, the right choice voting system kicks in. the candidate with the least votes is eliminated. >> is a voter has -- if a voter has eliminated it, they are removed. >> reporter: the process is repeated if no one has reached a majority. >> at the second choice is eliminated, the system looks at the third choice. >> reporter: the first
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candidate that reaches majority wins. some say it isn't fair because candidates can form alliances, as seen in the current race for mayor. voters do not have a choice between two finalists. >> it is not this is the person i want to vote for because of this reason. it is calculating the chances based on other factors. >> reporter: supporters say alliances are not gaming the system, instead, it gives voters the chance to support multiple candidates. >> i like the idea. sometimes you might like something about one person and not something else. >> reporter: they want to avoid attacks and keep campaigns civil with broader appeal for a second choice vote. >> it is a good idea to try something different. it might generate more votes. >> reporter: they say the system saves money and eliminates the cost of a runoff election. >> if it is a citywide runoff election, you're probably talking about $3.5 million.
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>> voters are not required to list the second or third choice. along with san francisco, oakland, berkeley and san leandro also use ranked-choice voting. in june, maine is set to become the first state to use right choice voting in a state and federal primary. a psychiatrist who treated sexual assault victims at travis air force base pleaded not guilty to rape charges. dr. heath summer work at travis as a contract employee. he was immediately suspended when the allegations first came out in 2015. some of the alleged victims are active military personnel. they suffer from ptsd. prosecutors claim dr. sommer persuaded the patients to have sex with him and called it exposure therapy. the alleged abuse happened between 2010 and 2016. the da's office called dr. sommer's actions a calculated
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abuse of power. a murder suspect has been returned to the united states from mexico. 31-year-old joseph miller was arrested last week for the murder of a san jose resident in 2016. they say miller was identified as the suspect last year and a warrant was obtained for his arrest after they learned he was in mexico. he is currently in texas to be handed over to authorities in san jose. >> it is illegal to charcoal grill in the park. >> are you sure it is because you don't want certain people here? >> a controversy between women at lake merritt. the women called oakland police to report the man who they say were using a barbecue grill that was in an era area that was off-limits. the police talked to the member did not arrest them. >> the public reaction to the conservation -- confrontation and it has become much bigger than a barbecue.
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>> reporter: organizers called this rally to have citizens stop calling 911 for minor emergencies, particularly against people of color. it comes after recent video went viral when a weight woman called oakland police after two african-american men barbecuing at lake merritt. >> it is illegal to have a charcoal grill in the park. >> are you sure it is because you don't want black people being out here? >> it has nothing to do with their race. >> it seems like a new jim crow. >> reporter: michelle snyder shot the video and it is her voice you hear confronting the woman. she is a journalism student, mother of two and mary to one of the two black men who were barbecuing.
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>> she was playing this different role where she was very aggressive and talking to them in a different manner. >> reporter: eventually police came, made no arrests, and they continue to barbecue. there are areas allowed for charcoal grills but they were not in one of those areas. the larger question is, why police are being called about people of color in nonemergency situations. in recent weeks, a starbucks employee in philadelphia and a student called police on african-americans who had broken no laws. >> what is the appropriate reason to call the police? how do we handle these manners in a different way? maybe there are different services to handle that. >> reporter: they want to see these issues raised not only in oakland, but throughout the country. >> a spokesman for the oakland mayor released a statement about the rally. it says quote, this event sounds like the perfect oakland response to an issue. civic engagement and a party
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atmosphere. some big changes are coming to san francisco. we will tell you about the plan to switch over to electric only buses. the warriors are looking to beat the rockets once again. their outlook going into game two of the finals. we do have a serious crash that has closed all the lanes in fremont on northbound 880. this happened just around 9:30 pm last night. three people have been killed. we will have a live report from the scene and we will let you know what it is doing to traffic straight ahead. a little disruption of that fog bank as an opportunity logos right over us. it will keep us cool. there are still some low clouds, but not what we saw the last few days.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". the warriors are in houston, texas. they will play the rockets in game two of the finals. >> golden state had a home- court advantage in game one. they are looking to return home with another win. ktvu's joe fonzi has a look at how the team is preparing for tonight's game. >> reporter: there is no such thing as a true off day when it
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comes to playoff basketball. less than 12 hours over -- after an emotional win, they are back on the court to work on things getting better. they are happy they won game one in the series, but there is heavy lifting to do still. >> we are not satisfy. >> every game is a different opportunity. the score is 0-0. we have to do what we did in game one even better. we need to be sharp. they will make some adjustments. >> they will come out with a lot of fight. it is the playoffs. we broke through and got a win. we set a great tone for ourselves and now we have the opportunity to really take advantage. >> reporter: even though the warriors headed their way in game one, the houston rockets have the best record in the nba during the regular season. expect them to come out with a sense of desperation and tonight game to. at the toyota center in houston, joe fonzi, ktvu fox 2.
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>> game two against the rockets is at 6 pm. joe fonzi will be reporting live from houston all throughout the day right here on ktvu fox 2. the oakland a's beat the boston red sox last night after rain delayed the start for almost 2 hours. >> he drives one to right field. it is over his head. >> the team jumped out to an early lead in the first inning with this triple from matt chapman. he had a big home run over the green monster in right field. oakland goes for the series sweep over the red sox tonight. how about the giants? they beat the reds 5-3. they slugged their way to a win over cincinnati last night. the turning point was a big 4th inning. >> a high drive to the right.
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it is out of fear! >> brandon bell hit that one and put the giants on the board. pablo sandoval hit a bases- loaded single to right field driving in two runts. that tied the game. the giants would take the lead later in the 4th and never looked back. the two teams will play a day game today at at&t park. >> it is nice to see all of our sports teams doing well. there is a big problem for the commute this morning. >> we have a full freeway closure in one direction, northbound 880 from automall to stevenson because of a big crash that happened last night that is still closing lanes this morning. northbound 880 between automall and stephen singh shut down for a crash that killed three people and injured several others. there were several cars
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involved. they think eight cars were involved. that tends to change, but definitely by looking at the pictures, several vehicles were involved. we will have a live report from this thing coming up shortly. some people have been using 680 northbound, some people have been using mission. since northbound traffic is not the commute direction, there has not been a huge traffic jam. the southbound lanes are open. if you're driving from's -- from haywood to san jose, you might see some slowing past the scene as people are slowing down. let's talk about the altamont pass and the approach to it. for the tracy super commute, traffic will be slow 1205 and 580. it slows up through the past but it's better by the time you reach livermore. into dublin is not a bad commute. here is a look at this san mateo and dumbarton bridges. those look good. 880 past the coliseum is not bad. let's go to steve paulson.
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i know someone who is going to today's baseball game and i wanted to know, for them, of course, what it will be like. >> there will be more sun. we have had a lot of cloud cover. it looks good, much better. if you know anybody back east, a friend of mine lives in new york city and he says it looks like the end of days out of his window. look at that line that went through. there were guests 70 miles per hour with extensive damage from thunderstorm activity. twitter was going bonkers in new york city. i saw a video of a swimming pool on a skyscraper. the water was going up into the clouds. from the pool. i saw it. that is how strong that line was. that was yesterday. if you are traveling that way today it is much better.
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it was really impressive. 50s, 60s and 70s. clouds, sun and breezy showers are a possibility east later today. jocelyn says it is her birthday today. the warriors are winning tonight. they will give me a happy birthday present. we hope so. sal castendo talked about a baseball forecast for the giants and the reds today. there will be a westerly breeze. it will be better than the overcast conditions. there are breaks in the low clouds because the low is moving in. it is right over us disrupting things a little bit. 15 to 25 west in napa, vacaville and davis. everyone still has an onshore breeze. remember, this looking down from the north last week. it went into nevada, california and went down and give them
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warm temps. watch how it rotates around the northern periphery of this new low. there's another one coming in sunday night and monday. three lows in three different directions over a week's time. there is not a lot of moisture with this, but that does not mean thunderstorms will not fire up. we will have to watch north and east today. the load does not have a lot to work with, but the afternoon heating and the destabilization in the atmosphere could fire some up. woodside is 46, thunderstorm activity will pop up big-time in the northern sacramento valley and the northern sierra and maybe again perez. as it moves in, it disrupts the fog but it keeps temperatures go. 50s, 60s to if you low 70s. antioch is 71. they should be 80 this time of
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year. we are still on the cool side thursday. warmer friday and saturday with another system sunday. monday and tuesday we could get light rain. not a lot, but it will be cool. >> enough to water the garden, which would be nice. another big ban for a bay area city that proposes to get rid of something almost every restaurant and customer uses every single day.
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we are hearing from chp. let's listen in.
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>> based on the officers training and their investigation, they determined he was under the influence of marijuana. >> reporter: du we have a description? >> we don't have any information on the driver yet. we will be releasing that information shortly, hopefully within the next hour. >> reporter: what was he driving? >> a light toyota camera. -- camry. >> reporter: was he cooperative? >> he was conscious. he was taken to the hospital to be checked out. i believe he has been cleared. to do you know the circumstances ? was he swerving in front of the other cars? >> at this point, we do not know what caused the collision. our accident investigation team is on scene reconstructing the scene and figuring out what happened. >> reporter: have you talked to the people in the other vehicles? what are their injuries? >> those people were released.
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they didn't have any, the people in the weight escalate -- the weight escalate -- they were not all a family. >> some of them were related. >> where the man and woman married? are they married? where they married? >> i do not have any information. >> reporter: the baby is critical? >> no. there was another juvenile. it wasn't the infant. >> reporter: the infant is not in critical condition? >> correct. >> we are listening live right now to a chp officer giving an update to our breaking news this morning. a horrific, fatal crash scene. here is video from the scene last night. a woman and two children are
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dead. there are others injured. lanes are closed. it is still affecting 880 northbound in the fremont area. we will be right back with more.
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will it happen or not? it sounds like second thoughts from north korean leader kim jong un about the proposed summit with president trump.
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i am pam cook three in washington. i will have more ahead. a deadly crash on interstate 880. the investigation continues this morning. we had the latest on what happened and how your morning commute may be affected. thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning, may 16. i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. we have lots to talk about. northbound lanes of interstate 880 are still closed. a crash killed three people, including a small child. investigators are looking into how the crash started. we were just hearing from chp. alex savidge is on the scene. >> reporter: it was a horrific crash in fremont last night. we just got an update from the chp. we know the man who likely triggered last night's crash was arrested for driving under the influence


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