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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  May 16, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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the 10 pm news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. president trump called for the mayor of oakland to be prosecuted. >> she advises thousands of people. they are told, get out here the law enforcement is coming. to me, that is obstruction of justice. >> she was there and he was signaling her out. >> he hosted a select group at the white house today to discuss the california sanctuary state policy.>> reporter: it is battle ground california, the president said that she should face criminal charges. and causing governor jerry brown to respond with the retort. >> the state of california to no federal law, by patriotic
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citizens who want their families protected and their borders secure. >> reporter: he presided at the white house meeting calling it the california sanctuary state round table. they support the administration lawsuit to end the sanctuary state law. >> the blanketed policy across california are not working.>> reporter: not invited was the libby shaft -- the mayor, libby shaft. >> i would recommend that you look into obstruction of justice for the mayor of oakland california. >> reporter: he rare -- he rallied against them with local police conducting federal immigration enforcement. >> catch and release. think about it, we catch them and we find out they are criminals and we end up having to release them and they go
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into our society. >> reporter: and this allows the gang members to get away. >> you would not believe how bad these people are. they are not people these are animals. we are taking them out of the country at a level at a rate that has never happened before. >> reporter: the law allows the inmates to be handed over to federal immigration authorities. henry brady says that the president sweeping ambiguous rhetoric allows them to play to his base. >> he place to that fear and it is a large fraction of immigrants that are problems for america where in fact he's talking about a very small group of people who are in this gaining called ms 13. >> reporter: governor jerry brown tweeted this, donald trump is lying on immigration. and lying about the laws in california. he wants them to flatter him and changes nothing.
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we the citizens of the fifth largest economy in the world are not impressed. brady says that california provides the president with a convenient flow. >> he knows that he will not get the votes in 2020 and he knows that he is not going to do well here in terms of congressional races in 2018. why not make california the boogie man?>> reporter: sheet sent out a tweet in response to the presidents comments and she said she's focusing on homelessness and affordable housing. and she is said -- she said she is not obstructed on doing her job. new at 10 pm security parking, break-ins and vandalism are reoccurring problems. this week, up art writer showed pictures of a dramatic -- a bart
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rider showed us pictures of a dramatic video. >> reporter: both -- parking here, the upper floors are where the problems are rampant. >> do not go up there. do not. >> everybody knows. >> reporter: this commuter blames four teenagers to turn the parking garage into a playground. >> they think it's funny i'm going to bust a window, ha ha, it is not cool. >> reporter: break-ins in graffiti and passengers say that is the risk with parking and writing. they say to avoid the garage altogether. >> me, personally, i park on the street. >> i will park on the street. >> reporter: and others search for the safest spot. >> i park close to elevators and wherever is the safest. >> reporter: there was a
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vandalism victim here and she sent these photos in l ford truck had all love you message across the side and a bmw with baby girl was here. and there was a heart in pain. the victim, a college student, she says it is delinquents that hang out, cut school, smoke weed in the elevators and vandalize cars. and the kids were on bikes riding into the elevators into the top floor than racing down as best as they can. another person said that that new garage is not safe. >> if you no, norte is more crowded, more like guarded. this one is more forgot about. >> reporter: this commuter's car was broken into. just last week, when she was at work it happened. >> items were stolen and scattered about. >> >> reporter: i guess that the part police did come --
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bart police did come because they left a card on my window. >> reporter: they said during the spray paint spray officers were preoccupied at the north berkeley station. in a statement no, high visibility patrols at the richmond station have resulted in the reduction in crime at richman at this type of vandalism is uncommon. but that's not how many people see it. they think it is a free-for- all. >> the kids run around and do what they want to do. and the police do not do anything it is a nightmare. we need help. >> reporter: they have 50,000 parking spaces, more officers have been hired in recent years, but at anyone time there is still just one officer or two stations. >> that woman said that they
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need help are they saying anything about adding additional patrols or officers to this particular parking garage given other problems there? >> reporter: in response to our inquiry you saw the statement that suggested that they already have stepped up patrols there. we saw one car during the many hours we were here this afternoon into the evening a patrol car went into the garage and drove out immediately and did not go to the upper floors. and if it did we would have gotten shots of it and maybe a comment from the officer on what they're seeing her. it doesn't appear that there was much presence. >> never be alone at the richmond bart station. this is a new problem at bart, conspicuous drug use right in the corridor of the civic center bart station. the man that shot the said that the station is frequently used.
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one member, the board of directors, he says he is furious.>> reporter: people were huddled against the walls at the civic center somewhere unconscious. and the ground was littered with hypodermic needles. one man was yelling at the man taken the video. he shot this at the bart station this week. >> it looks third world you would not think you were in america. body after body sitting down, needles, feces a, everything. >> reporter: they released a series of videos almost a month ago and for a while, conditions improve. >> for a week, a couple days it was nice. it was like this sent the following monday they were shooting up again. >> i am furious. >> reporter: we showed the latest video to the bart board of directors. he said starting today will begin immediate joint patrols in the area and if it doesn't
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work you threatened to do it himself. >> i have advised him that if anything like this pops up again i will wrap a portable desk and i will move it down into the hallway and i will sit there every day.>> reporter: the conditions here are just unacceptable. >> we spoke to mark ferrell, and he said that the city will meet to work on a permanent solution. >> i don't care who it is that covers that we will work on the details for the residents of our city and we need to get it done. >> he says he wants to see a permanent fix in place and he will continue to shoot video and posting them online as long as he says he sees a problem. san francisco police are looking for the owner of two pimples that attacked another dog then it four people at dolores park. people took pictures of this man that left with the dogs after the attack.
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it happened at 11:45 am. this dog suffered puncture wounds and four people jumped in to save the little dog and they were bitten on the hand. if you recognizes man or the dogs call san francisco police. people felt a minor earthquake, they said it was a 3.2 quake in the hills, 50 miles east of san jose. it happened just after 2:30 pm. there are no reports of damage or anyone hurt. the shaking was across the wide area of the bay. new developments in the murders of a young couple shot to death 14 years ago on the beach. this man faced murder charges on monday authorities say that he was a person of interest of the murders. the two victims were shot in the head in their sleeping bags
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on a beach in 2004. he was arrested in march of last year worth the deadly shooting -- with the deadly shooting of his brother. after he was taken into custody he gave them information linking himself to the double homicide. stoned drivers getting behind the wheel. ahead at 1030 p.m. new number -- 10:30 pm. new numbers on drivers doing that and what they're going to do. we have the forecast next. a deadly fire, 2 investigates they uncover new information. they used fake credentials. >> he defrauded both the san francisco fire department and the building owner.
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it was a raging fire in the mission district in san francisco that took surprise. >> we never heard the alarm working. >> the man that worked on the faulty alarm system was using a fake credential. >> were you all license contractor of any kind? >> -- know i was not.
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>> the deadly four alarm fire that destroyed apartment building in the mission district. >> it is sparking questions about how many more buildings could be at risk. joining us now.>> reporter: the man we investigated got away with working on alarms for more than a decade. we brought this to the state and the san francisco fire department. and probing investigation on if he is still working and if other buildings could be at risk. a raging fire, one person had died. the 20 15th mission district inferno caught dozens of families offguard. and forcing a boy to jump out of the window with his dog. the fire injured six people including a firefighter. he was more like a son.
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>> the fire investigation report obtained by 2 investigates shows that five witnesses said that the fire alarm never went all. >> none of the alarms worked. we never heard the alarm working. >> reporter: with the wrongful death lawsuit the band that was last to work on it he admits that he was not properly licensed. according to his testimony and the certification sticker, he had been illegally using another company's credentials. >> you installed it? >> yes, that is right. >> reporter: were you ever a licensed contractor of any kind? >> know i was not. >> reporter: is it a public safety issue? >> definitely it is definitely a public safety issue. >> you absolutely cannot use someone else's license. he had been providing
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protection services throughout the bay area with someone else's license for more than a decade. he continued to work after that fire. how did you get away with working without credentials for so long? >> in this particular building it was not asked for. >> reporter: court records show that the fire inspector checked the alarm system the day after the fire. on it was the certification sticker showing this. there were multiple reports a fire alarm failer when he was asked how did he determine if the system was maintained he says we look for the sticker with the vendors name and license number on it. did you make any increase on white the fire alarm didn't sound? he said, i did not.
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>> when someone sees a name of the company and the licensing number is that enough? >> no, it is absolutely not. it's not hard to get business card made anyway you want them. or have flowers -- flyers made or create a website. >> reporter: there were other serious red flags. evidence showed that the log was tempered with. >> did you ever fix it? >> what had happened, -- >> what happened, instead of fixing it, he said that the building owner screwed the panel shut. >> reporter: do you know how long it was that way? >> i would say, at least for a couple of years. >> reporter: according to his testimony the inspector never stepped foot into the mission district building again. >> it was not a formal inspection. there was not a record of inspection the following day. >> reporter: the san francisco
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fire marshal says it is common practice for the inspectors and firefighters to visit a fire site for informal educational purposes. >> with the entire definition -- deposition, i never read that he was there for educational purposes. >> so, that is a good point. educational purses, visiting the site after a fire is common practice is what i'm trying to say. maybe the person, that certified the system, maybe they were working under an incorrect license contractor's license number. that is news to us. >> it's a fact that he defrauded both the san francisco fire department and the building owner.>> reporter: more than three years after the fire, there is a single charred reminder at the site. his experts will testify, if the fire alarm had been properly maintained, the woman
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would be alive today. >> it made me feel mad. someone has to pay for it.>> reporter: we still have a few lingering questions, is he still working on fire alarms? are there other alarm systems around the bay area that people should be worried about? he refused to give a straight answer is. >> he did have credentials but there were fake. if you hire someone by word about what can people do to protect themselves? >> reporter: this was a complicated one he did have credentials but they just were not his. you can check the license and see if it is a legitimate. how do you know that is a person come into your house? it could be a comfortable but you can as a person for their identification and call the employer to make sure, does this person actually work for you? those are questions you have to
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ask to keep your home and self save. >> when it comes the fire alarms you do not want to mess around. >> if you have a tip you want us to investigate give us a call . 510-874-0222 temperatures tonight not much warmer than yesterday maybe a degree or two. these are the highs from today, there was sunshine inland. the low pressure center is around here and it moved here and it gave us this incredible air quality. this is the system that brought the showers and thundershowers this morning to parts to the north and east bay. up around reading and macarthur, getting thunderstorms. they got a lot of rain. there was a report of one inch of rain. that system, it shouldn't be here you do not expect it with that system we are getting this
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unusual thunderstorm weather but we are getting this unusually cool weather. it's great air quality but it is below average with the temperatures. tomorrow, we will warm up a little bit. as this moves off, this process is a slow process, tomorrow, incremental warming, a couple of degrees. and then we will continue to increase beyond the weekend. no fog. tomorrow, it will be just like today. it will be warmer. when we come back how we will go into the weekend and how you could planet based on the weather. -- plan it based on the weather. drivers hitting the road stoned. the charges a driver is facing after this horrible crash last night that killed three people. . it was a different story for the golden state warriors, now it is a golden state warriors that need to make adjustments as the series switches to oakland over the weekend.
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i will have a live report from houston coming up. southwest airlines revealed the findings on this engine. ♪ ♪ legendary jockey víctor espinoza is insatiable when it comes to competing. ♪ ♪ so is his horse. ♪ ♪ when it comes to snacking. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ that's why he uses the chase mobile app, to pay practically anyone, at any bank. life, lived victor's way. chase. make more of what's yours.
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will this meant -- to california schoolsd, need big change. marshall tuck is the only candidate for state superintendent who's done it before. less bureaucracy, more classroom funding. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck.
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new at 10 pm, southwest airlines says they completed inspections. a female passenger died in april when and engine fan fractured and shattered a window where she was sitting. they were to have inspections
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and it didn't show any additional flaws but some of the blades were sent back to general electric, the manufacturer to be inspected. investigators say that the suspect took the woman to is -- his own home in fremont >> they say that he offered her marijuana. police are looking for more possible victims.>> reporter: the 24-year-old, fremont residents, sits in the alameda county jail charged with a half a dozen crimes related to in oakland woman. >> it is our responsibility to get that information out there. he was a lyft driver. >> reporter: april 8, he was driving away car picked up the victim at her home to a trip to
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the woman's friends house in berkeley but when they reach berkeley the friend wasn't there and he offered to drive the 29-year-old woman vector house in oakland for free. she agreed. police say that he instead drove past oakland and south to his house. this is an area saturated with apartment complexes. the victim went into the house for food that was raped inside an upstairs bedroom. >> after spending time in the apartment she was directed upstairs and that's when the alleged crime happened. >> reporter: he then drove her back to her house in oakland. she reported it but to a different agency. it took weeks for the officers to make an arrest. >> he made comments during the interviews but he made comments that suggested that he had things to hide.
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that was enough probable cause for us to support this investigation. and the district attorney's office said it was enough to support the charges. >> there could be more lyft passengers that are victims and have not yet come forward. there is a preliminary hearing may 22 in dublin. in the san jose studio jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. the senate vote today to reinstate some rules with the obama era. 10:45 pm berkeley students were honored. we will show you their award winning work. up next, new information about a freeway crash in fremont, three people were killed including two young children. close captioning brought to you by mancini sleep world.
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new details tonight on a deadly five car crash in fremont that we first reported this time last night. chp said that witnesses saw a white toyota camry speeding and driving erratically on interstate 880, the driver was arrested for allegedly being under the influence of marijuana. the victims were riding in a white escalade. the corner -- coroner
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identified them and they were all from antique a. >> driving on marijuana is just as bad as driving on i alcohol. it is sad, -- just like driving on alcohol. >> reporter: the chp said that the three people that died were thrown out of the car and they were not wearing seatbelts. five other people were injured and a relative said that the family was headed home after celebrating a birthday in the bay area. officers later arrested the 21- year-old, he is facing gross vehicular manslaughter in the possession of an illegal weapon. he is being held on bail and he will make his first court appearance tomorrow. that deadly crash is highlighted as a growing concern. >> drivers getting behind the wheel. rob malcolm tells us that an opiate company wants to help
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them stay off of the road. >> reporter: police have sobriety checkpoints. >> we may smell alcohol or marijuana. we may see that the speech is somewhat impaired. it could be slower and they may not be able to respond to our questions.>> reporter: he specializes in marijuana enforcement and detection. this test is similar to that used with alcohol. >> can i do this, can i do these multiple things at one time?>> reporter: after series of deadly crashes it has the chp will attention. the chp officer was killed when he was rear ended by a car driving more than 100 miles per hour on interstate 880. and the driver admitted to ingesting marijuana. than last night, in fremont,
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the driver was arrested. they provided stats on marijuana, it prepared for legalization in 2017. there were several arrests since january 1, when recreational pot became legal so far in 20 1887 arrests. -- so far in 2018, 87 arrests. they invented this pot handheld register. they have the drivers they got them high and had them navigate through the common road hazards. >> on the runway, we are intended to try to show the type of empowerment that happens when people are stoned behind the wheel. >> there were multiple
10:34 pm
problems. >> the most chilling things that we saw was that all of those drivers hit a bicycle that was in the construction zone. >> we do not use any handheld machine it is prickly based on what we just talked about. it's the observations of driving and the observations after after we make that stop. this could prove ineffective tool with getting impaired drivers off of the road. it is just a matter a time. in oakland, rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. if you have been craving a caesar salad they are giving the all clear saying that romaine lettuce is okay t again. 172 people had been linked -- the lettuce is okay again. 172 people were affected by the lettuce. there has been no lettuce
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harvested in yuma. amazon is hoping that offering discounts will encourage his their -- their prime members. they hired a chain of grocery stores and they said that soon prime members will get 10% off select items. amazon is also in the process of offering free delivery and cash back rewards when customers use their amazon visa rewards cards at the store. retail and tech stocks, it lets industry. the dow was up 62 and nasdaq up 46. they joined the democrats pushing through a measure with the internet rules with equal access to the internet. republicans describe the effort to reinstate those rules as a political theater because the gop house is not expected to take up the issue.
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the decision to repeal the role is set to take effect next month. still the come, kensington palace releases new information on the royal wedding. find out who will join the wedding party. find out who the big name singer is that is going to perform. it will be warmer tomorrow and the warm weather will continue into the weekend and we will talk about that coming up next. find out what he told us about the controversial rock turner case. we go one-on-one with the san jose mayor. he's been called a rockstar lawyer. he tops the charts on progressive causes...
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winning pro bono battles for immigrants and the homeless. defending gay rights and gun control. democrat jeff bleich. after columbine, bleich led president clinton's youth violence initiative. with joe biden, bleich took on domestic violence. served president obama as special counsel and ambassador. maybe bleich can't pull off the rockstar look... but his progressive record is solid gold.
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california attorney general filed charges against the website that publishes mugshots from police then charges a fee to remove them. is facing extortion and money laundering charges. people who cannot pay to have their pictures pulled are negatively affected when they look for a job or housing. they post pictures of people who were arrested and spent the night in jail but were not necessarily charge. the representatives from that website were not available for comment. he is under fire for handing down a six month sentence to a former student in
10:40 pm
a case of sexual assault. in an editorial he said notwithstanding my strong disappointment with the sentence i am firmly opposed to the recall of the judge suggesting judges to recall when they follow the law and do something unpopular undermines judicial independence. he supported the six year sentence in the product turner case. >> the problem was the law. the law allowed for a low sentence. we change the law once we changed the law we saw that particular problem and that is the main reason i am against this recall. >> the revised state law now imposes longer sentences in cases of sexual assault of an unconscious person the recall is on the june 5 ballot in the santa clara county. elton john will perform on saturday. kensington palace says that the groom's niece, and nephew will
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be in the wedding party leading a crew of 10 bridesmaids and page boys. prince william will be the best man. the palace hasn't said yet who will walk meghan markle down the aisle. >> it looks like her mother will walk her down the aisle. she is divorced from her -- the father of meghan markle. looks like she was the only one invited to the wedding as least as far as family members. i do not know that the royals bargained for this. >> they report that her father is recovering from today's stent surgery and is said to be doing well. fighting bowling with an award winning video. we talked to the students who created -- bullying with an award winning video.
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we talked to those students who created it. it.
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new at 10 pm and award ceremony, public school
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students, they could participate in a contest. amber lee talk to some of the students. >> reporter: it was held here at the south berkeley senior center each video was 60 seconds long. and the panel of mental health experts chose the winners. >> let's get him. >> make it go extinct this was created by a fifth grader. he says that he saw others will lead and he wants to make it extinct like dinosaurs. he used spot motion animation to get his point across. >> you should stand up to them and you need to be creative on how you make things. on wednesday night the 11-year-
10:46 pm
old and two others each received a certificate and a $500 cash award from the city of berkeley. >> i am kind of surprised i one. i think the other people's videos were really good.>> reporter: another award winning video was created by this high school student who acted in it. the 14-year-old said that he saw friends victimized. he hopes that this video will empower the victims and create empathy. >> i want them to feel what it is to see someone getting bullied and understanding what it is.>> reporter: mental health experts said that each one was told in -- with chosen and it an event of way -- in a way that would reach to
10:47 pm
someone's heart even if it wasn't about the exact person that made the video when they put it into that kind of 4, i thought it was really impactful. >> videos are a way to shed light on dark subject such as bowling. >> sharing that things her, that is okay to admit that. i think that that helps people to respond better. >> making this video was a big thing. >> reporter: he said he will use his award money to buy camera so he could work on other videos. officials plan to post the winning videos on the city of berkeley's website they said that one goal of the contest was to get student talking about bullying. live in berkeley, amber lee,
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ktvu fox 2 news. we are checking in on the weather today, temperatures were warmer, that's where were at, this forecast has been a degree or two warmer, the weather system, they are unusual for this time of year, the pattern, it is represented by some of the storms appear near lake tahoe, then these guys work their way up near macarthur and we see it spinning right there. look at that. that system is starting to move off but it is slow. it slowly moves off. as that moves off we solely warm. we will be a bit warmer tomorrow when i say warmer, midshipman-60s to low 70s. something like that. maybe midshipman- 70s but not in the 80s. there is no fog out there. you see this low, you sit on top of this and you create that beautiful air quality, it is a
10:49 pm
nice pattern, it will take us through the weekend with a warming peer you each day, each 24 hour periods will come up a few degrees it doesn't get hot. it is upper 70s by the time we get to friday and saturday. is slightly warmer as we get to the weekend. the high pressure reestablishes its self. as the low comes through this will cause big trouble out in the plains, severe weather, flight delays. big severe storms. as the lows come through and then they explode. here is the forecast for tomorrow morning. cloud cover. there is tomorrow afternoon, more sunshine. there will be fog at the coast and it will be slightly warmer. friday morning, fog. there is friday afternoon.
10:50 pm
the forecast for the area, right where you would expect, based on what we are seeing, mild temperatures to the east bay hills. and the barely warm temperatures. we could see a couple midshipman-70s as we head into tomorrow. here is the five day forecast, >> 69 on monday? >> yes, that is not bad. i would expect 80s right now. >> right. the air quality is great. it is the bay area, it is beautiful. >> thank you. coming up here on the 11 p.m. news. cars were spray-painted in the parking lot. find out why they are avoiding this area.
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marshall tuck will change that. in california, 3 million kids can't read at grade level. tuck turned around struggling schools, raising graduation rates over 60%. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck. mark is here now the golden state warriors were crushed today. >> yes, basically, the message from houston is not so fast, this series is even headed back to the bay area. there were some celebrity
10:54 pm
sightings. remember this guard, seven turnovers in the first quarter. this was a 10-0 run. steph curry is having his problems. he is driving with some success, they were within five within one quarter. the rockets with it all around and finally, eric gordon puts it down, 27 for him he had six threes after being virtually quiet in game one. the defensive breakdown, and like downs -- breakdowns aplenty. this was the easiest couple points you would see. this is the third quarter, houston was up, kevin durant gives it all but they never got
10:55 pm
closer than 10 points and at the best it this -- devastate. he gets a going to the way, james harden hit nine of 24 shots. he gets 27 points and the rockets were never truly challenged. this is the blow, james harden finds his man. there you go, it is p.j. tucker from the outside. he was virtually scoreless in game one but not so much this time. the series is even. game three is sunday at oracle. he is not happy it was a completely different game that we saw. they talked about getting greedy but it didn't turn out that way. what did you see? this didn't even resemble game one in any way. >> reporter: you are right, we talked about it before, the
10:56 pm
games are barely a resemblance to the previous game no question about it, they were fired up they knew they had to have this one. they had a sense of desperation. in the end, seven turnovers in the first quarter. clay thompson, it was the golden state warriors that went back to the locker room and had to answer questions on how did this happen? >> they came out and played a great game and a -- i got everyone going and we got what we deserved. they kicked our butts no other way to say it ergo >> we were bound to defense it was an offense. it was the turnovers leading to then, do not get easy buckets it was an offense. >> i started the game with the
10:57 pm
turnover. i take full responsibility before the start of the game. after that it was just contagious and my teammates were following my lead. it is a good feeling better than the alternative.>> reporter: rarely do good teams and good players have two bad games in a row, we will see what happens on sunday. people keep asking what is up with steph curry, he is just having a bad time shooting right now and he doesn't do too many of those in a row. back to you. >> we are looking for a big bounce back from him in game three. this is the baseball team, at fenway park, it was a chilly day in boston. this is the 5th.
10:58 pm
no one wants to face this guy, marcus gets them two run shot, and they are within 3-2. he opens it all. >> it has been the player the night, stephen into the right field, the stance cases wait a minute it is not a fall ball, he comes out of there, that was a sensational grab. the 80s wine up the wind up on the short end. the giants were looking for a sweep, they were playing the reds. he is teasing the kids and trying to scare them. they just saying the national anthem and they did a great job. this man used to be a giant. and he was traded it was a
10:59 pm
three run home run and this is the four run deficit. is anyone hotter? it is now 4-3, this is the fifth inning. the giants moved the basis, hernandez has a little area here that man, he comes out of nowhere and makes a beautiful catch, and saving for three runs, the giants, 6-3. they wind up in the thai. that is the closest thing we had to a bay victory. it is time for more news.
11:00 pm
coming up. bart passengers say that they are fed up with vandalism and mischief and more in our parking garage. they are dealing with graffiti, broken windows and rowdy behavior not on the trains but inside a parking garage, hello, everyone i am frank somerville. >> good evening, i am julie haener. they are calling on them to provide more security and more patrols. here now to explain the problem and their response. here is debora villalon. >> reporter: some of the vehicles got spray-painted and we found the writers who called the top floors of free for all. >> do not go up there -- found the


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