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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  May 17, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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back in february and reported foster beat her and threw her out because she said she was angry and wanted to end it. she wanted to ruin his career. she apologized. >> it was very unusual to see a victim get on the stand like that and just completely say they lied to the police. the d.a.'s office is going to have a lot to think about whether they can move forward at this point. >> reporter: foster was a highly touted draft pick in the spring of 2017 and poised to be a key player in the 49ers resurgence. she testified she got into a fight with two women in san francisco the night before, february 10th, and the next day a disgusted foster ended their dating relationship. a video of the incident was posted on social media. ennis says she was, quote, angry and wanted to blank up reuben foster's career adding, tomorrow you won't have a job. her story of domestic violence was told to police, medical personnel and her family. but deputy district attorney jeff smith told the court the actual lie is the recant. he says ennis was telling the
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truth about being beaten by foster. prosecution pictures point to injuries from his blows. the judge says she will review the evidence and issue a ruling may 23rd. >> for mr. foster, the key here was getting rid of the domestic violence case and this testimony went a long way to doing that. >> reporter: part of the evidence that the judge will consider, before leaving the stand, ennis testified back in 2011 she was arrested for making a false claim of domestic abuse against her boyfriend at the time. the 49ers say they have no comment about the case until it's all resolved. and there's no change in reuben foster's status. outside the hall of justice in san jose, i'm jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. also in san jose, police are investigating a double homicide that happened in the foothills of east san jose last night. the bodies were found on sierra road just down the hill from alum rock park. ktvu's maureen naylor reports.
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>> reporter: police say there's been no arrest in this double homicide. while neighbors in the direct area and beyond are concerned about what they say is ongoing gunfire. crime tape remained on sierra road in the east san jose foothills thursday after police say a man and woman were shot to death here around 10:00 wednesday night. >> it's horrible. stuff like that shouldn't be happening out here. >> reporter: jesus has lived on sierra road and said he didn't hear the shooting but his brother did. >> shots fired, multiple shots fired, um, not the first time we have heard it before. so it's a familiar sound to us. there's hunting areas out here. but it's a whole different thing from hunting, the rapid fire. >> reporter: gary lopez said he and his wife heard what sounded like a car speeding down the hill away from the crime scene around the same time as the shooting. >> there was a kam car that came racing -- there was a car that came racing down the hill, slid out and almost ran
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into a property. three minutes after that we heard the police and fire up the hill. >> reporter: two candles were at the lookout spot near the scene of the shooting today. >> it's a whodunnit homicide right now. >> reporter: san jose police say the man and woman died at the scene, but they aren't sure of the motive yet. >> who they were there with and who maybe they were supposed to meet or was this some sort of a random attack is still to be determined. >> reporter: two neighbors who live about a mile from the crime scene say gunshots are common in their area. they shared this video that they say was gunfire that happened a few hours after the homicide. >> we heard about 15, 16 gunshots, about 12:43. it's been happening about every other day. >> reporter: neighbors are asking for a quicker police response. >> i think the sjpd is lacking on this, and there needs to be some kind of response, um -- there's been quite a few of us
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calling it in and nobody shows up. >> reporter: we asked police about this. they said the gunshots were unrelated to last night's homicide. they said if they get a call for service, depending on the number of calls, the prioritize the nature of the call and will respond as they say is appropriate. >> thank you, maureen naylor. a brush fire on highway 101 in redwood city brought traffic to a crawl this afternoon. one driver captured the scene on his cell phone. it started shortly before 2:00 on the shoulder of the southbound lanes of 101. the flames produced heavy smoke along the freeway creating a big traffic jam. the chp issued a special traffic alert for drivers to use other routes while crews battled the fire. i want to show you a map now to show you exactly where this is. the fire broke out just north of the woodside road exit shutting down the on-ramp. the chp says it is expected to be closed for at least another hour. talk is heating up today that san francisco's police chief may be returning to l.a. as we reported, chief william scott is one of three finalists for los angeles police chief. and the fact that scott is
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considering leaving after a little more than one year has some wondering if he used that position as a launching pad. paul chambers is live in san francisco with more. >> reporter: heather, the chief has been a leader here at sfpd since january of last year. now that he is a finalist for the top cop spot in los angeles, i had to ask that did he just use san francisco as a stepping stone? >> first and foremost, has he said anything to you? >> he has not said anything to me about whether or not he is staying or leaving. >> reporter: for 14 years, joseph marshall served on the san francisco police commission a post he hopes to soon return to. he explained the process that led mayor lee to select william scott as the top cop in december 2016. >> generally we have done a national search, you know, had a search firm come in, help us vet names. >> reporter: after numerous interviews, scott became one of the top picks for the job
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leaving it up to mayor lee to choose in january of 2017. >> i think you made a wise decision. >> reporter: however, after only being on the job in san francisco for nearly a year and a half, some question whether it was a wise decision. a 25-year veteran of lapd a place i may soon return. to marshall says, yes, because scott was the best person at the time. >> we believed him, i'm sure the mayor believed him, that he wanted to be the police chief in san francisco and wanted to do the best job. who knows what would happen down -- in the future? >> reporter: marshall doesn't believe scott used the chief spot in san francisco to boost his resume' or as a tied-over until the l.a. job came open. marshall feels the chief did like anyone should, look for new opportunities, especially with a new mayor on the horizon. >> under mayor lee, he was the guy. now, is he going to be a guy for the next mayor? i don't know. he doesn't know. i'm not sure -- we all don't
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know. so the changing political climate of san francisco also kind of affects the chief. >> reporter: we had no comment back from chief scott. marshall said if chief scott is to leave that will be the 7th police chief within 14 years. that's including the interim chiefs. the new chief would be number 7. he says the people who are hurt most by the constant change is the rank-and-file officers. >> paul chambers, thank you. on capitol hill today, the senate confirmed 61-year-old gina haspel as the first woman to head the cia. the 54-45 vote split both parties. and it followed a contentious nomination process that largely focused on her direct role in the cia's controversial interrogation and torture tactics after the september 11th attacks. haspel is a 33-year veteran of the cia and has been serving as acting director of the agency. she worked under former director mike pompeo until president trump moved him to secretary of state. one day after video of
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rampant drug use inside a san francisco bart station was released, there's already been a change. coming up tonight at 5:30, the unusual step one bart director took to make sure the users were not back today. >> also ahead, google and youtube attempt to take off spotify and apple music. coming up, details about this new streaming music service being launched right here in the bay area. >> plus, from mail carrier to crime fighter, the burglary case that this postal employee helped solve. >> a little warmer out there today, plenty of sunshine, not a lot of wind. a perfect spring day. when i come back we'll talk about friday. (sound of car door opening) (carr closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪ we can now use a blood sample toh care, target lung cancer more precisely. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for asthma.
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democrat jeff bleich. after columbine, bleich led president clinton's youth violence initiative. with joe biden, bleich took on domestic violence. served president obama as special counsel and ambassador. maybe bleich can't pull off the rockstar look... but his progressive record is solid gold. (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) the fbi says a former boyfriend and business associate of a woman killed in
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a bombing at an orange county medical building is now in custody. the powerful explosion tore through an office building in aliso viejo tuesday afternoon. 59-year-old stephen beale made his first court appearance this afternoon. investigators say he was arrested on suspicion of being in possession of an unregistered destructive device. investigators say they found homemade bombs and guns inside his long beach home. additional charges are expected to be filed as this investigation continues. to the east bay now. a mail carrier in piedmont is being credited with solving a brazen home burglary. police say they might not have caught those suspects without the postal worker's help. rob malcolm is live in piedmont with the latest. quite a story. we caught up with the postal worker who told us what happened on tuesday was just another day on the job. he sawed he would do it again even if he had to risk his own life and he is thanking everybody for thanking him.
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he has been delivering mail for 14 years. >> we are the eyes and ears of the neighborhood. >> reporter: the soft-spoken mail carrier is a celebrity. just don't call him a hero. >> they say i'm a hero but i say no, i'm not, i'm just doing the right thing i'm supposed to do. >> reporter: working his regular loop tuesday he saw two men coming out of a home on grand avenue carrying a large suitcase and duffel bag. he thought it was suspicious and he knew the homeowner had been hospitalized for some time. so he checked the house. >> they punched a big hole in the door where they reached and unlocked it from inside. i saw the bricks on the ground. that makes me think of, you know, it's a burglary. >> reporter: he got the license plate of the suspect vehicle and had a neighbor call 911. piedmont police responded and
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confirmed the break-in and nester identified the suspects. >> so our mail carrier, the one that reported this crime, did an excellent job. he was kind of our eyes and ears from a distance. he used his telephone to support what he was trying to do in terms of calling us and taking pictures. i don't think he ever put himself in harm's way. >> reporter: arrested in oakland and awaiting charges from the alameda county d.a. is 36-year-old james mislap. 47-year-old michael shea. and 56-year-old preston gordon arrested as accomplices. all three men with long rap sheets. meanwhile, neighbors are thrilled to have nester working their street. >> it's awesome taking care of the community. that's priceless to be honest with you. >> they know our carriers will keep their eyes and ears open in anything that's going on in the neighborhood but our residents and customers also keep an eye on our carriers. that's what's important. >> reporter: it was a day never to forget. nester really delivered.
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he certainly did. the piedmont police plan to recognize him as well as the postal service. they just don't know what to do yet and wondering if he will even show up. meanwhile, all those stolen items were returned. in piedmont, rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. >> such a humble man. thank you so much, rob. this week, google is launching a revamped version of youtube music, its popular free music service. but this new music streaming service includes a monthly fee. it will cost $10 a month and offer unlimited music. a expert told us last hour on the "four on 2" that this is google's attempted to compete with other popular online music services. >> so they have youtube music which is something that you can subscribe to starting may 22nd and it will allow you to get music ad free. they are going to have two different apps, desktop and smartphone app so you can
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listen to the music in the background, download it if you are going to get on a plane and things like that. >> experts say youtube is facing a tough battle for online music listeners. spotify is currently the number one paid music subscription service with 75 million subscribers followed by apple's 50 million. a big push by north carolina state officials in their efforts to try to lure apple to open a new campus in the state. earlier this year, apple said it is looking for a site to open a second headquarters. today, in an apparent recruitment effort, legislative leaders in north carolina announced they are committing to expanded tax breaks to attract companies that promise thousands of jobs in the state like apple. the "associated press" today cited sources saying that apple is close to deciding on a potential hub in the raleigh- durham area. breaking news to show you now in san jose. this is where a grass fire is
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burning right now. a live look at tours road and capitol expressway. san jose says 7 engine companies are on the scene. you can see the smoke from the fire. crews are keeping the flames away from structures. they hope to have it under control soon. we'll keep an eye on it. in the meantime, we want to go over to chief meteorologist bill martin. it's not super hot which is good for firefighters. >> in a month from now that fire would be a lead story perhaps. but you have temperatures in the 60s and low 70s, moderate humidities, winds no issue, you get a handle on these things quick. but in about a month or two months, you know -- as we move forward here, we have weather on the east coast to talk about. these folks from new york all the way south to florida, look at that.
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this is going through saturday. the next 36 to 48 hours the eastern seaboard will be lit up especially the carolinas north. i bring it up because i know a lot of folks travel this time of year. and if you have work plans up here, especially, check your carriers. there have been delays. in boston they have had a lot of issues. st. louis, out . out west it's just nice. temperatures warming up. one thing you may notice if you look out to the coast, you will see a little bit of fog reforming. this low pressure center which brought the thunderstorms to parts of the northeast sonoma county yesterday has moved on and slowly moves on we are still seeing some lightning strikes. there's one up here around mount shasta a little bit of activity here north of clearlake. but as it moves on, we warm up and the high pressure builds in and the fog has an opportunity to reform and we are seeing some fog back at the coast so when you see that
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fog at the coast, that's typically a sign that you have typically a sign that you have high pressure building in. i just looked at that live camera. is that the one with, um, the "salesforce tower"? are we looking at smoke across there? is that what you're trying to do? director? is that haze? some of that might be that smoke from the fire. i'm not sure. there it is. thanks, guys. i'm just looking at this. that dark stuff most likely is smoke. and the wind direction is southwest. so we're probably seeing a little smoke from the fire in san jose which we were just talking about moving in. these are the current temperatures. we are watching air quality. that's interesting. southwest winds would do that. it would bring a little bit of stuff this way. 12 degrees warmer in santa rosa than yesterday. 6 degrees warmer in napa. and 6 degrees warmer in fairfield. there's the story, as high pressure ridge sets up. you get a warming pattern that will last right into your bay
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area weekend. so we'll talk about the warmup. tomorrow's friday! today was warmer, warmer still for friday. thank you. the start of hurricane season now just days away. and the national hurricane center is using new improved technology to warn people of major storms. it comes following a record- breaking year for hurricanes last year. the center is using data collected from planes, buoys and satellites to warn people of dangerous conditions 72 hours before an approaching storm. they say that will give people an additional day to prepare and evacuate if necessary. >> we are getting more information than we have ever had before just looking right into the storm. >> we had our best season yet when it comes to hurricane forecasting and the track in 2017. >> noaa plans to release its official outlook for this season sometime next week. well, today marks one year since robert mueller was appointed to start his
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investigation into the trump campaign and possible ties to russia. president trump took to twitter to comment on that inquiry. coming up next, just what the investigation has dug up so far and where it's headed next. >> later coming up new at 6:00, california's birth rate the lowest in a century. the new figures just released. >> plus an update to the story we first told you about yesterday. a special van used by the family of a disabled man was recovered after it was stolen. details coming up at 6:00.
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president trump is sending a message to north korea. he said if kim jong-un gives up his nuclear weapons, he would get very strong protections from the united states. however, president trump warned that without a deal, the north korean leader risks getting overthrown. president trump also says the summit between the two leaders is still scheduled to take place next month despite threats by kim jong-un to pull out of the meeting. >> nothing has changed on north korea that we know of. we haven't been told anything. if it does, that's fine. if it doesn't, i think we'll probably have a very successful meeting. we haven't been told anything. we are just reading stories like you are. >> north korea threatened to cancel the summit over joint military exercises between south korea and the united
5:24 pm
states. the meeting between president trump and kim jong-un is set to take place on june 12th in singapore. today marks one year since the justice department appointed robert mueller as special counsel to investigation whether the trump campaign colluded with russia. there have been five guilty pleas so far. fox's caroline shively has more now on where the investigation is heading and what the president's attorneys are saying. >> reporter: president trump tweeted this morning, congratulations america. we're now in the second year of the greatest witch hunt in history and there's still no collusion and no obstruction. his detractors say it's not over yet. president trump marked the one- year anniversary of the special counsel probe with a tweet calling it a disgusting illegal and unwarranted witch hunt. >> amazing the rhetoric this man uses. i would say to the president, it's not a witch hunt when 17 russians have been indicted. it's not a witch hunt when some of the most senior
5:25 pm
members of the trump campaign have been indicted. >> reporter: the investigation has also led to five guilty pleas, two criminal cases headed to trial, and one man already in prison. but it's not clear where the probe goes from here. trump attorney rudy giuliani says mueller doesn't have the power to indict the president and his lawyers will do everything they can to keep him from talking. >> we're going to be the laughingstock of lawyers if we let him testify. >> reporter: not everyone agrees that the president can't be indicted some citing two justice department memos from the clinton administration. >> they are both late '90s which says the president can be indicted but not prosecuted until after he leaves office. you might have to indict him to stop the running of a statute of limitations. >> reporter: administration officials say they are pushing mueller and his team to wrap up the investigation soon. but legal experts point to the ken starr investigation of bill clinton as a model and  that lasted for more than four years. in washington, caroline shively, fox news. the kremlin says syrian president bashar al-assad is
5:26 pm
in russia for a surprise visit with president vladimir putin. this is video of the previous meeting that happened last year. the kremlin quoted assad as saying that syria is making progress in fighting terrorism which, quote, opens the door to the political process. assad reportedly sent a delegation to the united nations. russia has been a key ally to syria in the seven-year civil war. human rights observers say more than 450,000 people have been killed and 11 million people have been displaced. a bart official takes action one day after we showed you video of drug users shooting up inside a san francisco bart station. what he did today to make sure those drug users couldn't return. now the station looks clean but some are questioning how long it will last. >> that corridor can go from mayberry to chaos in 10 or 15 minutes. so it's constantly something we have to focus on. >> plus, new questions about the parents accused of abusing
5:27 pm
their children in a fairfield home. today we learned new information about the homeschooling that took place and the steps that the state says the mother didn't follow. only one candidate for governor brought business and labor together to expand career training and apprenticeships, invested in transportation and helped create over 200,000 living wage jobs. antonio villaraigosa for governor.
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you know at the heart of what mayor villaraigosa is doing today, he's fighting to make this country more equal and more just. president obama called him one of america's finest mayors. he's more prepared to get things done. antonio for governor.
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it took just one day for change inside a san francisco bart station. bart riders video people using drugs inside that civic center station caused one bart official to take unusual action. rob roth is live at that bart station. rob. >> reporter: we had seen more police officers making the rounds here at this civic center bart station. and it does seem to be making a difference. now the focus is on cleaning up the station and keeping it that way. >> as you can see it's clean today. i hope it stays like this. >> reporter: shannon is pleased with what he sees in this corridor inside the civic center bart station. this is how that same area looked a few days ago when he took this video that ktvu aired wednesday. it shows a long stretch of
5:31 pm
open air drug use. >> it's sickening to see this after a while! i mean, it's just -- why right here? i know they have no other place to go. but i mean, not right here in front of everybody. i mean, families walk by. children. >> reporter: the video so outraged this bart director, he showed up here at 5:30 a.m. and set up a table and chair. he also got police officers to patrol the area more frequently. >> if all i can do is ask people to lightly not to shoot up in the hallway, that's what i was going to do. >> reporter: the salvation army sent outreach workers into the bart station to convince drug users to access one of the salvation army's drug treatment programs. >> we can talk to them, educate them about the program and services that the salvation army has and build a relationship hoping that they will choose today or in the near future to come off the streets. >> reporter: while the bart station may look clean today, no one is screaming success. >> looks good today. today is one of the best days.
5:32 pm
but it's the day after the video. so i mean the mayor and everybody is getting on it. we'll see what happens in the next week or two. >> that corridor can go from mayberry to chaos in about 10 or 15 minutes. so it's constantly something that we have to focus on. >> reporter: but even if drug use stops at bart, almost everyone says they expect it to simply move someplace else. >> you always have the issue of displacement. that's where the resources come into play and the shelter and the help for these people that are addicted to opioids and other drugs. >> reporter: mayor farrell met with bart officials this afternoon to see how the two entities can work together to make bart cleaner and safer. >> so that was going to be my question. any plans that continue to address that area in the next coming days and weeks? >> reporter: well, dufty plans to come back tomorrow but obviously that's not a long- -term solution. so the mayor's meeting with -- a long-term solution. so the mayor is meeting with
5:33 pm
bart. they are going to see how san francisco and bart police can patrol the area. if they displace here, they are going somewhere else. they have to see where those people are going. it's complicated. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. the san francisco mayor is taking action. mark farrell announced a new program today to help drug users overcome their addiction. the program is being touted as the first of its kind in the nation. it calls for a special 10- person medical team that would be on the streets to deliver direct treatment to those experiencing opioid and other drug addictions. the medical team would target various homeless encampments in the city and when appropriate prescribe a drug known as to treat opioid addiction. >> we have to come forward with new policies and new programs that will make a difference on our streets.
5:34 pm
>> to implement this new program, farrell says he is including $6 million in his budget proposal to fund the special medical team with the aim of treating at least 250 addicts out on the streets. stockton police and crime stoppers are offering a $30,000 reward in the shooting of a family of three as they celebrated mother's day. joe and gina and their five- year-old daughter were shot to death at the sierra vista housing complex in stockton on sunday night. officials say someone opened fire from outside striking and killing all three. as you can imagine, family members are heartbroken. >> it's been extremely difficult for the family to comprehend how someone so heartless and cruel could murder a family. >> two other then that home were wounded but will survive.
5:35 pm
stockton police say homicide investigators currently have no motive or leads. the 10 children allegedly abused and tortured in a home in fairfield were homeschooled according to the parents. the cup ofle is now in jail. officials -- the couple is now in jail. they never registered the homeschool with the state. ktvu's henry lee took a look at how the family fell under the radar. >> i also homeschool all of my children and, um, people don't agree with that lifestyle. >> reporter: ina rogers told me her kids were taught at her fairfield home the same home full of filth and feces where police say many of the 10 children were abused and tortured by rogers and her husband. she failed to register her home with the state department of education. she also didn't file an affidavit confirming how many children were enrolled and what they were being taught. >> this family apparently didn't bother to file anything. >> reporter: but even if she had contacted the state, she wouldn't have had to identify her kids by name. >> children's names are never
5:36 pm
on these forms. >> reporter: debbie is with the homeschool association of california. she says the burden is not on school officials and that the situation in fairfield and other similar cases comes down to one thing. >> this is an abuse case. it has nothing to do with homeschooling. how many stories are there about public schoolchildren who are horrifically abused and nobody noticed it? plenty. >> reporter: in a statement, the california department of education said: >> and that has some other homeschool proponents worried. >> many parents will be homeschooling for really great reasons and giving their kids a great education. but in instances where parents are abusive, it's very hard to track down. >> reporter: she and state education officials say they
5:37 pm
support changes in the law that would prevent future tragedies but not everyone agrees. >> do you want to enact laws that require every person to present their child annually for inspection? i don't want to live in that state. >> reporter: as for the mother in fairfield, she says she is misunderstood. >> i have had many people question my right to parent. and i just feel like this whole situation was exploded. >> reporter: the children are now being cared for by relatives. it's not clear if they are still being homeschooled. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. a student and a teacher were killed when a school bus collided with a dump truck on a new jersey highway this morning. 38 students and 7 adults were on the bus which was ripped apart by the crash. officials say all the survivors went to the hospital. school officials say the bus was taking fifth graders on a class trip to a local historic site when this accident happened in mount olive, new jersey. that's about 50 miles west of
5:38 pm
new york. it's been a difficult day for the school, the families and first responders. >> i stand over there right now trying to find out information and we are trying to get as much information as we can to be able to release it to the public. so it's a bad situation right now. >> so far, police there in new jersey have not released information on the circumstances of the crash. still ahead tonight, the countdown is on to the royal wedding. prince harry and meghan markle, his american bride-to- be, arrived at windsor castle. her father won't be there. >> licking batteries is dangerous even after you throw them away. and about 90% of the folks don't even know how to safely throw them away.
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meghan markle has officially announced her father won't be at the saturday wedding. last-minute security preparations are under way as thousands of people have already lined the streets of windsor to be part of the big event. amy kellogg reports. >> reporter: meghan markle's father won't be at the wedding to prince harry due to health problems. the couple arrived at windsor castle today. she said her father won't be attending the wedding.
5:42 pm
thomas markle is recovering from a heart operation. >> i'm sorry for her, but you can't help something like the heart problem. >> reporter: thousands of fans lined the street as military personnel rehearsed a procession that follows saturday's ceremony. the newlyweds will take a carriage ride outside the grounds after the wedding. while there is no known threat to the royal wedding, security is tight. armed police will be on patrol and roadblocks and barriers will stop cars from getting anywhere near crowds. >> see some police officers carrying fires, mounted police officers, motorcycles, dogs, police cars. every kind of resource is involved. >> reporter: even with more than 100,000 people expected, visitors are going to have to
5:43 pm
be screened before they reach the streets surrounding the castle. in windsor, england, amy kellogg, fox news. >> you can watch the wedding live here on ktvu. our coverage starts saturday morning at 3:30 a.m. california has awarded nearly $2 million in compensation to a former inmate wrongly imprisoned for nearly 40 years. governor jerry brown signed off on given 70-year-old craig richard coley $140 for each day he was in prison. coley left prison last november after brown issued a pardon. he had been behind bars since he was wrongly convicted of killing his girlfriend a 24- year-old woman and her son in 1978. the simi valley police chief and prosecutors said they began reviewing the case last year and cannot stand by evidence used to convict him. dna tests did not find his dna on key pieces of evidence they are there at the crime scene. governor brown also signed legislation today aimed at
5:44 pm
protecting people living in the country illegally from having their immigration status disclosed in open court. the measure would require lawyers to get permission from a judge before discussing someone's immigration status publicly. san francisco democratic senator scott weiner cosponsored the bill. he says the law would ensure crime victims and witnesses aren't scared away from testifying in court. opponents say the bill won't do anything to protect immigrants and may give them false confidence. it has been active now for more than two weeks. this morning hawaii's kilauea volcano erupted sending ash and smoke about 30,000 feet into the air. tonight more people are waiting on evacuation orders. >> and when we come back we'll have the weekend forecast. it's almost here.
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this is what a plume of smoke six miles high looks like. hawaii's kilauea volcano erupted this morning sending this massive plume even higher than it was yesterday. that smoke plume is now about 30,000 feet up sending ash raining down on nearby areas. today's explosion is said to be the most powerful in recent days and comes after two weeks of volcanic activity. as steve rappaport reports, this explosion is now prompting new evacuation warnings. >> reporter: hawaii's kilauea volcano erupting thursday. the usgs confirming the explosion at the summit which sent a plume of ash and smoke thousands of feet into the
5:48 pm
air. the state civil defense leaders say more residents are being told to get ready to move out. >> for folks in the rest of the communities to be prepared, um, you know, at a moment's notice that they might have to either evacuate or, um, move out of the area due to, you know, some kind of increased activity. >> reporter: the state national guard will help people go to safety. they may request additional forces from u.s. pacific command. >> what's challenging for us is, you know, what's going to be the -- the number of or the population that we need to evacuate by air? but some of that, what they don't know is really some of the population may be left to stay there. >> reporter: more than 20 fissures have opened up since the volcano first erupted two weeks ago and while areas closest to the volcano are under a red alert, damage estimates aren't being guessed at yet. >> it's volatile. we could have additional events like this morning that
5:49 pm
punch up and die down quickly. we could have some more sustained ash. >> reporter: the crater sits within the national park which has stayed closed. it won't be a deadly event if people stay out of there. steve rappaport, fox news. an update to breaking news in san francisco where there's a grass fire burning. the fire has burned more than two acres. it's burning at tours road and capitol expressway. that's near the los lagos golf course. the smoke died down over the lease 30 minutes. san jose fire says it's still not considered contained because of the wind conditions out there. crews are also working to put out hot spots tonight. of course, we are watching it to see what happens and let you know if we get any new information. it looks like pretty much they have it under control. >> obviously, though, those winds as they mentioned, bill, something that they are factoring in today. they are. in lower temperatures today, higher humidity. so a little bit of everything. but not a high fire danger day
5:50 pm
by any means. hence, the quick response and the quick tamping down of that fire. again, we mentioned it earlier but two months from now it will be a different story. you might have air support on a fire like that as we get into the dry months in california. these are the highs from today. warmer, 78 in antioch. so 5 to 6 degrees warmer today with noticeably more sunshine today. very little fog. a little patchy fog along the coast but a lot of sunshine, as well. national weather with a lot going on in the east coast. we talked about that. for us, just a nice little warming trend right into your bay area saturday. patchy fog reforming along the coast tonight and it will be a little more prominent at the coast because as this high pressure builds in the fog can exist. the last few days it struggled to be a fog bank. it's mostly been low clouds. these are the current temperatures. you can see the extent of the marine layer, the cool air, the green. that's where the sea breeze is reaching essentially and then you see it pass fairfield and
5:51 pm
concord and you notice, boy, now you're back into the 80s. temperatures very warm up in the -- nice in the central valley. here's the fog which hasn't been around. but it is around again because the air is sinking. that's why it's warmer, and that's why the air quality is not going to be as great next couple of days. but it will be warmer inland. cooler at the coast. the forecast tomorrow morning, that's friday morning, burns back, right to the water, forecast high -- oranges are 80s. yellows are 70s. so nice looking day, a little warmer tomorrow by a couple of degrees. story this weekend is interesting. temperatures come up on friday and saturday. temperatures on sunday as another one of these guys shows up, drop down. i mentioned the east coast inclement weather the last month. this is another system that won't do much for us, but as it -- it will cool us. but as it pushes across the country in two or three days from sunday, tuesday, wednesday, east coast is going to get slammed again. these things, when they come onshore, they are not supposed to be there.
5:52 pm
this is an unusual pattern. and so they keep getting hit with strong severe weather in the nation's midsection and eastern seaboard because our little weak systems are going through. um, so those lows aren't supposed to be here this time. year. here's the five-day forecast. a little cooler on sunday but fine. saturday is nicest day on the weekend, friday nice probably the warmest day of the week. and, um, you know, what are are you going to do? it's the bay area. it's beautiful. >> you're going to enjoy it. >> it looks steady as she goes for a while. >> it does. there's no big changes. just kind of like that. >> thank you. it was an emotional reunion between a u.s. soldier and the dog she helped rescue while she was deployed in iraq. video captured the emotional scene in florida. u.s. army reserve sergeant tracy says she first laid eyes on the puppy as it sniffed around her army base in northern iraq last year. it was starving, abused by locals and covered with dirt and scratches. her army base adopted the puppy and brought the dog back to health. then an anonymous good
5:53 pm
samaritan paid for the dog to travel to florida. what a sweet reunion. a nonprofit is now helping children all across the united states get technological prosthetic limbs free of charge. it started when university of central florida student started 3d printing low cost bionic arms for kids. the idea turned into the nonprofit called, limitless solutions. the company is developing a third generation arm that has stronger motors and better fingertips for grips. 20 children around the country will get the arm in a new clinical trial. >> we're going to take everything we learned and submit that for fda evaluation and hopefully get the clearance to be able to make this all across the united states for every kid that needs one. >> if the fda approves the arm, they would be mass produced allowing thousands of children to receive a bionic arm for free. recyclers say they are being put in danger by their
5:54 pm
own customers. up next, the simple thing you can do to make sure your used batteries don't start a fire. >> and coming up in minutes, new at 6:00, california's birth rate is the lowest in a century. the new figures just released. >> plus an update to a story we first told but yesterday. a special van needed by the fan of a disabled man recovered after it was stolen. details coming up at 6:00. i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message. i thought after sandy hook, where 20 six and seven year olds were slain, this would never happen again. it has happened more than 200 times in 5 years. dianne feinstein and a new generation are leading the fight to pass a new assault weapons ban. say no to the nra and yes to common-sense gun laws. california values senator dianne feinstein
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that's why he uses the chase mobile app, to pay practically anyone, at any bank. life, lived victor's way. chase. make more of what's yours. the city of san francisco and its recycling partner are stepping up their outreach to every resident about the dangers of lithium batteries. ktvu's tom vacar spent the day at recology showing what everybody everywhere should do with powerful batteries that pack a punch even when thrown out. >> reporter: recycling employees and the plants they work in are being put in
5:57 pm
serious danger by their own customers. increasingly, we're seeing more and more recycle center fires across the nation, some destroying the entire facility. >> in the last three years, there have been fires at recycling facilities in several cities. >> reporter: when lithium batteries, even spent or damaged ones, come in contact with other batteries or metal, they can spark, overheat, smoke, burst into flames or explode. even recology has had several fires on trucks or recycling plants. >> we believe that lithium batteries were a probable cause. >> reporter: every month just in san francisco, recology takes in 8.5 tons of batteries, more and more of them lithium. >> they become the king of the battery world. >> reporter: at recology, that's where jimmy wilson comes in. >> take all the lithium batteries out. the reason, because lithium can catch on fire.
5:58 pm
and they can cause combustion, all sorts of damages and injuries and even death. the battery can stay charged for at least three to five years. >> reporter: once they are separated from less dangerous batteries, the lithiums must be taped up so that the contacts cannot come in contact with other batteries or metal. >> once they are all taped up properly, all the lithium can go in one box. >> reporter: the truth is few of us ever tape up the lithiums before we dispose of them even though it's easy to do using nonconductive electrician tape, duct, gorilla or gaffer's tape. >> 80 to 90% are not being taped at the moment. >> reporter: so when you're at home keep them separated from each other and when it's time to dump them, tape them. otherwise, you're causing a danger to others as well. >> so we have to manage this. we have to protect the environment. we have to protect our recycling infrastructure. >> reporter: and that is everyone's responsibility. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news.
5:59 pm
a bay area mail carrier credited with thwarting a home burglary and tonight he is saying he just did what anyone would do. >> they say i'm a hero but i'm not. i'm just doing the right thing. >> police say they may not have caught those suspects without that postal worker's help. i'm heather holmes. frank is off tonight. >> i'm julie haener. the mail said something didn't look right. we get live coverage from rob malcolm at police headquarters in piedmont with the story. rob. >> reporter: good evening. piedmont police are saying that this mail carrier acted quickly and although he made eye contact with those burglars, they still continued on with what they were doing and now they are saying that this mail carrier did the right thing. >> reporter: he has been delivering mail for 14 years. >> we are the eyes and earses
6:00 pm
of the neighborhood. >> reporter: and because of his sharp eye, the soft-spoken mail carrier is a celebrity. just don't call him a hero. >> they say i'm a hero but i say no, i'm not, i'm just doing the right thing i'm supposed to do. >> reporter: working his regular loop tuesday he saw two men coming out of a home on grand avenue carrying a large suitcase and duffel bag. he thought it was suspicious and he knew the homeowner had been hospitalized for some time. so he checked the house. >> they punched a big hole in the door where they reached and unlocked it from inside. i saw the bricks on the ground. that makes me think of, you know, it's a burglary. >> reporter: he got the license plate of the suspect vehicle and had a neighbor call 911. piedmont police responded and confirmed the break-in and nester identified the suspects. >> so our mail carrier, the one that reported this crime, did an excellent job. he was kind of our eyes and ears from a distance. he used his telephone to support what he was trying to do in terms of calling us d


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