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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  May 20, 2018 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. >> the deadly high school shooting in texas takes center stage apt tonight's billboard -- at tonight's billboard music awards. host kelly clarkson took the stage calling for more gun control. >> once again we're grieving for kids that have died for no reason at all. i'm so sick of moment of silence, it's not working, like obviously, so sorry. so why don't we not do a moment of silence, why don't we do a moment of action? why don't we do a moment of change? >> the weight of the latest school shooting prompted clarkson to open the show in las vegas with the emotional speech. good evening everyone. >> emotions are still papable now. a funeral was held for one of victims today, and at a local church seniors collected their diplomas knowing their graduating class will now be
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connected to yet another school shooting. 17-year-old sabika sheikh was a foreign exchange student from pakistan who was scheduled to fly home in three weeks. >> today the texas governor abbot laid flowers outside the school after attending a church service. he's called for a moment of silence and is holding a round table meeting on tuesday causing for solutions to gun violence. >> reporter: friday morning the unthinkable happened when students were in their first period class at santa fe high school. a gunman opened fire on those inside. >> this is a very young kid. he's, um, he's in a very trying circumstance. to see he's doing well surely wouldn't be accurate right now, but there's a long way to go.
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>> reporter: pagourtzis' attorneys spoke out after he attended a hearing where he was granted no bond. court documents show the high school junior said he purposely didn't shoot students he liked so he could have his story told. he also waved his right to remain silent and is said to be cooperating with police. we asked about his mental competency. >> in a case like this you can't do this and not have something gone on, but we have a lot of work to do before we can even speak too intelligently about that. >> reporter: his attorneys also spoke about pagourtzis' parents. >> very, very tough day for them. i think that, um, i think you know, you, i think every parent probably instinctively knows they don't know everything about their kids, but when you find out something like this today it's extremely hard. um, you know, to those out there watching and try to remember, these people are victims too. they don't know, they didn't expect, and they surely
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couldn't have predicted, so you know, prayers to everyone in this whole mess. mess. >> meantime oliver north, the incoming president of the national rifle association saying today that school gun violence will not be solved by taking away gun rights. rather he blamed a culture where violence is common place and young boys are prescribed drugs to treat psychiatric problems. he also pledged his commitment to the nra school shield platform. and back to on the's billboard music awards in las vegas when host kelly clarkson addressed the shoot not guilty her opening statements -- shooting in her opening statements. >> i'm so sick of moment of silence, it's not working, like obviously. sorry. so why don't we not do a moment of silence, why don't we do
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moment of change? why don't we change what's happening because this is horrible, and mamas and daddies should be able to send their kids to school, to church, to movie theaters, you should be able to live your life without that kind of fear, so we need to do better. people are failing our children, we're failing our communities, we're failing their families. >> clarkson one of several stars to speak out about the shooting. hillary clinton also pushed for gun control during her address to yale university today. >> everybody get out now, this is the santa rosa police department. >> it's like life and death right now, okay. >> we need to get them out of here. >> more than 7 months after the deadly north bay fires, we're seeing new body camera footage from the santa rosa police department. it shows the terror and urgency that october night as flips quickly tore through -- flames quickly tore through neighborhoods. we obtained the video and spoke with the officers that risked their lives that night going toward the intense flames to get people out to safety.
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they banged on doors, carried elderly residents to patrol cars, and forced people to go with them even when they don't want to. >> you have to go southbound, you have to get out of here. everything is on fire right now. >> i'm scared. >> i know this is absolutely terrifying. >> is it just this neighborhood? >> no, it's not, it's the whole hill. >> the body camera video shows people refusing to leave their pets and homes behind. you can see more of the truly incredible video on the east bay times website. the entrance to oracle arena was briefly closed this morning after a partially decomposed body was found in a creek. a group of people were walking through the bart station when they spotted the body. it was in the creek near the arena that leads into the bay. there was another large gathering at lake merit in oakland in response to a
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controversial incident that has set off a bigger conversation about racial bias. there have been several rallies ever since a white woman called the police last month to report an african american family using a charcoal grill where only propane grills were allowed. >> chicken, pork ribs, beef ribs, fish, and chicken wings. >> reporter: it's now becoming routine. crowds packing lake merit in oakland with just about everything on the grill. today's barbecue started innocently enough. >> originally it was just five to seven friends and we're going to have a barbecue and eat in peace, literally, and then it ballooned into all of this. >> reporter: and there was a message people wanted the world to hear. >> i thought it was very important to come and support barbecuing while black because right now in america the whole thing, just being black in america is getting a little
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ridiculous. >> reporter: the grills ignited over that racially charged incident that took place at the park in april where a white woman called police on a black family barbecuing with charcoal in an area where she said it was prohibited. >> we want to show that one complaint can't stop us. it can't stop us. we're going to enjoy the day, enjoy barbecuing while black and one call can't do it. >> reporter: one of the man at the center of the now infamous viral video enjoyed widespread support saturday. >> when i look around i love it. it's heartwarming. just to see all these oaklanders come together and be able to celebrate just being oaklanders. >> reporter: in the past few months a handful of incidents have exploded on social media and gained national attention. at yale university, a white student called campus police on a fellow black student who fell asleep in the dorm's common area. philadelphia starbucks was left reeling after a manager called police to remove two black men sitting down for a business
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meeting. these incidents have resonated with people gathered today at lake shore park. >> there's no call for calling the police on something where there's no danger and african >> reporter: this student came morning suggesting the fbi embedded a spy inside his 2016 ptable. presidential campaign, and he's once again calling that investigation into russian collusion a witch hunt. allison barber has more now from the white house. >> reporter: a big focus on the white house is an fbi informant and what they did or didn't do during the campaign. the president suggesting the informant was a spy and possibly there for political reasons. in the first of those tweets president trump called on the department of justice to turn over documents related to the informant saying only the release of documents could give answers. the new york times is reporting the fbi sent an informant to talk to two advisors, but only after they had evidence the
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pair had suspicious contacts linkerred to russia -- linked to russia during the campaign. saturday morning president trump tweeted the russia investigation was a witch hunt and writing in one tweet whatever happened to the server at the center of so much corruption that the democratic national committee refused to hand over? they broke into homes and offices early in the morning but were afraid to take the server? >> all i know is what i see, and the president is absolutely within his rights to tweet about this. we're happy to never talk about the 2015 election again. winning solves a lot of problems, winning completes many sentences, but you can't have it both ways. the president is saying if you're going to investigate all of this, investigate all of it. we have a right to know transparently what happened with respect to both campaigns and how those issues were handled. >> reporter: the top democrat on the intelligence committee says the allegations coming from president trump are pretty much nonsense. >> this is part of a string of
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meritless allegations from the very beginning. i was wiretapped in trump tower, the investigation began with the christopher steel dossier, all of which was untrue, all that you pointed out is the designed to create this alternate reality. >> reporter: the president's son donald trump jr. is back in the newses for meetings he -- news for meetings he reportedly took during the campaign. the new york times is reporting he met with an envoy to the crown princes of saudi arabia in august of 2016 after they offered campaign help. trump jr.'s attorney is telling fox news that nothing came of the meeting. reporting at the white house, allison barber, fox news. news. well, it's a race that's uniquely san francisco. coming up at 10:30, we join the thousands who took part in today's big bay to breakers race. and we are wrapping up a pretty chilly weekend out there
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with just some 50s and 60s. coming up we'll let you know if we warm things up in the monday forecast. >> reporter: and it's a big win in oakland tonight as the warriors take on the houston objection. coming up however -- rockets. coming up how far one fan traveled just to see his beloved warriors.
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big night in oakland as the warriors returned home and dominated the houston rockets in a blowout game three of the
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accordance finals. >> >. the war -- of the conference finals. >> the warriors now leading the series two games to one, and the team was at full strength tonight and curry seems to have found his groove. >> reporter: yes, fans say the team is back, steph is back. it's a huge win in hair house. warriors -- in their house. warriors known to come and play for their fans, and fans couldn't be more energized. more energized. you can hear the roar from oracle arena as fans left knowing the warriors are a step closer to another championship. >> i knew they were going to blow them out and i was going to bet the house, but i didn't and i'm so upset. >> the warriors always bounce back and they're looking. >> good harden able to get through. >> reporter: fans agree steph curry was on fire. >> they couldn't stop him, and he played his game. >> reporter: there were fans here from as far as china.
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this man visited the united states just to watch the warriors play. >> this is the first game i watch in the nba, first time. unbelievable. >> reporter: this fan decked out in a warriors blazer flew from las vegas, bringing his father for his birthday who's been a warriors fan for decades. >> ever since i was a little kid. i mean, they were my guys. now loving every minute of this. of this. >> bling bling! >> reporter: this oakland native's how about is originally from houston, and is a converted warriors fan. they've been season ticket holders the last 10 years. >> we used to come to the games when we used to walk out in the third and fourth quarter, and now the last four or five years, we're still fans. >> reporter: this young man is a fewer fan and scored some player autographs at his first playoff game. he also came with his father. >> the greatest feeling. this is it. >> reporter: priceless memories, the momentum behind them, some fans say one game at
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a time, while others are already looking at another nba title. title. >> you have the best roster in the nba, one of the best rosters in nba history, everything is debatable, but you have guys that show up every night and play, and they know how to win. >> reporter: one fan i spoke to is so confident the warriors will make it to the finals he already bought his tickets, $1,000 a seat. we'll just have to wait and see. game four is tuesday back here at oracle arena. >> doesn't come cheap to watch the warriors in the playoffs. >> wow, unbelievable. it was a good game, and hopefully they'll repeat again coming up here in just a few days from now. thank you so much. thank you so much. okay, mark. all eyes on that next game. eyes on that next game. going to be some good weather you think? >> yeah, should be okay. the warriors hot today, but the temperatures on the cool side as you can see. 50s and 60s. we'll bump up the numbers a little bit as we head toward
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the tuesday forecast. as far as temperatures from today, ranging from the 50s in san francisco. chilly here. up in the north bay actually pretty mild. santa rosa 75, 60s around the bay, and antioch mid-70s. here's the satellite showing you this. lower clouds across the bay area this morning. patchy cloud cover, and then higher clouds throughout the afternoon hours. up to the north, once again kind of been the constant theme with showers and thunderstorms kind of developing throughout the afternoon hours. afternoon hours. so right now we still have patchy low clouds working spot bay. we -- into the bay. we have a breeze out there this evening. a lot of 50s currently. santa rosa 57, oakland 53, and san jose in the upper 50s around 57 degrees. reporting partly cloudy skies. we'll check in on the current wind speeds, and they're up there in a few spots, localized here because it's a calm wind in nevado but toward fairfield
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about 17 miles per hour, and these panels here showing you some stronger winds toward sfo, out of the west. 24 with a gust up to 32 miles per hour out of the west. here's the live camera looking out toward san francisco, and i've been watching some patchy low clouds work back into the picture over the past hour or so, but it's nice to see market street looking out toward the bay bridge lights for sunday evening. tomorrow morning, partly to mostly cloudy skies. partly cloudy inland with patchy low cloud cover coast side, and around the bay temperatures will be in the upper 40s to the 50s. in san francisco scattered low clouds 7:00, and then into the afternoon hours partly sunny skies by lunchtime and temperatures on track to be a touch warmer than today. we're thinking63 degrees. most of the bay area warmer than the chilly weekend we've been dealing with here. patchy clouds, more clouds in the north bay tomorrow morning, and then putting this into
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motion into the afternoon hours we're expecting still some patchy fog coast side. partly sunny skies around the pay, and more sunshine inland -- around the bay, and more sunshine inland. a few spots fitting with 85 -- flirting with 80. coming up we'll look at the temperatures in your neighborhood, and the full forecast in a few minutes. still to come, it's like the 2016 presidential election all over again with hillary clinton taking a jab at president trump. what she said in a speech at yale that had the crowd erupting. and more on the warriors big win tonight. joe fonzi with reaction from curry about his lukewarm start to his red hot finish. but first, more evacuations in hawaii because of the danger of another eruption from the kilauea volcano, and the serious injury to one man splashed with lava.
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authorities in hawaii reported the first injury today from the kilauea volcano. a man shattered his leg from his shin to foot when he was hit with what's called lava spatter. reporter jeff paul is on the island where uncertainty remains. >> reporter: eruptions and their fallout have burned dozens of homes already, forcing hundreds of evacuations. now the lava flows have grown stronger and faster. there was a man hit by splattering molten rock. >> some of the larger ones will almost vibrate the windows and you can see the phone poles and trees shaking. >> reporter: you can see the lava spewing and sputtering out of the ground and it's oozed over a major highway seeping
10:22 pm
into the ocean. it's destroyed new houses and isolated others. one of the new explosions sent ash some 10,000 feet into the air. strong winds pushed the plume prompting orders for residents to stay inside for wear masks. people have already been told to be aware of sulfur dioxide good i kept everything closed and -- >> i kept everything closed and windows sealed up. >> reporter: residents are aware they could be next. >> just keeping an eye on it. i think it's too bad. >> reporter: the other concern is hot water coming in contact with the ocean and creating a -- hot lava coming in contact with the ocean that creates a steam filled with glass. jeff paul, fox news. former secretary of state hillary clinton addressed yale university today for class day, an annual tradition that awards soon to be graduates.
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seniors wear graduation gowns with their choice of head gear, and clinton joined in on all the fun. >> now i see looking out at you that you are following the tradition of over the top hats. so i brought a hat too. a a russian hat. russian hat. [ cheering ] [ cheering ] >> look, i mean, if you can't beat em, join em. >> clinton also spoke about the important of unity and empathy and encouraged students to understand perspectives outsides their own. she graduated from yale in 1973. varies announced the store
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-- sears announced the stores closing in the coming months, and three are in northern california. the sears at solano town center and two others in the sacramento area will close. one in citrus heights, the other in roseville. the closures are expected in july and august. searshas about a thousand stores left. and new research shows new proof that you need your beauty sleep. not sleeping at night can make you more prone to symptoms of bipolar disorder and depression. artificial light is a huge factor whether it's looking at your phone or living in a big city with a lot of artificial light sources. and a new study suggests drinking coffee can make you a better person, or at least make you easier to work with.
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researchers studied 70 college undergrads, one group got regular coffee and the other got decaf. those with caffeine were more willing to work within the group. and it's a race like no other, the 107th annual bay to breakers. a look at the event that brings tens of thousands every year to san francisco. >> i'm team yanny. >> i'm team laurel.
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♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪
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tens of thousands of people gathered in san francisco this morning for the annual bay to breakers race, and they faced a windy course. >> and this year there was an optional bonus loop at the end for those that wanted the extra medal. here's more on the race, the costumes, and the course winners. winners. >> reporter: the runners rose early and were ready to roll out for the 107th bay to breakers race in san francisco. a race that drew nearly 40,000 registered runners this year, and often seems more like a parade of colorful costumes and characters. they were rainbows and scores of superhero sightings. >> this is the first time with the kids, and we love it because it's so much fun and we get to wear the costumes. >> reporter: there was a blue
10:29 pm
man group representing arrested development, lady liberty, and the chickens that crossed the road. >> off and on since 97. we were just figuring that out. we love the excitement and people dressing up. >> reporter: and the question raging on social media who would win, yanny or laurel. as the 8:00 start time approached, tortillas started flying, another tradition. and then. >> they can extend the run by an extra three kilometers and get an extra medal at the finish line. >> reporter: volunteers in yellow shirts helped keep things running smoothly. >> it's a san francisco meet, and every time i come i look forward to it. i've been volunteering since 1981. >> i've been running the bay to breakers since 1972, and with the royal wedding i figured
10:30 pm
this was perfect. >> reporter: wind made it a little chilly for runners who followed the tradition of wearing just their shoes and race number. at the finish line, a festival at ocean beach with the fastest runners crossing before other racers even began. and by the end of the race at ocean beach, the elite men's winner finished in 35 minutes 41 seconds. for the women's division, finished in 40 minutes, 37 seconds. both of them were from kenya. there was a strong wind that could have contributed to the slower paces, but for a lot of people it's all about the fun of the run. reporting in san francisco, jane katsuyama, ktvu fox 2 news. a man from lodi is under arrest on suspicion of stabbing another man while they drove on the golden gate bridge. the 21-year-old is in the jail
10:31 pm
on half a million dollars bail. the marin independent journal say he's facing charges of attempted murder, mayhem, and assault with a deadly weapon. there's no word on what provoked the attack. it happened late friday night and the victim later went to a hospital in fairfield with cuts to his face. authorities talked to the victim and later tracked down the suspect there in lodi. a pastor in palo alto is leaving the church he's served at the last few years over a string of daily tweets. reverend gregory stevens admits they were unprofessional and often hurtful. he reportedly called the city an elitist den of hate and said it was disgusting. the tweets started after a debate over traffic, city permits, and safety. he told the post he became frustrated after a city hearing focused on whether to allow the church to lease space to dance troops and a choir. he said he's leaving to
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minimize the negativity. a public memorial was held today at san francisco city hall for the former police commission president julius turman. he was found dead in his home two weeks ago. he was considered a major voice in changing police policy. police policy. back now to our coverage of the deadly school shooting in santa fe, texas. it's once again sparking a debate about gun control. here's a renewed push for school safety and the response from critics. >> reporter: the incomes president of the national rifle association oliver north say there's a disease in young people, particularly young males, where they're quote steeped in a culture of violence, and that's part of
10:33 pm
problem he says. but the immediate way to prevent the school shootings according to north is maketh it more difficult to get -- make it more difficult to get a gun into a school like airports do, with metal detectors. >> you have to fix it in a way that hardens the place sufficiently that those kids are safe inside the door. if that means five metal detectors, that's what you get. >> reporter: others say america needs more laws restricting guns and giving the government control over who can by a gun with background checks and mental health counsels for young people in need. here's virginia democratic senator mark warner. >> my hope and appeal to everyone is let's do an all of the above, but for those folks i work with in the congress, take a moment and let your position evolve. i mean, there are ways that we can put reasonable restraints
10:34 pm
without dramatically interfering with people's second amendment rights. >> reporter: senator warner said he was supported by the nra as governor of virginia, but said you have to look at logical and reasonable restraints on gun ownership. the community is trying to real i will around the victims -- rally around the victims and families offering everything from food, emotional support, and even blood donations. >> that's the only way i could help. if i can't give them money, i'll give them something i can. can. >> people who don't live in santa fe came to donate as well after a vigil for the victims. people began lining up and asking to make blood donations. od donations. >> whatever is possible, whatever needs to be done or help, i mean, i want to do what i can to help. >> when i got here i was amazed and gratified, and my heart just sang when i see there's probably 30 or more people in line here. >> some people waited as long as two hours there in the hot
10:35 pm
sun in texas to donate blood. people at other donation centers in texas are asking to have their blood sent to the victims. and is the trade war between the u.s. and china on hold now? the treasury secretary is talking and the deal he says is in the works. and in weather, a pretty chilly weekend with 50s and 60s. right now scattered low clouds. we'll let you know if we'll warm things up in the monday forecast. we'll update the five-day coming up after the break. the break.
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now john has a chance to make history. a champion of the underdog, john took on wells fargo when it ripped off working families. and against the odds, he helped saved california from financial disaster during the great recession. ...leaving more to invest in progressive priorities like education, healthcare and affordable housing. john chiang. the proven, progressive leader we need for california's future.
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one man is dead and another in the hospital after being attacked by a cougar. washington state authorities say the two friends were biking in the woods yesterday in north bend about 30 minutes east of seattle when the cougar suddenly appeared and started chasing them. they made loud noises and swung a bike at the animal scaring it off, but as they were getting ready to leave, the cougar returned and pounced on one of the men. >> he reported his whole head was inside the cougar's mouth. >> the cougar eventually let go of that man, but his friend ran into the woods and was later found dead after being mauled by the animal. officials found the cougar there on top of the man when
10:39 pm
they arrived several hours later. fish and wild life euthanized the cougar. this is just the second deadly cougar attack in washington state in the last 100 years. and the trump administration is putting the trade war with china on hold for now. today the white house said this week's trade talks went so well that it's decided not to impose tariffs on chinese products while the talks continue. in this first round of negotiations, both sides agreed to cut costs by more than half. negotiations also set up a framework for addressing trade imbalances in the future. n the future. >> a very good framework agreement that's not just about buying goods, it's about structural changes and lowering tariffs. >> in terms of where the trade talks go from here, they'll
10:40 pm
visit beijing and look at areas from the u.s. wants to see more like energy and agriculture. with the future of the iran nuclear deal in limbo, there's word that diplomats from around the world are scrambling to try and save it. here's more now from jerusalem. >> reporter: president trump pulled out of the iran nuclear deal two weeks ago, but at the time other countries that helped -- but the other countries that helped negotiate it are trying to save it. european leaders told iran and the trump administration they're committed to the agreement, and there are reports that diplomats from the uk, germany, france, and china, and russia will meet in the coming days to discuss salvaging the deal. eu officials are publicly denying however that a meeting with take place. one of the main concerns of the trump administration is the fact that the nuclear agreement didn't adepress iran's ballistic -- address iran's
10:41 pm
ballistic program. russian and chinese officials are at least considering the possibility of trying to address the concerns to save the deal. all these countries of course do significant business with tehran, and they could potentially lose billions. while there's a diplomatic push to renege the agreement, it's unclear if the trump administration or tehran would accept the amended deal. the royal wedding was ratings gold. we'll tell you how many americans tuned in, plus how meghan markle and harry included princess diana in their big day. and mark will have the complete bay area forecast. we'll be right back. i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message.
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i support the affordable care act, and voted against all trump's attempts to repeal it. but we need to do more. i believe in universal health care. in a public health option to compete with private insurance companies. and expanding medicare to everyone over 55. and i believe medicare must be empowered to negotiate the price of drugs. california values senator dianne feinstein
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all right, the royal wedding went off without a hitch, but the royal honeymoon will have to wait. the duke and duchess of sussex, prince harry and meghan markle decided to delay their honeymoon to take part in prince charles' 70th birthday celebration which is tuesday. they plan to tour an array of exotic locations for the honeymoon including botswana and the caribbean. >> and more than 30 million americans tuned in to watch the royal wedding. 15 networks covered it live from the arrivals to the
10:45 pm
ceremony to the horse drawn carriage ride. viewers were more captivated we're told by harry and meghan's nuptials than william and kate's in 2011. tonight we're learning more about how prince harry and meghan markle made sure to include princess diana's memory as part of their special day. prince harry hand picked the flowers in meghan's wedding bouquet including his mother's favorite flowers north me notes. -- forgot me notes. at the royal couple's evening reception meghan markle wore run of princess diana's favorite pieces of jewelry, that ring. and country music star johnny cash spent much of his childhood in a rural arkansas
10:46 pm
farm colony. >> they moved there during the great depression in 1935, and after an extensive restoration process the house there in arkansas is listed on the national register of historic places. it was one of 500 homes built by the u.s. government there in that colony. >> when people come here, they come here expecting just to hear a johnny cash story. they're really amazed to learn that this was an agricultural resettlement colony during the new deal. >> one interesting artifact in the home is the original cash family piano where they gasketted in the evenings -- gathered in the evenings after a hard day's work. they plan to add more 1930s still buildings to the site over the next few years and they'll hold a benefit concert next to the cash home to help fund this project. project. okay, mark, let's get another check of the forecast and what we can expect after the work week. >> yes, after a cool weekend temperatures this weekend in the 50s, 60s, a few 70s out there. we'll warm things up a little
10:47 pm
bit into your monday forecast. but it has been breezy all day. still gusty wind across portions of area. tomorrow some cloud cover, skies becoming partly sunny and then looks like a sun and cloud mix with somewhat of a mild weather pattern, but no major heat in the bay area forecast. so what happened over the past few days as you can see, kind of cut out the bay, the golden gate bridge. a lot of times in the summer we have a shallow marine layer where the fog is tucked in closer to the bridge, about a thousand or 1500 feet deep. this weekend we had a deeper marine level up to 3,000 feet, so all that cool marine air was able to push inland, and as a result we had 60s and 70s today. outside right now we'll show you the cloud cover. here's the south bay camera in san jose showing you still some overcast working its way back into the area, and planning on at least partly to mostly cloudy skies first thing monday morning. but just a little bit of a bump in the numbers to start the
10:48 pm
work week for tomorrow. satellite and radar shows you this. clouds and source and thunderstorm -- showers and thunderstorms across california and the sierra as well. we have the lower clouds trying to regroup. they're disorganized right now, but still patches first thing tomorrow morning. especially coast side and right around the bay. current numbers right now, a lot of 50s for san francisco, fremont 53, walnut creek 53, and santa rosa in the upper 50s, 57, wind speeds still up there as well, it's a westerly wind toward the oakland airport around 16 miles per hour. sfo gusting to 32 miles per hour, so the wind have really not relaxed for this portion of the bay area. so what cooled us off this weekend? this guy moving in from the north drifting into northern california, so this will head toward southern california other the next 24 -- over the next 24 hours, so for your monday and tuesday we warm things up just a little bit. a bump in the numbers for those two days, and there's really no
10:49 pm
major heat in the bay area forecast as we approach the holiday weekend. here's the plan tomorrow. still some cloud cover out there. patches in the north bay tomorrow morning, and into the afternoon hours skies becoming partly sunny and temperatures inland in the upper 70s close to 80 degrees by about 4:00 or 5:00 tomorrow morn, and keeping it -- tomorrow about, and keeping it windy around 20 to 25 miles per hour, increasing throughout the afternoon hours. forecast highs for tomorrow, ranging from a chilly 59 in pacifica, but some more neighborhoods down in the south bay, san jose 70, gilroy 75, and the five-day forecast. a little bump for tomorrow, and then maybe some drizzle. in fact we could have drizzle over the next few mornings, even measurable drizzle first thing wednesday morning.
10:50 pm
and i'm updating the five-day forecast for the seven-day. the latest forecast models toward the weekend suggesting even cooler temperatures headed our way so. if you're looking -- our way. so if you're looking for a warm, clear, hot forecast, maybe get on a plane or something. maybe you noticed the price of gas once again on the rise nationwide. the average price of regular jumped 10 cents a gallon over the past two weeks. it's now at $3 a gallon. price versus increased 41 cents in the past three months, but experts say this is typically the time of year when prices do go up. the average price of gas here in california is now about$3.70 a gallon with the highest prices in the country right here in the bay area at $3.79. the lowest in baton rouge, louisiana at $2.54. this goes out to the dogs and dog lovers. today is national dog rescue day. the aim is to draw attention to
10:51 pm
the benefits of adopting a rescue dog. you can volunteer at a shelter, donating items to a shelter, or consider fostering a dog. the american society for the prevention of cruelty to animals says about 3.3 million dogs are taken in by shelters each year. year. coming up on the 11:00 news, a new look at the north bay fire storm. this dramatic body camera video was just released and shows santa rosa police evacuating residents right there in the midst of that disaster. >> and up next in sports joe fonzi is here to bring you the exciting highlights of game three between the warriors and rockets. rockets.
10:52 pm
marshall tuck will change that. in california, 3 million kids can't read at grade level. tuck turned around struggling schools, raising graduation rates over 60%. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck.
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
all right joe fonzi is here, and i don't think the warriors liked the way they were treated in the last game, and they came back strong. >> yeah, i think they might have been embarrassed about how things went in houston in game two. it's hard to think how games can look so different in one game to next in the playoff series. it has to do with intensity and defensive efforts out of the chute, and today the warriors did the best in those categories. all eyes on steph curry. he got off to a good start,
10:55 pm
giving the ball up to andre, and then back for a first quarter three, but he went 0 for 5 for his next from beyond the mark making him 3 for 19 before he got going. the block there, and that gets things started as green to thompson, 13 for thompson. and durant right down the middle of a swipe from james harden comes up empty. the warriors look an 11 point lead to the locker room. second half, all warriors. curry working on harden. then they started falling. steph back over harden. when the shimmy returns you know curry is feeling it. this will stoke some emotional fires. after his mini slump curry was 7 for 7 from the field in the
10:56 pm
third quarter. at the time warriors turn it -- the warriors turn it into a 40 point blowout. the warriors take their 2-1 lead to game four on tuesday again in oakland. nobody thought curry suddenly forgot how to shoot, but some wondering if he was starting to doubt yourself. >> you have to be your biggest fan sometimes, um, and no matter, like i said no matter what questions i was being asked over the first two games or what the expectation was, i have the highest expectations for myself, and um, you just got to find whatever it that gets you going. going. >> things have looked very bleak at times this year for units and very en-- giants and very encouraging. tonight was encouraging. today at at&t park against the rockies. the giants down 4-1 in the fifth. hernandez gives them a jolt, deep to center with a runner
10:57 pm
on. blackmon runs out of room it was 5-5 in the 7th. and that's a no doubter, belt continues his tour at base. two more hits, three rbis today. he's hitting 313 with 12 homers. the giants win 9-5. they're now at an even 500 with 24 and 24. and the a's dug out, it was a rare day in toronto where the roof was open. 2-0. simeon takes one deep to straight away crepter, two-run -- center, two-run shot. the a's win 9-2 and finish a four-game sweep. the a's go 7 and 3 on a road trip through new york, boston, and toronto.
10:58 pm
one of the most unlikely stories in pro sports history is continuing. the expansion las vegas golden knights against the whiteout in winnipeg as they tried to close out the jets. both teams on the board in the first period, but it was the knights who got their first. las vegas in front 1-0. now midway through the second, reeves redirects into the net. a lot of time for the jets to try and tie, but they could not. vegas is a 2-1 winner taking the series four games to one. vegas in its first year of existence, the neithers will play -- knights will play either tampa or washington in the stanley cup finals, and that's quite a story. and that's it for me for now. we'll see you at 11:30 on sports wrap. now back to the news at 11:00. it really is incredible. first year for them. up next at 11:00. >> it's like life and death right now, okay?
10:59 pm
>> we need to get those people out of here. >> dramatic body camera video as santa rosa police officers evacuated residents as neighborhoods burned to the ground. o the ground. the fire left residents with little time to pack up and get out again. >> the new footage from the santa rosa police department shows the urgency to try and get people out of the path of that fire. fire. >> everybody get out now. this is the santa rosa police department. ice department. >> the bay area news group obtained the video and spoke with the officers who risked their lives that night. they faced the fast moving flames to rescue people in danger. in danger. >> all right, people, when the cops are returning away, it's time to turn around. just get in. we


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