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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  May 24, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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electric scooter rental companies have to clear the streets and start over. >> we want this to be open and fair. >> san francisco is laying down the law in the effort to regulate the invasion of electric scooters. >> the city is making permits
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available. before existing companies can obtain one, they have to get all of the scooters off the street by june 4th. rob malcolm is in the city where the city is trying to strike a balance. >> the city says that this is the next step in regulating the use of those shared powered scooters. in the interest of public safety they say it is the right thing to do. with the city ready to with the brakes on scooters for now jeffrey and chester recognized a problem. >> there were scooters laying around everywhere. i walked in like what the hell is this? >> the city has received an ear full of complaints. >> there have been reports of broken bones, and near misses.
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the city has received more than april - - there have been so many complaints. and public spaces have been blocked off by the scooters. >> reporter: they announced details of the new law designed to regulate the use of these shared scooters. >> any scooter company in the city is required to remove suitors - - the scooters must be removed by june 4th. the companies approved for a permit will be allowed to operate in the future. >> the law was unanimously passed on april 24th. they must start getting in line for these permit applications as made available today and submitted by june 7th. >> this is a thoughtful and coordinated, effective approach to make sure that san francisco strikes the right balance. >> reporter: they will evaluate
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whether or not these scooters serve public interest. qualifying companies may be issued permits if they show commitment to accountability. one company says we recognized there is still a learning curve and we will use the time our scooters are off the streets do further promote safety and proper parking. hornbeck - - [ honking horn ] chester can see the issue. >> it is annoying. people come by so quickly. one person almost hit me. >> san francisco supports transportation innovation. but it cannot come at the price of privacy, accessibility on public safety. >> reporter: after june 4th, scooters found without permits
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could be impounded and there will be a fine persecutor and per day. those companies could face closures if they do not comply. we are closing in on the start of a long holiday weekend and soaring gas prices could put a dent in travel plans. here in the bay area, prices at the pump are among the highest at the nation. a survey finds some people may shorten driving because of high fuel prices. the national average was almost $3 per gallon. in san francisco, nearly $4 per gallon at $3.85. we spoke with ever. >> what is more important is
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how much money i am bringing in. if i am bringing in money, they guest is not matter. >> historically went gas goes up - - when prices go up for gasoline, - - they have switched over to a cleaner burning summer blend. the warriors came up short in the crucial fifth game of the western conference finals series against the houston rockets. they have a 3-2 lead and the warriors are one loss away from being eliminated. and first to jason with the team on the road in houston. this is a game that the warriors needed to win. >> reporter: no one will count them out yet. as you said, a very tough loss for them. most of the games in this series have been like heavyweights going at it. the rockets delivered a big body blow tonight.
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they did not deliver the knockout punch. they cannot do that until game six. the crowd was into it from the opening tip. fans were hinging on every possession. 16 lead changes. 10 ties and it came to this. draymond green to cut it down. 95-94 as the warriors battle back in the fourth quarter. a chance to win the game or tie was five seconds away. green loses the ball and it felt like a repeat of the fourth game no good shot off. the goal was to score and i lost the ball, he said. and the team was walking gingerly off the court, looking exhausted. the rockets are a very physical team imposing their will against the warriors. no need - - they need to win a
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couple games in a row if they want to have a chance. >> it is not time to panic. and i have been through worse. we can rely on our experience. i saw some very encouraging things tonight. we had so many turnovers to start the game. the last couple of games were right here. we go back and move on. just think about the game. it is far from over. >> the warriors did trail the thunder a couple seasons ago. they went through-1. as clay had said, they have been in this position before. the warriors fans are certainly not counting them out. that is not the kind of series a lot of folks were expecting. they thought it would be easier after this week from last season. now they are going home to try to stave off elimination on saturday night.
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and if they can, we will be back on monday for the deciding game number seven. frank and julie cut back to you. >> a long road home. and amber is at oracle arena. amber? >> reporter: the crowd was definitely subdued as they left the oracle arena tonight. fans are disappointed. but still they are optimistic. >> they will get them next time. >> they can win this. >> a couple turnovers and bad shots. >> come back home and take the games back to back. it is all about the warriors! >> much of the fanfare that goes with the home game was on display at oracle even though the warriors played the fifth game in houston. [ cheering & applause ] [ crowd noise ] they had thrown
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out freebies for 5000 fans who came to show loyalty. we wanted to make sure that the warriors know that we still support them. this is such an important family event. >> some fans say they have never attended a playoff game before this night. >> the real regular season tickets are very expensive. >> not a deciding game. but a pivotal game. fans say it needs watching from home. >> this is a once-in-a- lifetime experience. >> this family is visiting from the philippines. >> this is my first time at the oracle arena. >> fans will see the warriors
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play game number six at home on saturday at 6:00. team officials are asking fans to come early and be loud. the doors open at 4:00. stay with us for continuing coverage. mark will have the highlights and the postgame reaction later in sports. bay area home prices are hitting new heights. the median price hit a record $893,000 in april. that is according to core logic. the biggest games were in the of the biggest gains were up 25% in santa clara county. and san francisco up to $1.5 million. and alameda county,. another dead whale has washed unsure in the bay area. the carcass of the female whale
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was found on tuesday. they plan to determine the cause of death. another endangered whale was killed by a boat on friday. a gray whale also washed unsure and night after entanglement in fishing gear. we are tracking cool weather and the chance for some sprinkles tomorrow. details are coming up after the break. an arrest in a robbery and beating that sent an elderly woman to the hospital. the board makes a decision about a potential change and the decision made by just one vote.
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the board of directors voted to derail plans for the extension from the existing pleasanton station east to isabel avenue in livermore. we have coverage from the board meeting and the vote was very close. >> it was so close. the board meeting is still going on. it was 5-4, rejecting that
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plan. they had to open up an overflow room and many were left very frustrated. but there might be one way that they can get to the valley. some board members said that this was the most difficult decision they've had to make. a passionate debate over whether or not they should build the extension. for many, the project is personal. they spoke about long commutes and terrible traffic. >> it took me a couple hours to get to mountain house boulevard. >> traffic is projected to increase 60%. >> others say that the problem will just get worse.
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the line will take 12,000 off the roads by 2040. representatives from labor unions, businesses and the livermore lab say that the line is needed for employees and for economic growth. >> we need traffic relief to continue growth and to attract the best and the brightest. >> critics said that part - - critics said that they only had - - they need funding for the current court system. >> reporter: in the attica they voted not to pursue the most expensive - - the lesson - - they decided not to pursue the less expensive items. >> the bus does not compete. >> now that they have rejected
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the extension, there is another option for the rail authority. they have the possibility of actually putting in a are committed to trying that avenue to see if they can still get the rails. >> this is it. this is the final vote? it is not going to happen. >> the board of directors said that they did not feel that they could commit. if other residents want this technology, they can do that. light rail provides another option. they do have another avenue but they flatly rejected the bus system idea. a twist in the long-running
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legal battle between samsung and apple. apple has long claimed that samsung had stolen features from the iphone. the latest in a court fight that began in 2011. previous rulings found that they infringed on apple patents. the amount of damages has been the matter of dispute. a kindergarten teacher is in jail this evening and is accused of inappropriately touching a 9-year-old female student. the 61-year-old was arrested yesterday. he is a teacher in south san jose. the alleged incident had happened in a school classroom when the student arrived early and was alone with the suspect. he faces a felony charge. police have arrested a man accused in a violent purse snatching that injured a 93-
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year-old woman. now as henry reports, the suspect is being linked to other crimes as well. >> reporter: he turned himself in for allegedly robbing a woman of her purse and knocking her to the ground. his surrender came one day after investigators released surveillance photos of a suspect. >> we have received 15 tips on our anonymous tip line. people who identified the suspect by name. and we were able to confirm through a dmv photo that it was the correct person. >> the suspect was linked to an armed robbery in which he had pulled a gun from his waistband and stole items. >> the public helped us to solve potentially three crimes. another southbay agency is
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investigating a similar robbery. >> i believe that god will take care of these people who steal. >> peterson underwent surgery and is still in the hospital. her son that - - she is suffering more than just physical pain. >> she is suffering from ptsd. she has been reliving the attack and shouting out in the middle of the night. >> reporter: peterson is grateful to police and the media for the arrest. >> we feel this coverage had a lot to do with apprehending the attacker. >> reporter: she is a breast cancer survivor who worked at the reserve. she is legally blind and has difficulty hearing. but she will get through this thanks to the community. >> he learned the hard way that he is not preying on the weak and defenseless. he is up against an entire
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community. >> prosecutors will be reviewing this case before deciding whether or not to file formal charges. showers are lingering offshore. we are still going to see some sprinkles. and by afternoon tomorrow i think it will be less of a chance. these are the high temperatures from today with the clouds that we saw today and the one that we will see tomorrow. middle 60s. maybe some upper 60s. this is the system with the low tracking through. and the rest of the weekend is going to be great. we are seeing lightning strikes in the meantime. and lightning strikes out toward susanville and the east side sierra nevada's. showers are developing offshore. this is some really light stuff. we are seeing this come
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through. scattered showers on and off. it will be great for your allergies and for the air quality. it will be good for the plants for sure. i would not be surprised if we start seeing a drizzle. temperatures are generally in the 50s. tomorrow is going to be about clouds and that opportunity for speckles in the morning. this is near san francisco tomorrow morning. not a big deal. it shouldn't be rain. sprinkles in the afternoon and more sprinkles all over the place. nothing to change your plans over. more warmth is coming for the weekend. president trump pulls the plug on the much-anticipated north korea summit. at 10:30, why he made the decision. and how north and south korea
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are responding. reaction from family after the district attorney in san francisco issues a decision on whether or not to prosecute police officers in deadly shooting spirit in the face of senseless violence, we need hope. i'm jeff bleich. preventing violence has long been my cause. after columbine, i led president clinton's youth violence commission. i joined joe biden to reduce domestic violence, helping boys become men. i beat the nra in court, defending gun laws that save lives. today, a new generation is rising, and this is our moment. in the streets and in the capitol, i'll stand with them. jeff bleich, democrat for lieutenant governor.
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♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪
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a decision years in the making. the district attorney for san francisco announced that lease officers involved in high- profile deadly shootings will not be facing charges. the decision is drawing criticism from the families of
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both men. >> reporter: a pair of shootings at a pair of men dead. in april, luis was threatening them also with a knife. today the district attorney said none of the officers involved in either shooting will face trials. >> the conclusion is very clear. under the law, no crime was committed. >> the district attorney stresses current use of force law is tied his hands. >> i am extremely disturbed by the state of the law today. but i am bound by my duty. i must adhere to the law. >> the officers should be well trained and should not be spilling blood on the streets because they have elected to decide whether or not someone
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will live or not that day. >> the attorneys say the district attorney is letting those officers off easy. >> we do not think it was reasonable to fire 21 shots at mario woods. that is unreasonable. >> the family was blunt. they spoke with us in spanish. [ speaking foreign language ] they called the da a coward for not pressing charges. he says the law will be changed. currently the losses officers may use reasonable force if they find themselves in a dangerous situation. he says that the law needs to be changed as they use the least amount of force necessary. >> reforming the law is not just about prosecution. it is more important to prevent future tragedy from occurring. >> reporter: he is disappointed there will not be a criminal
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prosecution but he is planning on going ahead with a civil case against san francisco. ktvu fox news. a convenience store in the tenderloin district. was arrested at a hotel this week after being on the run for five weeks. he is facing charges of domestic violence, kidnapping and felony animal cruelty. the surveillance video shows him grabbing a four-month-old cocker spaniel and slamming it to the floor, killing the animal. it followed a heated argument with the owner of the dog and the store. we are looking at some memories of a close call at the
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plates. the leading republican in the race for california. what he says he will do on day one. a showdown between the united states and north korea after the long-awaited summit. i have the latest developments coming up next. my name is tony thurmond. education isn't the goal, - it's the gateway. hold the key... to every child's opportunity. we reject trump's attacks on our public schools. and invest in the teachers dreamers. modernize our curriculum and empower educators to teach beyond the test because creativity and critical thinking are as important as facts and figures. i'm tony thurmond the work starts now. state superintendent.
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only marshall tuck will change that. year after year, policians fail to improve public schools. tuck turned around failing schools, raising graduation rates 60%. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck.
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south korea says there perplexed at president trump decision to cancel the summit. the south korean president called an emergency meeting following the announcement. allison barber has the reaction from washington. >> reporter: in a blink, the summit seems to be over. president trump said that he was canceling the summit because of recent hostility from north korea. but the president also called the dictator to call or write if he changes his mind on the summit. they are still willing to talk. they said that his decision is unexpected and regrettable. he also said north korea would be open to talks at any time and in any format. president trump sent a letter officially calling off the june
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12th summit. this was days before north korea - - mike pence said that they would only end up like libya if the leader did not make a deal. and let - - in part he wrote based on the tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in your recent statement, i feel it is inappropriate to have this long planned meeting. the president did not fully close the door on the meeting. >> if and when he chooses to engage in constructive dialogue, and actions, i am waiting. >> the military remains at the ready when it comes to north korea. >> they have proven unpredictable. we want to be ready to respond. but it is not heightened state
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of vigilance. it is the normal state of vigilance that we always maintain. >> no experts were on hand to verify the results of the reported dismantling of a nuclear testing site. a man endorsed to become the next governor campaigning in the bay area today, john cox appeared at the headquarters of the san mateo county republican party. the key targets in his campaign is california sanctuary state law. >> i will get rid of the sanctuary state law in the first day i am elected governor. >> he was seen meeting at 25% support.
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the top candidates will compete in a runoff in november. on election night, june - - tune to us for analysis and coverage. a holiday weekend is around the corner. there are a lot of ways to enjoy your free time here. maria has the weekend watch. >> here are some of the things happening around the bay. celebrate at the 40th carnival san francisco this weekend with a festival of music, art and food on harrison street. and the grand parade will be sunday morning. and in the south bay, celebrities, exhibits, discussion, vendors and a black and white ball friday through sunday. get your taco fill at the festival of innovation with
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free tacos, tastings, and djs at san jose history park on saturday. or go to morgan hill for mushroom mardi gras. there will be a kids area, and arts and crafts on saturday and sunday. and in the east bay, enjoy vendors and entertainment in downtown fremont on saturday. and in oakland, much amazing moves at the bay area classic on saturday. in the north bay, expect traffic delays. it takes center stage friday through sunday. or go to the volunteer fireman's barbecue. a fun family event with food and drink kids activities, music and dancing. that goes on from noon until 5:00 on sunday. the giants are away. the athletics are at home.
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the warriors continue the playoff run. and east bay waterslide was shut down one year ago when a child went sailing off and. next, the changes that have been made. it is going to be a little wet after midnight around the bay area and even through the morning hours. just some light stuff. we will talk about that through the weekend. a statement from morgan freeman and his response to the allegations of sexual harassment. it's the story of our nation. john chiang's father came helittle money, but big dreams for a better future. now john has a chance to make history. a champion of the underdog, john took on wells fargo when it ripped off working families. and against the odds, he helped saved california from financial disaster during the great recession. ...leaving more to invest in progressive priorities like education, healthcare
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and affordable housing. john chiang. the proven, progressive leader we need for california's future. firsthe creation of something from nothing. first stands on no shoulders. it follows no footsteps. to first, the view ahead is wide open. the only thing that first possibility. you know what we make. first makes us who we are. mercedes-amg. driving performance.
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the emerald plunge this weekend will be reopening. the slide was shut down last year and a 10-year-old was injured just 90 minutes after the grand opening. the boy went sailing off the bottom of the slide and landed on the concrete. state investigators have concluded that the water flow settings had contributed to the accident. officials say those problems have been fixed and the waterslide will open again for the first time since that accident. and the decision to reopen came after one year of extensive testing. those tests lasted more than 100 hours and it costed $21,000.
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the used crash dummies and various heights and weights during the protocol. a judge denied the release of a pair of suspects charged in a warehouse fire. that fire killed 36 people. the attorney has been trying to get his client released on bail. the humphrey ruling says a judge had to take a defendants ability to pay into account when setting bail. but the judge said that he is not bound by that ruling because the state supreme court announced that they are reviewing the decision. >> the supreme court took that away from us for we were able to get to court. the supreme court will revisit the reform issue. right now efforts are all directed toward preparing for trial. >> the attorney wants to delay
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the trial date. the master tenant does not want to delay. both tenants are due back in court june 7th. morgan freeman has issued an apology amid new allegations of sexual harassment. he apologized to anyone who felt uncomfortable or disrespected. his remarks come after a report mentioned accounts from eight women who accused him of sexual harassment on movie sets and other professional settings. is film career almost spans 50 years. warming up for the weekend. will martin is back with the
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complete bay area forecast.
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dusty baker is one of those popular managers in the history of the giants. dusty is back in the bay area as a special assistant for the team. scott explains how he is also
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back to watch his son play college ball. >> thank goodness snow is aware and had baker out of the way. >> hard to believe it has been more than 15 years since darren baker made a line for his back in the world series. >> i wanted to be the one. the only way to do it was to be everyone to the punch. >> he made a mistake going out early. another one said that he was going to - - he said he was going to get kenny lawson's that and my son said no. now he is older, taller and just as competitive. >> time flies. he was just eight years old. he would hang out here and at different clubs. he is not quite a man yet. but he is a young man. >> he spent his life immersed
10:46 pm
in the game as the son of one of the most successful managers of all time. >> it has been a met - - it has been a blessing and a curse. and being exposed to the best in the world, you cannot really beat that. >> it is more like home here. he spent more time here. you can name the superstar players he has been around. >> no in his new dugout, he can hear the most familiar and important voice of all. because dusty is back home. >> probably one of the best things that has happened to me and my family. >> i would not trade this year for the world. >> missus much as his life as i have, this is great. >> for the benefits of growing up with a big league dad, there
10:47 pm
are challenges as well among them, stepping out of the big league shadow. >> i never felt like i was treated differently. they always treat me like one of the guys. >> they get a chance to see them play and they see what he does. is exciting to watch. she has been doing just fine. dusty baker is his dad. but he is darren and he is a good player. >> he is not the first one. i remind him of ken griffey junior's and barry bonds. and all the players aspiring to be major league. and karen told me be nervous, don't be scared. face your fears and don't run from them. he will be a man soon enough and he will have
10:48 pm
responsibility. you enjoy this time in their lives. >> he is doing just that. his hero looks on. >> he is one-of-a-kind in so many ways. this is the best anybody could ask. ld ask. >> how fun is that? a great bay area legacy. >> we've got chances of showers starting in the next few hours. offshore the showers are moving. temperatures will be cool again tomorrow. tomorrow will probably be the coolest and cloudiest and not a nice day. this week has been full of days that have not been nice. here is the spinner moving offshore. as it moves through, it could trigger some showers. it has triggered some in the lake tahoe area and up around
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lake county. light showers start coming onshore and it is enough to get you within five hundredths of an inch. may be a tenth of an inch in the santa cruz mountains. between now and tomorrow at noon copies widely scattered showers will be in the forecast. after that they begin a little bit of a break. here is the morning. you can see the scattered showers not shutting you down. it is not what you want. more scattered showers and a little bit of sunshine after lunchtime. then more clearing and less of this. this is a weaker system because of the time of year. it is translating through. and this can translate to create left. and then creating sprinkles. a chance of showers on friday morning and on friday afternoon. the warming trend will begin pretty much on saturday. there will be some clouds on
10:50 pm
saturday. but it will be nicer. sunday, 80s and low 90s possible into monday. the model does this. that is tomorrow morning. here is saturday morning. here is sunday and monday. here is a forecast high for tomorrow. tomorrow is going to feel like early spring.
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next in sports card game number five twin the warriors and the rockets coming down to the final seconds. locker room interviews next. marshall tuck will change that. in california, 3 million kids can't read at grade level. tuck turned around struggling schools, raising graduation rates over 60%. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck.
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even migraines. if we can use patients' genes to predict heart disease in their families, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
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i think they thought that we would press a button and everything would be all right. down 3-2 still no andre iguodala. they were tied for the huge third period klay thompson fell. and a prayer from chris paul. watch out as he shimmies off. he is not smiling. but he takes it good-natured. he steps up to the hoop. golden state was a by one and he play here on the fourth.
10:55 pm
dream on - - he sends it right to james harden. chris call - - chris, paul, watch teamwork this. they've got it. of six with killer shots. james harden finds gordon off the bench. he is to go up with 121 left. icewater in the veins. six-point seven left. another turnover. game over. roll the credits.
10:56 pm
they trail in the series 3-2. and 98-90 for is your final tonight. in the meantime down in houston, jason appelbaum has been there. he knows the pleasures of being in the visiting arena when you feel like the sky is falling. and the warriors after the game, . >> beauty is the great rockets coach, he says never underestimate the heart of a champion. it is all quiet right now. we want to show people at home how low this place can be. we always talk about oracle and this place was rocking tonight. tonight. [ cheering & applause ] [ crowd noise ] >> we had to show you the final sequence. and you think the warriors are feeling sorry for themselves or
10:57 pm
letting go creep in? think again. steve talked with us after the game. >> i feel good about where we are. i feel it. i know what i am seeing out there. we defended them beautifully tonight., everything that we needed. we just had so many turnovers and so many reaches. if we can settle down, we will be in good shape. >> it is a lot of pressure being at the brink of elimination. this is a time where you get tighter and stronger. you come together.
10:58 pm
>> the big question obviously the status of andre iguodala. and he didn't talk to the media. we will see of chris paul can go. that could certainly change the impression. >> safe travels back home. and the businessperson special. back to the business of winning. the original all curls. looking good. 50 years of oakland baseball and they get it rolling in the first with a big inning. stephen piscotty takes it deep with a two run double. they lead 4-0. then another one to cap off the inning with a soft line to the left of
10:59 pm
justin fowler. they tweak it out 4-3. blake treinen getting his 11th. and we have time to check this out. this is bartolo colsn celebrating his 40th birthday they in the clubhouse. baseball hijinks. i don't know how much he loved that. he is one of the oldest players in baseball at 45 years old. and dennard - - denard span goes into the stands do not make the play. the gentleman you see in the blue shirt is at the wrong place at the wrong time. but he was happy he was there, as it turns out. a good sport. all worth checking out on this thursday night. that is the sporting life. it is 11:00.
11:00 pm
time for note - - time for more news with mark and julie. plans for an extension in livermore. the decision came in a very close vote at a packed stadium. the 11:00 news starts now. the board decided not to extend the dublin and pleasanton line into livermore. hello and thank you for joining us. people say the added stuff would be a that relatively few people will use it and the money would be better spent on other projects. they called for the 5.5-mile extension east into livermore. our reporter was at the meeting in oakland for that votes tonight. >> it all came down to one vote. it was photo of - - it was 5-


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