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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  May 25, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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♪ whatever it is that floats your boat... ...or tickles your tastebuds... ...or brightens your day... ...even if you've never tried it before... ♪ ...just know that... you can, in portland. the 10:00 news starts now. sticker shock at the pump. and traffic back on the roadway. millions are getting out of town for the holiday weekend. it is going to take a lot of money to fill up. >> reporter: 42 million americans will be traveling this weekend for memorial day.
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gas prices are up by 31% compared to last year. good evening and thank you for joining us. extra highway patrol officers will also be looking for distracted and impaired drivers fierce welcome is at the bay bridge toll plaza after arrival tonight with the chp. >> it was interesting tonight. >> reporter: take a look over my shoulder. you can see that traffic is moving well in both directions. the freeways also looked pretty good. according to the chp, memorial day holiday weekend is one of the most dangerous times on the road. the chp will be watching drivers. those drivers will be watching their pocketbooks with gas prices at an all-time high it is the unofficial start to the summer season. drivers will have some company on california freeways.
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the chp maximum enforcement is underway. officers are looking for offenses behind the wheel. >> we are looking for impaired driving and dui, alcohol or drugs. we want to make sure that people feel safe and are wearing seatbelts. by other people in the car or on cell phones. cell phone use as well go through midnight monday. >> the san francisco office will be doing their job to make sure that everyone gets home safely. >> it makes sense. 36 million americans will be traveling by car and another 3 million by air. transportation experts say travel delays will be triple
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the normal length. peak travel will be at 7:45 in the morning. and california remains one of the top destinations in the country, aaa says do not forget about orlando, seattle, honolulu and las vegas. with drivers hitting the road despite high gas races, the highest since 2014. >> it is going to take a lot of money to fill up my car. >> prices are up 31%. at this station it was $4.39 per gallon as enough to make some want to throw in the towel. >> i am thinking public transportation. >> the admit - - demand for gas is high. and the summer blend is more expensive and cleaner burning.
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this may be a sign of the times. there is good news and bad news in all of this. travelers may see a little bit of a break on tuesday. some relief from the traffic. but those high gas prices may be around for a little while longer. if you spent time traveling, you might have seen this rain at some point. it was really coming down in the luma. and in the north bay, a rainbow was visible following that downpour. and we want to go to bill for the holiday forecast. what is the latest? >> showers are moving out right now. we saw some showers over petaluma and santa rosa. most of us were at trace amounts. some of us around a tenth of an inch of rain. it is clear moving through and
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with a counterclockwise rotation. this system is through and has stray sprinkles and most of the activity is north of the bay area over to clear lake with some reports of sprinkles as well. and we are clearing this period see some green here. saturated air. temperatures are in the 50s. we have close out there right now. the showers will - - the showers will be dying down. high pressure builds in. temperatures soaring over the weekend. it has been an unusual three weeks. now we are getting back on track. we will layout saturday and sunday. hopefully you have monday off. a backup on the bay bridge after an accident involving four callers - - four cars were
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involved in an accident. lanes one through five are blocked excluding lane for. we do have calls in with highway patrol. a memorial and candlelight walk was held to remember a 14- year-old girl who was killed in her own home 24 years ago. the killer has never been found. our reporter joined us from the castro valley library with the fight for justice. >> it is heartbreaking to think of this family and the foundation holding this event every single year since her death. this is a particularly painful year. they have hope that this cold case will be solved.
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>> reporter: music was one of her greatest joys in life. and music rot sweet memories back. >> she loves to play piano. she loves the music. >> reporter: they joined a crowd marking 24 years since the murder of her parents. >> this ceremony is even more painful. >> it falls on her birthday. this was j - - this was jenny on may 24th. a bright and smiling 14-year- old loved by her family and friends. >> her friends came to surprise
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her on her birthday. >> reporter: her father came home to find his daughter stabbed to death. she had been talking on the phone with a friend at 5:15 that evening. her father told her body and hour and a half later. her parents are still looking to find out who killed their daughter. she had a promising future. they are still tracking down leads with cold case detectives. >> there is dna that we can work with. there is a new technique to extract dna from different substances. we hope something will break from this case. >> reporter: they are working to keep her memory alive. they provide scholarships for young music students. after the memorial stared - - after the memorial ceremony, a
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candlelight march. remembering the girl who lost her life and the entire community keeping hope in their hearts every step. >> we know that there are people out there who have heard something or seen something related to this case. we just need this person to have the courage and love to come forward. >> reporter: jenny's parents say that there is also a $100,000 reward for any information that leads to interest. - - there is also a $100,000 reward for any information that leads to arrest. 200 people attended a vigil tonight. investigators say a man was
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shot and killed at the spanish cove mobile home park on turner road on sunday night. police have arrested the couple son, and his roommate. police say nothing was taken from the home. they are still investigating the motive. more seasonal workers are going to be allowed into the united states to help with the tightening labor market. 15,000 visas will be granted for temporary nonagricultural workers. they raise the cap on these visas following a shortage in maryland. they determined there were not enough workers to meet industry needs. president trump is again saying that it is possible that he will meet with kim jong-un as early as next month. we have more on the
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developments from the capital. >> reporter: one day after he withdrew from the summit, hope for the meeting has been resurrected following a positive message from the north korean leader. >> everybody plays games. >> reporter: president trump dismissed doubts after receiving a message that north korea is willing to give time and opportunities to reconsider talks at any time and in any format. >> we are talking to them now. it was a nice statement. >> reporter: yesterday got international reporters saw what was reported to be the demolition of the things and entrances to the underground nuclear testing area. but that might have been destroyed anyway following the
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collapse of the mountain overhead. >> we finally have a president who has their attention. >> we could have simply announced that we were delaying the summit to a date not designated. and the reason for it was that they did not show up to the planning meeting. >> reporter: the president will not cave to a bad deal, no matter what kind they say. the white house is less enthusiastic about chinese involvement. was only after the visit with the check - - it was only after the visit with china should north korea souring on the summit. ktvu, fox news. i am humbled and honored. i am just so grateful for this. >> his home was destroyed by the north bay firestorm. now it is the first to be rebuilt.
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we will take you to the homecoming ceremony. there were four wildfires in dubuque county. and we are looking at the response and the cause of the wildfires.
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they failed to provide enough clearance between trees and power lines and that caused fires that burned 9000 acres of land. in a written statement, pg&e said based on the information, we believe our overall programs do not meet the high standards. the increased maintenance and monitoring for utility poles in the years since 2014. cal fire says three cases involving pg&e violations have been forwarded to prosecutors for review. a family moved back into a
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home after - - a family moved back into a home that had burned down seven months ago in the devastating wine country wildfires. [ cheering & applause ] >> reporter: for many got the occasion of the first residents to come back is a certain sign hope. but for many others confronted with lacking insurance, it further festers the wound that has been seven months in the making. >> i am so glad to be back home. >> reporter: the mayor praised mister bradford for it never
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taking no for an answer. >> you made our response better by being a trailblazer. you helped your neighbors and you helped a lot of people that you don't know. >> reporter: during reconstruction and for generations to come, we want to see around here are those on the mailboxes telling the mailman to pick up the mail. >> still dominating the scene throughout coffee park, empty lots. many of them may never be reoccupied by the owners who lost them. as of today, one home is now completed. 85 more homeowners now have their payments. 178 homes are actually under construction. and that still leaves 2400 homeowners in limbo and most are underinsured through no
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fault of their own. and he is not upset one bit, as he works on this construction zone. >> i love the sounds of the nails and the hammers, and the size. it is about the future. >> reporter: what happens now is a recovery lesson for everyone. ktvu fox news reporting. [ music ] . that low pressure is leaving the area now. we see some scattered showers to the north and moisture in the atmosphere. most of the showers are north of santa rosa. it has been all day, file. we have showers - - it has been all day long. we have chose to the north and
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some are just in trace amounts. overnight low temperatures are going to stay in the 50s. tomorrow, there will be clouds. but this is clearing quickly. here is this evening. here is tomorrow in the middle of the day. you see partly cloudy and partly sunny. it pops out and by saturday afternoon by 3:00 it will be clearing quickly. this begins a significant warm up and temperatures are coming back. they will be in the middle 60s and middle 70s. not high, but certainly warmer in and. and sunday and monday, temperatures will really be up in the 80s and low 90s. more sunshine and temperatures in the 70s. still to come, danger in hawaii, the new time-lapse video that shows the power of the advancing lava from the kilauea volcano as new
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eruptions bring new threats. the warriors are backed up against the wall. raking down the disappointment of game number five in houston and looking ahead to game number six at oracle in houston tomorrow. a student shot at a middle school in india. and it could have been worse if not for what the teacher did.
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the president of the university of southern california is stepping down in the wake of the sexual abuse scandal. it involves a campus gynecological - - it involves the campus gynecologist who will be resigning. 200% - - 200 professors wrote letters mending his resignation. they are furious with the way the school handled accusations of abuse. the administration was accused of allowing him to keep his job despite years of complaints. 300 women say that he gave them inappropriate pelvic exams. the board of directors in san jose is announced that she will be retiring. the all-girls catholic high school has been rocked by allegations from 20 students that school officials failed to act on complaints of sexual
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abuse by teachers and staff. and they complained that the principal had known about the abuse going back 30 years. she said that she hopes the school will continue to improve education and training. but the group said that she will go down in history as one of the worst enablers of sexual predators in northern california. we hope that she finds it in her heart to pray for and apologize to the decades of victims that she harmed. new details from indiana where a schoolteacher is being called a hero for tackling a student who was armed with handguns. and he likely saved lives when he swatted a gun out of the hands of a student. stevens was shot three times and is now out of surgery. a middle school girl is in critical condition tonight after being shot. the alleged shooter was taken into custody. students and parents were understandably shaken. >> they tell you to prepare.
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you have all of these announcements and you never actually think it will come so close to your home. >> it is disturbing. >> 1300 students at the west middle school were evacuated and they were taken to another school to be picked up by their parents. police have yet to release the name of the alleged shooter. police are now questioning him and trying to come up with a motive. it is still unclear how he acquired the gun. harvey weinstein is out on $1 million bail after his arrest this morning. he surrendered to police in new york and he is now facing rape charges and other charges for alleged incidents involving a pair of women. 80 other women accused him of harassment and abuse. the statute of imitations has run out in many cases and this is the first criminal case against him. his attorneys maintain the
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allegations are without merit. stunning video shows how intense the situation is in hawaii. a person who lives in the evacuated neighborhood created a time-lapse video. the homeowner said the molten lava was advancing and it has been moving faster. a major highway is at risk. 2000 people have already fled their homes. >> all of our friends have open their doors to us. we appreciate them for being a part of our lives during this chaos. possible explosions are a result of lava burning through plants and shrubs producing methane gas. a new extension service
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that could ease congestion on the road. friends and family are still searching for answers. in the face of senseless violence, we need hope. i'm jeff bleich. preventing violence has long been my cause. after columbine, i led president clinton's youth violence commission. i joined joe biden to reduce domestic violence, helping boys become men. i beat the nra in court, defending gun laws that save lives.
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today, a new generation is rising, and this is our moment. in the streets and in the capitol, i'll stand with them. jeff bleich, democrat for lieutenant governor. i thought after sandy hook, where 20 six and seven year olds were slain, this would never happen again. it has happened more than 200 times in 5 years.
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dianne feinstein and a new generation are leading the fight to pass a new assault weapons ban. say no to the nra and yes to common-sense gun laws. california values senator dianne feinstein purl disappeared two years ago. henry lee was in vallejo today as friends and family gathered to remember purl and keep hope alive that someday she will be found. >> reporter: this bridge was where purl was kidnapped as she was heading to school. a couple years after her disappearance, no one knows
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where she is. the prime suspect in her disappearance was killed by police. >> one little piece could help to find her. >> rose says someone knows what happened to her sister and is aware of where she may be. >> if you know anything, anything that you heard, even a small rumor, call us right away. >> a witness saw purl being dragged by a man. sean madsen showed me the crime scene. >> she was bleeding from her face. she yelled call the police! he is trying to shoot me. as he - - as they were running, they could hear the shots. >> the suspect was killed in a shootout with police in southern california. any of the secrets he may have had, he took to his grave. >> we do not know where she is.
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she could be alive. he got gas and a saturn. he may have went to jenner after. traffic cameras found into the west. and the car was then spotted to the south. no matter the outcome, the family just want answers. >> we are ready for anything that comes our way. good or bad we just want closure and we want to find out what happened to her. >> investors are asking the public to think back to memorial day weekend and to give any information that might pertain to the case. a 27-year-old man was shot not far from the sun valley shopping mall.
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witnesses say they heard gunfire and a man pushed another man onto the lawn of the home on santa monica drive on pleasant hill. this all happened at 11:30 this morning. investigations indicate this may have been results of a marijuana deal that went bad. residents say they are stunned this shooting happened on the usually peaceful street. >> it doesn't usually happen in this area. is very rare to have a shooting or anything like that in this area. it is pretty rare. >> the victim was shot in his lower body. he is in stable condition at the hospital. no arrests have been made. carjacking suspects are in custody after leaving police on a chase. officers responded to reports of a carjacking at 85th and international.
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the suspect abandoned the vehicle near eighth avenue and took off running. officers chase down the suspect and took the juveniles into custody. a new option, a new transportation plan. and we saw what it would look like. >> this is what leaf looks like to commuters. the public received a preview on friday. debarked - - the bart extension runs from pittsburgh and back. it could make nasty traffic congestion much easier to deal with. >> it could take 45 minutes just to get to pittsburgh. this is equivalent to a lane of traffic.
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we are taking one lane of traffic off the road. that is a significant amount. >> they expect to carry 2800 passengers per day, each way. >> i will be using this to go to college. >> reporter: the st. mary's connects. and operates on a separate track. and commuters can transfer. the train also stops in pittsburgh in between. >> if you are taking this from antioch to pittsburgh and downtown san francisco, it is only an additional $0.81 way. and you can use your clipper card. >> i may use this tomorrow. i am planning to take a trip to the peninsula. >> it is quiet. >> regular services are
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expected to start on saturday morning. still to come tonight, tense moments at a restaurant in canada as innocent customers are injured when an explosive device goes off. and next, what investigators are seeing. the weather is starting to cooperate. temperatures are going to be warming through your holiday on monday.
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a late night explosion injured 15 people and police are looking for the suspects. this was the scene outside the bombay indian restaurant. a pair of birthday parties were taking place at the time and 40 people were inside. a pair of men walked into the restaurant at 10:30 and left authorities say was an improvised explosive device. they took off as the bomb detonated. they still have not been located. police said today that all victims have been released from the hospital and the injured ranged in age from 23 years old through 69 years old. a student advisor was killed in a crash today near santa rosa. the chp said this accident happened on bennett valley road
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near carruthers road after the city limits. it was it this morning. a woman was heading to the east when she lost control and went sideways along the wet roadway. the vehicle was struck by an oncoming mercedes. the driver was killed. the woman driving the mercedes was hospitalized with moderate injury. a service is back on track after a train derailed at castro street station. the outbound station went off the track at 6:30 this morning. it took several hours to get back on the tracks. the buses were running to accommodate passengers. no word on what caused the train to derail. and there were a pair of big rig crashes. one of them was deadly. both happened near interstate 80 on the pomona street exit.
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a sedan slammed into the back of a big rig. the driver was pronounced dead at the hospital. a couple hours before that, a big rig overturned and caught fire in almost the exact same spot. a good samaritan is credited with saving the life of that driver. >> he was driving behind the truck. i observed the crash. he saw that it was very major. he got out. he checked to make sure the driver was okay. and the truck started to ignite. >> the driver suffered major injuries and was airlifted to the medical center in walnut creek. they spent several hours cleaning the lanes before reopening at 10:00 this morning. it is a process that is normally off-limits to the general public. after a controversy involving a filipino activist, customs officials are opening their doors to show people what they do and how they do it. >> and bill martin will have
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the complete bay area forecast. a warm up is expected for the long holiday weekend. ay weekend. marshall tuck will change that. in california, 3 million kids can't read at grade level. tuck turned around struggling schools, raising graduation rates over 60%. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck.
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john chiang's father came it'here with little money,on. but big dreams for a better future. now john has a chance to make history. a champion of the underdog, john took on wells fargo when it ripped off working families. and against the odds, he helped saved california from financial disaster during the great recession. ...leaving more to invest in progressive priorities like education, healthcare and affordable housing. john chiang. the proven, progressive leader we need for california's future.
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a midair scuffle captured on cell phone video. this happened on a flight to miami yesterday. a flight attendant denied a passenger alcohol. weather passengers and flight attendants tried to calm the man down. >> calm under pressure? this situation could have been even worse. >> the man was escorted off the plane after it landed. it is not clear if that man will be facing charges. the crew was thanked for taking care of customers during the disruption. the border protection agency at sfo allowed our cameras into the area that is usually secret. this is where they process travelers and decide who will be turned away. increased transparency comes after a traveler claims he was
10:45 pm
mistreated. >> room claims he was denied entry and forced to endure a border protection responded. - - he claims he was denied entry. overprotection responded. >> it is a needle in a haystack. so we are looking at a small number of people that pose a threat to the country. >> reporter: the short stay in the united states started here. and he was screened like all passengers. >> we knew what was available to us. >> reporter: this is where he
10:46 pm
alleges he was mistreated. customs and border protection's say that they have 24 hours of surveillance of him. they say his charges are false and outrageous. >> a loaded firearm could be used to harm one of our own officers. we could put someone in with something that could be used against our officers or against the public. >> reporter: he would have spent time in this passenger lounge with access to these blankets and pillows and lounge chairs. and they say there is no explanation for the difference between his account and their accounts. >> it goes from zero to bizarre with no possible explanation. there is no way to explain it.
10:47 pm
>> reporter: they only say that it had nothing to do with his lyrical activism, why he was denied access. - - they said had nothing to do with his political activism. we hope you are getting ready for your three day weekend. temperatures have been below average. clouds and showers this morning. and most of us had light sprinkles. the showers are moving off. this low pressure center was parked out here. and there is another low here. these are both going to migrate. that one is going. this one is going to move out as well. high-pressure will be sitting
10:48 pm
here. wind is going the right direction. fog will be back. the inversion will shrink. temperatures will warm. there are some showers to the north of here. and they should stay to the north. have seen some showers over toward cloverdale and napa valley. current temperatures are in the 50s. the wind has been relatively light this evening. we do have some gusts up to 13 miles per hour. here is the model. here is the cloud cover. and you see how quickly it is going to share off? this is the north wind and the high-pressure blowing in. by tomorrow evening, or by tomorrow afternoon it is mostly clear and mostly sunny. by sunday it is just warmer still. temperatures will - -
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temperatures go up by sunday. middle to lower 80s. monday, we could seem - - we could see upper 80s. and there is the forecast. clouds are lingering until noon. then the ball - - then they will burn off. it is still cooler than i might expect. the forecast high in brentwood at 76 degrees. a nice-looking day for your bay area on saturday. this is the beginning of the warm-up. it has been an unusual couple weeks. they got over three tenths of an inch of rain. amazon is responded to reports that one of the echo devices recorded a private conversation between a husband
10:50 pm
and wife in portland. it sent a recording of that conversation to someone in the context. amazon said that a word was misinterpreted as alexa. that command can wake the device. and there the device continue to misinterpret the conversation as a series of commands. the wife only identified herself as danielle. they did not realize it happened until an employee of her husband called from seattle to say that he had received a recording of the conversation. >> sometimes alexa will hear her name in other things. and the next step may be that it thinks it is hearing a command and it can spiral. >> the conversation was about hardwood flooring, thankfully not something more personal. amazon is calling this extremely rare and they are working to make sure that it never happens again. coming up, she was murdered
10:51 pm
in her own home. 24 years later, her killer has yet to because. tonight, a vigil. lebron james on the cavaliers play against the celtics tonight at cleveland. will find out if this series will go to game number seven. that is coming up next in sports.
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to california schoolsd, need big change. marshall tuck is the only candidate for state superintendent who's done it before. less bureaucracy, more classroom funding. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck.
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not a good week for bay area baseball fans. not the best way to start out. they looks good on paper tonight. sean was sent to the hill against the diamondbacks team that had lost 13 games straight. and they still don't play games on the table. it was star wars night. we had an ewok throughout the first pitch. and a greeting for the seventh home run of the year. solo shot. and rbi single was later added. and the former star with his seventh. he made it 3-1 snakes. fourth inning, paul goldschmidt to the left. chad came of let - - chad came
10:55 pm
up empty. tough season. and this was the shortest outing of the season. so we have one team that had trouble going tonight and another that has had work - - the giants have minutes five runs in three games. can't we just let harry carry? rest in peace. not a good look. gorkys hernandez has three home runs in the last week. not exactly a power guy. but he is showing this off. brandon crawford, how about that play? fires across the diamond. a nice scoop at the other end. fernando salas works of this. the cubs bust it out in the
10:56 pm
seventh. all over the hangar, in his behind them to make it 3-once chicago. and chris bryant does his thing. and the giants are really struggling. cubs when this one 6-2. they try again tomorrow. and tomorrow night we will be celebrating game seven or perish the thought. the giants have their collective backs against the wall. so many chances. quinn cook - - quinn cook was wide open. they couldn't get it to go. steph curry gives them a chance to get in the lead. but no. a play everyone will remember. draymond green loses the handle. the coach insists that they are not concerned. >> you keep going and playing. you will get a chance to tie
10:57 pm
the series at home. it is a good position to be in. need to win a couple games. >> the worriers did catch a break. chris paul tweaked his hamstring. he has already been ruled out for game number six tomorrow. this is a huge blow. >> this is obviously not something that we wanted. we will be ready. >> the worriers - - the cavaliers are facing elimination at home against the celtics. game number six, eastern conference final.
10:58 pm
kevin love knox heads, now in concussion protocol. and lebron james had 25 in the first have here. cavaliers take the 1-1 lead. later cut defense into offense. they manage the steel and they get it to jeff green as part of the 20 oh four run. third quarter we have lebron james and julian brown exchanging pleasantries. in the end, lebron james had the final word. he takes down to school 46 points, 11 rebounds, nine assists. cavaliers when this one 109-99. a rare friday tilt for the earthquakes as they move on to los angeles. always a good night for a shocker in los angeles check
10:59 pm
this out. a left foot rocket. galaxy wins this game 1-0. and we will have more coming up in about 20 minutes. and for no, frank and george, it is all yours. . we know that someone knows something related to this case. >> a answers. there teenage daughter was killed in their home family and friends gathered in castro valley to remember jenny. she was killed in her own home 24 years ago. >> she has never been found. the family thinks one day they will get closure. our reporter has talked with
11:00 pm
the family who says that they will never stop fighting for justice. it is heartbreaking to see the family suffered. jenny was 14 when she was killed. today is her birthday. they should have been celebrating her life. instead they are remembering her death. >> reporter: music was one of her great joys in life. on friday, music brought sweet memories flooding back to the parents. the joined a crowd marching


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