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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  May 28, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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most will ever know. it was a love that will them up mountains and through deserts, and across oceans and into enemy camps and unknown dangers. >> president donald trump also thanked the families of the fallen troops by saying their sacrifice will never be forgotten. in the bay area, the city of but misha is honoring -- this city is honoring the fallen on this memorial day. the cemetery not only contains gravesites of the u.s. veterans, but of the german and italian prisoners of war of world war ii. a flag raising ceremony was also held at the beginning of the annual memorial.
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for 12 years, the city of lafayette has held a special memorial dedicated to the veterans killed and i rock and afghanistan. but, the future of that hillside memorial is now uncertain. >> reporter: for the people here in oakmont park, memorial day had a deeper meaning than just the time for backyard barbecues and ball games. >> on my way up here, i saw more flags honoring the basketball team the warriors then i saw the united states flags. it broke my heart. >> reporter: yolanda vegas son --, her son, was killed in action. >> i need to be here and walk around and talk to other people who have lost the children or their husbands or brothers and sisters. i need to connect that way. >> i cry a lot, and i still do. >> reporter: for this world war ii veteran, pictured here with his wife of 61 years, memorial
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day brings back a flood of memories, often of those he once served with. >> i think of them and how i made it and they didn't. i had a brother in the 15th air force, he didn't survive. >> reporter: this man brought his family to visit the grave of his father and grandfather, both veterans of different wars. >> i don't want to forget all of the people who sacrifice their life for us. >> reporter: some paid tribute several miles away at this -- place. each of these 4000 crosses is dedicated to the men and women who died in iraq and afghanistan. but the hillside sits on private property and the owner is planning to sell. the owner told us by phone that it will be up to whoever buys the property about what to do with the crosses. yolanda vegas said her son often visited the crosses.
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>> when my son would come home from whatever assignment that he had with the air force, he always came by and he would salute the cross and he would say those are my brothers and sisters who gave their lives. for the first time this year, volunteers placed roses at each of the 30,000 headstones at the san francisco national cemetery in presidio. they spent the morning laying red roses at the grace. on saturday, boy scouts placed american flags at each headstone. for this army veteran, it was a somber and emotional experience and the pause to say a prayer and some of the headstones. -- he paused to say a prayer and some of the headstones. >> today is not a day of all of the sales in the stores, but a day of remembrance. >> the event wrapped up with a community picnic, and this is
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the 150th year a memorial day event has been hosted here. for more on the memorial day events all around the bay area, log onto our website in lake county, officials say a firefighter was injured at a large structure fire this afternoon in middletown. the fire broke out along highway 29 closed where it needs highway 175 in the center of town. this video was sent to us, and you can see heavy smoke and flames at that well known local landmark. the firefighter was taken to the medical center for treatment of burns, but we don't know his exact condition. the fire is now about 85% contained. highway 29 though remains shut down. our chief meteorologist bill martin is here, and this is the warmest date we have had so far this year. >> we got to 90 degrees in fairfield today.
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it really did heat up, and it has been such a cool spring, and today is one of the days where we have had so many days where it has been cloudy most of the day or part of the morning, but a day like this, they are really pronounced and noticeable. it has been the warmest of all of the days this week. 95 degrees in antioch and 97 degrees in morgan hill. temperatures tomorrow will cool off and we will get a little bit of a seabreeze going as we head into tonight and tomorrow. by tomorrow night, the fog should be back in that will trend temperatures to the milder side. out at the beach, at half moon bay and the other beaches, you are killing it right now as the weather is great. there is alberto a tropical storm coming on shore and the lot of rain and moisture with this thing and problems for people in the southeast with some flooding concerns.
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a tornado watch is still in effect for parts of missouri and parts of northern oklahoma. as you look at our map, you will see a little bit of cloud cover, and that low dull color is fog. north winds is being applied right now because of the high pressure that is strong. the high pressure has been really nonexistent for quite a while. it is back in as we head into tomorrow, it will be a beautiful day. temperatures like this and it will be a little bit cooler tomorrow. we will go to the rest of the week when i come back. a light earthquake rattled parts of the south bay about an hour ago. it was a magnitude 3.0 quake and it hit about 5:10 pm and was centered south of san jose. this is the latest of a series
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of minor earthquakes that if hit that same area. a family of eight is incredibly lucky to be alive tonight after the minivan they would it was hit from behind, and it careened off of 680 in pleasanton and into a canal. henry lee tells us that firefighters say it is amazing that the families injuries were not more serious. >> i was walking by and looking at the fence and i was wondering if a bad accident had happened. >> reporter: this marks the spot where a family of eight was catapulted off of i-680 because of a reckless driver. >> they made several unsafe lane changes and collided with a minivan. >> reporter: but the minivan did not end up on the freeway or even the shoulder. >> they went to a chain link fence and went down to the san ramon creek. >> reporter: the minivan felt 150 feet and flipped upside down at one point and left a path of debris in its wake. the minivan ended up right side
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up in the creek. everyone survived and they were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> they had a complaint of pain injuries, and nothing major life-threatening. >> reporter: firefighters tell me if this had been wintertime, every inch of rainfall would have added four feet of water in the canal, ended the minivan would have landed upside down, they could've been trapped. >> they are alive today primarily because they were wearing their safety belt. >> reporter: both vehicles were traveling north on 680 and the driver who caused the wreck was last seen heading east in a blue car, possibly a mitsubishi . >> it is shocking that the person left and did not make sure any of those people were okay. >> people are just crazy and that is why i stay off of the road and i stay on trails. >> reporter: anyone who saw the
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crash or saw the blue car driving recklessly beforehand, they are asked to call the chp. four people are in custody following a stabbing last night at dolores park in san francisco. officers were called to break up that fight last night, and they found a man who had been stabbed. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. police have not released the identity of the four people in custody. the city of berkeley cleared out an encampment of people living in their rv along the waterfront. >> reporter: the people who call their cars, vans, rvs and campers home, parked near the berkeley marina across the street from a hotel had to move out today. the city of berkeley had posted signs earlier today telling them to move their vehicles out by 5:00 a.m. this morning, or face going, impoundment, and fines. >> everybody is supposed to
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have a permit on the car from the harbor. but the harbor is obviously with the city because the city has been passing a policy to stop mistreating the homeless. >> the police this morning are doing the bidding of the city council and the city manager and the manager of the doubletree, and they are moving an entire community of homeless residents who shelter ourselves and our vehicle to nowhere as far as the police are concerned. >> reporter: many of the vehicles look fairly roadworthy with some of them sitting for up to a year. but the eyesore encampment caused too much attention, and local businesses adopted the eviction. >> they are making the people's live, and what they are doing just to stay alive, they are making it a criminal act. we think it violates the
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constitution. and i can't do anything. i can sit here, and i can pray to god that everybody in this town understand that we are human beings and they are human beings and there is nothing i can do. >> reporter: one of the rvs that left hauling a boat and a trailer ended up less than a quarter of a mile away sitting for an unknown future. across the road, a smaller and unrelated encampment has taken root along a freeway exit. in another part of town, a more permanent looking encampment has been there for months, but it exists only to the continued tolerance of the private corporate landowner. so where did they go? they don't just disappear in the breeze. the fact is they go anywhere and everywhere that they can for as long as they can. this too is america, something to remember on memorial day. an update on a small crane
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-- plane crash in the north bay and what we are learning from investigators about the final moment before that plane went down. test response after the scathing review from consumer reports on the model three. the cleanup underway in maryland after the heavy rain's that triggered flash flooding. a look at the commute tonight and this is i-80 -- i- 580, and usually it is slow, but tonight, everybody is coming home from their memorial day plan and it is crowded on the left-hand lane. and we want to take a look at the san mateo bridge, and it is usually much heavier this time of the day, but it is very light for this monday holiday. we will be back with more in just a moment.
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the federal aviation administration is investigating a plane crash that killed two people in petaluma. the plane went down yesterday afternoon about one half of a mile from the petaluma municipal airport. the pot had just take -- pilot had just taken off when he had engine troubles and he tried to turn around, but didn't make it back to the airport. >> i hate it when anything like that happens. it is sad and not a good thing. it is just terrible. >> the plane was said to be a
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plane like this one in this picture. the plane was registered out of carmichael, and it is believed that the owner and his wife was on board, but the names of the two people have not officially been released. tesla is taking action to improve the breaking -- brake system on its model three. the model needed 150 feet to stop and it is seven feet longer than a ford f1 50 pickup truck needed. the ceo said a software update to improve the performance started going out on friday. consumer reports said it will retest the model three, but even if the stopping distance improves, it might not are in the recommended ratings. the car had other problems including a stiff ride and wind noise. years of russian malware
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has prompted the fbi to issue an warning for everyone to reboot their router. russian hackers placed malware on more than 500,000 internet routers in the united states. the fbi was able to stop the hackers from getting instructions to the routers, but they are still infected. we talked to professor peter young earlier this afternoon, and he explained the potential consequences of the hacking. >> the my were that has been out there, it is actually dormant for a majority of their life. they are brought to life by a particular code sent from its maker, and then it will activate and do something. it could capture keystrokes, it could block a website, and just randomly collect information that you don't want collected. >> rebooting a router allows a complete clean disconnect from
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the internet and any malicious activity. young recommends unplugging your router and leaving it off for three minutes up to five minutes before reconnecting it. one person is missing in maryland after record-breaking floodwaters ripped through a community over the week end and living a path of destruction. the flash flood sent ellicott city and left them reeling as they are recovering from another flood two years ago. >> it is hard for me to even understand how this could happen two years later. there is a lot of people who will have their lives devastated again. >> a 39-year-old man is missing tonight after witnesses say he was swept away by floodwaters. that man is a national guard member and an air force veteran who is trying to help a woman save her. sub tropical storm alberto
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made landfall in the florida panhandle this afternoon. wind gust of more than 65 miles per hour came ashore with it. florida governor rick scott said the state is prepared, but is warning residents to be smart. alberto is the first named storm of 2018. he got an early jump on the atlantic hurricane season which officially begins on friday. emergency officials in hawaii said the fast-moving lava from the kilauea volcano has destroyed more homes. the latest homes to be lost are in the leilani estates subdivision, which was evacuated early this month. more than 50 homes have now been destroyed since the emergency began almost 4 weeks ago. new evacuation orders are expected to go out soon to those still living in the path
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of the lava. >> a crack will form in the road and you can get cut off. those guys need to be aware of not just being in there and forgetting what is going on because that whole subdivision is vulnerable at this point. >> more than 2000 people have been evacuated from the area, and they have no idea when they might be able to return. rising prices at the pump and we will tell you what is behind the higher gas prices and how that is affecting how the navy -- holiday travel. the oakland a's were in a tight pitching duel this afternoon and we will have the story in sports.
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stomach trouble he said this is the busiest memorial day in 12 years. more than 41 million americans were expected to travel 50 miles or more today with a vast majority of them getting to the destination by car. that is in spite of higher gasoline prices. gas prices are up 31% compared to this time last year. the national average for a gallon of regular gasoline is the highest memorial day weekend average since 2014. bay area prices as always or even higher. the average price for a gallon of regular in san francisco is $2.85 a gallon. in san jose in oakland, it is $3.76 a gallon. several factors contributed to
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the price hike including all production cuts and the decision from the white house to withdraw from the nuclear deal. writers need to prepare for a two-month closure. our report has a look now at the work already underway and how the project will affect writers the summer. >> reporter: this is a site that writers -- riders need to get used to the summer. the stations will reopen tuesday only to be closed again this summer. >> this is about repairing the twin speak, -- twin peaks tunnel, and it is about preparing for the next 100 years. >> reporter: a tour was led for one of the areas that will be under construction this summer
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parker there will be --. there will be a long-term payoff for the short-term convenience. >> the train will go faster, and that should reduce the travel time, and in addition, tremendous improvements in reliability. >> reporter: all of the major work on this project has not yet started, but a great deal of preparation tells us we are already underway. >> this section of the tunnel, including this, is 100 years old. what they are doing is preparing the structure to be supportive. >> reporter: the work already underway mitt a memorial day weekend shut down, and a series of buses is being used to get passengers from one station to another. they are looking at this weekend as a dry run and tweaking the system to make sure that everyone gets to where they need to. riders say this weekend has gone smoothly and they are
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adding more time for their commute . >> i think it will take a little longer, maybe an extra one half of an hour. we will see what happens. >> reporter: riders hopes that the work during the summer will mean more reliable and quicker service down the road. we are up next with the on- again and off-again summit with north korea that may be back on again. the high level diplomatic scramble to salvage the summit. president donald trump's memorial day tweet is under fire and why critics are calling it self-serving. the european union proposes a stricter ban on plastic products and what will be outlined under the proposed legislation.
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only marshall tuck will change that. year after year, policians fail to improve public schools. tuck turned around failing schools, raising graduation rates 60%. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck.
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president donald trump paid tribute to americans:soldiers today with a traditional memorial day visit to arlington national cemetery.
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the president laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown and bow they will never forget the war heroes. there was a number of memorial day events in the bay area including a ceremony in san bruno to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. a family of eight is recovering tonight after the minivan they were in was hit by a hit-and-run driver. it happen this morning on i-680. the minivan went 150 feet down in to a canal. both vehicles were traveling north on 680. the driver who caused the wreck took off from the scene heading east on 580 in a blue car that may be a mitsubishi lancer. the city of berkeley told about 25 people who were camping out to move out. the city said they were in violation of parking violations
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at the harbor. the encampment set off complaints from nearby businesses including a hotel right across the street. homeless advocates are saying they are trying to survive in a tough economy. the on-again and off-again summit between the united states and north korea may be back on again. >> we know that u.s. diplomats have entered north korea for discussions on the plan june 12 meeting in singapore. a whirlwind of activity as the plant summit between president donald trump and kim jong un. at the scene of the surprise summit was the south korean president of the north korean side of the dmz, and details are being worked out about the possible meeting. >> we are trying to engage north korea's interest in denuclearization and what that might mean and how far they are willing to go. >> reporter: the u.s. ambassador to the philippines and korea nuclear negotiator and
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this korean official who accompanied of uncle trump to the olympics. they are facing off against the foreign minister of north korea, who had explosive remarks last week that threatened a nuclear showdown, and it almost blew the summit out of the water. scheduled to meet in singapore is the white house deputy chief of staff and others who with the north korean counterparts will plan the logistics for the meeting. the south korean president called monday for even more dialogue, possibly a three-way summit between the u.s. and the north after singapore. >> i think one thing that the south korean president was trying to do was to restore the communication channel. >> reporter: talks could
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continue through tuesday and even talks of a one last meeting between secretary of state mike pompeo and a north korean official to get the final go-ahead to the summit if all goes well. a traveling memorial is touring the united states offering people to pay their respect to the 58,000 americans who died in the vietnam war. the traveling wall is a small replica of the vietnam veterans wall in the nation's capital. organizers say that mobile memorial offers those who cannot go to washington as a chance to reflect and honor and respect those who returned home. >> we are making a difference, and that is what is important. that we don't let our veterans who are coming home now be treated the way we were treated. >> this year, the traveling memorial is supposed to make stops at about a dozen locations in states like florida, north carolina, and new york. president donald trump came
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in for some criticism today for the tone of a tweet on memorial day. he wrote happy memorial day. those who die for our great country would be happy and proud how well our country is doing today. best economy in decades and the lowest unemployment numbers for blacks and hispanics ever, and women in 18 years, rebuilding our military and so much more. some are calling his tweet on this memorial day tone deaf, and this retired army general wrote this day of all days of all days of the year should not be about any one of us. 93-year-old george hw bush is in a hospital being treated for lobar a pleasure! low blood pressure and fatigue. he was admitted over the weekend. a spokesperson for the former president said he will probably stay in the hospital for a few days adding that he is awake,
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alert, and not in pain. just last month, mister bush was hospitalized in houston for two weeks. thousands of starbucks stores are expected to close tomorrow to undergo racial bias training. the standdown follows the arrest of two african-american men at a starbucks in philadelphia who were waiting on a friend and didn't order anything. starbucks has since changed their policy to allow anyone to sit in their cafe or use the bathroom even if they don't buy anything. analyst estimate that starbucks could miss out on $12 million in revenue. the european commission announced today a proposed ban on plastic straws, q-tips, coffee stirrers, and many other single use plastic products. they hope it will reduce litter on the beaches in european countries. the proposal would be assessed
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by the eu, parliament, and member states. the commission wants to see results before may of next year. 2 we are targeting the 10 most commonly found single use plastic items that have a great chance to end up as litter and are very difficult to recycle. we are targeting plastic fishing gear also. >> the commission says without the ban, the environmental damage from plastics and $250 billion over the next 12 years. my actions on that day, in my mind, they were the only actions i could have done. >> coming up, a teacher who ran toward a school shooter and was shot three times spoke out about his ordeal today for the first time. >> we will have the story behind this incredible video showing a man scaling an apartment building to rescue that little child that was dangling from a balcony.
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the indiana teacher who protected his students by tackling a gunman who walked into his seventh grade classroom made his first public comments today since being shot. jason seaman was released from the hospital on saturday, and he said he is still processing what happened. he said he is not someone who looks for attention and is not entirely comfortable with the situation he is currently in. when he was asked about the day of the shooting, he said he did what needed to be done.
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>> my actions on the -- on that day, in my mind with the only acceptable thing i could have done given the circumstances. i deeply care for the students and my well-being, and that is why i did what i did. and he is 29 years old and a science teacher and a football coach. you to say when the government came into the classroom, seaman through a basketball at him too distracting, ran at him, swatted the gun out of his hands and tackled him. another student in the classroom was shot, and she is still recovering. deadly school shootings like the ones in indiana and texas have prompted schools to turn toward technology. some new apps are helping educators and parents flag potential threats. >> you don't want to wait on legislation, you want to know what you can do right at this moment. >> reporter: with shootings at
6:41 pm
the top of everybody's mind, educators are relying on technology as their newest line of defense against school violence. >> as educators, that is one of the jobs that we have to do here. not just protect, but educate in giving students tools to handle these things. >> reporter: these apps allow parents to monitor there's children social media accounts and another one that allows educators to keep an eye on all school on devices. >> we cannot give children these device that can access the world and enable the world to access them without equipping them properly to handle the situation in a proper manner. >> reporter: this application alerts parents and educators to a potential problem that could recognize acronyms and him og combinations. >> he can tell the difference between kill myself, k ms, or if you trip and fall and if you are actually expressing thoughts of wanting to take a lie. >> reporter: this is one of the
6:42 pm
several apps looking to curb school violence. those affected by school shootings have all lots similar initiatives aimed at monitoring online content. >> we are the first generations apparent that have had to deal with digital parenting in the world. this is definitely an unforeseen landscape. >> reporter: educators say these programs are just part of the solution. >> it is a multi pronged approach that is going to win this battle. it is not just any one tool, but it is the one tool that may make a difference and matter. 4 still to come, he is being called a real live superman, and you will see why from this video. find out what happens after this incredible rescue as he climbed up the side of the building. he pulls that little boy to safety and we will have more on the story coming up. a very warm day out there
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and we had 90 degrees in fairfield. it was the warmest day of the year and the temperatures will drop a little bit this week, and we will have the details. a -- an unusual sight on the peninsula as the large number of jellyfish that washed ashore. california license plates are going digital and we will explain how it works at 7:00 p.m. my name is tony thurmond. education isn't the goal, - it's the gateway. hold the key... to every child's opportunity. we reject trump's attacks on our public schools. and invest in the teachers dreamers. modernize our curriculum and empower educators to teach beyond the test because creativity and critical thinking are as important as facts and figures. i'm tony thurmond the work starts now. state superintendent. ♪
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stomach incredible video out of paris shows a man scaling four stories of an apartment building to save a 4-year-old child who was dangling from a balcony. that man is now being called a hero. >> the french president is even showing his gratitude. >> reporter: the video is
6:46 pm
astounding! 22-year-old mamoudou gassama scaled four stories of a building in paris to rescue a 4- year-old boy, risking his life and earning the nickname spiderman. >> i did not think twice, i just climbed up and thank god. god helped me. the more i climbed, the more i had the courage to climb up higher. i asked him if he was afraid, and he told me know that i didn't think about myself, i was thinking about the child. when he started climbing, he got scared that the child would let go and luckily the child did not let go and he was able to rescue him. >> reporter: mamoudou gassama is a migrant and he said he made that dangerous miniature raring -- mediterranean crossing . he received a certificate of
6:47 pm
bravery and a metal on monday after meeting with the french president. the president also announced he is granting him legal residency and fast tracking his citizenship. >> i am happy for this young man and it is great for him. >> the exceptional nature of this gesture justifies the exceptional decision that he may. france is about willingness and commitment, and that is what he show. >> reporter: the president also offered him a job, in the fire department. >> how about that. police arrested the father of the boy who had left that 4- year-old unattended so he could go buy groceries. prosecutor say he took a long time to return home because he was playing pokimon go as he left the store. what an outstanding story! >> it is nice to see him being awarded for something that he did naturally like the woman who set in the story, he is going to get a job in the fire
6:48 pm
department and fast-track his citizenship. >> it strikes me too because we have two amazing stories today. you have the guy who knocked off the gunman. this is what you do. it is just remarkable. those are great stories and it is neat that you can do those stories and talk about the good things that happened. so it was 90 degrees in fairfield today, and that was the warmest spot. it was 95 degrees in livermore, and sometimes when you watch the news, you think everything is bad, and that is not always so. there is a lot of good things that happened, and it is neat that we get to bring you that as well. as you look out there, there is not any fog along the coast, but you can kind of see it here, it will work its way back up to the coast, and it probably will not be here in earnest until tomorrow night
6:49 pm
and maybe into wednesday morning. tomorrow will be cooler because we will have an onshore flow. there is no fog out there, but the flow will be a little bit more pronounced, and there will be a little bit more of a seabreeze. there will not be any fog out there and instead of the mid 90s tomorrow, they will be in the upper 80s. instead of the upper 70s, those spots will be in the upper 60s. in the inland valleys, you will find the warmth. not a bad day. 84 degrees out toward mount diablo. 89 degrees in brentwood. we do this thing in our business, we bring you news. news is often the bad things that happen, and it overshadows how many great things really happen and how many great things that people do. those two stories, as you both
6:50 pm
said, and you love to see that and you love being a part of that, because that is how most people are. >> everybody loves to see good news. and when you think about what the gunman did as he threw the basketball to distracting and then tackling. >> he said he had a deep appreciation of his students. >> he was shot three times and he was lucky that he survived. coming up next in sports, the giants are in colorado looking for a win against the colorado rockies. jason will have the highlights and the rest in sports coming up in just a moment. john chiang's father came it'here with little money,on. but big dreams for a better future. now john has a chance to make history. a champion of the underdog, john took on wells fargo when it ripped off working families. and against the odds, he helped saved california from financial disaster during the great recession. ...leaving more to invest in progressive priorities like education, healthcare
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and affordable housing. john chiang. the proven, progressive leader we need for california's future.
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marshall tuck will change that. in california, 3 million kids can't read at grade level. tuck turned around struggling schools, raising graduation rates over 60%. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck.
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stomach jason joins us now for sports as he is in for mark tonight and he will start off with some baseball. to the oakland a's, they did not have a lot of runs today at the coliseum. in fact, nearly four hours a baseball this afternoon, and the two teams combined for just a single run. this kid has the right idea, and he knows how to beat the heat. it was 80 degrees at the time of the first pitch, and the oakland a's best chance to score was in the sixth inning.
6:54 pm
this groundout ends the inning and the oakland a's did get some great pitching, but we are going to fast forward to the 13th inning. this song -- solid single was the solid hit and the throw to the plate was a little late. this ball was grabbed at the wall, and in the bottom of the 13, the last chance for the oakland a's, matt chapman goes down swinging, and the oakland a's lose 1-0. after an hour rain delay in colorado, the giants and the rockies finally got things going, and the balls were flying out of coors field today. once they got to the action, three runs right here by trevor story.
6:55 pm
no doubt about it with a home run in the bleachers and the score is 3-2 rockies. the giants get it back, and this matter did not have any home run/or, and this is his sixth of the season, and it ties the game. the giants right now are winning 5-4 in the sixth inning. words i never thought i would utter. las vegas, the center of the hockey universe. amazing to think this is the golden knights first year of existence, and they are playing in the stanley cup finals. lots of scoring and right now, what again, it is a 3-3 tie in the second period in the first
6:56 pm
game of the stanley cup finals. it was that david verse goliath matchup for all of the marbles in college lacrosse with duke trying to win their fourth title in the last nine years taking on yale. what's this move and this reversal of direction, and this was the fourth goal of the game and it puts it out of reach and yale is celebrating because they win it 13-11. this is the first title. we have some fun stuff to show you in our latest installment of check this out. we are going to start with fans on memorial day. watch as this ball bounces back into play, so the astros george springer tosses it back to the fans, and he says i don't want it. but everybody is like what are you doing? the fan play of the date was at fenway park. what's this guy reach over and
6:57 pm
a great catch. you know what that desserts when you make a play like that? how about a little hug. >> time for the players to make someplace. watch -- some place. -- plays. a few more looks and a tip of the from him and a tip of the caps from fenway. but this may be the catch of the day in pittsburgh. corey dickerson goes up and over the wall and takes a home run away. we are still in pittsburgh and we will stay there for one more play. well, maybe not. we are not going to stay, but we will show you it later. >> we will look forward to that. >> thank you for joining us. good night.
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gentlemen, i think i've come up with a fun way to get young people interested in science. physics mad-libs. now, give me a number. five. uh-huh. and an irrational constant. "e." and a funny greek letter. gamma. i said funny. upsilon? good one. and an electrical charge. positive. (laughs) perfect. sheldon: okay. get this. (clears throat) "professor jones told the symposium he had a new method "for calculating the mass of a muon. five times the limit of (laughs) 'e' to the upsilon as..." (laughing) (clearing throat): okay. no, no. i'll start over. "professor..." (cracking up) i haven't seen him laugh that hard


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