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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 29, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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a 13-year-old arrested in san jose on suspicious of crashing a stolen car with three other teens in sight. the disturbing trend that investigators say this trend exhibits . >> starbucks closing several stores for several hours today as employees take part in racial bias education. the golden state warriors -- after a big win last night, setting them up for a finals rematch versus the cleveland cavaliers. fox 2 news at noon. starts now. good afternoon. right now, a 13-year-old is in custody, accused of driving a stolen car and crashing it into is a pic >> police say it happened after 10:00 last night near mclaughlin avenue and tully road. moments after officers tried to pull over a stolen blue honda accord. ktvu's -- garrett spoke with -- jesse. good afternoon to you. police say this is part of a larger trend, not just in the
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city or state, but nationally. it is also alarming, xavier exhibited by teenagers involved, -- involved. it is pretty sad to think about -- not only affected in this type of crime, but also the consequences and -- of their actions . >> those consequences include one team clinging to life, and three others injured. investigator say around 10:50 last night at mclaughlin until he wrote, officers tried to make a traffic stop of a stolen 1995 blue honda accord. the 13-year-old driver sped off. officers did not pursue. they use their radios instead. the honda went north on mclaughlin, with the lights turned off. something investigators say is a common act for hardened criminals. the 13-year-old driver eventually collided nearly head- on with a white 2014 ford see max hybrid car is that driver was turning from southbound mclaughlin onto bob office drive . >> for these kids to know that
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that is something that hardened criminals do, is pretty telling of the fact that maybe someone has been coaching these guys on how to go out there and commit these crimes, or they have been talking to other people. in their circle of friends, that have been there, done that, and are trying to emulate others who have done that. >>reporter: the honda wound up crashed into a light pole on the sidewalk. the 13-year-old driver was trapped inside and had to be removed before being taken to an area hospital. the driver of the ford was not seriously hurt. in total now, the ages of the kids involved. to 13-year-olds, the driver and the passenger, who is in critical condition. in the back, a 14-year-old and a 16-year-old. we are told that at least one teen has been arrested and processed at juvenile hall. again, one 13-year-old clinging to life at this hour. we are live in the studio this afternoon. jesse garrett, foxnews. this afternoon a teenager in santa cruz county is in
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critical condition after being attacked with a hammer. it was 1:40 yesterday morning with detectives say three mast people entered the home. the mast individuals assaulted three teenagers. 216-year-olds at a 17-year-old, hitting them in the head with a hammer. they stole several items from the home. two of the victims have been released from the hospital. no arrests have been laid -- made. the motive for the target remains unclear. the man accused of being the golden state killer was back in the courtroom this morning. it was the first time we saw joseph d'angelo standing up without a wheelchair in court. you see him there in the cage in the orange jumpsuit. this is a continuance of the last hearing, in which media outlets made a request to have all search and arrest warrants made public. that would allow everyone to see what investigators were looking forward they arrested d'angelo in april. the judge made no decision on that request. the angelos lawyer is fighting the lawyer -- the -- he is 72 years old. he is charged with eight murders and four counties. he is suspected in at least 45
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rates and 12 killings, which started in the 1970s. d'angelo has not yet entered a plea. we are learning new details of the rescue of -- during a fire that injured a firefighter and a chp officer. that fire started at harvesters market yesterday afternoon. right there on highway 29 in the heart of middletown. we are told a chp officer happened to be at the market getting lunch when the fire alarm went off around 2:30. the officer called for fire response. after crews arrived, the officer started doing traffic control be but then, he saw a firefighter from cal fire partially engulfed in flames. the chp officer and another firefighter pulled him to safety. the firefighter was taken to uc davis for treatment for burns. the chp officer suffered smoke inhalation at first it -- first degree burns to his right hand. a woman says harvesters market is a crucial part of the small- town. it's the only store in middletown. -- somebody --. >> the markets suffered
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extensive damage. because of that fire is investigated. in a few hours, starbucks stores around the country, including here in the bay area, are set to close early. so, employees can take part in racial bias education. ktvu's -- harrington has details on mother training entails and the incident that helped trigger the company to take action. >>reporter: this video prompted the racial bias training of more than 175,000 starbucks employees. police handcuffed two men at a philadelphia star. they tried to use the bathroom without paying for anything. the manager called police . >> we are here to make starbucks a place where everyone, everyone feels welcome. >>reporter: starbucks put posted preview video of the training session on the website, where the ceo, board members, and employees go over the company's goals, where they have made mistakes, and talk about employee issues and concerns. when starbucks manager from oakland was included in the video . >> when i first started working there, i had to deal with difficult, homeless customers all the time.
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>> i found one in the restroom. immediately. i shut down for -- froze. >>reporter: employee say that sounds like -- customers say that they a good idea but wonder how much can be accomplished in one day . >> they can bring quality to everyone's access to the stores. i think it is a positive sign . >> if it helps, absolutely. we are a society, and is mixed with all kinds of people, all different walks of life. >>reporter: most bay area starbucks stores, including this one in walnut creek, closed today at 2:30. there are signs posted on doors and windows to let customers know about the change. signs are also posted inside, welcoming customers and asking people to follow some guidelines. for example, sleeping, smoking, and drug use is not allowed. starbucks ranches inside places like grocery stores, airports, and hotels, will remain open.
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in walnut creek, alissa harrington, fox 2 . ocean -- oakland-based red bay coffee is touring coffee shops in philadelphia today. while in philadelphia, kiva coffee will be on social media, holding a conversation on the inclusiveness in the coffee industry. -- coffee is made up of women, people of color, people who have served time in jail. what happened at starbucks will continue until the leadership of corporations is as diverse as the communities they serve. the golden state warriors are on their way to the fourth consecutive nba finals. >> on the right side of your screen there, those third teen thousand lawyer fans attended a watch party at oracle, celebrating loudly, as they watched the golden state warriors when the western state finals . >> alex abbott, life outside of oracle in oakland, that is where the nba finals get underway out thursday, alex. good afternoon to you.
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the excitement will certainly be building here over the next couple of days. game won against lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers will be played here at oracle on thursday night. of course, this will be a familiar opponent. the fourth straight time the warriors and calves will meet in the nba finals, and fans this morning are feeling confident that the warriors will be taking home another title. earlier this morning, this was the scene inside the team store at oracle arena as oracle -- warrior fans packed the stores to get their hands of these brand-new shirts and hats. once again, the doves are champs of the west. after beating the houston rockets last night and gave 7 of the conference finals, it was of course a hard-fought series all the way through. certainly, a nailbiter and gave 7. things were looking tough for a time. the warriors actually looked awful in times of the series. when it counted, they turned it on and they have earned another trip to the finals . >> they came back in the third quarter. they got that third-quarter
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vibe going. curry got 11 points going. you know what i mean? i think they're going to do it . >> i did reach for the antacids there, for a little bit. i had to get up and take a walk. i was a little nervous. that third-quarter started kind of slow. but once they got it going, it was go warriors. you did it. made us proud. with lebron, you are a great athlete. my warriors are going to get you again, i'm sorry . >> they are going to be the champions . >> no doubt about it? >> no. it's the warriors. >> it's a familiar opponent. is a good or bad? >> good. one thing, you know them. i think it's going to go five games . >> the cavaliers . >> we got no worries about lebron . >> no. i don't like him. anyway.
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hand, i don't think he will do anything any better than what he has been trying to do. is trying to kill himself to get another ring. but, the warriors are going to take him down. >> she is not a fan of lebron james. put it that way. games 1-2 of the nba finals will be played here in oakland on thursday and sunday. presale tickets for those games went on sale earlier this morning on the warriors website , and tickets go on sale to the general public going on sale at 6:00 tonight. it will be dij@ vu all over again. the warriors and calves, once again playing for a championship in the end it -- nba finals. the warriors looking for the third title in the last four years. thank you, alex. let's hope they come out strong and get that first game. it's nice to start at home. stay with us here for more on the warriors return to the finals. coming up in just about 30 minutes, we will be joined by sports anchor, jason applebaum. will talk about the match up with the calves. and what makes this year's series different from previous years. slightly cooler weather around the bay area this year.
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we will check in with the weather. first responders on standby in hawaii, concerned over shifting wins. we are monitoring stocks right now. the dow jones is down by almost 2%, losing almost 500 points. s&p and nasdaq almost -- also seeing a slide. we will be right back. and voted against all trump's attempts to repeal it. but we need to do more. i believe in universal health care. in a public health option to compete with private insurance companies. and expanding medicare to everyone over 55. and i believe medicare must be empowered to negotiate the price of drugs. california values senator dianne feinstein to negotiate the price of drugs. dog: seresto, seresto, seresto. jake...
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it has been an emotional day for students at santa fe high school in texas. it is their first day back in school since the deadly shooting about 11 days ago. they were greeted by community members who gathered outside the campus, holding signs of encouragement. there are also crisis counselors on hand to help students and staff. the may 18 shooting left 10 people dead and 13 injured. when mother says she appreciates how the community has come together in this time of tragedy. >> it has been awesome. it has been overwhelming. it has been, all the support from everywhere. what i do, is i just share it as much as i can. i just pass on the word. so we can get as much participation, and let everybody know that the community, we are one. >> santa fe police say security has been tight all day there at the school. students were not allowed to bring backpacks, and had to show their student id. there is also extra officers and state troopers on campus.
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in belgium today, three people were killed, including two police officers. it started when a man with a knife approached the two female police officers from behind and stabbed him several times. before taking their guns and killing them. they then shot and killed a 22- year-old man nearby and also injure two other police officers. a short time later, he took a woman hostage at a school, which led to a standoff with the police. he was later killed by police officer. belgium investigators are trying to determine that the incident was terrorist related. that you say that the attackers motive was to attack police officers. the white house now confirming that a top north korean official is on his way to new york to meet with secretary of state, mike pompeo, later this week . >> the two were expected to discuss preparations for the potential summit between president trump and north korea's kim jong-un. the summit is expected to be held in singapore in two week. caroline shively reports, diplomats from both countries are still working behind the scenes to make it happen . >> the president, kicking off the morning on twitter. saying, sorry, i have got to start focusing my energy on
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north korean nuclear, -- the economy, rebuilding the military, and so much more, and not on the rigged russia witchhunt. the tweet. the presidents forth in less than an hour, denouncing the investigation, and by the members of his campaign conspired with moscow to sway the race. the presidents attorney, giuliani, saying he no longer believes the investigation is legitimate . >> this investigation is rigged. it is unfair. >>reporter: in a tweet of his own, chuck schumer backed the special counsel, saying robert mueller's work is that of a career prosecutor and law enforcement officer who is squarely focused on getting to the bottom of russia's model -- meddling in u.s. elections. meanwhile, the trump administration working to shift the focus to north korea and ongoing negotiations for summit pick a president on twitter confirming that a top north korean official is heading to
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new york, as teens are in singapore preparing for the possibility of u.s. north korea talks . >> the president sent over to delegations to -- and one for more diplomatic purposes. they are underground . >> later today, the president heads to tennessee to support fellow republicans. his defense secretary is on his way to hawaii to meet with japanese officials to coordinate their positions ahead of this potential north korea summit. in washington, caroline shively, ktvu, fox 2 news. let's check in with meteorologist rosemary orozco. you are right. it is a nice one out there. we have mostly clear skies. some fog on the coast. we are beginning to transition just a bit. a little cooler at the coast. still warm inland for today. a bigger cooling trend coming tomorrow. your the numbers outside right
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now. mostly clear skies across the host -- oakland estuary. san francisco in the backdrop. moderate air quality. san francisco, 69 right now. santa rosa, 84. low 70s in oakland. livermore, 89. san jose, 82. cooler along the coast. and onshore breeze, as it moves inland, we will continue to see those temperatures fall. by wednesday. here is a look at the 24-hour temperature change. down by just a bit over areas of half moon bay, san carlos, inside the bay. hayward, six degrees colder. well inland, we are just as warm. even warmer in areas like concord and livermore and into the north, nevada, up four degrees from yesterday. that will continue into the afternoon. mostly clear skies. a little bit of fog up the coastline. mostly clear for the evening hours. temperatures begin to cool as we get into the midweek time plate. mostly clear. a little bit of fog over santa cruz right now. could see it develop over areas like half moon bay and pacifica. for the most part, looking at another beautiful, warm day. here is what you can expect. 60s on the coast. 70s and 80s in line. some of our hotter locations, just as hot as yesterday.
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low 90s in the forecast. afternoon highs. and the north bay for today, 86 for santa rosa, 81 for san rafael. for the east bay, low to mid 70s. 74 for berkeley. upper 80s to low 90s from concord into brentwood. meanwhile along the coastline, a cool day and pacifica. 60s for you this afternoon. 70 for downtown san francisco. into the south day, 85, san jose. 85 for los gatos. if you are going to see the a's played later today, 65 degrees. mostly clear skies and gametime. a beautiful evening setting up as we get into the evening hours. temperatures will continue to call by about 60 degrees by the time the game without. here is your extended forecast that the temperatures, again, a huge drop-off expected by wednesday, thursday. it will not last. take a look at your weekend. by friday, temperatures backup, and we are back to that hot weather as we get inland on saturday and sunday. just a nice springlike forecast. and that transition . >> springfield a lot better
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than it did yesterday in line . >> thank you. officials in hawaii going door-to-door, still. alerting residents to evacuate. the fast-moving love is forcing more evacuation orders. the llama has destroyed 82 structures, including 37 homes, 10 of which were destroyed just this past weekend. reporter jeff paul has the story. -- >>reporter: the big rush of -- lava rope through. took out 10 houses. rate -- >>reporter: it has been more than 10 weeks of the love is still flowing. at least 10 more homes destroyed over the holiday weekend, and has spread into new neighborhoods but more than 2000 people are now under evacuation orders. after weeks of way from home, some people are returning to areas under threat. the usc asked now using infrared to locate residence, and send first responders toward eventually . >> fire, public works, police, all went door-to-door to get the people out. disturbingly, some people just refused to leave. and so, it kind of gives us
12:21 pm
terrifying insight into what is going on out there. >>reporter: the lava has also reached the puno jia thermal power plant, covering at least two of its wells. to have been no reports of explosions so far. a major concern at this point, air quality. shifting winds are leading to warnings that are mixture of lava and hayes pushing toward land carrying cologne -- corrosive hcl. first responders on standby, do pairing to deploy if the situation gets worse . >> we have two crews that are operating on a 24 hour standby. we are capable of day and night operations . >> it is certainly a special experience. a lot of safety considerations flying around volcano. >>reporter: no new -- there are no new evacuation orders due to air qualities. on the big island of hawaii, jeff paul, ktvu, fox 2 news.
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another home in silicon valley set the new record for the most expensive single parcel of land in sunnyvale. we will tell you how much this home sold for after the break. see what our secret investigation uncovered about your favorite yogurt. today at 1:00, on ktvu fox 2.
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president trump has decided to rack up the pressure on china once again. the administration has renewed its threat to place 25% tariffs on $60 billion of chinese goods in retaliation for china's unfair trade practices. commerce secretary, wilbert ross is visit to china is days now.
12:25 pm
the list of products the president wants hit the hardest will be announced on june 15. that would make it three days after the possible june 12 summit between the u.s. and north korea. back to stocks. we are monitoring a huge slide. here on the dow jones. the s&p and nasdaq are down as well. the dow has lost almost 500 points. down almost 2%. prices continue to climb in one of the most popular cities in silicon valley. a five bedroom house or for a little more than $3.1 million. that's $150,000 more than the previous holder for the most expensive single parcel in sunnyvale history. the family that bought the house includes two teenagers, and parents, who both work in the tech industry. they are looking for a place to buy in sunnyvale for two years, because they wanted a bigger home and a better school distct than their previous home in santa clara. across the bay, people living in the vehicles in berkeley were forced to leave the vehicle -- are vehicles yesterday.
12:26 pm
about 25 people received warnings. yesterday, they were forced to lay. the encampment attracted a lot of attention from visitors and local businesses, which led to the eviction . >> i can't do anything? i can sit here. and, i can pray to god that everybody in this town understands that we are human beings that they are human beings. there is nothing i can do. and if they think berkeley offers services, they didn't. >> people living along marina boulevard moved to a nearby parking lot of a restaurant that is closing. so far, the city leaders and law enforcement say it has only considered a temporary situation. a third puppy left for dead in a dumpster in east oakland. >> what i make of it is a dog torture. this is a serious police matter . >> the latest on the investigation, and the reward now being offered in the case . >> san francisco mayor, mark farrell, continues to crackdown
12:27 pm
on homeless encampments. what one homeless man thinks about the cleanup, and help from the city. it really is your opportunity to bring about change . >> election night.
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hi folks. we're back. police in oakland are now investigating a third puppy left for dead in an abandoned dumpster in east oakland . >> it was a husky puppy with a broken jaw. it was discovered days after to severely injured german puppy shepherd -- german shepherd puppies were found in the same
12:30 pm
place. a $5000 reward is being offered in this case. -- >>reporter: it has happened again. another tortured dog dumped in the trash in an east oakland neighborhood . >> i see -- >>reporter: josi said he saw the blood he paws, the bloke in jaws, and brought water for the pot before calling volunteers from rocket dog rescue. one look at the animal, you can tell it was in bad shape. >> it's four months, possibly five months husky puppy. broken jaw, just like the dogs found the other day . >> these two german shepherd pups were found in the same trash heap at 89th avenue and g street. one docket part of his back pocket off. and was taking the pet food express in alameda. the other, taken to the vet with a broken jaw on both sides. malnourished, and affected, and in danger of being euthanized .
12:31 pm
>> what i make of it is a dog tortured in oakland. this is a serious police matter. >>reporter: oakland animal control sealed off the area, then rushed the pub to the hospital in san leandro for treatment. the city of oakland -- oakland, citing an investigation, denied doctors permission to speak with the cameras. an administrator telling us off camera, the dog will survive, but needs a specialist to repair the broken jaw. we ask conley if this dog could have been used as bait? >> what would they need to break the dogs jaw for? i just don't see that injury in dogfighting. i have found dead dogs around that were in dogfighting. usually they are just chewed up. this is different. it's not what we are used to. >>reporter: just over 48 hours, three dogs were dumped in the trash. conley says, they got lucky with this husky pup. >> in the animal control officer flagged down.
12:32 pm
he happened to be passing by, looking for a pit bull. >>reporter: the city of oakland is investigating both of these cases. meanwhile, pet food express in alameda has offered a $5000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible for dumping these animals. in san leandro, rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. northern california authorities have arrested two flight school employees on suspicion of kidnapping a student pilot and trying to send him back to his native china. chester county flight instructor and his assistant kelly hauser were arrested last week. police say the two assaulted the student pilot at his apartment and forced him to go to the airport. he received minor injuries. the student pilot tells the record searchlight that he recorded the confrontation.'s we're learning more about two people killed in a small plane crash in petaluma. the two were killed. plane went down sunday afternoon shortly after takeoff from the petaluma airport . >> anything like that happens, it is sad. not a good thing. it is just a terrible thing.
12:33 pm
>> witnesses say the plane started having engine trouble, and it stopped, turned sideways, and headed straight down. investigator say it in -- appears the pilot tried to turn around but didn't make it back to the airport. -- this is a home built plane, often used for aerobatics. the faa and the national transportation safety board are investigating the trash. san francisco police have arrested for people for a stabbing this weekend. the broke up the fight after 7:00 on sunday night. man was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. police have not released the identities of the four people now in custody. public works crews cleared out a large tent city in the south of market district near eighth and harrison in separate cisco this morning . >> we have more on the significance of this operation. >>reporter: the mayor says that this is a huge milestone for the city. crews are finished clearing out what they describe as the last large homeless encampment here in san francisco. these are camps with 10 or more
12:34 pm
tenants. that is exactly what was set up. at the end of this alleyway on barwick place, beyond eight and harrison. an elaborate set up with tents and homemade wooden structures. it had been here for the past couple of weeks. city officials say this is clearly a haven for drug use, with hundreds of dirty needles found here this morning. police and public works crews arrived at 6 am to begin moving people out. a few days ago, one of the city's homeless outreach teams were here at this encampment -- encampment offering services in space and shelters to the dozen or so people staying here. since last month, the mayor has cracked down on tent cities like this one, which he says are a threat to public health . >> we need to make sure that the sidewalks in san francisco are for everybody. people who are proactively choosing to sleep in tents and refusing to come into shelters, refusi tcome into housing. at the end of the day, san francisco, the answer is no,
12:35 pm
you cannot stay in your tents, just because you want to. >> sometimes a homeless people get a bad rap. some people are doing bad things. breaking the law, whatnot. you got people like myself. -- work. i can get a job and i work. every day. it's not my life. it's not going to be my life. >>reporter: that gentleman we spoke with this morning told me he is willing to accept help from the city, and move into a shelter. but, the mayor says, many other people living in these encampments are not willing to go indoors. that becomes a problem. i talked this morning with a director of san francisco's coalition on homelessness, who has been an outspoken critic of this ongoing crackdown by the mayor's office. she says clearing these encampments does not solve the problem. it simply means that people are going to move elsewhere, and likely set up their tents in nearby neighborhoods. in san francisco, alex savage,
12:36 pm
ktvu fox 2 news. san francisco many trains are running to the twin peaks tunnel again today after they were shut down over the holiday weekend. san francisco took advantage of the long weekend to shut down a stretch of track between the west portal and -- station. they performed preliminary work for a two month project december. on june 26 that stretch will be closed again for renovations that are expected to read -- improve the system for years to come . >> this is really about preparing the twin peaks tunnel, which is a two-mile heart of the system, and 100 years old pick this is about preparing it for the next hundred years. >> if everything goes as planned, when the title reopens in late august, trains will run faster and be more reliable. in the meantime, if you're in the area, give yourself some extra travel time. happening today, the sanford college republicans are hosting to conservative speakers. charlie kirk, the founder of turning point usa. and candace owens are expected to speak at the make stanford
12:37 pm
great again event. -- earlier this month, kurt talked about stanford, saying the administration is stanford trying to block him from speaking on campus, before they finally approved it . >> they are afraid of conservatives coming on campus. and they are afraid of conservative speakers coming on campus. i kind of challenge that. and they say, if our ideas are so bad, lettuce, campus and no one will show up . >> this is the first time to stanford college republicans have invited speakers on campus since protests broke out in november. an official warning has been issued to a fremont school with a high number of foreign students receiving work permits. the accrediting agency that over -- overseas polytechnic university has told administrators to produce more information about the students at the companies that hire them. the university could lose its accreditation if it fails to comply. it is a visa mill that provides an improper pass to u.s.
12:38 pm
employment. the university denies a chargeback aggressive girls in the cub scouts in virginia are working on their skills as they could be the first group of girls to enter the boy scouts next year. the girls have been working on some of the skills needed to join the boy scouts. the girls will be among the first female members of the newly named scouts bsa program, which until the change, will still be called boy scouts, and only admit boys ages 11-17. the organization says the changes about character development. >> from the program level, we're not making any changes. everything we do is exactly the way they would have done it had they been boys. we are not making accommodations, we're not doing anything different . >> i don't really mind. as long as i get to do it. it is reallyfun, and i enjoyed. i don't care what gender the people with us are. >> the move by the boy scouts comes after decades of declining membership . >> still ahead, the lawyer -- warriors and calves face off yet again. we will be joined by jason
12:39 pm
applebaum, to talk about this year's matchup as lebron and the cleveland cavaliers had back into the bay area . >> and enjoy the warm temperatures and sunshine you can. there is a slight pull down on the way. will check back in with rosemary for more details.
12:40 pm
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the golden state warriors arrived back in the bay area, landing in oakland about 3 am. you can see them, getting off the team playing. they beat the houston rockets last night it gave 7. it was rookie jordan bell who carried the western championship trophy from the plane. hoisting it above his head. drinking in the glory. there is more lori to come. jason applebaum joins us now as we look ahead to get another matchup with the cleveland cavaliers . >> i think there will be more glory to come. remember last year heading to the finals, much different stories. they had eight days off because they swept into the crowd. there were 12-0 going in.
12:43 pm
much different now. just two days before they face lebron james and the cavaliers. it has been a tough road for both teams. if you're looking at the series, they have played twice this year. excuse me, they played twice this year. first at christmas at oracle. stefan curry did not play the game. patrick mccraw started in that place. will show you what a different deal it is heading to the finals. warriors, a bunch of blocks in that game. kevin durand had a big game. clay thompson, late in the game, would hit a huge 3 pointer. oh, the warriors won that game. i would say, fairly handily. it was a tough, tough win. it was 99-92. kevin durand, a big swat with the game on the line. it was their 13th straight win on the road at that point. three weeks later in cleve, steph did play. in that game, durand had a big point -- game. 32 points. 118-108. that was the story this year for the warriors and the cavs. obviously last year in the final, they beat them in 5 games.
12:44 pm
fourrahtyears we are seeing the same two teams. that has never happened in any of the major pro sports. first time in history we have kind of experienced something like this . >> obviously know how rub -- lebron is playing. the soul playoff run for him. for us, we have to figure out the new -- cavs is a different team than last year. right now, i don't know anything about what the game plan is going to be. we will leave it all out on the floor. have a chance to play for a championship. -- get ready to try to win our second straight title. the rockets really took a lot out of the warriors. not a huge rest. a couple of days. they will be ready to go, and, the warriors are just, they are just too strong for the cavs, you think? lebron is 33. is not that old, right? he has been in the league
12:45 pm
forever. but, he came out of the heiskell. he is the most imposing force. he is putting up 40+ points. >> in a number of playoff series's. he can't really defend him. you can do your best to contain him, to keep them under 50 points. andre goodall has been that guy for the warriors. obviously, he has been on the bench. he is hurt. whether or not he plays, who defends him car? how does that affect the flow of the team? >> it's going to be fremont green. we don't know if agee will be back or not. his bruised knee is causing him more pain than i thought. it will keep him out longer. look at lebron. just put the entire team and the celtics on his back and winning and gay 7 against boston. 34 points. 9 rebounds, 9 assists. that's what he is averaging on the playoffs. this is one of the great runs we have seen. i don't think we have seen a player kind of will his team to victory over and over and over again like lebron has done and this year's
12:46 pm
layoffs. is it enough to beat the playoffs? >> you can play as a team . >> with the warriors to play as a team, we saw the first half, it wasn't necessarily perfect. but when they get it going, they are unstoppable . >> remember when strength in numbers was more than just a slogan? right now, it is not really straight the numbers. the warriors are 4 all-stars, superstars. but beyond that, they haven't really leaned on-they haven't played on it -- played everyone. >> they will get more pt this time around . >> member they will match up a little bit better. >> i am fired up. i can't wait . >> i can tell. say it is. jason, thank you. this weather is too pretty to stay inside . >> you are right. we have changes coming. already seeing it on the coastline and in seven cisco. a little breezy. that please picking up and for our inine mmities this time entire day before you begin to
12:47 pm
see that, until that cooling trend. that's what we will see tomorrow. giving you that look across the oakland estuary. at the coast and inside the bay, some of us a little cooler this afternoon. and communities are about the same as yesterday. another warm to hot day. as a lookout storm tracker 2. we have a little bit of fog over areas of monterey. just off the coastline there in santa cruz. changes are coming, and the transition is already underway. we will have a trough that will deepen, and that it does, it will bring back the low clouds. it will bring back the cooler weather. again, already seeing it in some spots. giving you a view of the change. four degrees half moon bay. down by six degrees in hayward. ended to the south bay, just a degree cooler in the areas of her son is a. as i pointed out, if you go in, most areas are just as one. even warmer than yesterday. by a degree or so. 76 for you right now.
12:48 pm
87 in concord. 89 in livermore. so, you are going into the low 90s for the second part of the afternoon. 84 in santa rosa. as you get closer to the water, you get 60 degrees right now. san francisco, 67 at half moon bay. and inside the bay, low 70s over areas of oakland pick the warmer forecast for in the communities for today, and this high pressure will begin to weaken. those will begin to move in a temperatures will begin to fall pick this is what we do expect for your tuesday afternoon. 80s and 90s for our in-line communities. 70s around the bay. a few loads 80s and at the coast, 60s and 70s expected. a better look at some of the numbers here. 74 expected for oakland. 70 degrees in downtown san francisco. you like it cool? the coast is a nice place to be today. we will be in the 60s. low 90s expected for the inland east. 85% is a. 72 by the water in santa cruz. if your are going to the aids game this weekend, it will be a nice one. a light breeze 65 degrees. temperatures cooling off into the low 60s over the course of the evening. the extended forecast. notice that huge drop in
12:49 pm
temperatures are definitely going to be most noticeable inside the bay and our in-line communities. will go from upper 80s, low 90s the upper 70s tomorrow. sitting pretty for the next few days, but by the weekend, when we get back up. temperatures near 90 degrees by saturday and into sunday for our in-line cities. people looking -- going to the beach this weekend saw something more unexpected. hundreds of jellyfish while -- washed up on the beach. most were dead but at least one of them was a lie before turning up in the sand. a surfer did report being stung while in the water. one jellyfish expert from the aquarium said this is not all that uncommon. every so often, a combination of wind gusts and title activities causes wounds in jellyfish to wash up on topic two researchers and federal authorities are finding what they say is an alarming increase in the use of powerful pesticides at ill -- illegal marijuana farms in california. researchers say they have found
12:50 pm
a highly toxic pesticide at 72% of illegal grow sites last year. that is up from 15% in 2000 topic the pesticide is so powerful that less than one teaspoon can kill a 300 pound bear. authorities say most of the marijuana at those illegal sites was tested for miss western and eastern states. coming up, -- going high tech. we will see the new digital plates being tested in a pilot program. and -- upgrading. -- the perks of upgrading.
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
the state of california is rolling out new license plates they are unlike any you have seen. digital license plates but they are hitting the street as part of a pilot program. a new jesus and can pewter technology as e-book readers. they have a wireless communication system. drivers who buy the place can register the vehicle electronically every year.
12:53 pm
you don't have to use those renewal stickers. they can also be used to track stolen cars. the bay area company, reviver auto makes the plates. they are about to market them at auto dealerships. they may be installed when you buy a car at a cost of $700, plus a seven dollar monthly fee. after 74 years, the family of a world war ii vet is getting some closure. after their loved ones downed plane was located in the pacific ocean. >> today, we are going to sit down with the cofounder of project recover to learn more about their efforts to find underwater resting places of american soldiers missing in action. and provide recognition for the service, and a sense of peace to the families. that is today on the four on two. just a few minutes away from the closing bell. the dow jones in negative territory. down 385 points. stocks, not only in the u.s., but also europe, sinking today following political turmoil in italy. there are still fears of instability. the nasdaq is down 32 point. tonight on fox 2, we will see the season two premiere of
12:54 pm
love connection. we talked with the host, and colin, he explained some of the changes we will be seeing and seasoned 2. it is all about choosing lipid they get to go away for the weekend with the person that they want to get the audience chooses the same person, they get 10 grand. there is so many more happy endings this season i love connection. i love a happy ending. i love a happy ending. i also love creditworthy moments. can you point to head to one of the trendiest moments on seasoned 2? >> we have so many-we have got a guy who called the woman by the incorrect name on the first date. we have a guy who started telling a woman what he is going to do when he knocks her up. his words, not mine. we have got so many unbelievable -i can't believe what people duplicates one of the reasons i love --. my jaw is always on the floor watching the show. i kind of feel the same way on love connection.
12:55 pm
>> a lot of people sort of met you first to housewives. there is a bit of a crossover coming up with porsche . >> yes. porsche from the real housewives of atlanta is coming up on love connection. we set her up, and she-i feel good about where we are at with her. >> okay. so, i have to ask you, i love that you revel in your own celebrity. you are around celebrities all the time. do celebrities act differently when it comes to finding love then sort of, normal people? >> that is a good question. normal people. that is a good question. i think, i am on tinder. and i don't think it's a big deal. i think celebrities overtake it. i think they think, i am famous. whoa. it is so much harder for me. i just think, in a sense, it is easier, because the person already has a sense, they know
12:56 pm
whether they are attracted to me, or they are repelled by me. so, i think great . >> let's talk about bravo and love connection and housewives. it is probably not a good day . >> yeah. if the person is sitting there just bugging me for housewives dirt, that i am not going to be into it. >> all right. andy cohen. i am a big fan took i can't wait to see more of you. love connection. seasoned 2, starts tonight . >> i love housewives dirt. season 2 starts tonight at 9:00. don't forget to stay tuned for the 10:00 and 11:00 news. to date there is a new, adorable addition to a malaysian zoo. take a look at this. baby panda, king her first public up terren over the weekend. and unnamed little girl. she was born about five months ago, and ways close to 20 pounds, according to the world wildlife fund. 1864 giant pandas are currently living in the wild . >> so, you just want to take
12:57 pm
her home . >> you just want to cuddle it. but you know very soon, she will outweigh you . >> she is pretty big. but i could give her love at home for a day or two before i send her back . >> so good to have you with us. i news continues right now on
12:58 pm
john chiang's father came it'here with little money,on. but big dreams for a better future. now john has a chance to make history. a champion of the underdog, john took on wells fargo when it ripped off working families. and against the odds, he helped saved california from financial disaster during the great recession. ...leaving more to invest in progressive porities like education, healthcare in pand fordable housing. john chiang. the proven, progressive leader we need for california's future.
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