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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  May 30, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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the 10 pm news on ktvu starts now. there was a woman's body found in the stairwell of the campus building. she was a dementia patient being treated at the hospital. good evening, i am heather holmes. >> good evening i am julie haener. they were looking at the surveillance video on how the woman ended up in the locked
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building. rob welcome is at the hospital here is what he has learned. >> reporter: good evening, we have been on the phone with the sheriff's department and the hospital administrators to try to learn more information. the deceased woman was a 76- year-old. she was a dementia patient and beyond that they are not releasing information in terms of this investigation. late this afternoon, he removed the body of a woman that was found in the stairwell of the power pad -- plant building. spokesperson said that the building was locked. >> we are very concerned that this happened. we do not know how this woman gained access to the area where she was found. we are absolutely looking into that. >> there was no active report for a missing person the looking to see if she went
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missing from the have you this and behavioral health center -- the behavioral health center on the ground. >> we do not know if this person was a patient. with lynn spaulding we knew she was a patient and we are looking for her. >> reporter: in 2013 lynn spaulding was missing. the hospital made widespread changes calling for extra security for all the buildings on site. and they wanted new protocols for the patients that went missing from a patient services. >> that was a terrible tragedy and we made many changes since that time. we have no reason to believe that this case and that case are connected. >> the sheriff's department and the hospital trying to learn more. >> reporter: the hospital so that they will be updating this
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case early tomorrow morning at 10 am. reporting live from san francisco. >> is there surveillance video that could give them an idea as to how long she may have been there? our we were told at the press conference that they will be looking at surveillance cameras and interviewing anybody around this building, this was engineering building used by the members of the engineering facility. we will -- they will be talking to the staff and looking into the surveillance video. the u. s. coast guard is searching for possible victims after discovering debris from a boat in pacific out. a wooden vessel was found off of the coast earlier today. in addition to pieces of the wooden boat they found lifejackets and clothes among
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the debris. the coast guard said that they have not received any reports of any missing people or accidents. they are looking for the public's health -- help to identify the boat. now to string of seven e. bay wildfires that burned in the counties this afternoon out this burned 500 acres, the fires were first reported at 1 pm south of the town of byron and highway 4. we have live team coverage bill martin will show us the conditions that fanned the flames but we first have brook jarosz . >> reporter: julie i just got an update they said that there are no injuries reported in this incident. you can see behind me there are crews stay share their tell me that they are facing the wind at
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40 miles per hour. they are making sure that they are patrolling these areas to make sure that there are no hotspots that flare up during the night would people are sleeping. smoke and flames tore through the dry grassy fields just after 1 pm on wednesday. >> it was coming back up to the back of my house. >> she saw the fire speeding towards her home. >> rosie who worked for me called me screaming, there is a fire. i came out of my house that she lives here. it was a roaring. >> reporter: the flames jumped a waterway and the fire destroyed several outbuildings that a vehicle there. they worked fiercely as simultaneous calls came in with multiple fires erecting. >> a big regional response from
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both counties but it is a challenge when you have seven different fires happening at the same time.>> reporter: he said that the high wind created dangerous conditions for the fire crews. >> with conditions like this you could could get it ahead of itself. >> they dropped fire retardant and they were looking for a spot fires. throughout the afternoon they said 100 firefighters were in the area rushing from spot to spot. there was another danger and some of the flames ran high- voltage lanes. the smoke can conduct electricity so they are concerned with they are working around powerlines. >> by the evening the residents were relieved. the beginning of this fire season a wake-up call for residents across the bay area. >> it is for everyone to get
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ready uses as an opportunity to prepare your house for fire. >> reporter: we understand that there were substructures that were damaged. back here live you see that this one went out and there's another one coming back out they plan to be here throughout the night right now they have 35% of it contained. we can tell it is still wendy. is the wind consisting? we have been talking to reporters and it looks like it has died down -- hasn't died down much. >> it hasn't, what is interesting, we saw them fixing their doors because the wind has been strong. it has been lowing the doors back and forth and it is a difficult time with the visibility and the smoke being blown in.
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and the danger of it spreading quickly if they do not keep it contained. alameda county fire crews fought another fire in livermore. the cause of this fire's under investigation. let's check in with bill martin. it is early. >> wendy conditions but it was much cooler and moisture was up the relative humidity was at 65%. the temperature was 65 degrees. that is what saved firefighters . wins like these, gus up to 54 miles per hour in the fire zone, it is running too quick. the sparks were not writing out ahead they were in a higher humidity and the fire didn't grow if this would have
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happened two days ago memorial day when it was 95 degrees. very fortunate. we had strong gusts today across the bay area. conquered at the airport 36 miles per hour. we take a look at the current when the northbay they have die down. the winds here were gussy up to 40 miles per hour. that means the highway will have stand and they will close it down to clean it. be ready for that with your commute the wind going strong tonight they should back off tomorrow. looks like a cool day tomorrow with the temperatures we will see you back here with all the weather coming up. new information about a massive fire in concord that destroyed a apartment complex under construction. this was released, they say
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that it shows someone deliberately setting the fire. today the atf announced that the three alarm fire at the five-story apartment complex was arson. henry lee has the latest on the search for the person in the video. >> reporter: this is surveillance video showing someone crawling in early in the morning of april 24. a flash of light where the fire begins, the same person that scurries out and launches of reference escapes. within moments forcing hundreds from the complex to evacuate. >> they say get up, get up and run there is a fire. >> reporter: a heart patient was forced from his home at 1 am. >> it is really scary. i have grandkids with me i think twice at night before i go to bed. it is scary. knowing there are people out there doing something like this
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is crazy. >> reporter: you see the person solely walking across the fence line and the person is carrying some sort of bag. the person is last seen running west on concorde boulevard. >> how could they jump over the fence and carry a bag of stuff and run out and back out. it is quite unnerving. >> reporter: he owns the bakery and he had to close for 11 days after the power was shut off. the business suffered water damage. he said he is grateful that firefighters saved his bakery. a month later they are busy demolishing what is left of the building. those who evacuated have a message. >> i would be on the lookout because hf will get you. i hope that they will dish out some serious charges for a person like you. >> they say that there is no
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evidence leaking this fire to other construction fires in the spay. there is a $25,000 award for information leading to an arrest. a minor earthquake shows parts of the area in concord, it struck 3:57 pm this afternoon. they hosted a pre-series party, they had a chance to pose on the blue carpet. game one is set for tomorrow night at 6 pm at oracle arena. a three dollar toll hike on bay area bridges.
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marshall tuck will change that. in california, 3 million kids can't read at grade level. tuck turned around struggling schools, raising graduation rates over 60%. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck. new at 10 pm.
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business owners are raising concerns over a series of break- ins that could be connected. we are live in san jose with azenith smith with surveillance video and it is showing with these cases have in common. >> the burglars are using the same mo the same project -- object to commit the crimes. surveillance video captures a man in a hooded sweatshirt leaving a car and walking towards the restaurant he is seen throwing an object before he reappears two minutes later at the cash register he takes off in the red car. >> it is not a good feeling at all. it is a feeling that you are being violated. >> the restaurant said that they used to river rock to smash the front door the noodle shop had
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to close for the day. >> we got a bunch of reckless kids or adults that are capitalizing on the small business. i think it is cowardly. >> she spotted the getaway car and she believes it is a red chevy cobalt. when the police report was filed when an officer told the -- what the officer told the family didn't surprise her. >> in the same fashion a river rock was thrown through though window. >> it is the same team of people. the river rock is always the same size. the jewelry store has been burglarized three times over a three month span. she has invested in peppered glass doors with high definition cameras doing everything she can to protect yourself. >> you get tired of being taken
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advantage of. and you get tired of feeling like you are victimize. >> store owners wanted to share the this video and hoping that the suspects will get caught and warning other businesses to look out for that red car. anyone with information is asked to call the san jose police. danville police are looking for suspect that rob the man and then took off in a previous it happened just after 12 noon at the safeway star -- safeway store. when the victim decided against buying the watch the man threatened him with force and took his wallet. the suspect drove away in a gray toyota and it had ride sharing stickers on it. a teacher is facing sexual
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battery charges. according to police the staff member said that he sexually assaulted her on campus last year. detectives are seeking any potential witnesses or victims in the case. they are taking new steps to keep the trains clean. the workers will be positioned at macarthur and lake merrick stations. >> all trains get cleaned when they reach the end of the line but we cannot wait that long. we need them to clean before he gets to the end of the line. >> right now they have 14 rapid response workers they hope to add five more starting monday. harvey weinstein has been
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indicted on rape and criminal sex act charges. the former film producer, he decided not to testify before the grand jury. there wasn't enough time to prepare he learned the specific charges and the accusers identity after turning himself in on friday. the indictment brings weinstein another step closer to accountability. she is defending herself after abc canceled her show. she tweeted, i am not a racist and i never was that i never will be. her supporters made her feel like fighting back. resident trump broke his silence today and he said that the ceo of walt disney called him personally.
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>> the president was calling the media bias the president is the president of all americans and his focus on doing what is best for our country. >> they were pulling reruns of the series from the network series. holding back the tears, a question from a 13-year-old boy rate from here in the bay area. struck a high raking north korea official visits the u. s. for the first time in 20 years. i have more on that important meeting coming up next. the giants came alive in colorado. do they have enough offense to take down their first-place rockies?
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we all know guys like gavin... boasting. overselling his achievements. making false claims. as lieutenant governor, he skipped many of his duties, saying the job was "so dull," he only shows up to work at the state capitol "like one day a week, tops."
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the same gavin who, as mayor, "split town" during a massive oil spill and "jetted hawaii." gavin's not gonna work... as governor. gai'm jeff bleich. preventing violence has long been my cause. in the face of senseless violence, we need hope. after columbine, i led president clinton's youth violence commission. i joined joe biden to reduce domestic violence, helping boys become men. i beat the nra in court, defending gun laws that save lives. today, a new generation is rising, and this is our moment. in the streets and in the capitol, i'll stand with them. jeff bleich. democrat for lieutenant governor.
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sitdown restaurants hearing california may provide -- not provide plastic straws unless you request them. anti-straw advocate to see -- groups say that they pollute the ocean. the state will still requires
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approval from the senate and the governor. a flurry of diplomatic activity took lays keeping a nuclear summit between resident trump and kim jong-un on track. lauren blanchard joins us live and officials were tightlipped about those the negotiations. >> that is right, for the first time in 18 years, a high ranking korean official has arrived to talk to officials about the possible face-to-face meeting between donald trump and kim jong-un. >> wednesday evening, the secretary of state mike pompeo arriving to the first day of meetings and dinner.
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more meetings are scheduled for thursday. negotiations continue ahead of a possible summit between the two countries in singapore. secretary pompeo said that the goal for the summit is complete verifiable denuclearization of the korean peninsula. >> he will not get ahead of the secretary's meeting nor of the presidents meetings on this. we have important matters to discuss with the government of north korea. beyond that i am not going to get into any specifics. >> reporter: preparations for the june 12 meeting are still going forward. right now teams from the white house are in new york and singapore and at the area working on details. they are open to the possibility of shifting the cement -- the summit. >> >> it is probably likely to be delayed. >> you need to get these agreements made before you get
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to the table. >> north korea is not the only country that the u. s. is talking to about the summit. the japanese prime ministers do to visit the white house next week while south korea is also playing a vital role in shaping the meeting. >> thank you. a young bay area reporter got an emotional response to school shootings at the white house today. >> we recently had a lockdown. mental health, we or our friends could get shot at school. can you tell us what their ministration has done. what are they doing to prevent these tragedies. >> as a kid as -- and as a parent this is terrifying. i am sorry that you feel that way. >> she was getting emotional. he is a 13-year-old student at the day school. he was in washington covering the white house fitness day for
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time for kids. still ahead, new advice from the american cancer society. the younger age to be screening for a growing cancer. a big honor for remarkable group of students in award that will allow them to continue their education. closed captioning for the 10 pm news is brought to by mancini sleep real. visit sleep -- brought to by mancini sleep world it. visit sleep
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ithe race for governort. has turned into a scam. gavin newsom's trying to elect a republican who was endorsed by trump. and villaraigosa's being bankrolled by a handful of billionaires. it's everything that's wrong with politics. and none of it is helping struggling families. here's my pledge to you. i'll keep our budget balanced. invest in affordable housing. fight for universal healthcare. and stand up to donald trump. as governor, you can trust me to do what's right- because i always have.
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i support the affordable care act, and voted against all trump's attempts to repeal it. but we need to do more. i believe in universal health care. in a public health option to compete with private insurance companies. and expanding medicare to everyone over 55. and i believe medicare must be empowered to negotiate the price of drugs. california values senator dianne feinstein
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election day is less than one week away and voters in all nine bay area counties -- we explain the regional 3 bringing this to the bay area commuter. >> reporter: frustration getting where you need to go the bay area is one of the worst commutes in the country, it will alleviate the problem by generating board at billion dollars over the next 25 years. the money will help fund two dozen transportation projects. it includes a bart extension to the self day, 300 new bart train
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cars. it would increase very service with more frequent trips between san francisco and oakland. it would improve access for cyclists and pedestrians and for the ferry terminal. 70% of the funding for the funding will go towards public transit. and it goes for making wider freeways and express lanes. all those improvements will not come tree -- cheap. they would gradually increase by three dollars over the next seven years on the bay bridge the toll will increase from six dollars to seven dollars next year. and then up to nine dollars by
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the year 2025. currently it is five dollars to cross the richmond center toll bridge. those with go up to six dollars next year. seven dollars in 2022 and eight dollars in 2025. tolls on the golden gate bridge are not protected by it. voters in santa clara county will vote whether a sitting judge should lose his job. the judge was there himself to defend himself. >> why does a judge who follows the recommendation deserve it? opponents of the recall effort verbally jousted with the heckler while simultaneously trying to hold a rally. >> letting victims have peace,
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justice, and to be supported and to know that the community stands behind them. >> steve white was the antagonist interrupting speeches and clashing with the san jose police. >> this has done a great deal of damage. >> reporter: if you miles away he and his supporters continue damage control efforts. they want them to vote no on june 5 with the recall effort against him. >> we need him to follow the rule of law and not public opinion. he sentence brock turner 26 months and jail after the swimmer was charged with three counts of sexual assault. >> emily doe wasn't attacked and applied that she was at fault for being intoxicated. >> she says that the offensive
10:34 pm
comments coded and a magazine article, should he keep his seat or be sent packing? >> those against the recall said that removing a sitting judge who followed the law could undermine our system of law. >> it is a war on the judiciary and it will not stop. >> he made a decision and it was around one. >> they are making a final push, their view is the right view. >> reporter: will the public opinion valid -- be valid? >> be sure to join us on election night for live coverage
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from apm to 10 pm tuesday and on the 10 pm and 11 pm news right here on ktvu. 400 oakland high school students were awarded more than $3 billion in college scholarships during tonight's oaklands promise award ceremony. they have helped public school students exceed in college. organizers praised the students commitment and their hard work. >> there have been a lot of late hours. a lot of the kids, they are a sitting -- outstanding. we all deserve to be air. >> 90% of the students are from low income families in the first in the families to go to
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college. coming up at 10:45 pm there call to and this gang crackdown detective. it will be cool in some places throughout the we have a warm up. they get our recommendation from consumer reports how a software fix fixed brickey concerns. we all know guys like gavin... boasting. overselling his achievements. making false claims. as lieutenant governor, he skipped many of his duties, saying the job was "so dull," he only shows up to work at the state capitol "like one day a week, tops." the same gavin who, as mayor, "split town" during a massive oil spill
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and "jetted hawaii." gavin's not gonna work... as governor. ♪ ♪ ♪ down where the summer and the late nights last forever ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i feel most times we're high and low ♪ ♪ high and low ♪ if i had my way, never let you go ♪ ♪ never let you go enhance your moments. san pellegrino. tastefully italian.
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the american cancer society new guidelines for screening of colon and rectal cancer recommends that most adults get screened at the age of 45 years old. this shift is based on new information with the rise in colon and rectal cancer in younger adults. those types of cancers have increased more than 50% among adults under the age of 50. the cancer society said that the initial test doesn't have to be a colonoscopy but there are some home tests available by prescription. a new law signed by president trump is giving families hope it is call -- called the right, they can try
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experimental drugs it must pass the fda approval process. advocacy groups and doctors are concerned that the pharmaceutical -- the pharmaceutical companies could target those patients. there was a software up date that improved its breaking performance. they needed 152 feet to come to a complete stop was before that was the longest stopping distance with any car tested, the updates reduce that by 19 feet raising the score enough to earn a buy rating. he said he has never seen a cars improvement improve with the wireless update. there was a possible financial crisis in italy.
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the markets recovered most of yesterday's losses after the the money for prime minister said there is new possibilities to form a new government and avoid turmoil. the co -- ceo said that the company has a strong balance sheet is on track for this in 2019 the co has been shaking up the company since taking over last august. they want to rebuild the management. a mattress that effexor said that it is closing as plant. 153 people who work there are losing their jobs. the first round of layoffs will happen in july at the volume of work will be transferred to other plants. it is the largest bedding maker and it is based in atlanta and
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the company did not say what led to the decision. .
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to california schoolsd, need big change. marshall tuck is the only candidate for state superintendent who's done it before. less bureaucracy, more classroom funding. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck.
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protesters in san francisco called to an end for this. here is more on the injection that the city attorney's office said that is one tool to prevent crime. >> reporter: a dozen protesters gathered calling on the city attorney's office to not use civil injections with accused gang members. >> every person on there was a black or brown mail there has never been a white gang targeted on their. >> they say that it prevents men of color from hang out in their own neighborhood and have lifelong implications. the practice is applied incorrectly through people of
10:46 pm
color. >> they are selecting people from certain ethnic groups in san francisco. they are either black or latin. >> they marched into city hall and handed a letter over to the city attorney's office. the city attorney's office did not talk to the purchases but releases a statement. to be covered by a gang injection and sever cisco they have to be using evidence that the person is cleared as a gang member. we are in the process of a top to bottom evaluation. >> organizers say that they are planning to come back here to city hall and two weeks when the committee will be meeting to discuss the issue of gang
10:47 pm
injection. dozens of burrs that have taken up occasional residence that google's headquarters are back. you will find 152 nests. they come back to that spot each year and they close down the appropriately named road. they let them set up shop. >> they have office hours google employees and other people from the community who are interested could come and we can show people and tell them about them. >> it is amazing. you do not find this type of wildlife in an urban development that often. >> they will be on campus taking questions now until the
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end of june. we have temperatures that came back down of few degrees from where they were yesterday. they will cool folder tomorrow we have been in a cooling trend since day. today, the temperature is on the top and tomorrow is on the top you see temperatures, -- pardon, today is 77 degrees. yesterday was 87, sorry about that. you see the drop in concord and their is a trough of low pressure sitting here. in this pattern, it is a pattern we have been seeing all spring. that is unusual. there is usually a big high and that is the pacific high that is the dominant weather feature
10:49 pm
in our summer months. we are seeing temperature and the wind like we did today like we did over the weekend. the wind was gusting 50 miles per hour. and some areas above that. there is patchy fog at the coast. the great highway will have stand on it tomorrow morning and all my friends at the edges of the beach, these are the bigger numbers, you will be having sandy conditions there. as the wind dies down tonight there will be temperatures dropping. they will be cool and mild because of the moist onshore wind. the temperatures in the 70s and they were 90s a couple days ago. the warmest spots will be in the 70s. most of us will be in the 60s with the few low 70s.
10:50 pm
sacramento and davis mid-70s. 72 gilroy and then the five day forecast. thursday, tomorrow drizzle the coolest day of the week and temperatures go back up as you see the high pressure build spec in. it is fortunate for fire fighters, the low temperature in the high humidity, it is surprising how things turned around. >> to two days ago the fire struck out two days ago we would have been talking on the different newscasts. coming up at 11 pm. the bay area, the last call could be extended to 4 am.
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when the worst oil spill hit san francisco, first responders went to work. and mayor gavin newsom, he went to hawaii. man: newsome left the day after the spill for a four-day vacation in hawaii. the same gavin who said his job as lieutenant governor was so dull, he only showed up for work at the state capitol one day a week, tops. gavin's not gonna work as governor. marcus here to talk about the turnaround by the giants tonight. >> it didn't look good earlier. >> finally a little rocky
10:54 pm
mountain high for the san francisco giants who lost 12 of the previous 13 against colorado. the first inning, he faces him with retreat men on their it is that is the three run check. he'd then retired a single batter. come the fifth, evan longoria he struck out four times the one time he made contact into the wide open spaces and he goes for an rbi triple. he scores and there was some icing for him in the ninth inning with two outs. that is another run. he had a couple hits. and stricklen with his 11th save of the year. the giant win it 7-4.
10:55 pm
i do not know what is going on with the 80s. they are not entertaining the first fans that come out there. they did not get a single hit they committed four errors. and to throw it in for good measure they had a passed ball. it was national honor women in baseball day. city throughout the first pitch. one run deficit when he rips three run homer. 4-0. tampa comes back. he had no hitter through the sixth inning. he had to leave because of his pitch count.
10:56 pm
this was a hit in the seventh inning. 6-0. it is the golden state wars and the cavaliers and not much breathing space between the last games and the finals. he is officially out. they will polish off the rockets and five if they would have had him. this is what turn the game around. he has not played since and he is frustrated by being rolled out are ready for game one. >> that is one thing you cannot put a number on it. we had really good days and we had betty's.
10:57 pm
it is, like i said, keep pushing and try to get through it. lebron and company, they were at the oracle today and they were keeping up with eggs. kevin love is questionable he is in concussion protocol. lebron offers his opinion with the golden state warriors. >> they are one of the best teams i have ever played and what of the best teams ever assembled. and then the added kevin durant. for me as a competitor it is fun. the miracle story of the lost vegas golden knights were put on hold in vegas. it was a game of thrones seen.
10:58 pm
this was the first mac -- this is the first. he gets the home team off to a beautiful start daily 1-0. that was of power play. it is his 13th post season goal and the serious is all even when a piece going to washington d.c. in the meantime it is time to check this out. this is a beautiful site. this is that the ballpark in the trite the goose was interrupting the evening and enjoying the game. this is a fall ball. the goose continues his flight around the ballpark. the radar system was not
10:59 pm
working so well. the yankees, that was a liner, the astros, he goes full out and makes a beautiful play with their. and then aaron judge, that was a fall ball. watch this thing. it hits his helmet. he is okay. we are happy to report that the goose -- this goes -- goose is not cooked that woman took care of this is. she escorted him out of the ballpark. it is worth checking out this wednesday night. it is 11 pm and that was the sporting lineup. coming up at 11 pm surveillance video with thieves in action and the business owners are frustrated in the south bay. >> you get tired of feeling like your victimize. the 11 pm news on ktvu fox
11:00 pm
2 starts now. the thieves may be responsible of a distinct item used in each case. >> good evening, i am julie haener. >> we are live in san jose on what all of these cases have in common. the store owner says that they are fed up and frustrated. the last place i was at the sold hundreds of dollars in cash at the cass registered. the store owners are concerned that the thieves will struck again. this surveillance video captures the man in a hooded sweatshirt leaving and a red car . the man is seen throwing an object when he reappears to treat minutes later and he takes off in the red car. >> it is not a good feeling at all. it is


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