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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  May 31, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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they say the shape is unrealistic. they were the trend may trigger eating disorders. today at 9 am, we get ready for the nba finals -- 9 pm -- as the warriors and cavaliers face-off. we will talk with a spokesperson estimate transit agency launches a rapid response team guarding trains. this is tower of power day in oakland. we sit down with members of the bay area band. we are queuing up the rolling stones on this thursday morning. the warriors will roll through the cleveland cavaliers in the nba finals. this is a life look at the san francisco bay on the cool and windy final day of may. i would buy emeryville this morning on the way to work. it was through highway 85 and highway 89. i had another rock strike my windshield on the highway. that is a new ring windshield.
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i just got it a few weeks ago. it struck the windshield dead center. this one is like this. it is .5 inches. >> that is $500, right? >> that is the game one finals. any idea where that came from? >> that is just my assumption. i am over it now. >> what you guys think? >> i am excited. >> it is good to have the auction back in akron. will the warriors win three championships in four seasons? will lebron james get revenge after losing to the warriors last year? tonight in game one of the nba finals out at oracle, it is the fourth straight season the teams have met up for the nba
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title. the las vegas sports book says the warriors are heavy favorites to repeat the championship. yesterday players on both teams talked about the respect they have for one another. >> i think they played to grind out a physical basket ball game. it centers on lebron's talons. >> he is a super -- talons -- intelligent player. that is what makes him special. -- talents >> you can combine that with his physical stature. he is one of the smartest players ever in the nba. he understands the game. he does it away not many people can. >> golden state is one of the best teams i've ever played. it is one of the best teams ever assembled. and then they added kevin durant. we are dealing with what makes them even more dangerous. they are even more powerful and great. for me, as a competitor, it is fun. >> lebron james will have his
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work cut out for him. we should point out, he is the nba's all-time leading scorer in the postseason. he gets it done year after year. on this playoff run, he averaged more than 33 points per game. game one of the nba finals from oracle arena in oakland tips off at 6 pm. that is the lake shelley area. fans have been there all day. be part of the studio audience for espn. >> reporter: the show is recording. it just got out. the fans we talked to earlier are filing out of lake shelley. -- lake chalet was transformed into a tv studio. we asked about the line early this morning a lot of music fans were just talking. some of the people in the line got
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there 1:00 yesterday afternoon. they camped out. also among all the warriors fans at lake chalet this morning was rapper iq. he has teamed up for the series. he thinks they will win it. he thinks they have a better team. after we talked about basketball, we learned that today was a good day. there are calculations online about what specific date in history the rapper was talking about. what date did he have in mind when you wrote the song? this is what he said. >> i think people are overthinking it. every day you are alive is a great day. every day above ground is a great day. today is definitely a great day. we get to see some great basketball. hopefully we get to see the warriors win. >> reporter: i think i'll warriors fans can agree with that. in line earlier this morning, there were some cavaliers fans sprinkled in the makes. most of the people are more your sense. they were having a good time. a lot of good vibes and camaraderie. it is great to see warriors
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fans across the bay, across california. their people in line from hollister and the central valley and even from houston. warriors fans are nationwide. back to you. >> they are showing up in sports this morning in oakland. >> what is your prediction for the series? 19% say the warriors will be the cavaliers. 12% say the warriors and seven points. 9% say the cavaliers will win. less than 25% said i hope anybody from the bay area is not rooting against the warriors. there could be a cleavon transplant in the weeds. >> homer says warriors win in game seven after an exciting series. >> somebody on twitter said whatever happens i love this game. go, warriors. it will be a lot of fun. it is the fourth installment. it is a quadrilogy.
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>> the game is 6 pm. we send us your opinions. we received an update from cal fire on the fires burning in eastern alameda counties. the fires burned 500 acres. we are learning the fires burned a home and out building. leigh martinez is present and talked with a homeowner who lost the property last night. lee. >> reporter: i talked to kenny mcmullen by telephone. he was not home at the time. he is working for pg&e and orville. his daughter told him the bad news. he lost his mobile home. it was on the property. the whole property was his. the car -- two cars -- have been destroyed. the trailer also. he said luckily he has a houseboat he can stay on. his daughter is in the bay area. he will be okay that way.
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unfortunately, he is the only person who has lost property. the fire chief is -- the fire came close to the marina. it is across the road. cal fire says the fires are 80% contained. they are now in the mop up stage. in addition to mcmillan's mobile home, cal fire says an outbuilding, three cars, one trailer and one boat were destroyed yesterday. around 1 pm yesterday, flames started whipping across the grassland. simultaneous calls came in of multiple fires erupting. five or across the county. two were in alameda county. democrat saw the fire approaching her home. her business is the lazy m marina. >> people called me screaming. mama, there is a fire. i came out of my house. she was here. it was roaring that time. it was coming right up to the
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back of my house. >> reporter: more than 100 firefighters were in the area battling the dangerous conditions. some flames crossed high- voltage power lines. they run parallel to byron highway. there were no reports of any injuries. we're told by cal fire there is the mop up stage right now. only a few crews will remain out here today. in talking to mcmillan, i learned he did not have full fire insurance on his home. back to you guys. >> thank you. you can see the winds are still blowing where she is. i'm checking with mark for a look at what is taking place across the bay area. >> reporter: we do not have fire weather warnings in place. there is still fire danger for us. when we have strong winds in
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the mix, that increases concerns. temperatures were in the mid 60s yesterday. the humidity is around 50%. the winds where the biggest factor. they continue to be the biggest factor. there guessing around 39 miles per hour. 55 miles per hour near the ultima pass. there is strong and gusty pam cook -- winds. the winds are a factor in the bay area. there are strong wind gusts in the past 24 hours. yesterday was the peak of the event. there are blustery conditions in the forecast today. there are clouds over northern california and the bay area. there is lingering overcast in the south bay. the east may also. we will check in on the 9 am report. aravind observations. fairfield 20 miles per hour. the airport 21 miles per hour. this area is gusting 30 to miles per hour. the winds are 25-35 miles per hour. temperatures are in the 50s. into the afternoon, skies become partly sunny and temperatures range from upper 50s to lower 70s for fairfield
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and antioch. it is been quite a week in terms of temperatures. today is a cooler day. there is a gradual format toward the friday forecast. on saturday, the warmest locations are inland approaching the mid-90s inland. the short term deal is followed by a cool down. temperatures will sort by soarfriday. -- evacuations are picking up from eruptions of the kilauea volcano. we learn more from the big island. >> reporter: lava from the kilauea volcano keeps spreading. >> it is hard to believe. especially when you see a little is left of the big house. it is all just ashes. >> reporter: authorities have ordered new evacuations in two coastal neighborhoods over fears the level could cut off the few remaining escape routes.
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it is moving quickly. last night, it flowed 800 yards in a span of one hour. >> it was an active night. we are still monitoring a couple of photos. >> reporter: the national guard tells us the number of level walls have formed and acted as dams. when they give out, anything in their parents could be gone. when guardsman compares it to the walls of an above ground pool giving out. experts say the ongoing activity is creating an extremely unstable situation. >> there was an explosive event at the summit. we caught the fire on the radar. it went to 12,000 feet. >> reporter: the release of ash, smoke and toxic gas are causing significant health concerns. many parents are keeping kids home from school. >> once the moisture goes to it, it is like cement. what is it doing in my line? i am scared. >> reporter: at least one crew has canceled his work due to air-quality concerns.
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it will make a decision about returning to normal schedules next week. on the big island of hawaii, ktvu, fox 2 news. coming up next, the search for answers continues after a woman is found dead in a stairwell at zuckerberg san francisco hospital. what we have learned about that and a similar incident that happened at the same hospital a few years ago. new information on the massive fire in concord. last month, a new video was released by authorities showing how the fire started. first responders went to work. and mayor gavin newsom, he went to hawaii. man: newsome left the day after the spill for a four-day vacation in hawaii. the same gavin who said his job as lieutenant governor was so dull, he only showed up for work at the state capitol one day a week, tops. gavin's not gonna work as governor.
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how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges. what a difference from yesterday. the dow jones dropped 200 points and lost almost a full percent. later this morning, more information about a woman's body discovered at a stairwell at
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zuckerberg san francisco general hospital. the hospital will give an update at 10 am. hospital officials say the body of 76-year-old ruby lee anderson, a dementia patient, was found by staff member at 1 pm yesterday inside the power plant building on the hospital grounds. the spokeswoman for the hospital says the building is usually locked and not accessible to the public. they are trying to figure out how anderson ended up inside. >> we are very concerned that this happened. we don't know how this woman gained access to the area where she was found. we are absolutely looking into that. >> this is the second time a woman's body has been found in a stairwell at zuckerberg general. in 2013, spalding was found in a stairwell. she was found 17 days later. the hospital made changes after spalding's death. we have new information about a fire in concord. it destroyed an apartment
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complex under construction. federal investigators have released this grainy surveillance video that they say shows someone deliberately setting the fire. >> yesterday, the atf said the three alarm fire at a five- story complex was in fact arson. our crime reporter henry lee has more on the search for the person in the video. >> reporter: they say surveillance video showing someone crawling into the construction site on april 24 in the early morning. in less than a minute, a flash of light for the fire begins. the same person scurried out and jumped over a fence to escape. moments later flames go to the building and forced hundreds at a nearby complex to evacuate. >> people not to my door and told me to run. get up, get up! >> reporter: this heart patient was forced from his home at 1 am. he is haunted by the video of the arsonist. >> it is really scary. i have grandkids with me. i think twice each night before i go to bed. it is scary.
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knowing that there are people out there doing something like this. it is crazy. >> reporter: here is a wider angle of the arsonist. you can see the person walking along the fence line before jumping over into the construction site. the person is carrying some kind of back. then he goes over the fence. he is last seen running west on concord boulevard. >> it is shocking to see how bold somebody - some kind of bag --can be -- it's spartak owns a bakery. his store was closed after power was shut off. he then ended up losing over $40,000 in cakes and treats. crews are still busy demolishing what is left of the building that burned. those forced to evacuate have a message for the ration is. >> i would be on the lookout. atf will catch you. i hope that they will dish out some serious charges to a person like you. >> i think he will do it again.
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>> reporter: the atf tells me there is no evidence connecting this fire to recent fires in east bay. there is a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. in concord, henry lee, ktvu news. detectives in the golden state kelly case what the lawyers to return to court today. the issue is to whether -- whether to make public documents in the case. that can include a breakdown of items and files seized by authorities of the suspect's goods. some documents may be unsealed by tomorrow. attorneys go back and forth regarding what information should be released. hundreds gathered at a bookstore in citrus heights last night. it is outside sacramento. they learned more about a book written about the case of the golden state killer. the author, michelle mcnamara, spent years researching the case.
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she died unexpectedly in 2016 before finishing the book. her husband, actor and comedian, pat oswald, and two other riders finished the book using her notes. they talked to the crowd last night about the role mcnamara played in generating interest in the case. she came up with the name golden state killer. family members said the victims were on hand for last night's event. >> i am blown away by how many people from the community have come out and are here to support this. >> reporter: joseph d'angelo was arrested at his citrus heights home on april 24. it is a few miles from the bookstore. he faces 12 murder charges stemming from killings happening during the 70s and 80s across the state. d'angelo is suspected of more than 50 rapes. coming up next, a three dollar hike on bay area bridges. the question being asked of all voters in the bay area counties. dog: seresto, seresto, seresto.
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right now president trump's
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in texas. he will meet with the families affected by the devastating fatal shooting in santa fe, texas. the shooting was at a high school about 40 minutes outside houston, texas. a number of people were killed. the president is meeting with victims. here he is arriving in houston. students and teachers were killed on april 18 when a teenage student opened fire in a classroom. the president's visit comes after scheduled graduation. he will offer condolences and support. white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders is fielding questions from lots of experienced reporters in the briefing room. it was a 13-year-old from here in the bay area who drew an emotional response from her during a press briefing yesterday. >> we recently had a locked and. the mental health of students. we are worried we could get
9:23 am
shot at school. can you tell me what the administration has done and will do to prevent such tragedies? >> as a kid, and certainly as a parent, there is nothing that could be more terrifying for a kid to go to school and not feel safe. i'm sorry that you feel that way. >> benje choucroun, who attends marin country day school in corte madera, california, was on-assignment with time for kid reporting with youth magazine. the meeting with the top north korean official in york has wrapped up. last night, the two had dinner together. teams have been meeting with north korean officials in singapore.
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they are also meeting in the demilitarized zone between the two koreas. secretary mike pompeo was scheduled to have a meeting this afternoon. both men and their delegations have left the site of the meeting. it is unclear what the early conclusion of the meeting might mean in terms of the summit. election day is one week away. voters in all counties are asked to improve and increase in bridge tolls on the state owned bridges in the bay area. monte francis explains the original measures needed to being -- bring -- improvement to the bay area. >> reporter: bumper to bumper traffic. crowded trains and buses. frustration getting where you need to go. the bay area has among the worst commutes in the country. regional measure three aims to alleviate the problem by generating $4.5 billion in the next 25 years. the money would help on over two dozen transportation projects. that includes a part extension to the south bay. 300 new bart train cars. also a caltrain extension into downtown san francisco. it would increase very service with more frequent trips between san francisco and
9:25 am
oakland and expand service to san francisco's mission bay, berkeley and redwood city. it would improve access for cyclists and pedestrians to transit stations and ferry terminals. 70% of the funding from regional measure three would go to public transit. it also includes funding for making wider freeways and more freeway express lanes. all of those improvements won't come cheap. drivers would have to pay more in tolls at all seven of the state owned bridges in the bay area. tolls would gradually increase by three dollars over the next 7 years. on the bay bridge, the total during peak hours would increase from six dollars to seven dollars next year. eight dollars in 2022, and up to nine dollars by 2025. currently, it's five dollars to cross the richmond san rafael bridge, san mateo bridge
9:26 am
alberta bridge, quirkiness, bonita martinez and antioch bridges. those tolls would go up to six dollars next year, seven dollars in 2022, and eight dollars in 2025. tolls on the golden gate bridge are not affected by regional measure three. monte francis, ktvu, fox 2 news. we hope you join us on election night on ktvu plus. we will bring live coverage from 8 pm to 10 pm. on the 10 pm and 10 pm -- 11 pm -- news. action is taken to clean up trains on bart. we are in the studio with a part spokesperson about what is being done and what people are worried about. many consider the tweet by roseanne barr to be races. people are rethinking racism. what oakland past ours -- pastors are doing to reach the divide. to repeal it. -- bridge the divide -- but we need to do more. i believe in universal health care. in a public health option to compete with private insurance companies.
9:27 am
and expanding medicare to everyone over 55. and i believe medicare must be empowered to negotiate the price of drugs. california values senator dianne feinstein
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welcome back. we are going deeper into an effort by bart that was
9:29 am
reported yesterday. the transit agency is doing more to keep cars clean and safe for writers. this comes after more writers report seeing illegals on trains and in stations. bart rapid response team's that you see right now will be sent to clean up potentially dangerous debris on trains. bart has added a provider to report situations that need attention. we have this part spokesperson with us this morning. thank you for joining us, alicia. your stationing teams at two key stations. >> all the trains get cleaned when they reach the end of the run. what we see now, we need midline cleaners. we need to intersect the train in the middle of the run. -- intercept the train. we have them at lake merritt. every line runs through that station. the cleaners jump on board and clean quickly. they are hearing about a problem. they know the train is coming. they get on that car and clean
9:30 am
up that urgent mess that cannot wait for the end of the line. what about this -- >> what about a needle on a seat at dublin pleasanton? how do i communicate that? >> it is important that you do. we do not find out about it until the end of the line if you don't. we want you to use the intercom line and tell the operator. starting monday, the board mobile website will say report the biohazard. you can say where you are and request that the mass be cleaned up. someone will intercept the train and take care of the issue right away. >> bart has had 10 calls from writers about cleanliness in the last two weeks. is that an accurate representation? >> those are people who go out of their way to email us and complain or call us. >> it takes work.
9:31 am
>> people are frustrated with quality-of-life issues. we want to be flexible. we are trying to work with the city of san francisco on what we can do to help address the quality of life problems on our system. >> what is the number one complaint? >> right now, it is quality of life. homeless people. the hallways need to be clean. where working very hard on that right now. reliability is good. it is always been reliability previously. if we do not meet that standard it is tough. but it has improved recently. >> let's bring up the video that went viral a month ago. a daily bart writer took these pictures as he walks through one of the corridors at the civic center station. you see people actively using drugs and passed out along the way. a lot of people say they won't take bart into the city because they cannot bear walking through something like that. what does that do to part overall when people say it is not clean, it is not safe, i can't take it. >> we can't have that.
9:32 am
it is a tremendous sign of the crisis that is happening. we are literally walking through these hallways every 30 minutes with cleaning teams, officers, asking people to move along if they are not there to ride the system. they just keep coming back. it is a cat and mouse game. working with san francisco is critical. we have to get officers into their free area. these are people who have problems with addiction. they need treatment. more services in all the areas we serve. more officers. more cleaning. that is what we are doing. >> it seems any time the bart police chief is there, things are great and the corridor. it seems the cameras and high profile presence makes it go away. that it returns to where it was. what is the long-term plan? >> the idea is station hardening. making it harder. her -- increased foot patrols. we need to get a grip on the homeless crisis in the bay area to have a true long-term impact on what we see in the hallways. those hallways are getting cleaned every day. it just depends on, the moment you pick them -- kick them out,
9:33 am
they may return 30 minutes later. not when the officials are there. >> it sounds like bart needs help from sfpd, homeless agencies, other agencies. since we have you here come a let's talk about something we reported on recently. the extension out to antioch. how is that effort going? i know there are thousands of members there every day. >> the ridership is great. the trains are clean and modern and super quiet. what is happening is people are trying to figure out if they want to go to antioch before parking fills up. it is going up early. i was checking social media today. it was still before 6 am. that is to be expected. parking fills up quickly at the bay point. it will smooth out. people will park at antioch. people will park at a point if
9:34 am
they can't get there early enough or they don't take a bus or get dropped off or use a carpal. the idea is, it will smooth it allowed. not everyone can park at antioch. it is not possible. we cannot build that many parking spots with the money we have. it is a wonderful trainride. i hope you get a chance to take it. >> is there any plan to increase parking there at antioch? >> right now, we have stalls in every spot of land that we own in that area. we built as much parking for what the project had marty for -- money for -- it is easy to take the bus or get dropped off or carpal. people need to ways to reach the station. >> it is a brand-new station. filling up quickly. >> parking is in extremely high demand across the bay area. >> on monday morning, there is mobile reporting through the bart mobile site. alicia, thank you for joining us this morning. let's switch topics. roseanne barr. she has not shied away from the spotlight after abc canceled her hit show after an offensive
9:35 am
treat about former obama administration advisor valerie jarrett. she posted, i am not a racist. i never was and never will be. my supporters make me feel like fighting back. viacom has pulled episodes of the original series from its networks. reporter anita vocal examines the cost of the tweets in the financial follett. >> did you get the antidepressants? >> fall out -- >> reporter: it has a far- reaching financial effect. all the way down to assistance and paid interns. >> it is not just those people who buy on credit. actors, make a people, people who drive, people who sweep the floors, people who do they hear, people who make the lunches. >> we have a problem. >> the midseason reboot has already aired its limited nine episode run. the full second season was picked up right away.
9:36 am
two the family is falling apart. >> reporter: it is projected abc will miss out on $60 million in revenue for the canceled season two. the plug was pulled on lucrative reruns that, according to an estimate, brought in $1.2 billion from 1995 to 2017. roseanne barr and john goodman will no longer collect their lofty paychecks, which are reportedly $250,000 per episode. >> no one is worried about abc. no one is worried about roseann. those people are rich. behind that show, there are hundreds of people whose living depends on being picked up by a show. a show this successful is a total rarity. >> reporter: besides the millions lost at the corporate level, hundreds will be affected who were expecting to have a job and will now need to find other work. >> you can't let them pass.
9:37 am
when they are gone they are gone forever. >> reporter: in hollywood, anita vocal, fox news. >> the recent comment by roseann is among others regarding accusations of racism and bias. earlier this week starbucks close stores for bias education. police were called after two african-american men sitting in a philadelphia starbucks were arrested for not ordering anything and staying there. >> two african-american men from oakland found themselves face-to-face with officers after a woman called police after they had a charcoal barbecue out by the lake. the woman was also using racial slurs during the interaction. now their pastors in oakland who are doing something about it. >> the tapestry church hopes to bridge with what martin luther king jr. called the most segregated hour in america. we are going out to dave clark. dave, good morning. >> reporter: this is one of the most fascinating stories. something is happening this
9:38 am
coming sunday in oakland that i wanted you to know about. this will be the first time where a predominantly african- american church and a predominantly white church will be merging together in the interest of unity, in spite of all that is happening, race related in the world today. with me today are two pastors who will lead the unity. this is bernard emerson, pastor bernard emerson, and kyle. thank you for being with us. basically, tapestry is coming together. where did this idea come from? >> well, kyle and i were hanging out together. we decided one day to partner churches. so our community started hanging out together we started worshiping together. we went through a series of multiethnic conversations together. than the rest is happening on june 3 at 10 -- 10:30 am.
9:39 am
>> pastor kyle. your full name. it is important to you. >> for somebody who is relatively new to oakland, who has been here 5 years, it has been a commitment of mind to come under the leadership and the care and mentoring of people who have grown up here, who were born and raised here. there are things i need to know to learn about this town. that is true of anyone who comes into oakland relatively new. this gives us an opportunity for people who are native oak leaders and people who are new to the town together . they can be a community and learn from one another and embrace each other. we can embrace one another's concerns. we can live as a just community. >> reporter: people wonder if this can be done. bringing together to races and cultures together at a time like this. can it be done? >> it will be done. i believe the only way people below that we can live together
9:40 am
-- will know -- in peace and harmony is it has to be modeled by god's church. we are going to do that. >> reporter: tell me the location. it is sunday, 10 a -- 10:30 am. where? >> a school called learning without limits, 2035 40th avenue in oakland. >> reporter: you want everybody to be there. people think this will happen one time and not again. that is not the case. >> that is not the case. it will be until jesus comes back. >> [ laughter ] >> reporter: i am excited about this. i am encouraged by what you are doing at tapestry church. pastor bernard emerson and pastor kyle brooks. all of this is a family coming together. you are demonstrating something for oakland and for the rest of the country. you see that, don't you? >> yes. we hopefully, what is modeled here can be reproduced elsewhere. we hope that what we do will give people the courage and the
9:41 am
motivation to partner together >> we have no desire to be unique. we are not trying to capture some kind of market share of churchgoing people. we want this idea to spread because in a climate like this, it is only when we can embrace each other as family, not just side-by-side, and actually get things done and be for each other and the concerns for the world. >> reporter: perfectly well said. pastor kyle brooks. pastor bernard emerson. tapestry church. there you have it. you will hear more about it. we will talk more about it. we wanted to share this with you. life, along lake merritt, dave clark, back to you in the studio. >> thank you, dave. protesters voiced frustration with google and expansion plans. take a look at these images that were shared on social media. the protesters feel that cities
9:42 am
are being exploited and people are being left behind. people take the morning commute . service is being rerouted around protesters. >> is there a link between housing status and well-being? some animal experts say, yes, when it comes to pets who do not have homes. ktvu's jesse gary is at the humane society to explain. >> when you adopt a pet, you come to a place where you see animals in cages. it is not that way here. you see they have rooms. in the rooms, there are cats. there called cat condos. they help the adoption process. training me now is carol novello, the president of the silicon valley humane society. what the cats and rooms? if you had cages, you would get more animals more easily. >> what is important when animals are in our care is that
9:43 am
they are not stressed. when they get stressed, they get sick. then they moved to the shelter slowly. by having living situations like this, we have been able to reduce the length of stay that animals, specifically cats, stay with us. that is 20% less time. they are more healthy. >> >> reporter: you are moving them through faster. may we go inside? >> absolutely. >> reporter: i hear soft music. you play classical music. >> that reduces their stress levels. some other things involve having a large enough living space for animals. for cats, you keep up the litter pan and food in the same area, and they get stressed out. they get upper respiratory infections. they get sick. they cannot find a forever home until they are healthy again. >> reporter: it looks nice. i see a lot of cats.
9:44 am
what if you're not a cat person? what about a dog? do you put a dog in a cage and cats have free roam? >> dogs have condos as well. silicon valley humane society is the first shelter in the country to meet the standards of shelter veterinarians. we are a model shelter. the living environment is designed for each species to make sure they thrive in our healthy. >> reporter: if someone wants to adopt a pet, and they seem like they are acclimated and ready to go home, if someone wants to adopt, what did they do? >> visit the website, where we have a promotion running through june 3. this is at the center in milpitas. cats over six months older only $20. >> reporter: i appreciate your time. if you want to adopt, come on down. ktvu, fox 2 news. coming up on mornings on 2 at 9 am, it is tower day in the city of oakland. the band celebrates its 50th you never -- anniversary. here are some of the original members of the van.
9:45 am
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the tower of power celebrates its 50th anniversary with a new album in performances this weekend at the fox theater in oakland. top of that, mayor libby schaaf declares today tower of power day in the city of oakland. events are city hall of urs from now. we are joined by two original members, emilio castillo and a man who is called doc. we appreciate you joining us. some people say you last big -- gig, your best gig, your last album -- where does this rank and all of your work? >> i said out to make the best album of my career. we were going to do the michael
9:48 am
jackson method, you record way more than you need and pick the best 12. we completed 28 songs. then we signed a record deal with mac avenue records. they said they wanted to release them all. the first one comes out this weekend. it comes out tomorrow. the next one is in the next year. it is the best record we have ever made. >> reporter: do you agree? >> i don't know. i can back to the warner bros. records. they are my favorites. this is very well made. it is micromanaged and well made. >> reporter: this is the 25th album for you guys. how has the sound changed in that time? >> for one thing, i asked a guy to help me finish them. i recorded 18 tracks. i did a few tracks with this guy joe then ellie. you might remember his brother gino finale. -- vanelli -- that was a wise
9:49 am
decision. he is an excellent musician, engineer, record producer. he pushed me to the limit. we took a lot of chances on the record. harmonically, musically. >> reporter: when you started in the late 60s and 70s, we heard a lot of horns. a lot of bands give up on the horns. you guys never did. was there ever a debate? what is unique about keeping them with you for all these decades? >> everything is better with horns. >> [ laughter ] >> there was never a debate? >> there was never a debate with us. >> reporter: this is tower of power day. that is huge. what does that kind of honor mean for you? >> it is incredible. it all started here in 1968. we used to live here and party here. rewrote all her songs here. our sound is an oakland sound. -- our songs -- oakland is blue- collar, down to earth people. they dig soul music.
9:50 am
it was back in the day when sly stone was a disc jockey on k sol. we lived and died for soul music. that is been her passion ever since. we shaped and molded our soul music in a particular way that we got from oakland california. -- our passion -- it is an oakland town. practice oakland look different to you today? >> no. you could be from hong kong. but you could be downtown. >> it is very gentrified. i love oakland. allowed the east bay. i would move back here but i can't afford it. >> [ laughter ] >> reporter: what about the early years here? >> like emilio was saying, we wrote our hits here. we lived here. we got started here. our glory days were here. oakland is special to me. i grew up in berkeley. when i had to pay rent and moved to oakland. as i say, in a lot of ways, i
9:51 am
wish i was still here. >> reporter: playing in the fox theater, that is an amazing place. >> it is. >> i just saw a picture of the stage today. i have not yet been in the venue. everybody has walked through it but me. i saw a picture of the stage. i said, oh my god, what an incredible theater. >> we use the marquis. that was before david finished redoing it. we use it for the oakland zone. -- before they finished redoing it -- >> reporter: it will be rocking this weekend. tower of power performing tomorrow at the fox theater. saturday show. the tickets are gone. that show is sold out. but friday, they're still up there. we have that information for you on our website, you can find it on the ktvu mobile app. emilio and doc, thank you for coming here.
9:52 am
you should get the 25th album from tower of power. congratulations. >> thank you. >> reporter: we will be right back. >> appreciate it. >> ♪
9:53 am
9:54 am
the off season was marked by legal problems. foster is at the training facility in santa clara. the general manager announced
9:55 am
foster was returning to the team. we see that happening here. the santa clara judge dismissed the mystic violence charges against foster. he reduced a weapons charge to a misdemeanor. his girlfriend testified she made up the allegations because she was angry he had broken up with her. the oakland athletics host the race today. they hope to bounce back from one of their worst games of the season. >> there is a base hit. it goes up the middle. >> reporter: that was probably the only highlight last night. they had no hits for 6 1/3. the athletics had one for the whole game. there were 10 hits for six runs. it was a 6-0 win. the giants beat the rockies 7- 4. it has been a disappointing road trip. the giants were down 3-0 in the first. then they got to a debate on the road trip. they are for games from first place in that division. they are off today. this is opening day for a local pro baseball team, the
9:56 am
napa several mottos. our sports director, mark ibanez, who grew up in napa, throws out the first pitch later tonight. mark says it is the first time in his career that he has had the honor of throwing out a ceremonial first pitch. the silverado's face-off against the san rafael pacific's at 6 pm. it will be at napa valley college. the giants will do the same tonight. >> it is a tryout. here is kevin durant. his images on the site of an airplane. it debuted at oakland international airport. alaska airlines has a program for at-risk youth in the bay area. speaking of airplanes, actor tom cruise is back in the danger zone. the 55-year-old star tweeted that filming has begun on a top
9:57 am
gun sequel, and titled talking maverick. it will reportedly be about fire pilots having trouble with drone technology. it is a bit outdated. talk maverick is scheduled for july 2019 release. >> are there more lines from the original film? >> you could watch it tonight. that is a good point. >> thanks for watching, everyone. nning chef? contestant #1, impressive knife skills. but contestant #2 fights back by using fresh parsley. and, contestant #3 adds a touch of sweetness. sweetie, come eat outside. but it's to hot out there! perfect! make room for the judge! what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours.
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