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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  June 1, 2018 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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canceled the summit over what he called hostile comments by north korea. we have live team coverage tonight. ktvu's cristina rendon with what the experts say today's developments could mean but first, to washington and fox news' lauren blanchard with more on the president's announcement. lauren. >> reporter: after nearly two hours with a north korean official, president trump announced the summit with north korea he canceled last week is once again happening. >> we'll be meeting on june 12th in singapore. it went very well. it's a get to know you kind of a situation. >> reporter: that major and unexpected development coming out of an oval office meeting with a high level north korean delegation today. originally, kim yong-chol was there to bring a letter to president trump from kim jong- un. >> this was literally going to be the delivery of a letter and it ended up being a two- hour conversation. >> reporter: in fact, mr. trump actually made the announcement before reading kim's letter. this comes just 11 days before
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the summit was supposed to happen. before president trump canceled it with a letter of his own last week, citing hostility from the north. >> the president issues his famous letter, call or write me, and sadly, democrats dismissed this as being infantile. it has proven to be very visionary. >> reporter: but some outside observers say a one-on-one meeting between the two leaders will be the real test. >> the key question is, what is going to come out of this summit? what is going to be the agreement? the administration has been right to push for full denuclearization by north korea. but it's not entirely clear whether north korea and its leader are going to agree to that. >> reporter: today's visit was also unusual because negotiator kim yong-chol is on a u.s. sanctions list meaning he is not even supposed to be allowed into the country. but today he made it into the oval office as kim jong-un's hand-picked emissary to help broker a deal. and the white house tells us the president has opened that letter from kim jong-un but no details on what it said.
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frank, julie? >> the whole process has been unusual. lauren blanchard live tonight in our nation's capital. thank you. and now to ktvu's cristina rendon. you spoke with an expert about the impact of today's developments. >> reporter: yes. earlier on "four on 2," we spoke with professor doowan lee senior lecturer in monterey. he predicts the north korean leader will try to prolong this negotiation process but he says if you think about this from a deterrence perspective, it makes sense that both president trump and kim jong-un want this meeting to happen. >> i think we need to separate the meeting from a potential denuclearization deal between north korea and the united states. the reason being, north korea has really no reason to keep up its ultimate trump card as
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a form of coercive diplomacy and because i think trump really needs a national security win before the november elections, i would hypothesize that this summit will go on but i would not expect any grand deal coming out of this summit. >> the professor noted that kim jong-un has been pro- active in recent weeks with meeting with other world leaders and is trying to use his nuclear weapons program to find the best deal possible. of course, it is still unclear what the result of this summit will be. but for now, this meeting date is back on for june 12th in singapore. >> thank you. >> stay with us for continuing coverage as this story develops. we are posting the latest in all our newscasts and on facebook, twitter and happening now, preparations under way for a combination political rally and a religious revival in berkeley tonight. frankly graham is bringing his decision -- franklin graham is
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bringing his decision america term to the berkeley marina in an hour. he says he wants to encourage support for christian conservative candidates. the free event features live music. we may see some protestors, as well. franklin graham, who is the son of the late reverend billy graham, is visiting 10 california cities before the june 5th primary. new details now on a threatening text message that prompted a lockdown in san lorenzo today. an anonymous text sent by airdrop to students in class said there would be a shooting at the school at 12:30 today. investigators told us they searched the school but didn't find anything. officials then determined it was a hoax. three days ago a 16-year-old student was arrested in class at the same school after a loaded handgun was found in his backpack. a 15-year-old boy from watsonville is under arrest tonight charged in connection with a brutal hammer attack in aptos. the santa cruz county sheriff's office says at least three people wearing masks
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broke into the garage of a home on monta vista drive early monday morning. the intruders then attacked three teenagers with a hammer. a 17-year-old was in a coma but is now awake and speaking. the teen faces assault with a deadly weapon and robbery charges. santa cruz county sheriff jim hart said: this assault was beyond stupid and these suspects are fortunate nobody is dead as a result of this attack. our deputies are going to find every one of those suspects, they should turn themselves in now." there is a growing call to find whoever dumped three severely abused puppies in a trash heap in east oakland and left them to die. two of the jaws were broken, the foot of a third had been cut off. the reward to find the abuser has reached $15,000. oakland police say they won't stop until the person abusing these animals is caught. >> if we have an individual who is doing this to animals, are they going to or have they been doing this to a human
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being? it could be a child. it could be a baby. it could be an elderly person. so our very specific focus here today is we need to identify and locate those individuals responsible for this crime. there may be other animals out there. >> all three of the dogs have been treated for their injuries, they are expected to survive. in any event the husky even attended today's meeting with city officials and law enforcement. we are learning new information tonight about the death of a woman whose body was found in a stairwell at zuckerberg san francisco general hospital this week. as ktvu's christien kafton reports, no one else was involved in her death but it may be weeks before we have a definitive cause. reporter: san francisco deputies patroled the sprawling campus of zuckerberg sf general hospital today hospital personnel saying staff conduct daily stairwell
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sweeps in the hospital's two main buildings. an autopsy had been completed but that, quote, the cause and manner of death is spending additional studies and the report is expected to be completed in the coming weeks." just yesterday, hospital staff and san francisco's sheriff held a news conference saying in part that ruby anderson was not a patient of the hospital but a resident at a board and care facility on the zuckerberg sf general campus and they said they were launching an investigation into what went wrong. >> we are very saddened and look forward to pursuing our investigation to find out what happened. >> reporter: meanwhile the california department of social services community care and licensing division launched an investigation yesterday looking into the residential care facility where anderson lived. residents living on the sf general campus said off camera today that ruby anderson was a frail and sweet lady. they wondered where she had gone in the 10 days she was missing before a hospital worker found her body. the hospital says it has already conducted a thorough search of the stairwells in all campus buildings including the power plant and is in the
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process of reviewing its comprehensive security assessment of the 23-acre facility to look for new risks that this latest tragedy has brought to light. meanwhile, today i also asked the hospital if there were any other patients, residents or clients of any of the services anywhere associated with the campus's 23-acre site who are unaccounted for. as of today the hospital says they are going to have that information for me on monday. live in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up new developments in the golden state killer than 100 pages of documents. at 6:30, details from search and arrest warrants and what information won't be released to the public. >> we have a nice looking weekend heading our way. what to expect coming up. ct coming >> also ahead, disturbing allegations against a former worker at an east bay group home. the claims against him made by a disabled resident.
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>> we are just devastated. there was no out ward clue that he was anything more than very trusted employee. >> let's go outside to a live look at the friday evening commute. as you can see, 101, san francisco, hospital curve, and the cars are moving. that's a good sign. >> that is a good sign for a friday night. another look now -- oh!! not so good. >> not so good here. >> this is interstate 80 in oakland. the macarthur maze area. it's heavy. the cars on the right heading toward the bay bridge. the left is the commute direction towards berkeley, el cerrito and richmond. it is heavy and slow at this hour. back with more in just a moment. a moment. ithe race for governort. has turned into a scam. wsom's trying to elect a republican by a handful of billionaires. it's everything that's wrong with politics. and none of it is helping struggling families. here's my ed
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i'll keep our budget balanced. invest in affordable housing. fight for universal healthcare. and stand up to donald trump. as governor, you can trust me to do what's right- because i always have.
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boasting. overselling his achievements. making false claims. as lieutenant governor, he skipped many of his d saying the job was "so dull," he only shows up to work at the state capitol "like one day a week, tops." the same gavin who, as mayor, "split town" during a massive oil spill and "jetted hawaii." gavin's... not gonna work... as governor. with savings on the new sleep number 360 smart bed.
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it senses and automatically adjusts on both sides, for effortless comfort. don't miss the final days of our semi-annual sale! save up to $700 on sleep number 360 smart beds. ends sunday. a kite surface died in crown beach in alameda. it happened this afternoon. bystanders dragged him to shore performed cpr until an ambulance arrive. emergency responders worked to revive him but he was pronounced dead at the hospital. another kite surfer was rescued and is okay. a man is charged with sexually assaulting one of the residents of a home. our crime reporter henry lee has more live from the newsroom with more on the investigation. >> reporter: the defendant was entrusted to take care of people who depended on him
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daily. now he is accused of violating someone who could not legally give consent. this is the man , dawan king, the man authorities say repeatedly sexually assaulted a man who is intellectually and developmentally disabled. the alleged victim lives here at this group home in pinole known as a better chance. the authorities say he was abused for at least four years until 2017, when he left for another job. >> when the subject actually left the home, is when the victim felt comfortable coming forward and notified a couple of members of the house that he was staying in and they contact the police and that's how we became aware of it. >> reporter: pinole police arrested him at the oakland airport where he worked as a southwest airlines ramp agent. contra costa county prosecutors have charged king with nine felony counts of seon or someone incapable of giving legal consent because of a disability. entrusted to take care of this person, is aware of their disability and think take -- and they take advantage of that individual instead of taking care of them. >> reporter: the pinole facility is run by the california autism foundation. ramsey nashy is director of quality assurance.
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>> we are just devastated. there was no outward clue that he was anything more than a trusted employee. >> reporter: state records show the pinole home has been licensed as an adult residential facility since 1990. they only had a couple of violations that were quickly corrected including unsecured hydrogen peroxide and laundry detergent containers and a medication issue. this investigation continues as authorities look for other possible victims. . the defendant's bail is more than $9 million and held in jail in contra costa county. >> thank you, henry lee. fire crews making fast work of a roof fire in oakland this afternoon. firefighters called to the commercial building on adeline near west grand avenue around 3:45. the three-story building home to designer and artist live
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work studios. it appears the fire was confined to a deck on the roof. you see some of the damage there. there were some scary moments though for people who live and work in the building who say they grabbed what they could and got out quickly. we are told for the past few days workers have been on the roof power washing and sealing it for leaks. s there are no. >> reporter: of injuries. there are no reports of injuries. 70s and 80s today. 83 in livermore. that fairfield number is incredible. that was 86, as well. and then as luke at the forecast here, as we go forward, you will see temperatures on the increase as we go through friday. they were up here monday. they dropped thursday and they are coming up friday, today lit
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the country. some is he vee weather in the dakotas. delays at atlanta flight delays. out west clear sailing. into your bay area weekend, clear sailing. today warmer, tomorrow even warmer. then sunday about the same. current temperatures 81 in fairfield. 80 in. >> reporter: so these numbers are up quite a bit from yesterday at this time. they are up 15, 20 degrees in some places from this time yesterday. wednesday and thursday were cool. remember that? there's no fog yet at the golden gate bridge. won't be fog tomorrow either so there is fog rning. you want people as a result of lettuce grown in the yuma, arizona region. the centers for disease control and prevention say since its last update about two weeks ago, 25 more
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illnesses have been reported bringing the number of people sickened by 197 in 35 states. nearly half of those people have been hospitalized as a result. five people have died. two in minnesota, one in arkansas, california and new york. "2 investigates" has found an increasing number of drivers are going to jail for being high behind the wheel. statistic show arrests for cannabis use are up with chp. brooks jarosz explains why police are on the lookout for the crime now more than ever. >> reporter: in the bay area, california highway patrol are zeroing in on stoned drivers. >> people seem to believe that because marijuana has become legalized, um, that you can essentially drive while impaired by marijuana which is definitely not the case. >> reporter: in 2017, officers made three to four arrests on any average week. now new statistics show so far this year, it's up to 6
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drivers. the chp tells "2 investigates" if the trend continues, bay area arrests for driving under the influence of cannabis will increase 70% by the end of the year. >> 100% unacceptable whether it happens to my family, my chp brothers, your family, or anybody at home, it's unacceptable. >> think there might be an officer down. >> reporter: last christmas eve a chp officer andrew camilleri was killed by getting rear-ended by a car driving more than 100 miles per hour an on 880 in hayward. the driver admitted to using marijuana. last month this man was arrested on suspicion of being high on marijuana surrounding this crash on 880 in fremont. three people including two children were killed. but he hasn't been charged. the problem is law enforcement lacks the proper tools to chemically test cannabis impaired drivers. instead, officers rely on field sobriety tests. >> can i do these multiple things at one time? can i stand on one foot, look
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at my foot, count out loud? >> reporter: legislation earmarks $3 million of year for chp to train state and local law enforcement in drug recognition and impairment. but what they don't have is new technology like this pot breathalyzer developed by oakland-based hound labs. while some studies show marijuana impaired drivers only show small differences in reaction time, hound labs put high drivers to the test making them navigate common hazards. >> one of the most chilling things that we saw was that all of those drivers hit a bicycle that was in the construction zone. >> reporter: still, the american automobile association and national safety council have come out against basing driving laws on cannabis found in the bloodstream. they are skeptical of the relationship between pot and driving impairment especially because pot can be detected for days or weeks after use. for now, getting arrested for driving stoned may not end in
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a conviction. but officers will be out here cracking down on any dangerous drivers. brooks jarosz, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up next, cleaning up a troubled bart station in san francisco. >> it's the biggest drug dealing area of san francisco right above us. >> when we come back, a look at the efforts to crack down on drug use at the civic center bart. >> a scary moment for klay thompson last night in the warriors win over the cavs. we'll have an up daughter on his condition coming up. >> and facebook unfriending what it calls an out dade outdated. what users will see in place of trending news when we come back. marshall tuck will change that. in california, 3 million kids can't read at grade level. tuck turned around struggling schools,
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raising graduation rates over 60%. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck.
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i'm jeff bleich. preventing violence has long been my cause. in the face of senseless violence, we need hope. after columbine, i led president clinton's youth violence commission. i joined joe biden to reduce domestic violence, helping boys become men. i beat the nra in court, defending gun laws that save lives. today, a new generation is rising, and this is our moment. in the streets and in the capitol, i'll stand with them. jeff bleich. democrat for lieutenant governor.
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clusterfest is getting you understand way now in the civic center of san francisco. it has big name stars in the line-up including jon stewart,  amy schumer and trevor noah. the nearest bart station to that festival has been in the news a lot recently for rampant and open drug use. bart recently announced it would be cleaning up the civic center station. rob malcolm reports. >> reporter: the venue is near bart and muni metro civic center station, the same station where a commuter posted this viral video of drug users slumped over and shooting up. the black eye forced bart officials to act quickly. >> there are going to be a lot of people whose impression tonight is going to determine how willing they are going to be to ride our system next week, next month, next year. and we need to keep our riders. >> reporter: with that in
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mind, bart hopes they have swept the recent problems here behind them by adding extra staff and a zamboni to regularly clean the floors. this may be music to the ears of riders. ♪[ music ] >> classical music, i think, that there's been a much more steady representation of sfpd and bart pd. we have had public health department come out here. we have homeless outreach. >> reporter: some have noticed improvements. >> well, yeah. the hallways as well much more especially in this area behind me. it's been a major improvement. i have witnessed that same activity as i passed through >> reporter: these visitors ag >> everybody down here, looks like it's clear. you're sitting in a coach that's clean. >> but it don't clean up it >> reporter: this regular
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rider says the problems have just moved elsewhere. >> reporter: if you don't clean upstairs i don't think it will work because people at night they feel cold and they come downstairs. >> this is the biggest drug dealing area of san francisco right above us. and i'm certainly one that's saying, okay, district attorney, i'm a bart director. i'm down here. i'm down here asking people not to use. you as a district attorney, do you want to put a table and chair upstairs and see what's going on up there? because that's what's contributing to our problem. >> reporter: now, bart director dufty is referring to the fact that he was out here on wednesday between 7 and 10. he told us he would be doing the same tonight with a table and chair. he will be down here between 7 and 10 p.m. answering questions and talking to people as they come through. in san francisco, rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next. we have some new developments in the golden state killer case as a judge releases more than 100 pages of documents. >> you consider this a victory for you? >> yes. it is hard to get warrant information especially in a case like this. >> coming up next, details from search and arrest
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warrants and what information will not be released to the public. >> plus, a mobile medical clinic destroyed by fire in the south bay. how everyone from the homeless to silicon valley's ceos are working now to replace it. >> and more people moving out than moving in. the one bay area city a look at the changing demographics of san jose. stay with us, ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next. next.
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more on tonight's top stories. president trump says the on- again, off-again nuclear summit will happen in singapore on june 12th. he made the talks after a meeting with an official from r he said it may take several meetings to end the nuclear program. a 15-year-old boy is under attack for a hammer attack in aptos. at least three people wearing masks broke into the garage of a home early monday morning
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and attacked three teenaged boys with a hammer. the teen arrested yesterday faces several charges including assault with a deadly weapon and robbery. an autopsy has been completed on the woman who was found dead in a stairwell at the campus of zuckerberg sf general hospital earlier this week but the hospital said in a statement it may be weeks before they determine a cause or manner of death for 75-year- old ruby anderson. anderson was reported missing from a board and care facility at the hospital. hospital worker found her body in the stairwell of the hospital's power plant 10 days later. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. this afternoon a judge in sacramento released more than 100 pages of search and arrest warrant documents in the case of the alleged golden state killer. we went through the documents which revealed how investigators collected his dna before the arrest was made. >> reporter: close to 200 pages of newly released arrest and search warrant documents
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reveal new information about how detectives got dna samples from east area rapist golden state killer suspect joseph deangelo days before his arrest. the search warrant reveals on april 18th of this year, a dna sample was collected from the door handle of the car he was driving. that car was parked in a public lot outside of a hobby lobby store in roseville. the sample was collected as deangelo was inside. the warrant says on april 23rd, investigators got another sample of deangelo's dna from a tissue in a trash can on the curb of his citrus heights home. it was then sent the sample they had in the 1980 murder in southern california. it was considered a match. the documents were released following a motion filed by multiple news outlets. attorney for the media ouconsider this a victory for you? >> yes. it is hard to get warrant information especially in a case like this. the court recognized that there is a first amendment
6:32 pm
right of access to warrant materials as judicial records. that in and of itself is a victory. >> reporter: the heavily redacted documents detail 58 homicides and rapes across california linked to the notorious criminal. the arrest warrant explains why investigators are certain deangelo is responsible for all of the crimes. >> what do you think the most valuable piece of information that's going to be released? do you have any idea at this point? >> um, probably the investigatory techniques relating to how evidence was collected in 1970 and how it stands up to standards that we expect of law enforcement today. >> reporter: the search warrant also includes a long list of stolen property which investigators believe the east area rapist took wedding bands and driver's licenses. it also details the items the sheriff's department wanted to seize from deangelo's house things like weapons, computers and bindings. >> a number --
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the number of unemployed americans is at the lowest level in almost 20 years. 223,000 jobs were added in may. the unemployment rate fell to 3.8%. that's the lowest level since the year 2000. president trump tweeted that he was looking forward to seeing the numbers more than an hour prior to the labor department releasing that publicly. the president had been briefed on the report last night and many took his tweet as a sign that the numbers would be positive. the president's comment breaks protocol not to release details of jobs th the department of labor releases those nu. and generally there's no comment until about an hour after the market. but we should all be excited about those numbers. that's the bottom line. >> the stock market reacted to the jobs numbers among other things with big gains. dow up 219.
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nasdaq up 112. s&p up 29. now to san jose, where a mobile medical clinic that was destroyed in a fire is being replaced thanks to some generous donations. as ktvu's ann rubin tells us, everyone from silicon valley's ceos to the homeless it serves have chipped in. reporter: after arson destroyed gardner's mobile medical unit, the first donation to replace it came quickly. it was seven dollar bills plus a juice box from a homeless man in gilroy. >> it really pretty much was everything in his pocket. and he said he depended on us and he wanted to see us be successful again. >> reporter: others were depending on them, too. gardner takes its mobile unit to sheerreat the homeless. >> it's helpful because we can walk up to it on the spot. >> reporter: the fire left them with one smaller rv and essentially half the medical care they could give. replacing the one they burned would cost $247,000. insurance would only cover part of it. and so they reached out to the silicon valley leadership group for help, hoping local ceos would help.
6:35 pm
they did. >> one email, 10 days, $156,000 in voluntary contributions because we're helping 2755 children, women and men who are homeless every night in santa clara county. >> reporter: commitments came from netgear, kla-tencor and western digital among others. >> frankly it was a very easy response for us to support this kind of need here in the valley. >> reporter: gardner surpassed their goal. they placed the order for their new mobile unit last week. >> it was unreal! i cried. >> reporter: the clinic on wheels will take five months to build. when it's done, administrators can't wait to drive it to gilroy to show that homeless man the first donor what he started. >> i'm hoping to see him again this year and show off the new mobile unit to him. show him what his $7, you know, he was part of that. >> reporter: gardner will continue to operate with scaled back services until the new mobile unit arrives in the fall. in san jose, ann rubin, ktvu
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fox 2 news. coming up, an uber driver accused of shooting and killing a passenger. what the driver said happened. >> california banning state funded travel to oklahoma over a new law with lgbt couples and adoption. >> children will lose out on having families. my name is tony thurmond. education isn't the goal, - it's the gateway. hold the key... to every child's opportunity. we reject trump's attacks on our public schools. and invest in the teachers dreamers. modernize our curriculum and empower educators to teach beyond the test because creativity and critical thinking are as important as facts and figures. i'm tony thurmond the work starts now. state superintendent.
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an uber driver is behind bars accused of shooting and killing his passenger. 29-year-old michael hancock was arrested this morning for first-degree murder in denver, colorado. a witness called 911 saying an uber driver claimed he shot a passenger who tried to attack him. when police arrived on scene, they found the victim with apparent gunshot wounds lying on the floorboards of the front passenger seat. he was taken to the hospital where he died. the shooting comes just days after uber added a panic button to its app allowing riders to directly call 911. >> it appears there was an uber driver and his passenger got into a conflict beside his vehicles, shots were fired. >> the investigators say they found 10 spent .40-caliber cartridges on the ground right near where the driver's vehicle stopped on the highway. police are asking anyone with information to contact them.
6:40 pm
facebook says it is shutting down its trending news section. the company says the 4-year- old feature is outdated and no longer popular. the feature also came in for criticism for alleged political bias and for promoting false stories. facebook says it is testing new features now including a breaking news labeling. it's also looking at ways to make local news more prominent. according to research from pew, about 44% of u.s. adults get some news from facebook. california announced it's banning state funded travel to oklahoma over a new law that discriminates against lgbtq families. the bill signed in a law last month allows religious organizations in oklahoma to exclude same-sex couples from adoptions or hosting foster children. attorney general xavier becerra announced the decision this morning alongside adoptive parents. >> a law like this means that children will lose out on finding out what it is like to have a forever family like my son has and how i have, as
6:41 pm
well. it also sends a terrible message to the lgbt community prospective parents that there's something wrong with us, that we're different in some way. let me attest to the fact that we are not. >> california already bars official travel to texas, alabama, south dakota, kentucky, north carolina, kansas. more people moving out than moving into the bay area's biggest city. >> it's a huge shift that people are leaving. >> coming up, a look at the changing demographics of san jose. >> and welcome to the weekend. we have the weather figure out. it looks like last weekend. so some real warm temperatures heading on your saturday and sunday. >> and coming up tonight on ktvu plus at 7:00, maverick is back and still has a need for speed. tom cruise begins filming long- awaited sequel to his hit top gun. >> also dozens of wounded military veterans have come to the east bay this weekend for
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the annual valor games. those stories coming up tonight on ktvu plus at 7:00. ithe race for governort. has turned into a scam. gavin newsom's trying to elect a republican who was endorsed by trump. and villaraigosa's being bankrolled by a handful of billionaires. it's everything that's wrong with politics. and none of it is helping struggling families. here's my pledge to you. i'll keep our budget balanced. invest in affordable housing. fight for universal healthcare. and stand up to donald trump. as governor, you can trust me to do what's right- because i always have.
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i support the affordable care act, and voted against all trump's attempts to repeal it. but we need to do more. i believe in universal health care. in a public health option to compete with private insurance companies. and expanding medicare to everyone over 55. and i believe medicare must be empowered to negotiate the price of drugs. california values senator dianne feinstein
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more people are leaving rather than moving to silicon valley for the first time. ktvu's south bay reporter jesse gary has more now on the numbers and the impact on residents. >> okay. what next? >> reporter: jeff has lived in san jose 40 years. he came to the painful conclusion that there won't be a 41st. >> it's quite an emotional decision, but for me, i had a line that was approaching. >> reporter: that line is financial brought on by rising monthly hoa dues for his two- bedroom condo and adding in property taxes and he said he
6:45 pm
had enough. >> for me it was evaluating the value that i get more my hoa dues, the value that i get for my property taxes and what happens with that money. >> reporter: a new report from finds this is far from an isolated case. of california's top 10 counties with declining populations, santa clara ranks first, san mateo second, norcal dominates the top five spots. >> the numbers aren't huge but it's a huge shift that people are leaving. about 42 people a month are leaving silicon valley. >> reporter: san jose resident and his wife are part of the out-migration. in town just two years, now moving south where it's cheaper. >> if you want to stay, it's extremely tough to stay here. you almost live paycheck to paycheck. le leaving. from 2010 to 2016, county officials say there was a 29% increase in job creation but only a 4% increase in new housing. the squeeze sends many people elsewhere while creating opportunities for new arrivals.
6:46 pm
>> the majority of the people moving into the area are foreign nationals like from india, vietnam and china. so we are seeing for everyone who leaves, people are taking their place. >> reporter: for that reason, high cost housing won't be solved soon. relief won't come until sellers have started a new life away from california. >> when i sell here, i'll have a little bit of a cushion as well that then i can pay cash wherever i go also to and elect to be. >> that's the other side of the equation. californians chased from the golden state due to high cost of housing moving economic floor of that real estate market. so where are people headed? they are going east to states like arizona, colorado, utah,
6:47 pm
montana, idaho, texas, even new mexico. in the san jose studio, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. >> if you own a home it's great, good for you. if you are a renter, eh, not so much. >> it's so hard here in the bay area. >> but it's beautiful. speaking of beautiful, the weather was beautiful. it's been a roller coaster lately with the wind and the cold weather but it's heating up again. >> it's been a roller coaster all spring but you're right, it goes from cool to warm to cool and now we have gone from -- i don't know if you remember yesterday it was cool. today before that was really cool and windy. 50s and 60s? >> it's not a bad pattern. i think the fires are on the windy day, i think the fires were put out quickly because of the high relative humidity and cool temperatures. so lower temperatures. so we have had sort of this on- again, off-again warmth and heat and it lasts. it keeps going.
6:48 pm
so it's going to warm up in time for your weekend and cooling down in time for monday and tuesday. not cold but just 70s and mid- 70s in the warm spots. this weekend, the warm spots are going to be mid-80s and mid-90s. maybe even warmer than that. it was warmer today by 15 and 20 degrees in some places over yesterday. live camera shot outside. you can see -- we see the campanile. so pretty good air quality. i thought today's air quality wouldn't be quite as good but it was pretty good out there. as this high pressure compresses, that's why air quality takes a hit and it should be a little more gunky tomorrow, more fog at the coast, a little patchy stuff and then a little bit of air quality stuff. but just more haze than anything. no fog back along the coast as this model for tomorrow. fog should return by sunday night, maybe sunday afternoon. but in the meantime, that's your beach day. saturday. those are 100s, the purples up in the valley for saturday.
6:49 pm
sunday will look a lot like buc frina little cooler inland because a bit of a sea breeze that develops sunday afternoon. so here we go into saturday. saturday morning, san francisco, saturday lunchtime san francisco. 68 degrees. now what's kind of fun to do i know you've all done this, but san francisco is funny on the weekends. there's nobody there. everybody takes off! so you go down to the embarcadero down on the waterfront there, it's kind of fun, grab a bike or skateboard, you can cruise. the place is empty. you can fire a shotgun down market street. there's nobody in town. tomorrow warmer, sunday cooler. 97 in brentwood. we actually do that sometimes, julie. we'll -- i'll grab the kids especially when they were young and would listen to me, we would grab their bikes and go to the city on saturday or sunday on a beautiful day, ride right up market street and on the embarcadero. >> especially the embarcadero. >> it's so fun. >> it's all business and then
6:50 pm
no business. >> nobody's there on the weekend. it's such a beautiful spot. >> it's a great day full of bike riding, yeah. >> tomorrow is going to be stunning. >> thank you. the largest wildfire in recorded california history is officially out. the thomas fire started six months ago northwest of los angeles in the los padres national forest destroying more than 1,000 buildings and burned 440 square miles. two people including a firefighter were killed in the fire. the fire was fully contained back in january and now officials say all of the hot spots are finally out. klay thompson talked about the statgot last night in the warriors win over the cavs. scott will have what he had to say coming up next in sports.
6:51 pm
gavin's not gonna work as governor.
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6:53 pm
we listened to the warriors game on the way home from work and what's going on? some of the announcers were confused. last night didn't go as many expected. the result was just fine for warriors fans. but that said, so many subplots in the wake of game one. so let's start with what could have been a disaster. 1st quarter, klay thompson has
6:54 pm
a left lateral leg contusion which apparently isn't as scary as it sounds. he returned shortly thereafter and scored 24 points with five three-pointers so clearing he is okay. thompson addressed the injury scare today. >> it's sore but nothing too bad. less sore than last night. that's a great sign. and i expect it to heal up even more by tonight hopefully. i have been very blessed to not have any catastrophic injuries in my whole basketball career. i think i have had a high pain tolerance since i have been a kid. and, um, you can be sore going into summertime. that's how i look at it. >> and then of course there was the bizarre sequence at the end of regulation. j.r. smith the offensive rebound off the missed free throw. instead of going back up and shooting for the win, he dribbles out the clock. he insists he knew the game was tied and expecting his team to call time out. not sure anybody is buying that. but his teammates came to his defense. >> there was so much stuff
6:55 pm
going on the game. you know, plays getting reversed and things like that. you know, probably was discombobulated a little bit. we take it on our chin, you know. we made a couple mistakes down the stretch and just those one mistakes didn't cause us the game. we win together, we lose together. it's a team effort. >> then of course there was the dustup at the end of regulation. no word on a possible suspension for triston thompson who was ejected. kevin love won't be suspended for leaving the bench during the ensuing sequence. this according to yahoo sports. the rationale being love stepped on the floor momentarily to protest the call on thompson but then retreated to the bench. now to the road warriors. also known as the oakland a's. remember their last rote trip 7-3 against good competition? they also lead the majors in road home runs. continuing those trends in
6:56 pm
kansas city, before baseball we had celebrity softball. paul rud and others among the celebs. good turnout. then ian kennedy threw a softballs the as' way and took advantage. matt olson with the solo shot hit tenth. 1-0 a's. third khris davis off the disabled list and finds the hole. matt joyce, matt chapman score. it is 4-0 athletics but they are not done. next batter is olson and once again, a mammoth shot. this one 445 feet. the a's still playing, leading 8-0 in kansas city a lot of moving parts for the giants 24 weekend. joe panik activated for philly. tomlinson sent to aaa to may rook. hunter pence will be back tomorrow. mark melancon will be brought up when there's space. kershaw who just remembered out another month with a lower
6:57 pm
back strain. the dodgers and giants tied right now at 26-30. that's four games out of first place in the in the league west. we start with baseball something i have never seen before. chris sales strikes out carlos correa. that should end the inning. ball bounces away from the catcher and george springer scores on second base on what would have been a strikeout to end the inning! you have seen guys score from third but not second. >> this is dumeer didn't expect the ball boy to come out. >> i mean, ouch! he felt bad. he felt -- he stayed >> oh!! >> you playing tennis you don't expect that. >> flad he is okay. good night.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
oh, my god. i love this chicken. oh, you know what they say, best things in life are free. okay, you're right. i eat your food a lot. now, how about this? you can raid my fridge anytime you want. oh, that's very kind of you. next time i have a hankering to wash down a d-cell battery with a jar of old pickle juice, (clicks tongue) i'll come a-knockin'. hey, raj, you didn't send your rsvp in. i'm suppose to ask you if you're bringing someone to the wedding. i'll let you know. well, can you make it soon? there's a battle royale going on over the seating charts. in one corner, bernadette's mom, in the other three, mine. yeah, i hate wedding receptions. yeah, i wish the bride and groom would take a cue from bilbo baggins. slip on the ring, disappear, and everyone goes home. oh, that was a night to remember. do you know, on one trip, i just had a bowl of nuts. anyway, you got to let me know if you have a plus one.


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