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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  June 5, 2018 9:00am-9:58am PDT

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helicopter pilots to the current rules. the chase center is scheduled to be finished in time for the 2020 nba season. today at 9:00, it is decision day in rnia we cover t local races at the polls. we remember a legend with the 49ers wide receiver dwight clark passing away 15 months after being diagnosed with als. we talk with the local contestants testing their musical knowledge on the beach shazam. june 5, 2018 and it is decision stay at the golden state. here's a live look over the port. there is a lot to be decided across the state from the bridge tolls in the bay area,
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the da, sheriff, banning tobacco in francisco and of course the election of the mayor in the city by the bay. welcome everyone. the polls are en and we have complete coverage. for someone that grew up in the bay area, the 49ers about the lo dwight clark, the catch was more than just that. the raiders were winning in the 70s and the same for the oakland a's and the warriors. the 49ers, that 1981 team, that was a very special team. that can't brought them to live. it was in the back of the end zone and that brought the city that lit the 49ers and took them to five superballs in the blink of an eye. we have the moment hanging in the hallway at my home next to the front door. i have this photo because clark was not 10 feet tall or the fas the heart and he never quit.
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that photo is a reminder to my son and daughter, to my wife and me every day when we walked in and out of the front door, never quit. to that i have dwight clark to thank for that moment january 1 my uld take to the 49ers in the 70s and they were a bad team. they got as far as the nfc championship but they could never beat dallas. that catch was the beginning of beating dallas and they started the legacy, and off they went. >> all those years later, the minute he walked into the room everybody lit up. he was so gracious and generous. not long after we learned he was dealing with that crippling disease. i was honored to be his -- in his presin california for the 2018 state
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primary elections with voters casting their ballots a few hours ago. others have bailed them in. the polls remain open until 8 pm tonight. the vote by mail ballots must be postmarked on or before election day, and they must be received by friday. >> californe in imary race for governor and other statewide primaries. u.s. senator dianne feinstein is up for reelection, and the mayor races are happening in san francisco and san jose. >> two bay area counties are trying something new. the residents were sent the mail-in ballots and the polling places have been replaced with mailing centers. there are other things help with the higher turnout and we are in daly city to explain. >> reporter: this is one of those voting centers for the san mateo county that they put in place for election day with 39 across the county. are seeing people going into drop off the mail-in ballots.
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here is the video of what it looks like in this center, like as any other polling place but slightly less you can send it in by mail or you could drop it off inside. san mateo and napa county are among the handful of counties across the state that are addiniences r e voters with the goal of boosting voter turnout. these changes were voted into place under the voters choice act passed in the state a few years ago. under the program san mateo and napa county voters were automatically sent the mail-in ballot. they have extended voting several days ahead of the election and voters can vote at any designated voting spot in the unty. they do not have to go to the specific polling place in the neighborhood. most we spoke with were dropping off the mail-in ballot and they thought the conveniences was a good idea. >> i don't know.
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i never voted in person and by mail is more convenient for me because i'm pretty busy at work. >> i think it's good for people that are on top of it, that are able to follow the directions, and do everything. >> reporter: under the voters choice act passed by the state a few years ago, san mateo and napa county's only two of the five counties in the state taking part in the programs to make changes for the adding conveniences. beginning in 2020, according to the secretary of state's office, all of san mateo county can make the changes. in the south bay both sides of the campaign, recalling judge persky and his six-month jail sentence for brock turner, the former swimmer convicted of sexuallyultingn unconscious woman sparking outrage. among those for the "persky recall" , saying it would set a
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bad precedence. >> we are asking people to the fact. you do not run a democracy based on emotion and dishonesty. you have a successful democracy when you have critical thinking and a factual base to make your decisions on voting. >> those that support the recall say it is about sending a message to other judges and to the general public. >> the message of the campaign is that we need judges that understand sexual harassment, sexual violence and domestic abuse which is resonated with the voters of the county. >> there is a potential replacement if the recall is successful. people across the country are closely watching the voting across california which could affect the balance of power in dc. this could play a major role in determining if republicans will continue to maintain the majority control of the u.s. house of representatives next year. democrats see the opportunity to flip the congressional seats
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in california to end the republican control of the house and senate. >> some of the candidates came to the bay area to do last- minute campaigning. we showed you yesterday morning on mornings on 2 with the mission district yesterday. the the glen park bart station. this is happening with the lieutenant governor backyard with berkeley polls gavin newsom and san diego republican john cox leading the pack of the candidates with the top two facing off in november. all nine counties are asked to increase the bridge tolls to pay for the infrastructure. this would gradually increase the tolls on the seven state owned bridges in the bay area including the bay bridge, going up by three dollars over seven years. supporters say the money generated would help to fund the major transportation projects including the bart extension in the south bay, new
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bart train cars and the extension into downtown san francisco. 70% of the funding generated would go to public transit if approved. critics say would make the bridge tolls too expe the toonheden gaidge willnot be the measure. san francisco voters will decide whether to ban menthol cigarettes. the advocates say that the flavors of bubblegum and mango are designed to entice young people. the campaign urging voters to reject the ban is primarily funded by e r.j. reynolds tobacco company. we want to know what is sending you to the polls today. our question of the day is which contest are you most rest day. 48% say the race for governor in29% say measure 3 with the bridge toll increases. 10% say you have an interest in
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the judge aaron persky recall. i believe that wraps up with 13% saying it is a race for the san francisco mayor that has you most interested. d thoughts we will check your responses through the day to share them with you at 9:30 am. -- 9:30 pm. stay is here for ktvu or ktvu plus forour covera. we will also have complete coverage at ktvu fox. tomorrow morning we recap on mornings on 2 all of the close races and some may not yet be decided by that time. >> the day after election day is my favorite thing, breaking it down. >> we will do that for you. coming up on mornings on 2, the election coverage continues and we have the latest for the top seed in san francisco, and what is happening in the mayoral race. up next, more on the battle with als and the reaction from
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dwight clark, san francisco's 49ers died 15 months r battling als, lou his wife says i am heartbroken and that she lost her best friend and husband. he passed peacefully by the people that he loved the most. "i'm thankful for all of the teammates, and 49ers fans who have sent their condolences as he battled takes away the abili move, speak, swallow and finally to breed. the ogsses and the families need support to manage the care. the als association said millions of llars raised by
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the ice bucket challenges over the recent years is being spent on the research and clinical trials. according to the als association, every 90 minutes someone is diagnosed with als and every 90 minutes someone dies fr it. you can find more on . >> the fence and rmer teammates are reacting to his death this morning. alex savidge joins us from san francisco. >> reporter: good morning. certainly the death of dwight clark is a huge blow to the 49ers faithfullosing the player who reeled in the past joe montana. obviously that was a play that will live on forever in the bay area sports history. it was the most important place certainly in the history of the franchise. we are talking withfans that are devastated by the loss. >> he is an icon. he goes along with willie mays and the other great sports
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figures in san francisco history. >> i thhis legacy is, by king that catch, he cemented himself in the bay area lore. >> poe montana tweeting his thoughts, "while we knew it was inevitably coming, he came way too soon. we are grateful for the decades of love and friendship we shared. we will miss you dearly." >> that fingertip grab sent the 49ers to the first super bowl turning clark into the sports legend. >> reporter: the wide receiver spent his nine year career with the san francisco 49ers before he retired. in march 2017 clark announced he had als, commonly known as he made his last public appearance in october last year at levi's stadium during the
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halftime at the niners cowboys game. he stood up and addressed the fans, downplaying the debilitating disease he battling. >> i think you all know i am in pain right now. i need your prayers and thoughts. i eciate >> reporter: clark believed that the als diagnosis was likely related to his playing days in the nfl but there is no clear link established. the two time pro bowler and super bowl champion is dead at the age of 61, a tremendous loss for his family, friends, fans and the entire ll you that
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lucky enough to meet dwight clark on one occasion. this was back in 2016, in the days leading up to super bowl 50 in the bay area. it was a day i will not soon forget. take a listen. >> we have a special guest coming up on the this morning. i will give you a hint. check this out. the perfect pass. >> way to go. >> look at that clark pass. you have to work for just like joe montana used to do. >> t many people get the chance to re-create the catch with dwight clark himself. i had that rare opportunity. the ball sailed on me a little bit but that was right where dwight said he wanted it and he made the short catch. i had a tremendous time talking with him. he was gracious and kind. very special person. a player
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it truly is a loss for all of us in the bay area, and especially for the folks like all of us that grew up 49ers fans in the bay area. >> absolutely. it was an honor to have him on the 9 that day. he was generous and a generous gentleman every me >> reporter: you are being truly kind with that remark. >> alex savidge, thank you for sharing a lovely memory with us. >> on instagram tom brady calling dwight clark one of his idols. brady grew up in the bay area and attended the game in 1982 of four. he saw the catch in person and said that even though he was so young it was a key moment for him. brady finished by saying "i'm sad to hear of his passing from als. i know he is resting and at peace finally after many years." that was the january 10 game in
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>>body remembers that game. my dad had tickets in the 70s and that catch really did change everything and gave the 49ers hope. before that the 49ers never won anything. that one play started it. but you remember that stuff with aron, a launching pad for the city of san francisco, and of course the super bowl. >> when i got the chance to meet him, i was looking at that big cheesy smile and i got to meet dwight clark many years later. all of us that grew up 49ers fans were happy to meet him and i also got to meet joe montana once. we remember these moments because these players were so big in our lives. >> like you said, when dwight clark walked into the room, he always had a big smile and you watched what he did. >> he was always really nice. he is a great. we will beafter the break. please keep your shoes on!
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news out of new york. designer kate spade has been found dead of an apparent suicide, and this isthey launched the kate spade handbags in 1993 and it became a le clothing,and jewelry line. there are 4100 kate spade outlet stores across the country. she sold the business and launch a new handbag company, francis valentine named after her hter. kate spade is dead at the age of 55. president trump has abruptly called off the scheduled white house celebration honoring the philadelphia eagles. >> this decision came after nearly all of the eagles players and coaches saidthey were going to the event. >> we have the latest on the boycott tied to the
9:22 am
presidential demand that the nfl player stand during the nat >> reporter: president trump takes to twitter on monday clip the wings of eagles, telling the philadelphia team that the super bowl vi party at the white house was off, "unfortunately only a small nupldecided to come, and we cancel the event. staying in the locker room for the playing of the national anthem is as disrespectful to our country as kneeling." >> reporter: he continues to tweet about the visit today, pointing out members of the other championship teams that celebrated at the white house including the nascar martin truex, jr. that stop a few months ago. >> nascar stands for the playthe national anthem. >> it is an honor to be here to represent nascar and the entire industry. >> reporter: no eagles players kneeled during the playing of the national anthem last year. the team released a stement making no reference to the
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cancellation, but torrey smith, former wide that did not plan on attending, tweeting "the men and women that wanted should've been able to go. it is a cowardly act to cancel the celebration because the majority of the people don't want to see you. to make it about the anthem is foolish." as they say, the show goes on with the president replacing the super bowl party with the celebration including thstar- spangled banner and other music that honors america. from the white house, kevin cork, ktvu fox 2 ws remember the golden state warriors were recently involved in a similar situation where president trump withdrew the invitation the white house won the nba championship last year. the president disinvited the warriors start steph curry that said he did not wato lebrate th with the president. president trump be accused of falsely blaming democrats for parents being separated
9:24 am
from the children after illegally crossing into the us- mexico border. "separating families at the border is the fault of bad legislation passed by the democrats." according to the associated press fact check there's no law mandating that parents be separated from the children at the border. it is not a policy democrats have pushed or can change alone as the minority in congress. the children are being separated from nts at the border at an accelerated rate due to the new zero tolerance policy implemented by the trump administration. according to the u.s. border officials, and that twweeks in over six and 50 children were separated from the parents atthe border. the summit meeting between president trump and kim jong-un is one week away and the white house is not said what is in the oversize letter that the north korean delegation delivered last week to president trump but saying it was interesting. t the schedule of the summit. >> i can tell you that the
9:25 am
schedule tentativelywill be on 12 at 9 am, singapore time, and take place june 11 at 9 pm east coast time. >> in congress some democrats are concerned about the deal the president could make with the north korean leader with a list of requirements saying any deal must permanently eliminate the north korean nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, suspend the ssile testing, and allow inspections we hear from the same-sex couple at the center of the case involving the wedding cake and freedom, the supreme court ruli favor of the baker that refused to make the cake on religious grounds. it is the colorado civil rights commission that decided against the baker showing hostility toward the baker based on his religious beliefs. writing for justice anthony kennedy said that other cases could be
9:26 am
decided differently. the couple at the center of the case calls the ruling frustrating. >> it is disappointing, the ruling we got. it was not what we were hoping for, of course. there were a lot of good things in therewe really want people t did not invalidate the colorado antidiscrimination act. >> the two justices against it, ginsburg and sonja mayor. changing starbucks to the worldwide brand and now leaving the brand. howard schultz has announced to a letter of all starbucks employees posted on the website for the company, "for years i have had the dream to build a different kind of company. thanks to you my dream has come true." analysts say that this has change the culture of american businesses. >> i cannot tell you the number
9:27 am
of ceos anon comodel thol of this great leader. >> in the howard schultz letter to his employees he says he is not happy with the direction that the country is going. he does not say what the plans for the future are but there are reports he could be considering a run for the white house. coming up, changes coming to the miss america organization in the event th will be scrapping in an effort to no longer judge contestants based on personal appearance. the apple world develoconf jose and the features people appear to be most excited about that have been revealed so far. in the face of senseless violence, we need hope.
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seresto. 8 month - seresto, seresto, seresto. san franciscans are voting for the new mayor today and that is serving out the
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position for mayor ed lee who died suddenly in december. >> the city mayor cast his ballot earlier this rning. >> reporter: we are at the roosevelt middle school where the mayor showed up with his wife and kids when the polls opened. he wanted to get his vote in as early as possible. he talked about what an honor it has been to be the mayor of san francisco for this short 4 1/2 months. he did not tell reporters who he voted for and has not openly endorsed any of the eight merrill -- mayoral candidates but he did offered bias for the person that takes his place. >> i am proud because we have been able to make a lot of headway and change a lot of policy in the city of san francisco but the march goes on in the next mayor will have a full plate in front of him or her. i am committed to making sure the transition goes as smooth as possible. >> reporter: of all of the
9:31 am
mayoral candidates, they are out in full force with jane kim, mark, all waving their past in a convertible. ving it could come down to win. if that does not happen the system will look at the second choice votes. live in san francisco, alyssa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. >> it could take days or weeks to certify all of the election results because many don't go to the polling places with over half choosing to vote by mail. so long as the postmark has today's date, the ballots will be included in the result of they are received by friday. they can also vote on election day and cast a provisional ballot and they must all be verified before they are included in the voting totals.
9:32 am
which big state contest are you most interested in? the mayor race in san francisco the increase in the tolls. 10% say it is the judge persky recall. thank you for reaching out. if you would like to respond reaches on twitter with your response and use #ktvu the 9. >> will bring you live election coverage on ktvu, ktvu plus and our coverage will extend from 7 pm through 10 pm on ktvu plus. on ktvu fox 2 we have complete coverage at 10 and 11. wake up early at 4 am tomorrow morning and we will recap the races and there are some that will certainly be too close to for more of the headlines we are working on let's go to
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dave clark. >> some top stories we are following, we know the name of the 17-year-old girl that died in the head-on collision and the remote contra costa county, emily reyes of east palo alto. she was one of three people in the jeep going toward brentwood with one lane in each direction. the driver of the jeep pulled into the other lane to try to get around the traffic in the jeep collided with the tow truck going southbound on o road. the jeep was catapulted in field and caught fire. the 17-year-old girl and another passenger were airlifted to the hospitals. the girl died at the hospital in walnut creek. the other passenger is expected to survive. the driver of the jeep and the tow truck only suffered minor injuries. there is extra security and counselors at the valley view middle school and pleasant hill was arrested, accused of threatening a mass shooting. reportedly he sent the snapchat message to fellow student
9:34 am
threatening to kill at least 30 people on the last day of school, which is this thursday. the search warrant was served at the home of the student in martinez. authorities say that several guns were seized. the boy is facing charges of making terroristic threats. the bogus set this morning by the san mateo county supervisors on the resolution supporting the ban on gun shows at the cow palace which would ban all sales at the cow palace by 2020. right now the cow palace is hosting five gun shows a year. the supervisors supporting the bill say i show of support against the gun violence in response to the recent school shootings. state lawmakers will consider the bill to force fire inspectors to be more accountable. this is in response to reports that the fire departments routinely do not perform manual inspections at the apartment buildings and schools. the legislations would force
9:35 am
the local fire departments notify the public on how well ey followed the state mandate to inspect the buildings every year. cherry hill will introduce the bill this week. this is just some of your morning headlines and i send it back to you. to the disturbing story out of oakland where man was arrested accused of trying to strangle the pitbull puppy and threatening to kill the adult pitbull. the police abused the dog just after 2:00 saturday afternoon. when they arrived the man had a knife but he was convinced to drop the knife and surrender. the dogs are not seriously injured but sing some of the injuries are very difficult. they are investigating if this same man is connected to the abuse of three puppies down injured in the trash pile in east oakland over memorial day weekend. they are still recovering from their injuries. a $15,000 reward for more information is offered in the
9:36 am
cases. the mayor announcing his choice for chief of police and it is not the san francisco chief bill scott, one of finalists for the position and spent yeas a high-ranking member of the la police department before coming to the north to head up the sf pd. michael more -- moore has been announced the head of the new la police department. chief scott, "this offer provided me an opportunity to reflect on how much we have accomplished and the challenges we face in several's go. i remain committed to maintain public safety, reduce crime an strengthen the relationship between our officers, the people of the city and county, and san francisco. cooler and sunny infive hou >> it is true, mostly sunny with a few high clouds to the north but overall lots of
9:37 am
sunshine. temperatures are trdownward but chloe loves the clouds, mostly sunny with five mile an hour west northwest breeze in lake county. 82 to 84 is not bad for clearlake and lake county. livermore is 12 degrees cooler than this time yesterday with concord -11, fairfield -9, santa rosa and napa also in their. san jose, hayward and oakland as well with a few 60s. we are noticeably cooler with a lot of 40s as we end up with temperatures cooling off with santa rosa one of the warmer locations yesterday but today everybody settling into the 70s. we see high clouds staying at san mateo and monterey area. the breezes ushering
9:38 am
in cool air. the high pressure giving those hot temperatures on the weekend and getting kicked out for 4 to 5 days if not longer. cool and breezy, mostly sunny with 60s and s. we have below normal temperatures for the next few days. a bump up on friday before the big cooldown on saturday. june is off to a cool start except for maybe two days. apple worldwide developers getting underway in a few minutes >> 6000 people from 77 countries gathering at the convention center to learn what is new in the world with apple. >> ann rubin takes a look at the highlights so far. >> reporter: 6000 people from 77 countries came to hear what is new in the world of apple. today kicking off the annual developers conference in san jose. >> good morning and welcome to apple 2018. >> reporter: they promised to
9:39 am
speed up the old phones and making the photos pop with new features with the ability to connect 32 people at once on face time. it is the way that apple promises to limit you that has others excited. >> we have all d ourselves in situations like this. >> reporter: the screen time function can help you track your use and scale it back if you want, a response to criticism about the addiction. >> i think it is important especially for the parents that now have greater control on how long the kids play a game, or how long the kids can stay on instagram. >> reporter: on the horizon is the big change for the developers. they can soon design the app for ios that would also work for the thousands of apps running on the macintosh and that will score more for the
9:40 am
mac. >> reporter: there will be a walkie-talkie feature with augmented reality tools easier to use, and the emoji section of thwill be expanded to include personalized me emoji's. >> i think there were a lot of good things in the operating system at all levels for developers. >> one thing that will be used is the ability to do not disturb until a specific time. i remember having that 15 years ago on my gnocchi a. and i thought finally -- nokia. i thought yes, finally. >> reporter: the developers conference will run all week. ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. 22 years after his death the new app using the soothing sound of the boys to help put people to sleep and this is for real. this is bob ross.
9:41 am
>> just a little bit of a foothill at the base of the mountain. >> that is calming, and the app is "calm" and uses three episodes of the pbs show, "the joy of painting" us a bedtime stories. a reminder to hide your shopping habits from someone in your house and one woman is thanking amazon after the delivery person read the specific instructions. we have the fox show, be shazam -- to beat shazam as we test the owledge in the special basketball theme episode.
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tonight and all new episode of "beat shazam" will air on ktvu with the interactive competition pitting two against each other identifying the biggest hits of all time. in the end those with the most money compete against the app "beat shazam". there's one from saa cruz and one from salinas that made a good impression. >> it 2010. >> we go with right now. -- rinell. >> get comfortable. >> it looks like they are getting cozy. it must be very exciting to be on national tv. >> i don't know was more exciting, me on national tv or me on ktvu. >> you have to meet mike and
9:45 am
gazia. >> this is the best ion. >> he is not joking. he was so excited to be on this show. he was hitting up the pr people to see if we could get onto ktvu. >> let me ask you guys, shazam is a wonderful app we all use and where all djs and you guys have good knowledge. how good is it to play 30 seconds of a song and are you confident? >> pretty confident. i am 80%. >> part of it is knowing it and the other part is blurting it out. play along and i know it, but you have to say it. how quick is your mind to mouth? >> if it is wrong or good. we have so much fun represent
9:46 am
warriors and we take it on. >> that's right. >> we have taken on the cleveland cavaliers. >> my goodness, the pressure is on. >> sam, did you wear any warriors gear? >> we have the warriors colors because it is the nba episode and we are both from the bay area. when they told us it was the nba episode, we were stoked not only because it is the bay area but you been friends for 20 years. >> yes. >> we could see you doing the stunts back in the day. tell the viewers something about what kind of songs. is it songs everyone should know? >> yes. >> are some of them obscure? >> it is the biggest hits, it has to be a bona fide hit for it to be on. th are not playing the album
9:47 am
cuts. it is different genre, but it has to be a hit. i would like to think our knowledge is pretty good on the music. there is another aspect to it when the crowd is there. >> let me ask question, sam you first, what was the most nerve-racking moment you had known you were on national tv? >> i don't know. i just did not want to make a fool out of myself. i don't care if i win or lose but i don't want to fall down while walking down the steps. >> for me it was being next to the oscar and emmy award winner, grammy award winner, jamie fox, come on, that is a high-caliber star and i am thinking this guy won the oscar for raid, right in front of me, and it is craz and if you are watching right now set your dvr, and set it for mornings on 2, and tune in
9:48 am
for the news on the 4. >> i like the way you talk. thank you very much. >> especially "beat shazam" here on fox, my home station, and make sure to set the dvr to watch it live. >> we represent the bay area. >> quickly before we go, what is the prediction on the warriors and cavaliers series? >> 4. >> i will say i would love to see the warriors come on and win game 5. >> one of you say in game 4 and the other game 5. we will see who is right. >> thank you for having us. >> more often. you deserve it. >> watch sam on "beat shazam" right here on ktvu followed by the love connection, and after
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because there's so much to choose from. listen to your pets. they're your best friends, so they don't want you to spend more than you have to. if you want to save big on pet accessories, you gotta go to ross. welcome back. we have some breaking news to pass along. in the south bay the san jose city hall is being evacuated right now for an unknown reason. we are working to get a crew on the way to determine going on but again, san jose city all is being evacuated -- city hall is being a evacuated
9:52 am
right now. the vie producer harvey weinstein has pleaded not guilty to rape am criminal acts charges -- and criminal acts ges. he was indicted on charges involving two women but many more women have accused him of sexual misconduct. weinstein is insisting that all interactions were consensual. the high school teacher from monterey county that accidental fed -- fired the gun in the classroom will not be indicted. dennis alexander was a reserved police officer teaching about gun safety at seaside high school when the gun went off and the bullet hit the ceiling. three students suffered minor injuries due to the fallen debris. the prosecutors decided that alexander did shoot he will receive the infraction for leaving the gun in the unintended vehicle, and he has submitted his resignation. the world's biggest fast food chain is moving the headquarters back to chicago.
9:53 am
the $250 million building featuring the mcdonald's restaurant and the hamburger university. it also has office space for 2000 employees. the mcdonald's headquarters had been in the chicago suburbs for 50 years and the ceo estabrook said the move back to chicago would help them attract the top talents. a new survey about the morality of smoking marijuana, and nearly 2/3 of americans say that smoking marijuana is morally acceptable. that is a sharp jump from the  2013 survey showing. than half of americans showing it acceptable. the shifting of the moral acceptance mirrors the shifting for support of legalization that happened over that same time. more changes coming to the miss america competition with the swimsuit and evening gown portions of the contest being eliminated. miss america organization says that contestants will no longer be judged on physical appearance and they want to
9:54 am
move away from beingthe pageant. they say ll interact more with the judges and asked to demonstrate patience and intellect to make the show more inclusive. the sports betting officially starts today in deware and now allowed at the three casinos in the state. this follows the supreme court ruling that overturned the federal law that banned sports gambling in every state but nevada. people can bet on the pro- baseball, otball, hockey, golf and racing. the supreme court says it is up to the individual states on whether to allow bedding and delaware's the first state to do so with six other states preparing the legislation. the longest swim ever and he hopes it will end in san francisco. born in france and becoming the naturalized u.citizen and set off from the east coast of japan this morning. he says it will take about six months to make the 9500 mile
9:55 am
swim. he says he plans on swimming a total of eight hours a day and resting and eating aboard the sailboat that will accompany him. there was a similar swimss the book of world records refused to recognize the swim saying there was no way to account for the milecovered with the boat drifting while he was aboard. he says he wants to draw attention to the increasing amount of plastic and trash voting in the pacific and harming the sea life. >> that is a bit of a haul an incredible. the san francisco city leaders are lifting the advertising restrictions further warriors new arena in mission bay in the issue is how advertisement will be displayed on the outside of the chase center. that would prevent them from using the large-scale video screen and rooftop logo with concern of the effect of the lights on those living near the
9:56 am
arena and the medical helicopter pilots. investment in infrastructure is expected to approve the changes to the current rules. the chase center is scheduled to be finished in time for the warriors 2020 season. the warriors are in clevelanr the d championship in four years. the charter flight took off yesterday afternoon from open, leading the nba finals by two games. andre iguodala may be in uniform, and he injured his knee. he could be returning soon according to espn, not experiencing any pain in his knee the last few days. the coach is optimistic that andre iguodala will play at some point during the series thanking the amazon delivery person for helping her to hide the online purchases from her husband. "please hide packages from
9:57 am
husband." the deliveryman took the instructions on the doormat seriously. you can see looked at the message on the doormat and he hit the package behind the porch chair. they had a good laugh about the whole thing. the delivery guy is said to be the best ever. >> he is also hiding it from the thieves. >> i don't believe in hiding anything from the partner, good, bad and ugly, t out there and move . thank you for joining us. today is election day so get out there and vote. we will break it down for you throughout the day right here on ktvu fox 2. ♪
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