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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  June 8, 2018 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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investigators sabefore that crash. the search is underway for the gunman in a triple shooting in san francisco. what we've learned so far about the three victims. >> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2 for friday morning, june 8, i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about friday's weather. steve paulson is right here in his office. >> one of these days, i'm going to be over there. >> and you're going to surprise here. >> happy friday, everybody. a little bit warmer today. only some patchy fog. temperatures will be near average. 60s, 70s. 70s inland will up -- bump up into the 80s. i think they will only be patchy at best. next system will be on tap for saturday. cooldown, and then sunday will warm it up practice a little roller coaster. still an on 40s, 50s on your ti >> i think you will probably settle in with a lot more 40s
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and mid-50s. mill valley is 49. the system will move in saturday. that gives us a cooled down. warmer temps. 60s, 70s, and then back into those 80s. 4:01 on a friday brick and here he is, is -- mr. sal castaneda. >> happy friday to you. we do have traffic that we are watching on the altamont pass. and getting to it that we could have some slowing here on 580 and getting out to the altamont pass. no slow traffic get onto a five at the traffic is going to be slightly slow practice you can see traffic is okay here. and if you're driving on the way to dublin, it looks okay. no problems on 680. we had an earlier crash at 680. approaching the -- that has been completely cleared picked and traffic is moving well. we do a look at interstate 880 north and southbound as you drive past oracle arena. it looks pretty good picked at the bay bridge toll plaza, you
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can see traffic is going to be light >> it's 4:01. let's go back to the desk. new this morning, an eight- year-old child was killed. two people were hurt in a multicar crash in sonoma. >> that crash happened just before 12:30 this morning. near highway 84 but just south of alameda county. the chp says the cars were slowing down in a construction zone. the driver fell asleep at the wheel. the driver slammed into a white toyota corolla there and caused that car to hit another car. the seas be -- chp says the child and the toyota was, though. drugs and alcohol were not factors in the crash brick -- crash. a gunman is on the loose in san francisco. he shot three people in the mission district take one of those people died. >> it happened yesterday afternoon just before 3:30. ktvu's jana katsuyama has the
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details on what happened. >> reporter: neighbors were stunned by the shooting. edit news that a 21-year-old man had been killed. the call about gunfire at 3:20 thursday afternoon through dozens of san francisco police officers to the 1400 block in the mission district. >> we found one victim here, treated him on the scene. they were also transported to the hospital. that victim unfortunately passed away from his injuries. >> reporter: a spokesman for zuckerberg san francisco general hospital says they got the alert at 3:30. >> the victims were all males in their 20s. we received one victim in an ambulance. two drove their own vehicles to get here. >> reporter: the injured men were rushed inside the hospital. police searched the two vehicles. they went on lockdown for more
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than an hour while police searched for evidence. the shooting turning into a police say they found a lot of evidence spread across several blocks. just off cesar chavez st. surr that had a bullet hole. investigators said they were still trying to determine where the shooting happened, looking for bullet casings. release said they think the shooting is an isolated incident. >> we are questioning people, looking for surveillance footage. >> reporter: the crime scene was only one mile away from the hospital. a key factor hospital officials say that helped the two other men in the shooting. >> speed is always a factor and responding to traumatic injury. and we were very much helped by being closed to this incident scene in terms of how we were able to intervene with patients. >> reporter: jana katsuyama ktvu fox 2 news. extra police will patrol
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outside of oracle arena tonight where warriors fans will head to the arena for the warriors watch party for game four of the nba finals. the watch party is already a sellout. it's in response to wednesday night's shooting in the parking lot near oracle after the game three watch party. a man who was shot twice during an argument between two groups is expected to survive. oakland mayor libby schaaf and the police department are spreading the message tonight's watch party will be safe. >> we want everyone to know that when they come out to the watch party on friday night, this is a celebration, a safe place for everyone. we're here to support that and keep it safe. keep it positive. >> along with extra police at the arena, metal detectors will also be inside oracle arena. tonight, the warriors will try to make it back to back championships in three titles in four years. ktvu's scott reiss is in cleveland with a preview of tonight's game. >> deja vu.
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>> reporter: it certainly feels that way after another game three dagger. >> kevin durant from downtown pittsburgh the cavs back on the brink of elimination. and the warriors on the cusp of an undisputed dynasty. >> one game away. it's been a crazy ride. we just got to finish the job. >> reporter: the finishing game is always the toughest. fortunately, the warrior veterans are adept at towing the line between irreverence and intensity. they understand there's work to be done rick >> good experience definitely help >> knowing what's ahead of you, knowing what it takes, knowing that there's a light that incredible at the end of the tunnel. >> knowing the feeling, understanding that it's a trap game. but you know, we are just going to show up. it doesn't work that way because we've seen what happens when we do there.
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we come out, you get blown out. >> reporter: that said, a bit of youthful exuberance never hurts. >> i've thought about this moment for so long. just being a kid at the nba finals it. >> to be here, to be a part of all of this is a true green -- dream come true. >> i'm very excited. i'm still young. i'm naive. celebrating a little bit early. >> reporter: it's refreshing to see it also the eyes of a rookie like jordan bell, who has not yet won his nba title. he doesn't have the perspective of the veteran >> a lot of players go their entire careers without even sniffing the nba finals big as livingston put it, what's going on here is not normal. in cleveland, scott reiss, ktvu fox 2 news.
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4:07. now we have an update about who will be san francisco's new mayor. mark leno's lead over london breed has tightened to just two -- 255 votes. >> leno leading by just a 10th of a percent over breed. with 93,000 male in an provisional ballots left to count. the race is far from decided. the mail-in ballot are still coming in. as long as they arrived by today, they will be counted. they are processing 15-20,000 ballots per day. it will likely be several more days before we know the final outcome. >> everything is after that initial count. we have to restart the process because everything is fresh brick -- fresh. >> part of what is making the contest so close is the rank shows -- choice voting system. that system has been used
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4:08. in oakland, political analysts are pointing to what they call a surprise in the race for mayor of oakland. in the november election. and city council member there. -- rebecca says she will not run for mayor. she is endorsing brooks for mayor. >> supporting a vision of justice, a vision of transformation, a vision of mobilizing our people to the polls to take back our city. >> last night at a campaign event, councilwoman hugged brooks and praised her for protesting social injustice pick. let's -- brooks led several rallies for black lives matter. she will advocate for affordable housing, education, and protecting century city policies. -- sanctuary city policies. spent millions of dollars to help domestic violence survivors. the proposed seneca county budget includes $5 million to assist a e violence victims.
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that's a 400 point -- 400% increase. crisis hotlines really does received 20,000 calls a year. supporters say it will expand much-needed services including legal and housing assistance and perhaps a new model in which the abuser must leave the home and -- instead of the abused. >> there have been some models where they stay in their home and the abusers are the ones that are forced to leave. it's just a really exciting opportunity. >> the extra funding will be official until the budget is passed by the board of supervisors on monday. our time is now 4:10. it was meant is a target of a brutal attack in san francisco. it was caught on video. coming up in our next half hour, how the police hope that video will lead to an arrest. violent protests in advance of this weekend's g7 summit. i will have that story straight ahead.
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we are off to a decent start on interstate 80 westbound. if you're driving of toward the macarthur maze. you can see traffic is moving well. lolittle warmer friday here. we are all in the 50s. these temperatures. not all of us. 50 in santa rosa. 54 oakland. 56 san jose.
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president trum about to leave the to put quebe quebec, canada for the g7 summit. world leaders say they will push back against the new u.s. tariffs. >> the president says he is not backing down. he tweeted, looking forward to straightening out unfair trade deals with that the g7 countries. if it doesn't happen, we come out even better. that, again, from the president. jackie ibanez reports. >> reporter: protests outside the g7 it -- g7 summit. grad -- gathering in quebec city ahead of the meeting of the seventh world leaders including president donald trump and the protesters are a coalition of different groups. they are opposing racism, capitalism, loyal is, and other issues.
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demonstrations started with a peaceful march followed by a diane. officials say there were a few models -- minor scuffles leading to some arrests. president trump is optimistic about the annual event. speaking alongside the japanese prime minister at the white house thursday. >> we will have some pretty good discussions, very exciting, and i think a lot of good results can come about. >> reporter: the white house has announced plans for president trump to leave the summit early. he will travel to singapore in it -- in advance of next week's summit with north korea. no matter what comes out of those discussions, the president recognizes that in person meetings is a long-time coming. >> i think i've been preparing for the summit for a long time, as has the other summit. i think they've been preparing for a long time another. -- also. >> reporter: an aide will take the president's place saturday. some of the early g7 meetings are expected to be tense. this week that the president lashed out that the canadian and french leaders on twitter over trade and tariff dispute.
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in new york, jackie ibanez, fox news. we are learning more about that deadly crash back in march involving a tesla model x car in mountain view. the driver killed was 38-year- old. he was using the autopilot to -- for about 19 minutes before the car slammed into the median. investigators say three seconds before the crash, the car sped up from 62 miles and -- an hour 271 miles per hour. -- to 71 miles per hour. the ntsb says it could take more than a year before it determines the exact cause of the crash. affordable housing is springing up on what used to be a parking lot in east oakland. five-story building is going up right across from the coliseum b.a.r.t. station on 71st ave. it will offer 110 apartments with half of them at below
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market rate. the builders is using prefabrication components needs the -- means the building will be finished four months earlier and that a 10% -- at a 10% savings. time is 4:17. let's check the commute. take us out, we heard about that horrible crash on the so no grade. anything else going on? >> unfortunately, that crash has been clear. nothing right now. we know -- that we know of in that area. we also are looking at the gilroy commute. northbound 11 does look good. some of the other freeways getting into gilroy are also looking good including some of the freeways 152 and 25 all of those freeways look pretty good but there has been no major issues driving up into the south bay getting up into the main part of the south bay. also looking at 680 heading down the san jose. it looks good. this is a look at 280 and san jose. you can see that traffic is
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moving along pretty well. we are off to a nice start on a friday. you can see traffic here at the bay bridge toll plaza is light. at 4:17, let's bring steve in with today's weather. >> we do have a friday forecast. it will be a little warmer here. just some patchy fog. nothing compared to what we saw the past couple of months. they are going to get to near average for most but and then they'll start sliding back on saturday, backup on sunday. 60s, 70s, and 80s. yesterday, santa rosa was 80 degrees. today, we are going 84. walnut creek from 77 to 82. downtown, 73-77. probably will be closer to 79. roller coaster here. we start to climb up as we head towards sunday, monday, tuesday. very pleasant 78 yesterday. 74 on saturday. sunday, 82. hottest day will probably be tuesday. after that, i think we will start to call it off. i mean, 92 e was a lot of talk
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and then points north on saturday. there's still an onshore breeze. 40s, 50s on the temps. they are running a little loeber compared to yesterday at this time. even a couple low 60s. that's all right. blackhawk is 48. low to mid 50s around el cerrito and el sobrante. and danville and san ramon. water temps are still cold. half moon bay at monterey came up. san francisco, still 51, which is very cold. 54 ukiah rick today, sunshine, warmer temps. these are right aware -- around where we around the bay. 60s closer to the ocean. clouds cooler on saturday. a t but nice on sunday.
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warmer monday, tuesday. >> all right. thank you. >> any time. >> 4:19 is the time right now. mcdonald's is about to make some major changes. but not all of the employees are loving it. coming up in our next half hour, the plan that could mean hundreds of people without jobs. controversy over how one school is teaching kindergartners about a possible active shooter situation. how a popular nursery rhyme is being used to teach children what to do if the school goes on lockdown.
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in kindergarten class is using a nursery rhyme to teach students how to respond to an active shooter. the classic lullaby difficult week a little start has been rewritten to include directions for the children. one mother postlude -- posted a photo of the lyrics on twitter. it includes lines like lockdown, lockdown, locked the door. shut the lights off. say no more. the woman who took the photo says the sign is jarring and that it said that children have to be ready for a shooting. 4:23. in east oakland, students are fighting back against illegal dumping near their school. they were inspired by ktvu. the students go to oakland charter academy. they showed off their projects. each grade tackled a specific problem they came up with solutions after watching a
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report on ktvu about illegal dumping in oakland. eighth-graders build a new bench for their local bus stop, which was trashed and destroyed. it included a plank signed by the students and the teachers. >> we are fixing it. we had people coming out of the buses and thanking us for the new bench. >> it's a tangible project. they can indeed make a difference in the community. >> some of the other school projects included students cleaning up a dumping spot near the campus and painting a mural on the fence. a follow-up to a story we first reported yesterday regarding an annual report unpolluted beaches. the environmental here in nort california. according to the report san mateo county is home bummer beaches. researchers say san mateo's lakeshore park marina grew --
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marina lagoon has -- polluted runoff. roosevelt beach and surfers beach in half moon bay is a high bacteria counts when it rains. >> weak circulation and needed raise lowers the dilution rate >> which can exacerbate poor water while -- water quality. >> beaches located at the mouth of flowing streams and creeks often have elevated bacteria levels. due to many pollution sources draining out of the creek and into the ocean. no other -- another beaches include leffenholtz beach and pine beach county park. cal beach in santa cruz county was also rated as a bummer beach. that stolen van that had 15 dogs inside headed to a dog show. what we are learning about the return of the dogs and a reward
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being offered to help find the car thief. it's being called one of the biggest busts ever. what we are learning about the seizure of thousands of illegal fireworks. we do have traffic that is moving along pretty well on highway 4 to start off the morning. that trip to concord. not much fog here. a warmer date. temperatures are underway up. really, they've been so cool. they will only be so average. 51 in livermore. low 80s today.
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>> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> well, good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is friday. 8. with steve. i know you've been seeing a little bit
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of a cooled down and then warm up sunday. >> that is correct. today is a warm-up. tomorrow is a cooled down. >> so a little up down up down. >> yeah. >> okay. >> and then up on sunday, monday, tuesday. 50s in santa rosa. looking for low to mid 80s. san jose 56. looking for upper 70s today. oakland looking for 70 starting at 54. san jose downtown. 73 yesterday. we will go 77. walnut creek 77 to 82. 66. the city has not been above average since last sunday. today will be average in santa rosa. 80. 84 today. patchy fog going down the coast. our warm up today will be replaced by that system which will sweep through and cool us down. that will be on saturday. there's your onshore breeze. not that strong. 40s, 50s, a lot more 50s here in one low 60s. 47 47. 44. one of the caller spots there. and most locations in the 40s or also the 50s.
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water temps are still very cold. they did go up a teeny bit half today will be more sunshine. tonight, i think we will get that fog and cool it down. 60s, 70s, and 80s today. 4:30 on a friday. and -- >> well, we are doing okay so far, steve. i'm looking okay -- around to say we didn't miss anything. if you're driving on 80 westbound. let's go there. traffic continues to move along relatively well. no major problems as you drive through. you can see traffic getting closer. and you can see that it is not a bad commute. also looking at the commute across the bridge here. you can see traffic is moving along very showing a lot. there've been no major problems on 80 westbound. carquinez bridge macarthur maze, 60 minute drive. bay bridge toll plaza, just a little bit of slow traffic 4:30. let's go back to the desk.
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