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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  June 14, 2018 5:00am-5:58am PDT

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news conference this morning, she will talk about plans to deal with the city's biggest problems. and we are just hours away from the start of one of the biggest sporting events in the world, the countdown to the start of the world cup. >> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> welcome back to mornings on 2. thank you for joining us . if you're just waking up on this thursday morning, june 14, i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about thursday weather. steve paulson is in his office over here. >> the weekend is much cooler. no doubt about it. we do have our wind finally kicking in. temperatures will start to drop. another warm to hot date for many unless you were closer to the coast. there's a bigger drop coming in today and down she goes all the way into the weekend. ending up in the 70s. low clouds. still regrouping. sunny to breezy to austria windy for some. cooler from us.
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sometimes it takes another day or two. they will start to trend down. the low clouds are beginning to fill in here. it is that very cold water. 33 now. that's a big difference. altamont pass has had gus, 34- 40 overnight. 63. that's out toward eastern contra costa county. 49 in gilroy. 49 golden. boulder creek and 50s. 51. saratoga 52. system moving into the north will take into california over the weekend. warm to hot tuesday, wednesday, . cooler pattern is settling in. temperatures will drop all the way into saturday. 60s, 70s, and now 80s on your temps. 5:01. let's see. you talk about solano county last time. >> we have done gilroy. now it's the altamont pass. by the way, steve and i were talking about the faraway commutes. a lot of people get on the road early.
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we are talking about people who drive on the tracy super commute . let's go to that. traffic is busy on 205 and 580. years ago, this would have been ridiculous to think. some people always did, some people did not. now, a lot of people do. you can see traffic from livermore to dublin is moving along pretty well. a little bit of slowing in the dublin interchange. this is a look at this a bridge toll plaza. you can see traffic is still light. aft -- at 5:02, let's go back to the desk. breaking news. fire crews are battling a house fire in lafayette. >> west side of interstate 680. ktvu's allie rasmus is they're talking about what we know so far. certainly an active scene out there. >> a lot of fifighters out here also pg&e crews. fi fire happened.
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firefighters are inside. the fire is out. that is the good news. the couple who lived here is not injured. they got out safely. firefighters are going through and checking the insulation and checking some of the things in the house to make sure that the fire does not reignite. i have with me a fire marshal. thanks for talking with us this morning. it's pretty windy out here. we've noticed that as we got here. how has that played a role in how the fire started? >> it looks like the fire started from an electrical drop. electrical wire that from -- comes down to the house.e that there. what we're looking into is whether or not the trees that surround that wire were pulling on that wire somehow that made it short somehow. maybe it loosened the connection or something of that
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nature.couple living there, not injured. no firefighters injured. how are the people inside alerted? >> the fire was in the attic. they heard a noise. some kind of a strange noise. at about the same time, their neighbor hood -- heard a similar noise that sounded like a buzzing. when they went out to look at it, they saw that there electrical panel was on fire and they called 911. >> are there other homeowners who may have electrical wires to be aware of to prevent this sort of thing? >> it is preventable potentially. the best thing you can do is trim trees away from power lines that come into your home. if you've got lines that are above ground, the tree is pulling on them, it can damage
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them over time. so if you trim it around 5-10 feet away from the power lines, it's better. that's very important because not only could you get a fire in the house but the tree itself could catch fire and start a vegetation fire. >> reporter: thank you very much. luckily no one was injured. firefighters here on scene just kind of checking something, making sure nothing reignites. fire marshal said it may have been the cause of this fire, this attic, this home here behind us. >> we will check in with you in just a minute. 5:05 is the time. at 10:00 that london breed san francisco's next mayor, will hold a news conference to talk about her plans for the city. >> her news conference will be at rosa parks elementary school. the school she went to growing up in san francisco.
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london breed will be the second female mayor of san francisco, 40 years after dianne feinstein took office. she's also the second african- american mayor of san francisco after willie brown. she is the first african- american woman mayor of san francisco. breed is also a need -- native of san francisco. she grew up not far from city hall. as christien kafton reports, london breed claims her victory after mark leno conceded. >> and london breed. i am president of the san francisco board of supervisors. and soon to be mayor of the city and county of san francisco. >> reporter: london breed created an impromptu crowd of supporters on the steps of city hall, after a short but hard- fought campaign for mayor. >> this is an amazing city. and we had a number of amazing candidates who ran for mayor. >> reporter: breed's comments
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came after the announcement from mark leno that he was conceding the race. >> i reassured every success to both personally and professionally in her new as ma >> reporter: with the last contender for mayor stepping aside, breed began to outline her plans to deal with some of the city's most pressing issues. >> we see people sleeping on our street. we are not building enough housing. we note that there is so much work to do and we have to make the hard decisions to get the job done. >> reporter: the department of elections continues its work inside city hall, counting ballots. mark leno trailing with 49.51 percent of the vote. there should be a complete count by friday. as early as july 10. london breed could be sworn in as mayor by july 11. that is the date that they have
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been aiming for all along. for his part, leno said that he is not ruling out a possible run for elective oxus sound -- office somewhere down the line. san franciscans are going to be heading that pulls in just 17 months. in the next half hour, we will have more coverage of this history making event. we are in the san francisco mayor -- neighborhood where london breed grew up. we are also learning more about the san francisco plumber who was killed in a freak accident on the job yesterday. 34-year-old lilianna preciado was part of a crew replacing a leaking pipe on 20th st. nearby, a cart was being hoisted up onto a road truck -- tow truck. two of the workers managed to get out of the way. cristiano was critically injured.
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she died. coworkers talk about the tough times they had tried to collect her watch and phone. >> we elected her belongings. every time you touch it, the baby shows up and it's heart wrenching. we are heavy hearted. we lost one of our own, a good one. >> preciado was one of the few female plumbers working for the city. coworkers describe her as cheerful and someone who always knew what she was doing. a san francisco police officer still recovering at zuckerberg general hospital after being hit by a car yesterday morning. the motorcycle police officer was off-duty when he was hit. near mariposa street and pennsylvania ave you. the officer was rushed to zuckerberg san francisco general. his condition has improved from
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critical to serious. police say the woman whose car hit the officer did stop. she is cooperating. a witness says she was wearing medical scrubs. and took charge. >> she got out right away, was working -- more composed than i would've been in making sure he was all right. her instincts took over. >> seemed very calm and under control. it was nothing like major. the intersection here sucks. >> colleagues and family members at the hospital, and we are all hoping for a speedy and full recovery. those are the police say it's too early to say who was at fault. that investigation continues. secretary of state mike pompeo is now in china were -- where he will brief chinese president xi jinping on the status of talks with north korea. pompeo met with the diplomats in seoul to address any concerns following president trump's meeting with north korean leader kim jong-un. pompeo told the u.s. allies
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there will be no release from sanctions for north korea until the country dismantled its nuclear weapons program. president trump was asked about his praise of kim jong-un despite north korea's history of human rights abuses. >> when you take over a country , tough country, tough people, and you take it over from your father, i don't care who you are what you are how much of an advantage you have, if you can do that at 27 years old, i mean, that's one in 10,000 that can do that. so he's a very smart guy. he's a great negotiator. but i think we understand each other. >> following his meeting with kim jong-un, he called the young leader talented and smart. still ahead today is the beginning of the world's biggest single sports event. live coverage will start in less than two hours from now. >> the first match of the treatment features russia and saudi arabia. 64 games scheduled to run now
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through the middle of next month. 32 teams down to the winner. russia automatically sends 18 because it is hosting. germany, brazil, france, and spain are considered the favorites this year. the u.s. did not play well enough to qualify. you can watch all of the games. the first match of the world cup right here on ktvu . host nation russia takes on saudi arabia in moscow. our coverage here on channel to start at 7:00 this morning. >> we won't leave you. mornings on 2 will move over to ktvu plus, where you can still get all of today's news, weather, and traffic. that begins at 7:00 this morning. is she planning her exit strategy? up next, white house press secretary sarah sanders response to reports that she is leaving the white house. we are getting more information about a second confrontation involving that jogger at lake merritt in
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oakland. speculation that what he did is a reflection of growing frustration in the air.
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later today, republicans and democrats are going to play their annual congressional race ballgame one year after that terrifying shooting were several people were hurt including the house majority whip. members from both parties will gather tonight for that baseball game. the game dates back to 1909.
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last year on this date, at a park in and -- alexandria, virginia, congressman steve -- steve scalise was shot. many others were hurt when a gunman started shooting at members of congress who works out there practicing for that game. the gunman was killed in a firefight with police. congressman scalise went back to work in september. he is still recovering. he is on crutches. he is addicted to play tonight. president trump was asked to come to the game tonight. the white house has not confirmed yet if the president will be there. white -- white house press secretary sarah sanders is denying a report that she plans to step down from her job by the end of the year. cbs report sanders along with raj shah are considering leaving the administration. fox news is reporting that both of them are posted this tweet the initial report.
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quote, the cbs news know something i don't about my plans and my future? i was at my daughter's year in kindergarten event and he ran a story about my plans to leave the white house without even talking to me. i love my job and am honored to work for potus. 5:17. you can say happy birthday to the present. today is president trump's 72nd birthday. while he was in singapore, president trump was presented with an early birthday cake. the white house hasn't said you -- yet what the pleasant -- present plans to be doing for his birthday. 5:17. let's hope tr and the commute is clear as well. >> steve was asking about the gilroy commute. i know that steve likes the gilroy commute. we are doing this for him. steve, i hope you're listening. the gilroy commute is doing well. >> good to know. northbound 101 from the gilroy
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to san jose looks pretty good. as you drive sam martin and morgan hill area. driving into san jose, there have been no you drive up to th area. it is a very nice commute. there you go. i know that 280 traffic is usually not slow at this time. if you're getting a jump on the commute, this is good because most of the commute gets busy later. at the bay bridge, we don't have a big commute. sometimes at about this time, the metering lights are on. so it hasn't happened yet. it will probably happen by 5:30. 5:18. let's bring steve in. >> back in the day, when i lived in fremont, i used to commute to monterey. that was my super commute. i was en vogue. going through morgan hill and gilroy. sleepy little town >> then. things havemething changing. it's not as strong. that was hurting but.
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now it's a tropical storm. holding on. it's going from 45. it is moving right to gulf of california, baja, outer bands are already there. thankfully it is -- there could be some gusts. the good news is it continues to move into colder water. after that moisture moves or north, it's taking dead aim at arizona and new mexico. maybe into phoenix. yesterday, it was favoring tucson. not now. it's lo toward the four corners. utah, colorado, and also into new mexico. so that's going to be the moisture that we will also have a focus for us as well. as the system drops down and is going to settle in, now, it will give us a bigger cooler pattern. below, again, these are always kind of tricky because they can be moisture starved at times. it is showing some rain from mendocino county up towards
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just that less than -- shasta. it's that time of year where if your in the mountains and you get a low stopping in, that will be on the weekend into early next week. today will be cooler. still hot for many yesterday. take that right down to bottoming out on saturday. always a challenging forecast out there because buchanan defies logic sometimes. 98, 96. 85 tomorrow. 80 degrees as that west wind kicks in and the fog is increasing, but mainly south of the san francisco. it is going down the coast, but it's more solid toward san mateo, santa cruz. 51, 51. brutally cold. hopefully the bodega bay, sea surface temperature, buoy will be fixed soon. i've heard the 16th because it's very important. west, west, west, southwest, west, southwest. totally different in the winter.
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26, 33. 34-40. 40s, 50s, 60s. brentwood, 62. upper 40s, low 50s vallejo, mid 50s. mill valley is 49. sebastopol, occidental, bodega bay and point reyes, windsor at 49. it's a little cool. truckee in the upper 40s -- 30s. the load will start to work its way south. as it does, it's lowering the heights. that will allow for high pressure to lose its grips. the fog has a better opportunity, and that's what we are seeing today. temperatures are on their way down. all the way into the weekend. next week, we will see not a great move. if you are in the mountains, it tends to get pretty interesting with some understand activity. low 90s. vacaville in their. brentwood in there.
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clear lake also. ukiah. everyone else starting to cool down after a pretty comfortable toasty day. >> you will notice that cooled down. >> i heard it last night. 5:22. a new study on antarctica shows ice is melting at triple the rate. nature reports three killing tons of ice disappeared -- 3 trillion tons of ice disappeared. scientists say american coastal communities could be endangered if the melting ice makes sea levels go up. it's linked to global warming. it's making the ice in antarctica melt faster. 5:22. lake tahoe known for its beautiful blue water. still to come, we will tell you wife lake tahoe is not as clean as it used to be. plus, the battle in san francisco goes on to remove this controversial statute in
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there's a second chance for the critics in san francisco who want to remove a controversial statute in civic center plaza. it is the early days sculpture. it did packs a native american man sitting on the ground with a missionary and a spanish
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cowboy standing over him. at first, the city said it would remove the statue. that decision was reversed in april after the board said the historical commission failed in its duty to prevent -- preserve history. the board will hold a new hearing. the brother of the for the teenager accused of the parkland high school shooting rampage is working on an anti- bullying initiative. zachary crews was last in the public eye back in march. he reached a plea deal that allowed him to be free after he was accused of trespassing. his brother, nikolas cruz, is accused of killing 17 people at that school back in february. zachary says nicholas was bullied. now zachary is working on a campaign he calls when standing for we isolate no one. it will encourage people to speak out about bullying. a new report on lake tahoe parents -- lake tahoe says that
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cleared the level of the water is at the lowest point ever recorded. researchers at uc davis found lake tahoe parents clarity is down almost nearly 10 feet. that low levels are due to the five years of drought followed by record rain, which caused large volumes of sediment to stream into lake tahoe. environmental groups have long been trying to reduce the runoff into lake tahoe. >> doing stream restoration projects to reduce the amount of erosion, sediment. restoring meadows and woodlands that act as natural filters. do you have experts say there is something positive. the lake is recovering naturally. with improved 30 levels expected this year. london breed, the new mayor in san francisco. coming up next, we will take a deeper look at london breed's roots from the people who know her best.
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we have an update on a kidney donation thanks to craigslist. we will tell you how the donor and the recipient market the recoveries. -- mark their recoveries. n:3:3:3
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>> good morning. thank you for joining us. welcome back to mornings on 2. thursday morni, i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. we want to check in with steve for the forecast for the rest of the week and into the
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weekend. >> cooler, cooler. >> the flag is blowing. >> there's a bug here. hurricane category 3. then it's still a tropical storm, barely hanging on. gulf of california. i expect it to become a tropical depression. i think it's on track for there. it will be a brainer. some gusts. probably up to 45 miles per hour. not so be painted with some pretty heavy rain. four corners. it will drift northward into colorado and also into mexico, just in case you have any kind of travel plans today, tomorrow, maybe into saturday. sunny to breezy to windy for some. cooler for most. there will still be a few 90s holding on. more 80s. yesterday was rather toasty for many. with 80s and 90s. we will see a lot more 70s and 80s.
5:32 am
the fog is feeding off that very cold air. dropping down to the north. travis has a gust of 33. that's usually a sure sign that things will be going down olympic a few 40s. 51 aycock, moraga, 52. 55 and dublin is at 55. system dropping down. warm to hot wednesday. the trend is taking right on down. and then going right into the weekend, were i think we will level things out. highs today, 60s, 70s, and 80s. 5:32. let's see. we've done solano county. we did gilroy. we did the tracy super commute. now -- >> we are doing solano again because it's changed. >> for the better or worse? >> if you solano e traffic is slower. nothing major. on 80 westbound.
5:33 am
a little bit of slowing in vallejo. event you see some slowing on 37 . heading west toward sonoma and marin county. again, this is pretty difficult crossing the actual bridge looks okay. driving out to do that macarthur maze is only taking 20 minutes. there is a backup. we started at about 5:30 when those metering lights came on. 5:33. let's go back to the desk. 5:33, this morning, a -- at 10:00, london breed, san francisco's mayor elect will be holding a news conference about her campaign victory and also her vision for the city. >> the latest vote count shows breed increasing her lead against mark leno. there are about 7000 ballots to be templated. the city's election director hopes to have them counted eed supporters yesterday. she claimed victory. in one of the closcity history. breed grew up in the city in
5:34 am
the western addition. graduated from galileo high school and uc davis and then received a masters degree from usf. she is the first african- american woman to be elected mayor of san francisco and she outlined some of her priorities. >> we see people sleeping on our streets. we know that they need help. we are not building enough housing. we know that there is so much work to do and we have to make the hard decisions to get the done -- job done. >> once all the votes are counted, the city has to certify the votes. mark leno the mayor's race. he called london breed yesterday morning to congratulate her. >> and to wish her every succes professionally, in her new job as mayor of san francisco. >> mark leno is a veteran of the san francisco politics.
5:35 am
she he was hoping to become the city's first openly gay mayor. >> ktvu's jana katsuyama talked to london breed's longtime friends. >> reporter: london breed stood on the steps of city hall yesterday. >> i am so hopeful about the future of our city. >> reporter: and for residents of san francisco's western addition neighborhood, there were tears and tears at the thought of a girl growing up in poverty taking the top office. >> london nicole breed from the hood, the ghetto, all obstacles against her. she fought her way out of it. >> reporter: amelia has known breed since she was a teenager. the photo on breed's campaign
5:36 am
website shows her with her grandmother who raised her in the public housing. >> her sister od'd. her brother's in prison. other members of her community killed by gunfire. she had to duck and dodge. >> she knows how to manage stress. and to process pain. >> reporter: dr. amos brown, her pastor and president of the chapter of the naacp has known breed since she was a teenager. >> she played around here. she attended meetings of youth council. >> reporter: he says read parents and mother would have loved to see this moment. >> she would say, to every child in this hood here, if london can do it, you can do it. >> reporter: an inspiration to young girls now growing up in the same neighborhood. >> i think it's pretty cool.
5:37 am
if she can make it better. >> i guess if you work hard it >> reporter: jana katsuyama, ktvu fox 2 news. in other news, a san francisco woman accused of killing her tenant and cutting up her body is due in court this morning. a hearing is scheduled for lisa gonzalez. police say last august, she took in maggie neighbor -- maggie. there housing dispute turned violent and then deadly last month. officers checking on her whereabouts found her remains last week. san francisco police will hold a town hall meeting to update the public on last saturday parents officer-involved shooting. officers chased a man down grant avenue. police opened fire in the suspect was shot and wounded. the examiner reports the suspect identified as 28-year- old oliver and was shot in a
5:38 am
separate incident back in 2012. the town hall is set for 6:00 tonight at the american legion office on powell street near vallejo. and you can join there. reactions in oakland to a viral video showing an angry jogger throwing the belongings of a homeless man into the crash and also into lake merritt. still not clear white henry wilmington through the man parents things away. they say it's a sign of bigg problems including gentrificationgrowing homeless problem. one business owner says she understands what happened out there others say the mistreatment of people living on the streets is just not acceptable.mentality is that pe who are unhoused, they are not belonging. they are not their possessions. they are seen as garbage. >> police arrested that jogger for a separate incidents involving that man.
5:39 am
matt nelson says he was on a bike going home when he saw that man in the lake area and started recording him with his cell phone. he says the man attacked him and stole his phone. great news this morning about the man from oakland who underwent a kidney transplant on tuesday. he received that life-saving gift from a young woman who responded to his at on craigslist. both david and jessica are up and about following their surgery at uc fs -- ucsf medical center. suffering from kidney failure when he posted the ad looking for a kidney donor. morris made a new year's resolution to save someone's life. the team of surgeons performed the transplant. today, the start of the world cup in russia. to show you how popular it is, it's estimated 3.4 billion
5:40 am
people will watch the international tuckerton man. a light show dedicated to the fifa world cup was projected onto moscow parents bolshoi theater. -- moscow's bolshoi theater. host nation russia takes on saudi arabia and moscow -- at moscow. you can go to ktvu plus to still get all of today's news, weather, and traffic. pam and i will be there. starting at 7 am, mornings on 2 will move to ktvu plus and we will meet you there. time is 5:40. this is a big sports weekend on ktvu and fox. we are also showing golf parents second major tournament of the season.t names were out there noticing yesterday.
5:41 am
tiger woods, mcelroy, jordan. among the favorites. they both teed off in the first round. target words' last -- tiger woods last won 10 years ago. he thinks he has a good chance of finishing in the top 10. you can watch the first round of the u.s. open right here on ktvu fox 2. this afternoon, the coverage is from 1:30 to 4:30 this afternoon. the 4 pm news will be on ktvu plus. it is 5:41. a nobel prize for president trump, the second grth north ko but it is a big day for astronauts at the international space station. we will tell you the reason for their six and half hours space mission. we've been looking at the sunol grade and also traffic coming in from pleasanton and dublin.
5:42 am
still pretty good. it's getting a little slow near the dublin interchange. we will around this commute coming up. after a couple of toasty days, we transition to a cooler pattern here. 49 santa rosa. 82 in the city. 57 in san jose.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. happening right now, two american astronauts are in the early stages of a spacewalk that is expected to last -- last more than six hours. they left the international space station just about an hour ago. they are installing a new high definition camera. the camera will give nasa and crews a better view of the final moments before a spacecraft docs at the station. that will be especially helpful when a new american spacecraft
5:45 am
begins making flight to the station later this year. it's been a tennessee woman is suing nasa because of some very special dust given to her by the first man to walk on the moon. laura wants to make sure that nasa cannot try to take away that vial of lunar dust that neil armstrong gave her nearly 50 years ago. armstrong was a friend of her father parents -- ' her part -- father parents. -- father's. later today, the release of an inspector general's report about the fbi's handling of the hillary clinton email investigation. it's the result of an 18 month review on whether the fbi's actions affected the outcome of the 2016 president election.
5:46 am
that report looks at the decision of james comey to publicly recommend not to prosecute hillary clinton and when he told congress days before the election that the investigation was being revived. because of newly discovered emails. apple is making it harder for police to hack into an iphone and collect evidence. apple says it is planning a software update that will disable the phone parents charging and data part. one hour after users lock their phones. users will use the headphone support and adapters. police used that port to crack into the iphones during criminal investigations. in order to transfer data to or from that iphone, a person would first need to enter the phone's password. the software update is intended to strengthen the security protection to help stomers attack -- protect against hackers. time is 5:47.
5:47 am
let's get you out the door, where you need to go. sal, have you fixed the commute yet? no. if i fixed the commute, i would fix myself out of the job. i'm just kidding. i'm trying to help you through the commute. if you are driving from tracy, there's already a big traffic jam here on 205 and 580. as you drive through the traffic is moving along slowly which is normal. the actual altamont pass, traffic by the time you get there is a little slow. it's definitely slower before you even reach the past. 680, i promised you you would take a look at pleasanton to dublin. it does look good. as we showed you just a while ago. at th bridge. steve has taughtflag. coming from the south, thank you, steve. >> they picked up a that is co
5:48 am
but is making its track right toward baja, gulf of california. it has weakened considerably. tropical storm, i expect that to drop to 35. the moisture is making the move. as it does, it's on its way northward. and it looks like it wants to go pay visit to arizona. summer in between phoenix and tucson. close enough for all weekend and that starts to drift northward up into utah, also new mexico, and colorado. so if you have any travel plans there friday into saturday, that would play into your plans g for a low to mountain shower activity. that will be starting on the weekend. just an fyi if you're going through shasta or tahoe and truckee.
5:49 am
temperatures topped out today. still plenty warm. on wednesday. now they are starting to drop and they will continue to do so into the weekend. low clouds. is sunny, breezy, cooler for most. sometimes it takes another day. there's a robust delta breeze. mainly favoring about san francisco south. south of point reyes. plenty out there. water temps are just really cold. 51 degrees. san francisco half moon bay. it doesn't take a lot to get it going. the altamont pass is at 34-40 miles per hour. loan 61. the rest are in the 50s here. low 50s, menlo park. woodside is in there. pacifica as well. mid 50s. san mateo says, hey, so are we. redwood city, don't forget us. we won't. you will see the system. that's
5:50 am
going to bump this high out of here. warm to hot tuesday, wednesday exit stage right. that's going to drop our temps 70s and 80s for many. it did hold onto a couple low 90s. by tomorrow, they will all be 80s and low of these 80s will be 70s by the time we get to the beacon. so here we go again. reversal of what we thought one year ago. we started a big time warm up i that's not the case this time. this year is looking different. than last year. i think it was the 18th of last year, concord was one await. last year. livermore was one of five. san jose was 103. >> so looking different. does that seem to so. >> so far.the high is settling in texas, northern plains, more
5:51 am
so east of the rockies, not west. at least so far. >> it is good for fire danger. >> that's true. >> thank you, steve. 5:51. today, great america is unveiling a new attraction at the park in santa clara. it is called the trailblazer. ribbon-cutting ceremony at 10:00 this morning. dave clark is going to be first on. >> no, i'm not. >> it's the first coaster of its kind. you will hear me screaming. it operates on a single rail track. the design requires writers to straddle the rail. that create a low center of gravity that thing. >> do you think we can do mornings on 2 on that? >> i don't think i would be le
5:52 am
exciting. still ahead, prince harry and meghan markle their honeymoon is over now. now they go back to work. we will have details on meghan's first business trip and it's with queen elizabeth.
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teenager. the eighth grader was carrying a plastic replica ak-47 airsoft gun with its orange safety tip removed. deputy erica gilhouse said he thought the gun was real and opened fire. the supreme court is being asked to shield the deputy from a lawsuit by lopez's parents. at the gate is rejected, the parents' suit could go to trial this fall. oakland police investigating a deadly shooting laone person was killed. it happened just before 7:30 near 31st and martin luther king boulevard. ktvu was there as homicide detectives were searching for clues. we do know the victim is a man. we have very little other information. we are trying to get the victim's name for you. we will bring you updates as we get them in. a woman is accused of committing a hate crime at a rio vista church. police say danielle rick of
5:56 am
friends a -- danielle is linked . across was set on fire tuesday night. several bibles were also destroyed. the case is being reviewed by the u.s. attorney's office for possible federal charges. today, in brooklyn, new york, conor mcgregor, the mma fire -- fighter, is due back in the court room. criminal mischief for a violent bus attack back in april. he was caught on video with several other men throwing things and smashing things at a bus filled with other fighters and his arrival. it happened after a news conference for an upcoming ufc match. two fighters were actually hurt and had to be taken out of the match. spine -- meghan markle off for her first royal trip without prince harry. the new duchess of sussex is
5:57 am
traveling to northwest england for several events including the opening of a major ridge. this is the first time we've seen meghan markle without harry since their wedding last month. new this morning, overnight house fire in the east bay. we will tell you what firefighters just told us a couple of moments ago and how they work quickly to put it out. defendant in the ghost ship warehouse fire is due back in court. the reason he wants the trial to be delayed. relief for students who are stuck with all that debt from corinthian college. an announcement that is coming today. make history as
5:58 am
5:59 am
the first african-american woman to hold that office. there's a renewed effort to remove this controversial statue in san francisco. something it offends native americans. the organization that will now consider taking down the early days statue. >> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us
6:00 am
thursday morning, june 14. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. everything is cool this morning. >> yes, it is. >> steve paulson is always cool. >> i don't know about that, but thanks, dave. as i told pam, it gets harder every day. >> sometimes. >> sometimes we are cool on the weather. there are plenty of low clouds. not making a huge push inland. although they are maki it for sokind of the a story. it will be a cooler day. san francisco, downtown, to date 66, 53. average, 66, 53. the record high on this date in 2000, 103. i remember well because me and my buddy,


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