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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  June 14, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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consider taking down the early days statue. >> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us thursday morning, june 14. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. everything is cool this morning. >> yes, it is. >> steve paulson is always cool. >> i don't know about that, but thanks, dave. as i told pam, it gets harder every day. >> sometimes. >> sometimes we are cool on the weather. there are plenty of low clouds. not making a huge push inland. although they are maki it for sokind of the a story. it will be a cooler day. san francisco, downtown, to date 66, 53. average, 66, 53. the record high on this date in 2000, 103. i remember well because me and my buddy, mike,
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saw the giants beat the reds 6- 2. i was there. you were there, ken cox and man, it was hot. anyway. mike, if you're watching, he is going to text me right now. 46 back in 1917 was the record. forecast today is cooler. temperatures are on their way down. still hot on wednesday for many. the weekend will be in the 70s for some. concord being one area which has no problem warming up. their hottest date was tuesday night. probably 78 by saturday. kind of point reyes south, to the north, onshore wind is kicking up. 50s on most. there are a few 40s. a lot of low 50s. our trend is for cooler pattern as low in. a warm to hot tuesday, wednesday. 60s, 70s, and 80s. today. 6:01. >> was it called back in 1946,
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steve? >> 1917, that was a cold morning. >> 46 degrees. you remember that? >> i do. i was very young. good morning, everyone. if you're driving on the eastshore freeway, 80 westbound, driving out to the macarthur maze, still taking about 22 minutes, which is a pretty good time. right now, you can take advantage. when you get to the bay bridge, you will be waiting for 10 minutes or so. before you make it onto the spandex san francisco traffic traffic is moving well. if you're driving 08 80, it's also good to a good start. we are settling in for the morning commute. no major problems on the -- we will dive into that south bay commute. let's go back to the desk. we have expanded coverage of the history making san francisco mayor's race in just
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a couple of hours. london breed will make remarks about her agenda for running san francisco. ktvu's meteorologist rosemary orozco -- leigh martinez, talking about london breed's first moments as the new mayor elect. good morning. >> good morning. we are expected to hear from london breed later this morning. she supposed to be outlining her plans for the city. and yes, even though she came out victorious, it was such a huge voter turnout that they are still not done counting all of the ballots out here. now, it took eight days to count all of the ballots. top two candidates both taking the lead. on wednesday, breed had more than 2000 vote leads to come out victorious. she beat former state senator mark leno, who was also set to make history as the first openly gay mayor. breed will be the second woman to be mayor of san francisco, taking office of 40 years after dianne feinstein. she is also the second african-american following willie brown.
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breed's distinction will be at -- as the first african- american woman to be mayor. she is also a native. i was they, read treated an impromptu crowd of supporters on the steps of city hall. >> we know that they need help. we are not holding enough housing. we know that there is so much work to do and we have to make the hard decisions to get the job done. >> reporter: the director of elections saying that he thinks that we should get a nearly complete account of the ballots by friday. he will then certify the results, giving -- meaning london breed could be sworn in on july 11 at the earliest. she is expected to give some remarks at rosa parks elementary. that is her elementary school that she attended as a child. what she has planned for us. back to you guys. >> thank you. new this morning, contra
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costa county firefighters are cleaning up after a fire in lafayette. it happened this morning at about 4:00 on withers avenue near rally is valley road. the contra costa county fire marshal told us that an electrical wire that connects from a power pole to the house may have started that fire. right now, they are trying to determine if trees in the area may have hold on that wire. the two people living in the home were able to get out without being hurt. firefighters were able to contain the damage to the garage and attic. 6:05. san mateo county sheriff's deputies searching now for 2 boys who walked away from a correctional facility during the night. these two boys are almost 18. they left the log cabin ridge about 11:00 last night. it's an open correctional facility. it's near la honda. the boys were last seen wearing sweatpants, sandals with white socks, and one was wearing a
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round jacket. cemetery should tariffs -- sheriff's office say if you have information, call 911. california highway patrol is investigating a deadly crash. police say it happened overnight in the northbound lane just north of homan avenue in san jose. the motorcycle crashed just after 1 am. police don't know what led up to the accident or if any other cars were involved. 6:06. there's a hearing for one of the men facing charges of manslaughter for the ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland. max harris, who called himself the creative director of the artist colony, where 36 people died, he wants to have his trial postponed. the trial is scheduled to beat least until september. his legal team says it's -- its fire experts need more time. here's parents codefendt,
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there mental, -- derick almena, they don't want the trial delayed. there's a chance for critics who want to remove a controversial statue. it is the early days sculpture. it did -- it picks a native american man sitting on the ground with a missionary any spanish cowboy standing over him. at first, the city said it would remove the statue. that was reversed in april after the board overseeing it that the historical commission failed in its duty to preserve history instead of hiding it. the board will now hold a new hearing. time is now 6:07. white house press secretary sarah sanders is denying a report she plans to stand i there is a report that sanders and raj shah are planning to leave the trump administration. both of them are waiting future
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job options. sanders posted this tweet about that early report, quote, the cbs -- does cbs news know something i don't about my plans in my future? i was at my daughter's year end kindergarten event and he ran a story about my plans to leave the white house without even talking to me. i love my job and an honor to work for potus. secretary state mike pompeo is now in china where he will brief chinese president xi jinping on the status of talks with north korea. yesterday, pompeo met with south korean and japanese diplomats in seoul to address any concerns following president trump's meeting with kim jong-un. pompeo told the u.s. allies there will be no release from sanctions until the country dismantles its nuclear weapons program. president trump was asked about his praise to kim jong-un. >> when you take over a
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country, tough country, tough people, and you take it over from your father, i don't care who you are, what you are, how much of an advantage you have to, if you can do that at 27 years old, i mean, that's one in 10,000 that can do that. so he's a very smart guy. he's a great negotiator. but i think we understand each other. >> following his meeting with kim jong-un, present trump called the young leader talented and smart. 6:09., the second time -- for the second time, present trump has been nominated for a nobel peace tries -- prize. after the meeting with north korean leader kim jong-un. because of the deadlines for this year's prize back in january, president trump will have to wait until next year to find out if he's been selected. last month, a group of republican house members also nominated president trump for
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his work towards peace on the korean peninsula. there's a new warning after several mountain lighting -- mountain lion sightings. warning people to keep an eye out for that. plus, debt relief for tens of thousands of students who were allegedly defrauded by the corinthian colleges system. the major announcement coming today from the state attorney general. so far, so good, for the morning commute when it comes to major incidents. here we are with interstate 680, this traffic looks good heading south. and if you battle a west wind, it's kicking in. >> ♪ the summer wind came blowing in ♪ from across the see ♪
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welcome back into mornings on 2. later today, california's attorney general will announce a 67 million dollars settlement giving debt relief to students of the former corinthian colleges. ktvu's alex savidge is in hayward right now. those or profit schools were shut down and they were accused of fraud. good morning. >> good morning to you, dave. the for profit chain of colleges collapsed in 2015. after series ofere's income relief for those students who needed to repay their
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student loan debt. this building where we are in hayward was -- used to be a heald college. the company was forced close after the courts ruled that corinthian colleges defrauded students by violating the state's consumer protection laws. last year, california attorney general xavier becerra sued to asking that debt relief plans be processed for about 50,000 students nationwide, including 13,000 students here in california. the court eventually ordered the department of education to stop debt collection. later today, in san francisco, california's attorney general xavier becerra will be announcing that $67 million settlement that will finally give debt relief to corinthian
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again, that announcement will happen from the attorney general just after 11:00 this morning in san francisco. we will have full coverage here throughout the day. >> all right, alex savidge, thank you. back over to sal. what are you keeping an eye on, sal? >> we are looking at the commute that are beginning to get a little busier. nothing major when it comes to incidents. we do have traffic that is going to be getting just a bit busier. you can see traffic here on the 80 westbound is still 23 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. eastbound 80, where we have a car on fire, that has been pushed out -- put out. nothing that has caused westbound traffic to slow. this is a look at the westbound bay bridge. that is backed up all the way out to the maze. and if yo11, traffic looks okay. the first morning we've seen just a little bit of fog over
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here. firstbring steve over. >> that is correct. first time this week. finally getting some low clouds. let's look at the tropical storm. it should become a tropical depression soon. the outer bands are already there. there be some gusts maybe about 50 miles an hour. i think it decreases rapidly. it could accelerate a little bit. i expect it to decrease even more so. the moisture is streaming northward. it is making a beeline toward arizona. this could be a pretty heavy rain producer. four corners including into colorado and new mexico. for arizona, that will be party night into saturday morning. and then up into wyoming. so the impact will be felt all the way into that weekend. four corners north and into the lanes. cooler forecast. that's a cooler forecast.
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standing in the way. what do you mean? breezy to windy. highs today, 59 to 89 degrees. we take it down. we warm up all the way on tuesday. that is the hot spots. still pretty warm. thursday, we start to trend down. fog is creeping up the coast. looks like it's settled in quite well. continuing to kind of sink up with some fog coming down from the north. when you get travis and the altamont pass, that's a sure sign we will cool down even out to the valley. 40s, a couple 50s for many. scotts valley, boulder creek, a cool 47. san jose, 57. 55 ukiah. 55 in monterey. system right there beginning to work its way. it's going to settle in over northern california. as it does, temps are taking
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the plunge here. warm to hot wednesday inland. possibility of some mountain shower activity. i believe sunday into early next week, maybe not a lot. but shasta, you head up there, boating or hiking, camping, watch out. again, that would be sunday into about wednesday or thursday. today, mostly 60s, 70s, and 80s. after today, i think even the 90s will be disappearing for about four or five days. they will settle into near average. they are going to go below, you guys. that will take us into the weekend. >> i will have to use my hairspray. >> that's windy. >> that's windy. >> thank you, steve. 6:18 is the time. this is a big sports weekend on ktvu and fox sports. we are showing golf as well.
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the u.s. open is getting underway this morning in southhampton, new york. we watched some of the top players practice yesterday. teeing off in the first round just a few minutes ago. 10 years since tiger woods won the u.s. open. they believe he is likely to finish in the top 10 this year. >> really? >> yeah. you can watch the first round. tiger and everybody else. u.s. open right here on ktvu fox 2. coverage is from 1:30 to 4:30. 4:00 news will be over on the plus.spalding -- sporting event that we will have sporting here and news there. an arrest in virginia connected to a bay area homicide. the woman who was arrested after a violent robbery in rosa
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early this year. apple locking out law- enforcement. the company's new security update. check out this iconic empire state building in new york city. ready for the world cup of soccer. the tower will rotate the colors of all 32 world cup teams beginning with russia you can watch many of the world cup matches right here with the on ktvu fox channel 2. host nation russia plays saudi arabia and -- at moscow. 7 am. >> don't forget on ktvu plus, we will have all of today's news, weather, and traffic . mornings on 2 will move to ktvu plus at the end of this very hour.
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welcome back. san francisco unified school district is getting a boost in funding this coming school year. officials are still expecting some budget cuts. according to the examiner, the district's funding will be back at prerecession level for the first time in almost 10 years. the board of education approved a draft of the budget approval this week. increasing pension and costs. over the last year, there was a 5% cut in programs across the
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district's central office. more are expected. target is removing a controversial father's day card from the shelves of 900 target stores. the card says, baby daddy on the front of it. it has a photo of an african- american couple kissing under the photo. some shoppers were offended by it. target says it wants all story guests will feel welcome and respected. target is removing thosecards. apple is making it difficult for police to hack into an iphone. iphone users plug in headphones, power cables, and adapters to the port. but police use the port to crack into iphones during criminal investigations. in order to transfer data using the port, a person would need
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to enter the phone's password. apple says that software update is to help customers defend against hackers, identity thieves, and intrusion into their personal information. that leads us to our question of the day. do you believe the government has a right to get into the personal devices of people arrested for crimes? yes or no? let us know i voting on our ktvu twitter page and comment on our ktvu facebook page as usual. we will share some of your responses throughout the morning. 6:25. changes are coming to the way children, little kids are secured in a highchair. consumer products safety commission announced new federal safety standards for highchairs. this follows more than 18,000 injuries related to highchairs. the update requires companies to use a three point restraint system and new stability mechanisms on the highchairs. children have been hurt climbing into or out of
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highchairs. elon musk parents boring company is taking into chicago. building an underground express train. musk promises to zip passengers to the airport in just 12 minutes using a new vacuum tunnel. battery-powered vehicles carrying up to 16 passengers with -- what speed through the tunnel. chicago says no public funds will go towards the public. it has given the boring company a year to develop the construction plan. there is so much traffic. they just have heraldic -- horrendous traffic jams. we will see what happens. 6:20 six. there was a deadly tow truck accident in san francisco yesterday. we will tell you about what we found out about the city employee was killed when a car
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rolled off that tow truck and hit her. contra costa firefighters battle an overnight house fire. how the windy conditions overnight made the firefight challenging. good morning. you can see traffic is moving along pretty well on some of these commutes like to 80. by the lake it's sunny in downtown san jose. traffic looks good getting up to downtown 17. the wind has kicked in for some. there's low cloud that we didn't have yesterday, that's for sure.
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>> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2 . i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. it's 6:30. let's check in with steve for a look at the very cool and windy forecast. >> for some. cooler for about everybody. it's changing. kicking in last year at this time, the transition time for inland areas to get hot and stay hot for a long time. it will be the complete opposite this time around. and low pressure is going to settle in and it's already starting to usher in a bigger fog bank. they will begin this time of year. 59-92. the low clouds are making a push. more so than we've seen here the entire week. that's for sure. the water temps are very cold. gusts over 30 out to travis. and concord, gusting to 30.
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oakland, west, southwest. that's a cool direction for them this time of year. a lot of 50s. novato 49. santa rosa 49. 50s for many. the water temps are really cold. tiburon is 50 degrees. exactly what you should be this time of year. . we saw, 51. 30s up in the mountains. 55 ukiah. this system is the leading edge of our cooled down. giving away two of much cooler pattern and a breezy to wendy pattern as we had into the weekend. our highs will settle into the 70s. 60s, 70s, 80s today. all right. we did see some low clouds. m look at san jose, we saw a lot of sun. >> we are going to there steve. northbound 280 getting up to highway 17. i had to'. northbound 280 traffic is moving along relatively well. it looks well all the way to the valley.
6:32 am
beginning to fill in. in the south bay, you do have traffic that's a little bit slow. we had a couple of incidents on 101. still, these incidents haven't caught any major delays. getting a little slow on 238, 880, 238. and if you're looking at highway 4, it's already slowed there as well. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is back up. at 6:32, let's go back to the desk. firefighters called to a house fire, had to fight flames and windy conditions. that fire happened in the hills just west of interstate 680. ktvu's rasmus is live this morning. how does it look out there? >> reporter: still pretty windy out there. right now, just as we are going live, the wind is dying down. we feel some pretty -- some pretty strong gusts. at this home on weathers avenue. you can see the fire is out. the fire crews have left.
6:33 am
firefighters mopping up and getting ready to leave here. the couple living inside his home and their pets got out safely. no firefighters were hurt. that is the goodness. the windy conditions this morning in the east bay hills did lead to some challenges for 5. >> smoke was blowing in all directions. firefighters were also concerned about the trees and tree limbs falling. and possibly bringing down some live fire lines. initially, the fire marshal looking into the possibility that the windy conditions may have led to the fire in some way with those electrical wires. now that they've had a chance to go into the home and do some investigation, fire marshall says it's clear that the fire started in the electrical panel inside one of the walls of the home and then started burning in the attic. about the house. there are no smoke detectors in the attic. luckily, the couple was home sleeping at the time woke up in
6:34 am
time to discovered the fire and get out. >> they were awakened by some noise. they thought that their cat had gotten into something. they saw smoke in the garage. >> reporter: the electrical panel that caught fire what is -- fire is called a weatherhead. many homes in this area have those. and he says it is always a good reminder for homeowrsduring fire season to ck. as you can see, the ving in thi home did get out safely. so did their pets. and now 500 are getting ready to clear the scene and reopened with her 70. >> that's some good news. thank you, allie. this morning, at 10:00 at that london breed, san francisco's mayor elect will hold a news conference about
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her vision for san francisco. the latest vote count shows reed increasing her lead against mark leno. she is leading by more than 2100 votes. there are about some thousand ballots still to be counted. the city's director hopes to have them counted by tomorrow. london breed spoke to a crowd of supporters outside of san francisco city hall. she claimed victory in one of the closest mayor's race is in san francisco's city history. london breed grew up in the western addition. she graduated fromejo high school and uc davis then received a masters degree from usf. she is the first african- american woman elected mayor of san francisco and she talked about some of her priorities. >> we see people sleeping onets need help. we are not building enough housing. we know that there is so much work to do and we have to make job still certify the results.
6:36 am
that's expected -- it's expected london breed will take the both of us -- oath of office. >> and to wish her every success both personally and professionally in her new job as mayor of san francisco. >> mark leno very gracious. 20 year veteran of san francisco politics. he was hoping to become the city's first openly gay mayor. voters in alameda county nearly rejected a ballot measure that would have raised sales taxes to pay for early childhood education for low income families. the registrar voters released the unofficial vote count. measure a received 66.2 percent of the vote. that's just shy of the two thirds majority needed to pass. it was expected to generate one to $40 million a year, which would have been used to help low income families. the current district
6:37 am
attorney, diana becton, has extended her lead. there are still about 10,000 ballots to count. if that can does not stay above 50%, that race will go to a runoff in november. 6:37. we're learning more about the san francisco plumber killed yesterday morning in a freak accident on the job. 34-year-old lilianna preciado was part of a crew that was replacing a leaking pipe on 28th st. nearby, a car was being hoisted on a tow truck when the car slipped and rolled back down the ramp on the truck. two of the workers managed to get out of the way, but ms. preciado was critically hurt. she was rushed to san francisco general hospital. that's where she died. her coworkers were stunned. even as they tried to pick up her watch and her phone. >> we are collecting her
6:38 am
belongings. every time you touch it, the baby shows up. it's heart wrenching. we are heavy hearted. we lost one of our own, a good one. >> coworkers say missed preciado was one of the view female plumbers. they described her as always cheerful, a hard worker, and someone who really knew what she was doing. a woman was arrested in connection with two home invasion robberies that claimed the life of one man. authorities had been searching for her since february. she and four men are accused of two violent in area on february 8, where they tied up people in the home and shot two men. she was found hiding in the attic of a friend's house on monday. san francisco woman accused of killing her tenant and
6:39 am
cutting upper body is due in court. a hearing is scheduled for 47- year-old lisa gonzalez. police say she took in 61-year- old maggie maim or -- maggie. there housing dispute turned deadly. they found her remains last week. 6:39. tonight, san francisco police will hold a town hall meeting. they will give us an update on last saturday parents officer- involved shooting wear a suspect was critically injured. police chase -- chased the man down. the police fired shots. the man suffered threatening injuries. court documents show he isnow. facing gun related charges. also, exhibited a gun, showed a gun to a police officer as he resisted arrest. the examiner reports the suspect identified as 28-year- old oliver was shot by police and then -- in a separate
6:40 am
incident back in 2012. hillsboro police are warning people to be aware of a mountain lion. that have been mountain lions spotted at three different locations this month. that includes the -- right in the middle of a residential area. three different trail cans captured the pictures of a mountain lion. police advise people to keep an eye on your small children, pets especially, close by when hiking or traveling in wooded areas. >> we hear that all the time. 6:40. kidney donation thanks to craigslist. you will meet the donors and the recipient who are recovering after a successful surgery. airplane in freefall over the pacific ocean. we have details on that scary moment on a flight from los
6:41 am
angeles to australia. taking a look at some of these bridges here. you can see traffic on the san mateo bridge is looking okay heading out to the high rise. and our weather looking okay. if you like a cooler pattern, that is on its way out. the cool is on its way in. we will show you the 10th. -- temps. savings. if you're looking for an incredible selection of the brands you love, this season's newest trends ♪ you gotta go to ross you'd pay at department stores,
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they'd tell you to go to ross. because there's so much to choose from. listen to your pets. they're your best friends, so they don't want you to spend more than you have to. if you want to save big on pet accessories, you gotta go to ross.
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welcome back. two 10 six. live in wall street. some good economic news. retail sales really coming in pretty strong. firm a. consumer spending up for the second quarter. there's the dow jones up a third of a percent. the nasdaq and the s&p 500 are also up this morning. more business news coming up in your dollars and cents. later today, the congressional baseball game between republicans and democrats is going to be played one year after a terrifying shooting where several people were hurt including the house majority whip. members from both parties will play tonight in the game. this game dates back to 1909. last year on this day, at a park in alexandria, virginia, congressman steve scalise was shot, two capitol police
6:45 am
officers were shot, others were hurt when a gunman started shooting at members of congress who were practicing for the day -- game. congressman scalise went back to work in september. he's expected to play tonight. president trump was asked to come to tonight parents game. police in germany arrested a man who they say was landing an attack with deadly ricin. they found the ricin in the attack -- apartment of a 29- year-old man. authorities say he produced the ricin using materials that he bought online. l.a. police are investigating reports of elder abuse against stanley of marvel comics. 95- year-old leader of marvel comics filed a restraining order against his business manager. the owner says his manager took advantage of stan lee parents impaired vision, hearing, and
6:46 am
document while preventing family members from contacting him. health officials in idaho have confirmed a case of bubonic plague. a child has been diagnosed with the disease that has caused -- it was called black death and caused the death of people in the middle ages. it's still considered a serious disease. it can be treated with antibiotics it is -- if it's caused those caught early enough. the child is recovering. they are not sure if the patient was exposed to the disease in idaho or in a recent trip to oregon. we will update that story. 6:46. let's check in with gasia to see what's happening on mornings on 2. >> coming up in the next hour, minimum wage causing maximum stress.
6:47 am
it's still nowhere near what you have to be making to afford a modest two bedroom apartment. in much of the bay area, you need to make just over $60 an hour to do that. we are going to break down why there could be even more trouble ahead in the coming decades. if you want to make your restaurant more attractive, you might want to upgrade the menu, maybe brinnew chef. one restaurant in boston is spending townsend on something that has nothing to do with food. why it's banking on a first of its kind special table. bringing you mornings on 2 on ktvu plus the date so we can bring you world cup soccer. >> we have everything for everyone. i have to tell you this story. one of the super jumbo jets lost
6:48 am
altitude on a flight on sunday from l.a. to australia. >> similar to the plane where showing you here. it hit rock -- rough air. the jet dropped for about 10 seconds before it was steady again. the captain explained what happened to the passengers. no one on board with hurt. but -- and the plane was not damaged. a little reminder, that's why they say keep your seatbelt on and you could be seriously injured. very our commute. >> we do have some slow traffic i want to remind our viewers. go ahead and switch to ktvu plus. we will be on their at 7:00. i'm not going home. i will be working. i will be
6:49 am
working over on the plus. northbound 280. you can see traffic is going to be a little bit busier. there've been no major issues. the south bay commute to silicon valley commute, hasn't really taken off yet. southbound 880 238, heading down to about 84, that's the slow traffic as you can see. i do want to mention a new problem. it's a deadly accident on southbound highway 160 right at highway 4 it is an addict and where someone was ejected from the car here. and the traffic is going to be starting to get a little bit worse. a lot of people do come off the and oxbridge and make it onto highway 4. so far, big backup. it should grow a little bit. highway 4, you can see that traffic is moderate and if you're driving to the bay bridge, we do have backup 10-15 minutes. some strong winds from the southwest. you can see the flags there. the california state flag.
6:50 am
this is a transition i often use . to meteorologists. steve paulson. >> and more clouds that we've seen all week. >> i noted that. like dave clark does. >> stepped outside and it's cool. we do have a cooler pattern. still warm to hot. 2-3. the only way it used to be. san francisco, 66, 53 today. average, 56, -- 66, 53. the record high 2000, when it was 103 degrees. we have a tropical storm. is it still a tropical storm? yes, but i expected to become tropical depression pretty soon here as it decreases on its way over cabo san lucas. the outer bands have already moved. it's going to start to move
6:51 am
into arizona. it could paint phoenix, tucson with some pretty heavy rain. it lifts into new mexico, also colorado into the northern plains. active pattern for them. breezy to windy. highs, 50s, 60s, 70s, some upper 80s. overall trend is to ring the temperatures down. the warmest day was tuesday. wednesday was still warm. it will continue all the way into saturday and level off their. it took a while to get there. it is not going south. connecting with a band that came down the coast. wind for some. travis, 32. even concord. southwesonshore wind. it was not there yesterday. 40s, 50s, a couple of very low
6:52 am
60s. a lot of upper 40s. petaluma is in there. mid 50s, vallejo, hitting group -- hidden broke. the basketball at oddie nine. augmental 47. willamette valley, 44. speaking of cool, how about cold? 52 the water temps. that is really cold water. that fog was getting help. that's going to end. warm to hot for the inland areas. significant cooling trend will take us into the weekend. tahoe, truckee, maybe some thunderstorm activity. so for those of you heading out to keep that in mind. a couple of very low 90s. there won't be any 90s for about five or six days. temperatures start to slide down. they will continued -- continue into the weekend. we will give you a sneak peek at the rail blazer when we come back.
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looking at tonight's primetime lineup, it is the four battle for stardom at 8. right after that, it's the 10 and 11:00 news. right now, comcast business is doubling your internet speed. so you can download large files faster. and power more employees on more devices. what does that equal? our best internet price ever. you do the math. because now for less than what 75 mbps used to cost,
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great news this morning about the man from oakland received a life-saving kidney transplant on tuesday. from a young woman who answered his ad on craigslist.
6:56 am
both 29-year-old david and 30- year-old jessica are up and about following a surgery. they are doing so well that they walked together 12 laps around the hospital hallways, which works out to about a mile. suffering from kidney failure when he posted the online ad looking for a donor. morris made a new year's -- new year's resolution to save someone's life. a team of surgeons performed that transplant. erican astronauts are in space installing a new camera on the outside of the international space station. these are live pictures. and rikki arnold and drewa half it will last about six and half hours. we are looking over the shoulder. the new camera will give nasa
6:57 am
and the crews on the space station a better view of the final moments before a spacecraft docs there. a tennessee woman is suing nasa because of some very special dust given to her by the first man to walk on the moon. she wanted to make sure nasa won't try to take away the vial of lunar dust that new armstrong gave her nearly 50 years ago. armstrong was a friend of her valuable evidence that the bel a former nasa administrators says anything that came from the moon belongs to the government. is unveiling a new attracin santa clara. it's called the railblazer. there's a ribbon-cutting ceremony. great american says it's the first coaster of its kind on the west coast. it requires writers to straddle the rail, creating a low center of gravity. 160 feet in the air
6:58 am
before plunging facedown at 890 degree angle at 52 miles per hour. >> we are about to headed over to sports -- fox sports for coverage of the the for world cup. news coverage continues on ktvu plus. >> up next, it's fox sports world cup live right here, ktvu, 7 am. russia hosts saudi arabia. >> mornings on 2 continues on ktvu plus and streaming live on
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