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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  June 15, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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about the attack. a warning for people who eat cereal for breakfast. the recall of a popular brand and why it could make you sick. mornings on 2 starts now. >> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> well, good morning. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. it is june 15. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm lauding one. pam cook has the day -- claudine wong. pam cook has the day off. >> cooler, windy. the wind kicked in. temperatures came down. kind of continuing the theme today. low clouds trying to get their act together. they usually do. looks to be a little bit more than we saw yesterday. san mateo, santa cruz coast, not so much to the north. i have a feeling it will fill in. it's going to play into our weather all the way into the beacon. for some, there's a breeze for others, it's a roaring wind. it depends. has been kicking up big time. gusts up to 30. near 60 degrees. a couple of systems.
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one moving into southern california. one was bud. there's a lot going on in the west. 60s, 70s, and the low 80s for most now on a friday. 4:01. here he is, the man with the plan on traffic, mr. trent -- sal castaneda. >> a little extra lift in my step. let's take a look at the commute now. traffic is going to be moving along pretty well. on 580, the altamont pass, tracy super commute, even to 05 is off to a good start. if you wondered how early is for a one apparently he is good enough. traffic is moving along well. it looks pretty good. we're off to a nice start. on a quiet friday so far. 4:01. let's go to -- back to the desk. we are following some developing news where five
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people were shot and injured at a mortuary. >> it happened just after 7 pm. union city police rushed to the chapel of the chimes on mission boulevard. police found three people who had been shot shortly after that, a fourth shooting victim was found. then police say a fifth victim went to the hospital on his own. investigation into everything that happened continues this morning. >> this incident is a pretty large area. there were several different moving parts to it. so our investigators are going to contact each one of the victims. since there's five, we have to kind of hit them one by one and try to get information for them as best as we can. >> two of the victims are in critical condition. three of the victims are in stable condition. the names of the victims haven't been released yet.
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so far, no arrests have been made. 4:02. charges of murder and kidnapping have been filed against the man accused of a human trafficking case. a chase that ended with a deadly crash that killed one person. michael brown is accused of beating and kidnapping a sex worker in san francisco's tenderloin and throwing her into the trunk of his car. the victim eventually escaped from the trunk in san francisco. authorities chased brown all the way into emeryville, where his car crashed into a pole. his passenger, 40-year-old daniel beaty, died in that fiery crash. new this morning, before you make your breakfast, kellogg's is recalling honey snacks cereal because some boxes may be contaminated with salmonella. the serial has been linked to sunday three illnesses including five cases here in california. the effective -- affected bosses -- boxes. the centers for disease control said you should throw the
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cereal away if you have it and contact kellogg's for a refund. a warning involving precut melon has now expanded to california. the centers for disease control safe people have gotten sick after eating precut watermelon and cantaloupe >> the food and drug demonstrations says at least 23 states are now included in the recall. the fda says the melons were distributed by a company in indiana. there is concerned about the rise of the number of cases of whooping cough. the health department is now urging people to get vaccinated. alameda county start 180 cases. there were only 40 cases in that same period last year. people who are the most vulnerable our children especially since -- younger than six months. >> infants are very vulnerable. too young to have complete vaccinations. so pregnant women need to get
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vaccinated. >> the last epidemic occurred in 2014 when there were nearly 11,000 cases statewide. time is now 4:05. on july 1, an unforgettable 25th anniversary will be marked. the worst mass shooting in san francisco history. last night, ending gun violence was the topic of a major san francisco event. as jana katsuyama reports, the speakers included hillary clinton and the survivors of mass shootings. >> reporter: they held the 25th anniversary dinner. in the aftermath of san francisco's worst mass shooting on july 1, 1993. when police rushed to the high rise. a man armed with an assault weapons ban opened fire. on the 34th floor. killing eight, wounding six. and then taking his own life. the survivors of that shooting
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shared their stories and a bond with other survivors. two students from parkland, florida, remember the 17 killed at their high school. >> the glass up and bullets flew into my classmates, killing one. >> reporter: calling for change. >> i live every day like it's my last because i know what it feels like to feel like there are no more days left ahead of you. >> these are people who were born long after the tragedy and yet with all the positive change we've made, we still have these horrific school shootings. >> reporter: also on the video, a student from the south side of chicago who lost his brother to a shooting. all of them too young to vote but old enough to speak out for change. >> some of the things happen because somebody doesn't have someone to be there for them or
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listen to them. former congresswoman gabby giffords, herself a victim of gun violence. >> i think we can do this. but only if every one of us and millions more do everything we can between now and november to change this country toward life. not death. >> reporter: the giffords law center said in the 25 years since that 101 california shooting, they've helped test some 60 gun laws. many which have been modeled for other states around the country. in san francisco, jana katsuyama, ktvu fox 2 news. 4:07. later this morning, paul manafort, president trump's former campaign manager, is due in court, and he may be sent to jail. manafort is due for a hearing on whether his bail should be revoked. manafort is under house arrest. he is accused by independent
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counsel robert mueller of trying to influence a potential trial witness. also, manafort will be arraigned on the charge of witness tampering. he was indicted last year as part of the russia interference investigation. manafort is accused of acting as an unregistered foreign agent and lying to investigators and as well as conspiracy to launder money. the inspector general has released a report on the fbi's handling on the hillary clinton probe. it did identify errors of judgment and violations of policy. the report calls former fbi director james comey insubordinate. >> director comey had a double standard. he spoke publicly about the clinton investigation while keeping secret from the american people the investigation of donald trump and russia. >> director comey and others made mistakes. errors of judgment were deliberate. people can draw their own conclusions.
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>> the report also found that comey used his own personal email for fbi matters despite calling clinton careless for doing the same. the report reform -- reaffirm's comey's decision. -- trump's decision to fire comey's. $78 billion for education for kindergarten through 12th grade. it also is 500 million in grants for fighting homelessness. it increases funding for the california state university system by $105 million. along with that, the budget calls for one-time increases is -- in funding for both csu and the university of california. that comes to hundreds of millions of dollars. california has a $9 billion budget surplus and while republicans say the money should go back to taxpayers, the governor says the state needs to put some of that money away to prepare for bad times.
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the state legislature decided to set aside $2 billion as uncommitted reserves. now to the fifa world cup. six companies, including spain. host country russia winning the first match, 5-0 against saudi arabia. security is exceptionally tight. officials expecting 1 million people to visit the country. we have two of the matches here on the ktvu. first , it's morocco against iran. fox coverage begins at 7 this morning. four news and weather and traffic, you can join us on ktvu plus. we are also streaming all of our shows on >> all right. 4:10. it will not be off-limits anymore.
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i'm talking about the popular tourist attraction at yosemite national park that due to reopen to the public today. new body camera video has been released in the shooting of an armed suspect in san francisco's northeast neighborhood. but we are learning about that suspect and why this isn't the first time that he's been shot at by officers. good morning. we can still see that we are off to a good start on a friday. this is highway 4. not a bad commute yet. well, the breeze has kicked up. for some, it's windy. a clear pattern is selling in. the temperatures are those santa rosa 52-57 at the oakland airport.
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happening today, one of the most popular attractions at yosemite national park is going to reopen. the mariposa grove has been closed for three years as part of a restoration project. crews working to protect five originating trees and buildinge public at 9 this morning. 4:14. welcome london breed is new to be sworn in as san francisco's mayor on july 11. >> london breed! >> thank you, everybody.
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yes, on your mayor. >> london breed. look at the big welcome sheep received yesterday at her old elementary school in san francisco. she talked about some of her priorities. like eliminating bureaucracy and adding more affordable housing and helping get the homeless off the streets. >> the hard decision around reforming our mental health system so that people we know are struggling on the streets who are clearly not in the right mind, they get the help s >> london breed will also appoint someone to assume her seat on the san francisco board of supervisors she's represented district 5 since 2012. that includes the western addition where she grew up. she talked about naming her replacement as a question for another day. san francisco's elections department hopes to finish counting all of the bandwidth -- ballots by today.
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london breed has a 1% edge over mark leno. that's more than 2000 vote lead. make sure you tune in today. london breed will be here at ktvu joining us in the studio at the 8:00 hour. that's today on mornings on 2 on ktvu plus at 8 am. 4:16. it looks as though contra costa county has elected its first female and first african- american district attorney. retired judge diana becton was appointed to serve last september after former district attorney mark peterson was convicted of perjury. back in has a 50.49% lead in the vote, which is just enough to avoid a runoff. but the deputy:called graves, who has 42% of the vote. he has already called her and congratulated her. many city leaders continue to push for industrial
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equipment. jeff the logistics is running shipping they've acquired a us-made container movable -- mover. >> when you electrified transportation -- electrify transportation, -- it's about one third or one fourth the cost. >> cheaper cost. >> reporter: just let -- last month, muni converted its entire bus fleet. 4:17. let's get you moving this morning. sal is right there for friday. >> they are making me laugh. i cannot work in these
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conditions. okay, i can't. >> and you will. >> i will. outbreak -- all right, good morning, everyone. we don't have a lot going on in. on friday, sometimes, we do get letter commutes. we're hoping for that are beastly today. so far, so good. traffic is moving along pretty well as you drive into sam martin and morgan hill and all the way up into the west valley. and the silicon valley commute generally doesn't get going until about 6. right now, it should be early anyway for this commute as we look at 280 in san jose, it does look pretty good with no major issues. we are also looking at the a bridge approach. traffic is moving along well. it holds up like this on a friday in june, we might be in for one of those friday light commutes. we will see across -- i'm crossing my fingers here. so far, so good. now at 4:18, let's bring steve paulson in. >> they picked up on -- the
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road work on 80? >> yes. actually, they are going to take it up -- pick it up, they say, you're going to see something here that i can't remember ever seeing. that's with tropical storm but. watch him right here. -- bud. watch him right here. went knocking on the door. is still holding on. tropical storm. it's accelerating and heading northward as it does, it's heading into arizona and new mexico. and for them, it's going to be pretty active. you can see you need a little trigger mechanism and the atmosphere. not just cloud cover. there's plenty of there. that will take that into the weekend for the four corners. we also have a system that stopping in. that is going to give the sierra nevada and even chest elastin -- chest elastin. -- shasta lassen.
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again, this is a hit and miss. there's a low moving in. that's going to give the mountain areas some showers and thunderstorms. if you're going up in that direction, if you take it the houseboat, the party but, keep an eye on this guy because things are dropping in on that low. what it's doing is it's ramping up that system right there and also the wind, which is cranked up. we will see a cooler pattern. it started yesterday for many in the and. it will continue today. when you get gusts out of 30 out of travis, that's a sure sign. steve, yes, yes it . 55 american canyon. 47 willing the valley -- willamette valley. and tiburon and bodega bay, they don't forget as. there's also another low coming
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off of l.a. and san diego. combination of the two may give us a some partly cloudy skies as well. this system will push this one out of the way. just, i would think a maybe down toward santa cruz. might get some clouds. 60s, 70s, and pretty active here for mid-june. i had my feet up on the desk. things are pretty quiet. today, they are not. low clouds, breezy to windy. it will be windy and cooler with some partly cloudy skies into the weekend. again, if you're up in the mountains, things can be pretty active up there. a little bit warmer early next week. >> really? >> steve, i try. >> i'll take it. >> she's got it. >> can't complain. >> all right, steve. daylight saving timepush to we will tell you what's going to be debated at the state capitol. a horrifying end to a
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through right. look at this. more on how several people were hurt when a florida roller coaster jumped off its tracks.
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taking a homeless man's stuff and throwing it in the lake. >> new video that appears to show a confrontation involving that same jogger. >> are you out of my mind works >> announcer: to follow the story on ktvu fox 2 news. >> our time is 4:34. a not guilty plea by a san francisco woman charged with murdering and dismembering the body of her roommate. prosecutors say that lisa gonzalez killed 61-year-old margaret mamer between may 13 and june 2. at the apartment they shared in the mission district. the police found her remains
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were they conducted a welfare check on the mayor. ms. gonzalez told the police that she and the victim had been in an argument. gonzalez claimed she couldn't remember the events that occurred afterwards. when she was pushed by investigators about what happened after the fight, gonzalez said, quote, probably nothing good. new video helping investigators identify and track down a man who kicked a dog to death on market street in san francisco earlier this month. the police state that nicholas cornelius kicked a woman's small dogs against the wall. when the dog started barking and running after injuries. a day after the attack. 24-year-old, milleous showing off high-tech projects and computer coding sk leaders as google, microsoft,
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alibaba, and -- bay area entertainment mc hammer is going to take part in the event. it's the public and private partnership that helps inmates. a push is underway in san francisco to end the annual ritual of changing clocks. the state senate passed a bill that could make daylight savings time left all year long. the bill would give voters the opportunity to decide. the move would also be -- need to be approved by congress. supporters say that forcing people to change their clock causes unnecessary confusion and lost sleep. >> the current practice of switching the clocks back and forth negatively affects health in various ways and also undermines public safety. permanent daylight savings time will give californians more daylight and evening activities and improve health and safety. >> welcome opponents disagreed, saying changing the status quo
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would be more confusing. they say the current system is working just fine and the efforts to put it on the ballot would be a waste of taxpayers' dollars. people becoming sick after a trip to a swimming pool. what firefighters say eighth maintenance worker did and the symptoms some of those victims are having this morning. we continue to follow developing news in the east bay. we tell you what we are learning about five people who were shot eddie hugh -- funeral home. make ross your destination for savings. brands you love, this season's newest trends department stores,
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♪ for the latest styles where you'll spend less. ♪ spring dress. ♪ ♪ you gotta go to ross. if you want to save big on dresses for every occasion, you gotta go to ross. >> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning to you. thanks for waking up with us. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's friday, june 15. i'm claudine wong in for pam today. >> i'm dave clark.
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let's check your weather. steve paulson has everything you need to know. >> one of these days, i'm going to be over there. i'm going to surprise you. i'm right here. low clouds and fog regrouping. mainly point reyes south. still doesn't want to visit the sonoma coast, at least not yet. probably will fill in with some patchiness. looks solid. sold out as this out would say. that's going to keep temperatures cool. unseasonably strong low is digging in from the pacific northwest. giving us a wrapped up delta wind for some. i mean, when -- if you're in a wind tunnel, it's still going for some this morning. 50s for all. northwest -- north, south, west, east, it of the area by our developing system. that went is going to fire up. and also shasta lassen


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