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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  June 21, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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87 into the low 90s. only 73. it will go to 80. about 82, 83. temperature trend will go up more. we will peak it out saturday. in the and will still be warm. i think the fog comes screaming back. down toward santa cruz. there are some breaks in that fog. it is feeling -- filling in. low clouds, it doesn't look like the widespread coverage yesterday. there are many 40s, including santa rosa, 45. that is really cool. considering the night is so, so short. 36 socal. same for the santa cruz mountains. then mid 50s around saratoga, and cupertino. 55. westerly breeze. coming down a little bit. still 16, gusting to 20+. altitude -- out to the delta still 21. water temps are really
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cold. 50-52. near the coast, probably just low 60s. inland, we will see more in the 80s. 70s as high pressure kicks in. 60s, 70s, 80s, low 90s. 6:01. you're focusing first on --? >> the east bay commute, steve, where we are seeing traffic getting busier now. the macarthur maze and the bay bridge. 21 minute drive from the carquinez bridge to the maze. sometimes we do have commutes that don't last quite as long. maybe in the 8:00 hour, it will get lighter. this is 880 northbound. you can see traffic is beginning to slow down. and checking out some of the commute here in the east bay, northbound 880, traffic is all right. we are going to keep an eye on it for you. we are also looking at the san mateo bridge. there's 280 in san jose.
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downtown on the right. it's moving well to have a 17. president trump's executive order reversing his policy of separating migrant families is causing from washington, dc, where today. house of representatives is scheduled to vote on two republican immigration bills. >> the president thing on twitter this morning that we shouldn't have to -- excuse me, we shouldn't be hiring thousand judges. he may have to do exactly just that to live up to the terms of the new executive order. in front of a supportive crowd last night, any rally in minnesota, president trump explained his latest move on immigration enforcement. >> we are going to keep families together, but the border is going to be just as to >> reporter: faced with growing backlash over immigrants --
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images of illegal immigration families, the president signed an executive order to hold families together. it does appear to violate a court agreement that will almost certainly face legal challenges. >> the question now is, it has trump given up his leverage with congress? he just took care of this with an executive order. >> reporter: democrats in congress are sure to block republican efforts to pass new legiation. are next push would be to end that zero-tolerance policy altogether and revert back to the catch and release practice. >> i appreciatewe are going to keep families together. but families together in in the next did -- indefinite detention is something that i don't think is sustainable. >> he said that he didn't have
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the authority to do that but now he is deciding that he perhaps does what he is going to be met with a number of legal challenges, no doubt, and the days or perhaps even hours ahead. >> with regards to these two republican immigration bills, one has been characterized as being more than the -- conserva >> reporter: it depends on where they can wrangle the tes right now. both of them seem rather narrow. beyond that, you have to get it through the senate, which requires some democratic buy-in. democrats are not likely to support either of these plans. >> thank you. 6:04. a facebook fundraising campaigns in the bay -- for a bay area couple to help palebra at facebook. at last check, they've raised
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$15.7 million for refugee and immigrant center for education and legal services. it offers free and low-cost services. the group says they don't have the words to thank shalit and dave willner and that they've been occasionally crying around the office all day when they checked those fundraising totals. san francisco's grace cathedral will hold an interfaith vigil. it will include buddhist, christian, hindu, jewish, and muslim leaders. it's a solid demonstration. children who are the same age as those in those detention centers will hold candles in prayer. vigil begins at six -- 6:15 tonight. our coverage continues at kt
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president trump's executive order. the chp is investigating whether a driver was drunk or high when he led them on a high- speed chase on four freeways overnight. this was the aftermath when the car flew more than 100 feet into the air. and crashed. the driver was badly injured. >> pretty sharp offramp. high rate of speed. was able to negotiate the curb. >> that she started in the concord area, which means it spanned roughly 30 miles. it is -- the highway patrol said at its height, the chase reads -- reached speeds up to 130 miles per hour. a dramatic hillside rescue. this happened just after 9:00 west linn. the car tumbled more than 50 feet down and talk embankment. the car finally hit a tree which may have saved the
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driver's life. they say the driver car would have rolled farther down the hillside. 6:07. there is and -- a new development in the ch of a serial killer named for killing gamon in the 1970s. police finally have a suspect. i'm pam cook, you are in san fro anwith some more details. ter: calls into the san francisco police department and emails. lesson, we were told that they may be holding a press conference. police could not confirm any of the details. to give you some background, the doodler killer maybe responsible for killing 14 gamon in the -- gay men in the 1970s. he is described as an artist who would sketch strangers and
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then use the drawings to strike up conversations with the men. he later would the man to death. san francisco police now have a suspect in fiveof the murders. five victims were found within 4 miles of each other and within 18 months. three victims whdid get away from the killer. at one point, police did have a suspect. no arrest has ever been made. if the doodler killer is still alive, we're told that he would be in his early 60s. we have calls and emails to find out if they're going to be holding a press conference this morning. back to you guys. san francisco's next mayor london breed, will step down as the board of supervisors. she will resign at the end of next tuesday's board of supervisors meeting. in order to focus on her transition of becoming mayor.
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she will appoint her replacement on the board of supervisors to represent district 5. california's highest court agrees with an earlier ruling that a restriction on landlords goes tfar. the state supreme court refused to reinstate a city ordinance involving landlords who evict their tenants. it required them to wait 10 years before they could rebuild or renovate any of the formerly the state appeals court says that violates the ellis act, which gives landlords the right to evict tenants if the owner is taking the property off the rental market. crews are now working on the final preparations. putting the finishing touches on floats. organizers say the castro neighborhood is ready for the 40th annual pride celebration and para spread
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a clear messaginclusion. >> reporter: -- pride is political. it still has political undertones. >> the fight is flective, but w still have a lot of work to do. >> reporter: the cofounder -- cofounder is being honored for promoting the art work of lgbtq artists. 35 floats have been built. the parade starts saturday morning at 10:30. our time is 6:10. $15,000 worth of baseball equipment used by kids stolen. suspect as far as i'm concerned, whoever did this -- >> what the community is doing right now to help larized.
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someone who is trying to bite you is try to assault you in the worst manner. >> a man tries to bite a san francisco police officer the reason behind the violence and health those washing the scuffle reacted. you can see traffic is moving along okay. if you're driving on 80 westbound. you can see traffic is moving well in the carpool lanes. a little bit slow in the regular lanes. still a pretty but -- a pretty good fog bank. inland temps are said to bump up a little bit. two, down, back up!
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a man accused of randomly attacking two people in san francisco last month has been ordered to remain in jail. 58-year-old samuel matches the description of the man seen in this surveillance video. viciously kicking a homeless person laying down on the sidewalk. he's also suspected in another tack on a muni bus. he was in court yesterday where he pleaded not guilty to the charges tied to the two attacks. a judge ordered him to remain in custody as he awaits his next court appearance. several san francisco police officers are recovering. they were hurt yesterday in a scuffle while escorting a motorcade for the presidenof germany. the motorcade was moving through the tenderloin when suddenly a man went into the street at haydn turk and interrupted the escort.
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the police tried to move him out of the way for his own safety but he fought back. kicking one police officer and try to bite another one. that officer punched the man. that is when onlookers became angry any bottle was thrown at the police. >> the hard part about the video is it doesn't show how weekly the crowd turned hostile and violent toward the officers ever on scene. >> one officer hit by that bottle was in pain. and was holding his head and his shoulder. another officer was hit in the leg. the man who was wrestled out of the ground as being examined at a hospital. and is facing several charges. in the -- a criminal investigation into the death of a great white shark. the remains was found last sunday on your cannon beach. marine biologists took this photo of the dead chart. the shark appeared to be healthy. however, the state fish and game department says it is launching
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a criminal investigation of the great whites are a protected species under both state and federal law. intentionally killing one of these charts could result in stiff penalties. 6:16. sal, everybody behaving? >> they are. there is slow traffic, though. some of the traffic is beginning to get harder to handle. i do want to take about the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see traffic is moving along relatively well. there have been no major problems as you drive to the toll plaza. traffic is moving along well. let me see if i can get the shot back. bay bridge toll plaza, come on, computer. here we go. it backed up for a bout a 15-20 minute delay. if you see smoking, this tire fire. on maritime drive. and we've had a couple of tweet about it. it looks like the white smoke
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is coming up now. it's not affecting the main freeways. people thing, what the heck is on fire? we will let you know about that. this is a look at interstate 880 and southbound. it's getting busier driving up toward the coliseum and beyond that. also, this morning, the san mateo bridge, that traffic is okay. you notice, it's overcast. that usually signals to be that there will be flight delays at sfo. we will be watching that closely. let's bring steve in with today's weather. >> we do have a good fog bank. we had a weak system brushing by. boy, did that ramp up that when an, everyone down. warming temps up all the way. a cool 55. a this afternoon, i bet it's
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going to warm up. yes, that's a good and solid it. redwood, 56. by the concord pavilion and moraga. it's cool, low 50s for many including danville and also walnut creek. we will send those temperature trends up. very cool, 73. 80 today. low 90s for them. 76-80. the temperature trends, bottomed out yesterday. saturday by far looks to be the hottest day. we ease up downshift on that. it will still be probably hot inland. fog is filling in, although it's not as widespread as yesterday. it's still there. the water temps are really cold. 45 santa rosa. 46 napa airport. i mean, that's darn cold there for this time of year. nevada 45. low 50s, mid 50s.
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even brendonwood is at 56. we haven't really warmed up yet. there's a westerly breeze. 21, i believe, in travis. it's going down. now it's 17. that's usually a sure sign that things will warm up. san francisco is 52. problem forming if there's any, any onshore breeze, and there still is. 49 ukiah. fall -- fog will retreat. the ridge is beginning to build. it will send in temps near average for some. a little above for others. slightly below. a few low 90s. it's a summertime pattern on the first day of summer. >> all right. >> once we get some of those hot days, natural air conditioning comes in.
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>> last year, it 't. >>was unforgettable. >> it was. >> hopefully not a repeat of 110. for the first time in 37 years, iranian women were able to watch a soccer game in taiwan . they tried to enforce a ban on women inside the stadium. the interior minister said, let the women in. they played spain on a big tv screen there. aaron laws 1--- he ran lost 1-0. -- leigh martinez lost 1-0. at 8:06 am, france tries to secure its spot. that peruvian team has to win to avoid being sent home. croatia will move onto the next
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round if they can beat lionel messi and argentina. those teams play at at's, of co mornings on 2 will move over to ktvu plus this morning beginning at 7 am. you can still catch all of today's news, traffic, and weather with us on ktvu plus. 6:20 one. two men accused of robbing an at&t store. the latest on the investigation to track down the people who stole phones and executive -- accessories. why a tesla employee says he should be protected as a whistleblower.
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an attempted to restore net neutrality projections is heading eight roadblock. -- protections is heading a roadblock. internet service providers lobbied against the measure. the bill's author scott wiener says the current version is weak and ineffective. the measure no longer prohibits telecommunications and cable companies from regulating internet traffic. 6:24.
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tesla filed a lawsuit. the air accusing a former employee of stealing company data and hacking the operating system. tesla ceo elon musk said an email to the company staff blaming an employee musk says that man was angry over a missed promotion and admitted to wrongdoing. now that man, identified as martin trip, is fighting back. he said he was fired because he was trying to warn investors and the public about damaged battery modules and the -- installed in model 3 cars. amc theaters is launching a subscription service. it's called amc stubs a list. under the subscription, you can watch movies up to three times a week. it's about twice as moviepass b subscribers to see any movie at
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any format at any time and book in advance. they will still accept moviepass edits locations. 6:36. home depot nutu latest big retailer to say it will drop products that contain a chemical lane for dozens of accidental death. home depot says it will no longer sell products that contain methylene chloride. it's found in carpet, paint, insulation, and cleaning products. cdc report found that 13 death from the year 2000 two 2011 were caused by -- to 2011 were caused by methylene chloride. movie insider collider reports that disney has put some of its star wars movies on hold. it's because solo was not a major hit. it's made a lot of money, just not at the level of other star wars films. disney will have episode nine
6:27 am
next year and an upcoming trilogy. time is 6:27. a walnut creek man is in the custody of the secret service after he said he wanted to attack president trump. we will tell you more about his attempt to make it inside the white house. athletic program burglarized. i'm frank mallicoat with a live report coming up next. we do see traffic that is getting busier. if you're driving on the bay bridge approach, westbound, a drivetime between the carquinez bridge at this point, the macarthur maze. happy summer solstice. for some, it's already sunday. for others, it's involved in and ray. it does look a little warmer for those away from the coast. hi!
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welcome back. today is the summer solstice, the longest day of the it. it's almost 10,000 people celebrated the occasion this morning by gathering at stonehenge in england. they stood and watched the horizon three -- for the exact moment the sun rises behind the stone. it is believed that stolls -- c thousands of -- years. thank you for joining us. i'm dave clark. >> for
6:31 am
pam cook. we also have steve paulson with us to talk about some traditionally summerlike weather expected this weekend. >> that is correct. what you're saying is 60s-100 probably. that will be about right for us. i once went to a weather conference. it was in upstate vermont. my highs were 59-99. everyone laughed. they said, you'll never miss that. i said, you don't know the bay area climate. bright and sunny in milpitas this morning. trying to make -- i don't think they'll last very long. to the east, already nny. there's still a big fog bank. things are different this year. arizona and california. this year, it's centered more over texas.
6:32 am
by early july. 40s, 50s on the temps. originally, here for some. although it was in the 40s for a while. and then low clouds came in. montero is 51. so is pacifica. 53 union city. 52 los altos hills. we do have a little bit of a westerly breeze and more of a trough than just sfo. gusts of 22. this time, it was up to 35. bodega bay, san francisco buoy, 52. when it's that cold and you hit the fog, it's real tough. him in temps, though, not a problem. 60s, though, 70s by the water. 6:32. here he is, mr. sal castaneda, telling us that traffic is --? >> moderate. it's going to be slow at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up all the way out to the maze. the metering lights are on. there has been no mar
6:33 am
problems getting into san francisco. we are also looking at the commute here on the macarthur maze approach. that looks good. a little better than normal here. if you're driving on 880, it's also a very nice-looking drive. we don't know when they'll fill in. right now, they haven't filled in yet. the south looks very g just a little bit of slowing into sunnyvale. that's all we have. 6:33, let's go back to the desk. tomorrow, east bay congresswoman barbara lee will go to texas as part of a bay area delegation that will tour and immigrant detention center. congresswoman lee along with bay area democrat jackie speier, and mark desaulnier will join other members of congress for that trip to texas. concerned about e conditions for immigrant children at these detention centers. she wants united nations observers to go there as well. the u.n. commissioner for human rights has called the family separations cruelty against children. the house of
6:34 am
representatives is scheduled ar signed by president trump to end the policy of separating families at the border. >> i signed eighth executive order. we are going to -- an executive order. we are going to keep families together. >> this comes after a nationwide outcry. it does not indicate how and when those separated families will be reunited. >> this particular executive order does very little. it is temporary in nature. it does not address the 2300 children that are in the mcallen, texas, right now. nor their parents who are about an hour away. by republicans. the other measure calls for a more conservative hardlined approach to immigration. president trump off his reversal of the family
6:35 am
celebration -- separation policy has not ended protests. >> ♪ imagine there's no heaven ♪ >> about 500 people listened to music and speeches during an emotional demonstration in san rafael. the protesters called it the families belong together rally. and save the executive order yesterday is not a solution. >> the door is still open to indefinite detention >> we find ourselves reading from one bad decision to the next. >> organizers say this spur-of- the-moment protest is just a warm-up to a much bigger nationwide demonstration. june 30 is being called a day of action with rallies and marches planned around the country protesting the government's immigration policies. thieves made off with thousands of dollars from a volunteer youth baseball program. ktvu's frank mallicoat joins us now from oakland with what we
6:36 am
know so far. >> reporter: good morning to you. before he -- they store a lot of their gear behind the fence here. you can see those storage facilities. big containers. lime green and the red there. thieves spent some seven hours stealing everything you might imagine. apparently cut a hole in the fence, drove a truck around the field, and then pretty much grabbed whatever they could. they got bats, balls, gloves, catches gears, uniforms, you name it. from four different programs. when all making arrived, he knew something wasn't quite right. >> i had that really strange feeling like nothings quite right. everything was out a disarraybe been a burglary or a robbery
6:37 am
here. >> reporter: that's not all. these also made off with a lot of landscaping equipment, $15,000 worth of equipment. for a program that has funded nearly 100% by volunteers. it could take a year or two to replace. there is a gofundme page that has been set up. we do have a link at . you can check it out. by the way, the oakland a's have stepped u well. they will match the first $5000. so good for the a's. not only did that happened on that same night. but there was a tree trimming service nearby, cutting some of the trees and a truck any chipper with over $100,000. while our story aired last night, we got a phone call from the head baseball coach at kennedy heights in richmond. he says they, too, were burglarized and lost a pitching
6:38 am
machine and $3000 worth of equipment. that's the very latest. we're live in oakland. i'm frank mallicoat, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. 6:38. an arrest has been made in connection with a stolen gun that belonged to a san francisco sheriff's deputy. it was stolen from the deputy's personal car. authorities arrested a suspect. but they still haven't recovered the semi automatic pistol or four ammunition clips that were stolen from under the backseat. state law requires gun owners to keep guns in locked containers or in the truck. deputy could be disciplined or as we face a fine. the names of the deputy and the suspect still have not been released. a walnut creek man is behind bars on charges of causing a disturbance. he a barrier. he told secret service agents
6:39 am
that he wanted to hit president trump in the face. authorities say there was nothing harmful in that backpack. he's also accused of confronting a virginia woman he's been stocking on the internet for more than a decade. 6:39. police in martinez searching for 2 men who robbed an at&t wireless store. it happened monday night on arnold drive. one of the suspects forced an employee to get -- give him his shirt. he then put on the employee's shirt and helped customers ise cash ktvu has learned the authorities are trying to see if the robbers have connection toe brazenness of the crimes. >> i don't know. >> they stole thousands of
6:40 am
dollars of merchandise. he probably needed a way to do that and keep people distracted from calling the cops. >> the police are trying to track down the customer who was held by one of the suspects. san francisco's glide memorial church is holding a rally in response to its bishop is removing the church's e united methodists church is reassigning two of the pastors to other churches. setting up a task force to decide the church's future. glide a long history of conflicts with its parent church. organizers are asking for support. putting restrictions on landlords in san francisco with -- what the state supreme court
6:41 am
said about a law that would force landlords. the future of electric scooters is on the line today. the ski issues -- the ski -- the key issues that will be discussed. traffic is doing pretty well. when you get to the bay bridge, there's a backup. we will let you know how long you're going to be waiting before you make it onto the span. first day of summer and we have fog. there's a good fog bank. it looks to be lifting a little sooner as temps pump up a little bit. spring water s naturally. crystal geyser is the only major u.s spring water bottled at the mountain source. naturally. ♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 6:44. the fbi has a warning for you airline passengers. sexual assault on flights are on the rise. in 2014, airline passengers reported 38 cases of sexual assault on flights compared to 63 reports last year. the victims, unaccompanied children. the fbi agents advised any touching that sexual in nature, you should report that to a flight attendant or the pilot. city leaders in san jose will hold a town hall meeting to discuss the pros and cons of the na's latest transportation case. looking at
6:45 am
ways to relate motorized scooter >> they are becoming more and more poand are very easy to rent. a smartphone to unlock the scooter and are charged by the mile or the amount of time to write them. they are also raising concerns about public safety. >>, many of the scooters are being written on the sidewalks by helmetless drivers weaving in and out. some of them blocking building entrances and a.d.a. ramps and the such. >> city leaders will have a public demonstration of the scooters outside city hall starting at 4:30 this afternoon. that demonstration will be to discuss the ways to relate them. san francisco police teaming up with b.a.r.t. police to crackdown on drug use. that particular b.a.r.t. station is getting extra attention because of this video. it went viral showing rampant drug use in that hallway.
6:46 am
san francisco and b.a.r.t. police will add 500 extra patrol hours every week at the b.a.r.t. station. >> it should matter to people who use b.a.r.t. which police department is covering this area in which police department has jurisdiction. they just want to feel safe and they deserve the right to feel safe and we are going to make that happen. >> kiosks will be installed outside of the b.a.r.t. station, where used needles can be safely thrown away. the patrols, by the way, begin july 2. there's a new proposal in san jose for a transit village near a future b.a.r.t. station. it will be east of downtown san jose. two stop away from a future google development.y news repor an estimated 332 residential units, slightly more than 1300
6:47 am
square feet of retail's retail has been built. according to plans on file with city staffers. let's check in with gasia. to see was cupping -- coming up in the next hour of mornings on 2. >> good to see you we all know many bay area families choose where they live based on the school district. you can bet many of those will be snapped up. how the city is now helping the district accommodate all the new students. if summertime is your time to get away, we will break down the upcoming eric dobroka and rail travel trends for the fourth of town if you are leaving the ktvu newsroom excited to veil mcgee of the golden state warriors is going to be joining us on the 9 later
6:48 am
today. when i say stay with us, i mean it. switch to ktvu plus as we bring you more mornings on 2 starting at 7? we will bring you the world appear on ktvu. i will see you coming up on ktvu later this morning. boy, sad news. this is new this morning. coco, the famous gorilla, the one who learned sign language and lived eddie preserve in san mateo county, has died. at the age of 46. you remember coco. the gorilla foundation said coco died in her sleep. coco was born at the's san francisco zoo actually started learning sign language as part of a stanford university project in 1974. and she was able to communicate with humans using 1000 words of sign language and was to understand 2000 words of spoken english. the foundation says koko will always be remembered as the
6:49 am
very ambassador for her endangered species. 6:48. we can check-in on the traffic with sal. the bay bridge toll plaza looks pretty congested. >> it's pretty congested. hey, lee, today, mcgee is going to be on the 9 right? he's going to be standing next to me. if you want to see comedy, they are going to be putting meat next to him. >> i will be in the area. i will be picture, please. >> you're going to look big. >> you will have to switch to ktvu plus to see that, though. let's look at the commute at the bay bridge. ali and dave mentioned it. we have a tough commute at the bay bridge toll plaza. it hasn't been as bad as some other days. it's about a 20 minute delay. it's not too bad. once you get onto the bridge, it looks good into san francisco. there have been no major issues driving to. it's a pretty smooth drive from
6:50 am
oracle arena driving up to downtown oakland. if you're driving on highway 4, that is slow. and 680 is slow from willow pass road. that is where the slowdown ends. 24 actually looks really good from walnut creek to oakland. 6:50. let's bring steve paulson in. >> so you will be conducting your interview -- >> i will be looking up. i think he is 7'1". >> we will get to adhere. we have some fog around. there's already some breaks in the fog. here's an award winner. doug sends us the morning sunrise from the mount tam fire lookout. mostly clear out there. there is me fog. good morning, steve. woke up to a cool what is 7
6:51 am
degrees. i wish it would stay like this, but i know it's going to warm up this weekend. it is, but we are not going to stay there. sunday, it starts to cooled down. monday will continue that theme. occidental made it to 42. they are now 43. that's impressive considering they don't have a lot of nighttime to work with. sebastopol, windsor, cloverdale, kelseyville, healdsburg, mill valley, tiburon, petaluma, all checking in at 40. that is very cool on the first day of summer. temperatures dropped yesterday. they will start that trend up today. hot sunday inland. it will probably still be warm to hot. i think the coast gets in the way of the fog. we might massage these forecasts up or down. there's a big spread on the 10th . the tough one will be san francisco. they will be in the upper 90s coast mobay i don't know if
6:52 am
they will joint there. it's not widespread like it was yesterday. the water temps are still brutally cold. buddy six napa airport. that's cool. it will start to warm up pretty quick here. onshore breeze. in fact, more of a wind at sfo. the inlet breeze is coming down. vacaville is gone. fairfield is 35 miles an hour. 50 bodega bay. san francisco, 52. that's really cold. 49 ukiah. 52 monterrey. that's cool ukiah. the fog will burn off sooner. a couple of days. and devil warm us up. and some cooling on sunday. some upper 80s, low 90s. let's face it. a lot of daylight. coast moon bay. near average to below. above, inland and i think most
6:53 am
locations go above the next few days. especially saturday. >> get ready to hit the pool everyone. a car goes off the road in santa cruz mountain. >> the tree is the only thing that saved this gentleman's life. >> the conditions of the driver. money generated by the california lottery helping public schools. now some of those schools may getting as much money as originally intended. we will explain coming up. what about him?
6:54 am
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let's do it. ♪ come on. this summer, add a new member to the family. at the mercedes-benz summer event. lease the glc300 for $429 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 6:56. a new report finds divisions to california public schools and lottery sales haven't changed for more than a decade despite high ticket sales. they approved the lottery in 1984. but rule changes by state lawmakers eight years ago eliminated that. now this year, it's $.23. experts say the lottery was never intended to provide a lot of money for education. >> when it was put in to provide a way to provide a supplement of funding for education. according to lottery officials, lottery sales were over $6 billion. the lottery 1.5 billion in d a record of
6:57 am
supplemental funding to california schools. can make the meeting will be held to discuss the growing concern over whether seoul that was dumped in a landfill is potentially radioactive. it sits off a lee road. outside pittsburgh bay point. the dumped soil came from the old hunters point naval shipyard. neighbors started questioning the soil after learning that sample tests may have been falsified. health officials have a message for people living near that landfill in contra costa county. >> it's very low rated radioactive waste. we want to see what happens. the reality is it's not something like plutonium or something really nasty. >> contra costa county officials say the are looking at hiring a consultant to investigate. it will be the subject of this meeting's meeting in bay point. tonight is the nba rookie
6:58 am
draft. phoenix suns have the number one pick they are expected to take center deandre ayton from arizona. the warriors have the 28.. they want to beef up a roster. don't forget coming up today on the 9, we will be joint live in the studio by javale mcgee ahead of his charity softball game in oakland. >> we are about to hand it over to fox sports. the live coverage of the fifa world cup and the news and traffic continues on ktvu plus. >> up next is world cup live 7:00, ktvu. after that, france plays peru. mornings on 2 continues on ktvu plus, streaming live on we will see you on the plus in 60 seconds.
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