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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  June 21, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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are hoping to jump-start this investigation. reporter: in the early to mid-1970s, a killer roamed these streets preying on gay men, meeting them in bars, luring them away by offering to sketch them and then investigators at the time said stabbing at least five and possibly as many as 14 men to death. the case made headlines in the city. newspapers at the time documented his killing streak, his habit of drawing his victims earning him the nickname the doodler. at the time investigators said three men had escaped him. police interviewed the men and developed this sketch. back then investigators repeatedly interviewed one man and said they were certain he was their suspects. with different attitudes in the 1970s towards the lgbt community, and fears of being outed, eventually leads turned cold and san francisco police never made an arrest. today in san francisco, even long-time residents say memories of the doodler are
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starting to fade. >> i do remember the name from, yeah, that time period, the mid-'70s. um, there was also the zodiac killer. >> reporter: ktvu began looking into this cold case in march digging into our archives and looking for any information about the killer. then just a month later, the capture of the accused golden state killer grabbed national headlines. we took the information we developed on the doodler to a cold case investigator who refocused police attention on the killer saying officers would be reaching out to witnesses and victims who had escaped. in a statement today, police say they have developed a new age progressed version of the composite and are working on details to release the new sketch. as of today, police say the case is still open and they are looking for the killer. leaders in the gay community say in the 1970s, the relationship between police and gay men was tense and that may have stopped more victims or witnesses from coming
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forward with what they knew. now, though, things have changed. >> there's, um, a -- a good relationship with the police department. there are gay and lesbian police officers and sergeants and things like that now. you would never have heard anything like that in the 1970s. >> reporter: san francisco police say investigators today are looking at this case from top to bottom even saying they are looking to see if in fact the five bodies were killed by one person. one more look at that composite sketch from the 1970s. police say at this point, there are no new developments in the investigation. hope some piece of information will come forward. they want to close the case. call this number: or text in an anonymous tip on the case. investigators again hoping for the community's help in finding the killer. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. breaking news out of the
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south bay where police are investigating a homicide. san jose police say that they found a man inside a home with at least one gunshot wound. he was pronounced dead at the scene. these are live pictures from skyfox. you can see a number of police cars in the area and crime scene tape in the front yard of one of the homes in the area. there is also a body covered by a tarp. again, police are investigating a homicide in the area of misty glen court in san jose near brodie drive. at this time, authorities have not said what led up to the shooting. we do have a reporter on the scene. we are working to get more information. we'll bring that to you coming up at 6:00. a man accused of killing a couple on a beach in sonoma county 14 years ago appeared in court today. 39-year-old sean gallon pleaded not guilty to the double murder. authorities sagal shot 26-year- old jason allen and 22-year- old lindsey cup of all keuchel. he faces murder charges for
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the shooting of his younger brother. a preliminary hearing will be held this year. a man is in custody after a chase in the east bay this afternoon. skyfox skyfox was overhead as the chase went down westbound 580 into oakland. the suspect then got off the freeway, driving erratically on surface streets, running stop signs, driving on the wrong side of the road. police then seemed to back off but skyfox stayed overhead as the man parked his car on bartlett street in east oakland and then appeared to try to blend in by just walking along down the sidewalk. a few minutes later he was arrested. no word on what the man was wanted for. in washington today, president trump doubled down on his "zero tolerance" policy on immigration saying the only real solution is for congress to close immigration loopholes. he blamed democrats for forcing the separation of immigrant parents and their children. the comments came one day after mr. trump signed an
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executive order to keep illegal immigrant families together. it's estimated there are now more than 2400 children under the age of 12 who need to be reunited with their parents. meantime, first lady melania trump made a surprise visit today to meet with immigrant children being held in mcallen, texas. >> how long the time that -- the max time that somebody spends here before being reunited with families? >> right now we're averaging currently 42 to 45 days. >> while she was at the intake facility for children who have been separated from their families, the first lady took part in a roundtable discussion with border patrol and i.c.e. agents. the first lady has said she supports family reunification. following her discussion she met with some of the children. fox news ellison barber is in washington with more on today's developments. >> reporter: there are a lot of unanswered questions when
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it comes to the executive order president trump signed yesterday. there are legal hurdles when it comes to that order and there are also many questions on capitol hill and across the country about the 2300 children who are still separated from their families. so far, the president has not offered a clear plan for if or when those children might be reunited with their parents. but today, he doubled down on his "zero tolerance" policy and again said that in his view, the only real solution here is for congress to step up and close immigration loopholes. >> the bill is not passed. reporter: the first of two republican-led immigration bills voted down on the house floor. lawmakers rejected representative bob goodlatte's version in part because it did not offer a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants who came to the u.s. illegally as children. so-called "dreamers." the second dubbed the compromise bill remains on the table and includes funding for
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a border wall and offers a path to citizenship for "dreamers" "dreamers." >> daca, the immigration system is broken, the border is unsecure. >> the democrats have taken full responsibility for securing our borders. we know that is a responsibility that we have. but we don't have to put children in cages to do it. >> reporter: the house voted a day after the president signed an executive order to end separation of families at the border. president trump defended the temporary fix today and urged congress to act. >> we have to have strong borders. >> reporter: the first lady made an unexpected visit to mcallen, texas, touring a facility housing migrant children separated from their parents. >> so when children come here, what kind of -- come here? >> when they get here, there is -- they don't know where they're at. >> reporter: a vote on the so-
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called compromise bill has been postponed until tomorrow. some house republicans said they were confused as to what's in it and because of last-minute changes, they needed more time to read it. >> thank you. a side note now to today's visit to the first lady. some people questioned the jacket she was wearing when she got on the plane. on the back of her jacket it said, quote, i really don't care. do you? a spokesman for mrs. trump says there is no hidden message behind the jacket. and then she took it off when she arrived at the texas detention center. president trump took to twitter in defense of his wife. he tweeted: there are some stunning allegations involving a teenaged detention center in me young as 14 say they were beaten while handcuffed and locked up for long periods of
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time in solitary confinement. the abuse claims against the juvenile center are detailed in federal court filings that include a half dozen sworn statements from detained teenagers. and this comes amid additional accusations that some other immigrant children in federal custody are being administered drugs against their will. the center of investigative reporting says a private shelter south of houston was forcing children to take drugs that made them dizzy and even incapacitated. a lawsuit filed in federal court alleges employees at the shelter told some children the injections were vitamins and that they could not see their families again unless they cooperated. the shelter has not responded to the charges. vandals made a statement overnight about immigration policy. they changed a billboard that had drivers doing a double- take. take a look here. it's a sign along i-80 in emeryville. it was changed from we make junk disappear, to we make
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kids disappear. i.c.e. ktvu's alyana gomez is in emeryville with more. >> reporter: the group in decline has been outspoken about hating president trump and his policies since the campaign. some of you might remember the naked trump statues all over the bay area. that was allegedly part of their protest then. and last night, they took to this billboard that's been changed since but it once said as you said, make junk disappear. they changed it to, make kids disappear. reporter: it wasn't up for long. but this defaced billboard captured the attention of many driving on i-80 near the maze in emeryville. it reads, quote, we make kids disappear. attributing the message to immigration and customs enforcement. it's an attack on the trump administration's controversial "zero tolerance" policy. >> it's a hot topic and we're very affected by it and wanted to do something that spoke to the psychological trauma being inflicted on these families, particularly the children. and when we drove by this billboard in emeryville, it,
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um, it was just too good. >> reporter: we spoke with the artist by phone who was to remain anonymous. all we know is they are part of a group called in decline, an artist collective that's been creating what they claim is protest pieces for 17 years. this is video posted online by the artist themselves. it shows a sophisticate operation to take down the junk billboard to tell their message. >> empowerment is a huge tool especially in times like these, knowledge is power. >> reporter: it captured the attention of the mayor who tweeted this photo saying, quote, regardless of how it got there, it reflects our community's belief that hashtag families belong together. a sentiment shared by some, others just can't ignore the fact that vandalism is illegal. >> it's inflammatory. for sure. and personally, i don't like inflammatory things because they tend to just make people
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not talk about the issues. >> reporter: criminal by definition. but the group also calls their protest patriotic. >> it's always important to have people that are willing to risk something on behalf of other people who can't do it. you know? that's part of the amazing thing about america is we are provided these freedoms to act on others' behalf. >> reporter: before noon thursday, clear channel had the controversial message removed. in decline says another protest is in the works but wouldn't elaborate further. in decline wouldn't tell me when or where that next protest might take place but they told me that it might be in the form of a mural wall that symbolizes president trump's border wall. live in emeryville tonight, i'm alyana gomez, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, new details on the southern california couple charged with chaining, their children. what happened when they faced the judge today. >> but first, pg&e warning investors that they expect to
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pay billions of dollars in connection with the devastating north bay firestorm last october. >> and the fog has cleared out for now. we're still tracking warmer temperatures. coming up, the areas that could hit 100 degrees in your friday forecast.
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pg&e says it will pay at least $2.5 billion in liability for the destructive northern california wildfires last fall. the company made the announcement in a call with shareholders this morning. tom vacar has more. >> reporter: frank, in fact, $2.5 billion is a lot of money. but it really appears to be a
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big down payment on the much, much larger liability. reporter: in the required public filings for setting aside $2.5 billion to pay for wine country wildfires, pg&e was duty-bound to explain it to current and future shareholders. >> this charge is related to only certain wildfires and reflects the low end of the range of estimated losses related to the devastating wildfires that affected northern california in 2017. >> we determined that we met the requirements to record a liability for 14 of the 16 fires. >> reporter: not included yet the tubs and atlas fires. cal fire hasn't finished investigating and for which pg&e could have a lot more liability. >> at this point, we are unable to reasonably estimate the high-end of the range. >> reporter: amanda is a bay area attorney whose firm represents 250 burned-out wine country homeowners. >> it's a positive thing. it says that pg&e is recognizing that it is liable and responsible for these
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fires. >> reporter: pg&e says california law unlike the majority of states is unfair to utilities making it a readily available deep pocket for thousands and thousands of claimants. >> back stop insurance provider even if the company followed all applicable rules and regulations managing their infrastructure. >> reporter: that means amongst other efforts, pg&e will try to get ratepayers to pick up a large part of the liability as is done in all other states. >> we will pursue all legal avenues to see it's addressed. >> it's terrible risk management practices. that's the problem we have here. that's what causes these fires and disasters. >> reporter: besides no numbers from the tubbs fire and atlas fire, pg&e hasn't figured in the cost of huge fines and personalities the government will surely levy. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> tom, thank you. people attending pride
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festivities in san francisco this weekend can sign up to get emergency text alerts. all you have to do is text pride sf to the number 888777. you will be signed up to receive messages from alerts sf which is san francisco's emergency text message system. city officials are urging people who are going to pride events to use good judgment and be aware of your surroundings. stay with friends. and most importantly, do not drink and drive. another beautiful day around the bay area. but temperatures are expected to start rising tomorrow. and with that, so does the fire danger. let's go over to mark tamayo in the weather center tonight for bill. so how hot is it going to get? >> tomorrow temperatures could be in the 100s by this time tomorrow. that coupled with the dry conditions and also kind of a pulse of winds expected first thing saturday morning, that will produce a fire danger here in the bay area. there's a fire weather watch to talk about. so temperatures have been trending up. yesterday was coolest day of the week and warming back up
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on friday. saturday clearly the hottest day of the week. 70s at the coast to up to 103 inland. here's the forecast for saturday. heat advisory in place for a good portion of the bay area. the exceptions being the coastal spots, the beaches and also out towards san francisco. bayside locations could be in the upper 80s to the mid-90s. inland neighborhoods 98 to 103 degrees. it's not for tomorrow. but that's for saturday. that will be the kind of the headline day with this heat out there. here's the fire weather watch for the north bay and east bay hills this weekend. strongest winds gusting 30 to 40 miles an hour. expected saturday morning. and some dry conditions as well across portions of the bay area. so that's for saturday into sunday. low clouds and fog at the coastline earlier today. right now though clearing skies with an onshore breeze keeping the temperatures in check for your thursday
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afternoon. i suspect patchy fog will redevelop coastside back into the bay, one of those deals where the fog bank actually sneaks underneath the golden gate bridge. we are watching out for that tomorrow morning. look at the current numbers. today we welcome back the 90s in fairfield and concord now. san jose 80. oakland 67. and san francisco downtown in the lower 60s. eventually tomorrow we are thinking some lower 70s in your friday forecast. so here we are tomorrow morning. this fog could be locally dense. once again we have that warm air compressing the marine layer, a deep marine layer talking about 3,000 feet. this could be 1200 feet first thing tomorrow morning. so shallow marine layer tomorrow morning and clearing by the afternoon hours. temperatures ranging from the 60s coastside to the 70s around the bay and then the warmest locations inland upper 90s in a few spots right around 100 degrees for tomorrow. you can see toward antioch and brentwood. oakland 81. santa rosa though mid-90s.
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and san francisco 74 degrees. so the warmup is not everywhere. you will see change for tomorrow. we'll have more about the weekend temperatures coming up. it will cool off coming up in the five-day forecast. i'll show you the five-day forecast now. don't want to keep you waiting. the heat advisory for saturday. cooling into sunday. and then more low clouds and fog on monday. we'll talk about the saturday temperatures coming up in the full forecast. still to come, vandals target cars in the east bay with paintballs and pellet guns. we talked with two women who say their cars sustained thousands of dollars in damage. ♪ i feel most times we're high and low ♪ ♪ high and low
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the southern california parents accused of imprisoning and starving their children will face trial. a riverside county judge said today he found probably cause that david and louise turpin abused their children for years. one of the children escaped and called for help. the parents have pleaded not guilty to torture and child abuse charges and face life in prison, if convicted. they will be back in court in august. a protest in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, had demonstrators blocking streets demanding answers following a deadly police shooting of an unarmed black teen. >> what you saw was a murder! >> murder! >> yeah!!
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>> let's not mince words! >> cell phone video of the incident appears to show 17- year-old antoine rose, jr., running from police on tuesday night. eyewitnesses say they then heard three gunshots. >> i just told my kids to go in the house. i seen them had the car pulled over. next thing you know, he is shooting the boy, just running. he didn't have no -- he just ran! running is not a death sentence! >> allegany county police superintendent says the car the teenager was in matched the car involved in a nearby drive-by shooting. police detained one person and found two guns inside the car. but again, the not armed. authorities say they are still trying to sort out why the officer opened fire. new at 5:00, thousands of dollars in what people in two east bay communities are reporting after vandals struck their cars. paul chambers spoke with two women today who say the
5:26 pm
vandals used paintballs and pellet guns to target their carsback window is what she woke up to. >> i was angry. had to call off work and tell them what happened. >> reporter: chavez said it happened between tuesday night and wednesday morning. the college student said she is relying on her family to take her places while she gets her car repaired. from the looks of it, she is not the only one. >> there have been a lot of people complaining about their windows being shot out. >> reporter: alameda county sheriff's office is investigating a total of four pellet gun shootings in san lorenzo. investigators say each car has at least $1,000 in damages. neighboring san leandro the same thing is happening. >> like somebody shot it with a paintball gun all over the side of the car. >> reporter: although the truck is clean now, these pictures show what this woman's husband woke up to. blue paint all over the side of the vehicle. driving in san leandro, weigh saw another vehicle with the same issue. like a little chip, not too much chips. we took it to the car wash and
5:27 pm
we were able to wash the paint off. >> reporter: this picture shows another person in the area whose back window was shot out with paintballs. investigators say similar issues are happening back from the east coast and in the south where people are having paintball wars, a movement asking people to put down real guns tore paintballs. a san leandro business is also struck by vandals but the owner didn't want to go on camera. as for the incidents in san lorenzo, the sheriff's office says the drivers of the vehicle are believed to be teens and they were driving a dark colored suv. if you know anything about the case, call them. in san leandro, paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. former workers speak out about hateful messages and black dolls found hanging from nooses at a construction site in san francisco. now they are moving closer toward filing a lawsuit against the company that they say has done nothing about it. >> a gorilla who made international headlines for mastering sign language has died. her special connection to the bay area and how she is being
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graffiti with the "n" word and black dolls hanging from nooses. black workers say they found those things at a construction site in san francisco and now they are taking the first steps toward a lawsuit. ktvu's henry lee is in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: we spoke to two men who complained about what they uncovered. they said they lost their jobs through retaliation. >> yeah, open it up. yeah. right here. >> reporter: this is what they found. black dolls hanging from nooses inside a porta-potty at a san francisco construction site. therracial epithets on the outhouses that used the "n" word. >> black operators suck whatever ... all kind of racial slurs. >> i want this to be exposed. this is2018 and we shouldn't
5:32 pm
have to go through this. >> reporter: these former elevator operators say they were terminated after messages at park tower in transbay a 4 3-story office skyscraper at 250 howard street. they say the black dolls came with messages reading kill n and their names. >> i have seen it. and i got to believe it. but if you it just told me it, i wouldn't believe it. >> reporter: civil rights attorney john burris filed claims of racial discrimination against clark construction saying the company knew about what was going on but did nothing. >> but the very least they could have wiped it off the walls on a daily basis. >> to be subjected to the kind of racial slurs, threats, um, it's just unconscionable. and we are not going to accept it. period. >> reporter: clark construction tells me they held anti-harassment training and they removed offensive graffiti as soon as it's reported. in the statement, the company said, clark remains dedicated to fostering a professional work environment where dignity and respect for all are
5:33 pm
paramount. we are committed to addressing reported instances of harassment and discrimination." now, attorney burris filed a complaint. if he gets right to sue letters then he will pursue a formal lawsuit. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. two men are in custody tonight in connection with a stabbing in san leandro that left one man dead and another in the hospital. san leandro police arrested the suspects identified as 23- year-old michael mendoza roach of alameda and 23-year-old alex fernandez of oakland. they were both arrested at their homes. the stabbing happened late tuesday night in the parking lot of washington plaza in the downtown area. it's an outdoor shopping center with shops, restaurants and grocery store. the man who died was 25 years old but his name still hasn't been released. the second stabbing victim is in the hospital tonight with critical injuries. police say an argument led to a physical altercation where
5:34 pm
the two victims were stabbed multiple times. a gorilla born in the bay area who mastered sign language by learning thousands of words has died. her name was koko. maureen naylor joins us now with san jose with how people are remembering her. >> reporter: koko broke ground when it learned sign language. those who worked with her said she touched lives for millions as an ambassador for all gorillas. she lived in a facility in the santa cruz mountains where she celebrated many birthdays. the gorilla foundation says koko seen in this photo taken earlier this year died in her sleep tuesday morning of natural causes at the age of 46. >> she is showing age-related illness, slowing down, losing her appetite and so forth. but fortunately, she died peacefully in her sleep. >> reporter: she spent time with ceb robin williams and was world
5:35 pm
famous for her ability to communicate with humans. the western lowland gorilla could sign more than 1,000 words and was born at the san francisco zoo on july 4th, 1971. one year later dr. penny patterson, a stanford student, started her world-renowned work with koko teaching her sign language. >> is she okay? she was okay. >> reporter: gary stanley is chief operating officer of the gorilla foundation, founded by patterson. the phone in redwood city has been ringing off the hook as people remembering the gorilla. while in the wild they live to 35, families of gorillas in captivity live into their 50s. >> it hit us hard. we were expecting her to live a lot longer but we knew her
5:36 pm
life was going. so we have been preparing for it. >> reporter: since 1979 she lived in a facility in woodside outside a handwritten note reading rip, koko. she had a companion. the foundation says he signed sad and i know when he heard about koko's death. >> the world has gained an insight into the mind of another species that shows us how much like us they are. >> reporter: koko was a media sensation including covers on national geographic and an app that the foundation hopes will carry on her legacy. looking forward, the foundation hopes to do a brain scan in hopes of learning more. they hope to create a fund and have thousands of hours of video of koko that the world hasn't seen. >> thank you. still to come it's a ruling that affects online shoppers. the u.s. supreme court has approved a move that could increase the cost of what you buy online.
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>> also ahead, more on tesla's lawsuit against a former employee. what one expert is saying about the accusations that the man stole company data and hacked tesla's manufacturing operating system.
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a former tesla employee is fighting back against the carmaker after he says he was fired after trying to warn investors and the public about damaged battery modules in
5:40 pm
model 3 cars currently on the roads. tesla is denying that allegation and is now suing the employee -- former employee, martin tripp. tesla said he stole company data and hacked its manufacturing operating system as the company gets ready to lay off hundreds of employees, tech and auto reporter tim higgins says the lawsuit is a sign of tumultuous times at tesla. >> it comes at a period of great strain among the workers. they have been pushing very hard for a year. production began on the model 3 in july in fremont and everybody is under the gun to meet the goals. it suggests not everybody is happy with the current situation and the relationship es tripp's allegation. some shoppers could soon be paying more the next time they shop online. in a 5urt has decided that stat can force online shoppers to pay sales tax. businesses have criticized the
5:41 pm
ruling saying tainted pent retailers will be -- that independent retailers will be hit the hardest rather than big sites like amazon but state leaders say if a company does business in the state, they should be charging sales tax. >> out of state retailers get a price advantage. alls we are asking the supreme court is to make the level playing field and we are asking to treat everybody the same. this is not a new tax. this is a tax already due. >> individual states will have to decide if they want the internet to be a tax-free zone. the ruling only takes immediate effect in south dakota. warriors star javale mcgee is a charity softball oh, my gosh. that. >> he is huge! on "mornings on 2". the 9. and he towered over us. he is the cofounder who brings the need for water to the attention of the world. a charity game will take place
5:42 pm
at the oakland coliseum to raise money for the jug life foundation. >> we started going to uganda to dig water wells and after that it was just a beautiful feeling to just be able to help out other people. >> the line-up will feature javale mcgee and his teammates kevin durant, steph curry, nick young and shaun livingston and to if you find out how to get tickets go to a 16-year-old girl in sonoma is making waves in the world of nascar. joe fonzi shows us how she is making her mark in a sport with very few female drivers. reporter: early nascar drivers were affectionately known as good old boys. there's nothing that says good old boys less than the youngest driver on nascar's knn pro series west. year, she became a legal eans driver on the public streets and highways of california.
5:43 pm
didn't have to wait for her 16th birthday to begin her racing career. >> i liked trucks that kids were driving. dad, dad, i want one so bad! i got one for my 8th birthday which was cool and since then i fell in love with it. >> reporter: it is racing and it's not a surprise that haley would be attracted to it. her father is brian deegan, the most decorated freestyle motocross rider in x games history. so it's not unusual haley would gravitate toward racing. it's her rapid rise in the sport that is extraordinary. she has won championships through all of her introductory series before settling on nascar. >> nascar is a really male- dominated -- almost the only sport left that has that uniqueness of of just being a man's sport when girls can't come into it. it takes a specific type of girl. i'm like this aggressively personality where it's, like,
5:44 pm
i want to get stepped on. i won a lot and i found myself like, hey, what's the next challenge? what can i do next to start winning? what's the biggest form of racing in america? nascar! and i was, like, let's try that. >> reporter: so far, so good. in her first full year on the knn west circuit, haley has two top five and five top 10 finishes in five races. she just earned her high school diploma to go along with that driver's license. if you are wondering if she misses the things most other 16-year-olds are doing like homecoming or the prom -- >> i'd rather be at the track. i'd rather race. i'd rather hang out with my friends and race cars. it's fun. i have one friend that doesn't race cars and she is like i don't know how we, like, get along but she is, like, goes to high school and things but she is, like, my other best friend and we're, like, i feel like it's the only person that i'm friends with away from the track. >> reporter: that plan seems to be working out. in sonoma, joe fonzi, ktvu fox
5:45 pm
2 news. >> she is adorable. >> i love that story. i would love to see her taking out someone, um, you know, her boyfriend on a date and say, i'll drive. >> let modot driving. >> yeah. oh, man, that's awesome -- let me do the driving. >> yeah. oh, man, that's awesome. >> seriously. after when the game's over, try it. >> neighbors of levi's stadium have their voices heard a six- month study about what's really going on around the stadium. >> and in weather, temperatures heating up across a a good portion of the bay area. we'll have the forecast coming up.
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there was a ceremony to honor members of the crisis intervention team. the fourth annual awards ceremony recognized san francisco police officers and dispatchers hoe use deescalation techniques to resolve tense incidents. sergeant jennifer hennessy jones is one of the honorees. she is being recognized for her crisis negotiation after she helped a man with a knife peacefully surrender. officer hennessy jones says it is an honor to be recognized for her work. >> it's unexpected. this is something that people do every day. we would consider it part of the job. but regardless, it's a very good feeling.
5:49 pm
>> the san francisco police department says there's actually not a greater need for crisis negotiation these days. rather, they say, officers are more aware of when to call the teams that specialize in deescalation. santa clara stadium authority board members are poised to hear results from a survey of residents they commissioned. the topics range from parking to the stadium's curfew to quality of life crimes. ktvu's south bay reporter jesse gary has the summary of that report and what it shows. reporter: concerns and complains over traffic started flowing faster than vehicles after a levi's event. nearby residents complained the relatively new stadium is a magnet for area gridlock. >> i'd like >> reporter: the city stadium authority board controlled by the city council hired three consultants to conduct a six- month community outreach and engagement survey. the goal was to get honest feedback on a host of city issues including those related
5:50 pm
to levi's stadium. >> most of the people here were here before levi's even came in. so not a lot of people signed up for it. >> reporter: although the full report won't be released until thursday night a summary shows residents are dissatisfied with the level of traffic, parking and disruptive behavior following stadium events. some residents who live in the shadow of the stadium echoed the survey's findings. >> sometimes we have to park far away from my house and walk home and then we find out, like, oh, that's why they have a game. >> it's like you're in jail. you can't go out. seriously! after when the game is over, traffic! >> reporter: the survey showed stadium issues are not top of mind for most residents. they have other concerns such as the skyrocketing price of housing. san francisco 49ers football team which controls the stadium declined comment as did santa clara mayor lisa gillmor. a second portion of the survey conducted in may found residents wanted solutions to
5:51 pm
the issues of traffic, parking and disruptive behavior. >> when you're dealing with, like, i guess 9er fans, you'll encounter some kind of, like, disruptive behavior especially when everybody is in such a condensed area. it gets rowdy. >> reporter: more police to monitor and more mass transit to ease congestion on the roads are two recommendations we heard from residents. but it's unclear how much of that wish list can or will be implemented. at santa clara city hall, i'm jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. let's talk about our weather now. our chief meteorologist bill martin is off today. mark tamayo is filling in. we have two huge events this weekend in the bay area. the pride parade and also the nascar race up at sears point. sounds like it's going to be hot. >> it will be heating up. saturday will be the hot day. there will be relief on sunday. did you notice the change today? >> warmer and a new season. >> it's summer. >> started at 3:07 a.m. the summer solstice and we are talking about a warming trend toward the weekend. today though not so bad with those readings. we had a bit of a bump in the
5:52 pm
90s as julie mentioned. some 90s. santa rosa 88. san francisco 66. pacifica 61. pacifica 61. air quality will be impacted friday and saturday. so we have a "spare the air" alert friday and saturday with hot weather moving in. a heat advisory for the bay area except the coast and for san francisco. inland neighborhoods by saturday could be topping 100 degrees. in fact, here's a quick snapshot skipping over friday because this will be the hottest day of the week. san francisco on saturday could be 83. santa rosa 100. 103 in fairfield. san jose mid-90s. you will see the area where we had the relief, that's toward the coast, pacifica maxing out in the lower 70s. that is for saturday. the hottest day of the week. this morning, we started out with areas of fog out there with some clearing skies
5:53 pm
throughout the afternoon hours. so with that, we have clear to partly cloudy skies. some patchy fog should probably regroup. later on tonight and into tomorrow morning. current numbers santa rosa 83. oakland 67. and san jose checking in at 80. concord 91 degrees. two areas of high pressure will kind of merge and strengthen over the next couple of days so with that we are talking about the warmup into your friday. saturday we showed you the expectations with temperatures near 100 inland. a weak offshore flow will also increase the fire danger in the bay area as we head towards especially saturday morning with that fire weather watch in place for the north bay and the east bay hills. brighter colors represent warmer temperatures. hottest locations right around 100 degrees for your friday afternoon in clearlake and vacaville. santa rosa mid-90s. around the bay lower 80s. not too bad. upper 90s in danville and livermore. san jose 90 degrees. gilroy 99. san francisco forecast high at 74 degrees. 74 degrees.
5:54 pm
cooling into next week. >> thank you. still to come here, protecting your privacy. three major wireless carriers fix a data breach that most of us didn't even know about! we'll have details coming up after the break.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
in tokyo today the senior military officer in the pacific told japan's defense minister that washington remains committed to the complete denuclearization of north korea. admiral davidson made his first official visit to japan after being promoted last month to head the u.s. pacific command. davison's visit comes after president trump said the
5:57 pm
united states would halt large- scale military drills with neighboring south korea during denuclearization talks with north korea. >> we remain commuted to our mutual alliance, the defense of japan and we are dedicated to working closely with you and your defense officials. >> president trump is pointing to the diplomatic activity as a sign his strategy is working and says it's already starting to show results. some of his cabinet members are more cautious pointing out that pyongyang still hasn't taken any concrete steps. verizon, at&t and sprint are stepping up their attempts to shield their users' privacy. as brett larson reports, the two companies have pledged to stop providing information on the locations of cell phone owners to data brokers. >> reporter: your wireless service provider has been tracking your every move and selling that data to third party companies. the good news it's going to stop soon. this week, three of the nation's biggest wireless providers have said they will
5:58 pm
end or sharply limit their selling of location data. that information can literally identify the position of virtually any wireless phone in the united states within seconds. so the practice of selling the data has received plenty of criticism especially from privacy advocates. worse, the carnegie-mellon university security researcher found a security flaw in one of the data collectors' websites that could have led to a massive breach. verizon led the pack becoming the first carrier to tap the brakes on selling the data shortly after receiving a letter from democratic oregon senator ron widen who was looking into the phone location tracking market. they were followed by at&t and sprint, all now saying they will stop providing information to so-called data brokers. not all your data will go unsold. verizon says they won't disrupt services like fraud prevention and emergency roadside assistance which rely on selling location data to third party developers. in new york, brett larson, fox news.
5:59 pm
from a vote at the u.s. capitol to the first lady's surprise visit to immigrant children detained at the border, tonight new developments in the debate over immigration as president trump doubles down on his administration's "zero tolerance" policy. >> if we took zero tolerance away, you would be overrun as -- you would have millions of people pouring through our border. >> a different tone tonight from the president one day after signing an executive order to keep immigrant families together in detention centers. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the president is once again blaming congress for the stalemate calling on democrats and republicans to come together to close immigration loopholes. we get live coverage now from fox news' ellison barber in washington, d.c. where, ellison, lawmakers in the house voted down one bill today and delayed a vote on a more moderate bill. >> reporter: right. they are expected to look at
6:00 pm
that more moderate bill tomorrow but even when it comes to that bill, there is not a lot of optimism that anything will get done. president trump says while he thinks the executive order order he signed was a very good order, that it is limited and it is only a start and he says that now congress needs to step up and close immigration loopholes. >> the bill is not passed. reporter: the first of two republican-led immigration bills voted down on the house floor. lawmakers rejected representative bob goodlatte's version in part because it did not offer a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants who came to the u.s. illegally as children. so-called "dreamers." the second dubbed the compromise bill remains on the table and includes funding for a border wall and offers a path to citizenship for "dreamers." >> daca, the immigration system is broken, the border is unsecure. >> the democrats have taken full responsibility for securing our borders. we know that is a responsibility that we have.


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