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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  June 22, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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>> welcome to mornings on 2. it is friday, june 22. i'm allie rasmus. >> i'm dave clark. today is the first yellow alert of the summer. triple digit temperatures expected this weekend. carpooling is recommending today. also, they say, if you can, avoid using gas powered equipment during the warmest part of the day. and if you have breathing problems, limit the time you spend outside. >> steve paulson is with us to tell us more about this wave. >> i wouldn't call it heat waves. this is going to be two days and out. >> the cooling centers are going to be open. >> if you don't like anything over 85 or 90, yes. but for others coast. we were hotter by this time last year. people forget. half moon bay this
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morning. brentwood is 55. there's already a big difference. you are probably noticing we started warming up. 45 olema valley. but 59 american canyon. there are some that without that reads, they are going to warm up quick and the fog is already getting pushed off to the south. there is some on the san mateo coast. we will probably see some sneak up. the delta breeze, still there. it collapsed yesterday. it allowed travis and other areas to get to 90 degrees. the bodega bay water temps, 49. just brutally cold. fog won't be going very far but it comes back on sunday. for today in tomorrow, we ratcheted up. warmer. 90s, and maybe near 100. but 60s 70s and 80s -- 4:01 . though he is, is, mr. sal castaneda. >> you can see traffic is
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moving well. we are thinking we might have a lighter than usual day. at least, that's what we hope. no major issues. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it looks pretty good. and no major problems on the east bay commute in front of oracle arena. or trying to catch a flight at broken airport. let's go back to the desk. is one five small earthquakes rattled oakley overnight. a make it to 2.0 port -- earthquakes. there were more quakes between midnight and 1 this morning. we are not hearing about any damage. some of our viewers called to say that they definitely felt that shaking. 4:02. california senator tom o'hare is will go to -- come on harris harris will be going to a detention facility.
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the controversial policy of separating families. >> 100 feet and community leaders will go to the san diego area to protest the separation of families at the border. clergy who aren't making the trip will be there to bless them and send them off. a group of san mateo county women is flying from sfo today to south texas, where some of the children who have been separated and their parents are being detained. the women spent the past few days packing or -- and preparing for the trip. they will distribute donations in mcallen, texas. they've received donated items. >> i just wasn't thinking about how many children are in those places with nobody to just have their hair and make sure they know that it's not an awful things to be in this world.
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>> the women will deliver their donations to catholic charities. the idea for the trip came after they heard congresswoman jackie speier would visit a detention center in texas. is a stalemate in congress over immigration reform the house of representatives voted down one immigration bill and delete a vote on another. ktvu's jana katsuyama has the latest development. >> the bill is not passed. >> reporter: eighth conservative immigration plan field thursday with -- failed 30 -- failed thursday. a change to merit-based visas and much of what president trump wants but no pathway to citizenship for dreamers -- dreamers. >> a vote against this legislation is the status quo. >> reporter: a vote was delayed until next week. >> it is not a compromise. it may be a compromise with the devil, but it's not a
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compromise with the democrats in terms of what they have in their bill. >> reporter: first lady melania trump made an and inspected visit and toward a facility housing migrant children. -- toward a facility housing migrant children. -- toured a facility housing migrant children. >> reporter: providing up to 20,000 temporary beds for alien children at four military bases in texas and arkansas. dianne feinstein says there's no need to detain immigrants who are waiting for court dates. >> 99 point eight percent of people in the alternative to detention program show up to their day in court. >> reporter: the justice department asked a federal judge in los angeles to change will of the for settlement, which says that government
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cannot keep children in detention facilities longer than 20 days. >> many limits on what the united states government can do. the children in detention. the settlement is binding on the united states government. the case remains in the court. the united states district court . if the government breaks those terms, it can be held in contempt and punished by the judge. >> reporter: that g -- there are questions the trump administration has not answered , such as how do they plan to prosecute all the people being detained? >> we don't have the facilities , the capacity to criminally prosecute large numbers of people for doing this. we don't have the detention facilities. we don't have the federal courts to do it. >> reporter: jana katsuyama, ktvu fox 2 news. 4:06. a father of three in san jose
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was shot and killed yesterday . the police investigation goes on this morning. it happened yesterday afternoon at a home at mr. glenn court. -- misty glenn court. police found a man who had been shot at least once. he died at the scene.'s family says he was a father in his 50s with two sons and a young daughter. he was a doctor in vietnam who brought his family to the u.s. 5 years ago. his family says they don't know why anyone would kill him. >> just a good husband. how could that happen? he was a really good husband. >> he took care of the kids, and that it. >> still no word on any suspects and the investigation continues. a man is behind bars after shooting a nampa police officer. it happened at veterans memorial park around 5:30 yesterday evening. it happened when the man called
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911 asking for 2 specific officers. police say when officers arrived, the man shot at them. they shot a beanbag round at him and he was taken into custody. he was taken into the hospital with minor injuries. a man suspected of shooting and killing his wife has been found dead in san joaquin county. he killed his wife two weeks ago. the semi key county sheriff's office located him. it appears he shot himself. this san francisco board of supervisors will meet next week to consider funding for the pocement. chief bill scott attended a budget hearing and pleaded the more officers. a budget analyst suggested slashing the budget. supervisors will meet again next week to consider the budget and a full vote is
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expected next month. in mendocino county, a 23- year-old mother is in jail after her 18 month old child after being left inside of a -- died after being left inside of a car. alexandra scott is being held without bail. she left her small child inside the car. she then asked a friend to take her to the hospital but the child died. ms. scott is charged with willfully allowing the child to suffer great bodily injury or death. claims from as far's deadly north bay wildfires will probably exceed two and half billion dollars. they blamed the transmission lines and other equipment for many of the devastating fires. pg&e is facing 200 lawsuits in connection with the fires that killed 44 people. utility officials say pg&e will
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take a two and half billion dollars charge against's. the quarter that ends june 30. >> it's at pdg is recognizing that it is -- pg&e is recognizing that it is liable and responsible for the fires. >> may ultimately have the greatest liability for pg&e. the utility might turned to customers to offset some the costs through higher utility bills. 4:10. the first lady surrounded by controversy. what was written on the jacket she wore as she visited the immigration detention center and what the white house is thing about that. the secret maybe out regarding amazon prime day. when the online dash for discounts may begin. we are off to a good start on the morning commute. coming up, we will take a look at some of the drives in the yo a little bit of fog.
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san mateo coast south. we are all set for weather. it's going to be a warm to hot day for many. upper 40s, 50s, and a few 60s.
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starting today, new tariffs imposed by the european union on american products take effect. the tariffs will affect $3.4
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billion worth of exports from the u.s. that includes peanut butter, orange juice, motorcycles, whiskey, and a lot more. the action by the eu comes one month after president trump imposed a tariffs on steel and aluminum from you countries. -- eu countries. you may be paying more soon to shop online. any 5-4 vote, the supreme court is that states can require online shoppers to pay a sales tax. some businesses say independent retailers will be hurt by this. state leaders argue that if a company does business in their state, those companies should charge the appropriate sales tax. >> out-of-state retailers get price advantage. all we're asking the supreme court is to make it a level playing field and we're asking to treat everybody the same. this is not a new tax. this is a tax already do.
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>> individual states will decide if they want the internet to be a tax-free zone. some states say they could take it an extra $60 million a year because of that courruling. for amazon prime day. a ban -- a banner that was briefly posted said prime date will start on monday july 16. it offers deep discounts to amazon prime members. last year's event lasted for about 30 hours. >> all right. sal is there. it's a friday morning. you've had your coffee. >> yes. >> you're ready. you can handle it. >> yes i am ready. dave, allie, we are looking at a commute that is ready ready for action here. northbound when one from gilroy to san jose. it's off to a good start. we are hoping have a nice commute through san martin and morgan hill. so far so good for these faraway commutes. there have been no major
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problems driving through. you can see traffic moves well getting up to how we something. this morning, was found bay bridge, very lightly traveled. the flags are major, i wouldn' for drivers crossing the spans. especially this band into san francisco. it's 4:16. let's bring in my good friend, mr. steve paulson. >> my good friend, sal castaneda , thank you, sir. we bottomed out a few days ago. temps started to warm up a couple of low 90s for some. a lot of 80s. today we will continue that trend of going up, up, up, and then sunday it will start to come down. it will probably be hot for some on sunday. i think everybody will max out on saturday. speaking of, that's when we have a heat advisory out. it start at 11 am. goes till 8 pm. 90s to low 100. there's just too much in the
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way of solo -- some low clouds. that will raise the fire danger up. 40s, 50s, and 60s. temperatures are running 1-5, 6 degrees warmer than they were 24 hours ago. it won't take long to warm up. upper 90s today. a little bit of fog. very foggy from parts about just south of san francisco, san mateo coast, and santa cruz. north of that, it's all right. the wreath is still kind of there. but it's collapsing fast. when it does, that's a sure sign as that happened yesterday that the inland areas jumped up. 49. boy, that's cold. san mateo -- once the conditions are right, i think that fog will come screaming back for some. warm to hot temps. that means temps are on their way up. you won't have to go far to find 90s to upper 90s. vacaville, might be 100 today.
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more likely tomorrow, sunday will still be warm to hot in them. devil cool us and -- that will call us and allie down big time. >> that 100 degree went up a couple degrees. >> once it's 100, it's hot. >> that's always the temperature in the shade. >> yes, technically, yes. >> all right, steve, thank you. for diabetics, there's a new long-term monetary system offering a needle freeway to measure your blood sugar. they approved the ever since continuous glucose monitoring. otherwise known as cgm for adults with diabetes. it it implanted just after -- under the skin to measure glucose levels for up to 90 days.
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a light sensor sent information about the blood sugar level to a mobile lab. cgm, by the way, is already approved in europe. the foundation created for koko the gorilla, known for her remarkable ability to communicate with humans through sign language says it plans to do a brain scan. koko died in her sleep of natural causes. she lived at a facility in the santa cruz mountains for 40 years but was born at the's san francisco zoo. when koko was a year old, dr. penny patterson started her world-renowned work with her, teaching her sign language. >> yes. that's what you wanted. now i have three guerrillas. >> is she okay? the world has gained an insight into the mind of another species. it shows us how much like us they are. >> reporter: koko had a companion gorilla in do may. he signed said and i know when he heard about koko's death.
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the foundation is creating to -- planning to great a -- koko fund . >> all right. still ahead, this may sound like a movie plot. it's not. nasa has a real life plan in case a dangerous destructive asteroid hits our way. a new area code four parts of the bay area. when calling people in alameda and contra costa county.
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rngs on 2. is -- the university of california has not handles sexual misconduct complaints in a timely manner and has not punished faculty swiftly. auditors examined the weight you see officials handled complete at campuses at berkeley, l.a., and the respect they found some of those accused of misconduct continued to sexually harass after they were disciplined. and they found that that you see mac -- uc system is slower to discipline faculty. uc president says she accepts the reports recommendations and she is trying to improve the process. a report from the santa
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clara stadium authority shows that people living near levi's stadium had mixed feelings about the city's commercial curfew. the 10 pm curfew has created friction in the community in recent years. the new report found -- finds residents -- 25% are opposed. the feedback from residents shows many are frustrated by traffic jams, lack of parking, and disruptive behavior. >> most of these people were here before. >> the survey also shows that issues related to the stadium are not main concerns among most south bay residents. they are most focused on other issues. can we talked soccer? world cup matchplay continues today right here on ktvu fox 2. world cup live start at 7:00 this morning. followed by a must win match for nigeria against the cinderella of this world -- world cup, iceland. at 11, serbia will try to punch
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its ticket to the knockout round with a victory over switzerland. throughout the world cup, mornings on 2 continues on ktvu plus. switch over. we will have all of your news, traffic, and weather on ktvu plus getting at 7 am. the warriors will have a young defensive minded player on their bench next season. >> with the 2018 nba draft, the golden state warriors select jacob evans from the university of cincinnati. >> jacob evans, 6'6", wing player. he was drafted last night by the warriors. he turned 21 years old. three days ago. warriors. twice for after the nba draft, bob myers talked about this latest face to join the warriors. >> he's all business. i like his mental part, too.
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he seems like a guy who is willing to work. and solid, although that's not a work -- a word that gets people excited, he is a solid player. >> by the way, he comes from a family of athletes. his mother, teresa, was a point guard. 4:20 six. nasa has a new plan to protect the earth from asteroids capable of wiping out entire continents. they've come up with the object preparedness strategy and action plan. the operation also hopes to predict the chances of a threat of an incoming asteroid and will track those asteroids while looking at technologies that can deflect them away from earth. >> wow. time is 4:20 six. eastern contra costa county had a bunch of earthquakes last
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night. still ahead, we will tell you about that swarm of quakes. it hits during a two hour period. a bill that was -- billboard that was altered. still ahead, the conversion message about immigration and customs enforcement. we still have a nice- looking commute so far. we are going to check in with some of these freeways like highway 4 and give you a look at what you're facing. just about to -- if you're just about to hit the road. foremost, you probably noticed yesterday we warmed up a little bit. not too bad. 50-59 santa rosa is 50% of -- san jose, though, warm spot. oakland, livermore, both 57.
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>> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's friday . it is june 22. i'm dave clark. allie rasmus i
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pam cook. the heat is on. >> for some, yes. not for all. but we were a lot hotter last year. all ready. >> it's always relative. >> well, june 2, we were in the 90s. but yes, correct. >> i'm mentally preparing myself. >> allie does not like that he to. most of this is for saturday. also a heat advisory. that north and east bay hills and of course that will increase fire danger. it's a little early. that's the way things work now here. half moon bay was 49. 56 brentwood. 54 sunnyvale. 55 berkeley. we are kind of . there are some areas that are already warming up pretty quick . it won't take long to get into the 90s today. el cerrito is 54


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