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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  June 22, 2018 5:00am-5:58am PDT

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friday, june 22. i'm allie rasmus. >> and good morning. second day of summer, today is the first spare the air date of the summer. triple digit temperatures expecting. steve is talking about it. carpooling is recommended today by air quality officials. if you can avoid it, don't use gas powered equipment during the warmest parts of today. if you have reading problems, limit the amount of time you spend outside. yeah. >> all good advice. is going to be kind of warmth throughout the weekend. reluctant to say hot. >> for some, it will be. my mom didn't like anything over 75 degrees. 77, she goes, it's too hot. >> i totally agree. e is on the page. we do have clear skies, except for a little bit of fog. kind of dancing around. but it's very shallow. it's only going to impact those
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areas. otherwise, it's clear. and we will warm up. san jose 80-87. that's not a barn burner or anything. palo alto 80-87. santa rosa, 88-94 degrees. that's hot. yes, it's above average. you've seen this before. but tomorrow will be even hotter. now, there is a heat advisory for tomorrow. from 11 am to 8 pm. coast will probably still be dealing with 70s around the bay, 80s. it's a fine line. that heat advisory is out. the key, though, is the north or northeast breeze, which looks to develop on saturday. that's why we have a fire weather watch. 40s, 50s, 60s. there are some very cool readings. around the bay, 50. at gibran, 53. 53. berkeley at 56. cool. it was cooler yesterday. there's a lot of fog. it's taking a break from point reyes north. it's clear. some areas are in the 40s.
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i don't think there will be the water temps are really cold. so it won't take long to get this fog going. more likely sunday, not today. unless you are -- and the and 30 looks to be the warmest day. 100 degrees. 5:02 on a friday. and you're looking at a super commute or what? >> we are looking at the super commute, steve. and we do have traffic that is moving along pretty well. if you're driving in livermore. but there is slowing on the altamont pass for -- or right before it on 580 and 205. you can see it's about the typical amount of slow traffic your as you drive through. now, if you're driving from tracy, you will have to slog through that onto a five. it and that's about it. a bridge toll plaza, we do not have a big project. just a little bit of wind making those flags move. at 5:02, let's go back to the desk. he -- firefighters visit --
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busy cleaning up at a two alarm fire. it happened at an empty building. firefighters found large flames shooting from the building. immediately called for a second alarm. they still haven't said what started the fire. of course, the investigation continues. from san francisco police are investigating a deadly shooting. two people were shot in the mission district. ktvu's leigh martinez is live with the date -- with the latest. >> reporter: it is a double shooting. one of the victims has died. live out here on the scene, this block of 24th and harrison is still blocked off by investigators. medical examiner has been out here still a lot of evidence markers. quite a few detectives here on harrison and on 24th. now, police say shot -- shotspotter activation is what brought them out here at 2:30
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this morning. officers found two people with gunshot wounds. despite first responders trying to save lives, one of the victims has died at the scene. the second victim was taken to the hospital with life- threatening injuries. now, according to police, shooter has not been found. according to an email sent from san francisco police's money, they are asking the public's help in trying to find this suspect. just to find out if there's any other updates at this morning. police have said that they do not have a suspect. >> leigh martinez, thank you. 5:04. later today, california senator kamala harris will go to san diego. she will be going to the detention center. she will meet with mothers who have been separated from their children. earlier this week, senator harris demanded the resignation of kiersten nielsen.
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100 feet and community leaders will go to the san diego area to protest the separation of families at the border. about half the demonstrators are boarding a bus in san francisco's mission district. they will -- in the meantime, a group of san mateo county women is flying from sfo today to south texas where some of the children who have been separated from their parents are being detained. they spent the past few days packing and preparing for that trip. they will distribute donations in the border city of mcallen, texas. clothes, toys, and gift cards. >> i was thinking about how many children are in those places with nobody to just pat their hair and make sure they know that it's not an awful place to be in this world. >> the women will deliver their donations to catholic charities.
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that he had came after -- the idea after -- came after -- there is a stalemate over the issue of immigration. usually the house of representatives voted down one immigration bill and delayed the boat on another. ktvu's jana katsuyama has the latest. >> the bill is not pass. >> reporter: a conservative immigration plan failed thursday with 40 house republicans blaming all -- joining all democrats in voting no. no pathway for citizenship for dreamers >> a vote against this legislation is the status quo. >> a vote was delayed until next week. >> it is not a compromise. they may have compromised with
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the devil, but it's not a compromise with the democrats.'s >> reporter: -- democrats. >> reporter: melania trump toured a facility housing migrant children. >> what kind of -- physical and mental states the come here? >> they are very distraught in the sense that they don't know where they are at. >> reporter: providing up to 20,000 temporary beds for alien children at four military bases in texas and arkansas. senator dianne feinstein says there is no need to detain immigrants who are waiting for court dates. >> 99 .8% of people in the alternative to detention program show uptheir day in rtn judge in los angeles to change both of the flores settlement.
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>> the settlement and post many limits on what the united states government can do relative to children in detention. the settlement is binding on the united states government. the united states district courts is the -- if the government breaks those terms, it can be held in contempt and punished by a judge. >> reporter: the dean of uc berkeley's law school says there are questions the trump administration has not answered, such as how they plan to prosecute all of the people being detained. >> we don't have the facilities that the capacity to criminally prosecute large numbers of people for doing this. we don't have the detention facilities. we don't have the immigration courts. we don't have the federal courts to do it. >> reporter: jana katsuyama, ktvu fox 2 news. 5:08. the father of three in san jose was shot and killed yesterday .
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the investigation continues this morning. it happened yesterday afternoon at a home on mystic when court near -- misty glenn court near silverdale middle school. the man died there at the scene. the man's family says his name was can't you -- kahn kue. his family says they don't know why anyone would kill him expect just a good husband. how could that happen? he was a really good husband. >> he just took care of the kids. >> still no word on any suspects and again, the san jose police investigation continues. a man is behind bars after shooting at napa police officers. it happened at veterans
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memorial park around 5:30 is the evening. it all started when the man called 911 asking for two specif he then called back to report fighting again at the park. when the officers arrived, the man shot at them. they shot a beanbag round at him. he was later taken to the hospital with minor injuries. pg&e says that claims from last fall, the deadly wildfires will probably exceed two and half billion dollars. they blame the utility's transmission lines and other equipment for many of the devastating fires last october. p. diddy -- pg&e is facing lawsuits in connection to the fires. utility officials say pg&e will take a two and half billion dollars charge against profit for the quarter. >> it's a positive thing. the f that are being investigated by calfire. those y greatest liability for pg&e. the utility might turn to customers to offset some of the
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costs through higher utility bills. 5:11. the first lady surrounded by conference. what was written on the first lady's jacket and what she was wearing when she visited an immigration detention center and what the white house is now saying about that. spawned the secret maybe out regarding amazon prime day. good morning. we do see traffic is mostly doing well. this is a look at highway 4. we will tell you more about that straight ahead. it looks like a sunny and warm day too hot for many if you're heading to the giants internet. sometimes it will be cold. it looks pretty cool for the padres. and maybe a light jacket at best. two, down, back up!
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ , to pay practically anyone, at any bank. life, lived victor's way. chase. make more of what's yours. welcome back to mornings on 2. starting today, new tariffs imposed by the european union on american products will take effect. the tariffs will affect $3.4 billion worth of u.s. exports. that includes peanut butter, orange juice, motorcycles, whiskey, and even more. the action by the eu comes one month after president trump imposed a tariffs on steel and aluminum from you countries. president trump is proposing a plan to reorganize the federal government. the plan calls for merging the
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department of education and labor. it calls for renaming that the payment of health and human services to the apartment of health and human welfare. the u.s. postal service would also be overhauled under the plan. the director of the office of management and budget says it's all part of an effort to to streamline overlapping regulations in apartment functions. the changes would require improvement -- approval from congress. in a 5-4 vote, the u.s. supreme court said state can't require online shoppers to pay a sales tax. some businesses say independent re--- retailers are going be hurt by there. state leaders say if the company does business in their state, those companies should charge touhe t-of-state retaile price advantage. all we are asking the supreme court is to make it a level playing field. asking everyone to treated the same. this is a tax already do.
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>> individual states will decide if they want the internet to be a tax-free zone. some of the states say they could take in an extra $60 million a year. if you are an amazon prime member, you may want to mark your calendar. amazon may have accidentally leaked the date for this year's amazon prime day. it will start on monday, july 16, and last for 36 hours. it offers deep discounts. last year's event lasted for 30 hours. >> sal is our prime traffic person. he knows what's happening on the roads. >> yes, i do. and for the most part, right now, we are off to a nice start. we are hoping it's going to last as you drive in from the gilroy area. we are going to start there and take a look from gilroy to san
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jose. in the silicon valley. you can see traffic continues to look very nice. it's not a bad commute. all the way up into san jose. some people drive them gilroy f not many. but some people do. and this morning's commute looks pretty good. this is 280 in san jose. it's a nice-looking drive. northbound 280 on the right. bay bridge continues to be light. usually by now, we have some slowing. so this is a good sign that we might have a lighter than usual commute. at 5:17, steve, you mentioned that giants game. i want to give props. >> no kidding. >> right? he looks like the madison bumgarner. you're right -- >> you're right. thank you sir. we do have good baseball weather tonight as well. if you're going to the game. it's also going to warm up. there's some fog, oakland and sfo. we are warming things up today. santa rosa 88-94. palo alto 80-87. livermore 88-97.
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in case you forgot, we were a heck of a lot hotter last year. by this time. so yes, we are warming up. but it's nothing we haven't seen or dealt with before. that we have to mention we have a heat advisory 30. it start at 11 am. it goes to 8 pm. that he is -- the key is north breeze or northeast breeze. it goes up. this weekend, as you might imagine. this used to be september, october, but now it's year- round. higher elevations, it looks like. 40s, 50s napa airport. it's dipped to 49. napa airport made it to 45 yesterday. sunnyvale, 53. a couple of 60s in but castro valley is but one as well. that's pretty cool. 82 gilroy. 51 sal. upper 40s. boulder creek and low 50s. campbell is 51. there's little bite to the morning air. but it will warm up little
5:19 am
click it. most of it is about -- warm up pretty quick. most of it is about north. it looks like is trying to link up around the santa cruz area. we still have a little bit of fog to deal with. inland, that's not a factor or even over the bay. it's like brrr. 49. that is cold. that sunday. not today unless you are confined to that. high pressure is going to go out. temperatures are on their way up. 60s, 70s, 80s. and then a couple inland 90s. breezy too hot tomorrow. that's the hottest day by far. there will also be some hot conditions sunday. it looks like the fog comes back. it will continue to come back and cool us down. we've had a pretty cool month here. very few warm days.
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>> steve, thank you. you've heard of cocoa -- koko the gorilla's death. now the foundation they will be doing a brain scan, hoping to find out more after her death. the gorilla foundation says koko died in her sleep tuesday morning from natural causes. she was 46. she lived at a facility in the santa cruz mountains for 40 years. she was born at the's san francisco zoo. when she was a year old, then stanford student dr. penny patterson started her world renowned work with her and taught her sign language. head. yes, that's what she wanted. i said, i have three gorillas. >> the main concern was for penny. was she okay? the world has gained the insight into the mind of
5:21 am
another species that shows us how much like us they are. >> koko had a companion gorilla. the camp asian -- foundation said, he did the sign for said and -- sad and i know. protecting the earth. up next, we will tell you what nasa plans to do to keep everybody safe in case a dangerous asteroid heads our way. move over, 510 area code. the east bay is getting a new area code. we will tell you that counties affected and the numbers you can expect to see on your i.d.
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report from the santa clara stadium authority shows people who live near levi's stadium have mixed feelings about the controversial curfew there. the 10 pm curfew for concerts and for special events is causing friction in the community. the new report finds 50% of than the current residence support it. 25% opposed it. the other 25% really don't have strong feelings yet. feedback from residents showed they are frustrated by wedlock traffic jams, lack of parking, disruptive behavior during events. >> most of the people were here before and came in. not a lot of people signed up
5:25 am
for it. >> the survey also shows issues related to the stadium are not the main concerns among south bay residents. they say the arimo -- they are more focused on other issues. the world cup match played continues today right here on ktvu fox 2. world cup lie -- live start at 7 this morning followed by a must win match for nigeria's against the cinderella of this world cup, iceland. that match start at 8:00. then at 11:00, serbia will try to punch its ticket to the knockout round with a win over ritalin. throughout the world cup, mornings on 2, us, we will still be moving over to ktvu plus. you can go with us. today, all your news, traffic and weather on ktvu plus beginning at 7 am. the warriors will have a young, defensive minded ontheir >> the 20th.
5:26 am
-- pick the cold estate warriors select jacob evans from the university of cincinnati. >> were they doing? the 6'6" wing player jacob evans was drafted last night. jacob turned 21 on monday. he worked out twice for the warriors. once -- again on wednesday. after the draft, warriors general manager bob myers talked about the latest young face on the team. >> he's all business. i like his mental part, too. he seems like a guy whose willing to work and solid, although that's not a word that gets many people excited. he is a solid player. >> he finished with a fifth best three-point shooting percentage in that school's history. nasa has a new plan just in case to protect us from asteroids that could wipe out
5:27 am
entire continents. nasa came up with the national near earth object preparedness strategy and action plan. you got it? the operation also hopes to predict the chances of a threat from an asteroid coming in. this plan will detect and track asteroids. it will also look at technologies that could deflect them away from earth. time is 527. there were a lot of earthquakes. several quakes shook eastern contra costa county and early this morning. we will have the latest information for you. breaking news right now in san francisco. police at the scene of an early- morning double shooting. what they're telling us about their investigation. hi! are you two getting along?
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>> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. ♪ >> ♪ what i feel i can't say ♪ >> george harrison. george harrison. >> george harrison? very good. >> it has like a beatles sound to it. that is a beautiful picture. that's our air conditioning, it's going to be gone in the middle of the day. >> where is the golden gate bridge? >> it's like a beautiful blanket. >> these are live pictures of the golden gate bridge. that fog moving in. welcome back to mornings on 2. friday morning, june 22. i'm dave clark. >> i'm allie rasmus in for pam
5:31 am
today. steve paulson is with us to tell them -- is about that fog. >> if you're inland, yes, it's hot. it's not going to be that bad. saturday, maybe, but not so much today. very good choice, and lawrence, on the song. ♪ i like george harrison a lot. heat advisory is out tomorrow. okay? this will be mainly for inland areas. i've been harping on this for a long time. those water temps are brutally cold. it doesn't take much to get that fog going. it's getting squashed by high pressure. the high fire danger. we will have to keep an eye on its. northwest, could certainly wipe out that low cloud deck. we have a little westerly breeze. 40s, 50s, and 60s. that's going to be warmer. we are not that warm right now. there's a lot of cool readings,
5:32 am
certainly up from even the santa cruz mountains. up to sebastopol, occidental, i mean, even wanted cart -- walmart -- walnutport and bodega bay. excuse me. smooth, huh? 49 at healdsburg. vallejo is at 55. temperatures inland. they will be warm to hot. there's a lot of low clouds. unless they get chewed up, it's going to make for a pretty cool day for some on the coast. inland, it will be warm to hot. and mouth an hour. there is your 49 bodega bay. that makes a huge difference. fog is try to make the turn around point reyes. i don't think it will make it. but it is there for some this morning. watch out on the golden gate bridge or how we. it says i'm large but i'm not really 100% in charge. 90s. all right. 5:32, sal. did the metering lights click on? any major
5:33 am
good. we don't have that characteristic slowing on 80 in vallejo. we do have some slowing on highway 37. as you can see. if you're driving to the macarthur maze, still taking about 17 minutes. and yes, those metering lights did switch on. there's a little bit of a backup at the tow by the. let's go back to the desk. we're following big news in san francisco, where police are investigating a deadly shooting. two people morning. ktvu's leigh martinez is at the seen with the latest. >> reporter: this is a homicide investigation. one of the victims has died. it's still an active crime scene. and 24th street. we still see detectives out here. we also see crime scene cleaners arrived on scene. now, police say that shots -- shotspotter activation brought them out here. at 2:30 this morning. an officer -- when officers arrived, they found two people with gunshot wounds. despite first responders trying
5:34 am
life-saving measures, one of the victims died at the scene. the second victim was taken to the hospital with life- threatening injuries. at this time, we do not have any update on that victim's condition this morning. now, police say that this shooting investigation is still an active investigation. they have not revealed if they have a suspect in custody or a suspect identified. we do have some calls and emails into police this morning. ins san francisco, leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. time is 5:34. new this morning, earthquakes, there were five small quakes in oakley overnight. just before 10:30 last night, there was a magnitude 2.0 quake then four more quakes followed between midnight and 1:00 this morning. the damage. we did get calls from reviewers saying an immigration bill. yesterday, a bill did not pass.
5:35 am
house republicans have postpone a vote on a more moderate measure to try to get more support. the president blamed democrats and the democrats continue to criticize the president's immigration policies. >> they don't care about the children. they don't care about the injury. they don't care about the problems. they don't care about anything. >> what he is doing is zero tolerance and that applies to those seeking amnesty. it undermines what we are as a country. >> president trump tweeted that republicans should stop wasting their time on immigration and -- until after we elect more senators and congressman in november. we can pass great legislation after the, quote, red wave. it did councilmember wealth joint protesters. ben bartlett and others say they will protest the separation of immigrant children from their parents. despite the recent executivturn
5:36 am
children to the families is still unclear. today's protest is scheduled to start at 4:30 in front of the i.c.e. office. a group of activists claiming responsibility for vandalizing a billboard in emeryville along interstate 80. that vandalized billboard caught the attention of drivers along 80 through emeryville. it said, we make kids disappear. i.c.e. a group claimed response ability. they create what they call protest pieces for years. wearing masks and ski masks and with paint rollers, they film there. -- their sophisticated operation. >> a hot topic. we are very affected by it and wanted to make something that spoke to the ecological trauma being inflicted on these children. particularly the and when we drove by the billboard in emeryville, it was just too good. >> the group posted the video on their website showing them
5:37 am
changing that billboard. the billboard, by the way, has since been taken down. it was up long enough for a lot of people to see it. 5:37. first lady melania trump traveled to the texas border to meet with immigrant children who are being detained there. some of the people raised questions about the jacket she was wearing when she was getting on the plane to take off. now, look. there's writing on the back of the code. it said, i really don't care. do you? a spokesperson for the that ja you get a closer look here. and that she took it off when she arrived at that texas at andrews air force base right outside of washington. president trump leader tweeted that the jacket refers to the fake news media. saying, melania has learned how dishonest they are and truly no longer cares. this week's time magazine had -- is causing controversy
5:38 am
because of the cover. the issue is about immigration. the separation of families. it shows president trump looking down at a 2-year-old immigrant child. the words say, welcome to america. that little girl has become a symbol of the immigration debate. recently, a photographer captured her crying while her mother was being searched by border patrol agents. fans of the cover call it bold and powerful. critics sayoitive. san francisco police are searching for a man accused of kidnapping a woman at gunpoint. it happened around 4:30 wednesday afternoon near bay and kearny street. police say 21-year-old woman was walking home when a man any part carter told her to come into the car with him or he would kill her. when she backed away, police say the man pulled out a gun and threatened her again. that's when she got in the car and that men drove off. police say the one -- woman was able to escape the vehicle.
5:39 am
the woman was not hurt. sentencing is set for today for a man who impersonated a nurse in order to work at a selfie hospital. 31-year-old jeremy griffin tweeted no contest to charges including identity theft and impersonation. authorities accused him of falsifying documents. he was arrested on the first day of the job last year. and never saw any patients. griffin is set to serve one year in jail plus three years of probation. judge in southern california has ordered the parents and the so-called house of horrors case to stand trial. david and louise two -- turpin torturing their children. describing their behavior as sadistic and astounding. thents were arrested after one of the children escaped from their home last year and called police. the parents have pleaded not guilty to torture and abuse charges. our time is 5:40. san francisco contract -- construction company may get
5:40 am
hit with a discrimination lawsuit after african-american workers said they thought hate messages. they saw graffiti with the n- word, black dolls hanging from newses -- newses -- news -- nooses. >> to be subjected to the kind of slurs, threats, it's just unconscionable. we are not period. >>it has held antiharassment training and the policy is to remove offensive graffiti as soon as it's reported. one of the most ignitable symbols of san francisco pride weekend. volunteers will put up the one acre outline for the pink triangle on top of twin peaks. the installation of the triangle will occur tomorrow morning. this is the 23rd year of the event. the nazis used the triangle in
5:41 am
concentration camps to identify gay prisoners. however, the gay community has since turned it into a symbol of pride. another highlight of pride weekend is the parade. the parade starts sunday morning at 10:30 and goes from the embarcadero to civic center. 5:31. bay area activists will be going to the us-mexico border today. we have new details about the meant -- the humanitarian efforts. bungalows instead of traditional classrooms. in a moment, we will show you how students are showing off their artistic side to make it feel more like home. good morning. we're looking at the macarthur maze. the traffic there looks pretty good coming around the corner to the bay bridge toll plaza. we will tell you how long it's taking to get here when we come back. there's a little bit of fog out there. there's also some very cold air aloft. we will take you look at them
5:42 am
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welcome back to mornings on 2. some really talented students at pinole valley high school are using their skills in art to convert a challenge into something very colorful. >> as ktvu's amber lee explains, the students have turned their campus into a gallery of public art. >> reporter: for the past five years, pinole valley high it has consent and -- a collection of brown bungalows. it's earned the nickname portable valley hi. there's no cafeteria, no library, and no jim. >> i really think it was his school -- i didn't really like
5:45 am
it so much.'s >> reporter: but this student and others have been using a paintbrush to make the most of their school environment. it started soon after the main school building closed. now, they created dozens of murals. >> with you -- it's all about pride. inspect each stroke, a symbol of their pride. >> when i walked past my mural, i feel proud of them. i feel proud of myself. i contribute to a project that, you know, making the school better. >> i did like this and i did all the flowers. and a couple other animals. >> reporter: students have created 40 murals. work that is done during lunch and after school on their own time. >> we are looking at one of my paintings. my mural. >> the principal describes the drawings as modern masterpieces or a living gallery of art. materials are all donated. he says when the project started, he had no idea what a big difference the artworks would make. >> the message i want to deliver beyond the high school
5:46 am
is that given challenging circumstances, beautiful things can happen. >> reporter: one student says her work gave her the courage to pursue her dream of being an artist. now she's earned a fourth scholarship to the -- full scholarship to the art academy in san francisco. >> my passion. >> the students safe there -- their choice of color shows who they are. the portables will be here for one more school year. they will be gone with the newly rebuilt school opened in august of 2019. that's when these murals will be on display in the new school. in pinole, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. it is now a -- now 5:46. let's check in with sal. the bay bridge toll plaza
5:47 am
doesn't look as bad as it did. >> i'm looking at it now. we are going to get it -- to it in just a second. you're right. it doesn't look nearly as crowded. we are also looking at some other commutes that are just a little bit later. we are going to start off with the tracy super commute. and i do safe that tracy traffic is going to be slow. but look at the length of the slow down. we have a slowdown that lasts from here -- let me do this again. it starts from about here and it goes all the way to hear. so there's a little bit of -- you know, here we are. it's just a little shorter. when you get to livermore, it does move along very nicely. if you're driving to the bay bridge, as allie mentioned, it's just a little bit better. you can tell by looking at this right here that i'm pointing at. that is light. that means that we are having a relatively quiet there -- like date. go ahead and enjoy it. you might want to get out there sooner rather than later. before it starts getting more crowded. at 5:48, let's bring steve in.
5:48 am
>> thank you kindly, sir. happy friday, everybody. we do have some fog on the coast. most in the locations will warm up. it is a little cool here. there is some very warm air aloft. michael is at 2000 feet. it's warming up. no wind, no fog, and very warm. 60s 7 degrees. yeah, you get a load 600 feet, scott valley, boulder creek, 40s. that's a big spread there. gilroy is 51. campbell is 50 degrees. cupertino. 52 degrees. today will be warmer. for most. there's still some fog on the coast which i think will keep a few in the 60s here. we started that yesterday. some inland areas, jumped up to 90 degrees. saturday will be the warmest it. cooldown for many. in the and usually takes another day. santa rosa 88. 94 today. alto from 80-87. san jose 80. not superduper hot or anything, but it is warming up.
5:49 am
there is a fire weather watch for the weekend. mini saturday. north and east bay hills. that something to keep an eye on for the weekend. if we get oh -- a north, northeast breeze, double take care of the fog. 40s, 50s, and 60s. novato is 48. 57 livermore. san jose 59. sfo is 57. east bay times, many low to mid 50s. san ramon, danville, also dublin. 54. out by the concordville -- concord pavilion. not too much of a spread here. overall, though, that fog is really hanging on. on most of the coast from about them and headlands south. parts of the city. not all. parts and in san mateo of santa there's plenty to the south, that's for sure. it looks like it's certainly circling the wagons. it did. it linked up. i don't think it will last all day. anything 10 or less is a sure sign it will be warm to hot. really cold.
5:50 am
it won't take much to get that far going. 52 monterrey. before up and truckee. i think that fog will lose out as high pressure builds in. very warm air. mount diablo is 74. again, that's going to translate to some rather warm to hot conditions for those inland. we're looking at 67 -- 60s, 70s, close monday. tomorrow will besunday. i think the fog comes back for a cooled down into early next week. >> all right. stay cool. >> you got it. 5:50. people attacks on carswhere the happening and who police believe is doing it.
5:51 am
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they slept in their sleeping bags on the beach in jenna. talent was only arrested last year. after the deadly brother. he's also facing murder charges in that case. benld have been damaging cars with balls and pellet guns.
5:54 am
two is bates city. the vandals struck the vehicles in two different neighborhoods. the alameda county sheriff's office is investigating a total of four guns -- gun shootings. investigators the each card has at least $1000 in damages to its. and cilantro -- in san leandro, some cars were shot with paintballs. >> there has been a lot of people complaining about their windows being shot out. >> there's something all over my car. there's paintballs, like someone shot it with a paintball gun. >> investigators say teenagers in a dark-colored suv may be behind the vandalism in san lorenzo. so far, no arrests have been made. investigation continues. our time is 5:54. the federal government approved a project that they say was in san francisco -- will speed up buses. they will expand the bus only lanes and speed up travel time on the 38 geary route, which is the busiest line from muni. many of the businesses along
5:55 am
geary, they oppose the plan, saying it will make traffic jams even worse than they are now. much of the time -- vehicles no longer being able to turn and change lanes ahead of the buses. the approval by the department of transportation now means design work for those lanes can begin. the north bay is gearing up for this weekend's big nascar race in sonoma. it's the toyota save mart 350. it will be sunday at the sonoma raceway. this morning, 11:30, drivers may include kyle busch, kevin harvick, joey legato. they start taking practice labs. bay area resident johnny mosley will be the grand marshall. sunday, he will be the one telling drivers to start their engines. california's could soon vote to eliminate a -- daylight saving time. asking governor jerry brown to sign off on that measure.
5:56 am
it could end up on the ballot as soon as november. california have been changing their clock -- their clocks twice a year since 1949. the bay area is getting a new area code. california public utilities commission announced a new 341 area code. for part of alameda and contra costa county. after nearly 30 years in u.s., the 510 area code is running out of phone s. the new area code -- going to be used for new phones or newly registered lines. 5:56. a busy will mo san francisco this morning after a deadly shooting. we will have details about the victims and police searching -- as police search for the shooter. the controversial right to die a lot becomes legal once again. the ongoing fight to determine the statute's legality. if you're driving on the colgate -- golden gate bridge,
5:57 am
it looks good. getting out of the toll plaza. some fog there. inland, it won't matter. they will start to warm up quick. it will be even warmer tomorrow. i'll talk about that. some fog on parts of the coast. i have no idea what that is.
5:58 am
5:59 am
demonstrators and the clergy gearing up for a will long stretch to the us-mexico border. we will have more on their protest coming up. massive fire in san jose in nd control. joseright next to >> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning and welcome to mornings on 2. happy friday to you all. it is june 22. i'm allie rasmus. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about your friday morning weather. steve paulson is right here. inspect where? oh, right here. i don't know what that is. i have no idea and i don't want to know. ♪ >> i think johnny depp is on it. >> our good friend martie batiste, tgif.
6:00 am
refreshing start to the day. 52. looking forward to the pool tomorrow with a smidge less daylight. that is true. the date will get shorter. thank you. i appreciate that. 50s for some. what do you for another. -- others. sebastopol is in there. healdsburg, occidental, cloverdale. but again bay and point reyes, both for the nine. 46 hearts of the


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