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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  June 26, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> more on that free-speech ruling, striking down a law in california. reaction to the ruling on the president's travel ban.>> reporter: today's ruling marked the first supreme court ruling on a trump policy, just as the country is divided, the nation's highest court is as well. >> a tremendous victory for the american people. and for our constitution. >> reporter: the president celebrated the supreme court's ruling, calling the endorsement of his authority to ban people from majority muslim countries. >> we have to be safe, secure, at a minimum, we have to make sure that we vet people coming into the country. >> reporter: at issue was whether the trump administration's third and latest policy discriminates based on nationality and
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religion. the 5-4 ruling, on ideological lines, said that he was not out of his executive authority. chief justice john roberts acknowledged the president's remarks, but he said it is not an issue whether to denounce the president statements, but the significance of those statements, reviewing the presidential directive, with a matter of its responsibility. and sonia sotomayor said that a reasonable observer would see that it is motivated by anti- muslim animus. >> we can't walk away from the fact how all the started, a president said he wanted to ban muslims from our country. >> the onus is on us to protect liberties that may be jeopardized by rash or impulsive presidential action, and we have an obligation to legislate.
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>> reporter: after today's ruling, lawmakers pledged to provide antidiscrimination legislation, but in a republican quote -- republican- controlled congress, it is likely dead on arrival. >> thank you. a supreme court decision on the travel ban prompted a protest on the steps of san francisco's city hall.>> sanctuary for all! >> people speaking out against president trump's policies on immigration and border enforcement, participants, including city leaders and organizers, who feel that the travel ban at its core is a muslim band. they say the highest court in the land got it wrong.>> this is a travesty of justice, a grim stain on the supreme court's legacy, including the dred scott decision. >> a couple of hours after the first protest, a second policy began decrying the presidents
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family separation policy. organizers say that the travel white and christian. another controversial case out of california involving free speech, the supreme court ruled in favor offaith-based crisis pregnancy centers, requiring them to provide information about abortion services, in the newsroom to help break down this ruling. christina? >> justices were divided, but the conservative majority held, overruling the circuit court in sepsis go, they overruled the california reproductive fact that, likely violates the first amendment. >> we applaud this decision of the u.s. supreme court, we applaud it, it is a victory for the first amendment.>> reporter: a pro-life group celebrated a
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ruling by the u.s. supreme court that struck down a california law requiring crisis pregnancy centers to provide information about abortion and contraception. they also don't have to inform them that they are not medical fish -- facilities. they said it is at odds with their beliefs and a violation of free speech. >> we as americans in this country have a right to be free from the government forcing us to advance a cause that we despise. >> reporter: authoring the law to help fight misleading information provided by pro- life clinics to pregnant women. he cause the clinics fronts for extreme anti-choice groups trying to ban abortion. >> providing pregnant women with access to timely medical information should not have been controversial, and unfortunately, there are thousands of fake health centers across the country, and hundreds in california, that
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will continue to be dangerous because of the supreme court ruling.>> reporter: it is essentially closing its eyes to the reality of the deception that's going on, and saying they should be able to advertise in whatever way they can.>> reporter: the law process or -- professor says that can be read as naove or disingenuous. >> through a political eye rather than a legal i, what we are seeing is that the appointment of new gore such continues to pay dividends to the conservative right and is a ministration.>> reporter: she says there could be a possibility this ruling could be used in other contexts, and he says he will keep fighting. >> we will continue to fight to protect a woman's right to choose, and do everything we can to analyze that are being perpetrated by these fake health centers.>> reporter: they said it's unfortunate, but they are working to ensure that all california receive accurate
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information about the healthcare. for more insight, joined by david levine, a professor at uc hastings college of law, thank you. the challenges here were pointed to the controversial statements and tweets from the president regarding the travel ban, and banning is a general, did the majority simply disregard those statements or were those taken into consideration, and they simply really -- reached the conclusion that it quite >> i think the way to understand it, the majority said that was strongly outweighed by the fact that the president has so -- so much authority under the constitution, and under statutes, to regulate immigration. and asas the third ban was facially acceptable, and had a rational basis behind it,
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the fact that there was extraneous information from the president, other things, was not enough to or return it at this early stage. typically speaking, we are only at the first stage in this case, this is only about a preliminary injunction, the supreme court said that the preliminary injunction was not proper, but it will go back down to the lower court in hawaii, and there probably will be further proceedings. >> challenger say it was a violation of statutes and unconstitutional. what are the implications across the country? >> across the country, the travel ban applied across the board cut it reinforced the president's power, if i was in the white house, and i wanted to placate the president, i wasn't about what about guatemala, honduras, el salvador, don't those people make a threat under national security? we could see the present feeling unbound by this. >> list talk about the other big ruling, reversing a lower
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court ruling upholding this california law requiring antiabortion pregnancy crisis centers to disclose exactly what they are, pitting people's right to know against the right to free speech, and the right to free speech prevailed in the sincere, right? because that's right. what justice thomas said, for the same five justices, what he said was that couldn't compel these crisis centers to say something that was so antithetical to their beliefs. the state of california could provide the information in other ways, but they couldn't force it to come out of the mouths of those people, if you will. and the impact of justice new gore such, huge because we see the conservative majority? >> yes, many highly significant decisions by a 5-4 majority, the fact that we had just is gore such instead of garland, makes all the difference in the world. >> thank you for coming in today, your comments and expertise, we appreciated. you can stay with ktvu for
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continuing coverage, the latest coming up in the newscast, and on our website, . news at 6:00, a woman who allegedly called police on an 8- year-old girl has resigned as ceo of a medical cannabis company, allison attila, the ceo of -- allison edell, she was threatening to call police to complain that the child, african-american, was selling water without a permit. they said it is her belief that treat well, its employees and patient should not have to suffer because of a situation that occurred in a moment, and regrets are part and is remorseful, she was not motivated by racism but made a critically wrong decision. developing news, the pawnee fire and lake county is growing, after the break, the
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latest on the firefight as cruise look ahead two more hot weather coming in a few days. tracking that warm weather, fog outside right now, around the coast of the bay, that you know about the cooler forecast for tomorrow. also ahead, a drug bust, almost turns deadly for an undercover sheriff deputy, how his partners quick thinking and a special medication help to say that deputies life.>> had we not administered it immediately, it was likely that the deputy would've died. let's take a look at the commute, a live look at the eastshore freeway, interstate 80, in the eastbound direction at this hour. >> another live look, slow going right now getting into the city, but the carpooling is wide open.
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developing news, awaiting an update on the fire burning your clear lake, had grown by about 1000 -- thousand acres, only 5% contained, the number of fire crews has increased, with more than 1400 on the lines, 600 structures are still threatened. dry conditions and changing winds have been keeping the pawnee fire alive since it started on saturday evening. >> it has destroyed 22
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structures, including 12 homes. it is burning east of clearlake in the spring valley area, under a mandatory evacuation order tonight. tom shows us what firefighters are up against. we met nobody really expected the pawnee fire to march down the mountain onto this -- onto the floor of spring valley, causing an emergency. the hotspots began blowing just after 9:00 this morning, almost 3 hours sooner than yesterday. in an only partially burned area, crews came up into the hills into one of several plumes, to quench each and every hotspot with the potential to ignite nearby vegetation. >> it was very active last night, definite uphill runs, and a very steep area, definitely difficult to access, the winds are aligning with these canyons, making for extreme fire behavior. >> it continued to blow up, close to where spring valley
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road meets highway 20, ominously, the tall flames, walls of fire, really, went towards the valley floor, where many homes and businesses are threatened. >> a shifting pattern going on above us, we are seeing wind shifts of different directions throughout the day, the inversion list, the temperature rises, we didn't see much of a humidity recovery last night, we are expecting red flag conditions the next couple of days, trying to punch a substantial amount, and get a handle on it quickly. >> the problem is, once you get this kind of fresh burning, it guarantees that tomorrow, there will be a lot of hotspots that will blow up all over again. thick smoke from the many points of flame kept the tinkers on the ground, or orbiting high above waiting for a break in the blanket of smoke. when there was a break, an aerial and ground assault ensued, to establish wide fire
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lanes. >> to contain these wins that we are expecting. >> reporter: folks have to hope that they've got more containment by tomorrow, it will certainly have a lot more acres, and hope that there are no more blowups. ktvu fox 2 news. >> now's the time they want to make headway, they cut a break, for the next several days, but things are changing. >> a big break at that, humidity recovery, in the fire zone, 18%, 20% this time. the humidity is 44% now, these are huge humidities for this area, for this time of year. 31%, double what it was at this time last night, 35%, these are the things you look at when you're a firefighter, you want that humidity, fuel moisture, slowing the burn rate, of the
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fire, which is great news. so at least in that element. the gentleman was referencing it is a wind driven event, there's a lot of localized fire produce wins in this train that are becoming a problem, as they are in all wild land fires. the train is pretty severe and remote, definitely difficult for firefighters, but with that said, hiring amenities, westerly winds, cooler temperatures, lower temperatures, again tomorrow. lower by another 8 degrees. that's got to help as well. as you look outside, not a lot of fog on the satellite, but there is fog out there, about 1700 feet deep, pretty deep, an indication of tomorrow's forecast, which will be one of cooler, moister air, pushing not just to the bay area, but throughout northern
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california. as you look outside, that is marin county, what we got to talk about when we come back, the five day forecast, and the heat up around the corner. a reminder, you can download the free weather app with the latest on the conditions this high fire season. knew it 6:00, an undercover drug bust that nearly cost an alameda county sheriff's deputy's life. investigators say he might've been exposed to the opioid fentanyl and stopped breathing. >> a nasal spray that every day pd now carries -- deputy now carries saved his life.>> reporter: this is where he came in contact with a harmful narcotics that could have killed them. >> he stopped breathing, his lips turned blue. >> reporter: on friday, the deputy and sergeant served a search warrant on a suspected drug dealer, within seconds of entering the room, exposed to what investigators believe was the opioid fentanyl, and could
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have led to a possible overdose. the department is required to carry this, that reverses the effect.>> the first vial of narcan, it did not wo he then followed up with a second. >> that brought the deputy back. however, because of cross- contamination, the sergeant was also exposed and became violently ill. although he didn't need the narcan, with the small, simple looking nasal spray is a game changer, they recommend every department and person carry. >> had we not administered this initially and immediately, it is likely that he would've died.>> reporter: they are at home recovering, as for the suspect, he was taken into custody, deputies confiscated several kilos of heroin and cocaine. paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. a group of burglars using
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crowbars to break into homes. >> they go random city to city, looking for houses were looks like no one is home. >> what we are learning from one of the victims. and the surveillance video that could lead to an arrest. argentina on the brink of elimination manages to stay alive the world cup, coming up later in sports, the late goal that allowed lionel messi and his mates to move to the next round. more alleged victims coming forward, after a babysitter accused of sexually abusing children. as people who love to fish,
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we know what we stand for. we stand for a rod and reel instead of a cell phone. at bass pro shops and cabela's we stand together for you.
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knew it 6:00, more alleged victims of a teacher and babysitter suspected of child six abuse. 28-year-old brandon geneste is facing charges, a teacher in lafayette, and a part-time babysitter, he used various social media platforms and apps to advertises babysitting services, and prosecutors say more charges could be on the way. looking for a group of burglars who used crowbars to break open the front door, speaking with the victims, and the surveillance video that could help police make arrests.>> reporter: surveillance video showing two men sneaking out the back of a car, and hercules, a crowbar to
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force open the front door, confronted by the homeowner, he did not want to be identified, but said he yelled out some choice words. >> what is going on!>> did that sce them away? >> yes. >> reporter: 15 minutes after th cut other car, they took off. within an hour, the same car showed up at hercules, victoria by the way -- by the bay. >> this burglar went into the home, up to the second floor. >> reporter: he was sleeping because he works the graveyard shift, he heard loud sounds, and realized that an intruder had made it all the way upstairs.>> i was looking at him over there, and he was whe he just on running, and then i heard some footsteps downstairs. >> reporter: police believe
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that the same crew might've broken into two other houses, a black chevy malibu with paper plates, possibly a rental. >> like their job, they go random the city to city looking for houses that looks like no one is home. and its is crazy.>> reporter: residents should consider responding to knocks and doorbells by talking to the person through the door. >> announce yourself, let it be known that the house is not vacant. >> reporter: this victim says he ignored knox about a half hour before the intrusion, he won't do that anymore. >> i told my wife, we should at least answer without opening it, just answer, what you want, or we don't want anything. >> reporter: if you recognize the two men with show them that chevy malibu, police want to hear from you. ktvu fox 2 news . ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 pm, up next with protests over reports that a
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former naval base in the space that's east bay will be transformed into an immigration. >> as somebody who has spent a lot of time in planning, it is not a good idea. >> actions by city officials to keep it from happening. electing a new board president. the largest new reservoir the bay area, details of the vote set for tonight in the south bay. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 pm is up next.
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now today's top stories, thousands of residents are under evacuation orders with the pawnee fire , 22 structures ro terrain is making it difficult for firefighters to reach the flames. the supreme court ruled in favor of faith-based crisis
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centers in california, in a free-speech case, the state had challenge them to provide information about abortion and contraception services, the court prepared -- conservative majority prevailed, they said it was a violation of free speech. and the supreme court found that prison trumps travel ban fell squarely within his constitutional authority, the latest version was challenged by the state of hawaii, which said it was driven by determination. saying that the threat that muslims pose did not undermine the executive power to do the ban. concern tonight in concord of -- over reports that the u.s. navy might be planning to transform the old naval base into an immigrant detention. >> city officials, lawmakers and protesters asking why,
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joining us in concorde, were a martian rally were held. ariana? >> reporter: going to kind of let you -- a rally was being held and a march.>> reporter: looking at a line just outside of council chambers, for public comment, an unusually long line, public comment will continue tonight, but the counselor will not be taking up the issue, but there are protesters here to protest this possible detention center that was being discussed and unveiled on friday at the naval weapons station. you might hear some drumming and the band, a traditional mexican dance group that is performing, a lot of things
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going on outside of council chambers, but the main issue is the naval weapons station, millions of taxpayer dollars at stake if the u.s. navy decides to put a detention center that location. >> reporter: blindsided, left in the dark, future development plans are in political limbo. >> absolutely shocking.>> reporter: local and state leaders have been searching for answers, after time magazine revealed a memo listing the naval weapons station as a possible detention, for 47,000 migrants. in a letter addressed to richard spencer, they are requesting that the navy reveal the proposed plan for the station, citing possible contamination concerns. >> there are areas where we know there is arsenic and pollutants that need to be removed.>> reporter: not to mention, there is no sewer, water or electricity infrastructure in place. the city has invested 12 years and millions of dollars working with the navy to remedy these issues for major redevelopment.
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>> reporter: what would go up there is a major economic center, including housing, affordable housing, we have plans for university, tournament fields, major retail areas and commercial development. that would generate thousands, over $20,000 -- 28,000 jobs. >> i am at a loss, given the constraints, legally and physically, wherthey would put a large, giant tent city. >> reporter: the congressman and 13 other representatives sent a letter of their own, demanding a response from the navy by thursday. joining me now, angela, one of the protesting groups that have joint today, tell us what group you're with and why you're not here tonight? >> the coalition support integration, by any means necessary, it is completely scandalous, trumps policies are inherently very fascist, as a community, we need to take
6:34 pm
action independent of the mocra are mass supporters, we are in the situation the first place, and completely mobilize the community at the borders, and every single town hall meeting, at these detention rallies, these detentions, hold rallies, to hold -- to stop the deportations. and family separation. >> the naval weapons station, being held for 47,000 migrants? >> clearly the county supports trumps policies, they are violating the states sanctuary laws, because of the richmond detention center, where we have mobilized massive response and rallies at, they are profiting off 400 immigrants that are being in that facility, detain, and are making about trillions of dollars -- $2 million per year. enough is enough, no borders, no nations, will we stop these
6:35 pm
deportations, it has to take a movement to make it real, because clearly we can't rely on the politicians. >> thank you very much, we appreciate your perspective. angela and the group will be out here tomorrow, there is public comment, but the city council will not be taking up the issue, they are holding a special meeting tomorrow at 1 pm inside council chambers, where the public can voice their concerns. the protesters said they plan to be out here again tomorrow. i wanted to mention briefly, i heard that the order supervises, the sheriff told them that the department of homeland security is no longer considering california to house 47,000 migrants or any at all, they are no longer considering california to build possible detention centers, that is the word i'm getting from the county board of supervisors. we will let you know as soon as we hear more information.>> thank you. we appreciate that. california is among 17
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states suing the trumpet ministration, calling for the federal government to reunite the immigrant children and parents have been separated the border. the states claim they are being forced to shoulder increase child welfare, education and social services cause. in the meantime, laaks grilled the hhs had, about reuniting migrant families. >> how many of them have been reunified? >> they have been placed with a parent or other relative.>> several hundred. -- how many? >> 700 -- several hundred. in san francisco, the board of supervisors has elected a new president, just the last 10 minutes, as rob roth reports, supervisor melia: will be the board president -- melia cohen.
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>> reporter: london breed presided over her last meeting as the head of the board of supervisors, in order to prepare for her new job as mayor. in city hasaid that she left early so that they could elect one of their own as the rep resented, and not a progressive. they hold a 6-5 majority over progressives, when that gets replaced, that means that as mayor, she will have to find a way of working with progresses. instrumental in unseating him, and installing mark farrell. >> when we agree, we will aid her, and when we disagree, we are a check and balance.>> reporter: james taylor says it may not be easy for her as she tackles issues such as homelessness and housing. >> you have to have different
6:38 pm
coalition partners than you do in running for a campaign, she needs the progressives to carry out any kind of agenda.>> reporter: with the moderate versus progressive deck of cards is likely to be reshuffled in november, 4 seats on the board of supervisors will be up, so the majority could shift again. >> the question is, is she enough of a politician to persuade one or two progressives over to her position on a regular basis?>> politics, if done right, is a business of compromise.>> reporter: london breed will be serving out at lease term, and will have to run for mayor again next year. ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, a massive tent the size of 2 football fields outside the tesla factory. a little boy gets his head stuck in a statue in a bay area library, what firefighters had to do to get him out.>> the boy was happy to be out here
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as tesla ramps up production of its model three sedan, they are constructing a huge tent, the size of two football fields, is part of an entirely new general assembly line, they are under pressure to meet a goal of producing 5000 per week, by the end of this month. it is unclear if the assembly line is automated or not, or if it is fully operational at this time. the company has declined to
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provide details. in fairfield, a little boy had to be rescued after getting his head stuck at a atue in a public library, he was intrigued by a granite statue of a dragon on display in the civic center public library, he crawled underneath the statue, that is head stuck, and one of the dragons legs, they tried to maneuver the boy out, but he was stuck, finally they took a sledgehammer to a, breaking off a small piece, and freeing his head. >> the boy was happy to be out, he wasn't injured, good spirits, the mom was also very thankful.>> the statue was not badly damaged. >> quite a story there. glad they got him out. a vote coming up tonight on what could be the largest reservoir in the bay area. >> you should care, without water, or scarcity of water,
6:43 pm
businesses and jobs flee copy believe.>> the ambitious project that could reduce the impact of future droughts. the weather forecast includes this cooldown tomorrow, a significant heat up towards the end of the week. .
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the santa clara valley water district is getting ready to vote this evening to create the largest new reservoir in the bay area for 20 years. north of highway 152, east of gilroy.>> it is an him -- ambitious project that could reduce the impact of future droughts.>> reporter: the pacheco reservoir is ready to
6:46 pm
be transformed, the board is expected to approve a $200 million purchase of land underneath the pacheco, it would eventually become a near $1 billion reservoir north of state highway 152. >> you should care because without water or scarcity of water, businesses flee, jobs flee copy believe, people become uncertain.>> reporter: gary clemens says that the existing one wasin 1939, and is in need of repair. the new construction would be 23 times larger, and hold approximately 45 billion gallons of water. it would serve as a backup in drought years when the snowpack is low, or in years with excess rainwater,that has to be released becauthere is nowhere to store it. >> it's like a bank account, and we don't have enough, it is all spent and lost, now we can
6:47 pm
store it when it is rainy, and use it dry or critically dry times.>> they hope that it will pick up half of the approximate $1 billion price tab, using funds from measure one, passed in 2014. and groups that have a stake in the new reservoir, including the county. sizable hurdles as well, environmental groups claim the project is a rush to construct instead of pursuing conservation methods. >> we might have some dry years back to back, but we don't know when they are going to come.>> reporter: she says california's problem with the -- droughts affect western states, she said conservation is key, but that it can't stop it on its own. >> we have to explore desalinization and things like that. it is a good investment, absolutely. >> reporter: even at the state has half of the financial
6:48 pm
responsibility, it will be complete until 2028 at the earliest. in the san jose studio, ktvu fox 2 news . visiting the fires on real quick, the current conditions up there, i want to point out the committees -- the humidity is running a lot higher, same direction, a good direction, the humidities have popped up, humidity is one of their best friends, 42%, with that westerly wind, they were 22, -- 22%, 20%, 18%, so that cloverdale 35%, that will help tonight as more cool moist air moves into the area. across the country, whether in st. louis, might be some flight delays, up around chicago as well, just looking at the big airports and thinking what you might have to
6:49 pm
contend with now or tomorrow morning, the mississippi and ohio valley looks like it's going to be stormy over the next couple of hours. temperatures in the green represents the cool push of marine air, and outside of that, fairfield, 81, 5 degrees warmer than yesterday, even thought has ed up, i would expect fairfield this time of night to be in the mid to upper 80s, tomorrow, fairfield is going to be a little cooler, probably end of about 83 degrees tomorrow, for the daytime high. all because of this low pressure center, a good friend to the fire of baiters, it will stick around tomorrow and thursday, thenleaves, and it leaves aghjumps into it, the fire danger goes up. the pattern repeat -- repeats itself. sitting us up friday and
6:50 pm
saturday for significant worth. similar to last week. i don't know if we will see red flag warnings, but we will see temperatures in the upper 90s. fog along the coast, tomorrow morning, a temperature footprint like this, cooler tomorrow, 70s back into t napa valley, may be a few low 80s, but that is eastern livermore, and the forecast highs, another very important day for cal fire on all the fires in northern california, not just the bay area and clearly, but areas north of here where there are fires burning, around reading, they will get a break. the five day forecast, friday and saturday is the bull's-eye for bad weather for fires, but hopefully the next couple of days will be productive.>> we are right in the middle of it. summer with a bang. >> that's right. >> a mild spring, and suddenly. >>, --
6:51 pm
>> earlier than you would expect. the oakland a's continue to hit homers at a record pace, the rest of sports coming up next. please keep your shoes on! stop messing with your sister! hey! hey! don't make me come back there! so? feels really good.... yeah, i'm gonna buy it. (vo) customer service that goes the extra mile. enterprise makes it easy.
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welcome back, joes here,
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talking world cup, and argentina, they looked better. >> a bit of redemption, four world cup, and for going home, in group c and group d action. the intimacy, looking for redemption against nigeria, grabbing -- lionel messi, the whole country feeling it, including the great mirror donna, in the stadium. -- maradona. and a goal. >> goals!!! [ cheering ]
6:55 pm
>> [ laughter ] one of the most famous soccer broadcasters ever, he is from argentina, we assume he will be recovered in time for argentina's next game, it finishes second in the group, by 1 point over nigeria. iceland got off to a great start, but fighting for survival against croatia, getting the breakaway, hitting the iceland net, croatia celebrates a 2-1 win, and the folks back home are ecstatic, winning the group and moves on. it will play denmark, which battled france to a scoreless tie, france goes on to pay -- play argentina. peru and australia are both going home. the oakland a's are continuing the road trip in detroit, keeping an amazing record going. this guy probably remembers the days when billy martin was the
6:56 pm
manager of the tigers, in the first inning, one run is in, and then drooling a shot into the right field corner, and second with a double, the tigers got for the inning, and two more in the third inning, the a started chipping away, jonathan lucroy, and the fourth off of blaine hardy, two runs come home on the double, and 3 in the inning, and then headed to the fifth, on base, and now it is 27 straight road games in which the oakland a's if it a home run, an ongoing record, and lauri up next, he found the fences in the right -- in right field, narrowing the gap to 7-6, they have just loaded the bases with one out, but still trailing, 7- 6. one of the architects of the oakland a's dominant teams
6:57 pm
leaving baseball for good in all likelihood, sandy alderson is taking a leave of absence, he underwent cancer surgery in 2015 but stayed on the job, he announced today that the cancer has returned, and he does not expect to return, he was with the a's from 1981 to 1988, and has been with the mets since 2010. it is that time of year, klay thompson is now a regular in china. joining the hospitality, last year in china, for his company, noticing that he took part in it, the arcade games, when you shoot basketballs, he is a pretty good shooter, but he met his match in the person of a young woman who was a better shooter than him. >> she is rapidfire and not missing! >> i love that. >> good night!
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