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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  June 26, 2018 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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whatever your dog brings home toou, it shouldn't be fleas and ticks. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar. seresto, seresto, seresto. ohh no, jake. seresto. 8 month - seresto, seresto, seresto. the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. good news tonight from the wildfire in lake county. cal fire is reporting progress, and with more crews on the front lines, containment is growing. >> really trying to punch in a substantial amount of line and get a handle on this fire quickly. >> the pawnee fire east of clear lake is now 17 percent contained. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm alex savidge. frank somerville is off tonight. more than 2,000 firefighters are now on the front lines of
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that fire, and it's making a big different. here's the latest on thisthis developing news tonight. the pawnee fire scorched about 2,000 more acres today, but it's burning to the north and east, away from populated areas. 13,000 acres have burned in all so far, but there is some positive news tonight for all those anxious residents. containment is now up to 17 percent, although 600 structures remain threatened with mandatory evacuations still in effect. >> crews are working hard to cut containment lines before the weather warms up later in the week. debora villalon is live where she's been talking to evacuees about the promising news. news. >> reporter: it takes more than
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bulldozers, it takes bikers to get through a fire emergency, and on this night, motorcycle clubs rustled up a barbecue dinner for evacuees. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: everyone digesting new containment numbers, 17 percent, and hope it means they'll be out of this makeshift campground by the end of the week. >> i'll be relieved if my property is in good shape. >> reporter: but wind shifts and the heat of the day kept the flames roaring, still startling close to spring valleyal rough most of the pawnee is burning toward lake county's border. >> people are paying attention. >> reporterand the air attack remains intense with them dropping retardant as the smoke allows, and 15 water dropping helicopters assigned. triple digit temperatures are on the horizon. is there a real determination to get it out by the weekend? >> there's a real determination to get it out as soon as
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possible. >> reporter: evacuees say the response seemed slow. >> started growing, still you don't see any air support, do you? no air support. watching it grow, it's getting bigger and bigger. if we had air support an hour earlier, i don't think it would have been support. >> there may have been a delay getting the aircraft in, but rest assured they were still within the normal response times. >> reporter: the incident commander notes air and ground resources were away on two big fires in red bluff saturday evening when the pawnee broke out, but he insists no critical time was lost. >> it's a perception thing because five minutes can seem like five hours depending on what they're seeing and their emotions at the time. >> reporter: the homes lost were likely torched by embers cast way ahead of the fire, which for one county leader brings up important questions. >> all we have here are thousands of the past, and now we have thousands of houses in harm's way. >> reporter: county supervisors are looking at the big picture
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as fire insurance becomes impossible to get. ways of hardening houses, immunizing neighborhoods against fire >> sometis u have to burn the vegetation back away from the town in order to kee thatember cast to a lower level, and get your neighbors interested in it. >> reporter: supervisor steel is talking about screens on at that timics and metal guards on the eaves so embers don't take hold. it's definitely food for thought for the people sleeping here at the moose lodge tonight. for many of them it's their fourth fire evacuation in as many years. debora villalon, ktvu fox 2 news. >> all right, thank you for that. joining us now on the phone is cal fire spokesman david clark, and good evening to you david, i know you made quite a bit of progress today. are you attributing that to the resources on the ground, the break in the weather, a little bit of both? >> yes, good evening alex.
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a little bit of both. we have increased personnel on the ground and also the weather is playing very fair for us for the last 24 hour operational period. al period. >> david, 600 structures remain threatened tonight, what's being done to try and protect those structures, and any idea yet when people in the spring valley community might be allowed to return home? home? >> julie, so far we have 600 structured still threatened. they're in the area that the fire is burning, but by no means does it mean the fire is in the imminent path of the fire and it will burn their homes down. hopefully if the weather cooperates with us, we'll try and get the residents back in their homes within the week. >> and we're talking about a change in the weather coming up this weekend, things getting warmer, things getting drier. is there sort of a specific, you know, marker in terms of containment, a goal line you're trying to reach to make you feel comfortable once things do start to dry out and heat up?
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>> well, that expected rise in temperature is predicted for this weekend, so what we're tryingto do is really hit the -- trying to do is really hit the fire lines hard and aggressive the next couple of days, and hopefully we'll be able to do a lot after aerial drops and have crews working really hard to attack the fire. >> that's david clark, a spokesperson for cal fire joining us live by phone. david, thank you. >> thank you. the u.s. supreme court handed president trump a victory today in a narrow 5-4 vote, the court allowed the most recent travel ban to remain in place. ktvu's jana katsuyama is joining us live now from the newsroom with details on the decision and what comes next. >> the president's travel ban applies to seven countries, five mostly muslim. the supreme court majority today said it fell within presidential authority, but they did not rule on the merits of policy itself.
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>> today's supreme court ruling, um, just coming out, a tremendous success, a tremendous victory for the american people and for our constitution. constitution. >> reporter: president trump declared victory tuesday with the supreme court's ruling that his travel ban could stand. chief justice john roberts wrote the majority opinion in the narrow 5-4 ruling. >> the whole question was did the president act beyond that authority, and in particular did he act for incorrect reasons? >> reporter: uc hastings law professor david levine said the opponents sued sang the trump el ban discriminated against muslims. but the majority opinion stated quote the issue before us is not whether to denounce the statements, it is instead the significance of the statements in reviewing the presidential directive, neutral on its face, core of executive responsibility. the court said congress and the constitution give the presidency broad power over foreign affairs, security, and entry to the u.s. entry to the u.s.
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>> indonesia, for example. the largest muslim country in the world is not part of it. saudi arabia, not part of it. iraq, not part of third ban. so if it was truly a muslim ban, why in the world would the administration go after only i think it's 8 percent of the muslims in the world? >> reporter: levine says in its opinion the majority added we express no view of the soundness of the policy. in the dissent they listed president trump's past comments about muslims and said quote based upon the evidence and the record the proclamation was motivated by anti-muslim anamis. anamis. >> what she said was how could anybody conclude otherwise the motivation for this was to ban muslims and all the rest is subterfuge. >> reporter: the chief justice did state there were limits to
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the presidential powers, and overturning the supreme court ruling that allowed the u.s. government to capture americans of japanese dissent. attorney don tamaki who was on the legal challenge team says it's not an entire victory though. >> merely by invoking national security, that, um, the president can act with unbridled authority, and we feel that's dangerous, and that's the mistake that this court is repeating. . >> today's supreme court ruling only lists an injunction and allows the travel ban to remain in place. now the case goes back to the lower courts to battle the merits of president's actions. >> jana katsuyama in the newsroom, thank you. the ruling prompted rallies and protests here in the bay area. coming up at 10:30, muslim
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leaders and bay area officials say they're ready to fight the trump administration he policy points. the supreme court also handed down a key ruling today on free speech in california. the high court reversed a lower court ruling that required crisis centers to tell patients about abortions. the crisis centers usually steer women away from abortion and toward adoption or keeping the baby. they say the law was designed to keep the centers trash parent about their intentions, but the high court said requiring -- transparents about their intentions, but the high court said it infringed on their right of free speech. leer learning about an undercover drug -- we're learning about an dercover drug bust on friday that almost took an undercover officer's
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life. he inhaled drugs that could have killed him, but narcan happened wh they were serving a search warrant on a drug dealer at a hayward hotel. he was eventually taken into custody. and police are looking for a group of burglarsthat surprised residents in their home after using crowbars to pry open the door. henry lee spoke with one of the victims and the video that could help police make arrests. >> reporter: this is surveillance video showing two men sneaking out the back of a window, using a crowbar to force open the front door, and then they were confronted by the homeowner. he didn't want to identify, but said he yelled out choice words. >> what the [ bleep] is going on? >> reporter: and did that scare them away? >> yes. >> reporter: and just seconds after they got out of their car, they ran back inside and took off. this was about 12:30 monday afternoon in a neighborhood
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known as the stones. but within an hour the same car showed up in the victoria neighborhood. >> one made entry into the home, made it up to the second floor. >> reporter: this man was sleeping because he works the graveyard shift. he says he heard loud sound, opened his bedroom door, and realized an intruder made it all the way upstairs. >> i was looking at him over there, and he was facing this way, so when i yelled he just started running toward that, and i heard footsteps downstairs. >> reporter: police believe they broke into two other cars while the residents were away. they were in a black chevrolet malibu with tinted windows. possibly a rental. >> they just go random city to city looking for houses that looks like there's no one home. it's crazy. >> reporter: police say residents should respond to knocks and doorbells by talking to the person through the door.
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>> don't let it be known the house is not vacant. >> reporter: this victim says he ignored knocks at the door about a half hour before the intrusion. he won't do it anymore. >> i talked to my wife and said we should at least answer the door without opening the door. just answer it, what you want to, or you know we don't want anything. >> reporter: if you recognize the two men in the video or that vehicle, police want to hear from you. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. tvu fox 2 news. a judge orders federal authorities to reunite separated immigrant families as california and 16 other states apply their own legal pressure. >> reporter: a rally here in front of city hall to fight the possibility of naval weapons station in concord being used as a migrant detention facility. we have new information that this may no longer be a possibility. and fortunately for firefighters the weather has
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been filleted the last couple of -- mild the last couple of days. coming up we have the details on the forecast.
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new details tonight on the crisis at the border. a u.s. district judge in san diego tonight ordered federal authorities to reunite separated families within 30 days. 30 days. the order comes as part of a lawsuit filed by the aclu on behalf of two moms separated
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from their children. meantime 17 states, including california and new york, filed suit against the trump administration over the zero tolerance policy. licy. more than 2,000 children taken from their parents in recent weeks. the health and human services secretary today was on capitol hill and couldn't say exactly how many families have been reunited. >> how many of them have been reunified? >> that's what i'm saying. they've been placed with a parent or other relative -- >> how many? how many? >> several hundred. several hundred. >> a compromise immigration bill is expected to come up for a vote in the house tomorrow. that would reverse the zero tolerance policy and provide a path to citizenship for dreamers and provide funding for a border wall, although lawmakers tell fox news support for the bill is dwindling among republicans. two immigrant children separated from their parents at the border are being housed at a facility in pleasant hill.
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they're staying at a house for unaccompanied children run by the gont funded group southwest key. two employees told the city they're working to reunite the girls now with their parents. the group says the facility is a child care center, not a detention center. the ages of girls were not released. the tentative plan to detain thousands of migrants at the old concord naval station is apparely off the table tonight. the county supervisor says he received late word that no sites in california will be considered. ktvu's amber lee is joining us leave from concord with that and a rally that was held tonight by area residents who are opposed to this idea. amber is this amber is this >> reporter: alex, i spoke with supervisor joya by phone who tells me the contra costa county sheriff was in contact with the homeland security secretary, and said no california sites are being considered for the migrant detention facilities.
10:18 pm
i spoke with a spokeswoman for the city, and she tells me city officials here in concord have received no word of this, eld b front of city hall. t of city hall. >> asylum is a legal way to enter this country. >> reporter: about 100 people attended a rally to support concord officials opposition to the concord naval weapons station being used as a migrant detention facility. >> they're human beings and they come to america for the american dream and want to provide for their family. >> reporter: this couple says this is the first time they've participated in al ray will, and they brought -- in a rally, and they brought their three daughters. >> i'm trying to teach my daughter to be compassionate and help people that are in danger and seeking a better life, and that's not a bad thing. >> reporter: the mayor sent this letter to the u.s. secretary of the navy saying in part, clearly we do not think the concord naval weapons station is an appropriate
10:19 pm
location for a detention center. >> for people to come here, go through all that work, and come here and get shut down and locked up into a cage like an animal, that's not human. >> reporter: some at the rally went inside to speak at the city council meeting and during the public comment. >> we're not going to allow this naval base here to have a concentration camp for people, but anywhere in this country. >> all of these camps, they are immoral, despicable, un- american, and evil. erican, and evil. >> reporter: the concord city council plans to hold a special town hall meeting tomorrow afternoon to get more public input. this despite the supervisor joya saying no site in california including the concord naval weapons station is being considered for migrant detention facilities. i reached out to the contra costa county sheriff's office, and a spokesman tells me that the sheriff will not comment on confidential communications. ommunications.
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alex, julie? >> all right, amber, thank you. hank you. king in with temperatures cooling off tomorrow. today wasn't all that warm, but it was warmer than yesterday. which wasn't all that warm. but tomorrow will be even cooler. so temperatures generally staying in the mid-60s to mid- 70s for most of us with the hot spots tomorrow low 80s at best. not low90s. so a -- low 90s. so a little fog along the coast as you expect this time of year. and we look out, temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. there's that sea breeze which is really helping out the fire zones in northern california because even though it's not getting, you know, it's still kind of warm in the areas east of santa rosa up by the lake county areas, it's still moister and cooler than it would be. so the strong sea breeze 17 per containment on the pawnee fire.
10:21 pm
temperatures about where they were last night, and hey, check it out. >> what is it? >> i think they're following soccer, so this is obviously the new lights, and i think, yeah, it's traffic, just showing video. it's interesting, right? i don't know. so anyway, that's the new sales force building with the lights up top. it will be interesting to see how it goes, but it's different. >> you're almost as tall as the building. >> thanks julie. >> it is interesting. it's like why do they have traffic? like there's no reason to have traffic right now. >> rolling video through it. so here's how it goes. firefighters are getting a break with this low pressure system sticking around tomorrow and thursday, but then it's gone and really heating up and fire danger becomes an issue friday and saturday. we'll see you back here with those specifics. bill, thank you. still to come tonight, saying a final good bye. hundreds came together to remember a fallen firefighter killed in the line of duty in
10:22 pm
southern california. and the world cup, argentina comes back from the brink of elimination to stun nigeria and move on to the next round. joe fonzi with the winning goal. and a deadly explosion at a hospital in texas. the blast partially collapsing the building. what investigators say is likely to blame.
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new at 10:00 tonight, one person is dead after an explosion at a hospital in
10:25 pm
texas. least 3 in critical condition. some of the building's walls and ceilings collapsed, and power was knocked out to the entire hospital. ospital. patients were evacuated and taken to other hospitals in the area. in the area. investigators say a boiler room that was under construction may be to blame. fire crews today lined freeway overpasses in southern california to salute a fallen firefighter. a procession carried the 45- year-old fire captain dave rosa through long beach. the captain was shot and killed yesterday as he responded to a fire at an apartment home. one of the residents of the home was charged today with murder. police say he opened fire on first responders. rosa was a 17-year veteran of the long beach fire department and leaves behind a wife and two sons. social media app instagram is now worth more than a billion dollars according to blooerg. it says instagram has doubled in value many times over since
10:26 pm
facebook purchased the company for a billion dollars back in 2012. the new evaluation comes less than a week after instagram announced its new long form video platform, ig tv. it launched at the same time instagram reached 1 billion monthly active users. on wall street the markets recovered some of monday's losses. the dow de30 points and the nasdaq added 29. analysts say investors remain worried about trade tensions with chining and the european union. the battle of a tesla model s involved in a fiery and deadly crash in florida reignited twice after the flames had been put out. the findings are part of a report by the national transptaafety board released today on the crash in fort lauderdale. the model s was traveling 116 miles per hour when it crashed into a wall. two teens were killed.
10:27 pm
the report says the battery relying nighted when the wreckage was being removed from the scene, and did so again later at the wrecking yard. ing yard. firefighters here in the bay area had a similar experience after a model s crashed in mountain view earlier in the year. the year. coming up, a big tentat tesla as ceo elon musk pulls out the stops to make good on his promises to stockholders. details on the makeshift assembly line that popped up in fremont. and with london breed as the new mayor, the board of supervisors voted on who will take her place. what about him?
10:28 pm
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>> protect our communities and look out for more calls to action. protests today in san francisco over the supreme court decision to uphold president trump's travel ban. demonstrators say the ban is inherently un-american, and city leaders agree and they vow to keep fighting. keep fighting. >> reporter: just hours after the supreme court released its decision to uphold the third of administration's travel ban, city leaders and community organizers in san francisco were out on the steps of city hall saying although religion
10:31 pm
is not explicitly mentioned in the newest ban, at its core it's a muslim ban. >> it's still unconstitutional. >> reporter: they say the highest court in the land got it wrong, reaching back into history recalling supreme court decisions allowing the incarceration of japanese americans in world war ii, and slavery. >> it's a grim stain on the supreme court's legacy including the dred scott decision. >> reporter: then just two hours later a second rally decrying the president's zero tolerance border enforcement policy that led to children being separated from their who's not white or christians. >> the trump administration as well as the supreme urt a very carefullnsucted racist xenophobic, isolationist
10:32 pm
agenda. >> reporter: city leaders vowed today to continue their fight against trump administration policies. >> i'm looking forward to not only holding this president accountable, but other elected officials to do the right thing, to make sure that we unite these families and to make sure we pass comprehensive immigration reform. >> reporter: the board of supervisors also voting on a pair of resolutions. one to formally denounce president trump's border policies, and another to support the keep families together act. ktvu fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news. act alameda county grand jury found fault with oakland's public works department, backing up a 2 investigates report in may at the lake. we raised questions about sewage in the lake, and the accuracy of reporting the spills to the public. the grand jury found that a public work supervisors changed an on sight estimate of a spill last year of more than 50,000 gallons of sewage to make the
10:33 pm
spill seem less severe. the report also said the city and east bay regional park district need to do a better job communicating with the public about spills and responding to them in general. oakland's public works department has 90 days to respond to the report and its recommendations. n francisco board of supervisors elected a new board president. tonight malia cohen was unanimously elected by her colleagues to the post. she's served since 2011. she's replacing london breed as board president. breed is stepping down to take over as mayor. as mayor. she is set to be inaugurated on july 11th. it's not even used to manufacture cars, but now a giant tent is helping the tesla ceo elon musk make good on his production pledge to crank out 5,000 model 3s by the end of
10:34 pm
june. here's more on the makeshift assembly line. >> reporter: it's not visible from the highway, but you can see the massive tent behind me from this back road. an employee referred to it as general assembly 4, and in it hundreds of employees are working 12-hour shifts. 12-hour shifts. you could see a flurry of activity near the tent as employees are seen assembling the model 3 sedans. the tent is the size of two football fields. the temporary tent was built earlier this month to meet demands. >> it's not unusual because he understands the problems that he's facing, and he comes up with outside the box solutions. >> reporter: while some manufacturing experts call it insanity, dr. fred perez doesn't. he's the director of hybrid and electric vehicle technology at san jose state, and he says the big military camp style
10:35 pm
structurused throughout the world, mainly to manufacture aircraft. he says the tent will likely be used in the back end of the manufacturing process where employees will install seats, windows, and tires. >> it's definitely the right direction because this tent facility is going to, if not double the capacity, it's going to at least improve that capacity. >> reporter: ceo elon musk has been under pressure to crank out 5,000 model 3s a week after initially having difficulty with robots. dr. perez says this is an example of going back to the roots of an assembly line. >> it's a quick solution to robots versus human. >> reporter: perez says the companies were able to produce thousands of cars a week. >> i like the idea of an electric car and the tax rebates were as been waiting months for his model 3, and wonders if the tent will effect
10:36 pm
the car's qual all cars will be tested for quality control. >> if it helps them meet their goals and achieve their production requirements, then more power to them. power to them. >> reporter: experts say the tent could be up for years, as long as it takes to boost production and it is cheaper and faster to do this than to obtain a permit for a permanent structure. julie? >> that's one big tent. thank you. thank you. new details in the child sex abuse case in the east bay involving a teacher and babysitter. we'll explain why the suspect is now facing new charges. charges. and the temperatures drop off a little bit tomorrow, then come right back up towards the weekend. we'll have the details.
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new 15:09, a tip -- new at 10:00, a tip from a witness leads police to almost $10,000 worth of stolen merchandise. police got a call sunday from someone reporting a theft at e on time later. at the time pair were in possession of $9,500 worth of stolen merchandise, including baby formula and multiple packages of over the counter
10:40 pm
medication. they were booked into the sonoma county jail on charges of burglary, possession of stolen property, and conspiracy. prosecutors in contra costa county filed new charges against a teacher and babysitter today connected to child sex abuse. jinest was a teacher at bentley high school and a part time babysitter. investigators say he used various social media platforms and apps to advertise his baby sitting services. prosecutors say more charges could be on the way. san francisco international is announcing changes to ride hailing services like uber and lyft in an effort to reduce congestion at the airport. sfo is increasing the fee for companies that drop off or pick up customers curb side to $5 and opening a new passenger loading area in the central garage to divert some traffic
10:41 pm
from the curb side. the airport is ng hourly parking garages free to evyone for the first 30 minutes to make it easier for all drivers to drop off or pick up passenger as way from the curb. up next it would be the largest new reservoir in the bay area in 20 years. the plan that was voted on in the south bay tonight meant to help during a drought. and chief meteorologist bill martin will be coming up with your complete bay area forecast. we'll be right back. l be right back.
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the santa clara valley water district voted to create the largest new reservoir here in the valley in 22 years. >> they're expanding the pecheco reservoir east of gilroy. the project aims to reduce the impact of future droughts. s. >> reporter: the pecheco reservoir would eventually become a near billion dollar reservoir north of state 152. >> you should care because without water or scarcity of water, businesses flee, jobs flee, people leave, people become uncertain. come uncertain.
10:45 pm
>> reporter: board member gary lemon says the existing reservoir was built in 1939 and is in need of repair. the new structure would be23 times larger and hold approximately 43 gallons of water. he says it would be a back up in drought years when the snow pack is law or in years excess rain water must be released because there's nowhere to store it. >> it's like a bank account, and we don't have enough so it's all spent and lost, now we can store it in a bank account when it's rainy and use it in drier or critically dry times. >> reporter: the water district hope it is state will pick up half of the -- hopes the state will pick up half of the $1 billion tab. additional funding could come from groups with a stake in the new reservoir. there are sizable hurdles as well. environmental groups that claim this project is a rush to construct instead of pursuing
10:46 pm
conservation methods. >> we never know when dry years will come. >> reporter: california's problem with dates now impacts -- droughts now impact most western states, and conservation is key, but they can't oncer the problem alone. >> -- conquer the problem alone. >> we have to look at other options,. >> reporter: is this a good investment? >> absolutely. >> reporter: the first phase will be permits and environmental studies. the project, the largest since the 90s wouldn't be complete until 2028 at the earliest. jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. ox 2 news. all right, let's visit the fire zone real quick, and see some good news in terms of wind and humidity and even temperatures at this hour up in the pawnee fire in lake county. we're talking about temperatures down into the 70s, even 60s in areas. you look at the humidity,
10:47 pm
that's huge. almost 50 percent humidity. 60 percent at lower lake or 61 percent. so these humidity recoveries at night are huge, and that's, that's really very important in the fire fight. also the wind are relatively light. look at the 5 miles per hour wind here, 4 here, so the winds aren't howling, so pretty good conditions. that's rough terrain there definitely. i think the fire is more terrain driven than anything because it's so vertical and a lot of dry brush and wood there. but weather is somewhat helping or seems like it's helping more than it was three nights ago. fog at the coast. it's cooler here too, and it will be cooler tomorrow by a good 5 to 8 degrees than it was today. the marine layer is pushing inland, and the green that's the push, and that could easily be your marine layer push there. ush there.
10:48 pm
doesn't mean it's fog necessarily, but just the cool and moisnight. there's the sales force building. there's surf on there now. i kind of like that. >> i like that. it's relaxing. >> okay, and we'll check in on it tomorrow night. the forecast for san francisco tomorrow, the areas of fog certainly along the coast. that's in berkeley and oakland as well. by lunchtime you're at 58 degrees. not that warm. the hot spots tomorrow , livermore and antioch, in the inland bay valleys tomorrow it's not 90s. . it's 80s. it's 80s. so low 70s, mid-70s out towards 70 and then where it should be 92 or 93 it's 82, 83, 84, and i think that's on the high end. so cooler tomorrow, lower temperatures. forecast highs, that's good though. again you wouldn't want a big hot day the next couple of
10:49 pm
days. this is a nice opportunity for firefighters to get a little break to fight the fires burning not just in lake county, but all parts of northern california right now. ght now. so there's the five-day forecast, and the concern is that friday-saturday number when things pop up. i don't suspect red flag warning, but the fire danger will ratchet up. >> well, they made good progress today gaining 17 percent, so hopefully in the next couple of days they can jump on it even more. >> seems like they're turning a corner. >> feels like it. >> that sales force business reminds me of a lava lamp. >> that's exactly what it reminds me of. that might be the next imagery. >> all right, bill, thank you. in fairfield a little boy had to be rescued after getting his head stuck in a statue. he really did at the library. the boy was apparently intrigued by an 800-pound
10:50 pm
granite statue of a dragon on display in thpublic librar he crawled under the statue, and then got his head stuck between the base and the gag gone's legs. -- dragon's leg. finally they had to take a sledge hammer to the statue and free the boy's head. >> the boy was definitely happy to be out. he wasn't injured and was in good spirits. >> the statue, the good news is was not too badly damaged. damaged. coming up on the 11:00 news tonight, the president's travel ban upheld by the me court. we're going to hear from a legal expert on the rationale on today's decision. and world cup highlights coming up in sports.
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
joe is joining us now in for mark today. the giants down to the wire, but they pull it out. >> yes, the units continue to hang around in the national -- giants continue to hang around in the national league west. the colorado rockies in town, and you have to make hay when you're meeting a division
10:54 pm
opponent. hernandez with a drive in the 3rd against bettis. 10th hope run of the year for hernandez. the giants trying to break the tie in the 7th. fly ball to center. slater tagging from 3rd, but perez got an arm this throw is there, but slater just beats it, and it's 2-1. the rockies retied it in the 8th. bottom 8, the giants have the bases loaded against ottavino, and hernandez drives in crawford. and then in the 9th. shot to 2nd, panic knocks it down, and he's doubled up on 1st. they reviewed both calls and stood. the giants win 3-2 going two games over 500. the a's continued their road trip in detroit spotting the tigers a big lead and remem
10:55 pm
of al and mickey. detroit jumped on the a's starters for six runs in three innings. two runs come home here, and it's a 6-0 game. the a's then started chipping away. they trailed 7-3 into the 5th. pinder found the left field seats, and that's now 27 straight road games when the a's got a home run, and then lowery up next, he found the fences if right. that's 13 homers for lowery. it's a 7-4 game. and then joyce led off the inning with a double in a tie game, lowery got it down with a solid single up the middle. the a's go one more for the inning for insurance, and they win 9-7. 7. four more teams are moving on in the world cup, and four
10:56 pm
are going home after today's action in groups c and d. today's marquee game was group d. messi looking for redense redemption playing nigh year -- for redemption playing nigeria. here's what happened. >> goal! goal! >> the announcer is from argentina, and we assume he'll be recovered in time for the
10:57 pm
next game. iceland got off to a great start in the world cup for its first time, but was fighting for survival today against croatia. 90th minute croatia gets a break away, and they win the group and moves on. they'll go on to play denmark which battled france today in a scoreless tie. france will meet argentina in the knockout round, and peru beat australia, but they're both going home. and klay thompson is making an off season trip to china an annual thing. annual thing. they loved klay last year, and
10:58 pm
love him even more. you know the arcade games where you shoot basketball? well, klay met his match in a young woman who it appears did not miss. t miss. the warriors gave a qualifying office to patrick mccaw -- offer to patrick mccawu now it's up to patrick if he wants to accept it tonight. and check this out. the embarrassment level high. hernandez called for a block. luckily the only thing hurt was his pride. and san diego and the rangers. if you're too casual you end up with nothing. and justin off morton, and
10:59 pm
down. and finally the college world series. zach taylor hitting a blooper in foul territory. arkansas is one win away now from winning the title. and that's it for me for now. i'll see you at 11:25. here's the news at 11:00. joe, thank you very much. next at 11:00. >> we have to be tough and safe and secure. >> this started with a president saying he wanted to ban muslims from our country. a ruling from the u.s. supreme court allowing the president's controversial travel ban to stand. ban to stand. the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. tonight president trump is calling the court's ruling a victory for the american people, but not everyone is happy about it. hello again, i'm alex savidge, frank is off take long for
11:00 pm
protests to erupt here in the bay area and across the country following the supreme court's decision. the white house says the ban is crucial for national security, but opponents say the court is on the wrong side of history. y. ktvu's jana katsuyama is live in the newsroom tonight with more on the decision. on. >> the ruling was 5-4, justice anthony kennedy was the swing vote joining the four conservative justices saying the ban appeared to be within presidential powers, and there's no reason for it to be blocked while it's discussed in a lower court. >> reporter: president trump declared victory tuesday with the supreme court's ruling that his travel ban could stand. chief justice john roberts wrote the majority opinion in the narrow 5-4 ruling. >> the whole question was did the president


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