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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  June 27, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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more, in the senate swift action to replace kennedy's vacant seat. a blanket of and certainty is finally lifted. >> we want confirmation, from the navy, that they have halted a project. >> a former naval base is not being considered as an immigration detention center, we will have the latest from today's meeting. heat reprieves are coming to an end. >> i was expecting there would be an increase in temperature, and wind, that is why we want to make firefighting that much easier. >> firefighters have to work harder to contain fires, our news starts now. major milestone decisions, today's announcement, that judge anthony kennedy is stepping down. the california conservative judge wasn't nominated by ronald reagan 31 years ago. he will retire at the end of next month. welcome, i am heather
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holmes. justice kennedy played a crucial role in several cases, barbara's life for us, in washington, for the announcement. president trump has the opportunity to nominate a replacement. >> reporter: that is exactly right, good afternoon to both of you. justice kennedy served in the courts and february 1988. the big talk is exactly what you just said, his retirement offers president trump a rare opportunity to try to cement conservative control of the high courts. >> supreme court justice anthony kennedy is stepping down, heat said that his resignation is effective july 31. >> this retirement is earth shattering, and gut wrenching. >> the president praised the long time justice for his 30 years of service, and, the search for a new justice will begin immediately. >> he has displayed a great
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division, and, tremendous heart. he will be missed. >> reporter: he cast a swing vote on several divisive issues, including abortion, affirmative action, and same-sex marriage. >> someone who has the ability, to see both sides of an issue, not ideological, and uses his best judgment, when looking at cases. >> reporter: the senate will vote in the presidential nominee, this fall. >> it is imperative, that at the president's nominee gets considered fairly. >> reporter: chuck schumer is already pushing back on a potential vote, on the senate floor today. he said republicans should follow the standards, that they have set, after justice scalia died in 2016, and not consider a supreme court denomination during an election year. >> president trump has said he has a potential list of the successors he plans to choose from.
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>> reporter: in the fall, he put out a list of 25 potential supreme court nominees, and he says that is the list he will choose a nominee from. fox news is hearing, that the brett cavanagh who serves on the u.s. court of appeals, here in dc -- he also served under george w. bush -- mr. cavanaugh is a major front runner, at this point in time. republican senator mike lee of utah is also on that list. there are two people on the list, the final list, for the supreme court running that ended up going to neil course such -- gorsich, so, those are people who are considered to be top of the list. our sources are saying, eliana, that the brett cavanagh is someone that that the president is looking at it very closely. >> live in washington for us,
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thank you. for more on justice kennedy, and the battle that will loom over his successor, i am joined with addie, thank you for being here. let's start with the justice kennedy's legacy, what will he be remembered for? >> this retirement will include things that he might have known -- a been known for, before the big decisions today and yesterday. probably, mostly as a swing vote, or the person regarded as eccentric in many supreme court battles. >> in a majority of the cases, he cited with more conservative justices. he was an appointee of president ronald reagan, but, it is his liberal decisions, on social issues, that he will most be remembered for. >> usually, we can make predictions of which way judge is going to go, based on who appointed them. justice stevens it was a big surprise like that, and kennedy was not a surprise, in the fact that he was essentially conservative.
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there were issues, for which he had a soft spot. the main one, that most people will remember, is same-sex marriage. also, the important decision in the brown case, which swung support towards inmates, and removing overcrowding from california prisons. >> he was a surprising hero for gays, and prisoners rights. >> he was also a discipline into the conservatives that oppose abortion. >> that is correct, we have to keep in mind that those were issues, that he had a soft spot for. that is why civil rights organizations, always felt that this is a conservative -- but with an open mind. he is a man -- who in most decisions, especially during the last term, he voted conservative. 19 decisions, that came down 5- 4, and political lines, and 17 of them he voted leaning conservative. >> let's talk about that, he is
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a linchpin, and now we have an opportunity from president trump, to appoint a second justice. what are you expecting? i want to bring up to the audience at home, the way things are right now. a look at the more conservative leaning justices, and the more liberal leaning justices. this is an opportunity, for the president -- if he chooses, to push the supreme court further to the right. >> absolutely, we have the four liberals in the court, breyer, ginsburg, and then on the other side, we have thomas, who is largely conservative, he boats it liberally, but usually with a conservative swing. we stabbed justice scalia, but was also a very unusual justice. he had interesting perspectives, in the constitution. when he passed away, we appointed neil, and are viewers probably remember the brouhaha, when it was given to neil.
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that pay dividends for mitch mcconnell, and the trump administration, because neil has been very active in writing decisions, and voting consistently with conservatives. >> you bring up what happened, last time we had someone who is going to be appointed to the supreme court, your prediction on moving forward, this is going to be up to mitch mcconnell, to get this vote to happen, before the november election. >> the game right now is a game of timing, to anticipate what will happen in november -- the hope for the democrat side, is that they will stall as much as possible, before getting to the primaries. this will be a major issue in the midterms. >> thank you so much, we always appreciate you being here. >> turning to the immigration debate now, the house rejected the compromise immigration bill. no democrat voted in favor of it, and 100 republicans voted against it. the bill would have provided $25 billion for sitter -- for border security, and funding
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for the wall. it would have created a path to citizenship, for the dreamers. it was denied by a last-minute push, from president trump, on twitter. >> i said, do what you want. ultimately, we will come to something, and as of this moment, democrats are not going to vote for anything. they are resisting, and obstructing. >> in the meantime, a federal judge in san diego, has ordered the government to reunite families separated at the border, within 30 days. parents must be allowed to speak with their parents, by phone, as soon as possible. the judge issued a nationwide injunction in the future separations. the latest word from city officials in congress, following talks at that the former naval weapons station is being considered to house migrants. christina is light outside,
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where a official meeting is being held today. it christina? >> reporter: that meeting just wrapped up, 20 minutes ago. there were a lot of people here, as well as neighboring communities, that said that they are happy that this is now developing. they are still very cautious, they want to make sure that this decision does not change. we will show you what it looks like inside, earlier this afternoon -- at this meeting started at 1 pm. there was an email from the county sheriff, that stated the sheriff was informed that no relocation camps will be established, in concorde or anywhere else in california, at this time. this email was shared with the public, the sheriff said, he got the word from high ranking officials in the california office of emergency services. there were more than 100 people inside of those chambers, they welcomed this news, but many of them spoke up to say that they want to keep the pressure on. >> we want confirmation from
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the navy, that they have halted the project, and they are not considering concorde as a naval weapons station. >> i don't want to say, that's the wrong decision, because, that it may or not to be the best course of action, i am not sure. we would still rather take a defensive position, at this point. >> this afternoon, we received a statement from congressman mike, saying he is pleased with the effort to -- the effort to turn concorde back into a naval weapons base. part of the statement reads, along with our local officials, and dedicated community, we will apply pressure on unjust policies proposed by the administration. we cannot let our guard down, as one thing can change things. >> they are saying, that, this
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is not going to happen. they want to make sure that it stays that way. we also want to make sure, that there is mentioned, the 5:00 meeting with the mayor, and a local official, as well as senator members. all of them were supposed to meet, but now that meeting has been canceled, upon where did that this effort has not been halted. eliana? >> thank you, christina. a dog attacked its owner, today, a 60-year-old woman was sent to the hospital. sheriff deputies found the woman in the home, after she was badly injured, and, the dog was outside in the yard. deputies had to kill the dog, after a charge at them. she was lifted -- airlifted to a trauma center, where she is recovering from several major dog bites. today, the supreme court ruling that will spell out a
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big change for union members paying their fees. evacuations are lifted, there is still a lot of work on the poni fire, to be done. weather is going to cool down, no big changes in your short-term thursday forecast, but we could be tracking more heat for the weekend. we will have the forecast, coming up.
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today, we saw crews hard at work, manning fire lines. the fire has now burned 13,500 acres, 600 homes remain threatened. counts of destroyed structures still stand at 22. >> we are joined, live, with the people that have been evacuated during all of this. they have finally been allowed to return home. >> reporter: we will get to that in a second, take a look here. there is a hotspot, smoking up there. throughout the fire area, there are dozens, if not hundreds of these, that have to be addressed. having said that, people are coming home, to homes that have been untouched by fire, mostly. that is only thanks and, to the courageous work, of an army of firefighters. >> mauricio has not seen his
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house, let alone sleep in it, for the past four nights. this afternoon, he was finally allowed to return to his spring valley home. >> i am glad, we were talking about who lost what, a couple of friends and the back of the alley lost a couple things -- we are happy, glad to be back. >> sent his family just returned, but he never left. >> i had animals, and my home, due to the last four hires, i could not afford insurance. i wanted to be able to put out fires that they started, and protects -- and protect my neighbors home, from looters. >> everybody around here, knows exactly who to think. >> by no means is this a done deal, we have parts of the fire that are smoldering, and actively burning. they will continue to burn, until patrols get it all finished up. >> there are dozens and dozens of bulldozers, of all sizes. with the fire's height,
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bulldozers can cut fire breaks all over the area. they not only slow the fire, but prevents the fire from spreading. fire breaks already exists throughout the region, but, it appears this fire was intense enough to cause officials to create more of them, and cut existing ones whiter. there are hundreds of ground crews that make sure that hotspots are fully asked english, as well as cut areas so steep, that not even bulldozers can cut them. this is dangerous, exhausting, and tedious work. in high temperature conditions, and in regular terrain. >> we had a change in weather pattern, this weekend. we are taking advantage of the weather cooperating with us. we are putting in work, to put in stopgaps, to ensure safety for this weekend. we also are trying to monitor higher temperatures in the area.
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>> reporter: consider this, more than 100 days left of primetime fire season, still ahead. >> we continue to think about that, every day. thank you so much, tom. we are going over to our meteorologist, mark, we now have 48 hours until some real heat. >> yes, if you're expecting at that one of, the wind will pick up, friday and saturday. if you're in san francisco, or oakland, you may think it is cold out there, but there is a completely different story in lake county. temperatures are in some spots, close to the 90 degree mark, the humidity is around 40 percent, it is still fairly warm, but fairly dry, as we come closer to the fire area. this is one of the biggest challenges, for the fire crews,
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getting the fire trucks up to get the flames. that can happen, you cannot access these areas. 85 degrees close to the fire zone, and the humidity is around 33 percent. there is a bit of a breeze, around 11 miles per hour. here is the forecast, as we head to the weekend. saturday will be very hot, the national weather service is already working on this. the weather watch, for this area, friday morning, through sunday evening, i am telling you, the strongest winds will be friday night into saturday morning. 30-35 mile-per-hour winds, are what you should be expecting. there will be fog out near the coastline, closer to monterey bay. it will be overcast, around pacifica, and the golden gate bridge. there is that cloud cover, it looks like summertime weather. the clouds will hang out in the coastline, and, you should
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experience clear skies in line. concorde will be 78, san jose will be 74. you can see the fog overhead -- it will cool those areas to a nice at 55 degrees. at fairfield, has a wind gust of 31 miles per hour, and san francisco, is gusty up to 28 miles per hour. here we go, with the cloud cover over the bay. san francisco, clouds as we head into early thursday morning, we will have that in the forecast, for tomorrow morning. temperatures start out the day at the 50s. we will talk about the highs for tomorrow, and an increase to the fire danger he -- the fire danger in the bay area, coming up in a few minutes. a deadly crash has close down highway 24 in oakland, this morning. it happened at 5:20 pm, west of the interchange. it closed multiple lanes of four hours. it started with one car, rear ending another. >> there was a honda civic,
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that rear ended a chevy tahoe, at that point, the chevy tahoe went up to the embankment, and, the tahoe overturns, causing the driver of the tahoe to be overturned from the tahoe. subsequently, another vehicle ran over the driver of the tahoe, unfortunately causing a fatal collision. >> all of those lanes reopen, around 7:30 pm. >> google becomes your personal assistant, coming up next, we chat with our tech expert about the artificial intelligent, with a real human voice, rolling out today.
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have you ever wondered what it is like to have a secretary to book important meetings for you? now google can do that, it is rolling out a human sounding artificial intelligence software that places phone calls for you. the voices sounds natural, instead of robotic. there was a demo, at the google duplexer, -- duplex, earlier this year. >> i am looking for a hair
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appointment. may 3. >> sure, one second. >> okay, >> what time are you looking for? >> 12 pm. >> a small group of people were given the go-ahead to try it out today, this has raised ethical issues for people. ryan joins us now, to explain, it is interesting -- you heard people explain, how funny it was, when they were hearing humanistic mannerisms, front of this artificial intelligence. >> we are kind of used to that, where, what google is showing -- we are used to robotic voices, but this sounds like a real person. there are multiple personalities, that are used throughout the demo. there is a male voice, a british accent, and, also -- they can sound younger, more nasally, like i do. it is a really disconcerting,
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and a little uncomfortable, when you realize that you are talking to a but, rather than a human being. >> and ethical issues, maybe google should have to disclose that an artificial intelligence robot is actually on the other line, what are some of the issues, what is being discussed right now? >> what google did, was bring reporters and, to a thai restaurant, and allowed the reporters to take live calls, from the google artificial intelligence, they would ask you for reservations, and they would try to throw curveballs, to see how it would handle it. it why identify itself, and say, this is a google assistant, and the call is being recorded. obviously, google is going to test out, who reacts to what did the best, but if you are in
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a busy restaurant, you might not necessarily here. if you do not hear it, you do not know that you are being recorded, that could be a problem. especially in states where recording phone calls, without permission from the other user, for example, is against the law. the texas will not be included, but in california, you have to tell someone before you get on the phone with them, that they are being recorded, otherwise you are breaking the law. >> they have to disclose, who they are talking to, but when they pick up the phone, if you are busy, at a hair salon, you might hear that you are being recorded, and hang up, because you do not know what it is. >> in the initial stages, that is what was happening. the assistant sounded too fake, and they added changes of inflections, the drawing out of words, and, things like that, it started to allow people to be duped into believing that they are talking to a real person. now they had a disclaimer upfront, and people are not being hung up as much, now, for
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out of five calls are handled entirely by the robot, but it is backed up by a human in a call center. if someone says they do not want to be recorded, or dealing with a robot, specifically, a human will come in the line, instead of a google assistant. >> what about scammers, can they use this? >> google is not allowing anyone to use the system, except for them, and the google users. they are concerned about people being able to span a restaurant, with a bunch of different phone calls, or tricking people, obviously, that would be a huge problem for google. they are really saying, that this is a small test case, for small businesses, that would need online reservations, but are not set up for it. there are a lot of businesses across the country, that do not
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use open table, or these different services at that other companies are used to using. it gives those small businesses another chance to give someone a more automated approach to dining. >> we will see what happens, thank you for talking to us. >> you are welcome. more supreme court news today, ruling that will have a deep impact on the public worker unions. >> a national uproar, today the officer accused of killing 18 during a traffic stop, is being charged with murder. we know when they grow up,
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weaving your own shoes...rgy by out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. a political defeat for big labor, the supreme court has ruled that government cannot be forced to pay their share fees,
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to support other union activities, like collective bargaining. it is a major hit for the influence of public sector unions all across the country, and that they estimate the best decision will -- the court decision will affect 5 million workers. >> reporter: today's supreme court ruling is delivering a setback to organized labor. the justices are ruling that public-sector employees cannot be forced to pay fees to unions that represent then in collective bargaining. the 5-4 decision was offered by samuel alito, saying, this violates the first amendment, and cannot continue. >> mark janice says that he is thrilled by the rolling. >> we now have 500 public- sector workers across the country, -- 500 million public- sector workers, across the country, free to make their own decisions now. that is what this is all about. >> meanwhile, the democratic committee issued a statement, saying today's decision is disgraceful slamming the door on hard-working americans, that
4:33 pm
are trying to make it into and stay in the middle class. >> it drives up support, for democrats, because obviously -- the leadership, of these unions, tend to be much more left-leaning than the rank and file two. as a result, it is a treasure chest for them, that, they may not have the benefit anymore, as time goes on. >> justice anthony kennedy was announcing that he will retire at the end of july, giving trump a chance to submit to republican control in the court. jerry brown signed today a multibillion dollar bill that will tackle the states health crisis, and increase social services to people in need. he signed a $139 billion spending plan, along legislative leaders. a boost states stating to 60 billion, and a stark turnaround, after he took
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office. voters in mountain view will decide if the tech company's like google will pay for the added congestion google brings to the area. residents are asked to authorize taxing businesses, between nine and $149 a per employee. they could generate about $6 million a year for the city, most of that money will pay for transit projects. 10 percent will go towards affordable housing, and homeless services. a boy crushed by a fallen tree, will receive a multimillion dollar settlement. san mateo county, and the contractor, will say -- and pay zachary $30 million. then pg and e will pay $17.5 million a diseased oak fell on zachary, san mateo memorial park, in july 2012. his right leg had to be amputated. >> melia: is it the president,
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and a unanimous vote, cohen has served on the board, since 2011, she is replacing board president, as she prepares to become san francisco's next mayor. she now has to find a way to work with erin penskin. a man serving time, attack and killed a correctional officer. investigators say, 24-year-old inmate jesus pain you, punch the guard several times, while the officer was escorting him from medical equipment to his cell. the guard suffered an eye injury, and, the inmate arrived
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last month, following a conviction in santa clara county. the man accused of deliberately driving a car into a crowd of people, protesting at a white national rally, in virginia, now faces federal hate crime charges. the department of justice announced today, a federal jury has indicted james alex steele, on one count of hate crimes, resulting in the death of heather. other hate crimes, and balding attempts to kill other people took place. prosecutors describe him as a neo-nazi, who drove his car into a group of people at a rally, against white nationalists. pennsylvania police officer is charged with fatally shooting an unarmed black teenager. prosecutors are killing -- calling the killing an intentional act. >> there was a light in this young man, and, to hear that the investigators said that, out loud, with a collective exhale -- it is tragic. the officer who shot a young man during a tragic
4:37 pm
traffic stop, will be charged with the killing. >> pittsburgh area police officer, fell under arrest, facing homicide charges. >> antoine was hit three times, in the back, and, with a slug in his chest. that is a fatal shot. >> he had run from a card that was stopped, matching the description of a scene of a drive-by shooting. >> antoine rose was in no way, involved in that shooting. >> reporter: protests have disrupted downtown pittsburgh for the last several days, fueled by allegations of the officer's prior misconduct. >> what you will learn about the officer, through the exposure of his prior behavior, his prior actions -- with other
4:38 pm
law enforcement agencies -- his prior egregious behavior, might i add, you will not believe a word that you hear from him. >> he was set at $250,000 bail, and will be in court after the july 4 holiday. fox news, steve rappaport. a real shocker at the world cup today, mexico is still celebrating. we will explain. a break in the heat, over the past couple days, we are tracking low clouds, and around the bay, there is not much change in the short term forecast. another round of triple digit heat is headed towards the bay area, and we will have more in the forecast, coming up.
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what a celebration, mexico came into today's match against sweden as one of the best teams in the world cup, so far. the second half went from bad to worse, sweden scored three goals, and, that automatically sent them into the next round, that has mexico on the verge of being eliminated. mexico's stands were still celebrating, like they want, and that is all thanks to south korea.
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>> that is right, south korea has nothing to play for, and, sweden advances from this group. mexico fans do not celebrate too long, after they realized who they will be playing next. they will start the next phase, against the five-time champion, next, brazil. the action picks up tomorrow morning, on ktvu, , at 11 -- at 11 a.m., we will have the game. >> you can watch every movement, once they make a strike towards the goal, we hold on to see what will happen.
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maybe it is a nice day to go out and play soccer game, we are not talking about a major heat today. as we head to the last few days of june, temperatures will soar, once again. we had our temperatures, last weekend, it will be a warm saturday. the fog clears out, and, we will have some of fire danger in the bay area. you will notice, temperatures are going to spike in your friday forecast, and by saturday, there is a temperature range. here is a rough draft, of the forecasted highs. santa rosa will be in the 90s, concord will be 100 degrees, and san jose will be about 94 degrees. there is a chance that we could have a fire weather watch kick in for portions of the bay area. here is a satellite, showing you low clouds, by the coastline. monterey bay, and, pacifica, and now told -- towards the golden gate bridge. we are not completely clear, and even if you are in the clear, right now, you will be
4:44 pm
in the 70s. oakland is 63, and santa rosa, right now, is checking in at 76. san francisco, tomorrow morning, patchy fog, at 7:00 a.m. 84 degrees, and in the afternoon hours, we will have 63 degrees, with partly cloudy skies. you cannot get rid of the winds, even later in the day, winds will remain around 25 miles per hour. tomorrow should be warmer, compared to today. we had some degrees as low as the 50s, today. monday and tuesday, once the system moves out, we talked about the warm-up, into friday and saturday, saturday will be the hottest day, of the weekend -- and monday and tuesday will not be much different.
4:45 pm
we will have an offshore flow develop, and that means the coast will be warming back up into the 70s, possibly, san francisco -- as we show you, could be warming into the low 80s. i think we have more on the way in terms of five -- of fog coverage. skies will become partly to mostly sunny, as things clear out later in the day. this will gradually work its way back into the region, by friday and saturday. at the heat. take a look at your highs, on friday -- santa rosa, and san francisco, around the 70s, and the beaches in the 60s. gilroy, 83 degrees, and here's a look ahead, for your five-day forecast. temperatures, are really going to warm up, what is interesting, i feel like this is dij@ vu, with the intensity, and the timing -- last week, we had a temperature change, to spike -- it was a lot warmer on
4:46 pm
friday, saturday, will be the hottest day of the week, and finally some quilling on sunday. it is a monday. you can look at it in a lot of ways, it is nice to get a break from the heat, but coming back, be prepared for the fire danger to increase. >> yeah, the fire in lake county -- >> yeah, it is that one fire, but we could have new fires start, potentially. that is the big concern, and why we track these changing conditions. >> yes, we need to prepare residents, get those reasons -- those resources gathered. look at some of the stories that we are working on, coming up, a cue -- including a big bust of illegal fireworks. >> illegal fireworks are off the street, we will tell you about the major discovery, in the east of the bay, just days before the fourth of july. a business being hit by
4:47 pm
sarah sanders. hateful messages, and the loss of business, after president trump blasted a different restaurant, with the same name. we have that coming up, at 5 pm. and also coming up, this particular protest, had a unique ending.
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for the first time ever, we are seeing a video of mars surface. the video was released by the italian space agency, this is the first ever 3-d color video. it gives us an in-depth look, including footage captured by a spacecraft, 245 miles from mars surface. the images give them a better look at erosion, and volcanism on the planet. a lemonade brewing company is launching thc sparkling infused beverage. it will only be available at licensed dispensaries, and will come in two varieties, one containing 10 milligrams of thc, and one containing 50 milligrams of thc. they do not contain alcohol. they will be available, july 30. and upset in the primary, could have effects on the entire democratic party. a star lost to a candidate who has never held public office.
4:51 pm
joseph crowley, of new york, lost to his primary challenger, 28-year-old alexandria cortez. she is an activist, and a member of the democratic socialists of america. she was stunned, by her victory. >> i cannot believe these numbers right now, but i know, that every single person here, has worked in there but off, to change the future. >> this is an upset in the finest tradition of upsets. i have had a candidate who is not expected to win, who has strong views, and someone who has been there a very long time, spending $3 million -- and did not get his load out. >> this primary race was not even close. cortez one by 16 points. disney $70 billion bid for fox entertainment has got the okay from the u.s. justice department. the antitrust division says
4:52 pm
that acquisition can proceed, as long as boxes cells it's and 92 regional networks, as soon as a possible. -- as soon as possible. today, marriott workers are protesting in san jose, and san francisco, it is part of a demonstration tie to contact renegotiations, that got underway today. marriott workers have a long list of demands, that include more money, and more protection from sexual harassment. housekeepers are asking for help, along with the front desk agents. stalling a morning commute, take a look, you can see it here. dressed in shorts, standing above the freeway, police and emergency crews were standing
4:53 pm
below, he suddenly jumps off, does a back flip, landing on a yellow inflatable air cushion. he was quickly taken into custody, and, traffic was backed up for miles, and, it shut down the highway for hours. he is not facing any charges, however. >> known as the patriarch of the jackson family, we will have a look back on the life, of joe jackson.
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a summit between president trump and russian president vladimir putin is set to happen in mid-july with an official announcement expected tomorrow. national security adviser john bolton met with mr. putin today in moscow to lay the groundwork for the summit. both acknowledged that u.s.- russian relations are not great and expressed a desire to see them improve. >> even in earlier days when our countries had differences, our leaders and their advisers met and i think that was good for both countries, good for stability in the world and president trump feels very strongly on that subject. >> the summit between the two leaders is expected to happen during president trump's planned visit to europe next month. joe jackson the patriarch of the jackson family died today at a hospital in las vegas. he was father and manager to the singer's children including the late star michael jackson. anita vogel with a look back at his life. reporter: joe jackson, the
4:57 pm
patriarch of the legendary jackson family has died. the 89-year-old man died in las vegas after a long battle with cancer. it appears jackson had come to peace with his life, tweeting on june 24th, quote, i have seen more sunsets than i have left to see. the sun rises when the time comes and whether you like it or not, the sun sets when the time comes. the father of 11 children from gary, indiana, engineered the music careers of the jackson 5, as well as launching the solo careers of music icons michael and janet. his monumental success did not come without controversy. michael jackson famously said in an interview that his father beat him and threatened him as a child. joe did not deny this arguing that his tough style of parenting kept his kids, quote, out of jail and kept them right. in 2002, the rock and roll hall of fame honored him as
4:58 pm
best entertainment manager of all time. public figures taking to twitter as news broke of his death to pay tribute to the legend. jesse jackson saying, quote: his daughter said i will always love you. you gave us strength. you made us one of the most famous families in the world. i am extremely appreciative of that. i will never forget our moments together and how you told me how much you cared. >> reporter: he is survived by his wife and their children maureen, jackie, tito, jermaine, latoya, marlin, randy and janet. joe jackson was 89 years old. in los angeles, anita vogel,
4:59 pm
fox news. a major shake-up on the u.s. supreme court. today justice anthony kennedy announced he will retire at the end of next month. >> justice kennedy is a conservative republican but has been the swing vote in some key rulings including the 2015 same-sex marriage ruling. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm alex savidge in today for frank somerville. without kennedy, the court will now be split 4-4 between conservatives and liberals. his successor will be the second pick for the high court for president trump. >> fox news's ellison barber joins us live in washington, d.c. for the latest. reporter: president reagan nominated justice anthony kennedy for the supreme court in the late 1980s. he served on the court since february of '88. his retirement offers president trump a rare opportunity to try and cement conservative control of the high court. reporter: supreme court justice anthony kennedy is
5:00 pm
stepping down. the 81-year-old said in a statement his resignation is effective as of july 31st. >> this retirement is earth- shattering and gut-wrenching. >> reporter: the president praised the long-time justice for his 30 years of service and says the search for a new justice will begin immediately. >> he is a man who is displaying great vision. he displayed tremendous vision and tremendous heart. and he will be missed. >> reporter: justice kennedy cast the swing vote on several divisive issues, including abortion, affirmative action, and same-sex marriage. >> need to have someone who has the ability to see both sides of an issue, is not ideological, is going to use his best judgment when looking at cases. >> reporter: majority leader mitch mcconnell says the senate will vote on the president's nominee this fall. >> it's imperative that the president's nominee be considered fairly and not subjected to per


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