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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  June 27, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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statement his resignation is effective as of july 31st. >> this retirement is earth- shattering and gut-wrenching. >> reporter: the president praised the long-time justice for his 30 years of service and says the search for a new justice will begin immediately. >> he is a man who is displaying great vision. he displayed tremendous vision and tremendous heart. and he will be missed. >> reporter: justice kennedy cast the swing vote on several divisive issues, including abortion, affirmative action, and same-sex marriage. >> need to have someone who has the ability to see both sides of an issue, is not ideological, is going to use his best judgment when looking at cases. >> reporter: majority leader mitch mcconnell says the senate will vote on the president's nominee this fall. >> it's imperative that the president's nominee be considered fairly and not subjected to personal attacks. >> reporter: senate minority leader charles schumer is already pushing back on a
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potential vote. he said today that republicans should follow the standards they set after justice anthony kennedy died in 2016 and not consider a supreme court nominee during an election year. julie, alex? >> ellison, what about the possible short list of candidates that president trump could name for the high court? what are you hearing about that? >> reporter: yeah. so we already have a list actually from the white house. they put out a list in november this past year of about 25 potential supreme court nominees. president trump says that he plans to pick whoever he wants to nominate from that list. sources tell fox news that right now, brett cavanaugh is a major front-runner. he currently serves on the u.s. court of appeals here in d.c. that's a position he was appointed to back in2006 by george w. bush. there are also two people on the list who were finalists for the job that ended up going to now justice neil gorsuch. president trump personally
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interviewed both of those people. they also serve on court of appeals in pennsylvania and kentucky and we are told they also are pretty high up on the president's list at this point in time. >> thank you. for more on justice kennedy's retirement, what this all means for the future of the supreme court, we are joined by uc-hastings professor hadar aviram. we know justice kennedy was reliably conservative but did side with liberals on key social issues, gay marriage and abortion among them. how much further right do you see the high court shifting now? >> so justice kennedy people think of him as the central swing vote in the court and he would be for civil rights organizations and people petitioning cords he would be the man to persuade usually. last term, you look at his out of 19 decisions that came out 5-4 with a conservative versus liberal brea with conservatives foout of them. so i think it's more accurate perhaps to present him as a conservative who has soft
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spots for certain issues such as same-sex marriage and importantly for our viewers in california, the case about the plight of the california prisoners. >> let's talk about the timing of today's announcement because he had already appointed clerks for next year. what is the significance? why now after a busy day yesterday for the supreme court? >> reporter: i'm not sure. it's interesting that this happens right after these very big monumental decisions that deal with fundamental civil rights, a decision about the muslim ban, the decision about the abortion clinics and this morning about the unions. >> all right. so let's talk about who president trump might look to nominate here. what sort of qualities do you believe he is going to be looking for in a justice. >> reporter: if we're looking at the history, his dealings with james comey, for example, this is a person who looks for personal loyalty above -- above performance, above competence, above a lot of the in a judicial nominee. there's a big ocean of right
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wingers and the question s&p he going to go for an old school, um, libertarian, more for a christian right tea party type person? and he would have a range of people to pick from. so -- but any of them would be unmistakably conservative. >> what do you think justice kennedy will be most remembered for? because like you said, devote conservative but he had a soft spot for some liberal issues and voted in some key cases. a soft spot for gay marriage and, um, for abortion. what will be most remembered for? >> i have to say this announcement of retirement pretty much eclipses a lot of other things. i think he is likely going to be remembered for leaving at this key pivotal moment in american history. but he is also going to be remembered for a long time being regarded a centrist even though he was appointed by president reagan and so at any point where you had a big issue such as, for example, the lack of healthcare in california prisons or the idea of -- of -- of same-sex ge tionwide, thi
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would be the person to talk to. i don't feel the next person will be that attentive. >> let's talk about the political fight that will play out. the republicans want the vote on the nominee to happen as soon as possible. obviously, democrats have already said they want to try to push this beyond the midterm elections. do the democrats have any chance of delaying the vote? >> reporter: the previous installment of the series saw the essential -- giving the seats to neil gorsuch and i think, having gotten rid of the filibuster during that occasion, it will be difficult to halt this. i think if they are going to do it, they will resort to less formal means such as really digging up deep information about whoever the nominees are and trying to work that way. in any case, i think that coming into the november elections, this is going to be a very central issue and it's going to work greatly for democrats if at that point they can still use that as a convincing point to vote for whoever is not part of the trump agenda. >> motivating people to vote,
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certainly. >> let's see what happens. hadar aviram, thanks for being with us today. we appreciate it. the supreme court ruling on unions is considered a blow to california's labor unions. union leaders argue that corporate interests are taking precedent over the rights of the disenfranchised and middle class. rob malcolm is in the newsroom with a breakdown of who is affected and what it means. reporter: unions will now have to do more with less and still hope members choose to buy in. at stake with this decision are the rights of workers and the ability of unions to have enough in the war chest to continue fighting on the behalf of workers. reporter: the 5-4 decision in the supreme court was considered bad medicine for members of national nurses united, the largest union and professional association of nurses in the nation. members rallied today in front of ucsf medical center in san francisco. >> i feel it's a corporate
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attack on working people and communities, and, um, i think it's an unjust use of the first amendment. >> reporter: noon rallies were held across california. nurses argue about safety as a state mandated patient ratio that unions have fought for could be changed. >> it's going to be a little harder for us to speak up and make changes as hospitals want to put us in dangerous situations with patients and dangerous situations and with the union, we have the strong ability to speak up, make changes without fear of losing our jobs. >> reporter: the decision also fulfills the wish of conservatives to get rid of the so-called fair share fees that nonmembers pay to unions in roughly two dozen states. >> no worker in the u.s. has to pay union dues or join a union. but where you have the union that represents everybody, now these workers don't have to pay. so it's an incentive to take a free ride. >> reporter: professor shaken adds california's politically powerful labor unions are left
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fighting for members as their influence crumbles. >> working californians will be affected, and nonunion. this will diminish unions politically. they will have fewer resources. >> reporter: this statement from lieutenant governor gavin newsom: the right of workers to organize as unions for fair wages and working conditions is a bedrock principle underpinning america's middle class. i strongly reject the reasoning underlying this ruling and california must chart its own path to strengthen the rights of workers. the train is certainly tougher for unions who will now have to be creative. floyd rollins with firefighters local 798 welcomes the challenges. >> what we will do is we will certainly educate our members as to why it is important to be a member of the union not to mention the fact that, you know, it's a fair share pay. you know, we negotiate contracts, you know, wages. >> reporter: and julie and alex, we know that the effects could be long lasting for the
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democrats to relied on unions and donated to labor-friendly candidates. some unions may have to cut back on that political money. >> rob malcolm, thank you. and we will have continuing coverage of today's big developments from the u.s. supreme court through our newscast. we'll also put a list of candidates who could be in the running to replace justice anthony kennedy on our website, now we turn to new developments out of lake county where the pawnee fire is now 25% contained. that's up from just 5% containment yesterday morning. today we saw crews hard at work carving out fire lines. cal fire says the fire has now charred 13,500 acres. and there are still 600 homes threatened. the number of structures destroyed still stands at 22. crews are taking advantage of the dip in the heat in that area. ktvu's tom vacar joining us live now as some people were allowed to return back home today. big day for them, tom. reporter: indeed, because the evacuation is over.
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but i want to show you something above me. we are movingfferent phase. from blazing to bulldozing, and that's a very big issue for the rest of the fire season. now, the folks that are coming home today are coming home to mostly pristine homes. and the reason is, the valiant work of all those firefighters. reporter: mauricio perez hadn't seen his house for the last four nights. but at 1 p.m., he was finally allowed to return to his spring valley home. >> i'm glad. we are all just worried about the weather. couple of friends lost a couple of things. just happy, glad to be back. >> reporter: santos modesto's family just returned. but he never left. >> i had animals and my home and unfortunately, due to last fires, i couldn't afford insurance any longer so i wanted to be able to put out spot fires if they started, protect my neighbors's homes from looters that tend to come into the area and loot areas.
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>> reporter: so spring valley got sprung from a raging wildfire. and everybody around here knows exactly who to thank. >> by no means is it a done deal. we have interior parts of the fire that are still smoldering actively burning and they will continue to burn until the crews out there patrol and mop up. so we still have work ahead of us. >> reporter: there are dozens and dozens of bulldozers of all sizes. even at the fire's height, bulldozers were cutting fire breaks throughout the area. the fire breaks not only slow the fire but if cut wide enough, they can prevent the fire from spreading. while fire breaks already exist in the region, this fire was intense enough to cut more and of the existing ones, cut them wider. just as important are the hundreds and hundreds of ground crew who make sure the hot spots are out as well as cut fire break lines that not e bulldozers can cut them. this is
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exhausting and tedious work in high temperatures on incredibly steep irregular and unstable terrain. >> we do have an expected change in the weather pattern this weekend. the weather is cooperating now so we are working hard to aggressively put in some stop gaps to ensure safety for the weekend and every with higher temperatures in the area. >> reporter: consider this. 100-plus days of prime time fire season weather still ahead. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> only the beginning. hey, tom, i just want to clarify, if we could. everyone who was initially evacuated at the height of this fire is -- is now being allowed to return home or -- or some people are still going to, um, remain out of the fire zone? that is ter: well, as far as i that cal fire said they believe all the restrictions have been lifted. obviously if police see in a situation where it's not safe oracle fire folks are going in and they are looking around,
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they may delay some people on their return. but as i understand it, at least, officially at this point in time, all of the evacuations are lifted. if that changes, we'll let you know. >> thank you. and, of course, that area has seen its share of destructive wildfires in recent years. among the fires that have burned through lake county, the clayton fire which burned more than 200 homes back in 2016. the "jerusalem fire" in 2015 burned 25,000 acres northeast of middletown. and the valley fire also in 2015 killed 5 people and destroyed more than 1300 homes. and at the time, it ranked as the third most destructive fire in our state's history. state senator mike mcguire tells the "pressdemocrat" this concentration of 8 major wildfires in 7 years in just one county is unheard of in modern state history. not at an old military base
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in the east bay. coming up at 5:30, more on the emergency city council meeting held today and why community members say they are still cautious. >> plus, it was once called the murder capital of the u.s. but now one bay area city is marking two years without a single homicide. what's being credited for this drastic change. >> a major bust in the east bay. a look at the illegal fireworks confiscated just days before the 4th of july holiday. >> i'm tracking the heat. it's not that warm today. it won't be that warm or hot tomorrow. but boy, it heats up on the weekend. details next.
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a big fireworks bust in the east bay today. oakland police seized thousands of pounds of illegal fireworks just a few days before the 4th of july holiday. >> our crime reporter henry lee is live in dublin with more. reporter: beginning tomorrow, this booth will offer so-called "safe and sane" fireworks which are legal in dublin but several miles away the sheriff's office is throwing away more than 3,000 pounds of fireworks that were seized by oakland police. reporter: acting on a tip oakland police seized these boxes of fireworks on tuesday night in san leandro. i have learned that officers arrested 45-year-old congress truong din a convicted felon from hayward. >> he was arrested for a variety of illegal fireworks charges and this will be thdist attorney's office for charging. >> reporter: police seized more than a ton of fireworks worth up to $50,000 on the
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street with names like super shell and thunder bombs. these fireworks could have been used for illegal displays. it might be pretty but police say the damage from these imported devices can be ugly. >> illegal fireworks are very dangerous. we don't want to your community injured and we don't want any fires to start. >> this is all from yesterday's bust. this is 3240 pounds of fireworks most of it aerial pyrotechnics. >> reporter: alameda county sheriff's sergeant ray kelly is on the bomb squad and helped safely remove the fireworks found by oakland preliminaries. they sit in this shipping container at the sheriff's office in dublin. >> there's individual tubes in here. sometimes these things -- people either intentionally or unintentionally end up like this. so this ends up firing projectiles out at hit by these you and they begin to burn. >> reporter: although this
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bust could have saved lives, authorities are being realistic. >> do i think that we took a huge dent out of the 4th of july fireworks celebrations that are going on? no. this is a drop in the bucket. yeah. there's so much of it out there. >> reporter: now, this 4th of july authorities hope that people enjoy these fireworks displays put on by professionals or by "safe and sane" fireworks. dublin is one of about 12 bay area cities that offer these kinds of fireworks. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. let's check the weather now. chief meteorologist bill martin is in the weather center. another mild day but temperatures are going up. >> pretty much bottomed out today which is as we showed with the pawnee fire, very helpful. then tomorrow it will be mild. it will be warmer but helpful to firefighters being the summer-like this. so temperatures tomorrow warmer but humidity recoveries will be good tonight. humidity during the day tomorrow will be good. let's take a look at the fire
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zone. i mean, the temperatures -- lake county 74 degrees right now. that is not usual. that's pretty cool for this time of the year. look at the humidity, 40%. this is why you're seeing pretty good containment numbers on the fire. you're also seeing winds that are a little bit above where they were last night. like this 15 at county line. 27-mile-an-hour gusts out at this weather station. 11 miles at lake county. so the winds are up a little bit but basically you're bringing in cool, moist air and tomorrow's temperatures warm a little bit but not extreme. so more good news. another 24 hours of firefighting help for -- for cal fire. the fog at the coast is there and it's thick and deep and going to push back inland again tonight. there it is now. you can see the fog at the beach. obviously in the next few hours, it will start pushing inland. it often does this time of rr i now, friday, saturday, and a little bit of sunday but
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mainly friday and saturday things get cooking and that's when the fire danger will escalate and that's what cal fire is more than aware of. that's why they are hustling up on all the fires in northern california right now. current temperatures, you can see the sea breeze. that's green, all right? you can see why -- 61 in oakland. 77 in concord. away from the sea breeze. temperatures are running much cooler than yesterday at this time. 11 degrees cooler in livermore. 6 degrees cooler in santa rosa. so the plan here is tomorrow a little bit warmer but still below the red flag warning well below that which is good news for firefighters. and then it ramps up on friday and saturday. so i'll see you back here. we'll get into the five-day forecast and we'll take a look at the numbers for a warmer weekend. a mother who lost her son to gun violence shares her story. >> he has set his suit out for his interview on his bed and t buried him in. >> up next tonight, how she is joining forces with san francisco city officials to get guns off the street. dog: seresto, seresto, seresto.
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we are following some breaking news in san francisco right now. the san francisco fire department says a pedicab carrying a family was struck by a hit-and-run driver this afternoon. officials say two of the 5 and 8. one person was taken to the trauma center. this all happened on the embarcadero about an hour ago. people are being urged to avoid the area.
5:25 pm
right now we don't have a description of the hit-and-run driver. members of the community in san francisco speaking out against gun violence. as christien kafton shows us, political leaders, police and family members affected by gun violence are standing together to get as many guns off the streets as possible. reporter: united players in san francisco has a mission, get as many guns off the street as possible. >> i'm very glad that everybody here as partners to end senseless gun violence. >> reporter: organizers held a news conference for the gun buy-back this weekend. they say every gun off the street saves a life, something patty understands well. a former "san francisco chronicle" staffer, her son robby was shot to death four years ago. >> when my son was shot and killed in 2014, i understood what it meant to have that headline, um, be about your family. >> reporter: she now runs a bea
5:26 pm
name, rob poblete buying guns and turning scrap metal into art. >> he set his suit out for his interview on his bed and that was the suit that we buried him in. >> reporter: san francisco police say firearm-related homicides in the city are down 63% compared to last year. all shootings are down by 14%. >> now the bad news. last night, early this morning, we had two shootings in two different neighborhoods in the bayview-hunters point where illustrates the point that we need to get more guns off the street. >> reporter: in a show of unity from one administration to the next, both the current and incoming mayors of san francisco showed their support for the gun buy-back program. >> why so excited to be here today, um, with united players with our police department with mayor-elect breed because san francisco is doing something different once again. we are leading the charge. >> we not only have work to do san francisco. we have work to do around getting guns out of our communities all over this
5:27 pm
country. >> reporter: that gun buy-back is scheduled for saturday morning between 8 a.m. and noon right here at the united players headquarters on howard between 6 and 7th streets. they are going to be given $100 per handgun, $200 for long guns and no questions asked. they just want the guns off the streets. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. there won't be an immigration detention facility in concord. why the residents say the fight is not over yet. >> and a napa restaurant has the same name as the virginia eatery that's making national headlines. but now the north babies owner is feeling the effects. we'll explain next. >> i pray the restaurant goes into the toilet. we're sick of scumlike you. don't mess with president trump supporters.
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turning to immigration, today the house rejected the republican's compromise
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immigration bill. no democrats voted in favor of it. and more than 100 republicans voted against it. the bill would have spent $25 billion on border security including money for the wall. it also would have provided a path to citizenship for the "dreamers." the house voted it down despite a last-minute push from president trump on twitter. >> i told them two hours ago, i said, you know, do what you want. and ultimately, we'll come to something and perhaps it will be after the election, maybe before. but as of this moment, democrats are not going to vote for anything because they really are resisting or obstructing. >> the house is now expected to pass a narrow bill addressing the family separation crisis at the border. meantime, a federal judge in san diego has ordered the u.s. government to reunite families separated at the mexico border within 30 days. parents must be allowed to speak with their children by phone as soon as possible. that judge also issued a nationwide injunction on those
5:32 pm
future separations. there will be no immigrant detention facility in concord. that is the latest word from city officials in concord following talks at the city's former naval weapon station was being considered to house immigrants. ktvu's cristina rendon reports. reporter: alex, julie, that meeting wrapped up about 4:00 and that meeting was packed to the bridge with residents from concord and the surrounding cities. and while these residents are really happy to hear this development, they really hope that this decision is final. reporter: a sense of relief came over the crowd when an email was read. >> the u.s. department of homeland security says there will be no relocation camps established in concord or anywhere in california, fyi, at this time. >> whoo! >> reporter: email said it came from high ranking officials from the california
5:33 pm
office of emergency services. many residents speak during the meeting saying they want to keep the pressure on. >> we hope that you stand up and do everything you can to prevent this. thank you. >> we want confirmation from the navy that they have halted the project and that they are no longer considering concord in the naval station. >> i'm encouraged but we need to keep fighting. >> reporter: "time" magazine said friday the former naval weapon station was considered to house 47,000 immigrants. city officials say the site was unsafe and would devastate concord. >> this would hurt us, the entire region to have something like this. we hope something like that would not happen at all. >> reporter: congressman mark desaulnier's office is pleased the effort has been halted. part of a statement reads: we thought this proposal along with our local officials and dedicated community -- we fought this proposal along dedicated community and will
5:34 pm
continue to fight. >> california is a model and concord is being a model now on how to resist and get our voices heard by people in power. >> reporter: city leaders say they still want official word from the u.s. navy that these immigrant facilities won't be established at the former concord weapons naval base. they are hoping to get the word soon. cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. a restaurant in the north bay is taking a lot of heat on social media for something it had nothing to do with it. stems in an incident where a restaurant in virginia turned away white house spokesman sarah sanders. as rob roth reports, in a case of mistaken identity, hundreds of people have turned on the napa restaurant sending vulgar vicious messages to the owner. reporter: the red hen has
5:35 pm
been in business for 35 years and the owner said it's mistaken identity. many angry people are confusing this red hen with the one in virginia the restaurant that refused to serve white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders last friday because of the administration's policy to separate immigrant families. >> i just thought the restaurant owners were extremely rude and i could hardly believe they did that! for political reasons? they're not letting someone dine in their restaurant?! >> reporter: but within hours, the napa restaurant started getting hate messages clearly meant for the other red hen. the general manager read a sample. >> don't mess with president trump supporters. >> it wasn't us! >> my employees, you know, they're getting stressed out because of all the phone calls. >> reporter: the owner says business dropped by about a third this past weekend. more than 400 negative yelp reviews came in. >> you go from 4 or 5 stars
5:36 pm
down to one star? >> reporter: yelp says it will remove reviews that aren't based on consumer experiences. this stepfather and daughter heard about what happened and came in for lunch to show support. >> i'm not going to say that the incident itself with kicking sarah out of a restaurant because of their political ideas was -- this is really justified. but the reaction and how people have been responding to it is not okay. >> reporter: the owner is hoping that all events will just blow over that business will get back to normal and all the misplaced anger will stop. in napa, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. a 28-year-old community organizer who ousted a ranking house democrat in new york's primary election says she is not about to get into twitter fights with president trump. alexandria ocasio-cortez says instead, she plans to work to fight the president's policies. ocasio-perez is a self-
5:37 pm
described socialist who made it part of her campaign to ish before running for office she worked for bernie sanders's presidential campaign. last night she beat the incumbent joe crowley by 16 points. the city of east palo alto is marking two years with no homicides from street violence. aside from a murder-suicide that happened last year, which was considered a result of domestic violence, the police chief said it's been two years since anyone has been killed by street violence. it's quite a turnaround for east palo alto which was named the murder capital of the nation back in 1992 when there were 42 homicides in a single year. economic changes have helped turn things around and city officials say a shift to community policing has also helpshooting in pennsylvania that made national headlines. the charges brought today against the officer who killed an unarmed black teen as he was fleeing. >> plus the proposal that
5:38 pm
would ban cities from taxing soda. the reason california lawmakers are trying to get it passed quickly. >> and the upset in the world cup that has some fans celebrating. as people who love to fish,
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we know what we stand for.
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we stand for a rod and reel instead of a cell phone. at bass pro shops and cabela's we stand together for you. new developments out of pennsylvania where a police officer who shot and killed an
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unarmed black teen has been charged with homicide. michael rosfeld who is white was charged today in a killing of 17-year-old antwon rose, jr., last week. authorities say rose and another teen ran off after they were pulled over by police who suspected they were involved in a drive-by shooting. rose was shot three times in the back leading to days of protests in pittsburgh. authorities said he had nothing to do with the crime that led to the traffic stop. the officer gave inconsistent statements about whether he believed rose had a gun. the head prosecutor says the officer is remorseful. governor brown today signed a multi-billion-dollar bill that he hopes will help tackle the state's housing crisis and increase social services for those in need. brown signed the $139 billion spending plan ative leaders in angeles. it boosts the state's savings to $16 billion in a stark turnaround eight years after brown took off amid deep budget deficits.
5:42 pm
a push to limit taxes on soda is being met with strong opposition by state health advocates. the newly proposed budget trailer bill bans cities and counties from setting taxes on groceries like soda and sugary drinks until 2030. the legislation is part of a last-minute push to keep an initiative off the november ballot that would make it more difficult to pass new state and local taxes. business groups and the beverage industry say they are ready to spend millions in campaign dollars to pass the measure. the initiative just secures a spot on the upcoming ballot today but the lecture still has time to pass the bill to get proponents to withdraw it. >> the soda companies are behind the bills. and of course, the soda companies are in business to make money. what i think is they just need to find a different way to make money. >> state unions are also opposing the ballot initiative saying it would hurt local governments by making it difficult to raise funds.
5:43 pm
voters in mountain view will be deciding whether tech companies like google should help pay for the added congestion their workforce brought to the area. the city council voted last night to place a measure on the november ballot asking residents to authorize taxing businesses anywhere between nine and $149 per employee. that tax could generate about $6 million a year for the city. motors of that money would pay for transit projects. 10% of it would go to providing affordable housing and homeless services. it is the end of an era. after 70 years in business, toys 'r us is closing down for good this week. the last-minute deals and a look at what will happen to workers after the business closes. >> and it may appear like some sort of movie stunt but it is far from it. we'll explain how a man who climbed a freeway sign caused a massive traffic jam on an l.a. freeway today. >> we are tracking the warmup. not yet, not today certainly. not even but it's going to be hot
5:44 pm
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an end of an era. in a few days, toys 'r us will be out of business. billions of dollars of debt and the rise in online shopping ultimately sank the decades old chain. ktvu's south bay reporter jesse gary has more now on the
5:47 pm
closing and the impact to customers and employees. reporter: for a few fleeting minutes wednesday, there was hope and happiness for some children at toyota us toys 'r us stores around the bay. the shelves were picked bare. >> we couldn't find everything. >> reporter: the buying and selling stopped as all toys 'r us stores close at the end of business friday or sooner when the little that's left inside is gone. >> depressing. it's, um -- i grew up with toys 'r us and my kids all had toys from here. >> i don't want to grow up, i'm a toys 'r us kid ♪ >> reporter: for 70 years this chain was the standard to make children smile. generations came inas children and eventually brought their children here and companion store babies 'r us. but buildings of dollars in debt, a lack of investment in
5:48 pm
the shopping experience and online shopping sank them. >> i think we are focusing on the now and what's going to happen to the children. >> reporter: long-time employees are now left without jobs or severance. many aren't thinking of themselves. they are worried about families that have been coming through the doors for decades. >> it's more than a job for us. we stayed until the end. we could have gone to go look for jobs. but, you know, we wanted to see this through. >> reporter: the last major toy chain soon a memory, customers say they will get with the times and go online even though they don't want to. >> because when we order them online, they come in and they're terrible! terrible. but where are the kids going to be happy now to walk into? >> reporter: that question echoes like the familiar theme song from commercials. >> want to be a toys 'r us kid ♪ >> reporter: with no clear answer, some people will spend summer worrying about the far off holiday season. >> they are so used to having
5:49 pm
christmas and with the store closing, what they gonna sell? >> reporter: perhaps only santa's christmas magic will soothe the wound left by this chain store's closing. in sunnyvale, i'm jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. the tsa says friday could be the busiest day ever for screening airline passengers. many people will be taking an extra long break with the 4th of july holiday following next wednesday. tsa expects to screen around 2.6 million passengers. that's nearly half a million more than a typical day. score!! goooooooaaaaal!! >> today's match against sweden one of the best teams in the world cup so far but the second half went from bad to worse after sweden scored three goals. sweden's 3-0 win over mexico sent them into the next round
5:50 pm
automatically and for the first time had mexico on the verge of being eliminated but at the end of the day mexico's fans were still celebrating as if they had won. it was all thanks to south korea. >> south korea with nothing to play for knocked germany out of the tournament. germany's loss means both mexico and sweden advance from this group. mexico's fans likely didn't celebrate for too long though because they realized who they will be facing next. they will start the knockout phase of the world cup against five-time champions brazil. kickoff for that game on monday scheduled for 7 a.m. and world cup action picks up again tomorrow morning right here on ktvu. first at 7 a.m. senegal takes colombia, and
5:51 pm
then 11 england and belgium. if you still want to watching "mornings on 2" catch the 7, 8 and noon newscasts on ktvu plus. >> fun to watch. germany got beat out, the defending champs. >> big surprise. >> first time since 1938 they haven't advanced. let's check the weather. another mild beautiful day around the bay area. bill, are you watching the world cup? >> it's funny, yeah, i'm really enjoying it. it's really fun. the coverage is really good this year. i mean, we got -- fox has the coverage but the way they shoot it, all the camera angles. >> when they get so excited, the fans. >> i'm not a big soccer guy but it is real fun. okay. so let's check the weather conditions out there. we are looking at the fire zone now up to the pawnee fire. this works for northern california fires, too. the forecast here or the current conditions right now, not tobad. you'to see the pawnee fire fire conditions coming in at about 85 degrees, 37% humidity. pretty light winds. the humidity is sort of the
5:52 pm
key here. the light winds are good, too. but this is the pattern we're looking at. thursday numbers come up a few degrees or about the same. so another good strong 24 hours of firefighting ability, weather-aided. friday and saturday sketchy especially on saturday. so we'll be watching that four. temperatures today generally cooler than yesterday by a good 8 to 10 degrees. tomorrow's temperatures will be a little warmer but still below the average. fog at the coast, there's a bunch of it and this pattern is again just what we needed for just for this exact time. because this is what firefighters want to see. a lot of onshore flow. a lot of cool, moist marine air pushing inland. tonight the fog will make its way back in. we already have some fog pushing across to albany and b there's always a significant or good sign that we are going to see a big push tomorrow morning. temperatures below average.
5:53 pm
this low pressure will help cal fire. this takes us through thursday and it switches out. the low leaves, the high jumps in. then boom, boom, boom. we have been seeing it all summer all spring. so this pattern will continue. the only upshot -- the upshot is, friday is not horrible. it's just not great. sonny will be a nasty fire day. but it's followed by a couple of days of cooling or slightly cooler weather. it's not ramping into a three or four-day heat wave with "spare the air" day and red flag warnings the last thing you want now. >> tomorrow's forecast, there's the temperature footprint like today. saturday world cup soccer
5:54 pm
saturday is the day we are concerned with. cooler sunday and monday. up and down is going to be okay. briefly temperatures drop down again and give firefighters a chance to catch up. >> that's how we like it. >> it works out. >> doesn't stay too hot for too long. >> thank you. now to los angeles, where a man scaled a highway traffic sign snarling the morning commute. you can see him here dressed only in shorts standing above the 110 freeway. dozens of police and emergency crews are standing below. it's hard to see him there but if you look closely, you can see that man. your every he jumps off. the man was taken into custody. the ordeal backed up traffic for miles. and shut down the freeway for hours. it's not clear yet if the man will face any charges. we want to get to some breaking news coming out of oakland right now. you can see skyfox is over a scene -- this is near 89th avenue and macarthur where we
5:55 pm
are learning that four people have been shot. this is all happening right outside of a mini-mart that you can see right there. officers at the scene clearly dealing with some of the victims there. and a number of people who appear to be in the area. we are learning that four people were hit by gunfire. no word on where the shooters are if anyone has been taken into custody. we also don't have any word yet from oakland police on the conditions of those four people who have been injured in this shooting. obviously that's all information we are working to gather from the police department. but again, the news we are getting out of oakland right now is that four people have been shot near a mini-mart at 89th avenue and macarthur. we'll update you as soon as we learn more. still ahead, what could you buy with $100 million? well, if you are in the market, one very large, very opulent home in palo alto. there it is. we'll take you inside the home that's breaking bay area real estate records. that's coming up.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
at $96 million it's one of the most expensive houses to ever come on the market in the bay area. ann rubin will take us inside and explain what amenities you will be getting if you have paying that kind of money. reporter: if you have $96.8 million to spend, this might be the house for you. situated in the foothills above palo alto, the listing agent describes it as 13.35 acres of pure privacy and tranquility. >> i think this is in a lot ways for lley estate. >> reporter: the home featurere executive board meetings, and a safe room for emergencies. it's also got a poker room, a pizza room with a wood-burning oven and a sports setup a pro
5:59 pm
athlete would envy. >> it has its own private pavilion an ice hockey rink that doubles as a tennis court. >> reporter: that's separate from the indoor basketball court. there's a full locker room and indoor spa and massage room. >> what i like is it's split on four separate levels so actually each one of the levels is not too overwhelming. they are 4,000 square feet each. >> reporter: it could set a sales record for palo alto. built in2008 it's own by sun microsystems cofounder scott mcneeley. he sits on the board of the company that's selling the home. they use artificial intelligence to match people and properties. in this case, perhaps another tech mogul looking to move in. >> we need to find the right buyer and the riwhy not use technology to make that happen? if you are interested, act quickly. the listing agent talked to several prospective buyers already. in palo alto, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news.
6:00 pm
a major shake-up at the supreme court as justice anthony kennedy long known as a swing vote announces his retirement. >> he displayed tremendous vision and tremendous heart and he will be missed. >> president trump vowing to move quickly to name a replacement signaling a shift to the right. good evening. democrats are considering a strategy to delay a vote on a replacement until after the midterm elections. ellison barber reports. >> reporter: justice kennedy's retirement goes into effect at the end of july. already lawmakers seem to be preparing for a fight when it comes to his replacement. he


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