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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 18, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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she takes some comfort in knowing police have surveillance video to help them find the man. >> this ends where the man was. he was very close to the window. >> reporter: nikki sherry had just gotten home after a night out. it was around 1:45 saturday morning. she was undressing when she noticed a movement outside her bedroom window. >> i felt like i had my pajamas on, and then i just saw a man outside the window. then i ran out my room.
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>> reporter: a surveillance camera captured the man prowling back and forth on the deck near sherry's bedroom for a total of 16 minutes. sherry suspects the pan had been there even before she and her friends returned home. >> i was creeped out because it was 16 minutes of the man walking back and forth on the porch. >> you can see him crawling, then zipping up his pants, running away. >> reporter: sherry decided to report the incident to police after looking at the surveillance tapes. >> in the video, you can see he is wearing a distinctive jacket that's got some reflective markings on it. >> reporter: police released the surveillance video to get help in identifying the suspect. they described the man as being white between 25 and 30 years old, about 5-11 inches tall. investigators are trying to determine if he is responsible for other incidents, and they are concerned he may strike again. >> is it something that is a precursor to something else, something that could escalate
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into something more serious? >> reporter: sherry says she immediately put up a bed sheet that night to cover the window since there are no blinds. she had just moved in three weeks ago. now she and her house mates make sure all the windows and doors are locked. >> i was shocked, that is how i describe it, then scared afterwards. >> reporter: sherry says she is concerned the man may return and possibly break in. she wants the peeping tom caught, so you cannot do this to someone else. police are asking anyone who sees him not to approach, but to call police. julie? >> amber lee live in berkeley tonight, thank you. also in berkeley, surveillance cameras caught a horrible unprovoked attack on a 72-year-old man. he was walking on martin luther king way near university on july 6 when he was attacked from behind, knocked to the ground. then you see there, kicked over and over and over. the victim was hospitalized with injuries including some broken bones. the six to eight suspects were last spotted leaving the scene in a silver mini van.
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we have breaking news out of monterey county where some 30 people were tonight when a large tent collapsed at fort hunter. that's the army base about 70 miles southeast of big -- big sir. medical teams are now on the scene treating the injured. we are awaiting word on how seriously those people were hurt. in the north bay an explosion involving a tanker truck led to the evacuation of two medical buildings this afternoon, and the closure of highway 101 through santa rosa. the truck was delivering liquid oxygen to kaiser's north campus off of old redwood highway when something caused an explosion. ktvu's debora villalon has this report. >> i just heard a boom. an explosion fell in two buildings. >> i felt like the floor pretty we felt the whole building shake. >> reporter: patients were inside for pediatrics, labs, imaging, and surgery.
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while at a loading dock and back this tanker will continue to spew liquid oxygen. a gas used to help patients breathe. transferring the oxygen to storage, something went wrong. >> the concern was what was leaking and how fast it was leaking, and what that could potentially lead to. >> reporter: with the freeway on the other side of the tanker, drivers were in danger should the oxygen spark. >> it is usually fairly stable unless it will get to an area where it can ignite. but the worst-case scenario, that truck could catch fire and potentially do that. so you know, we create the isolation zone initially 300 feet. >> it caused the shut down of highway 101. we had hundreds of vehicles all locked in between some of the closures, backboth directions. >> reporter: as they sat and stopped traffic or ditched the freeway for side streets, the medical buildings were evacuated. as many as 200 staff in shuttles, ambulances, everyone left for kaiser's main hospital
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a mile away, very abrupt, even halting surgeries, evacuation d october's fire storm. >> battle tough. the feeling of displacement, like what's going on? you know, it's emotional. it is very emotional. >> reporter: 90 minutes in, a hazardous materials crew managed to shut off the valve at the truck and the tank. investigators have a big debris field to document, figuring out why this happened. they are interviewing the driver who was outside the truck and injured in the blast. this stretcher building five will be closed thursday because of damage from the blast. building four will reopen. one lucky break, the tanker was almost empty on its last stop of the day. it was down to less in santa rosa, debora villalon, ktvu fox 2news. now to the sierra where the ferguson fire is growing near yosemite national 5% contained
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more than 1,800 firefighters are there working long hours in the heat and in steep terrain. one firefighter was killed last week. now we learned two others were injured yesterday. one was treated for heat exhaustion, the other suffered a broken leg. >> the heat in the central valley has been very significant over the last couple of days. that heat takes a huge toll on the firefighters out working 12 to 24-hour shifts on the wire lines. we need to keep them well fed and well hydrated. >> highway 140 through mariposa is closed, but highway 120 from the bay area is open. the campgrounds and other attractions inside yoseso remai visitors are cutting their trip short because of smoke polluting the air. these pictures were are leaving early because smoke from the fire is irritating their eyes, making it tough to breathe. a 17-year-old boy will face charges for sparking a wildfire
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that burned at pass last week. the teen lit a fire cracker when he and a friend had car trouble and broke down on the side of interstate 580. that sparked a fire on july 8 that burned 480 acres west of grant line road. the fire jumped the freeway and shut down lanes in both directions for several hours. the alameda county sheriff's office says the boy came forward to take responsibility the next day. new tonight an oakland man is pleading guilty to providing material support to isis. 23-year-old amir was arrested in 2016 on charges of identity theft. authorities say he also set up a social media account for the benefit and promotion of the islamic state terrorist group. his attorney tells the east bay times he's an immature, foolish young man, but had no intentions of carrying out any plot. sentencing is for -- is set for november. mark zuckerberg is controve
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remarks saying he would not ban holocaust survivors. zuckerberg said, "i'm jewish and there's a set of people who deny the holocaust happened. i find that deeply offensive, but at the end of the day i don't believe our platform should take that down because i think there are things different people get wrong." the excepts immediately sparked outrage. zuckerberg later issued a statement saying he did not intend to defend holocaust deniers. google is slapped with a fine, abusing their power in the mobile phone market. jesse gary speaks out about the $1.5 million fine. >> reporter: for a company making billions of dollars yearly, a fine is just a nick. levying a $5 billion fine. you
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practices to submit market positions in interfete search. >> google have been abusive on how they provide. four out of five cell phones use google's android cell phones. >> it must put an effective end to this contact within 90 days. >> it had move is an attempt by the eu. >> they are concerned concerned about privacy, tax issues, just about overreaching. their perceived overreach of power. this is just the latest and most extreme example of the u.s. tech company being hit by anti-competition regus.ti >> while google could ow40% of year's profits, it will appeal, which shag on for years.
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they want them to abandon preloading, their web browsers, apps, cell phones. this harlem is the u.s. justice department anti-trust suit against microsoft and the early 80s. microsoft required companies to preload their browsers as a condition of getting the m software system. soon after their hit was announced, the ceo released a statement saying they are changing their business model or hurt anyone. >> this is at the very heart of google's solution. they need better prices. >> reporter: experts say it is likely google's fine will be reduce. but if it is forced to change how they do business, a fine may be the least of its problems. in the san jose studio, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. a canadian-based company is becoming the first marijuana ipo in the u.s. prices were shared at $17 in hopes of
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raising $153 in its public offering. they wibegin trading shares tomorrow on nasdaq, although it will be based in capital. they own the cannabis company. they do business in 10 countries, and cultivatedfacilities in canada and port goal. the goal to send tourists one step closer to a reality. >> two, 20? >> today, here is blue origin sending their new -- higher before. it was the ninth test flight. the young man rock reached an altitude of $389,000 feet, the a 74 miles miles a-- that's ou silicon valley technology on display. the showcase letting some people get close.
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>> an elevator attendant at the bart stations. how their pilot program is working and next. >> we will be talking about cool temperatures and hot numbersinland, but that will be tracking some clouds to the south. we'll have more on that coming up. something incredible is here at disney california adventure park. it must be epic! thrilling!
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new at 11:00, police in oakland could use some help in identifying armed robbery suspects. newly released surveillance photos show several armed men walking into a parlor, shoving people to the ground, demanding money, watches, cell phones. it happened back in april in the 200 block of 11th street. anyone with information is asked to contact oakland police. california's supreme court is blocked to state in -- on the november ballot. the coward ordered the secretary of state not to put the measure.
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the group behind the initiative argues californi the size, wealth, disparities, and geographic di parity. a pilot program that places elevator attendance at two san francisco bart stations are being so relieved, but been extended now through november of next year. it started in april and was set to last gossibs months. but data collected over the last three months along with customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. students enrolled in school decreased over 20 years. the board is meeting if san francisco today and tomorrow and is expected to vote on a spending money that costs per students. the -- the small cut would bring the fees down to 12,570. the regions are expected to vote on this budget tomorrow as they wrap up that meeting. a new study has found the
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more times teenagers spends on their cell phones, the more likely you are to create a hyperactivity disorder. following more than 25 in the l.a. area. they found teens who spent more time on their phones often showed more symptom of adhd including rest resales nec. their they say more -- they say more will be needed. ann rubin tells us there is a chance to show you what silicon companies are working with. >> reporter: some up and coming employees are calling this town hope. >> what you see around us in the plaza and street is going on every day in mountain view, but most people only see a piece of it. >> reporter: so mountain view created this showcase, a way
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for people to see more. oak louse showed off virtual reality. nasa had some fungus they are using to make building materials for space. that was just the beginning. >> the folks brought their one wheel electric skate board. >> like if i want to go that way, i will lean and people lean. >> i felt it to turn. >> reporter: there is a technology to make pizza deliveries better and there are lots of things to ride. the idea is to have people interact with the technology, to hop in a self-driving car or get on in an electric bike. for the company, it was a chance to meet the public and each other. deedee, just opened up her mountain view office in november. >> it is a good chance for us to engage with the community and engage with city leaders and get to know who our peers are in this, you know, industry. >> reporter: and residents will call the showcase eye opening.
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they say they cannot believe the concentration of innovation that is here. >> actually, i'm really proud that it is in mountainview because we are like the hub of technology. it is often to see all of this in my backyard. >> reporter: in mountainview, ann rubin, ktvu 2news. we have been dealing with hot temperatures inland all week long. we found a few triple digits out there across portions of the bay area. look at lake county -- county, 104. lake berryessa 101 degrees. all sorts of microclimates, which is typical at this time of the year. 70s and 80s along the bay and out towards livermore and antioch this afternoon. we are showing you the moisture moving in from the south, heeding to high clouds with a nice sunset. some clouds, some showers, really impacting southern
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california. look at those thunder bolts to the west of santa barbara. right now we just have this with a lot of low clouds and fog. dense right across the immediate coastline, impacting your possibility and some drizzle first thing tomorrow morning near the shoreline. current temperatures, we still have 70s for walnut creek and livermore. santa rosa in the mid-50s. we still have some high clouds and some areas of fog, primarily near the bay that could increase in coverage over the next few hours, especially out towards san francisco. so the area of high pressure has been heating us up all week long. a few high clouds moving in, that's what we will show you because we will cool things off just a little bit in your forecast. a little moisture moving in from the south. we need to bring in a slight chance for showers. not only for thursday, but also in your friday toker model.
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it is not too optimist -- it is not too optimistic. pulling you back to the shoreline tomorrow morning with scattered high clouds that could feel muggy throughout. this is only for thursday and once again into the friday forecast. take a look at the numbers for tomorrow. san francisco 68, mid-90s for antioch and brentwood. 85 in glarier 93 degrees they will -- here in the bay area we're at 93 degrees. you'll notice that stepping out your door first thing tomorrow. coming up next, the l.a. dodgers makes a big move requiring power hitter manny machado. mark will tell us who they gave up in returns. >> the 11:00 news continues in
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with sports. it's kind of the end of the era for the oakland raiders broadcast team. they had been there for so
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long. when you talk about oakland writer's football, it is one after the other. not to mention their super bowl coach, both are out as broadcasters doing the play-by- play on radio for the raiders. this vote is a sampling of what you're going to miss this coming season. >> they bring in james, a tosser right inside it, 20, 10, 5, touchdown! touchdown raiders. sharing the pocket rocket. >> all right, that is one of the great touchdown calls of all time. greg papa, one of the most respected, best in the by. he is brent musburger nationally known quantity is
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now in as the play-by-play guy, but yes, that is a story worth continuing to watch. all right, giants fans, not happening themselves after hearing the official news, the dodgers, they load up in contention, but they need to do something. manny will talk about things over the at all-star game with his now teammate. miles an hour kent for the l.a. dodgers. it's official, dodgers will give up five -- dodgers will need to give up their top free draft pick. another huge trade, this one in basketball, leonard not happy in san antonio, sends you packing. make sure to bring your pass board because you will be going through toronto, canada. raptors will pull him in. one of the more dynamic players all in exchange it is derosen going
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to the ut he is an all-star caliber nips. in the meantime it is time to check this out. no baseball around here and so not until friday night. we have some of the best players in the -- plays in the first half for you. a nice reference there. that is toronto up and over in deep left center field. even the guy that hit him appreciates that. broxton, one of the young outstanding defensive center fielders in all of baseball for the milwaukee brewers, you can see it is just a little pumped up with the perfect body coordination needed to pull that one off. this is a great one. now watch the reaction of jacoby jones as he robs adrian beltre. yeah, i've got to. right there. right there on the palm of my hand. beautiful play. beltre, he is a little
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disappointed by that. this is the best play by an outfielder in the first half of the season. the guy was a giant and they were interested in him in the off season. the guy who hit it, he is not particularly -- not particularly thrilled. but great athletic achievements. i think the story people are going to be talking about tonight, bay area football fan, you respect what they do. >> yes. i wonder what die hard raider fans are going to think about pushing him out. i have always liked musburer, but he is just right -- musburger, but he is trying everything right. >> they are trying to move to florida. a one-two punch. they have been together for more than 20 years. >> i know, that is disappointing. >> all right, mark, thank you. ing)
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if i could just have everybody's attention real quick. um, on this wonderful occasion-- our daughter leaving tomorrow for college... (mitchell) oh. if i could get everyone to raise their glass as i quote from one of our nation's great fathers-- jefferson. george jefferson. "i never dreamed that one of my own "would be going off to a university, "but here i stand, a proud black man, knowing that all those hours i put in at the dry cleaner--" - phil. - not now, weezie. - where was i? - quoting that president. okay, if she's the future of america, we should start using chinese money now. (scoffs) we already are. my arm is tired. to haley. - to haley! - (glasses clink) and before everyone puts their glasses down, uh, uh, we're also very proud of lily. tomorrow is her first day of kindergarten. - to lily. - (gloria) oh, lily. - (phil) to lily. - to lily. and you'll be impressed to know that she's gonna be one of the smartest girls there. lily, sweetie, what's the square root of 64?


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